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Entered at the Postonica at Jacksonville, Oro.,
as Second Class Mail Malter
T here is a row in Albany soci tty
clrcl s, and a serious one,too. A num­
ber of unmarried ladies, who arc ol 1
enough to vote, arc the rccipknt-of
invitations like this: “Papa says I
can have a party, and so I want you
to come to my house next Thursday
afternoon. Bring your playthings.*’
S enator M arsters of I» tuglas will
propose that the half a milliou appro­
priation asked of the legislature for
the Lewis and Clark fair be referred
to a referendum vote of the people of
the state. This wou dlea practical
test ot the constitutional amendment
adopted by the people of Oregon last
Hark, hark th«)gS jo bark.
Tiie beggars coming to town,
Some in rags 1 some iu tags
And some in [yet gowns.
So long as you have beggars in velve>wns eating unearned bread at the front
doors of the legislatures, so long will yoave beggars in rags and tags eating th«
crusts of charity , at the buck doors of nation.—Herbert S. Bigelow.
O ub new policy of imperialism Is |
responsible for any lessened force lhe |
Monroe doctrine may have. If we ac-1
quire territory In another hemisphere .
foreign powers do not see why we; Prices Are Raised Beyond the
should object to acquisition by them
Reach of the Poor.
I d this hemisphere. But eveD at the
risk ot being thought inconsistent we
cannot afford to alter the doctrine WANT AND SICKNESS IN THE CITIES
•nd let down the bars to Europe.
Priera of Anierlean Manufacturas
Lower Abroad Than at Home.
Congressman Holliday of Indiana
tells the Sentinel’s Washington corre­
spondent that be “takes no stock in tbe
talk that the tariff is tbe mother of
trusts.” On the contrary, be asserts
that “we would have had the same
trusts under a free trade policy.”
Xo Restraint to Rapacity of the Coal
Conceding for the sake of the argu­
S tockmen all over the Dakotas,
Barons—The People Helpless In the ment that Mr. Holliday actually be­
Wyoming and Eastern Montana are
Hands of the Trust — Republican lieves what he says as to tbe existence
despondent on account of large log es
Administration Makes No Effort to of trusts, he certainly cannot deny that
the tariff gives the trusts the oppor­
of cattle, witb more in prospe t.
Carry Out tiie Law.
tunity to extort higher prices from the
Prominent stockmen estimate the
The rapacity and greed of the coal Americau consumer. This may be il­
loss of cattle Lorn blizzirds since Jan­
barons are getting almost beyoud en­ lustrateti by the price of borax. There
uary 1st will reach fully one hundred
durance. The bituminous coal combine is a borax trust In this country and
thousand head. And, they as»rt,
is equally as guilty as the anthracite likewise one in Great Britain. IirEng-
the worst is yet to come, as fully a
trust, for it has advanced prices in land lierax is selling at 2^ cents a
million head are starving uow.
about the «¡ muc proportion. The coke pound, witb a profit to the trust. In
combine has also increased «prices ou a this country it is selling at 7% cents a
T be Standard Oil Company is grad­ l»r with its brother reprobates, The pound. The American tariff on borax
ually absorbing the oil fields about pretense is being made by the hard is 5 cents a pound. There can be no
Beaumont, Texas, and is read i >g coal trust that it has a bard and fast possible explanation of tbe difference
for Southern California land s. Ti e price of $3.75 a ton at the mines, to except that tbe tariff wall enables the
oil industry is at a low s'age in Cal- which is add«Ml the railroad freight Americau trust to exact this additional
5 cents from the consumer.
forniajhe price being ri<| culou^ly lew rate of $1.55 to New York, $2 to Wash­
Nobody denies that most trust made
for the crude product. It is au oppor­ ington and “whatever the traffic will products are sold cheaper abroad than
tune time for tbe Stard ird to ex‘end i bear” to other points, which varies ac­ at home. It was freely conceded be­
Its tentacles and it will rule nr r tln cording to tbe competition of river aud fore tbe industrial commission. John
In California yet, as it has in Ten Syl­ lake transportation. To these charges W. Gates of the steel and wire trust
testified in November, 1899, that steel
vania and New York-
is addid $1.50 allowed the retailer for and wire goods were sold cheaper to
I cartage and profit. The agents of the
T he biennial report of Nupf rin’er d- I coal trust are, they say, obliged to foreigners than to American consum­
ers. Charles M. Schwab, president of
ent Lee, of the Oregon P«nitentiary, I agree not to ebarge above the prices the steel trust, testified in May, 1901,
show-« that during the last two years given—that is, on the basis of $6.75 at that all kinds of manufactured goods
the number of convict« in the peniten­ New York, $7.25 at Washington, and were sold cheaper for export than for
tiary ha« increased from 278 to 360. at other points according to the In­ the home market A. B. Farquhar,
The earnings of the institution h «ve creased railroad charges. Tbe facts, the agricultural implement man, said.
amounted to 928..37O 92 for the 21 however, do not substantiate this scale “Certainly our manufactures are sold
months ending September 30, 1902. and I of prices, for when the harassed house­ 1 much lower abroad.”
