Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, July 29, 1863, Image 1

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"MIXaKnLIcrvr-jr -
-CTiKiiLfta.-jiygTOttW-: 'i'i.rrerTTyaCTz-irrVrarre
I. (). (). f Jacksonville; Lodge
r' ..jjg.' ' -- NO. lUliuMiilUrupiliirincuN
4!TJLfl!f i " JaSLl. I'irs " 1'rU'iy uf tho IliNt
JkJ JfsP Ir-Ii wi-ok In oicli itimitli, and on
wU5CVt5SiilJI Siluiiliy-i.fciirh itilui vrninv;
--j'v Vs35 we,k' l tl11' Miwotilc Hull, at
lo'ch-ck r. m. ItruihcM tu good ftnihlluc tiro Inrllnl
toiittn,l. WM. KAY, N. U.
Kn.w J. Dat, It. fec'y.
Ttmteo. Jiu. M. Sutton, Henry Dnnlltiffcr ntid
Oc. II. DiinlK.
Warren Lodge No, 10, A, F. &A.M.
A HOLD tliolr regular communt-
,iQrcutionK tlto Wednesday KvotihiKstui
rnv preceding ilie full moon, in jack-
KONVll.l.K, OltKUOX.
If. Mi.oom. Scr.'i.
Will hold its regular communications on the
First Nattmfuy 15 ve. ofKvery Month.
All sojourning Companions in good
rtntiding uro cordially invited to attend.
U. W. GREER, H. I'.
L. Sachs. See.'y. dceS:-i7
I. WM. DOirnilTT. JAMKS It. KAY.
JAi:ictofiNvu,.K. Outyio,v,
Will practice in liiu Supnnin and oilier
Oourtsjot' this Stale. March 4. 'ft.'!.
Jackson vim.:, Oiikoon,
ILL ptacticc in llit several Coitrtn of
tlu Flist Judical DNfrict. and in the
Supreme Court.
October 20. '02.
Will practice In all tho Courts or tho Third
Judicial District, tho Supremo Court of Ore
Kon.nud in Yroka,Cul. Wur Scrip prompt
l.v collected. K;t. 18.
(Rucciwnr to Yteml A (lantun)
Jacksoxvii.i.k, Okkuok.
Kspcclul attention given to collection
-ascs. June 10. IKl!:i. 40
Office at hi ltviAUcncft on Ori-gcn Kt.
J..CKrtO.NVCM.K, OltKflON.
Whore all those knowing themselves In--duhtcd
to him. on nolo or Untie account,
will plcao call and settle up, or their ac
count Will be placed lor coUeutiou lit the
hands of my attorney.
My old patrons will still find jrc,mw,
ix-uoy iu tmciiu iu my proit-ssiouui tunics.
May '. Mill. imiylilf
Photographic Artist,
3 prepared to take pictures in every style
of the art, with all thu late improvements.
If Picture do not give Ftutlhlaetiou. no
charges will Ih ninth'. Call at his new Gal
lery, on tho hill, examine his pictures, and
hit tor your likeness.
llrlck Mulhtliig, Cur. Front & F atretic
WILL attend to the Receiving mid For
warding of all Goods entrusted to
their care, with pvoHtptnowj and Ait-patch.
wOUMgumonts soiiclteu. jiicrcuaiiuisu re
ceived on storage.
Crescent City. April 11', ISfill. l.r
N. Il.-No goods delivered until rlto freight
an I charges are paid. 1). it W.
cigars, tobacco, fresh
fruits, stationery. confec-
tjonery. fireworks. etc.,
t-xt dour to liriulliiuy Si WtMlu.
Ihnvojiist opened a new storo and Ftock
id It with a I'holco variety of tho ahove
mentioned articles, uufl offer them for sale
nt tho lowe.-t living prices. The host of
cigars mul chewing 'tobacco will bo kept
eonstantly on hand. Those dealing any
article in my lino will tuvo money by k!v-
Iiil' me a'call.
J. uow.
Jaekon vi lie. July l.'ti.S.
