Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, August 30, 1862, Image 3

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Mail to Cmwckkt City. That the poo
pit ol 8ootticrn Oregon era most shamefully
Mgleclcd by our delegation In Congress, Is
node most palpably evident by (do neglect,
ttlhcr to secure no appropriation or money,
or to ico that a contract was let, Tor carrying
the mall from Wnldo, Josephlno county, to
Cmcent City, California. 1 his latter place
i the depot, or buslncM point, for Josrphlne
and Jaclesnn counties, Oregon, and for a
goodly portion of Siskiyou county, California
The amount of good, shipped to Crccent City
for the mo of llio counties iimwiI, will not fall
abort of quarter ol a million of dollars nn
Dually. Notwithstanding these pnpulnu'
counties arc dependent on Crescent City for
All their supplier, tliey arc left without any
direct communication by mall with that place.
The malls are carried to Waldo, on this side
of the mountain', and to Crescent City, on
the other side. True, wc can send our mall
natter by way of Portland to Crescent City,
or by way of San Francisco i but direct
roatn, either for emigration, or for the ma!l,
re absolutely prohibited to the people of
Southern Oregon. We are graciously permit
ted lo have " thrco mulcts" for our defence,
nd could we only have been fnvortd wlih n
CayiiM horse lo carry the malls over the
Crescent City mountain, wo would lime
b'ctsed Ood forercr. Probably wo ought to
be thankful and resigned as It If.
Pjinso Urowxi.mv'a Hook. ThI long ex
pected volume, containing sketches of the rife,
profrcM and decline of Secession, with n nar
ration of personal advcnturisaniong the rebel,
by the righting Parson, has leen Isunl from
tbe press of Ocorgo W. Child', of J'l.lhidil
plilo, onJ Is meeting with nn tinprceeilcntcd
ale. Over one hundred thousand copies have
already been sold, mid the bonk has not np
peered at all In Iho regular trade. Apple
gate k Co., of Cincinnati, ordered forty thou
sand eoples bj soon ns the book was Issued
from the press. The Parson, In all his writ
togs, Is terribly In earnest. Ila " tells the
truth and shames the davll," regardless of con
sequences to himself, litis history Is an csscn
tlel part of the history of this wicked and un
provoked rebellion. In his preface, he rns:
" My ancestor! fought In defence ol the Amcr
can Union ; and while their blood lions In
my veins, I shall liitltncllrcly recoil from
bartering away the glory of Its past and the
prophecy of Its future, fur the distant rewnrd
of that vile thing, begotten of fraud, crime,
Del bad ambition, christened a Southern Con
fcdtracy." As Iho author Is n Southern man,
nd slave holder, and Is will acquainted
with all the mad and diabolical plans of Iho
traitors, which havo been maturing for tin
iest twenty years, for the destruction of this
Government, his revelations, und especially
his treatment by the nbcls, bao In themn
tragic Interest.
Send on for Iho book Immcdlatily. It Is
fully Illustrated, contains four hundred mid
SVty pages, end the prteo Is only SI '.'3. Ad
aires U. W. Child, O'.'S aud C3f Clicstuut
Street, Philadelphia.
" Max." This Is the io;t Je plume of n
Jjslem correspondent of the Democratic I'eg
ister. HcKtmstoboa running cjcpcclmu
lion of loose period gasconade, and us philos
ophers have demomt rated that there Is a sym
pathetic connection Kept up between tl.c phys
ical and mental man, It might bo timifury
for him to take sumo astringent Immediately.
He seys he " rccollrcti, years sgo.liaWng seen
form In which ho (we) celebrated his (our)
dherance tollielUiaocratlc party,"itc. Did
you actually sec such a poem, Mux' We
rather think you must Lata been " silting
with eyes closed and mind wandering," etc.,
when that sight broke on jour muddled vbjon
Where wi-ro you, " iltt," wbe.i jog saw that
' poem ?" la the " scvemh sphere," or In the
gutter sphere J When yon turn jour alien
tlon to biography egaln, " Max," don't make
scribbling nluenupoop of yourself, but
give ui harmonious fctiou, or discordant real
Jtles. We did leach school utid ute now mid
Iweye hate been fur the L'ulou. JIuc you
ny enactions? We may bo a " cute cms,"
but we are not quite u cute " enough to appre
ciate the beauty of some of your c'lmatle, loose
period expectorations. Stick to billingsgate,
" Max i" that's your strong forte.
Dsurma. A good many seccsh, In this
.county, are (rlghtcnd very much for four they
way be ilrajted. The probability, or even the
possibility, or their being compelled lo fl'ht
for tbe mtlntulnanco of Iho Union, alarm
tbenesryaueb. Sooioofthemsay.lfdmfitd,
tbry will Improve the (nt opportunity to d
ert to tho enemy. They have ull nlong con
tended that tho great majority of the nrmy
were Democrats, auJ one would naturally sup
pose thai, luaimueh, as they claim to be Dun
ocrats, they would rej ilea ut the opportunity
f joining their brethren. Well, they nro u
little anxious to jolu tlcir brethren, but the
climate where their brethren dwell Is a little
too hot .for their northern constitutions, but
cot for their principles.
Sior Tjiat! We notice that the Stale
ptputimn b tslebjg the Ptgisitr through
for bed spelling. Now, Mr. Ktpullican, we
wen't you to slop thai, inilanttr. The Itrgis
ftr men Is a disclplo of " goyf Juin," Governor
Miller 'ft Co., end tho f pelting is first rate,
considering iho character of Ihc journal.