Why? There can be but one answer,
at the same rate the total will be over | holder puts In his order for coal to the
and that is that by excluding foreign
932,400 for two years, as compared I agents of the trust lie is informed that competition from our markets we have
with *26,700 fcr the preceding term. his order will be booked, but delivery enabled the trusts to monopolize them
cannut I m - promised. Compelled to find and to put prices far above the polut
H on . G eo . E. C hamberlain was coal that will be delivered immediate­ of reasonable profits. — Indianapolis
inaugurated governor of Oregon ly, the buyer finds that tiie indei»endeut Sentinel.
Wednesday. His addre s was listened dealers have hard coal on band, but
An 111 Wind That Blows, Etc.
to by a large number, and gave gener­ the price ranges from $9 to $15 a ton.
Tbe Standard Oil company advanced
al sali'faction. His first act was to
that the trusL is selling at a large ad­ the price of kerosene oil 1 cent per
rtslgu tbe position cf district attor­ vance In price to tbe independent deal­ gallon on Dec. 10. This makes 3^4
ney for Multnomah county and ap- ers Instead of supplying its own agents cents advanie since tbe beginning of
p dnt John Manning, who was his at the advertised rates.
thn c al si rike. The New York Com­
chief deputy, to tbe position. W. N.
Tbe rich ar J well to do are, of course, mercial says:
“There has been no advance in the
Galena of Portland will be his private able to obtain coal, but the largely in­
secretary. Both are first-cla'S ap­ creased cost to the poor, vastly aug­ Standard Oil products shipped to for­
mented by the profits of the small deal­ eign countries because there is no coal
ers, is so serious that great destitution strike there and because there is com­
petition with Russian oil.
O f course we a>e not exreefed to and sufferiug are reported in the large
“The Standard Oil company has been
cities. In New York alone it is report­
use the Monroe article asa we p-m 1 f, ed that 5,090 families are unable to using every possible means to develop
defense for South American state buy fuel, aud the corporation of Great­ tbe use of kerosene in beating and
to cheat creditors out of their honest er New York has appropriated $100,000 couklng stoves since the beginning of
d«bte witb, but the wh-le allied to purchase coal to be given to such the coal strike. The increased con­
sumption, a Standard Oil official said
crowd are ui der 4 u pk-ion. W e i. no » destitute persons.
what England did ,n Egypt, «rid *e There is no doubt that the misery recently, has been very large. The gen­
know what she w«ml<j do on tiiis con­ and suffering on account of the high eral impression in Wall street lately
tinent if she dared t >. All we ran s iy price of coal will lead to a great in­ has been that the Standard Oil com­
to England and Germany is: Collect crease of sickness and a consequent pany is trying to make its profits large
great loss of life from pulmonary and enough to pay 50 per cent dividend
If you can and get out, but keep off kindred diseases.
during tbe present fiscal year.”
American territory.
The criminal section of the antitrust
The coal strike is a godseud to the
law covers just such a restraint of hungry Standard Otl trust. It is coin­
L ondon has an trdioaoce re'ative trade and monopoly as tbe coal trust is ing money out of the misfortunes of
to drunkenness, which enable* either imposing upon the American people. the poor.
husband or wife to i-ecuie a separatiou The administration of that law Is in
In the case of habitual drunkenoesw the hands of the attorney general of Sauta Claua Ip Aaalnat a Toy Tyaat.
A toy trust is the latest to orgautee.
Hallows the police to a’re-Un InebrJ- the United States, and in each state the All the priucgal kinds of children's
United States district attorney can en­
ateany where except In a private t ous , force the law In the federal courts. toys Vvill in future be tbe product of
whether disorderly or n »t. After con Thus the whole machiuery for bringing tbe National Novelty corporation, with
vtottou drunkards are Idit kli t’d f >r the coal monopolists to tbe bar of jus­ $10,000,900 capital. This monopoly of
the space of three yia s. If il.. ya’- tice cap be put in motion by the Repub­ the gifts that Santa Claus disburses in
tempt to obiain t’rit km-u.' In' p ■ lican administration. One word from the stockings of tbe little ones will
rkd they ate liable lu a fin , wit e t President Roosevelt would compel his doubtless add to the cost and make it
publican supply ng :h in is fi .id $50 attorney general to act. As be does more difficult for the poor folk to bring
lor the first i ff -t se and $10) fo H e nothing to curb the mouopoiy, it would a gleam of sunshine into the home at
second offen-e
Impri-o-in mt is seem certain that he does not want any Christmas time. There is a tariff duty
action taken or, for political reasons, of from 35 to 60 per cent on all toys,
provided for drutikiune-sofa persca in does not wish the extortion of the trust which will allow tbe trust to add that
charge of a child under 7 years of age. stopped.
much to what the cost would other­
The criminal statute would allow the wise be.