Weeklj, FruiilLeslie'n, Vnkco No-
ilons, etc., regularly received und for Rale
at the
'HACK-SADDLES constantly on hand
I my Harness and Saddlcrv rstuhlisli
oii'iit. JO JifiXUY 'JUDGE. .
IlKMtY OKNMNUKlt, Pub'r mill I'rop'r
Sniscmfriox One year. In advance, Five
Dollars; Kix months, Three Dollars.
AnvKKTisiNu One Minute (It) lines or
les), Urst insertion, Tinee Dollars; each
Kubcrii!nt Insertion. One Dollar. A dis
count of llfty percent will be made to lkoe
who advertise- by tin-year.
d li;t Tciidom rrcolvcil ut current rutoi.
Uy npplicntion to 1'oslmn.etcfs and Mail
Carriers, you ran learn that the Semi-weekly
Okkcio.v Si:vnxi:r. lias by far a larger circu
lation in tho eoiiutie.s of ."NHitliuru Oregon
mid Del Not lu county. California, than any
oilier paper. This lact should commend the
Skntinki. to you us a Atiperiur medium fur
Liht op Aoknth, who arc authorized to
transact any business concerning this pa
per, in the name of the publisher :
I. V. Kislier, San Francisco; Wadcworth
it Haynes, Yteka; Fber Ktnrv, Ashland; S.
C. Taylor, I'lncnix; V. W. Fowler. Apple
gate; It. S. Duiilap, Williamsburg; John It.
I'rindle. Kerbyvlllo; A. II. MclKnln. Waldo;
It. J. F !.es, Waldo; W.r,. M. Fvans. Alt
house; Joel Thorn, Canyonville; A. IS.
Mint, Uo-cburg: Isaac K. Moore.s, Salem; J.
IJ. Underwood, Kugeue (Jilv; F. Cliannan.
Oregon City; I). V. Wakelleld, Allinnvj
Ilenjamiu Cook, Corvallis; J. II. Smith.
Crescent City; Albert Doolittle, Happy
Dates to July iiza,
Wahint!lnn, 2'.'d. Tint following has
been received from ( I rant:
Vlcksburg, 18th.To General Ualleck:
JolitiMtn evacuated Jaelcson an tho night of
tho Illth. All rebels in full retreat. Sher
man says most of Johnson's nnny must per
ish from heat and lack of water. They luvu
to a great extent deserted, and are t-ortlcliig
through Mississippi.
(Signed) Oiiant.
Cincinnati, 22d. Morgan, with about
nut) men, encamped near McArllmr's tov.-n,
Clinton county. Iat night, at half-past ttvo
o'clock this inoininir was lu live milei of
Athens, on CiuciiiKati road.
Morgan passed through At'iens title morn
ing, eloi-ely purHiil by our forces- Ills In
tention peems to bo to gain a point on the
Ohio river above iniuhnat navigation, and
ernss to Virginia. Authorities liavo made
arrangements to eitectnally checkmatu und
capture him and lib followers.
New Yurtc. 22d. A letter from Ilose
crau's army, dated 1-1 1 la. reports army again
in motion. Tho enemy's rear has been
shelled, bnt no lighting had occurred. The
nppear e.wlted, throwing away large quan
tities of arms, ammunition nu clothing as
they retreated. Their force is estimated
ut 4,00S.
Colro, 22d. The UtraUV correspondent
says Faragut's boats started down tho river
with (ho hitcnli' n of leaving the Miss.
They aro destined for a new field of opera
tionprobably Mobile.
Washington, 22d. Tho h'tpuhUran lias tho
following; From best information it ap
peals Lee's army Is near Winchester, whllo
our army is in such a poMliou as to corn
poll the rebel Oeueral, holding his po-itlon
lo gather supplies, from the crops of (ho
valley, or with aid of reinforcements give
but He lo the army of the I'otnmau at diwul
vantage. Our army Is ready to light him,
and anxious, rather than return to another
campaign In the districts of Virginia, which
have been thoroughly devastated by war.
