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Doeueat la a Victory For the Do
Mothlosro—The Baron Do Not Fear
Truat Controlled Co«cr«»a — Tart«
Advertisements inserted at reasona­
ble rates.
M adams P atti will keep the wolf
from the door. She bas signed a cun
tract for six months of concert io the
United States next fall, for which she
la to receive three hundred lhou«aud
T hk coinage at the San Francis*o
mint during 1902 amounted tn 847,-
316,988, a heavy sbiirka^e fr m the
output of 1901 which was 881,072,490,
tbe largest in the history not only o'
this but of all the iriut, in the coun­
T hh total of the appropriations
made by the 2(st session of the legisia-
t ve assembly (1901) was 81,719,798.74.
It is estimated that the amount this
year will almost reach 82,000,000, ex­
slu.« i vs of the appropriation of 8500,-
000 for the Lewis and Clark Fair.
T he legislature has passed the bill
appropriating 1165,000 to build a port­
age railroad at the dalles of the Co­
lumbia river, between Celilo and The
Dalles. The Oregon Railway and
Navigation Company bad a powerful
lobby about Salem opposing the bill.
T he people of southern Oregon seem
to think that we have had much
more than our share of moisture du­
ring the past five months; yet al Cres­
cent City, Cal., 651 inches fell during
the same time, or nearly twice as
moeh rain as was recorded that
season the year before.
P robably no state in the Union
can show a better financial condition
than Oregon. The state bas no out­
standing bonded indebtedness, and it-
current debits are more tban offset by
accruing credits. In other words, Or­
egon is cut of debt, and with every­
thing collected and paid out that Is
due,there would n main a considerable
balance in tbe treasury.
A W ashingtom report says one sen­
ator at least was greatly Incensed at
Rockefeller sending him a dispatch to
the effect that tbe anti-trust bill must
be killed. That is tbe first case on
reaord of a senator getting angry
through notice from tbe big fellows.
If not millionaires themselves tbe
senators are often under pay of
some big corporation.
M ore evidence of the fact that the
State Senate, like the U. S. Senate,
is not doing its duty by the people was
given when it defeated Representa­
tion Hale’s bill for removal of tbe lim­
itation of 85600 in suits for damages
growing out of tbedealh of a person ar­
ising from wrongful acts or negligence
of another was defeated in the Senate
Monday. This was om of tbe best
measures before tbe leg Mature.
J udos W. R. D ay of Ohio, who has
been appointed to succeed Judge Shi­
ras as a nu mber oHbe U. S Suprt me
Ooutt, is the second member of that
body named by President Roosevelt.
One supreme judge was appointed by
Mr. McKinley, two by Mr. Harii on,
tbiee by Mr. Cleveland and > ne— the
veteran Justice Bai Ian--by Mr. Hayes.
As has been the case far several years,
six of tbe nine members will be ap­
pointees of Republican presidents.
Chief Justice Muller is a Democrat
and was named by Cleveland.
T hk wheat situation is considerably
stronger than it was last week. Wil­
lamette millers are offering several
cents a bushel over tbe quotations re­
ported on Saturday. Ttday’s quota­
tions are: Walla Walla, 75 and 704c ;
Bluestem, 87 and 88c; Valley, 78 and
80c. Additional advances are expect­
ed in tbe various grade«, Valley
wheat, especially, being expected to
rhe. Late reports stow that about
one third of »he last year’s crop is still
in tbe bands of the Valley farmers.
Tra legislature is not treating the
labor unit ns with the con:Id ration
they expected—at least the Senate ia
killing those measures which they fa­
vored moat. Senator Browne'l’s bills
making eight hours a day's work in
specific occupations was indefinitely,
postponed. Bailey’s bills prohibiting
the use of deception or mlsr.presenta-
ti n In procuring employees to work,
and to guarantee the right of * or king
men to belong to labor organizations,
were both Indefinitely poitponed in
the Senate. They bad paesid the
Tua U. 8. Senate passed the Per-
kins bill, authorizing tbe President to
designate areas within forest reserves
to be set aside for tbe protection of
wild animals, birds and fish, and to
be recognized as breeding places
tberefor. When such areas have been
designated and marked all Looting,
trapping, killing or capture of wild
animals, birds and tish within their
limits will be unlawful, except under
legulations to be preacrijed by tbe
Secretary of the Interior. Violations
of this law are punishable by tine not
exceeding 11000 and imprisonment
not exceeding one year, or both. This
bill, If Anally enacted, will in no way
interfere with local game laws affect­
ing private, state or territorial lands.
Cancer Cured
Mr. W. W. Prickett, Smithfield,
Ill»., writes, Sept. 10th, 1901: *1 had
been suffering several yeaiswith a
cancer on sty face, which gave me
great annoyance and unbearable itch­
ing. I was using Ballard’s Snow
Liniment for a sore leg, and through
an accident I rubbed some of tbe lin­
iment on the caocer, and as It gave me
almost Instant relief 1 deeded to con­
tinue to use liniment on the cancer.
