Oregon sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1858-1888, March 27, 1858, Image 1

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n v
falrpenJent on alt Subjects ; and devoted
tjttbett Interests of Southern Oregon.
Vtitilithcil Every Saturday,
W. G. TTAULT, Edilor&Proprlclor.
One Venr, $5 0? Six Month, 93 00:
Three Montln, 6- U0.
thte S-iuare or twelve lines or Ici, first In '
rh in, 5300 J vueh subsequent iuscrtiou.
I 1-113 Cmtn, eiich square. Tor one year,
Su . ix month. Sis , tbrcc tnuntus, 510.
A literal discount m ide to persjjnsjvisblngj,
to adTertlse'tolhe'bztent of four squares. 1
dOl) I 1111 tlUg" OinCC.
THE Proprietor, having
.ty of Jolt TYPE on
r.ircd to do all kinds of
a good varl-l
hand, Is pre.-
Oa the SHORTEST NOTICE, anl on the
rsot IlEASONAULE TKHM5 ; sutb as
Concert Hills,
l)ll Tickets,
Hill Heads,
Address Cards,
Business Cards,
A; $ $
Job work done In
to suit cuMomers Orders solicited
Business QIar&sr.
coast; or cui.inn-iAHuoui.uoSTni; era,
Billiard Saloon,
OppOlilB lgl0 Until,
Jsnuriry 1, l&8 ltf
Physicians and SurRcons.
OITICE "J.clunnvilU Drug Ht'oro"
opjuxiio L'nlon lluu.
("A constant supply of Drugs and
Pdieut Medicines alivay on hand.
J a luuitov,
Late of Sacramento.
San Frauclsco.
C vner of Montgomery aud Commer
cial Stretti,
(Our Banks k Hull, Uaukcrs,
Ku rrauclseo, Cut.
II i Liiatt, Commissioner fur Louisiana
OSica on Fourth street, adjoining the
J4ueet' unices, opposite rosi umce. irt-
ka, v.ai.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
the Third Judicial Dittnet uf Ore
At Kerhy vil lo, Oregon.
Attorwyand Counsellor at Law.
Hod Notary FilHoior Jackson Co.,
Will practice in Ilia Supreme and Du
tiiet Courts ol the Tumtury,
Ortieo adjoining ilia Printing Office,
Jacksonville. O.T. ir
FPICK At his resilient, Jackson
ville, O. T, 43
Are taken by
Ju tht the Hill, new the old Parson;,
Written for the Skktincu)
'I he Future.
How little do we know of the joys or woes
Tbnt long hnvc been waiting for us In
As little as know wp our number of davs,
Or the grnins or sand upon the sea-shore
In n very few years, how sad and how lonely
Earth may appear, as still onward we go;
Tor Ufa Is uncertain sliver thread ouly,
Which bludcth body and spirit below.
snap ns tho
crystal vase, airlessly
VII slilv'rcd, with
nono the power to
restore J
Foreman's Ingenuity iic-'er hru commanded
The breath of nrotlier, amid his great store.
Or glides, as the lurk, tbe "young Hindoo
, girl launches
1 With " trenibliuc hand " uu tho face of
' Lcstlls lnmpT'dn'rnrd with flowersfrom the
imnKs or the uanges
Sink Wh tho wncs, and dispel her
mil, 11 sliming still brightly, lis course it'
c Jia.rk,-riv,ir: ". .tlft:
K Jf.V lUOHi .U.l) tut uwi , ..iv. v ia UUU.I. uu.
gou news,
And Into the future looks forth with
And, t-o are as Urks, ust tiu the broad
icwn ;
A hat en wc all expect wo shall find
And Hope Is tho light that guides every
As n Journey on through this Tale of
And an nlbseelng eye. Is eter upon ui,
Guarding us on. with the some Jalouoare.
Lett the waves of adtcrslty, roughly break
o'er us.
And i e link lulow, In the gulf of Despair.
Ji'erliville, March IB, 1W8.
Diicsh aud Grcuua.
I liao lived long
enough to be ranly
1 Aud burns tuy full share of life's chauge-
able tecnex,
Hut my woes Iiavo been sulasd by gol
1 greeus and bucou,
1 And my Joys have been doubled by bacon
1 and grvcus.
