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    Qregöii Historical
t Her Trouble Berome Chronic lie-
Mie 11 eat tatv<l to Consult Her
Phy»h-ian—Particulars of a Re­
markable Case.
<Thc natural reluctance which every
woman fe»>ls to consult a physician re­
garding troubles peculiar to her sex
caused 3
yAVeber, of No. 7085 South
lumbns, Ohio, to let her
until it became chronic.
and even f-’7’ excellent diM’tor whom she
empki- * Wld give her no relief that
was peTu
t. She gives the follow­
ing detai - u a* interesting case:
“ I felt rloafi-ouble a long time before
I went to-oiir doctor, perhaps a year or
more. W hen I did consult him lie told me
I had female trouble. I felt sharp ¡Min.-
through my stomach and could not walk
acres« the room without suffering ag-
ich I cannot describe. My head
achi - that it fairly thumped add at
times it seemed that I would go crazy.
My stomach became so weak that it
would retain only the lightest food.
Week after week I took tb > doctor’s
medicine, but I continued to feel Worse
and worse. Ou several occasions I was
confineil to my bed for a week at a time.
My weight decreased to 102 poui.ds and
I seemed acoutirmed invalid.
“ One day I read of a ea.-^ s. rilar to
mine that had been cured by L»r. Wil­
liams’ Pink Pills for Pale Pe-rde and,
although I did not have much coatidence,
I begun taking the pills, luivi; y.lrea<ly
discontinued my dwtor’s Cjtiuent.
While I was taking the second Kix I be­
gan to feel a little better aiidjthe im­
provement continued until I was cured.
In a few months I had recovered my
health and strength and weighed 132
pounds. I owe everything t»>"Dr. Wil­
liams’Pink Pills.”
No discovery of modern times has
proved such a blessing to women as Dr.
Williams’ Pink Pills for Pa o People.
Acting directly on the blood a*id nerves,
invigorating the body, regn'iting the
functions, they restore the sttdngih and
health in the exliauxted «vuiViit when
every effort of the physi^- t><oves un­
availing. These ¡»ills a 7”
boxM ar
50 cents a box, or sr»''’ \ ' (•»hi2 5<dand
may be had from all drutrii*
or c irect
from Dr. Williams
nectady, N.
-------------- ---- -
I t is possible for you
a dollar by
an honest debt, but it is s the
priced dollar that ever nestled in yQur
pocket. It was make •' ‘ e cost of
your reputation for he- . and integ­
. . i* ,
N ew portraits of GÏ*^W.Hiam H.
Taf* who has just returned
Philippines to assume the di iies Y»f
Secretary of War at Washing n, ap­
pear >n the Review of Reviews for Feb-
together with an appr iatlve
sketch of Governor Taft's Phuippinti
administration, by Frederick W. Nash*
touxa .
Ito Kind Yw Naw Always Botigli
T he astounding and to some extent
disquieting notice comes from London
that tbe business of foretelling the
weather is sure to pass very soon from
the department of human fancy to that
of scientific fact. We are to have an
end of “prospects,” “probabilities and
“indications.” In tbe bulletins from
the signal offices we are to read of the
approaches of the inevitable. It is tbe
Roentgen ray which opens this possi­
bility. By its penetrating powers it is
to enable tbe prophets to perceive the
coming of the weather, even through a
* blanket of London fog or a superficial
wrapping of Willamette mist.
Itching Skin
Distress by day and night—
That’s the complaint of those who
are so unfortunate as to be afflicted
with Eczema or Salt Rhenm—and out­
ward applications do not cure.
They can’t.
The source of the trouble is in the
blood—make that pure and this scal­
ing, burning, itching skin disease will
“I was taken with an itching on my
arms which proved very disagreeable. I
concluded it was salt rheum and bought a
bottle of Hood’s Sarsaparilla. In two days
after I began taking it I felt better and it
was not long before I was cured. Have
never had any skin disease since.” Mas.
I da K. W abd , Cove Point, Md.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
and Pills
rid the blood of all impurities and core
all eruptions.
W orld’s Fair Rates.
A fter years of struggle and agita­
tion Tom Johnson has secured the
passage of an ordinance in Cleveland
fixing the price of street car fare at
three cents within certain prescribed
limits in which five cents had been pre­
viously charged. The courts,too often
packed against the poor, have grant­
ed an Injunction restraining the city
from reducing fares, on the plea of the
street ear companies that such an act
would be “taking money without due
process of law.” The street car syndi­
cate has been taking something for no­
thing from the people of Cleveland for
years, in collecting five-cent fares, and
now take refuge in the courts when the
people ask for justice. Tom Johnson
has made this long tight for cheaper
fares in the direct interest of the thou­
sands of school children who live in the
suburbs and must either walk from one
to four miles to and from school each
day, or pay the exorbitant fares, and
now the courts balk the process of jus­
tice by defeating the aim of the city.
