Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, February 06, 1864, Image 2

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tl. LJJl .'-WHIPS'".!
.- lA.-'-.v
iMWIii-'WitiMnnTiymi m
Till: PRECOX JGjffiEL.
am - r'siiuv rmi a
P'ii Wi i iii a f ' - mcwA
fMlltl W-BBW.WMiaaM PJK
" To Tiir Krricicr axd mnxANtNcr ok tocu
Uvinv. x GovxiiNMr.vT rnn Tin: whom: is
IMiHrtiXMIlLK.'' WatSinjton.
j.l'khoxviij.k, onruuN.
The News, by Telegraph.
The telegraph having tiecn in pool work
Ing order tile entire week, we arc enabled
to give ndr.rradcr considerable interesting
news, undsjf Males reaching from Jutiuury
JTlh Io'fX 3.1.
White the armies oppenr to be Ijrlnir
Mnnis UorrnR, From Mrssr. ,T. and AwfHl Calamity at Santiago,
W K Gaston, who hure recently returned Clilili
from a trip to the copper mine on Illinois Our renders have Ken the telegraphic
River, we Itnrn (tint a very extensive cop- announcement f the awful cnlaMtnpbe
per mining diitrict has been discovered which occurred on the night of the 8th of
near tlic junction of Illinois nnd Rogue Drcemticr, ht b'nnlhign. Chill.
river. The Champion cotnpary has hern Wi- cite i more detailed arennnt ol the
J prospicling In that district lor nbout one icrribte affair, gathering nnr fact from the
yenr, ami linn finally struck a rlili lend or Knglinh columns of the lttituno Menu.
copper. They have already run two tun- roi?
neb one seventy, nnd the other about On the ercnlnir of the 8lh of December
i.i.,. e. i I-....11. .i i.. . l .... . . ....
..... 1CT;. ..I iiiigui, uihj iibtc Botuii one (aduu women nml several immireu men nrrr
hundred ton nf (hipping ore nearly reidy crammed within the wi.lls nl the Jesuit
for market. There are fire other compn- Church, at Santiago, celebrating the rile
nies who l-ave located clnlnn, viz: The of the Immaculate roncrtilino of Mary.
nonccr. the irgin. the Hunchback, the Still the niitside crowd foucht to ret In
Moore & Chlld'i. nnd a company from this that they might hear their favorite priest,
place. A large amount of prospecting Is Ugarta, a passionate and vienrnus declaim
eipected to be dune there nest season, er. Eiiaeuirre. the Apostolic Nuncio and
This district possesses n great advantage favorite of 1'iun IX., also founder of the
over the mines of .Trephine nnd Del Norte Amerirnn College at Home, was likewise
cnnuiics, a sirnnmool can lie navignted announced to preach. I-.i&iguirrc hnving
on Itogne river to within about el ml'r ' wounded the pride of Ugnrlu. by declaring
oi the Champion mine, throughout the that the Illuminations in the Santiago
year, and connecting with the schooner church were nothing to compare with the
ni me rnoutn ot the river, will nlTord chcup umlnnl!nn nt Home. Ugnrta determined
trnrwporlatlon to San I-'rancicn. to make, on this occinioii. the grandent dis-
., ., I play ever wltneweil upon the continent.
Mww ConnK.rr):n.-Ily n mutoke of Mk )f ,ie ,, .,, ,,,, ,,,,
hewrilertbeLn,on,nenofJ-ckwc..nn. ,,, finbhn, w,n ,e iqlj p, .
ty ;were culled, by authority of K F. Hu-. .,,' ,lfl lhe ,,,.,,, Ju.Mm fire
A lady named Orella, having In vain Im
plortd some bystanders, on her knees, to
ave her mother, rushed In nnd nhnrlly af
terwards mlracnloiMty Lvueil forth, tvnrlng
her glorinut load ! A young tody nf the
K. It. lowing, for many years at tl
head nf the Nahvi!e bar, ami snbrqtimi.