WLnt a thrill of remembrance e'en now they
1 ... -1,....
Of childhood's gay mornlog aud youth's
merry scenes.
When, one day, wc bad greens and a plate
full of bucou.
Aud the next we had bacon and n plate
full of greens.
Ah! well I remetulier, when sad and mis
IIart wrung by the scorn of a miss In her
How rushed from her sight to my loved
greens and bacon.
And forgot my despair over bacon and
When tbe banks refused speclo and credit
was rhxkrn,
I shared in th wreck aud was ruintd in
My friends all declared I had not ' saved
mr bacon,''
Hut I lived for I itlllhsd my bacon and
Ob i there Is charm In this dish rightly
That Irom custards and jellies on epicure
Stick your fork in tho fat wrapyour greens
round the bacon, '
i And 7"''ll v 1 ..re i nothing likcbucan
1 end greens.
1 I
1 If some fairy a graut of tbrco wishtg would
tuike one,
So worthless as I and so laden with sins,
I'd wish all the greens in the world then
the bacon
Ami then wi.u for a little more bacon aud
r .....-.. ... ..r. .1 . r.. .... I'mimIj.!
t. .lll.ru 11. tviiicea iuui iui vmu . m.p-
taken :
As much as Ft a known of this world and
iu scenes,
There's one thing that's equal to both grevn
And that is a dish of good bacon and
ami bacon,
i ..at . .uu. u .. .
cut Herald thus moralises on an Incident
TiutV Ricirrl TheWinstead Connect!
that urcurredlu that vicinity.
k...l t-.i
would occur if opportunity presented, and
he will be able to judge of the depth and
sincerity of all simllsr humanity!
" A (lucer world is this. We recollect a
young lady, a former resident of Winstead,
beautiful and accomplished, and the daugh
ter of a pious and venerable old methodist
elder. We remember btr as a roost ardent
advocate of tbe humanity side in politics, a
rapturous reader of Uncle Tom's Cabin In
the village club of young ladles, and auli
slavery in all jdacea and cm all necessary
occasions. Not long ago we recorded tb
marriage of this young lady to an Alabama
planter, who Is the owner of some f00
nigeert ' A queer world Is this.'
J&r A writer iu the St. Lou! leader
challenged Horace Qreely to a newspaper
jdiscusslon on the latter's heresies. Horace
I declines the controversy, because troubles
and bereavements arc telling upon him, and
bo wants to go to Europe for a year's quiet
end rest. He says further, that If t were
possible, he should like to sell out his pe
cuniary interest in the'Tffiunr, and devote
the residue of bii life to IU iUa.-, hi
Mem!-, nod lilslitie onns.
From tho Washington Globe.
THo Island ef CMlm.
The arguments lately made In various sec-
110ns 01 inc union in lavor 01 iuc acqum- ;
!. mmF S 1mW. l.M 1.1:1.1.11 naABl.nB l.iclA
and the denunciations, by Spanish journMsjirank( ,ho unbw mJ length of .Mr
brought by the Inst steamer, of such up-h ,,.. ,. ,...,. , ,,..,,,
posed American projects of forcible ancxn-
tlon, have suggested to n thit some account
of that Island may now prorc of general
I Interest.
I Cuba Is the largest and met Important 01'
tho West India Islands, aud commands the
nnlMtipii In tliit (luff tt UnTtf-n. tttinnrn It
lt.1. I...... .-1I-.1 .1.. 1.. -f il tti l.li. (1
nil U.TU cnuru luw fcvj Ul iuc "W. iiiu.vn i' . ,, , . , . ,
.. .. ..... u '.. ....i i-1-...i.l'Tbt lief, a Cuban court caunot move a
It Is nbont seven hundred miles In length
and seventy In breadth, and contains, with
its dependencies, U2,B0 square miles, being
nearly equal In extent to Great Drilaln.