There must be a change before it is too
A nother election is fast ap
proaching, and the people will soon be
cal'ed on to decide who their officials
will be during the ensuing two years.
The greatest of card should be taken in
this.The Oregonian suggests that good
book-keeping is needed in the adminis­
tration of public business. The fact is
that men, illiterate and incompetent,
are elected te responsible public posi­
tions in many counties of the state sim­
ply because 'they are good fellows in
one way or Another or good hustlers
politically, oj are popular for some in­
consequential characteristic,when they
are incapable of performing the duties
of offices which require book-keeping,
money changing or letter-writing.
That which :n some cases seems to be
“criminal carelessness” is merely ûis
result of ignorance.
J ohn D. R ockefeller has made
himself the richest man In the world
by noting a great opportunity when it
presented itself, by studying it more
carefully than anybody el<e did,and by
making the most of it for himself.
When it was first discovered That pe­
troleum was useful, and tRatithduld be
obtained by certain mears in profitable
quantity, he had no money. But he
went to work to get money, and with
it to get interests of numerous N|nds in
the oil business. He profitable,
and as his property and money ncreas­
ed he kept at work, searching 'or and
finding new uses for the r^w arterial.
Now the by-products made fr-gm pe­
troleum in the manufactu ” of illumin­
ating oil are so numerous that it would
be hard to name them, and they ats
said to be worth vastly m<„> than tLe
oil itself.
The people of Onegorf.
and eVery individual one of tbs^r, h»j8e
before them an opportunity as great as
Rockefeller's was at the beginning, if
they will recognize it and make use of
Cured After Suffering 20
F. Hare, Supt. Miami Cycle & Mfg.
Co., Middletown, O., suffered for ten
years with dyspepsia. He spent hun­
dreds of dollars for medicine and with
ductors without receiving any per­
manent benefit. He says; “One night
while feeling t xceptionally bad 1 was
about to throw down the evening
paier when I saw an item in the paper
regarding themerit»of Kodel Dyspep­
sia Cure. I concluded to try it and
while I had no faith in it I felt better
after the second dose. After usiog
two bottles I am stronger and better
than I have t een tn years, and I recom­
mend Kodol Dyspepsia Cure to my
friends and . cquaintances suffering
from stomach trouble.” Sold by all
Teachers' Examination
A Teacher Becomes Jealous
of His Wife, Kills Her
and then Ends His
Own Life.
Investigation has brought to light
the causes lerding up to the shooting
of Mrs. Brown and the suicide of
her husband, whose bodies were
found near Pendleton, Jan 26t.h. The
husband had become insanely jealous,
■ aused by his wife allowing a young
man to kiss tier while playing a game
of forfeits at a party in the country
where Brown was teaching school.
It was known at the inquest that
Mrs. Brown had left a letter address­
ed to a young m tn named Br Whit­
man, son of Mrs. Whitma i, at who-e
house' they b larded. Also on a sheet
of paper on her breast was:
“Bert Whitman can explain a'l.”
This letter, left addressed to Bert
Whitman, was opened by the author­
ities. In it Mrs. Brown says (to Whit­
man) that her husband lias grown so
jealous of the kiss at the party that
she finds It impis-ible to live with
him longer, and,«s she no long,*«.loves
her husband as she should, she is will­
ing that they both die.
There is no incriminating evidence
whatever to be found in the letter to
Whitman, and the authorit ies declare
that this kiss was the only cause for
Brown’s jealousy. Mrs. Brown, dur­
ing November, stayed at Mrs. Whit­
man’s with tier husband.
Lette s found in Browu’s valise
showed that he had accused bis wife
of allowing this young man to kiss
her,and she had replied tliat all of Ute
other women at the party did so and
9he thought nothing of it; but had she
known that be. Brown, was going
to Cake it so seriously, she would
neyer have permitted it.
Brown suffered from dyspepsia and
tuberculosis and was never known
to smile. It is thought that he
brooded over this kiss and s > magni­
fied the action that he became in­
sanely jealous It is believed that he
chided her so continuously about it
that she grew desperate and discr urag-
ed and was willing to die.
Robbery at Edgewood.