The spelling of the disciple Is far superior to
tbet fit the principals. Can't you appreciate
Improvements, progress Mr. Uepublican 1
And especially when "burlesques" were thrown
pat, to cetch greenhorns, we ere astonished to
see yoa bite, Wo ore a little (90 " cufu " for
(bat, you bet."
Thanks. Mr. Granville Bears Ijas the
thanks of Ibis office fpr a water-melon weigh
log 2Ci pom)c)s, Lftug pipy ho II) e, nnd vv elf
jnay be prosper,
p. Up. B. Vf cqinmunlcatlop has been
received. It will appear lu our next. Write
Petitions nro cttcnsluly In circulation In
this State asking Iho coming 'Legislature to
pius a Law prohibiting any higher rale of In
terest than ten per cent. Tho following are
among the reasons urged by the Petitioners In
favor of the enactment of such a Law :
1. Twenty four per cent, has beeeme cus
tomary, while even sixty per cent. Is sometimes
2. Sueeefffol homo production Is therefore
presented for few will inust llielr money in
manufacturing when they can loan nt those
high rates hence
3. Wo buy out of the country Iron, rope.
oit, tl-c, which otherwise would or might be
manufactured nt home ; thereby making mone
imirrr, intcicst higher, and the tniie c;ici
titijlcsst witness Iho best of mortgages thiil
lo day would not cancel half the liuUilednejj
to ficurc which they were when taken consid
ered doubly ample.
4. Money Is nnt worth more thai ten per
cent) (ohsencthc Itothschilds nbnrblng Ihc
wealth of the world at less than tit opcr cent )
nnd whalcxcr mora is nulhorlred is something
InUn for nothing essentially a kind of legal
laid robbery.
fi. Ucn money lenders will be benefited by
Iho law wc nrk. The better times Induced
wilt fuxnr the collection of doubtful debts, In-
crcato tho value of real estate, nnd rennrd
I hem belter to fur as they engage In useful la
G. It Is not enough to Justify high In
terest In my that men ogire to pay It for
others arc Involved In Iho consequences. The
lnlcrrt on money on eucccwlut speculation
paid by Ihc Moring mnn ami wiismntr. In
falling speculations (he money lender, mer
chant, nnd unpaid labortis, pay Iho Interest,
and much of the prliielp.il rcckleifly expended.
It Is therefore unjust to comel an Innocent
community lo pay for, nnd rulTcr from, that
for which it never contracted.
Interest will not regiiluto Itself consis
tent with the rhjhls of the people. Dir.innd
and supply do not pertain lo money ns to the
productions of labor. Proof t when whrnt l
two dollars per bushel, n single season will In
crease the supply and reduce the price ; when
Interest goes up lo Iwo and three per cent,
pir mouth, will another season incrcaic the
crop of money mid lirscn the price ? Just the
contrary ; hinccnncid of fixing a rato for
money and not for merchandise und grain.
Again ; law Is nrccfitry because t long ns
one Shjlock compel! payment of two per
cent, per month from u, nc nro couitralned
to cliarge our nelghbois the sime.
8. Wc would havo n law thai would pun-
lh usury taken directly or Indirectly.
Mi'tinrn at Setirr II n. On Haturdiy
evening last, a man named Hooper nnd a
Swede hnd snmo d'lllcully In n saloon, where
upon the Swede Ihrur n stono nt Hooper
which struck another mm named Lewis An
derson. 'I his so rnrnged Anderson that he
htcrmitied to lino revenge. On Sunday
evening ensuing, AinUrson seeing tho Swnle
pass up tow null the Ilurdy Uurdy Saloon,
wetchctl for Ids return until n very lute hour,
when he saw n person coming whom ho Mis
took for the Swede, Judging from his eppear-
mice. lie rulicil nut from tiU saloon ami
struck him on the bend with pick handle-,
which rendered blm tci.tchsi. Anderson
brought him Into the saloon, whero ho was
soon discovered to be deud. Anderson was
arrested and brought to Ynl. v ycsicrdiy.
Tlio name of deceased was Wm. Wlldey,
formerly nf Jnckfonvillc. Yida Journal.
lticu Qi'.vtiM I.rvn. J. M. ICirkpalrick
liiforms t's that a vein of very rich quartz hns
Ircn struck near Iho town of Auburn. Mr.
IC. la with htm specimens of quartz taken
from the lead which arc thoroughly veined
with cold. It la tie opinion of old tnlurrs
who havo examined tlio lead, that it will
prove the richest quarlK lead ever discovered.
The parties working It havo already taken out
u Urge amount ot go!d,'nnd when nil tho nr
rangewcutj are eoiup'ctcd, expect to com
pute their day's work by pounds rather tkan
by ounces. itonnta'mitr.
Brrnioi's Cot.v. The dluly IhtgmiUin gives
nn uccnunt of o spurious five elullar nice c
shown to tlio editor ou tho lSlh. I(u thus
dccrit.es it: " Weight exactly that of the gen
uuie coin slzo the same stamp the same-
color that of tlio genuine but lacks the reg
ular chiir ring belonging to the genuine gold."
Well Mr. Ore gonial! no can nObrd Li llit-sc '
urn iime-s iirmrego mo musia oi ma-ring-
If the ret Is all right. Said oi of Ihc pu
rlous p'eces out here Mr. IMitor, wo wunt tn
refresh oer rccollcclUn of the genuine by guz
inj on iiiuniiur.
i-.. r. r.7"' .. w i ii .i
rrceljit of the frit and second numbera of thin
rptcy ccui-rrlly, rdiled nnd published at
.,...--.... .... .. HV." '."nu ..IV
Lcnl.tim, . T., by A. S. Gou'd, late editor
of the Portland Jhily Tunes. Its lypogrnph-!
leal appearance Is good, und Ila mining news
pnninti In 'I III. ml.nnlnn.ia rsf l,u l..iA,ti.ik i
n.,.t ii. M,n.oi,., nrn. ,.i, t. ...,' I
nnccs of early ard uliable news irom the'
..i ..i.i n....i. .im.,. i. ,. 1. .....
