Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, September 02, 1863, Image 1

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VOL. VIII $0. 64.
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I. C). O. I--Jacksonville Lodge
NO. Ill liuM It reRiiHr meet-
t.4 WL Cy TSsi wi'uk In each month, mid on
ii xw i iai nil vriun.v in urn ium
i7. C."r7VV' .'! i i ...,1. l..i........l..M
-Jr ' VtCS?7 wet, nl the Mimonle Hull, nt
f.oclnclc i m. llruthi'rit In boihI Ktitatlliijcmo tnvlftnl
Uttcu.l. WSI. HAY, N. U.
Him .1. Day, It. Scc'y.
Tiintoet. ,l;u. . Snt1
Sntton, Hunry PoiilInjriT nm!
(. II. IWrU.
Warren Lod?o No, 10, A. F. & A. 21.
A HOLD their regular cominunl-
xwctitloiiB tliu W'tlni'iliiy Kvoniiigou
Vor preceding tltu full moon, in jack-
II. Rl.nnv. Scr'i.
- O F
"Will Itoltl it regular communications on tlic
PI rut Nntimlny Kvc. nrKvrry Month.
All Fojournlng Companions lit good
vtuiming uve coulinlly invited to attend.
g. w.grhur, u. p.
I.. SaH3. Pee'v.
Will practice In tliu Supremo mid oilier
Cptirlx of this Slnto. March 4. 'lis.
Jackkonvii.i.k, Okkcon,
TT7ILL prnct'co in the hcvit.iI Courts of
llio First Judical District, nnd in tlm
itprom Com t. October 'JO. '02.
Will practice in alt the Court of the Thtrd
Judical District, the Supreme Court of Ore
eon, mid In Vrclcu, Cul. War Scrip prompt
ly colluded. Out. IH.
(Sncctwor to Itccil .1 flntuli)
Jacksonville Okkuon.
IJspeeiul nttciition crl vein to collection
-eaHV. Jtniu 10, X(i:i. 40
Office nMilt Ri-iliti-iicc on Ore-gun St.
Where nil thou knowing themselves lr
(iiilittd to him. on note or book ticciv.int,
will plonoo. villi mid settle tip, or their tic
coiiiit will he plum! lor collection in the
bands of my attorney.
My old j-u'roiiH will still find mc, aetvr,
ready to attend to my professional duties.
Miiy IS. 18U:I. umvlitf
Photographic Artist,
la prepared to tuku pictures in every style
of the iirt, with nil the late improvement!!.
Jf 1'ictures do not give satisfaction, no
charges will he minlc. Cull nt his new Gnl
ery, on the Mil. examine his pictures, mid
It for your llkene-H.
Rrlt-k IJulliHup, Cor. Front & V MtPtcU.
J attend to the llefielvliiR nnd For-
wividini: of nil Good culructed to
their euro, with prniuptiicft? nnd dii-p:toh.
CoiW;iiin)!tits ollcIlv(. 'letehuudibe re
ceived on floni(;e.
Credent City. April 11. ISfi.'t. 15
K. D.-N'o ond delivered until tliofrclt?lil
Mil cIiui'kch urn pnld.
I), .t W.
j. now,
Ntxi ilour to Iliiulliiuy A AV'adc.
T have just opened a new storo nnd ptoclc
J. cd it with n choice vurlnly of the nbovc
mentioned nrticlcN, mid oiler them for sale
nt the lowest living prices. The hcot of
clgnr.s mid chcwltiir tnlmccn will bo Kept
coiiRtuntly on limid. Those desiring n'iy
ijrliolo in my Hkc will tavu money bv trlv
lg me n c-.. J. U()V.
v .laeltsonvillc. July 1, ,C.1. .ilUf
Wi'dclj, Fiuuk I.cslio'H, Ynnkcc No
tions, etc., rogiiluilv received and lor cile
nt tlm
1)A0K-8Ai)DI.rcS cnnstuntly on linml
my Harness nnd Knihllcrv'csiulilish
ieot. 15 HENRY ,IUI(JE.
I.Ui:i KVKKV Wi:HXK9IIAV AND katimiday.
IIISMIY 11RKMNGCR, Pub'r unci Prop'r
SfitsciitiTiov One year. In advance. Five
Dollars; Six monthc, three Dollars.
