Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, September 30, 1863, Image 2

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0cmi-U)cckhj, Sentinel.
-jSya ,
" Ttk r.vvw.wr and fkkmaxkn-uy oh Toun
WiifpSDAY KVKMfl, . SEPT GO, 1S63,
Tux Nkws InloIliiMico received from
the, Army of the Uuiiiln'rlund, for the wife
ly of .wliicli cmuridcnibic unxlcty linn lieeii
felt, id pattafuctory. llnnecratK, on the 2!)d,
was jtronjjly fortillcd on a ridge six mile?
south. of Chattimoora, and tin attack was
exivuled from tlio enemy. Former di?
patches raid Hiiriijide laid been Fcvorely
blnniql for nnt reinforcing Itosi-eran.1", but
it u veiy evident that lie understood well
v.liat lie wn iiliont, mid what was required
of Jiim. Order rc.iehed him iit.!niid)orn,
l.'O miles from Oultnnonga, on the 17th.
to reinforce Uo.'ccrutw. Had lie ued all
pouUde dtapaluli, and had the railrond been
unbroken by ll rebel, he could not even
liieu have reached (Jlult luminal in time to
participate in the Im tiles of tiiu 10th nnd
"Jftth. It can be situ by a l:mee at the
map that the railroad jrnp at Dallou, though
which tlie rebel lurces penetrated is con
nected ly r.iilroad with Cleveland, and is
n'uitit. tin; sttina distance from the latter
dace us is (Jlmtinnooca. Meliuving tlint
the reheN hod near 1 10,000 men. as report
ed, we supposed they would fend 1)0,000 or
10.00() up-ii to take pn.Wiwion of Clevelund,
on liie Teiinc-wc and Georgia Iiiilroad,
and tli ii. ilU-eutally cut oil the main line or
1 fimmiiuicatioii between Unsccnm uud
UurjHile, and compel the latter to cross to
the north side of lias Tenniwe river, ut
Kingston nr Decatur, and miirch over rough
iimU down the river to Chattanooga. Hut
it now appears that the rebels were afraid
io send a detached Torch up the Tennessee
Valley fiom Dalton ; for had they dono so,
and the main body of the army met witli
mici disaster us to compel them to retire,
the detached forces would have found them
selves M'euicly trapped, with Rosocrnns be
hind, them, IJiirnsidu nheud, impassible
mountains on the right', und the uufordable
Temii'H.'-ee river und mnuutuins beyond on
the left. The inuin body of Uurnside's
nrtny, at latest accounts, was at Athens,
nnd his advance at Cleveland, twenty miles
I'tom Chattanooga. Tlio dispatch does not
Male. wlieIkerttho rebels have interrupted
the railroad communication between those
phici'U or not, but from the location of tlieir
force?, it is quite likely that they have.
Itut it may be that Hurn?idu docs not now
K'ek to unite his army with ltosecrans.
Ills forces aro necessary in their present
locality to protect the country through
which he has just piiMcd. lie is no doubt
vrorjcinj? understanding!)', and evidently
coniideut that both Rosccrmis mid himself
cun Mic.crs(ully cope with tlio enemy.
Ititellijeuco from the Army of tlio Poto
mac leads us to hope that Meade- will avail
himself of tlio golden opportunity offered,
by tlio depleted numbers of Leu's army, for
tho iptiictlon of a triggering blow tp the
now tottering rebellion. Wo will not lie
likely to receive any news from that quar
ter until ti battlo lmi been fought, with tri
umph or disu-ter to our cuuk, but wc have
no fear of the latter.
TJuto hu been no important news from
Charleston for poiiio weeks, There Is fctill
heavy woik to lo before Charleston can bo
raptured, hut Giltnoro is equal to tho task.
Jlin luittcries on Cuminiiig'a Point nro not
yet completed.
Tlio country wjll bo gjod to learn that
Oen. Hooker kai been assigned to active,
t'ommnnd, in a position where his uat-fuluesH
Mill not bo " impaired."
By To-Nioiit'.i Staok. Tho good news
received is interpreted to moan that Sher
man, and M'l'hcrpou'a corps, 40,000, of
Grant's army,, are ou their way to reinforce
ftosecran. lie can;theu a.siinie the olfcu
ive. ,
Otlqn(gp.odf but npt. IinporUint.