HUliiivili gwi.l iiv.m. ,iuag n liu tliauicgu
lar and reliable news fiom tho northern mines,
would do well lo subscribe for this paper.
TcniM, 818 for one vcar j 810 for six mouths
or 8S dujlurs or three ijiojitlu.
WiiKiif'j " A.voy." It has been a long
lime since ue hcurd from our sturvlng Pon
der Klvcr correspondent, Davidsou. What's
the matter 7 Jivve the mines suddenly col
lapsed, or have Iho mining Interests In that
explosive reglou suddenly concentrated Into
a chrorio law suit f We uro alarmed. II
may be that our correspondent has becomo so
emaciated for tho want of food, that, haggard,
wan aud ghostly, be ells within his gloomy
tent, pen in hand, but vlihont sufficient mus
cular power lo nmke It vyo;k, fjend Andy
comclhlng to cat,
- - - t . . -
AiiKuj Tha Prtgoiiinn sava : m Colonel
'(."Vault Is nbout to start v new paper, at
Jackson, Ills?, P3 llu iiilns of the Southern
Oregon OtKcili." It will soop slop ou its
own ruins. Statesman,
Ctti'l you Kl the ckud iilcll?
from Iho Yrehn Juiirnnt-rMrti August 2Sth
New York, 2Glh The 7Vfoim' Rappn-
hnnunck correspondent ni) a tho greastevt cri
sis of tlic war occurred between Thursday
morning and Saturday night. It has passed,
and tho nation Is safe. I'ope's artillery Is
now driving Iho line of the Huppnlinnnock,
Kit John I'-u-ltr, vvilh n heavy entp, joined
Pope on Friday, m d hols of regiments have
jo'i o 1 nnd nre twiv Jolnlmr him by the way
of Alexandria. Ilurnshle has missed n large
nrmy at Frrdcrlch'bnnr, nnd IViio is quite n
strong n irt nn I .liuk'on ingellirr. A guer
rilla raid of 230 irbol look 100 prlnner,
nnd drove 100 muleii bclde dulrojlng hatr
irngn wagon, eontnlnlng Pope's tirlmtc enrrcs
dnridenee. A portion of Mct'lcl'mi'i nrmy
bus nrr!n1 nt Ali'Mind'n from Ynrktnvvn.
A dispatch from Islington, Ky. n.v!
Ihcro ! no occasion fur nhirni iibniil General
MorgnnV polllnn nt Cumberland Gun. The
He In I nre IfiOfiO strnrir In fmnt nnd .'mono
In rear, under Itrngg. Plojd nnd Klrby Smith.
General Mnririii hud nn cniriicmNil wlih n
large force of llio Kilie-l nn the nlhir idc of
tlio dun from Frankfort. Cnlnncl Gerard
uln hud scernl sklrmlshc) nnd repulcd them
every lime, 'I he enemy expected in lnrve
Mmgnn mil, but thrrn wn nn fi-ir nl that.
ChUnsn. Anginl 'Jiilh Jilf. Dux I. In hl
nnnunl mesnur, niter nlluiling in privaih n.
mflirlnir nnd gnll.inlrv of Irnniw, rn-s tie
Irnniw, rav4 lie
nrmy which threilnn tie npllnl has Ih-pii de.l
Irntiilnnililrivtn I nun tliclr lines or invctl-
incit. 'I'herncmv l now see kins In rnlfo a XlO'STAXi AUCS IrlASOrlS,
new nrmy on snrh n rente modern history does ,,.,,.i.,,rii ninuinv
nnl recoid. tn elfct the sul.Juirntlon of the1 J.U'hSO.S till., 01tlUO.,
South, lie rlnrges Iho feed tnlnv with ra-,Vill hold 111 regular communications o'l the
pine- nini wnnmn ie'ricii"ii 01 iirnnn- iirnp.
crly, murdi-r of einlUcf, &. lie rpeaki of
the Coiifl'rnllii'i II II n ntroeinu'.
Ht Iiiil. Auir. '.'i!. lirnl l'rnot Mnr
hnll h.ne liein nuthnrU'd In Rrmit freo pa
irr In nil rlntix irnien In Ih'Ioiiit lo r 1 -l .
New Vmk. Aug. 3. A lliipndnnnm.k lei-
Irrof tl.o 2'd. M llin cnemv niiennl n Intt-
dry (,u our ernlrr, nnd continued to throw
lio't ninl Ih'II for nvernl lmiiri. A little
litcher up It n illeoverrd Hint the enemy
had. during the nltiht, cmHrurlid n 1-r'tttri
over Iho rler. At till" point n lirllliaut nfl'ilr
nnrrinrled to hniu I iken tihtce in whkli SI
gel'n Inllery wn riinrriiieil.
Three n-almenls of n.ln went ncrn the
lirldire, nnd no sooner had thry erom-d limn
Sled' Imtlirv nnenril mi Iho lir'dji. The
r.iittlli .l.til .. I. Itilt- .1. .iimII.I.. .1 II A I tlin I
. "III. II rum uiii'n ii it i' ili"lini'l It. ... "
Minn tlmn n deadly tiro of mtckilry nalled
and 2,0(1 1 are raid to hare Wit mM tnhiti'
nn-n ii i" in iniMi. i nrir rrut'iifc i imi mi
tioru captun d. nnd ton 1,111m! nnd wounded.
