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    AT THE
By Clinton Dangerfield
lin (he S. S. M< (lure Company
ter? You’re not nearly so hot as you
"A weight grows on my lids.”
“Then 1 will put out the lights,” said
the page determinedly. "You can’t
sleep while they are burning.”
Hi- was so quick In ills movement
that only^i frantic lunge on the sul-
tan’s part enabled the latter to catch
him while he was still In reach. Drawn
roughly back, the page faced around
anil saw that beads of cold sweat
stood out on the sultan's forehead; that
he was ghastly white with terror.
“May tlie powers of evil consume
thee!” he cried sharply to the boy.
“Let the lamps alone! Don’t you know,
you Christian fool, that as soon as the
dark flows round melt lays in wait for
me and comes creeping nearer and
nearer? Its face is broken and bloody,
and its eyes are filmy. But the arms—
the arms are so strong! They want to
close round my throat closer and clos
er. They want to strangle me. Ah, I
see Its shadow now!”
The sultan’s breath came in hoarse
gasps. His eyes were big with horror.
The page stood by him manfully,
though be was woefully seared him­
“How c-c-could anything pass the
guards?” he stuttered, unable to keep
all anxiety out of his voice.
“Guards!" hissed the sultau. “Who
tru is the guards? Look at the Chris­
tian rulers, whose followers profess
such milky doctrines of gentleness.
How do they rest? But if Allah sent
me power to know my true servants,
to read their souls like a mirror, that
would not save me from It. Through
them It comes, and they cannot see It.
My father died of It, died with no
’mark on him. ami Ills father before
him. Nothing but light keeps It away.
1 have not been in the accursed dark
for twenty years.”
“Oil!" said the page, with consider­
able relief in his voice. "I know what
you mean now. Mother told me all
about it.” He quietly pushed his mas­
ter l ack on the pillows, and while the
sultan stared at him iu open mouthed
amazement be went on with absolute
confidence •
"You see, it’s fear you are afraid of.
Fear stays in all kinds of places, and
sometimes it looks like one thing and
sometimes like another, according to
the person. And it can come anywhere
it likes."
"Thou bast it." muttered the sultan,
listening gravely to the clear, childish
“And it’s a mistake to think light can
always keep it away.”
“So it- is. How knewest thou that?
By the beard of the prophet, even in
the daylight 1 have seen”—
The page interrupted him with a
calm unconsciousness which would
have paralyzed the vizier.
“There’s only one thing can keep it
away, and that is”—
“What? May Allah speak through
“And that’s just to believe it isn’t
there. You mustn't shake your head.
I’ve tried it, and I know. As soon as
you believe there's nothing to trouble
you the thing just shrivels up and
goes away. It can never come track
until you choose to believe in it again.”
The sultan’s hand, red with the blood
of his fellow beings, lay lightly on the
page's arm. The sultan's tiger eyes,
which had seen unmoved deeds which
could blacken the infernnl regions,
looked as gently at the page as his own
mother could have done.
“You may lower the lamps.” said the
ruler softly.
And he did not wince as the first
darkness he had known for twenty
years cast its healing shadows around
his couch. The page crept up beside
him and shared his pillow. They talk­
ed no longer. Outside in the passage
the vizier rubbed his heavy lashes, as­
tounded. and whispered eloquently
with the guards. But the page heard
only the peaceful breathing of his bed­
The sultan slept.
A Pretty Blouae.
The illustration pictures a very smart
blouse of black silk dotted with white.
The middle of the front Is trimmed
with five stitched straps of the silk, al­
ternating with groups of tiny tucks.
The back has a plain pointed yoke, be-
low which are tucks und strappings.
The sultan rolled over on his couch
As he faced his anxious at­
tendants the glare in his eyes made
them fall back as though lie had struck
them with the sclmlter which always
lay w ithin his reach.