TiiB WkathkiI.-CqoT
siooul shower of rain.
with .pfi ,ncca-
Klamath Lake Couutry.
'Font Kmmatii, Sept. 24,-lW3l.
(vyiter.v-Oiftarxlvlng aU-'ort Klhnmtkl
wo wra very mtKh tv prked ito find Mich;
a fdqte of iftflhlrm- All department of In
dustry wwo, appartuUy oeutered- in and
around this place. Tho ring of tho nhvll,
the pound of tho carpenter's saw, the mal
let of the fhhiBlcmcn, and the martial sound
of Hit! bugle, wero echoed back from the ban
saltic dill's in the. rear of this beautiful situ.
Teams were continually arriving loaded
with freight from Jacksonville, and others
with hay, logs, wood und shingle. In ev
ery direction tho woods seemed nlivo with
choppers and loggers, to nay nothing of the
Indian?, and bummers (like myself). In
deed, Fort Klamath is rapidly assuming a
ptaco among forts that be.
A few days before our arrival here, there
was eomo excitement in consequence of u
little circumstance, which I (hall relate as
follows: On the west side of Klanvith
Lake 1m n place called Stony Point, by
which runs tho new military road from
Jacksonville to this place. At this point n
native citizen, known and hniled by his
white-skinned brothers as Tic Jack, has lo
cated his headquarter.", where he rules and
governs his little baud nccording to the
ancient usuages of his nation. Well, Jack
became Imbued with a spirit of enterprise,
and ou inquiry found that the most popu
lar investment in Southern Oregon, at pres
ent, was road stock, and consequently con
cluded to Invest in thu new military road.
So he established a loll guto at the afore
said Stony Point, and demanded a bonus or
the passing traveler, for thu privilege of
passing his Tieship's residence, lint, unfor
tunately for Jack, the ucus of his enter
prise readied tho ears of Col. Drew, who
Immediately dispatched a messenger to
Prince La Lake, with an order for his Maj
esty to report to Captain Kelly, at Klam
ath Fort, Immediately. In due timu La
Lake and some Mxty of his Warriors came
in, leaving their guns with thu i-quaws, o:i
the outside. Col. Drew told him if he wa
tho great chief of this couutry hu must
bring in thu enterprising road ngent from
Stony Point, and referred him to Captain
Kelly to make thu arrangements. The
Captain soon gave him to understand that
nothing but thu delivering up of Jack
would be coiHdeml MiPJcieul. After a
reasnnablo lime, tho royal captive wai
brought in, and to convince him and his
followers of thu Insiguillcinco of Sitcath
greatnes", ho was treated to a friih-tuntlal
set of irons. This moved the sympathetic
heart of his highness La Lake, who oll'erul
himelf as mediator in behalf of thu way
waul chief. La Lako promised if they
would release Jack that henceforth for all
time to come, no depredations of any de
hcrlptlon should be committed throughout
his broad domain. On these terms, and on
the good faith of La Lake, Jack's fetters
were cast oil', and with joy beaming from
every feature, hu turned his buck to the
quarters, and soon disappeared in thu tall
grass to tho southward.
It Kecms that thero is a strife for tho
chieftaincy among a number of petty chiefs
in this vicinity. Col. Drew, taking ndvau
age of this feud, acknowledged La Lake as
tho truo chief, for tho two-fold reaon that
ho had tho most men, and was thu mni-t
friendly to tho whites. Thus old La Lake
has become an important ally to this com
mand. He is very much impressed with
tho great, good judgment displayed by tho
Colonel In acknowledging the legitimacy
of his reeptcr over Klamath "Inguns." nnd
freely oxprc.sts his determination to livo in
peac.) with his wldtu brothers. I midit mid
another incentive to friendship a loaded
twulvc-pouudcr pointing toward his quarters.
A few days before our arrival an Indian
came into camp with tho gun that had been
taken from Capt. Joe Jtaily, who was mur
dcicd by tho Indians, near Ooobe Lake, in
lSfil. Tho guu was taken from thu Indian,
notwlthsandiug bin furious protestations.