New York, 2.Id.-Tho Trilmnr'a Harpers
Ferry letter .of 21st says, the main body of
our army is 20 miles south of IJerlin.wit'h no
present nppearnuco of forward movement.
It Is not Imprnlmblo that they will return
to llerlln. Lees nnny Iks between Martins
lmrg and Winchester -, his pickets occupy
fho Fotomae river from Cherry Run. l:t
miles wtt of Martinsbwrg, down to Harpers
Ferry. On Friday night they drovo in our
pickets at the Ferry. They aro in force,
too, at ShepartUtown, Martinsburg and
Washington. 2:id. Tho ofllclnl statement
of total amount of public debt, July 1st,
is Sl,W7,.'ltit5.
Latest unofficial Intelligence leaves the
two armies ncrofs tho Potomac watching
each other., tho rebels on tho west, and tho
Federals on 'the east eldo-of thollluo Uidgo.
Nev,- York, 2Ud. The Creole arrived from
XT,... i t.i i . . . .i. ii-.i. rei..
New OileaitH with dates to tho Kith. '1 he
Ura fays Col. Chlckeriug Provost Marshal
at l'prt Hudson, sent u largo number of
prNonsrs to New OileaitH, Including all com
missioned ollicera u'lto weru not paroled.
Loiters state that UJtdg. Gen. Wellzel and
Dudley 'Uudergtwor, loft 1'ort Hudson on
the evening of tho !th, and went to Doualtl
houville fit clean out rebel batteries near
there. When a few miles from theie, tho
Thirtieth Massachusetts regiment, being In
advance, was sudenly attacked, and lot)
men were killed and 'wounded, and three
field pieces were captured.
Every effort will be made by Cleneral
Hanks to recapture llrashear City and Ope
lousas. At last accounts the enemy wcro report
ed lo have fallen back to lluyou Lafourche.
An expedition was also said to have gone
by the river to Alexandria.
Tho gunboat Sitato was sunk In tho Miss
issippi lu u collision with tlto gunboat An
ton in.
Expedition squadron off Galveston des
troyed three schooners, with :il)U bales of
cotton in Gulvcslon l!uy.
New York. 22d. Sterling lower and dull.
I:i7.ai:i8. Gold unsettled, opening at 2."J
advancing to 2(i. declining to 21, and closed
ipuet at 2tl.
Dates to JulySiM.
Cincinnati. iMtli. Shortly after Mortrnn
crowd the .Muskingum, he was attacked
bv Col. Hall with two pieces of artillery,
lft rebeN were killed. :in! several wouinleil.
Ho finally escaped via Cuiiiberliiud, Ouru
soy count v, which place ho left nt 7 last
night. This morning ho crossed the Cen
tral & Ohio Railroad nt Campbell. He is
so closely pursued by Gen. Shackelford
that ho had no timu lo do any ilnmxgo be
yond lntrnin;r tho depot and up some
trains. At 0 o'clock this morning he
reached Vji-liinftnn, where he did consid
erable damage. Shuckclford was close al
ter him.
A cavalry cxned'tinn from Chnrleslon,
Va cut tho Vu it Tenn., Railroad, ut
Wyihevillo and eapiured the place nfler a
severe light, und look 120 prisoners. .'I pie
ces of artillery, 701) stand of nrms. Our
loss (i.r killed und wounded. Our troops
were lire ut ly citizens from houses, hence
tho town wiin destroyed. The expedi
tion reached Furoi villi. Western Vn..yiv
terdny, after a hard march of .'100 miles.
When Inst heard from Morgan wa nt
Winchester 12 miles northeast of Cum
bridge moving to winds Stubensvillc.
Fortress Monroe, 2-ttli. Tho Richmond
Whip says u Federal cavalry raid from
Newborn, reached Rocky Mound on the
Wilmington und Welilou Railroad, on the
'JOih, und destroyed two miles of the truck
and burned the bridge over Neuo river,
cutting oil communication for some weeks.