"Allah sent you all as a plague!” he
said fiercely. “Here have I lain three
mortal hours, and sleep comes not near
mine eyes. Higher with the lights,
fools! Can a man rest with shadows
hanging over him?”
The lights shone more brilliantly,
while the ruler’s eyes searched jealous
ly in every corner. Suddenly he sat up.
"Fetch me that Christian page who
was brought to the palace yesterday!
I weary of the eternal sameness of your
The grand vizier, whose life was im-
bittered beyond words by his master’s
liking for his presence, went himself
to seek the boy. wondering as he went
how much longer he could attend to
affairs of state if be was to
keep awake all night as well.
A velvet footed eunuch brought him
quickly to the page's side. The boy
slept peacefully, although the tears he
the same ns in the front. The same
shed In praying over the little cottage
idea is carried out on the bishop sleeves,
be called home were scarcely dry on
which are tiuished with silk wrist­
his cheeks.
bands. The collar band is encircled
The vizier woke him. not ungeutly.
with the tucks and adorned with a yel­
Sooth to say. he felt some pity for this
lowish tulle lace cravat crossed in front
blue eyed lad, and, moved by a kiudly
and drawn through a buckle.—Phila­
Impulse, lie helped the page to dress
delphia Ledger.
and took his hand as they hurried
through the long, dimly lighted corri­
Not Much (hniiKe In Skirt*.
There will no^be much alteration In
The sultan still sat up. clutching his
skirts. The skirt tight fitting over the
covering around him and reminding
hips, with the fullness at tlie back,
the vizier most unpleasantly of a sullen
tucked or plaited, is so becoming that
wild boar in his lair, solitary, misera­
it would be folly to change it. In stuffs
ble, but Infinitely dangerous. The vi­
of moderate thickness it will not be
zier shivered Inwardly as be preseuted
trimmed, but in flimsy fabrics flounces
the page.
and frills may lie indulged in. Two
“Leave the boy alone with me!”
tier skirts are going to make a gallant
growled his master. “Are you para­
stand for popularity, but it Is to be
lyzed, you sons of Idiocy, that you do
doubted whether they will attain It,
not move when I speak?”
for they are not becoming save to the
This last sentence cleared the room
very tall, as they cut the smaller wo­
instantly, although the sultan bad nev­
man ruthlessly in half and, if she hap­
er been so nearly alone before.
pens to be wearing a large hat, give
her a ridiculously top heavy appear­
His two gigantic guards, who slept
at the foot of his bed, went last, their
naked scimiters gleaming in their
Box Plait. Again.
hands. The door closed noiselessly.
A smart tailor costume from a cele­
The page knelt quietly near the cen­
brated house in Paris is of navy blue
ter of the room, the light from the
serge. The bolero is of yellow cloth,
swinging lamps full upon him. Ills
braided with black and white to have
eyes were resting undisturbedly on the
the effect of a small round sailor col­
lar, and it fastens in front with a soft
"Rise and come here!” growled the
black necktie. The skirt is box plait­
ruler hoarsely. The page rose, nnd. to
ed all around and finished at the bot­
the sultan’s astonishment, he walked
tom by three tucks. The blouse de­
confidently to the couch and, seating
signed to be worn with this costume
himself on it, passed bis slim, cool fin­
Is of cream silk made with large plaits
gers over the ruler’s brow.
In the front and trimmed with the
“How very hot and uncomfortable
braid used for the bolero. An­
you are!” be said thoughtfully. “You've
other serge skirt designed by the same
almost got a fever, but your face Is
house is laid in plaits lengthwise, the
worst of all.”
plaits falling open at the feet.
“What’s the matter with my face?”
demanded the sultan, considerably tak­
Flower. With White Toilet..
en aback.