Aivi:i:ti.si.vi Uue initnre (10 lines or
lt"-), Hivt Insertion, Tnm Dollars ; each
Hubseqiicnt iiiHcrtioii. One Dollar. A die
count of llfly percent will bo made to those
who ndvci li-e hy the vear.
A& I-'cat Tender tecolvcd at current rate.
By application In lVluin'ler nnd Mnil
CarrieiH. you can lenrn Hint theSetui-weckly
OitKiiox Sknti.nhi. has by fur u larger circu
lutioii in the cntmticH of Southern Oregon
mid Del N'ortu county. Californin, than any
other paper. Thin fact Hhutild eoininend Ih'e
Scntinki. to you tin a superior medium for
Lt:rr oi AonxTrf. who nre tiutliorizcd to
transact tiny bunine? concerning tliin pa
per. In the uaniii of Hid publisher :
i, P. Fisher, fiiui Frauoifco; Vndworth
.t Itiiyiivx, Yieka; Kber Hinrv, Anhland: S.
C. Taylor, I'limnix; W. W. Fowler. Apple
gale; It. S. Diinlnp. Wlllinni'burg; John It.
I'rlmllp. Kerbyvlllo: A. M. MclUnlu. Waldo:
It. J. Forbes, Waldo; Wr,. M. Kvnn, Alt
house: Joel Thorn, Cauyonvlllc; A. It.
Flint. UoMiburg: Nanc It. MooreH, Salem; J.
I!. Underwood, Mugeiie City; F. Cliarman.
Oregon City; D. V. Wakelleld, Albany;
llenjnmln Conk, Corvallin; .1. II. Smith.
Crc-ceut Cily; Albeit Doollttle, Ihippy
TKLKOiurm:!) to yhkk i ran tiik hektini:!.
DntcRto AtiL;nstS!)t!i.
ForlrcsH Monroe, 'J8th. . Major Sloven
Hon, with fnriy men ul the lid iviriincnl of
Pa. artillery, made a rcconnoitmu:e in armed
sicauur .Siuilli up (!liickahomitiy. Monday.
!Mihv lie went 10 miles up mill dcitroyi'd
u uii''il).'r of small boalH. When ulinui
nine miles fiom the mouth of the river ihcy
werti n'.liicknl by 400 of Roliliwmfo cav
airy, mid rctiuli-'eil thein. They deHiroveil
the liuililiug iikI by Robinson n licuil
(jnnrti rs. The expedition iclurneil with
out Iu.-h sifler ubtuitiing ull inforuiution de
Hind. ThnSavanrAji A'ut't of I81I1 Hny it is
estimated llmt the mimher of Holdicr now
in the Confedeiute servitu rcudv fur the
field, is fi7.'J.C()(). It mliln tlmt'tliiH liu
iiuclieil neatly liulf our lighting pop
iilution. New Yorlf,U8tIt.-(Jnid 21.
Washintrtnii, 2Sllt. Xavy Depnrlmrnt
Ims information of tin ritptuie of the Km;,
lisli kcii'w steamer Croustadl, for violating
thu blockadu nt Willminfjtiiii, by Hlemiiir
Rhode Island, with her augo of cotton, to
bacco nnd tuipenliiiK'. Rear Adnrral
e'iniiiiinicates ivi-ulin of the expedition up
WIiiic river, which adds iiolliimr to rcsitlls
already known. lie confiinn reports tlml
tln rebels are fnililying bayou Mel'M.
I'riei! and Kirby Siniih urcutLiillo Rock.
Marmaduke ia also near that pluce.
n.iltimore, 28lh. The iunbont Satclilc
nnd lug Reliiiuco, .willi the ciews of both
voxels-, were capture on b'aiind.iy. 22d, by
the rebfl.1, near the mouth of I hi Rajipa
hnunock. The Ciptnin of tliu iajteltto If
iqim led killed.
Xnaii, 18th. Reports say (piito r. riol
look place nt G'laylown, heiuccii peop'e
undMildieis. Two liuiwltctl ami three on
both tdiTcs killid. Seicrnl bloekado run
ni'irt hull returned to Nnssnii. One per
Savannah. Miy? old walls of that city laid
been demolished.
Memphis, 2filli. Advicca from New
Oi leans to the 2(lih have been received.