ly an active nnd InfluentUI orator in lit
rebellion, hits written n letter to a rtlatire
In NaOivllle, rtprrssing n desir1 to return
Idle, they arc at lean holding the ground ll, to convene in precinct meeting on the (ll .)e WIH)j.wof( ,
which they have won. which Itself would i 20tli of Fi-bru.iry, und In County Cmmii ,a knjnf ,K.fac(
tventualty be the destruction of rebel! hn on the 27th of the wme m-mth. TlieM,.. lm,i
hnpts. Hut we have still more hnpeful in
dication uf the decline of the relxil cSute
in the vmt intml)ers of deserteni who are
dully fursnkiiig the rebel crew and pen.
ilentiv rcluruiug to the proteclluti ot the
I.U1 fljg which Is held out to a'l. Through
much suffering they are fcnrtilti wimlnm.
The cold nnd cheerless winter of inactivity
l undoubtedly mojt demoruliKlng to thi
rvbel armies. Men with empty stomachs
nml shoeless feet, if unemployed, are apt to
cntldcr irhere they best can secure food
nnd clothing, and the consequence is that
that they follow the fumes of the coffee
they scent nfur off from the Union armies.
The President has ordered that n draft
of five hundred thoutuud men, to serve for
three years, or during tin! war, to be made
n the lOlh of March
nml wropd in Ihimri
lK-macle wholly cunitMXcil ol
lun... .. al..l(nM1 ...! itn.l It. I
cull I, corrected in tins .,.w to conrur.n ,,, ,M0 lnlmilr., ,hc ,lllar, ., ,n,r
with the rtrommvmla.U of the Union ,irvc vor,,s hi,:!. nd ten bro-d, ... an In-
oiuic viuuicuinin, irecinci meet lies w
estingitishnhle bonllre.
' Hie advance of the Ore was perhaps, even
more rapid than the panic of the audience
be held on the fith of March vuutng, und
the County Convention on the 12ih.
IUkcwo ArwiiKjit. IVof. K. II. Jones. When the Bre hail flown from the altnr to
the root, Die wimie iiuck oi uevoiees rusneu
to the prlucipul door. IIiimc near the tut
erol doors were able to escape at the firnt
alarm ; others, and particularly the men,
gained the little door of the sacristy, and
lastly, thofc near the chief outlet forced
their way through the throng, even still
struggling to gel in, and. intkt-d, did get
In, even In the face of the fire, stimulated
by the desire of pttling a gonlplatt. which
on this occasion meant a good plure to dit
to. Then, the flumes having crept along
notoGes the public that he is located at the
U. S. Hotel for the purpotc nl instructing
pupils in the nrt of graceful dancing.
Prof. .Tones has the reputation of being a
xerj accomplished teacher, and those with
ing to learn how to ueutly trip the light
fautajtic toe" or " thread the (riddy luby.
rinlh or the waltz," should nvull them
selves of this fine opportunity. See Ad.
W it is nrnbable Hint one-half will pay
'l'V S.1U0 exemption, and the balance
trc;tlieii the armies lieyond precnlcnt
and mble them to complete the jb of
sunjuUng the rebels during the coming
Kpringw,d Summer. The Pacific Stale
nod 'JVrrorle will probably each le call
hi on to tn!ih their ciuota. M e arc
ready. Futr Abraham."
Tlcit momoubtful authority, the New
1 orK -nrt ww beworil Is certain we
are on the eve i n war with France, nnd
tlmt tie tliereforeliiilj France deduce. We
rsjwt news coutiulicliujr this report io u
day or to.
ov. ffjmtiJe. ofllsouriis dead. lie
UsuctvrdeJ by Lieut (Jov. Hall. It Is
hot known wither haidbere to either the
lladicjl or Couservativi factioni of that
filute, hut we judge fromdie tone of the
extract from his uiceiagc,Jiat he Is a good
Union ixilriot.
Tm. II. Clay, the bVgeoeriie son or nn
ry Clay, died in Csnadi on tin SGtb ult.
Afl.iirs at Charleston remain uiielmngnl.
The city is steadily shelled by tur bstle-ru-s.
C-llmore is expected North.