With the growing fancy for white
“It’s quite wrinkled with trouble,
gowns the advice of a woman florist
just like father’s is before mother
as to what flowers go well with white
smooths It away for him.
toilets becomes of interest. Jack roses
way she does it.”
or any flowers of heavy shade she de­
lie was so small and the mighty
clares Incongruous. Violets are not
ruler so large that he had to kneel on
out of keeping, the American Beauty
the coverings to reach his master’s
rose is not inharmonious, but the most
forehead, but his touch produced a re­
picturesque blossom to go with a white
markable effect. The sultan sank back
gown is the President Carnot rose.
on his pillows and lay quite still for
nearly fifteen minutes, while the strok­
The Lnteat In Hat..
ing went on.
Hats come first in the new stylos.
Outside the door knelt the grand
The fashionable Parisienne change*
vizier, looking carefully through the
her headgear at the Grst echo of spring.
keybole, too amazed to report the re­
As to the shapes, the new millinery is
sult of l:!s observations to the officers
characterized by decided diversity:
behind him.
there is something for each type of
A Cold Snap In Illinois.
“What makes you thin!: trouble put
those lines in my face?” asked the sul­
season for making liars. A West Alton
“1 don’t L’tow tow I know it.” said man says that a citizen of that town
the page i plexcdly. ••but 1 do. You threw a cupful of water at a cat one
see. when they took me away from cold morning last winter. The water
mother and brought me to the palace froze Into a chunk of Ice In the air, hit
I thought yon would be ju«t perfectly the cat on the head and broke its skull.
Then he told about a Flint till wo­
happy. But you look like the old rug­
maker near us did when the soldiers man who left a lamp burning all night
in the kitchen and when she tried to
broke his loom to pieces.”
The sultan grinned, his lip curling blow it out in the morning found the
upward, after the fashion of a wolf. flame frozen bard. She broke it off nnd
“Would that my vizier could hear thee threw it Into the woodshed, where
pay compliments! But my loom is not later it thawed out and set the slied on
broken, and woe unto those who at­ fire.
As if those two were not enough, he
tempt it! Thou seest the splendor of
winds up with the story of a St.
my palace?”
“You have more things than any one Charles doctor who just before he
could count,” said the page reflective­ started out on a drive took half a dozen
ly. “What a good time your boys must good sized drinks of fine old bourbon.
It was a cohl night, and his breath was
The sultan scowled, nis heir ap­ frozen into chunks. lie put the chunks
parent was in the depths of a toad In­ Into a pail when he got home aud
fested dungeon, while his other sons thawed them out. and he had a quart
trembled dally for their heads. “I of pretty fair whisky. — Alton Tele­
don't talk of them,” he muttered. "Un­ graph.
grateful bounds they are!” Then he
BaJtlns a Conductor.
added hastily, by way of changing the
During the rush hour the other after­
A r '1'f “VST : HAT.
subject: "Your infidel sect clings to
noon a dignified men entered a well
Its holes, which it calls homes. There­
gem t y . ; still broad
filled Market street car and tried to face. Hr
fore, I suppose, your mother shrieked
and low. but tl e I rim* are bent In all
work his way in to secure a strap to
and screamed when they brought you
sorts of original curves and graceful
hang from, but the conductor, who was
undulations, nnd tlie results are novel
collecting fares, blocked bis progress.
Two round, hot tears splashed down
smart and becoming.
"Step lively, there!’’ said the passen­
from the page's eyes upon liis master’s
The lovely creation shown in the 11
beard. The vizier distinctly saw them
lustration is in many shades of gray,
gleam in the light, though be could
panne, chiffon and satin. The top Is a
catch no word of the conversation, lie the conductor, elevating his eyebrows.
mass of small |>ink flowers and little
“Certainly,” replied the passenger. green leaves.— I’lilludelpitin Times.
looked to see the audacious boy’s head
neatly swept off with the curved sclm- “Step forward so we can get inside.
Plenty of room up front.”
Not Necessarily Expensive.
fter, but the sultan merely lay still.