The sleumer Oniyicr, with tliu 49ih Illi
noi.s on board, collided with the Hlcinur
Dos Arc, ten miles below Memphis, pink
ing the former neur tliu shore. Some lives
were lot. Stunt say forty, but it is nol
beliowd. Five thousand rations, bag-jajje
mid fiO.'OOO rounds of umniuuiiion lot.
Fortress Monroe, 28ih. Tho Mobile
TiiLniic ol 18th say, there are now sixteen
vcsels in the harbor of I'ctisneola, some of
which ure vessels of war nnd Iraniorls.
The Yankees are building two iinuieiisu bos'
pitals nt llio navy yard. All iho negroes
are being sent to New Orleans to be
placed in Yankee tcgimtnts.
Memphis. Aug. 2flih. Information has
been received Irom Aikansas to thu effect
that Kirby Kniilh had been itivostcil ns
Provincial Secretary of War, will) full
power to net ns he deemed best, without
nwaiig general orders from the nbel War
D'parinient. Ili'i head quarters tire at
gillie Rock, which is now thu grand cen
ter of ('onfcdcrulii military operation in
the traiis-Missippi depurtmc'iit.
Headquarters1 Army of Foloatac, 28th
At noon to d.iy n party of guerrillas nt
tacked n paity who iuu cnnylng mad
from u cavalrv division stulioned at llaj'
wood chinch, killing ono and cnpturini;
lour. They took tliu mad, mid made their
escape curly this morning. Threu rebel
Hurgennt were captured on ill's side of the
Rappahannock by our troops. They will
bu Healed us spies.
'ew Ymk. 20th. A spceinl dispatch
to the IForA snvs, the icbels made u dm
inir raid on thu Rappahannock, on Thurs
day, capturiiu: two gunboats of the Iilo
mne (lolilln, mid the revenue cutler I'm
man. The rebels came oil" with small
boats. They dashed on lyslie, which they
succeeded in lukiuir. mid u signal was then
made to the I'uiiimn which also caun into
their clutches. Rich gunboat carried one
Dalgren gun. The iiiouth of thu Rappa
hannock i blockaded. It is not believid
thul llic icbels will be able to get bouts
out of the river, otherwise they tniulit come
up the Potomac mid do much damage.
Advices from the tinny of the Potomac
say that it is quite plain that Ivu low no
intention of criHuiug the Rupidati. Deser
ters report that hu will soon fall back.
(Jincinimtti. 2ith. Lain infornintion
from Vickwbunr report the dculli of (Jen.
IVmbi'i ton, killed by Tcvm sohliers. No
pailiculnrs eiven. A nuinoroii-dy at tended
meeting held nt Phtlin, Tenu., passed reso
lutions cxpiesiii'' n desiie to rcluin to the
Union, mid rcpudiatinir I be act of srcfisioti
paxs-ed in I8(!l. The Mth tinny cop; bus
been transferred by general (Irani to the
army of the (Jnlf. I'rcparnliniM were be
itiir made nt New Orleans, on thu lOlh, lor
a movement in some direction.
Forlrc.ea Mnnroe, 28lh Thrt luu' boat
We-iiern World, juit arrived from tin fled
off Wiliuini'ion, reports that on Tuesday
afternoon, 2fih. one hour before she left
tin steamer Florida uriivnl from off
I'linrlcMon. with positive news that Fort
Slimier nnd Wagcnor had fallen und were
ocupicd by Union troops. Thu stars and
s'ripcq triumphantly wave over both forts.
The Union troops were in tin best spirits,
nnd certain of tliu speedy reduction of Fl.
New York. 2f)lh. The following f ml
dilional by flibrnia : Tin London Nrm.
referinir to Mexic. says that it is useless
to deny Ihnt the feeling is that the Kniper
or Nnpoleon has donu great service, both
to the political nnd commercial world, in
extinifiiishing the Monroe doctrine and re
slorintr Intercourse with n nation of micIi
vast iiniinrlanco of tcrritoty. The Poles
hml defeated the Russians at Luzzjut, und
captured 20,000 ruplcs.
San Fnnclpo. .Iflth. DNpalcho- stnle
thai should. Charlevlnu bo taken, General
ISutlcr will be placed In command.
Soma Ihree hundred of White's cuerrlllns
r.rns.cd the Votonuic at WhlleV find. yester
day, nnd cobbled up nout forty of our
men. nnd n number of tenuis belonging to
tho Ohio und Chesapeake Lminnl Company.