In a short time tbe cancer came out,
my face healed up and there is not tbe
•lightest tear left. 1 have implicit,
faith in the merifB of this prepara­
tion, and it ennoot be tco highly rec­
ommended.” 25c, 50 and 81.00. For
ante by City Drag Store.
Will Continue to Protect the Truata
nnd Roh the People.
The fight in the ranks of the Repub­
lican party on the trust aud tariff is­
sues bas resulted in the triumph of tbe
Hanna faction.
“Let well enough
alone,” or do as little as possible, is to
be the programme in congress and not
a vigorous reform of abuses which was
promised before election.
It had been fondly hoped that Presi­
dent Roosevelt would add the weight
of his great office to ths side of the
people and urge reform. But to the
great regret of all who believe in
“equal rights to all and special priv­
ileges to none” tbe lukewarm recom­
mendations in the president's message
ar« a victory for the do nothings.
Strange to say, there is no specific rec­
ommendation in the whole message for
a law to prevent tbe extortions of the
trusts or the subsidies granted them
by the protective tariff. It Is not the
production of the strenuous Roosevelt,
but the glittering generalities of the
anxious politician. Intent on pleasing
all 'factions and especially the stron­
If Mr. Morgan or Mr. Rockefeller
had been president and had written the
message or decided upon its contents,
tt could not have been more conserva­
tive and the intention made more evi­
dent that no legislation of consequence
will be attempted by congress. The
financial kings of Wall street through
their senatorial and congressional al­
lies. appear to have by tbe force of
numbers deluded the president into the
belief that there is great danger of dis­
turbing tbe business of the country if
any reform is even attempted. The
presidential chariot has been hitched to
the Juggernaut of Wall street which
ruthlessly ignores tbe cries of distress
of those under their feet The presi­
dential recommendation for a tariff
commission bas for weeks been the
demand of the principal Wall street
organ, tt being well known that the
procrastinating workings of such a
body would hinder rather than accel­
erate reform. In fact President Roose­
velt emphasizes this when he says,
“The unhurried and unbiased report of
this commission would show what
changes should be made in the various
“Unhurry” is Just what Wall street
and the trusts desire. Furthermore,
tbe president has been led to believe
that reforming the tariff by removing
the protection that allows the trusts to
■ell their products cheaper to foreign­
ers than to our people “would be whol­
ly ineffective.” Thus the beef trust,
the coal trust tbe steel trust and the
hundred other trusts, as far as tbe tar­
iff is concerned, are to have free rein
to continue their exactions. But Pres­
ident Roosevelt recommends that tbe
duty on anthracite coal be repealed,
though he acknowledges that such an
amendment wopld only be of service in
such a crisis as was produced by the
coal strike. He does not recommend
that bituminous coal should also be
free, though that would be of greater
benefit In regulating tbe price of fue!
■t all times.
Regarding the power of congress to
regulate the trusts tbe president is evi­
dently in an uncertain mind and makes
no specific recommendations or sugges­
tions. He, however, acknowledges that
tt may be necessary to amend the con-
stitution to give more power to con-
Baron« Rob tbe People and Pay a
Small Percentage aa Haah Money.
The Standard OU company notified
its customers Dec. 10 that it had ad­
vanced the price of oil another cent
per gallon. This is an Increase of 3V4
cents since the beginning of the coal
On Dec. 11 Commander Booth Tuck­
er of the Salvation Army got a prom­
ise by telephone from J. Pierpont Mor­
gan that he would do all in his power
to aid the Salvation Army to supply
the poor with coal. The army is bold­
ing meetings on corners in the tene­
ment section of New York for the pur­
pose of giving instructions as to how
to use porous bricks which may be
saturated with kerosene or petroleum
and used for heating purposes Instead
of coal.
Morgan controls the coal and Rocke­
feller tbe oil trust Each profits by
the other’s mouopoly uud high prices.
The prices of both coal and oil will
average 40 to 00 per cent higher this
year than last year. There is almost
no limit to tbe price which these coal
and oil barons could obtain in winter
for these earth commodities. Their
monopoly is now complete enough, but
they fear the wrath of the people too
much to double prices at once. They
welcomed the coal strike because it
accustomed the people to higher prices.
The 3t4 cents per gallon advance in
the price of oil meaus 835,000,000 of
extra profits to the trust which paid
dividends last year of 848,000,000. The
82.50 or 83 per ton advance in the
price of coal means 8125,000,000 or
8150,000,000 a year to the coal trust.
It pays to be a divine bolder of tbe
coal and oil properties of this country,
even if a part of tbe profits of the busi­
ness is given as charity to the poor
to help them to keep warm. If a little
given in this way will keep tbe people
quiet while the trusts put on the
screws and add another cent per gal­
lon or another 50 cents per ton it is a
good investment. The “Christian men
to whom Qod In bis infiulte wisdom
has given control of the property in­
terests of this country” are both char­
itable and wise. We are at their
mercy, and they are merciful unto us.
There is no law to compel them to give
a dollar of their profits to charity. They
just give out of the goodness of their
hearts. We may be thankful that such
wise and good agents are put in charge
of the coal and oil mlues of this boun­
tiful earth.
Following the Prealdent’« Lea«.