“If you will attend to your business,
The Gainsborough must be large nnd
"She never screams,” said the page
quietly. “She told me It was God’s I will attend to mine,” snapped the of good shape. Its crown must be of
moderate height nnd its brim broad, so
will I should come here, else you could conductor.
"If you can’t take your own medicine that it can be beut or molded, turned
not have taken me. She said I would
find people here more unhappy than better than that, you had better try or twisted. Tlie rest Is comparatively
she or I could ever be, and I must taking the car ahead,” answered the simple, for the Gnlnsliorough enn tie
t-t-try f-f-for her sake to be good to passenger. The conductor’s reply was trimmed with odds and ends that
them. I think I would better not talk lost in the laughter of the passengers. would look out of place upon another
hat—Pittsburg Dispatch.
of her, though
Are you feeling bet­ —Philadelphia Telegraph.
t>f silk.
The National Health Service.
The Perkins bill, now pending In
OVF.RS getting ready
Congress, seeks to extend the scope
For th.- coming tilt.
and enlarge the facilities of the marine
Iluatllng In the dwellings
they soon will quit.
hospital service. It calls for n change
Long mid lute they’re working.
of name, provides for n proper status
Often there's u sigh.
For tint little progrese
for the officers and also asks that the
Merle the weary eye.
laboratory wtrk of the service be
Tearing up the vnrpets,
brought Into relation with the» scientific
Gouging out th. tucks—
work of the war, navy and agricultural
Work Hutt's vei y H ying
depri rlgienls.
< >n , hi arm» and backs.
Tukln down the curlulna
Tlie marine hospital service has out­
Anil tlie purls complex—
grow u Its name, and the designation of
Ta-k lint ' sorely listing
Musehs of the necks.
the "United Stutes health service" sug­
gested in the Perkins bill Is entirely
Rolling up spure bedding.
consistent with Its work and alms. The
Tying up spure chaira.
(Jfleii a il.lly rustling
latter term would lend a dignity com­
Up und down tlie stairs.
mensurate with the duties of tlie or­
Taking down the pictures,
Brushing off the dust:
ganization. which are in fact to safe­
Now end then Ul'« s breakage,
guard the health of the nation. The
I' arising much disgust.
change of name would not Imply a
Packing up the rllsln -.
change of functions, but rather an en­
Now und then a . I ah—
largement of them. Tlie treatment of
Finest piece of clilitu
Qukikb gone to aanaah.
seamen, the management of epidemics,
Cle.-.rini; out tin* drawers.
the medical inspection of immigrants
Throwing things away—
and the publication of sanitary reports < mis Slid trinkets
’I hut have bud their day.
and statistics would continue to be
functions of tlie United States health
Nallliix up the boxes
In w 1 li grruils irre packed; ■
service, l ot under the bill its efficiency
Oft n thumb oi ting, r
would lie greatly increased.
Fearfully Is whacked.
One of the most Important results
Working on till mldi;lylit.
for hours but few;
would be co operation between national
Up uriti:.
day break.
mid slate authorities In matters relat­
Finding more to do.
ing to-the public health. Every year
citing r<
bns made apparent the necessity tor
For the coming tilt
closer union and more linrmonlous
Day mid night must hustle.
And they I e llirlctly "IU”
work. This is especially manifest In
No mor. time for folly,
the handling’of epidemic diseases.
No more time for pluy;
Tie y must have things ready
Which do not respect state lines uml
For in. moving day.
which need it centralized authority to
-Pili uurg Chronicle-Telegraph.
direct the control.
There is no branch of the public serv­ I lined to Please Fenilnlue Diplomacy
ice more Important than that of guard­
“Do the new
ing the public health, and no one famil­ neighbors it n-
iar with the administration of quaran­ noy you as
tine regulations and tlie means taken to much by bor­
prevent the spread of epidemics, with rowlug as their
the skill and courage displayed in light­ predecessors
ing yellow fever, cholera and other did?” asked
I Mr. Blykins.
scourges, can fail to appreciate the
good work done by tlie marine hospital ed bis wife;
service. It ought not to be handicap­ “they haven't
ped f< r lack of facilities and legalized run over to
borrow a thing.
