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    Or»gnu Historie»! SocUty
democratic Simes.
And What Came from One Wo«
man's Reading It.
A woman in Rome, N. Y., Mr«. W.T.
Clark, wa* cured of stouuich trouble nod
nervoiiKiioH« by a cerluiu medicine and
gave the munufiu-turer* i>uriuiHMiou tc
tiHo tier statement recommending the
preparation. Thia wan publiahed in a
IxMiklot ami thrown around at the door*.
Now Mrs. William Metot, ubo of Rome,
wax ailing, and, happening to read the
l«ok, came across the description of Mrs.
Ciark'ii case. In Home respect* then
symptom« were similar, so she went to
Mrs. Clark’« house at No. 818 Went
Thomas street, and asked her about it.
Mrs. Metot Udis the story as follows:
“I had been miserable fora long time,
suffering with the troubles which come
with the turn of life. It made me sick
to my stomach, I had smothering spelli
every once in u while and, if I walked
any distance, my limbs felt like sticks.
My head felt just us if I was going tc
be crazy and with it all I was afflicted
with nervousness and heart trouble. 1
felt so Imd thut 1 did not see anything tc
live for.
“I went to a doctor but bo didn’t de
me much gissl and so I was pretty well
discouraged. Then I saw in a txsiklet
that was thrown around, how Mrs
Clark was cured. I went to see her and
upon her recommendation I went that
very day and got some of Dr. William*
Pink Pill* for Palo People.
"I felt Isitter before the first box wiu
all taken and continued using them until
I was well. My husband is sick and ii
going to take them and so is my sister.
I have recommended Dr. Williams’Pink
Pills for Pale People to many people and
will continue to do so for I know whal
they will do from my own experience."
Mrs. Metot lives ut No. 42ti W. Bloom
field street, Rome, N. Y Her state
ment is another pnsif of the well de
served jxipularity of Dr. Williams’ Pink
Pills for Pule People. Among tho many
diseases they have cured are lucomotol
ataxia, partial isiralysis, 8t. Vitus'dam»,
sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervoui
lieadai'ho, the after-effect* of the grip,
imlpitation of the heart, pule and sallow
complexions, and all forms of wwiknesi
either in main or female. Dr. Williams
Pink Pills for Pale PeO|>le are sold by al
dealer* or will lie sent poHtptiid ou
receipt of firice, fifty cents a lox; or sii
boxes for two dollars and a half, by nd
dressing Dr. Wdliuui* Medicine Vo.
Hchemi tadv. N. Y.
Bright’s Disease.
The largest num ever paid for a prescription
cbnngf d bands In Snn Franci«co Aug 90. 1901.
The I ran nt er Invoivod In coin and mock 9112,-
& jo and waa paid bjr > party of bualneaa men
for a Npeclflc for Brigbl'a Dfacaae and Dlaoelea
hitherto Incurable dlaeuara.
They commenced the aerioua lnveatigAtfon of
the apecltlc Nov. 15. I9J0. They Interviewed
acorca of the cured and tried it out on Ila
tnecltaby putting over three doseu cbmub on
the treatment and watching them. They alao
go pbyalclana to name chronic, incurabl
canea, and admtnlatered It with the phyalcian
or judgea. Up to Aug. 25 clghty-aeven per
oent. of the teat caNea were either well or pro
groaning favorably.
There being but thirteen per cent, of fnllurea,
the parties were Nallatied and cloaed the trans­
action. The proceed Inga of the Inveavlgatlng
committee and the clinical report* of the teat
oaaeN wore published and will be mailed free
on application Addreaa J ohn J. F ulton C o .
A. I*. A rm* .'re, ng. LL. B., Principal
A practical, progressive achooi, connpicuoua
for thorough work, with hundreds of gradui»tea
in ponitions aa l»ookkeeprra and atenographera.
Already proud of a high wtanding wherevet
known, it atendily grown better and lx»tter
Ujien all the year. Studente admitted rny time
Private or ciana instruction. ¡«earn what ard
how we teach, nud what it coats. Catalogue free.
Boar» of Directors
D. I
If yort haven’t a regular, healthy movement of the
bowels every day, you’re III or will be. Reep your
bowel« Open, and ho well. Force. In the nhapeof vio­
lent phyalo or pill poison, la dangerous. The «month-
e«t, caalcwt. moat perfect way of keeping the bowels
clear and clean la to take
Pleaaant, Palatable, potent. Taela Good, Do Good.