The county bridge at the Bybee place
is being temporarily repaired.
Miss Sophia Davis of Gold Hill has
become a student of the Medford Busi­
ness College.
L. F. Jordan has begun a suit for di­
vorce against his wife. Colvig & Can­
non are his attorneys.
Peter Britt, the well-known pioneer,
is recovering from a severe spell of sick­
ness. He is nearly 85 years of age.
Pottenger & Cox this week bought a
hog of R. V. Beall of Pooh Bah that
weighed 604 pounds. Ilow’s that for
Tresspass notices, printed on cloth,
for sale at this office. Thev are just
what U needed to koep people off your
JT H. Drake has traded the old Lacy
place, located in Pooh Bah precinct,for
Polk Hull’s ranch in Meadows district*
giving $2500 extra.
The S. P. Co. will pay taxes to the
amount of $22,274.85 this time, which
is about one-fifth of the total amount
that will be collected.
J. T. Taylor, treasurer of Josephine
county, announces that he lias funds on
hand for payment of warrants protest­
ed to January 15, 1896.
Subscript!, ns for Mr.-Bryan’s piper,
The Commoner, tbe leading Demo­
cratic newspaper in the United States,
are taken at T he ’T imes office.
Veach, who was sent to the peniten­
tiary from this county for two years,
for appropriating a fish-net the prop­
erty of a neighbor and selling it to J.
T. Eads & Son, has returned to Med­
ford, where his wife and five children
reside. He was pardoned by Gov. Geer
after having served half his time.
Pity the Poor FlUytaoe.
President Schurman of Cornell uni­
versity in a speech delivered before
tbe Nineteenth Century club in New
York on Dec. 11 gave a pitiful picture
of conditions in the Philippines, which
is much at variance with the optimistic
picture drawn by President Roosevelt
in bls message to congress. Professor
Schurman said: “Tbe Filipinos are tbe
victims of famine, pestilence, whole­
sale loss of farm animals by disease,
depression of agriculture, decline of
way Motr
The bill of Senator Lodge to reduce trade and disastrous derangement of
the. tariff on Philippine products com­ the currency. Tbe insular government
ing into the United States from tbe 75 is purchasing rice on the Asiatic con­
par cent of tbe Dingley rates, which tinent to furnish the Filipinos with the
they now bedr, to 25 per cent is a good means of subsistence.” The great pros­
■tar toward fair play to our impover­ perity which Republican organs and
ished and plague stricken subjects in spellbinders assure us exists there
those islands. But why should not would thus appear to be a myth, in­
there be as free trade between them vented for political purposes, and their
and us as there ia with I’orto Klco or tale of peace and plenty is made out
of whole cloth.
with Hawaii?
Teachers’ Examination.
Result of a Son’s Crime.
Tbe report has reached Eugene that
Mrs. Lyons, mother of E. E. Lyons,
the murderer of Sheriff Withers, died
Monday night at her home at Walton
as a result of the terrible ordeal into
which her son brought her and the
rest or tbe family. She is said to have
suffered terribly from spasms brought
on by much weeping and uncontrolla­
MinnieGowland.G. R. Carlock, Ma­ ble hysterical conditions. She was
mie Me William«, Hattie Gleason and about 78 years old. The father, her
Anna Bogue.
husband, is also in a very critical con
dltion, from last accounts.
Tbe semi annual examination of ap­
plicants for teachers’ certificates is
being held at Jacksonville. Tbe num­
ber is not a9 large as usual. Supt.
Daily, assisted by Prof. Washburn
and Prof. Hanby, are the exami­
ners, and tbe following applicants are
In attendance:
Josephine Donegan, Ambrosine Mur­
phy, Margaret Porter, Clara Richard­
son, Corta Masterson, Ella Dodge,
Anna Beet-on, Flossie Briscoe, Flor­
ence Reynolds, Martina Thiele, Sarah
Holler, Mabel BelJ, Lelah Stinson,
Ethel Flory, Iorz Kitchen, Mrs. Lou
Norris and Gertrude Richardson.
Language Lessons.
Beginning Jan. 15, 1903, private
lessons in French, German and Latin
will be given at tbe residence of Rev.
J. D. Murpby. Address Lock Box 115,
( Bilious Colic.
H. beever, a carpenter and builder
of Kenton, Tenn., when suffering in­
tensely from an attack of bilious col­
ic, sent to a nearby drug store for
something to relieve him. Tbe drug­
gist sent him a bottle of Chamber­
lain’s col'c, cholera and diarrhoea
remedy, three doses of which effected
a permanent cure. This Is the only
remedy that can be depended upon in
the most severe cases of colic and chol­
era morbus. Most druggists know
this and recommend it when such a
medicine is called for. For sale at
City Drug Store.
“Trusty” White’s 8uicide.
County Treasurer Miller has made
x There was an unusual buzz about
another call, this time having enough
the Corvallis & Eastern station at
funds with which to redeem warrants
Corvallis on the arrival of the train
protested up to May 10, I960.
from Yaquina, Thursday. In the
The county clerk has completed the baggage car was the dead body of a
extension of the tax roll and Sheriff man, and gradually It leaked out that
Rader is now ready to receive taxes, the deceased was noue other than Ed.