The cnemv havi-dllid In lld ellorl tln-v Ir'eit
InnuHliiuK Slgcl hy erotflug nt l'rincli I'md,
lull relnrorcciiienU wcru oidcred up and the
cnemv rciiiilwd.
SI. I'nut. 2filli Imlhn nrecnmmlltluir dep
n,l illnna nt New t'lni. An iirrivul from l.'rove
Wing stele that Iho great ("hlppi-wn chh f l
luietl n proclamnlloii Hint ho would not tic re
linllila for tho cnmluet of the Indians nflrr
TiiCMlay, ivnrnlni: whiles In have, lie nbn
sent Tor Dole, Indliiu roimnllonrr, to Celtic up
and make a treaty with the Ithlhiu,
right witii iiiiiiiiik,
Prom .1. M, Klrkpnlrlck, V.tc , uu have the
pirtlcillnrs (if n flghl l.clvvrcn n band (if Cay-
lues and n detachment nf soldiers, under com
mand of Ctiptalu George I.. Curry, l'or a
vearnr two buck there has been among the
rcmnnut of Cii)uc3 living nt the Umatilla
ISescrvatloii, n couple of Indians lento!
Dreiinirrs," wio n p.'Ctruttil Ihennclvrs as
Inning direct commuulcatlmi from the Great
5-nlrll. Tl.rjo ilrriimerx had maniecil In
gather around tl.c id n few followers, to whom
tiny ncic In the habit of detailing from lime
lo time the directions of their great l'uther,
nnd among other thing Ihey told that It was
revealed that Ihc Indians should ntruln repo.
sen the whole e.f this country. 'II.ih lhing
ran nlong down to a recent date, when u
brother cf one of the dreamer mil shot nnd
killed by Indian Agent ll.iriili.ut. This
crcutly liieeind) Ihc two pioplicU, who liunie,
diatily theriiificr, hi company with some
twenty other Indians, withdrew from the lies-
(nation and ctabtihe-d theinulvej In (Lo
north end of Urimd Hondo Vull.y, over which
thry claimed exclusive JurlrdIUlo;i, nnd even
went so far a to order settlers oil", Ihrialen
leg death nnd dettuctleji In tic event of a
failure In remove. 'JhU conduct on the part
of tho Indians greatly alurmcd the whites,
nnd rome cf Ihcr.i accordingly rvmnveil.
There vvci oov icltler, huv.cvir, who vvxs loo
loe lu his movement to cult Indian huflc,
and hlr houno w.u torn down over hlil.iuil.
These caccshs coming lo the l.uowlcil'o of
tho commai.dcr at WulU Wulla, C.iptuiii
Curry, with tventy men of Ids command, was
dttpitchcd to the "beat of v.ar," with initrtic
lions to bring In tho two " Dreai.ifM." Cui
tain Curry rcaehed Ijio (ndlui) camp, nt the
north end of Grand Uoude Val'ey, en Thur
diiy, the I llh lust., und iiiimediulily npprUcd
the Indians ol thu object of Ida coming. Ac
cording lo Indian diatom a long "talk" was
li.nl on ll o matter, lu tho courto uf which
l,0t, of tl.c
' Drcanuvj " cxprevied llieninlves
iHS ulmlug to nccmnpany tho oOic-er. To
eut i)l0 negniUtlon short, Captain Currv
J null- told the Indian that l.o would "give
t,cllt ,ll0 inu t(, niako up their minds, and if
jthey were iwt ready to go by that time he
would tnl.o them by force j that ha was sent
there to take them and he was not goln,
away without them," Here the miller tested.
At the expiration of tlio appointed time, Cap
lulu Curry again enlrred tha lodgi-, and find.
ing Ihc two Indium still unwilling In go, he
called n so'dier to hU nrsistaucc, und event to.
ward one of the
Dreamers " for the purpose
"f V'WM"' '
drew n revolver, and
lariat, when (he Indian
aiming it ct tl.c Captain's
head, discharged It. Ko.-twialcly Captain
Curry saw Iho movement quick enough to
knock the nvvagc'a crm up, nnd Iho ball
pa ted over Ida licud. Quick a thought Iho
ollicer Ihec drew his pistol and shot his osail
ant through ho head, killing him Instantly.
At this time it was discovered that all the In
dians in the loelge wero urmed, and forthwith
tho light became general. Immediately Iho
report of lire ninw was heard, Cuptaln Curry'
men came to his assistance, uud u tegular vol
Iry was poured Into (ho Indians, leaving four
of ihelr number dead, among v.hom vi ere the
two 'Prcomcr" who had caused ull tlio
trouble. Tho light over, Captain Curry with
drew his command, leaving tlio Indians, from
whom no troublo is oppreliciided, now that
they have lost tliclr leaders Mountaineer.
-. .
Jons II or Ilivni. Tho news from the
John Day ltlier mines continues good. Mr,
Lmvion.of lids county, Is said lo have taken
out n chunk, of pure gold weighing 8 pounds.
Mr. Urawrord, or thu comity, ulso, has a rich
Tnvirons Old Adair, for a long tlmo a
pensioner on the bounty of tho United States.
Government, has becoroo t Dritisli subject,
nnd now expresses his gratlUido by cursing
our Government. Ills son, educated at tho
expense of tho Government at West Point,
has been dtssml'scd tho servlco for desertion,
nnd has. nlso becomo a Ilrlrtlsb subject. The
Dcmocratla. parly has lost Just two votes, by
this skedadd'e.