The climate Is delightful and very htalthy,
. fnr mMrli .Minn It (a n Tnvnrllf rpvnrl nf In f
!T,jWl Eren on ,uc top of the Grande An
. tllla, the chief range of mountains running
mrouiili tue tsinnn irom cnu 10 enu, mere 1
lm Bf.nrri.lv itfir ln fro. unci tlimi onlr nil
few ll. thick. The season, arc not dlstln.M
gnUbtd .a summer and winter, but n be'l
wet ad the dry, though the periods aUhich,
mey uciiin aim cna are no Ttry uu. uemi
,d. The rainy season commonly U-glns In
',, . . .. 1 . 11 1 f 1
War, but soiustlmcs lu April, and occasion.
.ally not till June
The soil Is ery fertile, but, nslu many
Is very fertile, but, ns lu many
I .,!.. ...(. ..1 ...,a.tu. !.. .......I. ....
.vr ..f,.,,,,,,,..,.
siugglin to cultivate It to auygreuiexit.il.
, Tho chief agricultural productions .re iu
gar. ounce, tobacco, manioc, tud nmle. The
work- on 19 plantations is none kimofies
eluslvely by negroes, whoie erudition Is far
worse than that of the slaves in the United,
.. -uo '11TP ?... I
use. as au insiancooriiiegrooiicrtiiuyinniI ... . ,, r , Bnl .,.
, of the soil, arumlull sUtes that, in thcdli
trial ofSagua la Oramle, a cabnlltria ot
, land, which is nearly ual to thlrlythree
.ere., uas oven known 10 prouuec iwu uuu
drtd aud eighty thousand pounds of the fair-1
colored Muscovado sugar of that country,
being tunrly tiual to four moderate sized
hogsheads per ucrc. !
Ihc population is mode up of Creoles aud
negroes, tbo latter forming about one-third.
The Creoles, liko their Sjtnlsh aucr.lors,
are luUlUgmt, but indolcutj thopegroos,
are not allowed to be either.
Tbero are In the Island several excellent
copier, Iron, and coal minev, which would1
be very prtdlictive if Wtil Uurknl. fiinall
nidtnlll!.. nf nntfl Ami .IKrr liftvf nl.i lir.
found. Since the introdrctlon of bees, be
Imh .Ulr nnil i.nlr rti hnng
" -'rf --,- ..- rf - -t-i "mhv
and wax have been Important articles of
trade. JJanulacturcs have been much neg(
Of domestic nnlmals, the ox, tho horse,
and the wg, Bre the most useful, and forma1
large part of tho wealth of It's county. The
oxen are so numerous that many of them
have run wild ; and thry are Luuted fur the
sake of their hides and tallow, vhlcb arc
sent to Spain.
Of domestic fowls, chlckeus are the most
numerous ; though the goose, turkey,' ova
wck, and pigeon, nro well known. Tho
English game-cock Is much prized for bis
S!.".! UlenU. It will b remembered that
.tanU Anna's chief amusement, when In
Cuba, was cock-flghtiog.
I Tbero are many (loo turtles ou the shores
of the Isbud. from which the bst tortoise
.tliells nro obtained. Fresh finb of various
kinds aro found Snakes and other reptiles
arc few, but noxious Insects of all kinds are
found In large numbers.
The Island is divided into several juris
dictions, civil, judicial, cciesiastical, and
military, Tbo civil jurisdiction consists of
two provence, with two distinct Governors,!
entirely indepeudent of each other; the su
preme military chief of tho whole Island,
iub ie tleof (,,,, Gencra, M 'I
civil Governor of tho one provence only I,
, ,ke otber, Santiago de Cuba, has a separate
n,, ' . ,-..,......,.:
' ' ' --y. .v .mv wuw-
lain General. Ilrtides the island ts divided
Into three military divisions, whose chiefs
lake their orders from tbe Captain General.
At Matamas, Trinidad de Cuba, Puerto
I I'rinclpe, and CIcnfuegos. there are also offi
cers with the title of Governor, named by
the lUplaln Oeneral, wbose office is of a ju
dicial nature, extending to di-puled points
of every sort civil, criminal, and military.