I never sa w
anybody quite
Empire Builders at Odds.
The fact that the name of Joseph so Itu ughty
Chamberlain does not appear in the list and unsocia­
of trustees under the will of Cecil ble.” — Wash­
ington Star.
Rhodes while that of Lord Rosebery
heads it occasions some comment in
Her Excellent
London. In this connection it is re­
called that when Mr. Chamberlain en­
"But why do
tered the colonial office there was a
you persist in
struggle between Mr. Rhodes and him­
worrying?” de­
self for supremacy in South African
manded the
policy. Mr. Rhodes, with bis imperious easy going
will, forced the hands of one colonial man.
Helen—And did you
secretary after another and retained
“In the hope scream when he at­
the mastery of the situation. When of making you tempted to kiss you?
Mr. Chamberlain entered the office, be worry a little,”
Ethel—Certainly not.
determined to have the "empire build­ answered the I waited until utter
he had finished.
er” understand that there could be but good woman.
one cock of the walk iu Downing
After the Savings.
street, and the result was an estrange­
"They try all kinds of dodges on you
ment between the men who have bad
In a boarding house,” said the man
more to do than nil others in shaping who lmd had fifteen years' experience,
the recent British policy in South Af­ “and it is seldom you find a landlady
who hasn’t got a card up her sleeve.
Upon one point they were, how­ My present one has good rooms and a
ever. agreed, and that was In the extc/i- good table, but at the beginning of
sion of British empire over the conti­ winter she began turning the gas off
nent of Africa. What would hare been In the daytime. I happened to want to
the result if they bad worked more in use it one day to heat my shaving wa­
harmony to that end is a matter of ter, and a little later I spoke to her
about it.
• " 'Mrs. Tompkins,' I said, ‘I see you
The statement that Lord Rosebery
Is going to Sooth Africa to study the
situation there with the view of sub­
mitting Ills impressions to tlie king is
significant. Lord Rosebery is a close
friend <>f King Edward, and his visit
to South Africa would be In the nature
of a personal representative of the
British sovereign. What be may be
able to accomplish, of course, remains
to be seen, though taken in connection
with the visit to South Africa of Lord
'Volseley. also a close friend of the
king. Lord Rosebery’s journey gives
hope Hint peace may be effected. It Is
well known that King Edward is ex­
tremely anxious that the war shall bl­
ended before b's coronation, and to
ibis end li would appear that effortl­
ire being directed.
An Italian organ grinder arrested hi
New York tlie other day for begging on
the streets is niucli offended because lie
was c .mpclled to pay a fine of $5.
i hough lie bud at tlie time about $20b
>n liis person and confessed that he
had $12.000 salhd away in a bank In
Rome, besldez Inte'y having sent $2.
.».in to liis daughter in Italy, who Is
going to marry a count. The organ
grinder, who Is sixty, saya lie will re-
¡ire from “business,” having created n
•'inipetency. He thinks a men should
retire nt sixty. In this respect he takes
tlie high ground held by some eminent
economists and philanthropists
A cable dispatch from Nice reports
the capture of n one hundred and four
foot whale near that place, the first
ever seen In the Mediterranean. Ap­
parently the seaside i esort press agent
has struck tlie Rlvleru. He is to be
commended, however, for refraining
from the Introduction of the ancieut
sea serpent.
And now the ho-tilif.en open between
the man who wants to have a garden
and his neighbor who keeps chickens,
Miss Stone has lieen captured again.
Major Pond Is the bold brigand who
did the trick thia time.
have the gas turned off in the day­
“ ’Yes, sir.’ she replied.
" ‘I have been figuring it out, nnd do
you know how much you save per
month by tlie move?'
