The Democratic times. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1871-1907, September 18, 1891, Image 3

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Buy a Whit«».
Imlian summer prevails.
>l.r 1 I «11H.U 1", I- -I
Ev. ryiMsly will attend th«- fair.
Sure . lire
Circuit Court Pro. «.lings.
The following business has been transa» t»-«l
in th»- circuit •*»»urt i « i Ja»-ks»-u c«»unty *ui»--
Uw -• : 'i • H ’.n -
Abram Bish vs. G. L. Billing-, t-» i» c-»\« r
ni n» y. Judgment f«»r $762.l‘¡.
Grand jury return« I tru«- bills against I..
L. Ihirtun-haw, «-barging him with «•mb«z-
zleincut, ami against \rthur \ud»-r.-»»n f--r
an assault with a dangerous weapon.
State vs. E. Eri< ks«»n ; imiu-tuu-nt f«»r ««L-
•trw’tiug a publl«- highway.
pl«*a«l-s guilty and i” iln«-»l .$25 ami »-»»st.s.
Mit-lu ll. í.» wis A ( •». vs. F. T. Downing
and C H. Elmore; t-» recover money. Sher­
iff - bill (or f»-«-s ami expenses, amounting t««
(217, allowed aiul tax»-«l again-’ plaintiff.
J. H. Whitman vs. J. K. Green; t«» recover
iw»n«-v. Disnii”s.-«i.
A. F. Hunt vs. Levi M-»rris; t . Iti*. -V
in-'uey. Verdict f«»r $2'’5.
E. \V. Curvet vs. Ja<*ks«>ii c«»unty ,
Joshua N»-atham« r vs, T. 11. B.
Iujun«-tn«n. beerei- granted.
Mi-kl« Vs. Lutali \. Packard .
John Van
e«|uity. I’ismi'»ed.
W. B. Kincaid vs.
to «|Uiet title. l)ren
V l a.-kard
Vawtvr A Howanl vs. hub
e«iuity. Dismiss»-«!.
Lucretia Gilmer vs. >am«-.
I'1"’.... I
H. 8. C«M»jM-r vs. sam«-. >an
HUib» vs. B. F. M«-l’rary ; indi- tm« ni f< r
Helling li«|u«»r wlth»-tit li.-.-n--. Di”tni””«-«L
Statu vs. J. H. Ib*«ltl«*l»l and Davi»! Ki» h»-y
ludlctm«*nt f«-r gambling \ -nii'-t «-f guilty
rcturn«-«l by jury,
John H. Miller vs. T-'Wii I M-.lf r.l. .
re«iover money, Argu»-«l an»l taken under
advise meut.
J. H. Br«»wn. administrator - f «--Hat»- - f
M. M ( o.«k”.-v, -i'Imin-
Hiram Cooksey, v
istratrix «>f «-state «»f G«--». W. « - -k”"> : t-» r«--
eov»-r im»m-y. Moil* t«. strike «»ut »•( u-»m-
plaint overruled.
M. I’li.-e; di
Harry W Prie.* vs.
to withdraw motion
vorve. Leave
I____ „
---- -
to act aside suuiiu»»us.
Stat«* vs. John A. Hanley; m ii<-t:n» nt f««r
gambling. Plea of guilty « nt» r«-«l.
Preston’» “Hud-Ake.”
( I- aram*« ”al«- at tho S. F. Vari«-ty Store.
Cr<-qu« t-.« ts for sale at the 8. F. Variety
X--w i” th. tiim- to call ut tin* T imes .» ffi « »-
ami settle.
1. J. Guyer of Wagner <*re«*k was here on«-
«lay this week.
ood-haiil. rs are busy bringing in tlie
supply for winter.
Henry Sh--ar«*r «»f St'»amb«»at has l»eun here
«luring th«* we«*k.
Mason .- fruit jars ami rubbers of ullsiz. sat
th« >. 1 . Variety Store.
L. C. Raimev of Trail creek precinct was
in t-'wn on W«*«!nesday.
Subscripti-ms to the weekly '•Examiner'’
taken at the T imes office.
I li - governor app--int»*»l W. N. Luckey
-•! Ashland as notary public.
iu. Alien ha” gon«- t»» Byls-e’s springs on
1.vans er»-«-k to stay sometime.
simiifii” Liver R»-gulat«»r has never b«*en
km»wii to tail tu cure dys|»epsia,
L Eri«-k.”«-u will put the county ruud he has
obsirm-ted in th»- b«-st »-«»ndition.
A l--t of «-r»»«|Uet sets have just been re-
[ ' •iv d at the >. F. Variety Store.
The public s«*ho«»ls of Ashland «»|»em-d lust
M.-nday, with a large attendance.
Baptist Church.