This is several weeks sooner than usu­ White, the fugitive trusty who es­
caped from the Oregon penitentiary a
A correspondent writes that two run­ couple of weeks ago, and who bas
away girls, aged 14 and 11 years, were since become notorious in connection
taken in charge by the marshal of with the scandal in which the name
Central Point and sent back to their of a female convict from Jackson
homes at Tolo.
county is mentioned.
Deeds, mortgage«, leases, bends
In a desperate encounter with offi­
bills of sale and every imaginable cers, worn out with the fatigue of
kind of legal blauks-the latest and
best—are constantly on band at the flight and exposure to tbe weather,
T1ME8 office.
and tbe constant pursuit of tbe Lin­
N. C. Gunn, one of our energetic coln county sheriff and deputies, and
farmers, made Medford a call Thurs­ eager to find in death a relief from his
day. He informs us that he has or­ troubles, White, after the manner of
dered two incubators and will engage Tracy, finding himself wounded,
placed a revolver to his own fore­
in raising poultry on a large scale.
head and sent a bullet crashing
The Jacksonville base-ball grounds, through his brain. He died five min­
which are among the beet on the coast, utes later, still clutching with a
were damaged considerably by the wa death grip bls revolver, one hand
ter of Jackson creek during the January holding the handle and the other tbe
flood. They will be put in first-class muzzle of the weapon.
order before the season opens.
Tbe encounter happened Wednes­
Senate Bill No. 3, which passed the day, near the farm house of Robert
House, and will now go to the Govern­ Warnick, who resides a short distance
or for approval, provides that in fut- beyond Eddyville, Lincoln county.
ure, whenever the death sentence has The only participants were tbe fugi­
been imposed, the execution shall take tive and Robert Warnick. The latter,
place at the state penitentiary.
armed with a Winchester rifle, order­
Blue-print maps of any township in ed White to throw up his hands, and
Roseburg, Oregon, Land District, show the reply of the latter was to present
ing all the vacant lands, for 50 cents a 44-calibre (Jolt’s reveiver, which,
each. It you want any information though every chamber was loaded, he
from the U. S. Land Office, address
Title Guarantee & Loan Co., Rose­ did not discharge. At the moment
Warnick leveled bis Winchester and
burg, Oregon.
Houck Bros. ’ electric-light plant at White quickly turned and fled. After
Gold Hill is in operation again. A 25- several shots a ball fired by Warnick
horse power gasoline engine furnish- brought the culprit to his knee«, ■»
the power in place of their dam which when be ended his life by his own
was wrecked during the storm. It also band.
The bill Introduced by Senator Cul­
lom to amend tbe antitrust law prohib­
its interstate commerce in articles
made by trusts, the penalty for viola­
tion being a fine of from 8500 to 85,-
000. Tbe meat in the bill is In the
proposed appointment of fifty special
agents to act as spies to report any In­
fringement of the law. What a snap
these appointments would be for tbe
henchmen of Republican congressmen
of the Rathbone and Neely stripe! But
“the boys” will have to wait some time
before the trusts will be called upon to
“put up the stuff” to avoid prosecution.
Senator Cullom and tbe Republican
majority have no intention of really
reforming the trusts or the tariff, and
the flood of bills that have already been
Introduced Is only intended to please
their constituent«
Since President
Roosevelt’s “conservative” message has
been made public a good many anti­
trust bills have been held up for revi­
sion on more conservative lines, and
more will follow the presidential tip
that there Is to be “nothing doing" at runs their flour mill during the day.
this session and will go into the waste­
Several sheriffs attended the funeral
basket The voters who expected Re­
of Lane county’s late sheriff, held st
publican action against the trusts or
the protective turiff will again be dis­ Eugene Tuesday afternoon, among
them 3eing Rader cf Jackson, Storey
of Multnomah, Burnett of Benton,
The Baaket Get» the Goo« Rille.
Huston of Linn and Pennington of Un­
It is safe to say that the present con-
gross will pass no legislation that will
Tbos. C. Norris have received a full
injuriously affects tbe trusts or relieve
line of new harness and saddles, which
they are selling at very reasonable
the people from the* exorbitantly high
rates. They also keep an exceUen
prices of the necessaries of life that tbe
assortment of second-hand goods in the
protective tariff now allows the trusts
same building and execute upholstery
to* impose. An attempt will be made in
of every description.
the next congress to amend tbe anti­
Capt. J. Edw. Thornton and Miss Isa
trust law, and some change or addition
Dnncan, prominent society folks of
may be accomplished in view of the ap­
proaching presidential election, but that
Ashland, who were married in Califor­
any legislation that will regulate ti^e
nia recently, have returned. They
trusts in the public interest or prevent
hare the congratulations and best wish­
them from extorting all tbe present
es of their many friends. A handsome
laws win allow is hardly possible un­
reception was given them Thursday
less the whole power of the administra­
tion should by some miracle be thrown
on the side of tbe people, and this Pres­
ident Roosevelt evidently does not In­
tend to countenance.