T be .awauti-oi izi- g the] u i ation urrest of the coal barons, and upon con­
Window Glass to Be Free.
of the records of the Oregon volunteers viction of being parties to any restraint
timeliness of tbe bill of the
In the Sj ani-t war ar d Phil’rp'ne in­
Knights of Labor to put window glass
surrection preserve that th - <opies
on the free list is evident from the
shall be distributed in such manner imprisoned for n year. A coal baron in fact that the trust has just arranged
as the Govcmor may direct, Of the
er robbers to terms, and the price of to put up the price of glass every sixty
five hundred copier provided for In coal would soon tumble.
days. The three headed window glass
the Met G Vi rnur Geer directed
trust has made a contract with tbe
National Window Glass Jobbers’ as­
that one eopy be pre ented to each of
Would Mot Float.
sociation for 450,000 boxes of glass a
the 334 officers, sergeants an I c< rpur-
“Publicity” would certainly curb month for six months. This, with the
als of the Second Oregon Vo'unteer 8Oine of the trusts, it would knock
Iufantry and Batteries * A”atd“B,’ their securities as high as a kite. They continually advancing prices, promises
great pros|>erity for this trust. Con­
Oregon Volunteer Light Artillery, would be too light to float.—Galveston gress should take prompt action on this
and io the wife, father or mother of News.
very important bUL
each of I he «4 members of the Second
Oregon who lost their lives while Io Timber Land Fraud in Idaho.
the service, ptovidtd they apply t i
Asa result of art investigation made
•the Adjutant General before May 1,
Otis Krau-e, eldest son i.f Mrs.
19(3. Copies net deli vend in person by L. L. Sharp, Inspector of the Gen­ Theo. C.meton, and MiasSopltiaMul-
will le fo. warded to the applicants en eral Land Office, warrants arj out for ler,youngest duugliUr of Mrs. M. Mul­
tilled to them, express cha’ge« to be J. W. Lusk and W. R. Simmot s, who ler, both <>f whom are natives of Jack­
eullectrd on delivery. The meth< d of have been living at B tee, Idaho, on sonville, were married at Oak I end,
d stribution cf such volumes as msy a chirgc of tbrainitg money under Calif., list Sunday, R v. D. E. Potter
remain on hand May 1, 19'3, will be fals- pretence«. It is said that these offi iai ing. Owing to the recent death
announced at that time. This book men have victimized some 70 p ople of the bride’s father thewiddi g was
bypriteuding to locate timler land
is a splendid publication ot 760 pave*, for them. They would show the a simple but pntty one. 7 he bridal
well bound and full of.lolerestiDg datv victim a fine body of 1 imber Unit was party entered to the s: rains of Men-
not. open io li ca> ion. Th« n they would
and illustrations.
tiie him ott some worthless land. delis« lin's veil ling u a ch, p’ayed by
Miss Carrie Edwaids. The bride was
two men have disappeared..
Deafaeaa Cannot be Cured
gowned beautifully In white silk mull
A Marvelous Invention.
By local application«, aa they eanooi reach the
tulle uvir silk, elaborately trimmed
diaoaaod portion of the ear There Is only one
Wonders never cease. A machine with lace. She wore a long wedding
way to cure deafness, and that la by comtUiu
tlonal remedies. Deafness la caused by an in has been invented that will cut, paste
veil and c irricd a shower bouquet of
flamed oondltion of the mucous lining of the
wall paper. The field of in-
Kuatacblan Tube. When this lobe ie Intiamed I and hang
--------- s - --------------------------------------
bride’s roses. The maid cf honor was
you have a rumbling sound or imperfect ventium* and discoveries is Dr. King’s
and --------
when - -------------------
it is entirely
closed Deafness is New
- -------------------------------
New Piscovt
Discovt ry
ry for
for Cot
Cot sumptton.
sumptiuu. In
It her sister, Miss Amelia Muller, who
the result, and unless the inflammation eaa be has done a world t f uood fr.r »„„v
taken out and thia tut« restortd to its normal 1
u )nt’ a woria ( I gooa for weak was prettily gowned in a costume of
condition, bearing will be deatrortd torecor; I lungs and saved many"a life. Thou­ pale green gauze and chiffon over
nine caaee out of ten are caused by Catarrh, sands have<i it and conquered
«bleb is nothing tut an Irtiamed condition ot
Grip, Brot.cliills, Pritumunla and green >-ilk, ’rimmed with touches of
tbe mucous services
Wm. Muller, a
We will give One Hurd red Dollars for an? Contumplion. Tt-eir general verdict velvet and g-dd.
case of Deafness (onused by oat arm) that can is: “It’a lite best and most reliable brother of the bride, acted as best
boi be cured by Ball's Catarrh Cure. Send for
medicine for throat ano iung troub­ man. The couple will reside in Oak­
eircai&r*. free
Every 59c and 11.00 b< ttle is
F. J.CHENEY AGO., Toledo O. les.”
Sold by Druggist« 75e.
by City Drug Store. Trial land. They have tt e best wisbi s of
Mail's Faaatly Pills are ti e beat.
bottle free.
Salted a Gold Mine.
Jacksonville district has levied a tax
of 10 mills, for the maintenance of its
public school.
Jas. D. Stevens of Grant’s Pass Is
confined to bis bed with a severe at­
tack of bladder trouble.
Judge Hanna has granted I. M.
Stinson of Griffin creek a divorce,
and the custody of the minor children.
Henry Vogelei, an old resident of
this section, has entered tho National
Soldiers’ Home at Santa Monica, Calif.