Th«- following pr.-grammv hu” b.. n ar-
range«i t«»r thu me.-ting
tin- R"g<u-|;iv« r
Bupti”t Asso- iati--!!, winch - -»iiv.-m «! in Me«l-
ior«l Thursday, Sej-tumb.-r 17th :
Calb-'i to « r'icr at D -• «dock a . m . D<
tionai exvrci”»W. T. !.»•■ v»-r; .30 R.
1 ng letters from th»* «*hurch»*s am! enrol
liam»*s ««f «bdegaf« ” ; 10 Grgaiu.’*t i-•:« ;
Intr«Mlu»*t«»ry s»*rm--n, Rev. g . W. BI< i
1 3" l*. M
1 ». v • : : ... ■ X ■
I. L . ' ,
Harris; 2 1’aper on lh”piration i th-
ble,” K»*v. L. D. Goodwin; 2 3») Di­
si» m ; 3 Business; 7 r. m . D» voti.mal
erci”«’s. Rev. J A. Shiver; 7 3«i Sun-
school iMldr. S”, ID v. E. G. Wh» « I- r.
1 - r-^t » lass u.-dar f»-n«-e posts f«>r sal«» iu
• pi intitu > to suit ut the T imes office,
J. M. liacker, lately of Henley,
ha- p. n, »1 a sh-»c-.”tu»p’iu Gold Hill.’
('al .
Sinmu'iis Liver R«-guIator has never been
ki; wii tu fail t»> cur«? sick headache.
Pay th.- printer, as he n«’«»ds what is com-
ing u> him. He has waited ¡»utirutly.
Simmons Liver R»*gulator has never failed
t - r«-huve c«»nstipatiou of the I m > w «-* s .
Ol I papers, in quantities to suit, for sale
«it th» I ivies «»Hi e. 50 cents a hundred.
M -Lums Martin and Rayties of Yreka
-p. nt s.-vera! days in Ashland last week.
M • Minni«» Grubb of D--uglas county lias
b» • n visiting Mrs. Guo. Engl«- «»f Ashland.
J. F. Ib-ward f Sisson, Cal., has sold his
E. _: I -mt property t»« C. F. Mickelson.
Th»- diMiiut fair will oi-cupy th«* attention
• •i th pc»»pie "t - -nthern Or«-gun next week.
1’ iv«* Cr»-.”by is at Walla Walla, Wash.,
■ di-lating as i-ai k«-¡M-r iu the Stine House.
I hn \V. st is tugag. d in putting up build­
ing- mth«- Nutt claim in Uniontown j-re-
fi A. M. Devotional '•Xcr«*is.»s, Rev G. F. uim-t.
Jones; 6:36 Bimiu»*””. 1 3d r. m . D« vo-
i ll-' nights ar«* i-<»«>l,but th«-ru has been very
thuial «-X'T-'isus. I m ‘V.( i . B. Douglas;
S. r- little frost, so far, ami «»nly in high places ut
mon. Rev. G. C. Harris; 3 Bu”im*>
7 r. th.U.
m . -Devotional exercises, Rev. G. W. Bl.i.-k .
7:30 — Address on e.lucation, Rev. W. j.
W ib-li-eb-aning $1, ami warranted by D.
Cruwf« »rd.
I rciteh.ii ■!, watchmaker and jeweler, Med-
I rd.
9 a . m . — Devoti.mal exercises, R. v. ( I..
Corning; ‘J. 30—Busim—s; 11 Scrm«»n, li
C. R. Corning ; 1:30 pm .- D» v-ti nal « \«-r
cises, <i. U. For«! ; 2 Busin-””; 7 I • vo-
tl»»ual ex-T-i”»*”, R«*v. G.
. Black; 7 ih)
mi n ¡.
miss .- I. . « vi. 11
J. II ( iit-m. Ge... Brown and A. C. Howlett
! l.i’tl» Butt«- j r»--met were here «luring
tin* w»-ck.
11 A. M. '.S«-rm-»u, Rev. C. M. Hill; 3 r.
m . SunddV-s-*ho.»l mass me«-ting Mt”. I.»«.
Wheeler, 7 1*. vi. Missionary ma”s m- ' ting,
to be iiddr»*””. 4 in short sp»-« <*h« ” by ii- v.”.