Never Sicken, Weaken, or Gripe. 10, 15, and RO rents
per ho«. Write for free eainple, and booklet on
health Addreaa
■Tiai.iwu ngninv 1-owpiHY. rm<*«o er kiw voni.
Has All of the Qualities for the
Office of Sheriff.
Some Matters of Interest Con­
cerning our Neighbors.
Genial, obliging and honest, there
1« no more popular candidate than
Joseph M. Rader, nominee for sheriff
on the Democratic ticket. lie is a
native son and well known to the peo­
ple of Southern Oregon, having been
born on the family homestead near
Eagle Point, of pioneer stock, about
.'18 years ago. lie has a comma iding;
presence, Is cool and firm in time of
danger, and ba« all of the otherquall-
t les which serve to make a good sher­
iff. The people will make r o mistake
in giving him the offlee. He did not
ask for the nomination,but id. friend*
urged him to accept it for party reas­
ons, and because be had all of the
qualifications to faithfully perform
the duties of such an office. The
Rader family isknowu for it* integ­
rity in business matters, Its hospital­
ity and kindly neighborsi.fn.
shares these qualities. He was educated in the public schools of this county,
aod has pursued the cattie business, tie and his brother being among the
leadin g stock-growers of Jackson county. No stands higher among his
business associates than he does. Hisuative good sense can be relied upon
In every Issue In case he Is elected.
F ort D e F rance , May 28.—The entire northern end of the isl­
and of Martinique is deserted. As a result of Monday’s eruption
none of those who remained on Mone Rouge eseaped. The moun­
tain is still in a state of active eruption. Rivers of lava boil down
its sidesand plunge into the sea with a hiss and a roar that can Ire
heard for miles. The terror-stricken inhabitants have but one
prayer, and that is to get as far away from the scene as possible—
they care not where. Most of them are in a pitiful condition.
Several people have been executed for looting anil robbing
the helpless.
P ortland , Ore., May 28—The strike situation here is more
complicated than ever. The master builders refuse to resume
operations because the unions demand that the material used by
them Itear the stamp of the union. This is in line with the boycott
of the unions against the mills. The result is that all kind of
building is tied up tighter than ever, one hundred carpenters,
plumbers and glaziers are idle. The builders are trying to com-
|iel unions to accept material from the unfair mills.
C leveland , ohio, May 28.—The first plank adopted by the
ohio state Republican party, in its second day’s session today, was
a tribute to President McKinley. The convention further com­
mends the re-enactment of the Chinese exclusion act, favors the
Isthman canal, denounces trusts, favors reciprocity in Cuba, and
indorses the administration in its Philippine policy. Congressman
Grosvenor was unanimously chosen chairman. This convention,
in a sense, shows what the national platform of the Republican
will be.
electrical transportation .
N ew Y ork , May 28.—Thus. A. Edison’s electric transportation
problem is sol veil. A successful experiment was made this morn­
ing. It will be the means of greatly increasing the speed of vessels.
The inventor has been working on the plan for some time.
Mr*. W. IL Nipper’« parent« arrived
from Toxa« a few day« «ince, on a vi«it.
Mr. and Mr«. 1). 8. (look are being
visited by their daughter, Mr». Ray
Carl ou.
Rev. Mr. Rower is being visited by
his brother, J. R. Ro««er. of Birming­
ham, Ala.
Col.Wain-Morgan Draper ha« arrived
from Sun Fraueiwco, accompanied by
hi* «on and daughter.
Jaa. T. Logan, foreman of tho Sim­
mon* & Carneron mine«, had one of
hi« feet badly cut one day last week.
E. M. Albright, whois interested in
some of the bent copper mine« in Jose­
phine county, wan in Grant’s Pa«« a
few days ago.
The people of Josephine county will
vote ou the propoHltion of a high
school and allowing hog« to run at the ensuing election.
Senator Mitchell’s bill for an U.­
say office at Portland has been favor­
ably reported by the Senate, and the
prospects for its passage are favorable.
John Galvin i« paying ‘relatives and
friend* living in Grant's Pas« a visit.