D. H. Jackson of Dunn precinct has
been elected journal clerk of tho State
Senate, a position he is well qualified
to fill.
Tresspass notices, printed on cloth,
for sale at this office.. They aro just
what i- needed to keep people off your
Alvin Cardwell, a former resident of
Jacksonville, is at Yreka. Calif., where
he is looking after the interests of a
mining company.
Isaac Coffman of Forest creek has
bought S. C. Minnick’s property situ­
ated on South C street, Medford,which
ho will improve considerably.
Subscriptions for Mr. Hryau’s piper,
Tiie Commoner, the leading Demo­
cratic uewspa|«er in the United States,
are taken at T he T imes office.
The Stratton Independence Com­
pany has tiled in the Uoited States
Court for Colorado a suit for $6,000,-
000 against I lie executors and trustees
of the Stratton estate, and also
against Harry Stiatton, hoir-at-law.
The complaint alleges that at the
time tbe mine was sampled, prepara­
tory to concluding the sale, which had
been negotiated through the Venture
Corporation of London, the samples
were “salted to that the amount of
ore estimated on those samples was
valued at $7,000,000, when in reality
the ore Insight was worth only $2,-
000,000 or less." It is allegori that the
b'oeks of samples were opened and
quickly but thoroughly sprinkled witb
rich, ground-up silvanite. The Ven­
ture Corporation will also bling a
simi'ar suit, claiming tliat its expert,
C. A. Rickard, was deceived by the
salted ore, and the individual stock-
lu lders will bring actionsdor the re­
turn of their money, alleging that
they were induced to purchase stock
at $5,110 and $15 when in reality it
was not worth such prices.
A. J. Stevens, president of the Jack-
son Co. Lumber Co., was in town
Thursday. His company is manufac-
turing a large quantity of superior
Hon. Wm. Smith of Baker City,
grand master of the A. O. U. W. for
Oregon, is making the di fieront lodges
a visit. He will soon be in Southern
Deeds, mortgages, leases, lx nds
bills of sale and every imajnable
kind of legal blanks-tiie latest and
best—are constantly od iiand at the
T imes office.
William Young, bridge carpenter,
working on the Klamath River Rail­
road, was instantly killed Saturday by
falling a distance of 53 feet from the
top of a trestle.
Chas. Darby, a relative of Rev. Dar­
by, uho recently arrived from Mis­
souri, has purchased part of J. P.
True’s farm, iu Griffin creek district,
paying $30 an acre therefor.
The Rock Point bridge, which has
been rather in a dilapidated condition,
is being put in good shape
Commissioner Riley is supervising lhe
work with his usual efficiency.
Blue-print maps of anv township in
Roseburg, Oregon, Land District,show
ing all tbe vacant lands, for 50 cents
each. If you want any information
from the U. S. Land Office, address
Title Guarantee & Loan Co., Rose­
burg, Oregon.
Jacob Huger, who with W. J. Free­
man owned a fine prune orchard lo­
cated near Centupl Point, containing
40 acres, has sold his interest to Chas.
Pheister. The price paid was 91750,
and is low.
Prof. Hanby, principal of the Centra^
Point school, make« the following re­
port for the month ending Jan. 8th:
Number of days taught, 19; days at­
tended, 2649: days absent, 147; cases of
tardiness, 36; total enrolled, 173.
John Coleman, a pioneer of Southern
Oreg« n, is quite ill at his residence in
Phoenix. His daughters, Mrs. G. N.
Anderson of Ashland, Mrs. Lee Cal vert
of Grant’s Pass and Miss Minnie Cole­
man of San Francisco, have been visit­
ing him.
The Supreme Court has affirmed the
decision of Judge Hanna in the case of
York & Wortman vs. J. T. C. Nash,
which was brought to recover a commis­
sion for the sale of the Nash Stables in
Medford, and decided in favor of the
Noel E. Graves of Yreka,Calif.,theex-
pert civil engineer, and J. H. Magoffey,
his attorney, are in the valley, for the
purpose of taking depositions in the
suit for divorce he has begun. Mr. and
Mrs. G. were formerly residents of
J. D. B. Lee, a pioneer of Southern
Oregon, who crossed the plains in 1852
with an ox team, and served in tbe
Rogue River Indian War, died a short
time since at his home near Myrtle
Point, Coos county. He removed from
this section in 1873.
Thos C. Norris have received a full
line of new harness and saddles, which
they are Belling at very reasonable
rates They also keep an exceilen
assortment of second-hand goods in lhe
same building and execute upholstory
of every description.
Geo. W. Skinner of Council Bluffs,
Towa, arrived in Medford Thursday
night, accompanied by seventeen oth-
«•rs. They came for the purpose of
making final proof on their timber
claims, which are located in the vicin­
ity of the Glade Fork of Applegate.
Southern Oregon
Joel Holman, the miner, was in'Med-'
ford Friday.