Thus the issues are joined between
the Democrats and the party in power,
and the final battle will be fought in
the national campaign of 1904. Who
can doubt the result? On tbe one side
will be the great mass of consumers
who find their incomes squandered to
fill tbe pockets of the trust magnates;
en tbe other side Is the Republican ma­
chine,. with Its Wall street allies. The
machine is discredited in some states
even by-tbe voters of the party it repre-
aenta'ang would be discarded by the
voters everywhere if the contributions
and official patronage were not so large­
ly used to maintain it Yet'In spite of
• lukewarm president and a trust con­
trolled congress reform is certain, and
tbe longer it is postponed the more rad­
ical will be the remedy.
Chas Nickell, U. S. Commissioner
for the District of Oregon, is fully
equipped to receive applications un­
der the timber and stone, also home­
stead laws. Final proofs taken, and
all business connected with U. S. gov­
ernment lands transacted. Office with
S outhern O regonian , Medford.
Phone 211.
An agreement to sell the tract known
as the Herrin donation land claim, in
this county, was made between A. J.
Weeks, the owner of the property, and
C. H. Lewis, who la already the owner
of the Weeks h Orr orchard, which it
adjoins, and is partly set to fruit. The
consideration mentioned in the deed is
812,000. It is considered well adapted
to fruit-raising, consisting of soli of a
character similar to that of the Weeks
& Orr orchard, which raises fruit of
the very finest quality, says tho Tid­
The Southern Oregon Co-operative
Supply Co. is the name of a new organ­
ization perfected by the Grant’s Pass
Federated Trades Union. The purpose
of this company will be to establish a
cooperative store in Grant’s Pass for
the benefit of the members of the trades
union and all other stockholders. On­
ly groceries will be handled at first;
but all lines of mercantile goods will be
taken up later. The store will be run
on the same plan as are the co-opera­
tive establishments of the Patrons of
Husbandry and like or anizations.
Jake Marshall, foreman of Coggins
Bros’ ranch near Coles, Calif., per­
ished in the snow while making the re­
turn trip on snowshoes from Job Gar­
retson’s Cinnabar springs, a mountain
resort in the Siskiyous, and within one
mile of his home. He was 31 years old
and unmarried.
When you lack energy, do not relish
your food, feel dull and stupid, after
eating, all you need is a dose of Cham­
berlain's Stomach & Liver Tablets.
They will make you feel like a new
man and give you an appetite like a
bear. For sale by City Drug Store.
Lyons Interviewed.
A reporter of the Eugene Guard was
granted an Interview with E. E. Ly­
ons, tbe murderer of Sheriff Withers,
in the Lane county jail. The prison­
er looked much worn and worried,
but was not in the least nervous and
talked in a clear voice without hesi­
tancy. Lyons said: "Yes, 1 admit
killing Billie; 1 shot him and am
caught. 1 would not have shot anoth­
er man to make my escape."
"Did you try to leave on the south­
bound passenger train ?"
"No. 1 waited until the train was
out and struck down she track. My
leg hurt me so I could not walk more
than three hundred yards at a time;
then I would have to rest. I got out
near Goshen and I slept a little while
by some ties. Pretty soon I got up
and went to Cresswell.”
"What made you shoot Withers ?”
“Oh, I told him I wouldn’t go with
him, and wanted to be stubborn, 1
guess. My wife commenced to plead
for me, and I saw a small chance to
get away. Billie didn’t have his gun
pulled, so I thought I would hold him
up and force him to let me go. He
held me by the coat, and I bad my
gun In my pocket. I just pointed it at
him from my side and fired. I wished
I hadn’t right away; but I ran as fast
as I could.”
Special Tax Levies.
In addition to state and county
taxes, the citizens of the following
towns and school districts will pay
special taxes:
.. .010
Medford ..................................... .. .011
The wife of Wm. Hillis of Woodville Jacksonville.............................. .. .004
died at her home in Pleasant ereek
precinct Feb. 9th, aged 26 years. Her Disi. No.
1 Jacksonville....... .. .010
maiden name was Emma Brooks and
5 Ashland.............. .. .011
she formerly lived In Marion county. A
6 Central Point.... .. .007
lady of many estimable traits of char-
9 Ragle Point....... .. .009
ccter, she was highly respected by
18 Antioch.............. .. .005
all who knew her.
22 Talent.................. ...0055
The Southern Pacific has announced
26 Near Woodville. .. .005
that its low colonist rates, which were
29 Dewey.................. .. .004
to be in effect from February 15th to
34 Applegate........... .. .005
April 30th, will be extended to the mid­
38 Siskiyou.............. .. .002
dle of May. Oregon will have the ad­
45 Trail Creek......... .. .004
vantage of low rates from the East for
48 Schleffelio............ .. 003
the full period of three months, begin­
49 Medford.............. .. .010
ning with the 15th Inst. It is expected
53 Mt. Pitt................ . .005
that many thousands will take advan­
56 Wagner Creek.... .. .003
tage of the low rates to come west and
57 Gold Hill.............. .. .010
find homes in this state.