Subordinate to these are eight lieuteaanceif,
The Captain General bsj appellate juris
diction a military matters. Iq the cities
and towns there aro nlso municipal bodies,
al ualoes, and, iu tbe rural districts, jutctt
(ndantot, or petty judges, who are named
by tbe loeal Governors. These exercise
both judicial and ralilslerlal functions.
Tbe Captain General prssldes at tbe meet
lugs ef the Havana C'ltlon, eoajletlng of
twelve metabvrs. The chief tccular tribun
al of Havana Is that a! the Captain Gener
al, who has in military affairs au auditor of
war, and In civil disputes a general assessor,
who likewise xerele the duties of the civil
magistracy Tho tribuual of the ordinary
alcaldes haa aim copufeansc, In the Prat in-stsni-r.
ef oIvll.and.rQililar; ,'lipuij. Ihr
!' Union has also a ccrlatn judicial jnrlsdic-
tlon. There ts, besides, a comtnerclnl trl
' bunal, whoso jurisdiction extends only to
mercantile affairs.
The "judges are all paid "by fees Instead of
I I " "" """"I .."-.-v
sedentary In their habits. Judicial proceed
, .
1 1
as on tho continent of Europe, nrc
conducted wholly In writing, t-ira race
pleading and trial ly jury being alllo un
known. The lawyers arc paid according to
the number of pages they write ! long picas
step without paying a fee to a judge, law.
yer, clerk, Jntorpreter, or crier.
Some attention has been paid to education
by the Goternment, but Try lltllo has bceu
accomplished. In 1610, Iher were 99,690 .
frco children la the liliu J, bclw ecn the ages
or five aud ten, of whom only oncUstb
were sent to school. !
There Is do such thing as liberty of the
press la Cuba. Everything Is subjected to
tiM ats!nfal rt nantaial. In 1 I.HT alflif
werc published InCuba.orwh.ch'
fMr mtnM DurDg the constitutional
n ...... -. ,. ,. .m.. . 1
' , , ' ... '
'at me. suspended, a number of paper with ,
.. '. , ., ' ' '
, tho mot singular nsuts, nhleh wero some
.. . ,.,.. .,,,, rio.
, . ......' ,. -..n
pie, were i.qr.cu u. niTuui buvii hji ...i: '
Constitutional Tailor, The Itoar. of an Af.
r(Min L Uriut,.nt Strokes of Tyranny,
The Mo,uHO Tll0 F,,. Tbo Wp, ic.
I Alllhorlrt m ai to lbe ,WpUlatlon of
C)lia oing t0 ,10 census of 1827,
fl,cU waJ wo u-lievc. the last taken, the
rolmtttonM730,:.(12 Of these, the whites
nnmbeTedSU.UI; the free negroes 67.H:
' Of)0 Bumter of,hvef WBIlSbG,o i
' o( wbom 183.,0l, wcrc maleB. and 103.GS2
fcmillH g,lC0 1827 ,lC ,.oimaUoii has. of
Qmnf j ncrfMcd, r.sisshovii by the
.,.. .. ,. ,,. ..... anJ .,.. .-.
stantly increasing production of the Island.
It now amounts, probably, to 1 MI0.00O.
Tho trade of Cuba is excelUnt. Its situ
ation, the fertility ol its soli, and the short'!
lliltulL not mora tlmlk tbtrlVllllle from
iny lllt , ,lc interior o the c-shore.
all lwl to give It great commcrelul prosper
Iiyt suftl, if tho miny Injurious restraints
now Jmposcd upon its trade were removed,'
It would seuu become one or the richest spots,
.1 TliA t.lt.n.1 ta ri rr lirnttlr lavil l.v tltf
, motber country. The greater portion of the,
n..., I. .1..I.U r, il.,ll m, Innn.l.
jie'" . wiiiv wm- ..M.i. w.. mj-v..-
A great difference Is made bctw ecn good hated. Wo do not think the report worthy
from Spain and those from other countries. of credit.