He ha« been engaged in newspaper
work at San Francisco since living
The engineer« of the proposed Ore­
gon Pacific R. R. have finished the
preliminary surveys in about Grant’s
Pas«, and will soon transfer their
operation* to Waldo, surveying this
W. H. Fallin is one of the very, beet
mon in the county for the position he
aspires to. He lias been tried in official
positions before and has always given
satisfaction. If elected he will make a
first-class assessor.
The slanders being peddled about
Hon. J. O. Booth are simply campaign
lies, without any foundation in fact.
He’s one of our best, most successful
and enterprising citizens, and will
make a county judge everybod , will be
proud of.
Geo. 8. Calhoun, who is traveling for
a wholesale grocery company, at Ash­
land last Friday, was compelled to go
to San Francisco for surgical treat­
ment. He struck himself in the groin
with his sample case, while at Los
Angeles a few weeks ago, and became
worse when he reached Oregon.
Like a Drowning Man.
"Five years ago a disease the doc­
tors cal.ed dyspepsia too« such bold
of me that 1 could scarcely go,” writes
Geo. 8. Marsh, well-known attorney
of N >coaa, Tex. ‘ ‘I took quantities
of pepsin and other medicines; but
nothing helped me. A* a drowning
man grabs at a straw I grabbed at Ko-
doi. I felt an improvement at once,
and after a few hotties am sound and
well.” Kodol is the only preparation
which exactly reproduces the natural
digestive juices, and consequently is
the only one which digests any good
food and cure« any form of stomach
trouble. City Drug Store, Jackson­
ville, and Dr. J. Hinkle,Central Point.
A Native of Jackson county who Only 3752 voters tiave registered,
against 38&5 iu 1900, and there are
will Make a Good Connty
doubtiess several hundred voters
more in Jackson county. This year
Anothe- native son whose clean-cut
career will tell largely in bls fever
wtien the votes are counted Its John
8. Orth, a native of Jacksonville, who,
at the earnest solicitation of friends,
consented to run for county cierk on
the Dein.tcratic ticket. Not only is
be genial and competent, but he has
sterling business qualities, a firm
character and a knowledge of human
nature, all of which make him well
fitted to till the position.
Mr. Orth was born October 9, 1872•
and is therefore 29 years of age. His
father, the late John Orth, was a
butcher by trade, and onelof the lead­
ing business men of Jacksonville. Upon bls deatii John, then a mere boy,
took eburge of the business, and by careful management has continued to
conduct it upon a good paying basis, and today is regarded as one of the
solid and successful men of thecounty. He is a young man of correct social
and business habit«, of tine native ability, superior judgment, and has a
good practical education, supplemented by a wide and critical knowledge of
business. He lias never sought offlee. Mr. Orth is a man of clean and stur­
dy character,which invites confidence. Ascounty clerk he would be an effic­
ient and pleasant official,and would early establish a kindly relation between
hltn«elf and those having business at thecounty seat.
Our Locomotive* the Beat.
The ten locomotives recently «ent to France
have been found very satlstactory. and as this
number 1« only lhe Hist shipment of an order
for fifty of them, it shows that foreign people
appreciate lhe value of American products,
that has become very prominent during the
past fifty years, and that is Hoatetler'a Stom­
ach Hitters, the standard misllclno forstomach.
liver and bowel complaints. Many people
who have experiment'd for years with unknown
remedies without finding relief have been
brought back to health by Its uae. Then this Is
■urely the medicine tor you. Il will cure dys­
pepsia, Indigestion, constipation, flatulency
and malaria, fever and ague. We urge you to
try It. Our private slump la over the neon of
lhe bottle. _________ ______ ____
For Sale.
A dwolling house with five rooms,
two fireplace« and other conveniences.
A well of good water close to kitchen
dfsir. Price $250. For particulars en­
quire of.
M rs . A. M orat ,
Jacksonville, Ore.
Rev. A. P. Gillette will h »Id ser­
vices at the M. E. churcii In Jackson­
ville every second and fourth Sunday,
morning and evening.
Rev. 8. H. Jones will hold services
at the Presbyterian church in Jack­
sonville every Sunday.
Beginning in June, Rev. W. Bitter's
appointmentswill be: First and third
Sundays. Jacksonville, at 8:15 a. m.
and 7:30 p. m., and Medford at 10:15
a. ro. Fourth Sunday, Jacksonville,
at 10 a.m. and 7:30 p. m. second
Sunday and fifth, when it occurs,
County Treasurer's 30th Notice.