Fortress Monroe. 2!)th. A dNpalch from
Newborn ny-. on Ihu morning of Iho
1 Vt It n lurire sloop of war. of ten gnn. liv
ing the UrilMi flag, swept pat Iho blnckad-er-.
and Immediatelv lioM d the rebel II ig
and ptised into Wilmington, Tills is the
lourtli relict vcssti ol war lual linn uiu tlilH
blockade within six weeks.
U'bl paper8, received nt Wonlthrnd Cily.
say thatJeir Davis has deolded. after a con
ference with thu (lovcrnors of Iho Coufed-c-nto
States, to call out half n million of
black troop, who are to rcoelvn their free
dom and lll'y acres of laud, at Ihu closu of
thu war.
Trenton, N. J., sntb. Volunteering in
this Slain proccedhur briskly. It is
llioiightlhat the tpiola will be lille'd In a few
days, thus doing away with thu nccewlly of
ad ra It.
New York, 2!Hb. llcrmnda advices to Iho
2flh have been received. Tho rebel steam
er Ghidlnlor had arrived thete. The rebel
steamer Robert Leu repot ts having 'been
chased by a Federal cruiser for five hours,
and compelled to throw ovcrlr'itrd threu
hundred bales of cotton to ("cape. Thu
Florida was seen on the 2d(h with u ship in
tow, in latitude 25 nnd loullndu (17.
Tho Xtttional Intelli.'tnccr publishes n let
ter from n gentleman who has traveled
through Virginia, Georgia. Not lb Carolina
and Alabama, who says should a proclama
tion be published offering pirdiin to llnwi
laying down their arms, great good would
co'mu of it.
I'aymastkks i.vtiik Aiimv. Maj. Geo.
Mtirstou, Paymaster U. S. Army, uriived
by the last Fieamer from the East, und has
been directed to pay the tioops stationed
nt Wallu Walla, Lapwai mid Rolse. Mnj.
Frnneis will pav thein nt(he Dalles, ritl
at Colville, while Maj. V.'inMon will, ns
heietofuie, disburse gold and greenbacks
to the biave defendeis of our rights who
ore located wct of tH Cascade tuoimtcius
-'Ortsuniun28l. ult.
Alleged Important Discovery
in Smelting Copper.
From tho S. Y. llultettn of Aiir. VUtli.)
We Inn u been shown u sneolinen ol clay
like subtmice which Is called tin hydratid
sillicate of cadmium. This substance. If It
po?-esnn Ire peculiar properties for fluxing
metals which are claimed for It by lt dis
cover, bids fair to create a revolution in Ihu
art of copper-smelting, nnd will enable Cal
ifornia to export the puru metal Instead of
tliu ores. This slllicalc of cadmium was
discovered on n ranch In Contra Costa
county by James T. McDoitgall, who
brought sdinn of It to this cily to experi
ment on for I lie purpose of exlractliig Hie
Cadmium, but found great dllllcully In do
hit: so without going to Ion great cxpeicc to
makii it prolltablu lo work. William Nlel,
a copper-smilli. (who Is nlo n, practical
chemist and mlnerologlst,) on who- preml
res Mr. MoDougall was experiiueiitiuir. was
impressed with tlm Men that thu substance
might bu useful for fluxing metals, and on
thu ultempts to extract cadmium failing,
he. at the solicitation of Mr. McDougrill,
made various trials with it lit ennectlou
with other nnteilals. In these trials Mr.
Kiel succeeded in making what he claims to
b ihu best llux known for smelting copper.
The great value of tlilu discoveiv, lie says,
lies in the fact that in one smelling with
llux. copper can bu obtiitteil of fiom UK to
D!) per cent, purity, while the icsMiim, com
posed of other tn"lals und impurities, con
tains but a lucre trace of copper in it.
Thee tests have been made with every de
scription of copper ore. ovides, sulphates,
or whatever form in which copper has In cu
found In California, Nevada, or Colorado.
In over two bundled nssays made by Mr.
Nlel, It Is stated llmt every one has been
successful in extracting thu etitiru copper
which was in thu ore.
When thi" process Is compared with the
mot approved processes In use eK'whero
to fiip'H and purify cupper, the value of the
alleged discovery can hardly bo over-estimated.