The duty ou Hour, especially thut fromn Messn. Ackermann and Morsu received
tho Dulled States. Is very heavy. If the following paiport from Drlgham Voupg,
from Spain, und lu 5anUh vnsels, tbedutyiheu about to leave Salt Lake City. The
Is two dollar per barrel, but If the same
be In foreign rrtscts, the duty is six dollars
per barrel. If the Oour be foreign, but un
der tbe Spanish flag, the duty Is eight dol
lar and u half per barrel ; but if it bo for
elgu, and under a foreign lUg, the duty Is
nine Cellars and a half per bunch
The United Slates flour is, however, so for
I superior to the Spanish, that, Independent
i ly of the Oiffcrenco in price caused by the
dlscrimlnateing duties laid, it always com
maod. a much higher price, selling, vary of
ten, for three dollars more per barrel. The
only effect of this high tariff on American
flour baa been to IncrtoM smugglings for It
is mors used throughout th inland than il
wo years ago, and yot leas passes through
the custom-houses.
The trade of the United States with Cuba
has always been very lugs. The relative
proportion of goods Imported rod exported
under the flags of Spain, UagUud, and tbe
United States, has been stated as follows :
Spain forty-three and one-balf per cent i
England, seven and onchalf per eut the
UnlU States, twentyslx percent.
the country has been much improved, and
the means of communication increased by
railroads, Ac The first railroad ever laid
in the island, running from Havana to tbe
most Important of the sugar districts, was
convtracted by Alfred Cruger, of the Unit
ed Stated.
Suck, lu brier. Is Cuba. "What she shall
be in future, we leave to be determined by
the politicians.
Sah Fruxcisco DticmiJisi). A corres
pondent of the Sau Andreas Independent
gives the following description of San Fran;
elsco : We went up on the hill and took a
look at the " whole " thing ; oh, Jerusa
lm, what a city i Tbe houses were lying
around Jooso in every direction here, a big
one six stories high, In tbe midst of half a
dozen half-story shanties ; there, seven or
eight wrre "piled," one on tbe otber, all
leaning on tbe sand hills like a drunken man
to a lamp post. There were long flights of
stairs to svsae of them ; and when we went
up we were in the basement. Sowe were
warped and cracked, ome were tottering
' over aad bad props under them j and It all
J looked like there bad beep a big flood in the
liBr&cf, ad 8otd off a lot of ltt!e mining
I towns, house, Mreets, and all, and brought
them suue, where tbey bad got all jmrjedto
'psjhtr loif a dsnd fddy; arid wbn ibj Ire
tcr fell, they were left sprawling about In
the sand hills and tulcs, liko cakes of Ice on
a meadow at the breaking np of a hard win
ter In sngar making time.
Later rrom Salt Lake.
The Los Angeles Star, of March Cth, pub
lishes the following Intelligence from Salt
Lake 1
Tho mall from Salt Lake City has not yet
arrived here, although It was reported at
San Bsrnardlno In the early part of the
week We do not expect, however, to bear
any thing from the army by the Lalt Lake
Dy the arrival in this city, on .Tuesday,
of Messrs. Ackermann and Morgan, former
ly teamsters In the employ of C A. l'crry
A Co., sutlers for the 10th regiment, we J
havt mcws from that city to the Ctti of Tib .
These gentlemen arrived at the army head
quarters, at Fort llridgcr, on the 19th No
vcmbor, and leaving the train, they deter
mined to come to Call fur nln ; but, finding
that thry could not do so, direct, thry )er-1
severed in their determination, and en '
durrd great prliatlons uud hardships. On
the 24th December, thry reached Great Salt
Lake City, where thry remained to the 6th
February , during whkh time they were,
trratod lu a kind and buspltablo mauntr. I
They had several interviews nllh Drlgham
Youpg nf whom they speak very favorobly,
They stnto that about the 10th January
an ordir was isxuetl by tho church, that the
iieoplo should have boxes made to contain
, about ISO pound, to pack their grain in
the in and bring them to the ciders, who would
I take charge of theai and ' cochc
, the mountains.
them in
Another order was Issued, that a company '
of 1000 men should hold themselves luresdi
tion to go Into tho mountUns on the Ktb
February, and cut off supplies coming to
the army.
In the meantime, ftrly wagons loaded
with supplies had reachtd Col. Johnson's
commana irom ton i.aramio iuo army
was in good health, had plenty .f proWslonsJ
aud good tents, and was engaged In rebuild-,
ng Fort llridgcr. 4 '
TLo authorities of Salt Lake City are re-1
irnl.l n Iw.ltit- illll Inrllnisl for rur.