Max Muller, county treasurer, gives
notice that there are funds in the
county treasury for the redemption
of outstanding warrants protested
from June 1, 1899, to June 15. 1899,
both dates inclusive. Interest on the
same will «¿ease after May 9, 1902.
Ashland district,
which includes
Ashland, Dunn and Barron, registers
991, or about ooe-fourth the total
The following is the
registration by precincts:
E. Ashland ......................................... 272
W. Ashland
................................... 209
S. Ashland.................................
Applegate............................................ 82
■Barron................................................... 91
Big Butte.............................................. 84
Climax ...................
Central Point..................................... 129
Dunn ..................................................... 159
Eagle Point........... ............................. 152
Flounce Roca.................................... 28
Foots Creek .................................... 53
Gold Hill.............................................. 242
Lake Creek ...................................... 62
Jacksonville......................................... 167
Fast Medford ......................... ... 254
West Medford..................................... 195
Mound................................................... 64
Meadows ............................................ 40
Pooh Bah ........................................... 139
Pleasant Creek
Ptnenix ...........
Rock Puiut. .
Roxy .................
Sams Valley.
'I'rail ...............
Talent .............
Table Rock
Union ...............
Willow Springs
Total............................................ 3752
Strike* a Rich Find.
No. 22
Light Biscuit
Delicious Cake
Dainty Pastries
Fine Puddings
Flaky Crusts
Latest Reports From One of
Our Chief Industries.
H. C. Stock of Ashland has been
nei*rly $600, called to Britt, Oregon, by the death
* Bill­ of his venerable falber.
There will be an immense crop of
apples this season, but the cool
weather injured the pears somewhat.
T he miners of Foots creek district
J. E. Pelton arrived this week at
have made a good showing during the Ashland
800 young steers he
past season, some of them doing better bought in with
the Willamette Valley,
than ever.
They will be driven to the Pelton
John Hall’s mine, in Grave creek dis­ ranch in Klamath county.
trict, is being developed by parties
The livery stable of Jos. Carlon, of
who have bonded it. Six men are at Roseburg, together with a number
work there.
of horses, vehicles, etc., was burned
R. Van Brunt was recently up from a few nights ago. There was an in­
hw Happy Camp placer diggings. He surance of $1500 on the property.
will rent the Steam ^eer mines, locat­
G. Y. Harry, president of the Ore­
ed in the northern Jpart of Josephine gon Federation of Labor, has or­
ganized a union at Ashland with 26
members and the following officers:
J. D. Johnson, who recently came President, J. A. Mills; secretary. W.
from Iowa, claim« that he has discover­ J. Woods; treasurer, A. 8. Barnes.
ed a rich mine in Jump-off-Joe district,
The S. P. Company will -sell round
which he says has been lost 50 years. trip
tickets from Ashland to Portland
Probably another Lost Cabin story.
June 13th and 14th, good to the 18th
A small vein of rich ore has been inclusive, on account of the meeting
struck in Ryan A Harth's mine, locat­ of the supreme lodge a . O. U. W., for
ed in Foots creek district. Some of it $10. Purchasers will pav $14.25 and
was tested in the Houck mill, and yield­ receive a rebate of $4.25 on return
ed $30 to the ton. There are about 30 from Portland. The same rate will
prevail from Medford and intervening
ton* of it on the dump.
stations to Ashland.
Four tons of ore from Winningham
The fifteenth auuual convention of
& Van Corder's mine, in Forest creek the Oregon CbrUtian Endeavor Union
district, re<-ontlyjlcrushed in Orme A will be held in Ashland, June 20 to
Meier's mill,¡yielded $18 in free golda 23d, inclusive.
The following* are
ton. They are developing the main some of the noted speakers already
ledge, which is showing up nicely.
secured: Rev. Hugh K. Walker, D.
Timber-land locations are taking in D , of Los Angeles, a trustee of the
a number of mines, and patent to them United Hociety; Her. T- Fleming
will be obtained unless protested. Kevelle, of Seattle; Rev. Mac H.
Everybody likely to be affected should Wallace, of Eugeue; Rev. Robert Mc­
have his claim surveyed and marked Lean. of Portland; Mrs. Birkholder,
of Junior Work,
with reference to section and township superintendent
Washington C. E Union; Mr. H. W.