How' That f Tho illy 'Vegonlan say,
it large number of watcriucloi t vvcro brought
from California, on Iho Pnclficnnd sold very
brls'ely fur fifty cents nnd one unilar and twen
ty live CinU. Has the snow moiled off round
Poithind yet?
iiiilMM h i MKjgtwma 3 I
T. 0. 0. F.
.fACKioNVIut. l.oiuiK Nn. 10, hold Its regu
lar meeting' every SAWUDAV ATA'A'AViV,
nt their Hull (Mu'Cull's Tliealer hutling), ut
S o'clock.
Iliothcrs In good standing nre cordially In
vited to attend.
i:.t ItifMtt.N. G.
Vt'in.UM IUv. It. Peo'y.
iuiiiiinviiiiiiiuii v
"-""" .. . w. .,
v r --
flu! Nnlilrtln)-r.fiilliKori:rl)' Month.
All sojourning Coinpttitoni In good standing
nrecmdl.illy Invited lo utleml.
W. U.S. iiydi:. II. P.
iT.ve.T. Gt.Kf, Scc'y. dccHtl"
WARREN LODQE No. 10, A. F. & A. M,
A IIOI. I) llielr regular commnnlcalloiit
Tafthe Wiilnevl ty V. uiiiirfsoii or pricidlng
Uh'j. full moon, In
u. w. uiti:i:it, w.
II. Ut.oovt. Scc'i,
f .
jlhey purify, strengthen and InugoMte.
j iiey create 11 neiiiii y nniiMiiv.
They are an aiitldule lo change of water and
Ihey overcome cITcCts of dicilpallon nnd late-hours-Ihey
strengthen the system and enliven the
They prevent mla-nile mid Intermittent fuveis.
Iliev purify thu hrcalli mid acidity of the
They cured) spepila and ;oml!patlin.
They euro dlarrlncv, eholcru uud cholera
They euro lvcr complains and nervous head
ache, They are Iho bcit bitters In tho world, liny
mnl.e tho weak m m strong, aiiihirtnlitiiutcil n i
lurt't 'jrmt rultrir. 1 hey nru made of puiu rJl.
CioK Ituiii, Iliue-eUbruted CalUa)a llark.looU
ninl hi rlw, nml nro t iKeii with the pluisuiv urn
beverage, without regard lona-onr llmeofiliy.
I'littlciihirly reemmnriidid lu dcllenlo pirsou
n quiring iv geullu stimulant. Hnhl by ull Gru
ecu, Druggliti, Hotels uud Siilooui'.
P. II DiuKi:ACo.,NcwYork.
2v- Smith Dvvh. of I'orllaud. Agent'.
Important News !
Sachs Bi'o$9
aiu: dailv ih:ci:iving
3o,w GOods,
Dry Goods,
Hats, Boots & Shoes,
nc i:tl, t;rc
$stchs$ Bros9
100,000 His. of (ho Very iicst
Wines and Liquors,
Wbplaanlo db pClotnll,
Cheap Foil Cash !
PItODl'Ci: tukcii iu uvchnnge
for tjootls ut Cnsli I'trlcies, ut
Cheap Cash Stoke.
i3.vckso.nv 11 1 1, A 113. '.'3( lOi,
fnllfunila Street, Jittkiontillc,
HAVISJiisl received from tho Aliunde side
nnd Svn I'mnebco, n coniplctu slock of
cvuryllilnglu their Hue, nnd will keep constant
ly 011 hand nit n'sortincut of the best
Tin, Sheet lion & Coiiiicr Ware,
Drai Plpc, llydnulle Nnrzlcs, l'orco
Pump, Chains, Lend Pipe, lloce,
And Naild all Sizos ;
liar, Plate nnd assorted Iron)
Paints. Oil, Sizes nnd Glass :
All qualille of Powder;
hhot of nil mitiilier)
liriisliesofcvery vnrI(ily,clc.,olc
Alo.nlaa)s on hand,iv large lot of stoves of
assorted sl.c
Tin: ni:w would stovk,
Tho two very best nod uppruve-d pallet us til Ihc
wort. I.
Parlor, Onlco and Cnbtn Stove, fancy and
plain, conltiictrd on late l Tilel saving (il in.
Ilollei. Kettl., I'ot. Pan, nnd tnr.vthlit;r
contiectcil with thcto iIuvch vvarraulid elurabh:
and perfect.
All nrllcle old bv them or manufactured.
WAUItANIKU. Thvlr woik Is undo of the
bct mill ilal and of choicest lntterii.
Va.Order nllcndeil tu Willi quickest dl
pitt.li. unit illled iiccoiiliug to diiiciloii.
In overj thing, (lu'Ir stocle I tho larvr-st nnd
enmplvtcrl ever bioiiyht lu Jucl.-ontille, and
they niedetenalned loscl
Call nild exiunlno their slock before' ptiiehas
lug el-ew hero. June 2:1. IKmi-'.M.
rtirratii: ion
In llntnr Itio. II1I1I1 II11II1II11;;,
enu bo found tin choicest and most complete
collecllu.l CVtrollcMl lllJilCKsullV 1110,01
X3oc-xxi.tirn.lly XJoxxtxcl AND
ZZm.xclMoxx3.oly Zllxxu
tvextocl GrXtt Booltsi,
yiwli3xixii, uacl Xo-
otlonl "Wox-liini,
-A . II -
All II11 l.nlr.l llnulUll null Aiiiiilinii I'll-
loil.ilt, ?liiuulin sni il.ieisinuii
ciinslnnll)' on linnit.nl llii-
iflir VAinirrv .sroni:.
In Ilia Prices of
Board and Lodging!
- at tiii: -PHANCO-AMEWOAN
llo;nl and l.udlu;, per vveik
llo ml, per week
lie inland Lodging, perd.iy, vtiihprl
vate room, hist sijlo
boilghi; pet iiluht, Ii) private room .