Measures arc K'li.g concerted for defeating '
jt,Q v. S. trwps, or, all events, keeplugj
iutnl outsldo tho city till the crops are
'gRUcrcd and secured, This can rosily be I
done, nnle.sn force Is sent from this side.
1 T,no a rumor rutmn In lnn f i!. '
.K.. ... ... . . .1 ....
I fiKbt had takeu ploce between the.Morroons
I .l .i. . t l.l.i. .1 - l. .... j.
h uu .u u r uu, i u n u it u .ub i b . i tT ncicuc-
, Governor wrote bis name on a sheet of im.
per, which was handed to a clerk, who wrote
the fotm of passport over tbe signature
Thus the passports bear Drigbsm's tlgaa
turc, although he does not sign them :
171 ii TUnnmur.
To all lohem theie jireuntuhall come
Lodowlck M. Morgau and Samuel A. Ack
ermann are hereby permitted to pas fteely
and safely through the Territory, ou their
way to California.
Given under my hands, at Great Salt
Lake City, U. T., tbe Stb day of February, '
Messrs. Ackermann and Morgan came
with the mall rider from Salt Lake City, and
encountered -no obstacles of any kind on tbe
way. On passing Mountain Meadows, tbey
saw tbe bones of the murdered emigrants
wbltenlug on tbe plains. A few of the
bodies bad been buried, but were torn up
aaaln bv the wild beasts. Tbev met the ex-
press party conveying Col. Kane toSa!t,inl,un' "m.ved wfof it
Lake, but tbe Gentiles did uot know be was
iu tbe wagon, as he was covered up in blank-1 '
SIS kill IHC yu inmv bvujc iuin unl. 1
Since the foregoing was written, Mr. Toft ,
has beougbt the mall from San Bernardino,
anticipating tbe regular delivery at this
poiut, some three or four days. We have
nut received our file of the Deieret JWtrs, '
uor has a copy of it been received iu town.
II... ..n .... lall.r. wA l-.vml .. l.w .I.a t
Gov, Wei.u.u Storms tub Stats: Piiisos.
Gov. Welter came down from Sacramento
on Sunday evening last, and at an early
hour on Monday, proceeded to San Qutntlu.
Arrived there, by virtue of bis office he de
manded to bo placed in possession of the
public property connected therewith, To
this peremptory summons to surrender, tbe
sub-Ussee, AlcCsuly, returned an emphatic
refusal, at the same time closing tbe office
Not to be lolled bis Excellency forced the
doors of the office, nnd setting the keys
took possession of the Prison by main force.
In this coergetlo discbarge of duty, Gov
Weller has exhibited a Jacksonlan firmness
that cannot fail to command tbe respect of
both friend or foe. A timid man would have
faltered iu the face of rrittance,and allow
ed the crafty Lessee to gain time, which cer
tainly would hava been used Jobedelrl
meat of the public InUrcst. Go?. Weller
foreteejngtt'ais, and.pocsttd of pervtequs.1
tyJI"5 emsq;go5ieJmrca teiengBs.
dlatc possession. In thus resolutely pursu
ing the right, ho will be snstalncd by tho
popular voice of the people throughout the
Slate, and has established a character for
firmness tbnt will be of immense advantsgc
hereafter. Having entered uron possession
jbe immediately, ruststed by a clerk, proceed
ed to take an Inventory of the articles upon
tho premises, and was thus engaged at tho
time our Informant left the prison. In tho
nuantlme tho different employees were told
to consider themselves in the employ of the
State, and contiuuo on until furthur orders.
1 At an early hour ycattrday, the Legislative
committee proceed to the prison, and, wr
I doubt not, will co-operate with the Govern
'or In such measures as tasy be. necessary to
the ssfcty of tho convicts and the protection
of the public Interest. .Voratng Call.
Tliu Uurdiquuko In triples.