Oids & Gridley’s general n erchan-
di<e store, one block north of the
•'lgewood depot, Calif., was robbed
iff nearly *."00 in coin Friday night
two men, with their faces blacked,
entered the store, when Gridley’s son
and a man by the name of Myers
happened to be tbe only persons in
the store. The two intruders m hip­
ped out revolvers, at the same time
commanding the men behind tbe
counters to “dig up.” While their
order was being complied with, Mr.
Gridley, one of the proprietors walked
Into the store and he was at once
covered. It is reported that after
the change in the money drawer was
secured that the robbers compelled
Mr. Gridley to open tbe safe, which
was also rifled of its contents. Be­
sides *270 in coin the hold-up artists
took a Wells-Fargo express money
order for *20 and a Southern Pacific
pay check for *8.35, After placing
the money in their pocxets the des­
peradoes, with their guns pointed at
the heads of the three men, marched
tbe litter out of the store and some
distance awiy, and dismissed them
with tbe order not to return and not
to look back. Gridley lost no time io
n itifying tbe authorities, but up to
last night, nothing bad been beard of
tbe miscreants.
P. H. Daily, county school super­
intendent, gives notice that he will hold
A Marvelous M erlal Globe.
the regular examination of applicants
for state and county papers at the court
One of the attractions planned for
house in February:
the tit. Louis World’s Fair will be an
aerial globe, 700 feet high. Some
idea of its magnitude can be obtained
Commencing Wednesday, February after comparing it with the popular
10, at 9 o’clock a. m., and continu­ Ferris wheel, which is considered a
ing until Saturday, February 13th, at crude affair beside it. This state­
ment is also appropriate, after com­
4 o'clock p. m.
paring the celebrated Hostetter’s
Wednesday — Penmanship, history, Stomach Bitters with the other stom­
spelling, algebra, reading, school law. ach remedies. Ita 50 yea’s’ record of
cures puts it s > far in the lead as a
Thursday — Written
arithmetic, lamilv medicine that the others are
theory of teaching, grammar, book­ considered crude affairs and hardly
worth a trial. Then don’t delay long­
keeping, physics, civil government.
er, as delay is always dangerous, es­
Friday — Physiology, geography, pecially iu cases ot Indigestion, dys­
mental arithmetic, composition, physi­ pepsia, c nstlpation, biliousness, in­
somnia, chills, colds or malaria, fever
cal geography.
and ague. Tne bitters positively
Saturday—Botany, plane geometry, cue. the-e ailment-*, as bousinds
general history, English literature, have voluntarily testified. Try it and
see for yourself.
At the final meeting of the Trans­
continental Passenger Association
the following World’s Fair rates from
the Pacific Coast were formulated:
From Pacific Coast points to tit.
Louis and return, *67.50; from Pacif­
ic Coast points to Chicago and return,
*78.50; from Pacific C >ast poiuts to
Chicago and return, by way of St.
Louis, *70.
Tickets at the above rates will be
sold three days in each month, with a
ten-day limit going and 90-day limit
returning, with stop-over privileges
at points in transit.
Commencing at 9 o’clock a. m., Wed­
nesday, February
10, and con­
tinuing until 4 o’clock p. m., Friday,
February 12:
Wednesday—Penmanship, history,
orthography, reading.
Thursday — Written arthmetic,
theory of teaching, grammar, phys­
Friday — Geography, mental arith­
metic, school law, civil government.
Examination Wednesday and Thurs­
day, Feb. 10th and 11th:
Wednesday—Penmanship, orthog­
raphy, reading, arithmetic.
Thursday—Art of questioning,theory
of teaching, methods, physiology.
All who wish to teach should attend
these examinations and secure papers.
Another opportunity will not occur
before next August.
Case of
Rheumatla c
Cured by Chamberlain’s
Pain Balm.
Ihe of Chamberlain's
Pa n B ilm in the relief of rheuma­
tism is being demonstrated dal y.
Falser Triplett. .4 G igsby, Va., says
that Obamt erlaiu’s Pain Balm gave
him pe*maneuu relief from rbeuma-
t,lsm In the La k whfn everything
else failed, and be would not be with­
out it. Ft r sale by all druggists.
The Ladles’ Home Missionary Socie­
ty of the Presbyterian church of Jack­
Miss Rose Buckley of Applegatc has sonville has been reorganized, with
Mrs. A. E. Reames was a recent visit­
been visitiug in Medford and Jackson the following ollleors: President, Rev. or in Medford.
F. G Strange; vice-presidents, Mrs. C.
Judge Chas. Prim spent Saturday
C. Beekman and Mrs. A. Elmer; secre­
S. T. Sandry, the export miner, has tary, Mrs. J. W. Robinson; treasurer, afternoon at Ashland.
gone to California, to follow his pro­ Mrs. Chas. Prim.