It has been sent to tho Express Office iii
Jacksonville, Mibjcct to tho order of the
brother of Captain Daily,
Captaiu Kelly 'a company is in fine health
aud spirits, thero not having been a day's
sickness slnco they arrived nt this post, and
for every one to know that it is one of tho
best behaved, as you know it is disciplined,
companies in the Errvico, it is only necessary
to say tmt there has not beon a man uuder
arrest Muce tho 4th day of August.
Mr, Linn will get his mill in operation
on Monday. His X Makk.
A. F. & A M. The Grand Lodge of
Masons of this State, at its lato 6essiou at
Sulem, elected the fallowing officers for the
cnsuiRgyeir: J. MuCrukcu, Grand Master,
S. F. Chudwiclc, Deputy Grand Muster ;
A. A. Smith, Senior Grand Vnrdeu ; Jo
siah Myriok, Junior Grand Warden ; A.
M. Belt, Grand Treasurer ; . S. Cald
well, Grund Secretary; O, II. Lewie,
Chairman Hoard of Educational Fund.
Queries for "Nella."
Mr. Editor : t desire to uk a question or
two about thu.communtcfttion of "Nella," of
Klamath Meet Valley," ptiblMwl'in thd
Skm-inm. of. tha i 2W lust Nella oys :
"Klamath Luke VallJy; proper, had'-been
almost entirely unexplored, until up' to'the
timu that Col. Drew nnd his command. went
there," etc. Shu then nave his Excellency.
Gov. Glbb, a slight rub, for locating "live
hundred thousand acrerf of land" for the
"Slate" In u-lillle marsh." She goes on
across "Fowler's Hlvcr, Prims Spring, Un
derwood's and Whitu's beautiful dreams,"
and "Kelly's Prairie, to Fort Klamath."
Sho Is llrst "struck with pleasing surprise"
nt beholding these "clear, crystal stream
bursting," etc. Then thu -red-top and wild
rye." and the "gentle breeze" llnlsh It up,
and she is "lost" poor Nulla "In admira
tion" of hometliing Mie mys is "Indescrib
able;" but is. in duo time, uwukened to "as
tonishment, that a couutry o lavishly bless
ed with Naturu's choicest gifts, should so
long luivit remained unknown." Silo visits
"Kdly's Uiver" ami "Glenn City." Hero
lovely and beautiful fih are seen sporting
in the crystal waters, and funny, uleiful.
and "hllaroiis ducks nnd geese" are seen In
thu dUtanco. Here it is die discovers that
all these "lovely, crystal streams never in
crease or dlmiubh in volume." Thu next
dbcovery N that the valley will produce all
kinds ol'-'yraln, fruit and vegetables oven
wild plums and Oregon grapes." She be
comes aware that her letter Is too long,
"but rnniiot dne without a pa.lng notice
of Col. Drew, and the command generally"
aud dually concludes with tho avowal that
"they am the right men in tlio right plncu."
Now. Mr. Editor, I dcMre to know, if this
country has never been hitherto "explored,"
by whit sort of reasoning "Nella" arrives
at the coucludon. that these lovely streams
of water "never increae or diuiiulrh in
voluini'?" Have thu waters of "Fowler's
l!l er." "Prim's Spring," "Underwood's and
White's bcautilu! streams." and "Kelly's
Uiver," some peculiar properties that pre
vent them from mingling and mixing with
melted snow, or thu torrents from heaven
that sometimes descend llko an avalanche
upon the mountains surrounding that coun
try ? Or Is Hutu some magieal, subterra
nean p.i-Kigu connected witli these streams,
that immidiately swallow up and convey
to China, or some other land, the common,
vulgar aud unpoutlc ruin-drop, that must
otherwise mingle with, and pollute, these
enchanted waters? Or perhaps wu have at
la-t found a country where water runs up
"Nella" forgets to mention, or does not
know, that this lovely country according
to her ideas just found by Col. Drew, has
already been sulllclently explored to ascer
tain that Its altitude is 1.130 feet above the
ocean, while that or Fort Lane, in tlds val
ley, is 1.202 foot above tho ocean, limiting
enchanted country 2.028 feet higher than
IJogiie River Valley. Sho evidently does
not know, either, that in February, 18(10,
when the "Emigrant Road" from this val
ley to thu Klamath country wa not block
aded by snow, enchanted country was cov
ered with snow, uud the north end of upper
Klamath Laku frozen over so as to admit
ol traveling on tho Ice; and in August of
Mimo year, snow was upon mountains hur
rounding it, and frosts wero of frequent oc
currence along IheJ-u lovely streams For
altitude, sco Suunto Report, Thirty-sixth
Congress Second Session Maps and Sur
veys, Topographical Engineers, Vol. 11.