Ity tlin'Swainseii (Wales) process
tho richest of copper ores have to be smelt
ed four times, while tho poorer grades of
ore hiivu to undergo from eight to twelve
diftVreut smelting and other processes, be
fore It becomes puru enough for commer
cial uses. The high freights, sincltln,'. nnd
other charges upon shipments of copper ore
to foreign ports; the long delay In receiv
ing relurns, H)),i t lie blub rates of Interest
charged upon ndvanccs, combined, form a
large sum which Is in favor of smelting
here; mill this new (lux. If It in cxtcnMvu
practice proves nil that W claimed for it,
will soon cauo all our copp'T ores to bo
smelted before exportation. This in tinu
will stimulate mauufacliircis of copner for
cummcic'ul iims. and tlm whole will open
an extensive mid new fluid for prolltablu la
bor for our people.
Then.' Is another ndvuiitngn claimed for
this dUrovcry, which It is said will almost
pay ull tho expenses of smeltlnc. The slag
arising from thu llux Is ol u hard, tenacious
and glassy nature, but of beaittilul colors,
according to thu combination of minerals In
the ore sue'lted. This slag can be made In
to water pipes, floor tiles, dour knobs nod
many articles for which it Is well adapted,
and be sold nt remunerative prices. Jtcau
also bo UM'd for receptacles for cold chemi
cal processes, as It Is said to be untiU'ected
by nohR Tho supply ol ore cadmium is
said lo ho inexhaustible, Ihu vein being Oil
feet thick, and has been traced on the sur
face over l.OOU feet in length. The mine Is
owned jointly by Ihu discoverer, Mr. Mc
Doitgall, mid thu ranch proptletor, but u
sale Is now pending to u company, most of
Ihu shareholdeis In which are interested in
the various copper mines ol this Stale and
Colorado Territory. Tho sum of SlfiOl)
is being cxp1 ndfd to make trial of this fluv
on u large scale, mid If thu result proves ull
that Is claimed, extensive smelting worki
will be erected on thu shores of thu bay,
somewhere in llm vicinity of this city. Al
though experiments have only been mndu
with copper ores, it Is believed that this
llux. Willi some few changes. Is erjually well
adapted for gold and silver smelling,
I'n vise roit Gkxkiivi. (VitvNr.Thn Mo
bllu Kveniny A'vca of July UUt says editori
al ly :
Gen. Grant's conduct In paroling thu
Viclc-burg prNoners Is to bu investigated,
and we hop1) that his head will bu cut nil',
for ho could not have struck a heavier blow
to Iho Confideracy. Peiijhri ton's army Is
dispersed, mid Texas mid Louisiana regi
ments cro-sed tliu Missis-ippi river nnd nre
lost beyond recall. Thu whole mas of
them were precipitated upon Johnston's
camp to cat up Ids stores mid discourngu
ilenliniite lilu ranks und now thev are or
dered to report to llm mine ofllcer a-i fast as
tney mo exchanged, wiucii uiey win not io.
as ihcy halo him. We put upon record, if
Gen. l'emberton is aligned to the command
of that army, it will bo c(,ulvolunt to nn
edict consigning that army to annihilation.
Not a tithe of it will ever bu gathered to
gether again.
There could be nn hiiihcr pralso bestowed
upon General Grant.
The following appeared on tho outside of
n letter Irom a soldier, nddresu'd to a young
lady, "soltlion's litter, r.nd i.a' n red.
Ifard lack lu-tend i.f bivnd. Postmaster,
shove this letter through, 1 ' vc wi' u stump,
b.lt icv.'U moiitlrs' dac."
Patriotic Kepovt.
The Oitgon Conforebcu of tho M. K.
Chtiicb. forlSG.I, adopted the following,
which we copy from the Christian Advo
cate :
The Stars nnd Stripes flout peacefully
over thu pluce in which we meet. To us, '
nt thu present moment, this is ti fact of
gient siunilieiinee. We accept it ns the
chosen diet ished emblem of our nutioual '
liberty, more dear to us than tiny other,
save t'he precious cross of Ghrist. A ter
rible und uncalled fur-rebellion, gigmiliuin
its diinciision.J, unparalleled in ihu history
of earth for atrocity and wickedness, has
culled its myriad Inula to the biittle-fleld,
mid we ure just now in the toils of a fear
ful conflict to prevent the dismemberment,
if not tfie desttuelion of the best Govern
ment on the faeu of thu earth. Myriads
of lives, mid over three hundred millions
of ti ensure have been expended ill thu
Klruuglc und the end is not yet.