“ ‘I can’t say.’
“ ‘You save just one cent a month.'
"’Do I? Well, then, 1 shall surely
turn It off every day for the next year
and save a whole shilling.’”
Thousands Ha« Kidney Trouble
and Don’t Know it.
How To yma Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let It siiiid twenty four hours, a
illment or set­
thug Indicates an
. unhealthy condi-
1,1'"' of the kld-
ricys; If It stains
your linen It Is
evidence of kid­
ney trouble: too
fin |iient desire to
pen It or pain In
the back is also
eonvinclng proof liait thn kidneys and blad-
1er aie out of order.
Wlmt Io Do.
There Is comfort In the knowledge so
often expieased, that Dr. Kilmer’s Swamp-
Re >1. the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects Inability
to hold water and scalding pain .In passing
It, or bad effects following use'of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The inlld and the eitra-
ordlnary effect of Swamp-Root Is soon
realized. It stands the highest for Its won­
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and$l. sixes.
You may have a sample bottle of thia
and a book that tells
more about It, both sent
absolutely ftee by mall,
address Dr. Kilmer & nimM of Svamp-RM*.
Co., Binghamton. N. Y. When writing men­
tion reading this generous offor in this paper.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of the
digestants and digests nil kinds of
food. It gives Instant relief and never
fails tocure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want. The most sensitive
stomachs can take It. By Its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything el-m failed. It
prevents formation of gaeon the stom­
ach, relieving all distress after eating.
Dieting unnecessary. Pleasant to taka.
H can't help
but do you good
(►¡■•pared only by E. O. Bit W itt A C o , < 'hlcafO
The XL bolllu conlalusSU Uiuev lb*’ Sac. alsa
P H Y 8 I O I A N
8 U It UK ON
Jacksonville, Oregon.
^Uftce 't Kahlci’v tlutldlng. up-alslra. Hex-
luence on Cailtorhla sirrei. Dav or olibl
cells attended t romoily
J. M. KEENE, D. D. S.
Not <’nrel«-naly f’hosen.
“Wliy did you select that man as n OPERATIVE DENTISTRY A SPECIALTY
OIH om io the Adktha Deuel block
candidate?” asked the henchman. “He
doesn’t know anything about politics." Medford,
"That’s why I selected him,” answer­
ed the boss. “He’ll be a great deal
ti. D. NORTON,
easier to put out of office if he doesn’t
be good.”—Washington Star.
The < hnniclna Sraaon.
Mrs. Hatterson—What! You’ve bad
fourteen cooks In three months!
Mrs. Untteraon — Yes. and I didn’t
please any of them.—Life.
Orant’» Pea», Oregon.
W< «ce above B P
D. A L Co • Store.
Slightly Dlf-
Mr. Monk-
They say beau­
ty is but skin
Mlsa Hippo-
Well, with me
ugliness Is but
skin deep.
am sure if I
didn’t have thia
thick skin I’d
lie much bet­
ter looking. —
Chicago News.
•^Omce In Ito* Men-* llu Idin
ATTORNEYS and counselors at law
Jackaoavllle, Oregon.
’Will prsetloe In all oourtx of the Stale. Of
Hou,e >»•» door Ob the
riPbt from entrance
A. C
He Had.
draat'a Poss,
"Haven’t you
offlee over Hslr-R.ddle Hardware Store.
any occupa­
tion?” asked
the woman ill
the kitchen
door after lis­
tening to hb
tale of woe.
»^Office In Red Men'« Hulldin*.
“Yes, mad­
am.” responded
Tuffold Knutt.
"A hunter?
Granfa Pa»», Oregon.
Of whntT’
Mrs. Henpeck —I’m
sorry I ever married
Mr. Henpeck—So am
ft This is the first
question we have ever
“Grub, mad­
agreed upon.
prurt Ices all the oourte
building up BlAlr«
Oflloe In Hank