Among other reports of minor interest
is one tltat Imboden has crossed the Poto
mac ami had reached as far as Cban)yrs
burg on his way to Harrisburg. The
number of his force is not stated, but let it
l-c great or small, he can find no Northern
Democratic friend that lie can depend on.j
The fate of Morgan awaili him
AcockXT. A few days since. Gabriel
Out of this num- Jones, an old uml rtspectrd citizen of this
the whole roof, nml cnnH-auenlly relraed
county, while going through lhe woods the lamps of oil und lirjuld gas from the
near his liouw was taken fur a deer, by his I cornier In which lliev strung, n rain of
son, who was out hunting, and shot. The liquid blue fire poured down upon the en-
uan weu uirecny across inc lureheail. i tnngled throngs lelow. A new and more
fracturing the skull slightly. Surgical aid I horrible cnnfligrotinn bioke out in that
wus soon procured and nt last nccouuts he! dense living ma, appalling the ofTrlghieil
was doing well. Uurlaml Prtu. goze wilh pictnirs tenfold more awful than
" thoc wherein the Catholic inm;inutiui has
11.eSouiheru Oregon Uater Ditch and . Illll0rri, l0 ,w B ,dm n, . ,, ,
Mining Company will commence the con- ,e ,,,,, jn lrM ,, wrer 0, on
struction of a water ditch from Applegate ! bonr n,mtll lln lB,iml hmmtt k.in, i,
Creek to Sterling us soon as the snows on
the Crescent Oily road melt sufficiently to
enable them to get their euw-mlll over the
mnuntulns to Applegate. All work pre
liminary to that has been done.
Qcabtz. We have been shown some
bcouiilul specimens of quartz rink this
perished, including many children, but very
few men.
Although many heroic men performed
prodigies of darin: und strength, In tear
ing some from the death gru'p of the pliul
anx of death that choked the door, in some
coses literally tearing fT tlielr arms with-
week by Mr. A. 0. llockufellow 4 Co.fl nul ,'''"1-' M,,,e ,0 Ml"cule litem, the num
taken from ledge discovered by tbem in hlr r lienvl by this means full short nf
the Willow Spring vicinity. The rock re. i ""? M0,e ,I,0D " P"0158 0 our '"Pb'
sembles that of the richlv-poying Swiulen ' ,ncetJ ,mTC l"'i'"'. "'C Rreotcr part
noartz lend. young ciils of fifteen to twenty year. One
' mother h perished wilh her Ge daughters.
Ficicr.M We ro indebted to our I Two-lhinls of the victims were servoni.
i friend. Mr.Jas. Twogood, of Leland.fora and tlwrc arc msny homes in which not
collection of war pictores, in colurs, ond , 0M h Wcnped. Several Iioujcs have
Immc of Solur. just before the smoke sufT.r to hi allegiance under the PresldrtnV
en ted her. hud the presence ol mind to I proposition, nnd nilvMng all his friends to
knot her ho-idkerchis f around her leg, so pursue the same ennrse.
tlmt ln-rcorHe nilcht lierecosnlzeil. --- - -
Alter the c!e id the awful scene, im.b ' The Wlowlne prenmbte ami re n1nlh
while the smouldering ho.ps were vet send-; rc'necllng Jmtv K.fJnT. deceased, were
ing up the smoke nnd iflluvla tn heaven. "nlnw...ly ad..pte.ny the Quarterly Ca.
.i . t i . r -.! 1. 1 ... .t ...i Terence, of the M. K. Church, on Jacksni).
the people became rrnnlic with wrath nnd ..,,,-. . ,, .
, , , ., , ., ... it reClrcnlt. at Its last Sciilon, held Jin.,
demanded the demolition ol the remaining i .
..... ... . -o. lent.
walls of that huge temple of hunwn sneri- .,.,,,. tl hn, ..i... ,,,,,- ,
fice, so that a mnnnment could be rrrclnl on o remove from thl world of Irlni, nml froa
the pot to the martyrs. The municipal I Jje Chunh on ..arlh. our woriliv l.mtlirr,
. , i . .. i . .i ,,, Ifev. JoilS F. f.nT. ntt'efill mliiMerorthe
body seconded the people, and on thr lUih B(Wp., lf oiirlot. d-vot.-d Christlun. a p..