Lodging, per night, lu duuUo room
.Slni-U Mcul ...
. rco
' 2 23
. CO
Itediiellon In price, but mi icduelLn or
I'hiiugolu I aide. My table shall imt In) iur-t
patted I 'J any lu the htnlo ol (Iregon.
JarUnivltbi,iillKI IM..'. IA
rnili: nnJcrIcneil Laving leaid the "Wash-
L liigliiu VIII,' Iho lullm linm Jack. ouillle,
hni thoioughly n palnd ll. uud irictid
.Vcu' nml Imiiiuii'il .lacliliiijy.
which, from my eerli ncn In constructing the
nine, a w ull as In iiiiuiilaeliiiliv ll "ir. war
rant nto lu sjjlug tint the Oregon ".till cm
and will do Welter work than uuj othir Mill lu
Iho Valley.
Every Sack of my XMour War
rantod to bo UA VSo. 1."
I Inn opened 11
Flour & Feed Store
ix JACKSoxvir,!,!:,
On California ilrcct, opposite P. KjanV new
WM. J. AI.l.IIN.
Jacloonvllle, Juno 1 1, I si;.'. ri If
TOSKI'II JACOIW U hereby uppotnted wv
I it'ent, lo tnko i-hargo of Iho I'-ielo Mill
properly, lu Jackson county, and I milliurU d
to ir.uiHiel nil lnnlnim ciuiuiptid llnrewlth,
mid In collect uud icce'lpt loi nil dill due me
O'l necouiit ol uny luilut'Cniiutcttd villlisald
l.'ilo Mill iropiity, llaleilat Kovlmr?, Ogu.,
M ty lOlli, IbOJ, Jlill UOIIlSaO.N.
11 IKS
taken upon Mill, Hotels. Flore,
Dwi'lllugs. etc.. nn Iliu miit luoi.iMu
term, lu lluiroiil, PluniU, Glinid.Gooilliui',
and other well kugiiu uud rcspoiiILlo compa-
' J8:2l 11. (3. SESSIONS. Agent.
T 1I.VVK nutborled JOHN S. DKl'M, of this
X place, lo act ns my ngint during my nb
since, to tiaiuact budnest lor 1110 in mv iiime.
WII.M.VM jivijiii:.
Jackfonvillojuly 15, im.J. 30tr
Biblos and Tostampntp.
A SUl'I'IsV of Illbie7ai.il Testament. In vn-
. ileus stales, ueeiijly rvcclvcd and foi sale
at coat uud chaige. nt llio depository of the
JacUon Cuiiulv lllblo Koelely.
Wm. HOriWIAN, Dcposllnry.
Dlt. T. G, IllUUN would rcHicctrully an
iiouncc to thu cltleun of Jnuktouvilloivud
vicinity that ho can lu louud nl hUultlcc, oppp
tlio U. ,S. Hotel, uhcto ho Is pu-pind to npo
latolu tho various brniiehca ot Ids profeulou.
OOi-c .Vu(i.'." .'0 I, Lmi't Cabinet "'oj
Urlolr. XSixllcllxi-Sr
Corner or Front ninl V Street
Wlt.f, attend to He ccelvlrt7nndforaid.
Ins or nil Good e.rutcd 10 Ihelr care,
.. til. ......v.... 1... -- .....1 .ilt.iii !i.
nil iiiui.imiivi nun ui-'nvi" ,, 1
Consliiiiiiicnt.. solicited. Merchandise rc-j
ccliiil on sloranu. ,,
Crescent City, Apill 10, 1SC2. 13
N. II. No good delivered until Ihoficlhl
nnd eti irgenrf pild. I). VV.
H phlu, Pcnni.
llr tit tih'f f the Sick ami Dutiasut Afl'.u'lit
Kith 'mhtt mill Climme litra'it, ami
Ifjirtullli l)lfJtt$fftht
Btiuiii ury int.
Medical Advlco ulven (trails by Iho ActlitR,
Surgeon. Vnbialde 111 wins nn itiumvtoiii n.v
or m.misu, vvi:vs.mm, nml other ill'iii'ti or the I
n'Mtil ori'iiu. nnd on the vr.vv iihUi'tUM nit
lilu.ved In the l)lpcns.iry, tent In scaled letter
envelope-, lieu nl charge. Address
Howard AsMiclallou, No. U south NI11II1 St., !
April 2t).:ISy l'hlladelphli. l'a. 1
. ..j - lurcrieAt.-
E500lS.-IBi23.Cl03., '
PAPi:nnui.i:u, nnd
I7 Chy and l 1 Commercial streets,
between .MoiilKiuiiery nml &inotnc,
5.. IllndliiiJ of evry descrtptlnu neatly t
eellleil ! III.IIIK HOOKS mini ami iiouiiu in ",
ib-diid iallirii
Dit. o. w. iiti:i:u
Id now prepirot vvllh ntnplo llo'iillal arrange
I in' ut tu nccomuioihtlu iho sick nml ulllict. il,
ispiclally Iho'O lahorliu in der Chronic Ills-ea-cs,
such a Coniiimptlon, Ithctim.tlsiii, lllar
llui 1, Constipation, mid thu vntloui nervous
dlxitsc', tiue'llur Villh tho fifimic niiild or
1, i-cifulW tjrtJi (40111 rih'ia nnd Syphilis, 10
puvuleiit lu oureoiiiitry. .
wlllal.. tie't.ivi'iH'eial C'.ue.
1 h imwt ujipls 1 .'Ji Tor fJATHINQ at-
I.ilIh i, 1
II .!.',
COLD, awl
Willi every eomenkiicc lo suit the moitfus-
till. UU-.
Clotico Furthor IWotico.