We mo fully convinced our cause Ih
just, mid while its fortunes have been va
rious, our ussiiraueu of final success lemains
unshaken. The teccut nehievmeuts of our
whole tinny enenurage us. Ond is for in ;
nnd though we be severely utul justly Iried,
lie will vindicate our cause.
Wo long for peace ; but wc see no hope
for it except in victory over every traitor
in nrms, mid the conquest of every ncre of
tebcl soil. In a crisis like the present, it is
the inorU Folcmti duty of every citizen lo
rally to thu support of u cause so trlorious
in itself, mill mi vital to the very existcucj
of lite nation. Therelore,
llemli'cd. 1. That, as members nnd
ministers of the Methodist Kphtcnpnl
Church, In thu bounds of the Oregon Con
ference, we cheerfully renew our vowsj of
uncoutpromisimr und uneonditiouul loyalty
lo the Uuiled Slates of America, u nation
ality we gladly acknowledge, und resolve
by God's blc-sing lo maintain.
' 2. That while il is our duty, enforced
alike by thu word of God mid book of
Discipline, to submit to. mid cooperate
with, regularly constituted uiilhoritiiti, tvo
..ill most earnestly enjoin the Fame npon
our people, " Putting them in mind to bo
subject unto principalities, und powers, to
obey niiigistiiitcg, mid to bu ready for
good work."
.'). That while wo recognize the right
of tho people to discus's the measures, of
the Government ; at the Fame lima we
would counsel, that in thu present critical
condition of public tiffiirs, litis right is to
be exeici-cd with great foibeiiranee, cau
tion nnd prudence-; cheerful obedience
i nl her than criticism, lo the duty of lite
I. That our pruyers nnd our most ear
nest efforts shall not bu withheld from the
Government in its labors to crush the re
bellion mid re-establish the Union. And
we heieby assure the aulhnritiis nt Wash
ingiou, mid the m my nnd navy of the
country, that we symnuihi.i most pro
foundly with their 'noble HlrugglcH utul
sacrilici's. Nothing slnill come between
us und them. William Roiikiitii,
P. M. ST.vr.it.
AV. .f. Franklin,
David Rwtlkuok,
Jail II. WiLnnt.
' Fmi.vn tiik SouriiKit.v Uis.vrt." Gen.
Gilmore nl Charleston uppears to be " fir
ing thu Southern lirnrt" lo som purpose.
Hit is stirring up the South Carolinians by
dropping Greek (ire into the lirnrt of their
commercial ni'tropolis. The S mth Caro
lina lire enters have met ft flic lll'y cannot
cat. Fieic.e us t hoy are. it is beyond llieir
pnweis of digestion. They uro ordinary
sulatnnuders, but il takes the extraordinary
kind to chuw up shells filled with such a
" villainous compound" ns llmsu contained
which Gilmore tossed into the sticets of
Churleston. Tlm nest of reb.'l rattlesnakes,
has been elf'Clually stirred up. For the
men who began this infernal tcbelllon thu
lake of fiery brimstone in iho pil of perdi
may bo held in reserve, ; but so far us thulr
career on this mundane sphere is concern
ed, Greek fire is nn nvailnblo ti mi uppro
priuto substitute. Greek fire has i aen
deney to scorch where it fulls ; it is as tin
(pieuchable ns llio pangs of remorse in n
guilty breust. It is u " villainous com
pound :" like treason, it " sum Hs to heaven."
G reck fire, in short, must have bent orlg
innlly designed for Charleston. Fancy thu
suddenly awakened chivahy, ns tho brill
limit but foul-smelling Hrc-bads fell mnoiig
them, lenving tliu doomed cily " in n con
tinuous ptriMini," holding their noses wilb.
an intense disgust I Sac. Union,
A schoolboy being asked by his tencher
how ho should flog him replied "If you
please, sir, I should like to huvu it upon tlm
Italian system Tho heavy strokes upwards
and thu light strokes down.
....Mlll.. I ll..-.... -
Some ono has discovered that the largest
room in the wotld h thu " room fyr iiu-proveuivut."