A correspondent of the London Timtt,
' wrUlnB from KP,e under date ef Dec. 20th
says 1 The details which contlcuc to arrivt
from the provencrs of Dsslllcata and Prln
clpato Citerloro nrc of the most distressing
character, and are much more explicit. Full
as they arc, bowever, they do not glvw w
one-tenth part of the injuries that have been
Inflicted, partly because the authorities will
not mnke them known, and fartly because
they are not yet informed of the greater
portion of them. The official journal f
Saturday night contains the names of forty -six
.other towtrhlpt, hitherto unnsmed,
which have suffered severely, andyriall
are not mentioned. Of these, It is tald, somv
are n msis of ruins; others leveled to tiro
ground : others almost entirely destroyed
churches, dwelling houses and all ; in some
workmen are pulling down the houses, and
in ottars large Courts nrc rpcntd In the
ground. Out of thesa fvrty-slx places, 20
are reported to have lost some portion of
their population ; out of one, It Is raid, cm
hundred corpses have been taken, out of
unothir, ictcnty; and it Is expected that
three huudred will be found; hut of tba
,i,nnn, r ,., .11.,.,,. . i,mtn in.
I rftnce g proffMd by such terms as these !
,..,., .,... --. nll nut,.,... ., v.
uumbcrs perished, the number cot yet
known." "Great, tut unknown, the vie
t.ms." It is my opinion, therefore, thai
what has bcu the exaggerations of the pub
lic, much more nearly approximate the truth
thvn tho scanty snd uncertain Information
publirhrd In the odlclal journal. According
to It 3015 bodies have already been dug out,
a fearful number to think of to which, If
:,., , 1, ,! L !..,.j ?. ,Tl
I """" "vt " '"J "" HHH.J SI UlS BIP
dium slatmi
dlum statement given of about 13.XOoi
U,l00 victims. Tbe first efforts made arc
to erect temporary wooden buildings for tbe
survivors. Men are employed too lo knocki
Ing down the falling bourcs and In bury log
the numerous dead. Care Is also being ta
ken to disinfect those places where the dead
lay In tba greatest ni rubers. But all the
exertions that can be made will only tend te
slightly alleviate the mlicry which has been
occasioned by the fesrfnl blow which has fal
len upon this unfortunate people. A gen
eral collection is to bo opened fcr the relief
of the sufferers, and another will be made
by tbe Englhb themselves. The character
of the two awful shocks which wrre the oc
caelon of tbe dUastcr, is thus dlscrlbed from
Polenta, tbe capital of IUsllIcata: Tbey
were of equal duratlou, and the first was
preceded and accompanied by fearful rub-
' terraneous thunder, tbe same we observed
la Naples. The sky was serene and the air
tranquil. The first was undulatory and
" sulsultarlo." that which followed In about
three minutes with yet more violent undu
lauous anu - suissum," was
tical and convulsive moveme
were thrown cue ever the o
were, wbirlcd round, wuiie
and glass were thrown to
Tbe effect of tbo second
bouses may be Imsglned,
f.llinir houses struck one
Tbe victims in PVrteois, st
am?ng the poorer classes,
tired to rest, bad no time to
tendent, Slgoor Rostlca, w
shirt, seems to have been m$itf
I ly active. Those who remained
the underground thunders and tbo shocks,
says the journal, considered themselves ra
ther to bare been born again tbaa preserv
ed. It would be tedious to give you the
fresh details which have just been brought
lu since the commencement of this letter.
They are represented to be of ever-Increasing
grsrity, and the names of msny otber
places damaged are given. On tbe 25 tb the
nomtni practiti bad beep sent to tbe site of
destruction, and on the 28th three otber per
rout, to difcioter and dlsiuftct. From Gaels
had ben despatched two hundred soldiers
bf the 71b of the line sad two hundred pio.
nee re, but the trovement was late. Frojn
the hospital 2,600 military tents have been
despatched, and grt quantities cf mate
rlsls fur buildlngastd cf food. Jt js ,g be
hoped, therefore, ibst though more despatch
might have besn used lo tbe frst tastaace,
and more energy inspired by tbe presence of
a member of the royal fts'.ly, the wssts of
tbe rnrTtjerr.will h tire-peisrlly rs23?l
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