The llitlilng Itootn for riistumrrs will lie
op 11 11 follow! 1 nun vvi.iiMvi'ir ii,r 1.c1
until Tut iiii 1 v Nous t fi mil Mo 1 . Vl..i. I '" k m wi m m, uutay i.m j uiy;
iMiiiuliniiiMivvNimN. tVw S)Ht,rhitUV: ' "'"'''' , ,
can iHibad at all fines. l-viryspi-cl.'siil vveiikdonelnllielK'stmannef
Ilitln.Oi.olMlari or Six Tick, t for I'lvn ,"d w.tlupiM.do'piteli.
Didlurs. 'l.cl.-triiilH'hadut the City I'nii;
.Store, or nt llio llu-pilal.
U. W.GItrillt.M.li.
Jai.!.'Oiivllii'. Oreeim. Aue.li. Ui. IJJ
ft. Dllo IiYftE,
Whole-Die and lM.il! Dealer In
Foreign find Domestic
t'oiiirr r iilllnriiln nml 'II1I11I Mint,
Nit door to li'eikmaii'11 i:prc.
7r VII nr.l. r prniuptlv nihil Jt'ilf
Irl lienb; glve-n, that Iho eujiutiur-hlpherclo
f.irvcituu IaIuuii J. S, llurH-o ninl ll
I, Inn, umbr Iho 11 11110 nnd si) to ol llorpcoA
Mini, Is thUdiy dlssiilveil by iinitiial um-eiit
'Hie debt or thu III m villi Imj se'lllcl by H
l.'iiu. All ilinsvhimivliu Itn'nisvlu' liidvhtii!
lo the nnn.niu hi-iiby iiotlllul tucnmt'fiiriinid
mid setlli-linundltlifv.or lh-Ir necouuts villi
Ik- civ en to an uttuiue-y for collevllon
J.S. lirtiPIX,
1). LINN.
Jask.otivllle, April Slli, lC. IL'lf
i.r.GAi Aivi:uTi.si:3iNTi.
f-lwviS's t3alo.
I) Y virtue ol two rvrutloii. duly Isnird br
) the C'le i!e of the (,'ireuil Cm: rt in nml for
.losephlnc couuly, Oregon, und In medlirclid
und iMiu red ono In favor of Wu. Sn.M'iit
mil against 13. , Si'iivnt i. for tha sum ol
S My thru DoILim (ji;.'l III)), nml one lu furor
iifTlloNim CmiNTUN'. Adiuliilstrntnr of tin
istaieiifi'17111 ll.) VMi,iliCTnml,nndiigalnl
C. P. rrn villi: und G. H Il1.11.ns, lor the sum
of One Tliiuuaud uud Twuilv-riK Dollars
and shl) slMiiielniudrrdlh'i (Sl.O'JO M 1(H)),
ivilh InleitH, ciistsiiudiircriiiogc'sts I Imio
iliilv Ii vhil inn 11 nnd v. ill nrneiril tn u II. nt
publiu sale', for usli. mi Tan lay, the '.'.Id thai '
0 neplember entuiiig, tl.o lol'owlng (lifcr'lKo
real properly, to nil : A cirlaln lot nr Irael
ol land diluted on the east bank nf the III!
uols liviMiiidinlj ilulto'tlio town plat nf ICi-r
b villi, with one Dwtliin HoiiJonnd llarn.
uud Known n the propirty of (3. I. Sprasue
nilh nil end singular the iinprnyenii tits und
iippurtinancr thirciiutn belonging nr In iny
wijo iipiieilulnlii.'. Hale nn lie premtsi'. lie
twit 11 the hours 0! l'J o'clock i. und un.'t of
silddiv. JCPP. HOWCI.I,,
ShtrilT of ,lnM phluo county, Oiegon.
Dated. August 11), I6u'. ,i:d
Exoct'tpr's SiTottcp.
VTOTIClJIshcieliy given thai thuiiudi'rslgned
i Inn Iweii appointed IvMCillnr of llio es-
tela of M. I,. Jju'kmiv, diceiind, llio of Jack
sou couuly, Oiegqn. AltiierFOUnhavlngclalins
agililt thu ulsle sre tenulied to present them
ircscul thini, I
1I11 ono ,ear.
residence nt
I. Cup Ciillti,. .
Willi llio iiices.nry vouclieis, witiilu 1
from dito of this notlee, til Ids rcsl
Phoenix, Jarkson eouuly, Oregon, for sellle-.
mcijtt and all pet sons kiio-ilng tin m dies In-1
di'btcd lire inputted to wake Immed'nto paj-
n" :
P.Mr.IISON I!. GOnn. Hvecntor.
Dated Ih's '.Mil diy r Au.'n.l, 18C3.
Fotition for Divorce
Ihcnus Wnltworth.C " 4 umaat,
Uaana Widlworlh, Difiudanl.
1. Icicby iiolilltd that iinheH von uppeur in
llio Circuit Com t of Iho Slnto of Ongon. for
tho p.nty ol Jackson, onlhcCth ily if lM,tr,
ISOi, r,il iiuswer Iho coinpl vlnt of tho com-
plaliiant, In Iho uboio e.iu.e, tin) s.uno will Iw
ir,Uen trvonlesed neil the pinjit Iheuof villi
be granted by tlm Court.
11. 1-, liovv i.i.i,, :M"hr for Ll-injltiiiuvit.