One further question, and I am done for
tho present. What Is the matter with Col.
Drew that ho cannot hnvo onu of those pure,
smooth-running "crystal streams" as well
as each of the others of his party called
alter his name? nis well-known modesty
bus no doubt, prevented tho .suggestion by
himself, but surely somu one of tho party
ought to have been considerate enough to
have left for him one of thoso magical,
lovely and enchanted streams, in order that
tho memory of this "right man in the right
placu" might bu perpetuated.
Yours, IxQumEU.
Ashlaud, Ogn, Sept. 26, 1863.
Pkoyki ius Patiuotihm. C. L. Bird,
Treasurer of Sacramento county, Califor
nia has established his patriot!tm beyond
all doubt, by taking S 14,(100 of tho county
funds and skedaddling. He was one of tho
"patriotic" kind who havo a holy horror of
Copperhctulism. AUxiny Vtmocrat.
The Sacramento Bu says be vas one of
your "patriotic" kind, uud prints his record
to Miow, that since tho rebellion broke out,
he has bceu a Copperhead Democrat, liird,
like A. S. Johnson, Judge Terry, Gwlu,
Dunham, Horace II, Illgby, nnd a host of
other ex-oOlcials of California, "Democrat!."
all, will probably bo next heard of m the
rebel army. Dlid was one of the gambling,
chivalrous" kind, who consider it "con-
fttitutionol" to steal, a lt Floyd, Itu? public
funds of an "Auclitionizcd1! coraroonity,
SutctDK. Alonzo Naylor, eldest son of
Granville NayJjryC the upper portion of
thli; ValIcy,;commU4 ''sulctdc yesterday
ttnrninRYby.Miootlufc! iilntself tbroubfcHbe
Ijead wijh' a riflef H wwbnly about four-,
teen year oPfcircnnd Ihere was no apphjr-,
out cause for thb'dwndlul not. On ihccven
tug previous thu boy had been scolded oroth
crwisi! lightly punished for going oil hunt
ing and negbcted his work. This greatly in
censed him. Shortly after he attracted the
attention of his mother by dividing Ids
money among his brotlu rs and sifters. On
being told to keep his money, he said lie did
not want It, nnd that he would never do an
other day's work for his father. Ho went
to bed as usual, and tho next morning be
fore breakfast crawled out of tho window
with tho rille and shot himself, by placing
the muzzle of the rillo against his head and
pushing the trigger with a toe of his foot.
Good Xoninatiox. Tim Snn Juan
Press nominates Ahiuham Lincoln for tliu
next President, uud Andrew Johnson lor
Vice President. Just our men, says the
Marysvilltj Appeal. Old Abe if he'll ac
cept, aud Dunks if lie will not.
The National Union Convention cannot
fail to make a good nomination from the
long list of brilliant names of patriotic
statesmen, who have not been found want
ing in those " days that try men's souls,"
but no name will shine brighter than that
of Honest Old Abe" the noblest Roman
of them nil."
AxoTiir.ii Amomtio.v Outuaoi:. Horace
II. Higby. Surveyor General of California,
under the mlmiuistrutiunj of Weller und
Downey, is now enjoying the companion
ship of Guerrilla Morgan, be having been
captured witli the groat horse-thief raid
sler. Tlio " Abolitionists" incarcerated
him in thu balilc (before the war called
Penitentiary) of Ohio, for practicing the
" Democracy" he preached.
Saiiiivth Siiiioi. Pic NIC. The Sabbath
Schools of JuokMUivillo. I'hicnix and Wugner
creek, intci.d holding a plc-ulc in thu Over
beck Grove, on Thumluy, October Sth,
thu weather permitting. An address will
bu made to thu children at 11 o'clock a. m,;
ami one to the parents at 2 o'clock l. xi.
Auction. Mr. Frederick Frank offers
for sale, ut auction, to-morrow, at his resi
dence in litis place, fine mahogany furni
ture, cooking utensils, carpenter tools, etc.
Sale at 2 o'clock.