59 Prospect................ .. .003
A protest has boen filed against mak­
62 Wimer................... .. .006
ing final proof to nearly all of the tim­
69 Grove.................... ...0025
ber claims located in Grave creek dis­
70 Parker................... .. .005
trict, Josephine country. It is made on
72 Hendricks............ .. .008
the ground that the tracts are mineral
73 Belleview.............. .. .005
land 8, and were located mainly for the
A Me»t Fatal Olft
purpose of getting possession of the
be the power of foreseeing
ledges and plaoer beds rather than the
events. This would destroy hope. A
knowledge of the future would un­
One Minute Cough Cure gives relief in make happiness. There are, of course,
one minute, because it kills the microbe something about tbe future we do
which tickles the mucous membrane, know. If, for instance, a lack of
causing the cough, and at the same energy, ambition and loss of appetite
time clears the phlegm, draws out the shows itself, we know It will be fol­
inflammation and heals and soothes the lowed by 8eiloua complaints if not
Otten Liver and Kidney
affected parts. One Minute Cough Cure checked.
strengthens tbe lungs, wards off pneu­ trouble follow quickly. In any event
monia and is a harmless and never fail­ Electrio Bitters will restore you to
ing cure in all curable cases of Cough«, health. It strengthens, builds up and
Coldsand Croup. One Minute Cough Invigorates rundown systems. Only
Cure is pleasant to take, harmless «ad 50c. Satlafactton guaranteed by City
good alike for young and old
Bacy Bemarks of Mr. Andrews at
a Public Function.
At a recent banquet, at Grand Rap­
ids, Mich., W. R. Andrews responded
to ttie toast, “The Filipinos,” in the
following style:
"You Filipinos don’t know what
you are mis-ing by not wanting to
become citizens of this grand coun­
try of ours. There isn’t anything
like It under tbe run. You ought to
send a delegation over to see us—the
land of the free—land of tine churches
and 100,000 licensed saloons; bibles,
forts and guns, housi sof prostitution;
millionaires and paupers; theologi­
ans and poverty; Christians and
chainganga; schools and scalawags;
trusts and tramps; homes and hun­
ger; virtue and vice; a land where you
cau get a good bible for fifteen cents
and a bad drink of whisky for five
cents; where we have a man in con­
gress with three wives and a lot in
the penitentiary for having two wives;
where some men make sausage out of
their wives, and some want to eat
them raw; where we make bologna
out of dogs, carmed beef out of horses
HDd sick cows and corpses out of the
people who eat it; where we put a
man in jail for not having the means
of support and on the rock pile for
asking f -r a job of work; where we
license bnwdy houses and tine men for
preaching Christ on the street cor­
ners; where we have a congress of 400
men who make laws, and a supreme
court of nine men who set them aside;
where good w hisky makes bad men
aud bad men make good whisky;
where newspapers are pild f r sup­
pressing the truth aJ.-l made rich for
teach lug a lie; where professors draw
their convict onr from tbe same place
they do th-ir salaries; where preach­
ers are paid 825,000 a year to dodge
the devil and tickle the ears of the
wealthy; where business consists of
getting hold of property in any way
that won’t land you in the peniten­
tiary; where trusts hold up and pov­
erty holds down; where men vote for
what they do not want for fear they
won’t get what they do want, by vot­
ing for it; where ‘tuggers’can vote
and wt men can’t; where a girl goes
wrong and is made an outcast aud her
male paitner flourishes as a gentle­
man; where woman wear false hair
and men ‘dock’ their horse«’ tails,
where the political wire-puller bas
displaced the patriotic statesman;
where men vote for «thing one day
and curse It 364 days; where we have
prayers on the floor of our na* ioual
capital and whiskey in the cellar;
where we spend 8500 to bury a
statesman wh > is rica ar d $10 to put
away a working man wi.o Is poor;
where to be virtuout is lonesome and
to be honest is to be a crank: where
we sit ou the safetv-valve of energy
and pull wide < peu the throttle i f
conscience; where g< Id Is substance—
the one tiling sought fur; where we
pay 815,000 lor a dog and nfieen cents
a d< zen to a poor woman for making
shirts; where we teach the untutored
Indian eternal life from the bible and
kill him off with bad whiskey; where
we put a man in jail for stealing a
loaf of bread and in congre-s for steal­
ing a railroad; where the check-book
talks, sin walks io broad daylight,
justice is asleep, crime runs amuck,
corruption permeates our whole so
clai and political fabric, and the devil
laughs from every street corner.
Come to us, Fillies! We’ve got the
greatest aggregation of good things
and bad things, hot things and co’d
things, all sizes, varieties and colors,
ever exhibi ted under one tent.”
A Weak Stomach
Causes a weak body and invites dis.
ease. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure cures and
strengthens tbe stomach, • nd wards
off and overcomes disease. J. B. Tay­
lor, a prominent merchant of Charles-
man, Tex., says: “I could not eat be­
cause of a weak stomach. I lost all
strength and ran down in wi igbt. All
that money could do was done, but all
hope cf recovery vanished. Hearing
of some wonderful cures effected by
use of Kodol, I concluded to try it-
Tbe first bottle benefited me, and
after taking the four bottles I am
fully restortd to my usual strength,
weight and health.