P. Deiscb and Jas. Eaton were Med­
ford visitors Sunday.
In the neighborhood of 8000 acres of
Mrs. May Haskins, who has been in land, included in the proposed forest
F. M. Wilson spent a few hours in
Jacksonville for sometime pa^i., is now reservation of Northern California, Jacksonville Tuesday,
a resident of Gold Hill.
which wore withdrawn from public en­
H. E. Ankeny is at the Sterling mine,
Such beautiful weather in February try last year, have again been thrown having arrived Monday,
is a great surprise to those who are open for entry. The official notice to
Under Sheriff Crawford and his lami­
new to Soutberu Oregon.
that effect-has been received by offi- ly visited in Gold Hill Suuday.
cers of tbe Redding land office from j j Mrs. R. G. Gale is the guest of Miss
Harry C. Bilger, who is a nati ve of
the Department ot the Interior.
[ Gertrude McCallen of Ashland.
Jacksonville, has been appointed post­
Suit for a divorce has been filed in
master at Cle-Elutn, Wash.
Capt. J. T. C. Nash of Berkeley Is
the circuit court for Multuomah coun­ making Medford a business visit.
Mr. Benedict came dowu from Salem
Tuesday fora visit with R. Benedict of ty by David B. Carr against Sarah
Gov. Brady of Alaska is at Ashland,
Carr. The litigants were married at
Applegate, the well-known pioneer.
guest Mr. and Mrs 8yd McNair.
Grants Pass in August, 1897, and Carr
Homer Davenport, the cartoonist, alleges that his wife deserted him at
H. E. Higgles and M. Reinhart, well-
wili deliver a lecture at the Chautau­ Gallee Creek in May, 1900. There is known commercial travelers, are with
qua tabernacle at Ashland, April 4th. one child tour years old, of which the us.
Miss Catherine Buckley has resumed father asks the custody.
Miss Annie Pankey of Central Point
her duties asa trained nurse at Sacra­
The administration building of the is visiting her brother, Al. Pankey of
mento, after a visit of several weeks in S. O. S. N. Co,, which was quite re- Ashland.
this valley,
cently completed, on Fl riday evening
Pitny Strange of Jacksonville, the
Mrs. D. D. Good ot Ashland is visit­ was formally dedicated, It is a hand- expert printer, was an Ashland visitor
ing in Jacksonville, having accompa­ some and commodious structure, ar.d Monday.
nied Mrs. S. P. Robbins and her sister, adds much to the appearance of Ash­
Mr. Blackmer, a member of the Bill
land. Short addresses were made by Nye Mining Co., has returned from
Miss Slimmer, thither.
President Mulkey, Senator Carter and
M. F. Parker has been in Jackson­ H. C. Kinney, R. P. Neil and F. H New York.
Misses Nellie and Mabel Russell of
ville. building a stone breakwater to Carter, who are members of the hoard
Ashland have returned from their visit
keep Daisy creek from damaging the of regents.
in California.
property occupied by Prof. Wasnburn
Chauncey Nye. a member of Ore­
and bis family.
Mrs. J. J. Murphy and Mrs. J. R.
gon’s first legislature and one of the Tozer of Ashland have been visiting in
Guaranteed Forest Reserve Scrip tor
sale, in large or small quantities, by­ earliest and bet-mown of Southern Jacksonville.
Frank E. Alley, upstairs over Land Oregon pioneers, ded at his home in
M. Purdin and H. Witbington were
Office, Roseburg. Oregon. Will place Flounce Rock precinct Sunday night
the county-seat Monday on profess­
same for non-resident purchasers.
He was nearly SOyears of age and had
ional business.
Mrs. W. C. Daly of Lake Creek re­ lived in Jackson county more than
Sandry Bros, of Gold Hill, the well-
cently had three ribs fractured and half a century. He was a good citizen
miners, were in Medford one
was otherwise severely injured in being and highly respected by al) who knew day this week.
thrown from her horse. Dr. Officer him.
W. E. Olmstead, superintendent of
is in attendance.
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
the Sturgis mines, was among those in
Take Laxative Bromo-Qulntne Tablets.__
Brophy Bros a few days since receiv­ Druggists
refund tbe money It It rails to cure our town Monday.
ed another lot of Holstein cattle from trove’s signature is ot> each box. 25c.
District Attorney Reames and Geo.
Columbia county, and now have the
E. Neuber have returned from their
largest herd of fine dairy stock in
trip to California.
Southern Oregou.