Send your child to bed happy. What
ever can's press, give it u warm goodnight
k'ss as it goes to its pillow. Memory of
this in thu stormy years winch fain may
have in store for'lhe little one, will be like
Bethlehem's Mar to thu bewildered shep
herds. (HaMMnMnmHmMMMMaHMMH
THE underdgned will dNpoo of his en
tile lot of Household uud Kitchen Fur
niture, at auction, on
ThundiVj.thc tt ilty of October, 1803,
at two o'clock r. m., at his reddence, in
JuckMiuvillo. The furiilturo condstH of
onu Mahogany liurcau, one Mnhogauy lied
stead, with bedding complete; Mahogany
Centre Tnblo. Stands, Lounges, etc.; Look-lug-glass,
Pictures. Stove nnd Cooking
Utensils; Gla-s and Porcelain Ware. Al"o,
a lot of Carpenter and Mining tools. All
will bu sold to the hiuhust bidder, for o.itm
Jacksonville, Sept. Siii, ?M. acpgHtd
Slieriff'a Sale.
IfJY vlrtuoof n Kxrcutlmi, rtuly Issued ly tlie
MJf Olcik f Hid OJtc.lt Couit, of tho .Smtti of Ore
gon, fir tli" cjiuity of .luck )!!, uud t mo illrcctuJ,
Ritivup fii).w. jniurunT, Hid otfiimt j.uiia
TATOM, for tlio rwinciy of tliu miu u( J-'Urt lluii
itiiduaii Blxty-tUreo uml 40-oinj-l.unJi oJi1:h dollar.',
($5113 HKIDO), with Intercut, coU nnd iicciuli' cost.
Ion ci'cnlit to thu amount of Thrt'j lluwlrcil ami
flftooa dull.ii ($)!& I hnvo hivlcd iiimii unit Villi
oiler for ml u, for c.u-.h, to tho highest bhlJor, on
Satimln, tht '1-Uh day cf Octobtr, A. J)., 1SC3.
nil tho rlslit, tltlo nnd Intr-iwt of tlto sild Jnmo T
tom, or. In mul to, tho following ituwlbed UK Ah
KSl'ATi:, unit animrtimuiico) thoioimto UIoisIiir,
Mtuntcl in tli ii county of Juciiijii und Stuto of Oro
Kon, to-wit: Dowrttoti Ctiiim No. 30. township art,
houtli raiiso 1 at, beginning nt tlm N. W. corner, on
WMLinicttu MorMInn, tlicnco koiiIIi 01:70 dmliit;
tliuncd onu 'J9.5U ilniliis; thotico north 30:00 chains,
thencu oast ia-5Q cluhn, thonco north illiTO thiiliH,
thuiicu wait T3;i:!clnlin, to tho jilaco of hcglunhiK;
cunti;liiliiKUlM 32-10U acies.
Sftlu at tho OiUit Ilou'jo door of ntld county, ho.
twoou the hours of nlno o'clock A. M. und four
o'clock 1. M,, of n.ld day.
W. II. 8. HYDK, Sheriff of Jaclwon Co., 0n.
BBptimbor2Q,lSS1. mipUiwt
AHSCHttor'H Notice.
TVOTIOE in hereby glrcn to tho Titjc TayerH of
i Jackson county, Oregon, that till purocin furling
tliomsolms nggiievud by oriir-nsnuiisnieiit, or who
lin.o Imon llleiilly av.oKaed, can incctm, it. coiijunc-
tion with Ibu Ilonorftblo Uoard of Couuty t'omiuls-
On Wednesday, the Uth day of Oct. 1662,
at tho ol)lc of tho County Clerk, Jacksonrillt, and
tbero baru their grlu"iiti adlmtcd aooonlitir to.
At? Mor of JaskMu ouatr Orkcoa.
JatkMWriUVfept,-'.!), 1SN. '1 tuLj4
mmx & wade,
Tobacco & Segars,
All tif which will be pold at low prlcc.i
for UArilJ, or desirable 1'JSODUCH.
Largo & Well-Selected
Spring & Summer
Millinery Good
Fancy and Staple
Oil Cloth, Wall Paper,
Spring & Summer
Fine Assortment of
Ladioo, Men and Boya'
Boots and Shoes !
Will be supplied witli u Good ABSsorlnvrnt
Which will bo sold at
imAl)nURT& WADE'S.