Washington, 21th. It is dollnntely as
certained that Ix-c's main army is nt, or
near Winchester, and Iiub made no general
Clilcngrt. 2.ri(li, List night's dispatches
says Gen. Meade's army hud ulready at turn
ed an ndvanlngcou? position, und will force
Lee lo a decisive buttle north of the Rap
pahannock. Gen. Meade has cut L"e's
applies. Direct communication between
Washington and the Army of Potomac
has been opened.
A special to th" 'rilmnc gives nil vices
from Fortress Monroe to Inst evening.
No ilelinate or trustworthy intelligence has
been receiecd at that place im to operations
about Charleston. Ollieial Information
from the licet reports mutters progressing
favorably; So fur wo huvo gained each
day. Thu reduction of Fort Wagoner nnil
Sumter was consitlerrd certain. Tho great
est confidence- was felt in I lie plans of (Jen.
Gilmoro und Admiral Dahlgren, and tho
ultimata capturo of Charleston wus un
doubted New York, 24th.-Gold 120.
Cincinnati, 20tli. A detachment of tho
9th Michigan cavalry forced Morgan to an
engagement, near Salmesvllle. After nn
hour's lighting lint rebels lied In thu direc
tion of New Lisbon. At three r. m. they
wero overtaken and captured. In tho morn
ing's engagement, from twenty to thirty
r'bel were killed, fifty wounded, and two
hundred taken prisoners. Wo captured 100
horses and ISO fetaml of arms.
Frankfort (Kv.).
Crittenden dle4 this
Ihreo o'clock, from
2ftli. lion. John J.
morning at half past
general debility, aged
77 years.
Tho llbrarv and private and political pa
pers of Jell". Davie wew captured at Jack
sou, Mississippi,
Leavenworth, Kansas. 2filh. A severe
fight took place nt Elk Creek, on tho Kith,
between 2 WOO Federals, with twelve guns,
under rommaml of Gen, Kluiit. and 5,000
rebels, under Cooper, which resulted In thn
total rout -of the rebels, with a lies of (10
. 1.I1I..A ntk ... 1...1 .....I Iin ..l, ..........
- unit "I. i ninnnii-ii tuni imi iiu.-iiiii'ir.
!lWj ., . ,.,,, ,.,, ,,,..' . ,,,
W-U) MU'' WI IUIIVI4 tli ! J llUUItUVUt
New York. 2tllh. Letters from Winches
1er, Tenmeo, rif tho Htli. say Ilitntsviilo
was captured, with HBO prisoners and 12,
001) hot ses and mules, 'by (Jen. Stanley.
llragg's armv is reported to be reduced
by lesortlim to 18,fcW) or 20.000.
Vi'asliington. Sftth. IJichmond pnpei
contain tho following: -Churlcton, liith.
The ironsides, with live mouitics -and live
gun inert ir boats, assisted by two land bat
teries, fired all day yesterday ut Fort Ma
gruder. After II hours, tho'enemy assault
ed Magrutler repeatedly. Our people fought
tho enemy bravely, ami repulsed their at
tacks with great slaughter.
(Signed) llK.untKOAiui.
Charleston, 22d. Tho enemy have com
menced shelling again.
Our 1o8 on the Rlfli was IfiO killed and
wounded. Tho enemy's loss, Including
prisoners, was nbout 2,000. Nearly 800
men were burled under u flag of truce.
Tho gunboat Potomac, which supported
tho left wing grounded and rebel batteries
opened on her, llring lll'ly shots, thirly-uiiio
of which look elfoet. She then limited oil"
and opened on tho rebels and put them to
llight. Details or tho charge on the 22d
made nn Ft. Magruder was most desperate
by Gen. Sharp's brigade. Scaicely a Held
or lino oflicer ecaped being wounded, and
many wero killed.
New York, 27lh.--Tho Roanoke from
Havana has arrived with dates from Vera
Crux lo the l.'llh. Mexico was declared an
empire on the IK) Hi tilt. Maximilian, of
Austria, will be declared Emperor ir ho will
accept, if not, Napoleon is to select u sover
eigli. Yrekn, 27d. Private- dispatches say the
Federals were repulsed nt Fort Magruder
on Hie 22d, with loss of 1,300 men.