A. H. Findley,the genial representa­
Rev. John Dawson, the Presbyterian
tive of the Marshall Wells Hardware
A man named Dally Heller, who
minister, who was formerly located at
Co., is with us again.
itoecburg and is well known in Jackson was in the custody of a constable at
J. W. Connor, who lived on lower
county, has accepted a call from the Montague, Thursday, made his escape.
many- years ago, is paying
Church of Good Shepherd at Albina.
him. Constable Niks, from whom Southern Oregon a visit.
Jane McCully Cabin, N. D. O., will the man got away, wa* in Ashltnd
John Tyrrell, Jr.,whe has been stop­
give a leap-year ball at Orth's Hall, Saturdav in pursuit of him and while
in Medford, has returned to his
Jacksonville, Friday night, Feb. 12. It there advi-ei w ith the local officers.
in Lake Creek district.
promises to be a first-class one, as no It was learned that Heller passed
W. W. Hall of Hornbrook,one of the
pains are being spared to make it such. through Ashland on theeai ly morning
citizens of Northern Califor­
Blue prints of township maps, show (rain, Friday, northward, and that
ing all vacant land, fifty cents each his fam’ly followed bimin the after- nia, is paying this section a visit.
For reliable information concerning noon of the same day. It seems that
Lloyd E. Gehrett, who is located in
government land write to Frank E.
Alley, Abstracter, Roseburg, Oregon. Heller eluded ilie constable while eat­ Ashlaud for the present, is here in the
ing supper witii his fami'y at Monta­ interest of the Fashion Cleaning Co.
The Iowa Lumber ar.d Box Cc. will gue, says the Tidings.
Dr Olmsted nnd W. L. Ireland ol
maintain its yards <.t Jacksonville,
Pa^s were on Tuesday’s south­
keeping a complete line of b-inbor of all
rau'ja.Ui San Fran­
kinds, sash and doors, limn, cement,
E. S. Lucas. Wingo, Ky.. writes
shingles and other building material, April 2rit*>, 19>»2: “For 10 to 12 years cisco.
1 bad been afflicted with a malady
O. H Price, who is now a resident of
Miss Myrtle Sutton, who held the known as ‘itch.’ The itching wa> Umatilla county, has been visiting in
uxi>t unb<arable. 1 bad tried for
position of stenographer in District At­ year- to hod relief, having tried all Southern Oregon, where he formerly
torney Reames’ office tor some time, is remedies I could hear of, besides a lived.
at the North Pacific Sanitarium, pre­ number of doctors. 1 wish to state
Dr. E. O. Smith of Eugene, president
paring herself tor the profession of a tin'une single application of Bal­ of the Missouri Mining Co., was in our
lard’s tinow Llnimeot cured me c an*
trained nurse.
pletely and permanently. Sinoe then. city Tuesday, while on his way to the
Messrs. Van Gorder and McIntire, 1 have used the liniment on two sepa­ mines.
who are developing the \ ellow Jacket rate o easions for ringworm and i
cured completely. 25c. 50c and *1.00
Mrs. Lillie Carver of Phoenix pre-
mine, located in Forest Creik district, bottle. S dd by Dr. J. lilukle, Central
visited her aunt, Mrs. M. E.
for Geo. A. Dyson and his colleagues, Point, Ore.
Rapp of Ashland,while en route to San
have driven a tunnel nearly 200 feet
He Got
Want Another Mail.
I. W. Harper is the “Gold Medal”
whisky of the world. Higtest awards
at Paris, 1900; Chicago, 1893; New
Orleans, 1885. Unbeaten and Unbeat
able! Sold by E. H. Helm«. Jackson­
Davis' flouring mill resumed opera­
tions Monday and will run steadily.
Geo. Daley of Eagle Point, who did
such good service tor Holmes Bros, in
a like capacity, is acting as miller,
with Newt Marcy in charge of the mo­
tive power.
Mrs. Helen Gatch of Salem, grand
worthy matron of the O. E. S., is pay­
ing Southern Oregon an official vtsit
She is a daughter of Dr. O. P. S
Plummer of Portland and was born in
Tbe first section of the road up Ap­
plegate, the contract for building
which was lot toG. C. Perham of Gold
Hill, has been completed. It Is a good
piece of work and reflects much credit
on the contractor.