Stone, secretary Y. M. C. A. at Port­
While in San Francisco recently land; Rev. C. T. Hurd, of LaFayette.
Dr. C. II. Ray, manager of the Gold The programme promises a rich treat.
Hill Quartz Mining Co., invested in The extremely low rate of $8 for the
hoisting machinery, drills, etc., for round trip from Portland has been
the Braden mine, at which a new named by the S. P. Co., and it is ex­
mill will be also installed in the near pected that many Portland people, as
well as those from the Willamette
Valley points, will take advantage of
It is reported that a 20-stamp mill it and come to Ashland.
and a cyanide-plant mill be installed at
the Victor, Jr., mine, located in Grave
creek district, Josephine county, before
long. The property was recently visit­
ed by E. Smith of Denver and W. H.
Brewort of New Y’orkpart owners.
A pocket, containing
was recently disc
ings’ field, near
How To
Gain Flesh
A partial cleanup at the old Chan­
nel Mining Co.'g -propertylin Galice
253 district, formerly owned by
Ennis & Catneron, yielded a brick
Persons have been known to
of gold, valued at about $3,000. The
a pound a day by taking
mines have been fitted up regardless
of expense and will produce $50,000 this an ounce of SCOTT’S EMUL­
For $10,000 by a Montana Ex­
pert this Week.
It is reported that the mining claim
on Sardine creek, near Gold Hill, con­
trolled by G. W. Lane, has been bond­
ed by Moataua capitalists for $10,000.
The deal, it is claimed, was consum­
mated this week. During the past few
days an expert, formerly in the em­
ploy of Marcus Daly, has been quietly
looking over the district, and after
examining the Lane property took a
bond In the interest of his employers.
SION. It is strange, but it often
Somehow the ounce produces
the poundi it seems to start the
digestive machinery going prop­
erly, so that the patient is able
to digest and absorb his ordinary
food, which he could not do be­
fore, and that is the way the gain
is made.
A certain amoun* of flesh is
necessary for health; if you have
not got it you can get it by
Don’t Start Wrong.
Don't start the summer with a lin­
gering cough or cold. We ail know
what a ‘summer cold” is. It's the
hardest kind to cure. Often it "hangs
on" through the entire season. Take
it in hand right now. A few doses of
One Minute Cough Cure will set you
right. Sure cure for coughs, colds,
croup,grip, bronchitis, all throat and
lung troubles. Absolutely safe. Acts
at once. Children like it. "One Min­
ute Cough Cure is the best medicine I
ever used,” says J. H. Bowles, Grove­
ton, N. H. "I never found anything
else that acted so safely and quickly.
Citv Drug Store. Jacksonville, and Dr.
J. flinkle, Central Point.
"I was troubled for several years
with chronic indigestion and nervous
debility/’ writes F. G. Green of Lan­
caster, N. H., "No remedy holped me
until I began using Electric Bitters,
which did me more good than all the
medicines I ever used. They have al­
so kept ray wife in excellent health for
years. She says Electric Ritters are
Just splendid for female troubles; that
they are a grand tonic and invigorator
for weiSc, run-down women. No other
medicine can take its place in our fam­
ily.” Try them. Only 50c. Satisfac.
A good saddle pony can be bought
tioil guaranteed by City Drug Store- at reasonable figure« by applying to
. —
•----- —-
J ohn F. M iller ,
Jacksonville, Ore
baa no abow with Dr. Mllaa' Pain PUB
You will find it juit as useful in summer
as in winter, and if you are thriving upon
it don’t stop because the weather is warm.
loc. and $1.00. all druggiats.
SCOTT A BOWNE. Ckemiata, Naw York
Wm. Clarke'« Tybalt and Sir Staf­
ford, the best stallion« in Southern Ore­
gon, will be at the fair grounds near
Central Point every day in the week,
excepting Saturday, when they can be
found at Phipps’ barn in Medford. Tha
former is a handsome trotter with e
good record, while the latter is a big
and superior draft horse. Tybalt will
be in Jacksonville Thursday.
To Cara Constipât, .>■ «oravo*.
Take Cascarela Candv C'aiaartlc. 10e or Se,
•» lì C. a tali to cur*. Urinisi* retond mona»