Simple Means for Overcoming This
Disease and also Scarlet Fever.
Capt. Nash has favored us with the
following paragraphs which may be
of special interest at this time:
John S. Tennys n lately publi-hed
the following In the Herald of Stock-
ton, Cal.: “I herewith append a re­
ceipt which has been used to my cer­
tain knowledge io hundreds of cas s.
It will prevent or cure small p'x
through the pittings and fi ling«. It
is as unfailing as fate, and conquer-
in everv instance, and is bar rule-«
when taken by a well person. It will
also cure scarlet fever. Here i* the
recipeas I have u«ed it, and cured my
children of scarlet fever, and a« I have
used it to cure small pox: Sulphate
of zinc, one grain; half a toasponnful
of sugar; mix with two t tble«|KX)D8 of
water; takes tablespoonfulevey hour,
and either disease will disippear in
twelve In urs For a child sma’ler
doses, according to age. If this wen-
used there would be n> need of pe-t
house«. If you value advice and ex­
perience use this f >r that terrible dis­
ease.” It was sent out by the mot
scientific school in the world, that of
Office of tlie County Treasurer of 1
Jackson County, Oregon, Jack- J-
sonville, February 13, 1903.
Notice is hereby given that there
are funds Io the county treasury for
the redemption <«t a l outstanding
c >ui>tv warrants protested from April
Hth, 1900, to May 9th, 1900, both dates
inclusive. Interest on same will cease
after the above date.
I). H M iller , County Treasurer.
$1.08 ■ bottle.
All drvtrfCs.
If your drogKUt cannot supply you,
send us one dollar and we will express
you a bottle. Be sure andrite tbe name
of your nearest express office. Address,
J. C. AYER CO., Lowell, Mass.
The United States land offices in
Oregon are now sending receipts to
all parties who have proved up on
timber claims, except in a few cises
where ttie land was taken through
fraud, or is being purchased under
contiact with large timber concern«.
The land office at Oregon City
caused tbe cancellation of timber en­
tries in Tillamook county amounting
to 30,000 acres, on the ground of
fraud and collusion between entrymen
and parties who had arranged to buy
the land on title being secured. C. E.
Hays was the principal contestant and
Robert Sturgeon principal c mtestee.
On Sturgeon’s case tl.e fate of 100 oth­
ers depended.
•W Office in Red Men’s Building.
Grant’s Pass, Oregoa.
practices all tbe courts
building op stairs
office tc Bank
J. M. KEENE, D. D. S.
Onice» ,n tbe Adkins Denel block
Jacksonville, Oregon.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
1 Will practice tn all eourta or the State. Of
uoe in the Court House last door on the
rlrht from entrance
A. C
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis­
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor Graat’a Pasa.
and cheerfulness soon
Office over Halr-R.ddle Hardware Store *
disappear when the kid­
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent TTOR NEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW
that it is not uncommon
Grant’s Pass, Oregoa.
for a child to be bom
? afflicted with weak kid­
neys. if the child urin- SWOfflce above S. P. D.t LCo i Store.
ates too often, if the d'-LL.
----- .
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis­
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized, it is sold
by druggists, tn fifty-
Abstract» made ta Titles af
cent and one dollar
sizes. You may have a
sample bottle by mail
sllxind drawn up especially pertalnl m
free, also pamphlet tell-
ibe settlement of estates
ing all about it, including many of ths
thousands of testimonial letters received
frem sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
8c Co., Binghamton, N. Y., be sure anc
invatment securities a »peeiaMy. Jar Misa
r ention this paper.
Oiunty Scrip bought and sold.
Silas *1. Day
Notary Public
Real Estate Agent
and U. S. l ommissioner
for Jackson County.
Accounts Siücited, Prompt Remit mce
Don’t make any mistake, but re­
member the name, Swamp-Root, Dr.
Kilmer’s Swamp-Root, and the ad
dress, Binghamton, N. Y., on even
have a complete set or maps or all earvavaa
tanda in this county, and rece.ive Abstracts
monthly from Roseburg Land <
department ot the O. * C. R R.
' lh”staÂr
Land Department at Salem ot all new estría,
made i am thus prepared to mtk“ ont
stead papers and take proofs thereon Al¿í í
take filings and proofs «H^rïïnds ^d
fan. 8»T® the expense or s’ Irin
to tbe Roseburg land office
Fr®b«rt» I» my hawda ter
•V-Proncm reply made to all letters. Cintre
«a in acooniance with the times
Refers, by permission, Hon. H. K. Hanna
°f ‘Ji* 181 Judcl<1 District, aud to any
business house in Jacksonville.
silas j. day
St. Mary’s Academy,
Jacksonville, Oregon.
Tn« school continues the careful
sSfy iXT *?S,rucliM1 for ’b>c* K is fX*
The Music Depar (men(
G LJ A R XX txi T E. F O
For prospectus, add ,^sg
»•• it fcR. JORDAN’S MEAT
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of the
digestants and digests all kinds of
food, ltgivesinstant relief and never
falls to cure. It allows vou to eat all
the food you want. The most sensitive
Stomachs can take it. By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything else failed. It
prevents formation ofgason the stom­
ach, relieving all distress after eating,
Dieting unnecessary. Pleasant to take.