W. M. Colvig, who has been in De­
Mich.,on business connected with
A petition, with a large number of
lodge of the A. O U. W.,
signers and backed by several promi­
nent men of the state, has been for­
warded to the Post Office Department
H. H. Howard and his family are
at Washington, asking that a morning now located at Spokane. He is travel­
mail be established between Jackson­ ing in the interest of a firm of whole­
ville and Medford, in addition to the salers and doing nicely.
neon and evening mails. A morning
Col. Gordon Voorhies of Portland,
mail and train will be a great conveni­
who was recently appointed inspector­
ence to the residents of Jacksonville general of the O. X G., spent a short
and to all those who wish to transact
time at the Eden valley orchards this
business at the county-seat. The ser­ week.
vice wili give the people of Applegate
John H. Bellinger, who lives between
their mail a day earlier than under the
present order of things. The stages Medford and Jacksonville, was witb-us
leave Jacksonville before the mail ar­ Saturday. He is prominently mention­
rives, and the daily papers from Port­ ed among the Republican candidates
land and Sau Francisco must lie there for sheriff.
until the following day.
Mr. and Mrs. Schueler, who have
been stopping on Wolf creek, left for
Medford Should Do Likewise Southern California Sunday, after a
The Jacksonville Board of Trade bas brief visit with Mrs. S.’s parents,Judge
undertaken to secure the building of a and Mrs. M. Purdin.
mile of macadam road on that section
J. W. Perkins, a prominent citizeu of
of the Jacksonville—Medford road from Portland,and his wife spent a couple of
the town to the junction of the Med­ days in the valley this week. He is so
ford—Central Point roads. A 20-foot well pleased with this section that he
wide turnpike will be thrown up, the may engage in horticulture here.
material tor which will be gravel from
Jackson creek, the channel of which
There is more Catarrh in this sec-
adjoins this road. In removiug the
tiou of the country than all other dis-
gravel for the road a straight, deep ea-e- put together, and until the last
chaunel will bo made for the creek, to few years was supposed to he iucuia-
prevent floods from injur'mg the rail­ bls. For a great many years doctors
way, as has been done several times in pronounced it a local disease and pre­
scribed local remedies, and by con­
the past. The improvements to the stantly failing to cure with loca.
road and creek will cost about *1000, treatment, pronounced it Incurable.
half of which will be paid by Jackeon Science lias proven catarrh to be a
county and the balance by the citi­ constitutional disease and therefore
requires constitutional treatment.
zens and the town of Jacksonville. The Hail’s Catarrh Cure, manufactured
committee is having no difficulty in se­ by
J Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio,
curing the amount desired. Medford is tlie only constitutional cure on the
should do likewise from Its end of the market. It is taken internally in
do«ea from 10 drops to a teaspoonful,
It act« directly on the blood and mu­
surfaces of the system. They of­
Mining Prospects Good.
fer one hundred d< 11 >rs for any case it
fails to cure. Send for circulars and
Dr. Jones and Chas. Strang, who own testimonials.
Address: F. J. Cheoey & Co., To­
rt tine placer proposition in Grave creek ledo, Ohio
district, Josephine county, are operat­
S 'ld bv all druggists, 75c.
Take Hall’s Family Pills for consti­
ing it with one of the best plants in
Southern Oregon. They will at once
add a small saw mill, with which to get
out flume and other necessary lumber.
There Is an excellent prospect that
their enterprise will prove a remunera­
tive one.
The Glendale school re-opcned Mon­
day, with Prof. McConnell of Merlin as
principal and Misses Mary Childers of
Medford and Stella Paddock of. Grants
Pass in charge of the intermediate and
primary departments.
S. M. Yoran, of Eugene, grand mas­
ter of the A F. & A. M., is in this sec­
tion on business connected with the or­
der. He will visit Medford and Jack­
John Duncan, who is deaf, had both sonville lodges Tuesday and Wednes­
legs cut off by a locomotive, near day evenings of this week.
Coles, Monday afternoon. It seems
E. Evanson, J. J. Nelson, R. T. Pe­
that lie attempted to cross the track
on one of the numerous curves, a terson and A. L. Torblaa, who are
little distance north of that station. prominent citizens of Grafton, N. D.,
A light engine, with Engineer Hun­ spen' a few days in this vicinity. They
ter in the cab, wa9 traveling south, are delighted with our valley and may­
but because of the winding of the return at an early day with tbe Inten­
road around the mountain spurs tion of locating.