Memphis. 21st; Gen. Hurllmrt'fi Fcouts,
who arrived today from Okalona (Miss.),
bring Mobile papers of .Inly 17th, con
taining leading editorials fiom Charleston
paperi", 'vhidt Pay that the. possession of
Morris Island by thu Federals mm In the
fate of Charleston, and call upon their
forces lo drive the Yankees oil ut that
point or thu bayonet, or, if that fails, to
make Charleston u Soritgosfiu, und burn the
city us a last resort. They blamo Jell"
Davis for not leaving troops enough to de
feud the place,
Correspondence from llragg's and John
ston's armies depict thewi its destitute and
greatly demoralized. They say it only re:
mains to mukc thu host terms possible.
Tho scouts report that tho majority of
thn planters me anxious for I lie Union
troops to maintain possesion of the coun
try, becauso .leu". Duvis' conscription.
Great consternation is reported as prevail,
ing throughout thu whole Southern coun
try. New York July 1st. 'Hie trot to-day
between Pnlchen mid Itittlvr. being the
sixth and lust of iliefcries, refill led in favor
of Patelien, who won both two-mile heats.
Timc-ltfC and fisOl. Timo or tho llrst
mile In the first heat was 2:22.
Ciikav Pt.rusL'ttB. Did you ever study
the cheapness of some pleasures ? nsk some
excellent writer. Do you know how little
it takes to make a multitude happy t Such
trifles uru penny, u word, or a smile, do
tho work. There ure two or three boys
passing ulong-rgivo them each a chestnut,
mid how smiling they look ? they will not
hu cross for some time. A poor widow
lives in the neighborhood, who is the mother
of a half dozen children ; send them half a
peek of sweet apples, mul Ihey will be hap
py. A child hus lost his arrow the world
to him nnd ho mourns sadly ; help him
find ii. or make him another, and how
quickly will thu sunshine play upon his so
ber face. A boy has as much its he can do
lo pile up a load or wood : assist him a few
moments, or speak a peasant word to him,
and he forgets his toil, nnd works away
without minding it. Your upprcnlicu hus
broke a mug. or cut the vest too large, or
slightly injured n piece of work. Say, "you
scoundrel," and he feels misoruhk ; but re
mark, " I am sorry" nnd hu will try to do
butter. You employ n man pay him
cheerfully, and speak n pleasant word to
him, and ho leuvcs your house witli a con
tented heart, to light up his own hearth
with pmiles of gladness. As you pas?
alone the street, you meet a Ihmiliar face
say, "Good morning," ns though you
felt huppy, ann it will work udmirably in
tho heart or yonr neighbor. Pleasure U
cheap tVho will not Jjeslow it liberally?
Jf there nro smiles, sunshino und llowuro
nil nlmnt ns, let us not grasp -them in u
misers list ami lock them up in our hearts.
No. Rather let us take them and scatter
them about us, in the cot of tho window,
among tho groups of children in tho
erowded market where men of business
congregate, in our families, nnd everywhere.
Wo can make tho wietclied happy, the
discontented cheerful, tho afllicled resigned,
at un exceedingly icheap rule. Wiio will
refuse to-do it.?
"Huvo vou nnv limb-horn hotmcta?" in.
quiiedia ver modest miss of a shop-keeper.
Any what?"
"Any limb-horn bminefs ?'
"Ah ! you mean leg-horn hotmets ?"
The young lady was brought to bv
proper rebtomtiws.
The Sit'sc of Vicltslmi'g by
A Vicksburg correspondent given thn
following inteicstlng ncecount ol (tenerul
(Jranl'M nppcratintm against Vleksbrj:
Lot us climb tho parapet und sea- the.
ttiego by moonlight. In front of us, beyond
the enomy'u works, bnt hidden from us, lfH
the city of Vicksburg. 1tok cureltillr.
and you can distinguish the spires of thu
Court House nnd two or three chrhes.
Tho rebels had n signal station oo tin
former when wu came, but our hIicIIb made
it too warm for them, and they withdrew.