of Den-mbvr n etltion to tlmt rITect was trlntic clltt'-n and true msn; Iberrfnre,
presented In llie President of lhe Hepublic, fit.-olrtl. l!v the Qrwrtrrlv Meeting Cm.
il..n .t it.. n.nli..l A Ann. In itrenr. frreiiCr or Ja:kiiivlll Circiilt. That wn
then at be oipilal. A decree In nenr. ,IW wh ,,,., , ,M, araiciKlm
ilnint with tlie pi-llllnn was nrdenil. I he m,.aii,in nf pivltw rrnvldenee, which tits
priests nrc bitterly opposed to what they l deprived lhe Cliurch or the hIkj cnnneif
ii . i .-. !... 1. .i. ....i .i l..i -r- I nne of hi-r inlu!ier. the cnmmimlly of on.
call the sacrih-glom work, and. at last nc-J,,, M,trfl ,,.,., n, hUfsmllr tf ;
eounts. threatened rrsistuncr to the decree n nnMe-lir-nrted and moct excellent liu-lua.)
The Oovcminent is weak nnd vacllhtlne nnd father. j
but the people are stnmg, nnd doubtless! .Wrnf. Thyl we tender to the bereH ,
, , ,;, , ' , , ' family of Irrolher Oray our sincere syfnw. )
their will bos triumphed. .hr, i.r devont prayers, and tender recanli. I
" - anil may the cloiing nonr with us anil Ibr
Tlic AdniiniKtration ana the penwrnt nsnis. Ainen.
nnvi-i-niMi-nf. I .'MoriYf. Tlmt lliev reolnllin b e
. ml on the minute" of the Onsrierlv Cnnfrr-
The Msnlinnt of J'resident Uncoln and ei.ee. and tlmt a eopr ' sent to tli l'ottft
his Cabinet, Dmtlnue to muhc a distinction rhnivm Adnxatt mid Omnov fiiTi.Mti.fgf
tielween the Administration nml the Unv-," ' Jxwm I'i-mminos,
ernment. When lhes: jvi!e Imve had the' C lvr.Miirr
experiuicv in civil wars thut the jwople of'-.". " i ""
Kngland have had, llrey will see "llie error j XXorTOL.
uf their way." ljtriencc is a hard
lencher. Hie English jvople ft'C too fa
miliar wilh that disiliictiiHi trrtween lhe
Government and the men who uilmlniii-r
it, fur it ever to be pussible for any set of
demngngues to use it as it is now being
used here for their deinstall and disenmfii.
ute. They have rnsl throngh several
crises such us this ol ours, and, however
carefully thry may, in times of profoond
eoce. dwell upon it In lU-ir speeches umi
writings, they aie loo wite to alliw it to
paralyze the public fiKre In times of ire
inrndnu puhlir peril. That dilinrlKin i
in free Government one that slWmld rure-
fully be kept in mind; but, like many other
distinctions in the roiMiitntiunol system,
and, in fact, like the whole system itself, it
depend fur its vnloe or its hurra em the
kunwledge, temper and discretion if those
who have it in charge. It is the right nnd
duty of the majority, to decide when it
snail im ouvrveti, ami wnrn u snuu in
ovrrlookeil. To allow every knave, or
clinrlatun, or trultor, or other niiniiral who
may mount a slump to intrench himself la ) "
hind it. wnuld inaugurate anarchy. We HOUSE & LOT FOR SALE!
should have thieves arming themselves for I
their protection ngainst the police, nnd de
claring that while they reverenced the law,
January in. IM.I. to lhe wife iifl.U-uU.
iMUCK, m-ur I'liunilx, a daughter.
JPistul is(-$10 Jlfivarri,
ON lh evening of the Id lnl lhe siiV
crllT lost a pistol ls-weeii Jsckms
villennd llnmliu'n m'leti. Tlw pltol lis
vcrv line NavvTcl foil's lletnlver irmy
stock. 1 will pay k-u didlar fur Its n-cui.
The pi-lM can be left it the .Sentinel Oltlcf.
f-bfiwl J. A. AHCIJEU.
J1io.-nlx. Keli. -Mflij
Pboealz, Orcgoa,
tVnere nrlNtlc and I.tfo-1'ke Plctnres are b j
intr taken. nnnna."ed for t-aitiy of owJ.