Blue-print maps of any township in
Duncan could not see the approach­
ing danger and his impaired hearing Roseburg, Oregon, Land District, show­
ing all tbo vacant lands, for 50 cents
prevented him from bearing It, so that each. If you want any information
the locomotive was upon him before from the U. S. Lund Officé, address
Loan Co., Reso­
tie could escape. He was-taken Loisible Guarautv©
Coles, and the 8. P. company’s physi­ burg, Oregon.
cian at rlornbrook wa^ i aHily sum-
Miss Henrietta Moore, sister of Ru­
rnond to do what lie could for the in­ fus and Stalo Treasurer Moore, will
jured man. ___________
receive the degree of doctor of philoso­
C roup
phy from Columbia University next
Begins witii the symptoms of a com- June. Aftor graduation Miss Moore
ill n cold; there is chilliness, snee zing, will return to her home in Portland
Soie throat, tint, skin, quick pulse, and dotermino upon her future work.
hoarsem st and impeded respiration.
Give fn quenl small dices of Ballard’s
Ilorelioun I ti.rup, (’he child will cry
for it) and at the first sigu of a croupy
ci uvli a| ply frequency Ballard’s
Snow Liniment to the thio it.
Mr»-. A Vllei, N w Castle, Colo.,
wile*, March 19 h, 1901: *1 tlil-.k
has stood the test 25 years. Average Annual Sales over One and a Half Mfflfon
Bsibird's H* rebound Svrupa w<»nd* r-
ful reiurdy, aud so pl asant.” 25c,
bottles. Does this record of merit appeal to you?
No Cure, No Pay.
50c. and *1.00. Sold by Dr. J. IlinkL-,
>Bcio*H with wry beta, to a Tm Caat» package of Crow** Black Root» Liver Pflto»_________
Central To.nt, Ore.
Lost Both Legs.
NO. 8
Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic
J. W. Opp was a recent Ashland vis­
Rev. M. D. Wilson of Talent was one
of our visitors Wednesday.
J. B. R. Morelock, a prominent citi­
zen of Gold Hill, was among our late tors.
Mark Applegate, who has been en­
gaged iu mining in Elk Creek district,
is with us again.
The County Commissioners’ court is
holding Its monthly session, with a full
board in attendance.
Rev, F. G. Strange wili hold services
at the Presbyterian church Sunday
morning and evening.
Oden Bros, and Wm. Hillis of Pl as-
aut Creek were among those in town
the forepart of the week.
Rev. J. D. Murphy will hold services
at the Catholic church in Jacksonville
Sunday at the usual time.
C. M. Ruch,the Applegate merchant,
and Walker Lewis of Sterlingville were
recent visitors in our town.
The request sent out from St. Louis
Mrs. R. J. Cameron of Applegate ■
paying Medford a visit, the guest of through the Associated Press by tbe
Louisiana Purchase Exposition man­
her daughter, Mrs. L. L. Jacobs.
Mrs. Theo. Cameron went to Med­ agement, that exhibitors forward
ford Wednesday to meet Mrs. H. their displays at the earliest possible
moment, is very timely and should
Gatch, grand matron of the O. E. S.
meet with a favorable response. At­
A. Jeldnesrs, whois developing a
tention is called to the fact that dur­
promising group of mines in the cop­
ing tbe months of March and April
per belt, was in our midst Wednesday.
25,000 to 30,000 carloads of exhibits
S. J. Way men t was down from are expected. It is inevitabla that so
Evans Creek this week, on business great a mass of stuff will cause a con­
with the county commissioners’ court. gestion hard to overcome.
Mrs. W. M. Colvig, grand chief of
Under tbe most favorable circum
the Degree of Honor of Oregon, went ■tances there will be exasperating de­
north Tuesday evening,on official busi­ lays in unpacking and installing ex­
hibits. Those who visited tbe world’s
Nelson Powell, who formerly lived in fair in Chicago in 1893 early in its ex­
Jacksonville,has been paying us a visit istence remember that at the opening
He is learning the barber’s business at of the fair probably 50 per cent of the
exhibits were either packed away in
Claiborn Neil, a well-known pioneer warehouses or tn transit. Tbe build­
of Southern Oregon, was in Jackson­ ings in the main were ready, but a
ville Monday. He is now a resident of shortage of cars and unavoidable
delays at tbe last moment seriously
John De Ro boa m, Jr., of Evans Creek retarded tbe completion of the fair.
was a recent visitor. A bouncing baby Not until late in June was it at its
of the boy persuasion recently arrived best.
The St. Louis management does not
at his house.
a repetition of tbe Chicago
Bert Clute has gone to California. A
party, complimentary to him. was given delays. A large precentage of the ex­
at Rose’.- Hall on /xpplegate the even­ hibits should be forwarded immedi­
ate^. It is announced that plenty of
ing before he left.
warehouse Toom has been provided,
David Dorn, who subcontracted to so exhibitors have nothing to fear
build the last section of' the road up from having their goods on the
Big Applegate, from Geo. P. Furman, grounds many weeks before the open­
is getting along nicely.