Aiq,u t -1, I"'j.' 3J
The I.ni'gCAt Sto,ck of
UooiIm, nml the Finest
Assoi (incut of Gcntlc
iiun'f WiurliiR Ai
iuifX'l, In tho Slate of
Clllltul'llll. can
Intel nt all times
the Store of
. -v
& CO.,
Who have Juvt oieneil the 1 irgest !pru lu tjn
riauclrco. In l.lehV new building, comrr of
Moulgoinery mid Sutler, and tn the same block
as the n;w
f'i? find your orders nnd measure, nml
ivhrii 1011 visit San l'rancisco, wc ihnll be
'glad tu lee 1 mi.
' April 20, JRC!. lSmc
Reduction in Prices!
'Pill! undeislgneil nnnoiincc tn present pa
Iron mid tho tmMlo thnt ho ha re.
diiceil tho price for ull kinds of vvork In
lilt line, 10 coiiioi in 10 ine nines
I In the Imlhlliig formerly ncciipb'l ly Wm.
Plutifl: Iiiiiih iiinili' nml rcpnlrva
w.uv.v, niiiiUbi: ..Mi m.ii;i: murk
tlviculiM In tho ui'llest und strongest manner.
3)nliiit Tooli, l'ii'Uv, I laic, Vr.,
iiiailo lo order, of tho very best materials, tu
thu most approved stiles.
Particular attention given tn C-"",S
Tor iv hlch thtfirlco Is reduced lo $'. and SI
Tin: ki rr. I'i.vtm hi ido uud tlltnl e.ntlly In
ord r.
Ills stock of lion nnd Hire! Inf drt quality,
' ell work ebitii' ut Ids shop ivaiiuinti
.tiieksonvllh'. March 'J, Mil. tnli9.H:tf
Ofcnlntj Diy of TerraMonday, 23t)
June, 10G2.
"Vlll?. J. l MeCl'I.I.Y Inkes pleasure In
i! uniinii'icliig In tho inild'c that shv wilt
open u school 1111 Iho I'll lutaul. fur the In
sliiictton of ft 111 ilfi lu thedlllcniit brunches of
KuglMi iducatloii,
In nnolliirdipvrlineul,leni villi bo given
In Hiivvi'iMi mid .Mi an, nml lesiouv cm i
GlITVItllllll Pivmi.
firm per ijmrlrr llugllsh Course, WO;
Drawing and .Music, 1 I1.1.
Jnckniilillh'.Jiilii':' . Mi. 23lf
OUnunocl Ilrxnclssi.
r"PIli: iinderslgnrd lrg leavo to Inform the
I Iran Im,' public 111 it they Inio taken
char'j uf the
canyon irorsia,
Canyonvilie, Douglaa County, Orcgo,
Whero Ihey will bo pirtnually present to aUfnd
In tho nam of Iravilirs nml boanci wliirn
.v ' ripnre" mini em be furnl-he,!, nnd parllc
ular attention piUl to the eouifurt of guests al
all lime. T'ui pi iron igo of the public Is re
spectfully iullcltld.
Cvnjnnili. M irch III. lPii.'. q9
Tiik Mni'-u..vMiSii.uie'ii. lTiiirt: ol Dr.
I.. J. Cziiki, Is already secured In n position
' ' 'eh place ll,ns vvcl us lis proprietor, far
uboic ll.. nsra'tlts of cuvy mid profciilpnal
malice. In tho school of Prince, tho highest
pr'es nro of.eu awarded to practitioners lu
lit, departmi'iil of Medical sole nee, nnd liey
uec ipy with others an (.finally lHly position In
tho profisslon. ltleoul Is mi Illustrious exam
ple, 11 shining light among llio phlloophlcal
st irs or Ills ago In lliirope, and Or. Czapkuy bit
fully eijuulltil Mm In lid Cxi niry, as a proof
ol vihleli, tii' riiladilphhv Colligo of Medicine
coinplluieiitid hlin vilth n illplouia and thu lion
or.iry uicfiefidegie. Sell cling this as Ids Held
ofope ration, nllliough ipialWil us a graduate of
tho I'lilvi rily or I'eslh, o,nJ 1 lie Chief Surgeon
ol tho Hungarian llcvcdnllonnry Army, for
more eUuidul liboin, Dr. I,. J.Czapkay bat
bent his earnest utlentlon toti.. cureoi chronlo
dlscuH's. in which ho has becomo so great an
nii nn" no i now- ic-gariuii ns llio leaucr Ut
this branch of liN profession Ihionghout the)
United 1 State, and Ida portrait and biography
are publisliiil ns matter of Interest la their
re.ub-ra in tho moU celulio Journa!. The
Ilo.-lnr' nOli-ivi mA .1 l.l lfn.lf.1 .n.l J.....H...1
Doctor' onicci nro at his .Medical and surgical
Institute, o'( Sacramoato si , corner of l.eides.
ilorll. ncily oppnilto the btiltdings 'pf t,h,o l'a
I !.... .1 ...,".... '. . ".
-",w .u oiciuiiniii coioinnr.
v nk tho n-vrticular ntteutlon nf our read.
crs lo Iho tnorn cirtUcatcnof icmarkablocur,
in uiiuiiii-r euiuiun vi iu uper. I;C111
fWMI ""P" MfS
I Doctor. Hosteler's Stomach Sitter. -Whet
eve i llicto Is dlHpti, ttey mp In'u.s
maud I leery disorder of Ibo stomach, thu
licr, t!.n bowel, uud tho nervous system teem.
lo jlclil to their Inllucnce. Ihey mo an uutl-
'lolo to pain; the) tencfli ana iclnrorco ttc,
nnlmil powers; Ihey counteract tho u;bltl
piit.elples of illmiso; Ihey icguhite tho tholj
vital machinery, nnd may bo justly termed tV
strongest ally that sclcueo has erer UouRM to
Iho aid uf nature In her stiugglfl with elckne,.
fculd b Dmsi;l'U nnd dealec everywheio.