Miss Pauline Levy was a Medford
Notices fur the location
I have used Ayer’s Hair Vigor
visitor Thursday.
and quartz mines, etc., up-t^
for thirty years. It is elegant for
Paul Spuhn, lately of Phoenix, has and complete, for sale st this office.
a hair dressing and for keeping the
removed to Cantara, Calif.
hair from splitting at the ends. —
L. F. Jordan and S. W. McClendon,
J. A. Gruenenfelder, Grantfork, III.
S. F. Godfrey of Table Rock precinct representin : the Bowden Mining Co.,
was in our town one day last week.
are making arrangements to puichase
Hair-splitting splits
E. P. Dunlap was at Grant’s Pass tlie Huruason mill and water light,
Monday. He is now located near Tolu located neat Gold Hill. Th sw II add
friendships. If the hair­
John Grieve of Prospect and C. J materially to tiie value of t he prop­
splitting is done on your
Geer of Brownsboro were in Medford erty, as well as to cheapen its opera­
own head, it loses friends
tion and development.
for you, for every hair of
Miners’ liens, deeds to mines,water
Sheriff Rader has been spending a
your head is a friend.
locations and other mining
few days at his home in Eagle Point right
blanks always on hand at this office.
Ayer’s Hair Vigor in
The quartz mines of S uth of
advance will prevent the
Mrs. J. H. Messner visited her many Myrtle frvelt are coming to the front.
splitting. If the splitting
friends living in Central Point a few A recent shipment of 13 tons if ore
days ago.
has begun, it will stop it.
netted over $700, above all exieases
tl.M a brttle. All dnfrikU.
Mrs. A. R. Thompson and Mrs. J. B. for mining, shipping and mu king.
Harris were in Medford Thursday The ore was taken from the Little
If your druggist cannot supply you,
«end us one dollar and we win express
Chieftain mine. 1 lie Continental ad­
you a bottle. Be sure and give tbe name
of vour nearest express office. Address,
Lee Robinson, who went to the Phil­ joining. was sold a few day* ago by G.
J. C. AYER CO., Lowell, Mam.
ippines as a soldier, has returned from W. Crews to W. B. Stewart for 920,
000. An offer was since made, by rei -
the islands.
Jacob Oleson, a thrifty farmer living resentativ«s of Eastern capitalists, of
near Central Point, was in Medford 950,000 for the Little Chieftain, but
was refused.
A Movable Fort.
One of tbe mint valua> le copper
One of the latest Inventions for ser­ Judge Hanna and Hon W. M. Colvig,
vice in war times is called the war who have been at Grant’s Pass, re­ properties in Southern Oregon is the
R. G. GALF, M. D.
motor. Being built on wheels it can
Cook & Green, located not far from
be operated by a very few men, and
the big cop; er mit e owned by Cooper, Office in Orth’s Building.
is strongly recommended for sea-coast
J. Byrum, after a short visit in this
Hours—2 tO 4 and 7 to 8 p. m.
defence. Tbe only medicine that is section, has returned to Powell’s Val­ Hamilton & Co., in tiie Siskiyou
sfrongly recommended by thousands
mountain«, very close to tiie state
of grateful jeople, who have used it ley, Multnomah county.
line. It is in charge of A. T. Lun-
as a defeme agait st all stomach, liver
Mr. and Mrs. E H. Hoisey of Gold gr. n, a miner of skill and experience. Jacksonville
and kidney complainte, is Hostetter’s Hill precinct tarried a few hours In
Much work ha« already been d nc, the
Stomach Bitters. It cured them and
will not fail in your case. Try it, if Medford a few days ago.
mine, which is frr-m 87 to feet 450 feit
ATTORN ey - at - la w ,
you are a sufferer from loss of appe­
Joe Murphy, lhe tonsoriai artist, in width, having already b en de­
tite, headache, insomnia, indizeation, who got bis start in Jacksonville, is veloped to a considersb’e dt ptii. Tue
dyspepsia, torpid liver, cjnstipated
ore prospect« from 2j to 10 per cent
bowels, or kidney tr. ubles, ana you
•»•Office in Red Men'« Building.
will not be disappointed. Ask your
Willie Murphy, who is employed at In copper, and shows $6 and 97 in go'd
druggist for a copy of our 1903 Illus­ Deuel <k Hubbs’ store at Ashland, i» per too.
trated Almanac. It contains much
valuable a?d useful Infirmation and visiting his home in Jacksonville.
Is free of charge.
Emil ItoRoboam, county hospital
Women as Well as Men
Grant's Pass, Oregaa.
contractor, and Al. Learned of Jack­
Solons at Work.
sonville were in Medford Tuesday.
Are Made Miserable by
practices all ibe courts Office is Hack
Mrs. Nellie Towne Grisez of Siskiyou
building up sisus
The Oregon legislature, which con­
county, Calif., has been visiting rela­
vened last Monday, organ;z^d the
tives and friends living in this valley.
J. M. KEENE, D. D. S.
same day. A h ird-f ugbt battle over
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis­
L. L. Duffield, the Gold Hill mer­ courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
the organization took p'ace among
and cheerfulness soon zFt.RATIVR DENTISTRY A SPECIALTY
the Republican member«, who are in chant, has returned from San Francis­
Offices ,n the Adkins Deuel block
disappear when the kid­
flontru! of Itotli houses, and it resulted co, where he spent nearly a fortnight.
neys are cut of order
in ftvor of those fivorlng Citas. W.