Geo. F. Trefren and Jas. S. Bailey of
Ashland have returned from Galioe
Creek, where they have been on a pros­
pecting expedition.
There is hardly a day passes but
Miss Marie Tongue of Hillsboro made
Jacksonville a short visit. She left for wbat there are more or less ioquirie
the north Tuesday, accompanied by about property in Rogue River Valley.
hex sister, Mrs. A. E. Reames.
Those making them come from nearly
Luzerne Robson, who got his start
every part of the United States and
in Jacksonville, is visiting in this sec­
people who would make good citi­
tion. He is now in the employ of
In every way, besides having
Honey man, DeHart A Co. of Portland«
with which to pay for what
Work has been resumed on the Opp
and improve it. Our cli­
mines, located west of Jacksonville.
sources charm them,
There is every probability that they
will be operated on a bigger scale in and, were there an abundance of first-
ciass land for sale at a reasonable
the future.
figure, very few would leave without
Dan Reynolds, who has been mak­
ing this section a short visit, has re­
The latest investor is Mr. Street,
turned to Culdesac, Idaho, his new
came from Illinois to look at the
home, accompanied by his son George.
He is so well satisfied with
The best wishes of many friends ac­
bas concluded to locate
company them.
here and has bought H H. Howard’s
One Larson, who has been working
handsome residence in Medford and
tor A. Jeldness, has shaken the mud of
Mr. Copic, *s farm of 100acres, located
the copper belt from his brogans and
near this city, through the Palm-
gone to the more congenial climes of York real estate agency, paying *2000
California. He was supreme in his own
for the first and *5500 for the other.
egotism, and thought he knew more
about mining that everybody else.
As Mrs. J. O'Brien of Applegate, an
elderly lady, was preparing to start
home from Medford Tuesday evening,
the horse she was driving became
frightened as the train went by
and ran away. Mrs. O. was thrown to
the ground, but fortunately sustained
no serious injuries. The wagon and
harness were annihilated, however.
Don't Delay Exhibits.
Property in Demand.
Judgment Set Aside.
In tbe case of C. E. Stevenson vs.
the S.P. Co., tried in the circuit court
for Josephine county, tbe verdict of
tbe jury was set aside by Judge
Hanna and a new trial granted. At
the previous term of court Stevenson
had been given a verdict for *3000.
The plaintiff was a member of a sec­
tion gang and based his claim for
damages on the defective condition of
a h^t dear on which he and several
others were riding, which prevented
the working of the brake and result­
ed in a cjllition with a light engine.
Stevenson «as badly crippled.
Sent to Jail.
John Couey the small boy who was
irrested for larceny, on Monday plead­
ed guilty to the charge and Justice
Durdin gave him the minimum sen­
tence, thirty days in the county jail.
Constable Angle took him to Jackson­
ville the same day.
It would be far better for the lad if
lie were sent to the Reform School,
and he would be, but for the obstinacy
of bis parents. A few years in that
institution might prove highly bene-
bcial to him.
Perfect Confidence.
Where there used to be a feeling of
uneasiness and worry in the house­
hold when a child showed symptoms
of croup, there is now perfect confi­
dence. This is owing to the uniform
success of Chamberlain’s Cough Rem-
t dy in the treatment of that disease.
Mr-. M. 1. B isford, of Poolsville, Md.,
m speaking i f her experience iu tbe
u-e oi that remedy «ays: “I have a
»odd <if contldence in Chamberlain’s
Jimgii Rem dy, for I haye used it
a i! ti peifeet success. My child Gar-
1 land is sobject to severe attacks of
croup inti iu always aives him prompt
l rebel.” For saie by all diuggists.
Feed pale girls on Scott’s
We do not need to give all
the reasons
why Scott’s
Emulsion restores the strength
and flesh and color of good
health to those who suffer
from sick blood.
The fact that it is the best
preparation of Cod Liver Oil,
rich in nutrition, full of healthy
stimulation is a suggestion a*
to why it does what it does.
Scott's Emulsion presents
Cod Liver Oil at its best,
fullest in strength, least in
Young women in their
“ teens ” are permanently cured
of the peculiar disease of the
blood which shows itself in
paleness, weakness and nervous­
ness, by regular treatment
with Scott’s Emulsion.
It is a true blood food and
is naturally adapted to the cure
of the blood sickness from
which so many young women
W« witl b<
to m*
• xamplc to any sufferer.
Be sure tlul this picture in
the form ot a label to on th.
wrapper of every bottle
E mullion you buy.
409 Pearl St, N.w Y m L