Ilii4 and Inucli of flni'h, nm) In tlic latrVt
ami most Improver? styM nf tire art.
1 lilil plclnre enpleil, iruprovru, anu rt- ;
deretl imperltiiuoie.
Jlircnlx. Jnn. 30. 'fit.
ulo wliat we take to be a genuine photo.
gradi likeness of a utned. The present
was yttj acceptable.
Hncsni rnn Salk. Mr. J. E. Clark
and Dr. 0. W. Greer, offer their desirable
homestead for sale. .Persons desiring to
invest in town pi operty, should give them
According to Mr. Meraotinger, who pro
fesses to lie Secretary of the Treasury for
the bnbli'e called the " Confederacy " that
concern has nied "Treasury Notes" to the
amount of eight hundred millions of dol
lars, and seven hundred millions of these j
Issues ure now In circulation! Io keep
the machine running to the end of 16C-1,
1m atks for appropriation to the amount
of 81I27.OII0.00O! We suppose the bo
gus Congress will duly comply with his
demand), ami what U more, furnish the
money in good bard coin !
If they don't, Memminger ay the
"Cnnftderacy mujt tuccumb."
been noted by the police as empty, be
cause ull their inhabitant have periib
rd. Never had such pyroltchny been seen
before 20.000 lights, mostly cumphene, in
long fcatoon of colored globes, blazed the
church into a Hall of Fire. Iiul the per
formance had not yet begun, wlien the errs-
cent of fire at the gigunlic image of the
We hare had beautiful spring weather j Virgin over the high ollar overflowed, nnd.
this week, nnd with the change ha come a i climbing up the muslin draperies and pMle
great improvement in the gvueral heultli of board device to the wooden roor, rolled
our community. , forlu 0 torrent of flume. The suddeuness
I of the fire was awful. The dene muss of
fn . n . a .
j iib in mne iroi over tuc i-mnecr race . r.ji,,.,i , e ,!.:, nn.,m
V1UUIVMllij,IIIViu WHt "I ttrwi rvsevts' ssmii-
course, San I- rancisco, between tlic Iionwi , k, flInltn nmi Bn ,niBn,.iH,l I. il.eir
was won 00 8Wf jng drenca rushed, us Ihoso who
I know that death is at their heels, to the
they held the Judge and Sheriff in nbW
rence. We should have soldiers declaring
that while they ndnred the Constitution
they contemned nnd repudiated, and wonld
not olx-y, either the President or their com
manding officer. Tlic illuntrioos J'orkrr
Stable and Out-hou- and n fine ent-
lecliou of Shrubbery, with Fruit Trees, etc
lorrale no llie
Mot JLItieral Terms.
Title Warranted.
They are situated on the corner of Ore
con and C Streets. For farther pnrtlenlsrs
t-n(nire rrf Dr. G. VT, Grvr, nt his rttke
on Ciilifonda street, or nl bis residence oa
has furnished a striking example ol what . Oreson slm-t
the views of his school ore as to the nntnrel t Jnek'onvnie. Feh. 3. 't'f
of this "distinction," by solemnly nnd pnb- FASIIIOIS'AIILE
licly releasing the whole army from obedi
ence to its officers, after the issue or the
Jk.c emSl&tyi y.
(.mancipation rrociamaiinii. Anu ii me, -. - Kr.. JOJTKS. Profesw of the srl
nubile were only insane eunuch to let him ' IV J. of eh-suut ond crntrful dancluc.
(.t H.un f..r..H ll... u.n..r.. F ll.ta IaM.
. .. ... aula iiiuiv. iii.ui nr. ...a in.uiii an aum . ai-
"'' C llr 1 1.-. I l,m T,n l,lliii-l rta. nml (III
, yj' :- ;. .- - -- ' --- r ,
and his confiiltrule havu their
should have millions of private expounders ' r(,ch this art m all who apply nl theWH
or the Constitution scattered over the, or the u,a. iioiei. Tneriaw win .'
... TsisMil.tv skitiY CilnrsTnv vsiiliiiu fM ntf
conniry. ilisi.nguisu.ng oeiweei. ...e wwk -. .cliek;r. M .,cbFatur.ll.