H. L. White of Ashland made our
or diseased.
Fulton < f ClaUop for U. S. tenator. town a visit Friday. His health is con­
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
The following are tiie officers if tiie siderably Improved, we are pleased to
that it is not uncommon
i note.
j for a child to be bom
Senale— President, GmrgeC. Brow­
g? afflicted with weak kid­
Mrs N. D. Wilson of Poorman's
Jacksonville, Oregon.
nell; chief clerk, S. L. Moorhead; as- creek has been visiting in Medford, tbe
neys. If the child urin-
ates too often, if the
a'stant cleric, D. II. Jackson; calendar guest of Miss Maud Wilson, the mil­ ____ .
'Will practlce I d all eourla ot tbc S.ate. Of
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
nee In tbe Court House last d«u ob ibe
clerk, F. U. Middl 'ton; reading cl« rk, liner.
reaches an age when it should be able to
richt from enlrance
Frank Mt tier; »erpeant at-arms, A.
W. T. Campbell and Walter Gar­ control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
W. G ;wan; door-kcefer, J. L. Calvert;
bed-wet'ing. depend upon it. the cause of
risen, who are engaged in mining in the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
mailing clerk, William Smith.
I Josephine county, were in our town step should be towards the treatment of
House—Speaker,L. T. Harris; chief
these important organs. This unpleasant
clerk, A. C. Jennings; assistant clerk,
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the treat's Puss,
Miss Bernice Cameron
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
W. F. Drag r; reading clerk, C. A.
Office over Hsir-K.ddle Hardware Store
people suppose.
Murphy; calendar clerk, F. O. North­ who has been visiting in Jacksonville most
Women as well as men are made mis­
rup; sergeant-at-.-rrns W. K. Bishop;
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
door-keep’r, T. W. Wann; mailing day evening.
and both need the same great remedy.
clerk, D. M. Pierce.
Swamp-Root is soon realized, it is sold
(jul’e a number of bills ha vealready Medford Friday, visiting with Mr. and
Grant’s Pass, Oregon.
by druggists, in fifty-
been Introduced in billi bouses, a few Mrs. Skinner and other members of cent and one dollar
of which are imp «riant and of gener­ the Iowa party.
sizes. You may have a
al importance.
Frank II. Moo, one of the principal sample bottle by mail
also pamphlet teil- Rome a SwaonyBo.*,
stockholders of the Hilt Lumber Co of free,
ing ail about it, including many of th:
A Good Recommendation.
Cole's Calif., is making Southern Ore­ thousands of testimonial letters received
"1 have noticed that the sale on gon a business visit.
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
Chamberlain’s Stomach & Liver Tab­
Sc Co., Binghamton, N. Y., be sure aru.
r enticn this paper.
lets is almost invariably to those who
He recently purchased Bert
have used them,” says Mr. J. H. Web­ day.
Don’t make any mistake, but rc-
er, a prominent druggist of Cascade, Lewis' ranch in Lake creek district member tbe name, Swamp-Rout, Dr.
1 iwa. What bettor recommendation and secured a bargain.
Kilmer’s Swamp-Root-, »nd the ad-
could any medicine have than for peo­
j dress. Binghamton, N.
un every
Ed. Moore is visiting relatives and bottle.
ple to call f ir it when again in need
of such a remedy? Try them when friends living in this county. He is in
you feel dull after eating, when you the employ of the Hilt Lumber Co.,
have a hid ta-te in your mouth, frel
biliou«, have no appetite or when which operates near Coles, Calif.
troubled with constipati->n, and you
C. Swett and his wifo have gone to
Kbatract* made ta Titles af
are certain to be delighted tepith the
Calif., leaving N. O. Haskins
prompt relief which they afford, Fur
in charge of their farm, the old Jack-
sale at City Drug Store.
all Bind drawn up eapeciallvpertaining 10
sou place, located on Rogue river.
lhe settlement or eataiea
Important to Miners.
Ex-Senator Cameron went to Port­
Accounts Silicited, Prompt Remittaacc.
land Thursday evening. He will tarry
In acc rdancewith the policy of the a while at Salem, where he spent five
luvstment securities a speeiait). jackaea
United States Geological Suivey to terms as a member of the legislature.
Jjunty Scrip bought and sold.
have a complete set ot maps of all surveyed
make availablethe results of its re­
Jas. Stewart and H. D. Jones have
tends in this oounty, and receive Abakraeta
searches as eaily as possible, and in a gone to Salem. They have secured
monthly from Roaebure Land Office, the Lead
3epartment ot the O. A C. R. R. and the State
form suitible to the business needs of clerkships at the disposal of the Ore­
Land Lb partment at Salem of all new entriea
made I am thus prepared to make out home-
the country, a 1ml etln is in prepara­ gon legislature and will be gone forty
«tcad papers and take proofs thereon. Also I
tion and will shortly bo issued which I days.
take filings aud proofs of timber lands, and
can save to the eipenae of s trip
will contain a c nclse summary of tl.e
Geo. W. Kincaid, who is Dr. Ray’s
to the Roseburg land office
advances in economicgeology made by foreman, spent Wednesday in Medford.