The morliirs arc playing to-night, nnd they
arc well win ih seeing. We watch a mo
ment, nnd in thu direction ol Yoting'.s
Point, beyond the city, suddenly up shoots
n flash of light, nod in u moment tho pou
dermis shell, with its fn.-c glowing und
sparkling, rires slowly from behind the
bluff; up, up it goes, ns though mounting
to the zenith ; over it comes towards u.
down through its llight trajectory into the
oily, and explodes with it siiock that jars
the ground for miles There uro women
and tender children where those shells falls
but war is war Sherman's eight-inch
monsters are grumbling fur nwuy oil th
right. Nearer, McPhersonV, too, are
playing wu can even see tho cnunnnior
beside them ut each flash. Ours will bit
open at midnight ; llien there will be mns
iu to your hearts content. Meanwhile let
us go to thu front. A hundred yards to
thu right of whom wo are now we enter u
deep trench. Following this ns it winds
down around the hill wo reach thu opening
of it cave or mine. The air within is dump
nnd close, like that of a vault. CandleM
are burning dimly nt intervals, nnd we,
hear thu hum of voices f.tr within nnd out
or sight. Wi proceed und presently inert
two men carrying a barrow of earth, for
our boys an ut work night nod day. Thi
is thu main approach on this part of th
line. Finally wo reach tho moonlight
again, and emerge into a wide deep trench,
cut across thu line f the coverrd wuy.
This is open and filled with troops, who
prottet tho working party. A heavv
parapet of cotton bales und earth is built
k the fide towards tho enemy, nnd we
must mount them lo look over. We ant
now within sociable distance of the chival
ry. Thoso iii"!! lying on the ground twen
ty or thirty yards from us tire our boys,
our advanco'pickolfl. but that gray fellow
with tho bright musket which glistens no.
it few steps beyond, is u lieb." long-haircil
nnd hot-blooded, one of Willi's famous
Texas Iegion n bull dog to fight, you
may be sure. Now jump down mid enter
tho mouth of the other mine, winch lends
toward the salient of the enemy's works.
Stumbling along wu reach thu end, where
the men ate digging. The candle burns
very dimly, the air is almost stilling.
Never wind ; let m watch theut. See
tlmt slender, bright-looking fellow twing
ing the pick. Grrr.t beaded drop of per
spiration trickle down his face ; there is
not a dry thread in his tnarso gray fihirts
but no mutter, the pick swings, und nt
inch stroke slices down sis inches of th
tough subsoil of tho Mississippi That
fellow was " Jim," once a tender-handed,
smooth-faced, nice young man. whoso live
ry stable, billiard n'ntl cegur bills were a
soro trial to his worthy governor. Jltr.
Fays that he used to wear gloves and store
cloths, und that the girls called him good
looking ; but that's played out now . he U
going for Uncle Sam. Hut wo return to
tho fresh air. L'tok over tho parapet
again toward the turret, where wu caw the.
rebel picket. Do you r.eo tho little gray
mounds which eover tho hill side w Illicit
ly ? ten. twenty, thirty you can count on u
few Fqnaro rods. Ah, my friend, thia is
sacred ground you uro looking upon.
Theru our boys charged-; thero they wore
slain in heaps ; but they pressed tin and
leaped into tho ditch. They climbed tho
parapet nnd rolled back into eternity.
Others followed them.'; their Hug was plant
ed, nnd they sprang over to meet their cer
tain death. An hour passed, und ono re
lumed. Tho rest were dead.
A Sknriiii.k Uki.kuuatiox. The town
of Kensington, Conn., celebratedtho Fourth
of July by dedicating a liansome monu
ment, on which wete inscribed the uanie
of nil tho volunteers which the town has
furnished for the war. tho battles in which
they have borco i part, and a list of tho
deaths which havo occurred amoug the
number whilein -service.
The nge of a young lady isiiiow express
ed according to 'the present ittyle of skirls,
by saying that eighteen springs have passed
o'verdtur dieud'!
l-loK't put your watch under your pillow
u kui. should never sleep upon his
When people are crazy to marry they
attach no consequence to consequences!.