Government and those who administer i, class of ladies will received InslrncMM
wilh such lie Ightrul clearness os to enable free of charge. Terin-S x l-sons for
.i . n .i i . . in- i. ,i. fPr vale Jcmous, ether Isdy or giitltn
them to follow their own awect will in the 8. . ' felCwS
commission of every species of crime and
Jacksonville. Feb. n. IBM.
Notice to
Holders ef County
titt rr -Trsi--V '
dj A i iu vr wi.nuw Fee
George" and " Oregon John,'
by the former. Time. 31:30,
Wi.es a criminal U to suffer the death i one door wI'lcb ,00 became choked up.
penalty in Utah Territory, he U allowed I Fire WM everywhere. Stienmiug along
the choice of three modes of execution : I tl wooden eeiliog.it flung the poraffine
beheading, longing or shooting. llamP. ''""S "" lh. amonS
- I struggling women. Jn a moment the gor.
The attention of the people of Fhrenlx ' ceous church wos a sea of' Rame. Michael
and vicinity U called tq the advertisement I Angelo'a fearful picture of Hell was there,
but fur exceeded.
Act of sublime heroism were pet formed,
Itememlier there is to he a Wagon mnd amoni? the noblest were the tfforls of
500 Kkwaru. Slicriff Pinkhnm, of;
II ii- county, off.-r the ubovn reward for
one Hugh Donohue. f,r murdering n nun,nf ftf!l rifLlm. Plmiofranhi
by the name ol G. F. Miller, at IWrville. r fT" lmf!: '.' W
Unite county, on the 2-ith ult. Doimhut-
a nbout ?3 Vt-iiri nr Mi.- iti.L ininn'ii.l(.
gruy eyes, & fe,-t 8 inehes high, slim built,! ""1 Meeting at the Court House this j Mr. Nebon, U. S. Minister to Chili, nnd
M'J qiiictc spoKen. tiX.u iljr.
A Tankkk. During tliesleceof Ticks.)
litirs Avssraf mi11t!slnnit nlf-srl tlfMlH fall. .
R,-'. . .1... I ,-ltr hn,.l nnllli.n.t m,.l. UmtJ f JCksH
r. wi .ii. i.fi e .... T EKSONS holdhig the following count;
ters. Geagal Grunt ll-tcned to them fur a orJeM nty uotllkd to prcK-nt tU
lew momew, nml men interrupieu iiiem tume tor pay men i:
yig: ..There is no use of tnlking HXW
tlcatome. I knnw nothing nliout thnt1M9. No 215 prew.lltrti ;or, u, li;
subject, nnd rurthermore, I don't know or J No, 327, 5W,o30, Ml.. la:.', presented Ajtil
any person among my ncqo.minnce. .q
does. But there is one subject with which Jjl7t urcM-mtU j(ny 111. JHRti; Nos. aK.3l.
I am perfectly acquainted. Talk of that , .. 40, 41, 42. prweuted July 12. 6ct); N
and I nmyourm.." "Wh.tUthat.Gen. "?$ Jj-fsft !& ttftK
eralt" asked the politician in surprise. ' anc, presented Pec 11. ISt'.O; No.MT,p"
. ... , i.i 1-1 .1.. , l .....iul .'..!. VII till-.! Km H .Ml. nrcKlllfl
"tannng leaincr, reiiueii inc vicnvrui. """'!"" 'r ., .1 N
. . .. ' .... March V. lUCl: No. 629. KM. prcseat?
Uen. uranta miner was a weauny tanner, ... , ..,, Vli ,. ,i72. cis. on
... .. ..v.. .... . , -. .- . .
afternoon. Attend it.
his cnnnt't-nirn. Mr Mi"r.
out West, and before the rebellion, the
General himself iwlated io conducting the
Tlie work of "tannlnz" rebel is u fc-
1 p."- to Gea" "
nl AiSrll e. tw.l.
No interest will be allowed on these or
ders after this date.
E. 8. MORGAN, Co. Trra r.
Per E. F. Hlmklu Deputy.
ksonvllle, Feb. C, '64. ftWO
, r . f.l.T - mm