It oan't help
but do you good
OtWiTT A Ua, Chicago
Tte 8L boule contains lx UmeaUt^SOc.
ju .
IPMWtM Btnl «■« XcraMk..
TheUrgeet«---irmlnF >tnaaa_
tn cue World.
Orrntm attracts <n Me CW» «
IDR' jobom ,- m > yate disuses
M*« »•»•■ who auw eufferlax
from lhe effect« of youthful lndl/
crettoo« or exeeew« In niuurar
yenr». Nervoi^ and pbrelcal |>e»»iit-
•f UrlMaUBg, otw By • comblXuJi^t
remedio«, of g roat curative power, tbe Doetor 1
*■•• •» »"»»red hl« treatment that it wUl not
°“ly »Jort Immediate relief, but permanaat I
i cis;,
■VFIHI.XM thoroughly eradicated team
the ay«tem without the uw ot Mereiry.
»**“■? u*d by “ Expert. "-r»fly|1
tor ■•»» tn re. A quick and —~rii| .
Fl«*wre and Flatwlae^fcy 1
Dr. Jordan1» «peclal palnl«ea methode
MAX applying to u« will rweetva 1
»rt'uou of Mi complaint. ___
w* Wtll OuarentM a MXSZTZF« CUUf te I
•very cm « ,<>« ui4 irrmta
Con'uitatkia FRKK anditrtoHy Brtvnt»
Treatmeu t peraoaally or by loiter.
_Write f<»k Book. FHILOftGMrr •*
MARRIAGE. Malian Kann, ( a valnohde i
hook tor mea.) Oall or write
1 I
Wt JORDAN a CO . (Ml Martatat.. S. n
Tbe undersigned offers for sale 1743
acres of land, under the Fish Lake
Co.’s dlt' h, 10 mile® from Medford
and 5 miles from Central Point; also
1560 acres lo rated in Antelope dis­
trict, in the heart of the best stock
country in Southern Oregon, 10 miles
east of Medford. Will be sold at a
bargain. Apply or address
W m . B ybee ,
Jackson vllle, Ore.
One thing is certain,—
Ayer’s Hair Vigor makes
the hair grow. This is
because it is a hair food.
It feeds the hair and the
hairgrows, that’s all there
is to it. It stops falling
of the hair, too, and al­
ways restores color to
gray hair.
Receipts for Timber Lands.
To Meet at Ashland and Banquet—
List of Papers to Be Read.
Treasurer’s Sixth Notice
“I had a very severe sickness
that took off ail my hair. I pur­
chased a bottle of Ayer’s Hair
Vigor and it brought all my hair
back again.”
W. D. Quinn, Marseilles, 111.
Cured Consumption.
Mrs. B. W. Evan«, C earwater,
Kan., writes: ‘‘My husband liy sick
for three 'months; the doctors stated
R. G. GALF, M. D.
lie had quick eon«umpt on. We pio-
cured a bottle of Bail&rd’s II oii -I m und
Syrun and it cured him. That was six Office in Orth’» Building.
Hours—2 VO 4 and 7 to 8 p. m.
years ago, and since then we always
kept a bottle in tHe house. We cm-
not do without It. For coughs and Jacksonville
colds it has no equal.” 25c, 50c. and
81.00 bottle at City Drug Store.
The annual meeting of the Pacific
Coast Association of Railroad Traffic
Agents will be held
Ashland, Feb
21. It promises to be one of the most
interesting gatherings ever held by the
association. After the general meet­
ing a banquet will be given, where a
number of papars prepared by traffic
men will be read.
The papers to be presented and
those presenting them will be aa fol­
lows: "The General Agent,” H. 8.
Rowe; “Railroad Builder«,” G. W.
Meeting of
American Association of Traveling
Passenger Agents at New Orleans,
1903,” T. F. Fitzgerald; "Develop­
ment of the Trans-Paciflc Steam­
ship,” B. K. Denbigh; "The Rela­
tions of the Railroads to the People,’*
H. E. Loui sbury, "Advantages of
Through Billing in Conjunction With
Trunk Lines and Transcontinent a'
Roads,” W. B. Hinchman ; "Passen­
ger Department.,’’ James O’Gara!;
"The Ideal Traffic Man,” George W.
Willett, "Division Meetings of the
Pacific Coast Association of Traffic
Agents,” Charles J. Gray.
J. W. Adams, tbe well-known rep
resentative of the Nickel Plate Line
at San Frauci«co, will officiate as
My Hair
Seeds 1
V xr» planted by fanner 1
■ and Hardener who luu 1
■ Mopped eiperttneutUMLlt 1
1° P»y a little more
Jeofworeat tl>e barveid. All
*»k-ra. IMS Seed Aa.aal
postpaid free to aU appllcanla
Medford Furniture Co.,
HouseFurnishers and
Undertakers. JohnH.
Butler, Funeral Di­
rector. Phone 165,
Medford, Oregon.