; have a Number of FtaeFarma and otl or
tbe Survt y during the last year. This He was looking for the party who stole
Desirable Propertv la my handa for
will not take tiie place of Lite more ex­ a horse and saddle from tbe Kesterson
WPromnt reply made toalllettera Chare­
tended reports or the organization, ranch
’s in accordance with «he times
Refers, by permission, Hon. H. K. Haana.
but will p’ace before the public the
District Attorney Reames. who is a
judge ot the 1st Judcial District, and to any
essent i tl features of the Investigations son-in-law of tho late Congressman
business bouse ia Jacksonville.
of tre yeir in the metalliferous and Tongue, returned from Hillsboro
non-metallifciou« dep< sits of the Thursday, «hither he acconipantod his
countiy, so that tlio«e desiring the in­ wifo. Ha went back the next day, to
fo mation may obtain it in concise attend the funeral.
form without the neces.-i’yof t-earch-
Jacksonville, Oregon.
Language Lessons.
iDg through voluminous reports. By
tills uuans the results of investig.-
Beginning Jan 15, 1903, private
i ton will a s » be male available much lesson? in French, German and Lnliu
earlier than lias heretofore been pos­ w.ll Is* given nt. tbe re-ddci ceti’ Rev.
Tna school continues the careful training
and thorough instruction for which it is favor­
sible. It. Is probable that a bulletin J. D Murphy. Address Lo k B ix 115,
ably known.
of this nitu*e will be pubbs’i'd an­ Jacks-'uviile.
nually fur the benefit of tl.e public.
The Music Department
Silas J. Day .
Notary Public
Real Estate Agent
and U. S. Commissioner
for Jackson County.
Dyspepsia Cure
To Cure • Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets
Druggists rotund the money it It tails to cure.
Grove's signature is on each bcx. 25c.
Hon. J. H. Ackerman, superintend­
ent of public instruction, has announced
Another Robbery.
that eighth-grade examinations will
take place throughout the Stale on
Some’rody, iale Wednesday nigh’,
the following dates: January 28,29 ent red the stable of Dr. Ray, on t»ie
and 30; April 8, 9 and 10; May 20, 21 K<s erson farm, and stole the be t
and 22; June 17, 18 and 19.
lr rse at.d saddle it contained. The
Both Doctors Leak and Messner, the thief was evidently well acquainted
veterinary surgeons, report a greatdeal with the premise?. A certain party Is
of sickness—principally epizootic— suspected and steps have baeti tuken
among horses in different parts of tbe to arrest him.
county. There have been few fatcl
Tax Levied
cases, however. A case of glanders at
Ashland was reported to Dr. Messner.
At the last meeting of the board of
Rev. Geo. R Varney of New York, County Commissioners the annual tax
secretary of tbe Baptist Missionary was levied, amounting to 24 mills. This
Society and tbe Oregon board of mis­ is two mills less than was levied last
sions, will assist Rev. N. S. Hollcroftin year on a higher assessment of property
a series of meetings which will begin that was made in 1902. The new levy
at Talent on Feb. 1st. Both gentle­ is apportioned as follows: State tax,
man are able and logical speakers, and 6 3; county school fund, 5 mills; road
will doubtless interest their many hear­ fund, 1.5 mills; general fund, 11 1 mills;
indigent soldiers’ fund, .1 mill.
Jas. Galloway, who has been living
witb his son, Frank Galloway of
Sent to the Asylum.
Grant’s Pass, died on the 8th, after a
very short illness. He was remarkably A mau ii meJ Count a'k was taken to
active for one so aged, and retained h.s Jacksonville on Wedtusday exeung,
faculties to tho last. Mr. G. whs a kind, charged with insanity. Dr. G le ex­
intelligent gentleman, and highly re­ amined him and pronounce! him in­
spected by all who knew him. He for­ sane. He was taken to Salem Thurs­
merly resided at Medford and Central day by Henry Oith aDd Wm. Puhi.
Comstock resided with the family
living on the Fiy
Fry place, Giittln
Gtiffin creek
The Supreme Court has reversed the district.
judgemnt of the circuit court of Mult­
Domestic Troubles.
nomah county, in the case of the State
vs. B. F. Durphy, who was convicted
It is exceptional to find a family
of having too many wives, and a new wiiete there are no dotm Stic rupture-,
trial was ordered. The defendant has occasionally; but the'ecHii be It s«ened
by having Dr. King’s New Life Pills
been a promoter of many schemes and around.
Much trouble they save by
is well known4n Southern Oregon. At their great work in Bit ma ii arid liver
present he is located at Eureka, Cal., troubles. Tiny uotonlv r. lleve you,
and engaged in several big enterprises. but cure. 25c, at Ciiy Dtug Store.
Talent Talk.
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of th®
digestants and digests all kinds ot
food. It gives instant relief and never
fails to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want. The most sensitive
•toniacbs can take it. By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
Cured after everything else failed. It
prevents formation ofgasou the stom­
ach, relieving all distress after eating,
Dieting unnecessary. Pleasant to take
Our Tali nt school patrons have met
at.d voted a three-mill ‘ax for school
Durp< se«.
This foggy weather has ptevailed
during the longest perk-d wiibin the
memory ot the oldest settlers, Inctac*.
Ing coyote« and wo drats.
I'r f. Cailick, who lias been princi­ K can’t help
pal of our s -huol for three year«, is
but do you good
the right man in the place. He keeps Prapared only by E. O. D e W itt & Co., Chicago
good order and retains the good will Tte |L boule contains 2W tliui«U»“ hoc. size
and respect of his pupils.
El! Murray, a stockman of Dilior,
Montana, is now veiling with f lends
in Soin hern California; hut on his re­
For nearly
turn n the spring he will pay a long
naif a century
visit with his cousin, S. Sherman of
tills place.
C. W. Sherman, a publisher and
printer of notoiiety, also private sec­
retary to Wui. J. Bryan when he w s
in congress, is booked fora visit with
have been grew ing lamou* in every
kind of soil everywhere. Sold by
hie brother, S. Sherman, during the
all deatlert. IVOS Seed Annual
po«i»aid free to all applicant*.
coming summer.
Detrvito MtcK
Will. McDaniel has opened a ueat
cigar, confectionery and fruit si ore in NOTICE OF Fl NA LSEI TLE.M ENT
Ryan’s building, Jacksonville, and
keeps a eomplote assortment of the In the County Court of the State of Oregon for
Jackson County.
best of everything in his lino Standard
Estateif Elizabeth Miller,
brands a sjiocialty. Givo him a call, In tbe matte' ot the 6CO41
for ho will treat you well.
Best Liniment on Enrth.
II D. Baldwin, Supt. City Water
Work?, Shullsburg. Wis , writes: “1
have tried many kinds tf liniment,
but haye never rtc>*iv«d much bet.efit
until I used Ballard’s Snow Liniment
for rlieumatbm and pains. 1 tiling it
the bes' liuiment. < n e«rth.” 25c, 50c
and SI.00 buttle at City Drug Stire.
fo Cur. Vou«iV|Miti*,i,
«Ve Cascarete Candy Ctuburi«-
O- C. tail to curs ortwc'-ti» -« Xui».- ««..<•«•
undersigned, administrator of tbe estate of
Ellzab th Miller deceased,has Sled In the coun­
ty oourl of Jacksou county. On gon.his tlual ac­
count as said administrator, and by order ot
Hon Chas. Prim, judge of sai<* court. Febru­
ary 14. 1*8, at 10 o'oloek a . m , Is set to- the
bearing thereof. All persons interested are
hereby notified to appear and ti'e his or Ler ob­
jection to the same'on or before said day.
Dated January 14, 1903.
Administrator of Estate ft Elizabeth Miller,
Nsn. a N kii ., Attorney for Admlr.Istritor.
Jour Cold Curea tor
St. Mary’s Academy,
is always in cha ye of competent and exper­
ienced teachers. Hoard and tuition per session
of twenty weeks, im.lB. Studies will be resum­
ed September 2, 1902.
For prospectus, address
ta«vwa Bins •»« Bnwk^,
The ’--t— -
tn the Wor.<L
aliraction t>> rhe CXT m A
««»uizr/ut »«.-At/or vUUun.
Weak«»»»»« er say conlrscA
ed dLieam.poal lively cured hr
the oldeet BpecUilst uu tbe Fadffie
CiMkBU ExtsbUsbed M years
T«aa< ■>* and ■sJSMIe
*«ed Mseai who are suOMng
from tbe efleet» of youthful lodto-
creUotis or exceasM tn maturar
yeara. Nenruua and physical DeMllty.Iaa-
poteney, !.<••« Jl».l>uod in Bu iieccmmy
cation»; Sperai»Uirrb<K, —------ -~tTT
ef Vrluatleg, ele. By a combtnatioa it
remedlu», ot treat curative power, the Docfer
has to errunged hla treatment that 11 whi sot
only afford immediate relief, but parmauset
cure. The Doctor does uot claim to p « i fficiu
miracles, but la well known to be a tor »d
equare Physician and Burgeon, r-t -tnilnvi
tn htsspecialty—IMoeaaaee of Meo.
• YPIIfl.Ia thoroughly eradicated from
tbe eyaieui without the uae at Mercery.
TroMoa fitted by aa Expert, (taadleol
cure for Bupuare. A quk-lt and raMcal
cur» for Pllee, riaaere and Flatwise, by
Dr. Jordans «peelal painless methode
BVMBY MAN applying to ua wilt raoetvs
our Aonzrt-apiaion uf ulecomplaint.
W« w,U eun>'.-mte« a f'O.'JTIFK CUlt to
n»ry rate we u-pl-rruha
Consultation F11KK «nd strictly private
Treatment personally or by letter.
Write for Book. PHlLOSSriT •>
MARBlAeB. MaiLUDFeaw. (A valnaS»
book tor meu.) Cell or writs
OR JORDAN * CO , 1081
BL. fl P.
Medford Furniture Co.
HouseFurnishers and
Undertakers. JohnH.
Butler. Fune r a 1 D i -
rector. Phone 165
Medford, Oregon