Hill. Urawiur.l, Wheeler. U- ruing. H u ri”,
bh'ver, J«»n«*”. Russ. Bla-'k ami (« ■ duri
i’ll»- beautiful weather which Moiitherti
”r«-g -n i- h -te»l tor at this time of the year
Th«- u«-tnpany «»rganiz»-*! at Albany !•■ a--
coinplish th-* w-»rk •»( « tu.-fruit
I I; • («rant’” l’a”.” baml ba- be«-n eiigag«*»l
lauds m Willo'.v Spring” pr- --u t was "rga- t > furnoh music during the continuance of
nized with u capital st- u -»f ”5«i,uo0, div id--I th»- «lmtnct fair.
into ”har«*s of >l,UU0 <-a<*ii, an-1 th«- g»-i.t|.--
George W. Oliv.-r, a former resident of
men at th»- head --t th«* uu-b*rtukiiig ar»- in.-n
_ ________
who can is- reli«-«! up--u t-» curry --ut Ji«* Jacks«»nvide, has removed __
origiual design of making !'• 1- ai.d its vi­ • ity. to Napa, Cal.
cinity one of Hi»- greatest fruit • •-nt.-t” m th«
I J. Curtis has returned to Ashland an«!
wi st. Th»* names <.f th«- in-- rp r.«t r- an- w i a tak- "tit «i license to sell liquor in the
Jay W. Blain. S. E. Y »ung. W. 1. Kadir, I. Arlington hotel building.
E. Blain and E. S. Barrows. The prin-q ai
• >ffi-*«» •»! th»* corporation f.-r th«-pr. ”.-nt v. ..I
A m-w Worcester dictionary, latest edition,
an I-«- b-»nglit f<>ra r«'Hs».»nab|c figure by ap-
U* nt AH»any 'Ibis is th«....... nq-any which
.it th«- T imes office.
ha” secure»! un optiou »-n th»- McDonough
ran--h f--r $22.'**', ami al.” h -l I” tin- «-all «•!
s,*h"»»l at Wo.nlville rv-opene«! UM
other d«wirabie (run land in th '-.v-r v «
lev. Within a sh rt time ut least 2i».(MM> frud w-. k. with i’rof. B. R. Stevens, one of «•ur
tr<’- ” have Iwen s.-t «»ut in th»- m-ighb«»rii- •<! i»est t»-a«*hers, in charg«-.
uf Tolo, ami, if thi.- '-»»mpuny - arn-*” - -ut it.”
Thousands ar»- sent y«-ar!y to tie* great
origiual intentions in r»-gar«l to making a -anitarium H'»tvl del Coronado to drink of
grand or-’har«l tract -»f th»» M-D«m»-ugh th«» fauu-us imw-ral water.
ranch, tliat secthm will sun ly l»»*»Mme a
Mi”s posetta Waters of Talent has gon»'
leader iu this line.
t »St Helena, Cai., for a thorough course in
Dr. Burk- s buaitb iustitute.
A Big Enterprise.
Fatal Accident.
Last Thuesday afteruv»>n. while David
Hvckatboru, ”f the H»-» katL«-rn A ( lark
cpiartz num« at Gr».-«-nh<-ru, was «-h- pping
down a large pin»* tree near th»- mine, f -r
th«» purp«»**«’ of buihlmg a log «-abm, it « rush­
ed against a «-«*«lar, kms-kiug »-IT >» li«-avy
bran»*h -»f the latter, which struck 1» r»-mi in
Hc«*(ath- »rn -»n lb«- head, r«»n«l« ring him
insensible ami cau-ing la.-» «l -.ith within an
h'»ur. Th«; dec»-«*. «1 w«i> til y» «trs «.f age.
ami leaves a widow ami large family «-I
children liviugat Butt«* <-r«*«-k. Or., toin-»uru
his untimely I» ?"- He w i-« an «-ariy
it;» i
of this «-«»uiity, having r»-»i«le»l in j i-m» • r
days at Spiaw valb y, but fur many y -ai>
iNU-t a r» si»h nt - I Or«-g»»n, coming h«-r«-
lately t»» help w« rk th«- rich «piartz ledge dis-
covrr»‘«l by bi-broUier, as th«- two brothers
wer»- partne rs iu all their business traii”u«--
tlous. Thu r«-tn.uu” w- r»- forward« »1 t-» the
r«-”i»i»-n»*c of hi” family iu Or« g- u, for iuter-
nit-at. [Yreka Journal, H«*pt. 16.
Casting the Horoscope.
D n t fail t > buy a lot in Nickell's addi­
tion to M»‘df«»rd. The tract ivljoins the
w< st boundary
that town.
Many year»’ practice have given C.A. Snow
The A . (). F. W <-f this jurisdiction havo
j>ai«l only two assessments, $2, during th«* A ('«»., s«*licitors <»f patents at Washington,
(’., unsur|»usrt«|»<l su«.--,«*ss in obtaining
p«ist four month”. 'I bis shows a remarkably
patents f-»r »ill clashes <»f inv«-nti«»ns. 111« v
m-althy stat«- of affairs.
■ mak«- a speuialty of r«*jecte«i «*as«-s, ami have
Fish lak«-,in Hu- upp-r I’utt. r» «-k country, ' scciire.1 allowance <»f many patents that ha-I
has been «me of th»- most popular of th«» I h - mh pr«’vi«»usly reject«*«l. 'Their mlv.-rtisu-
num«-r»»u.” summer res«>rts of th«* mountains i munt in another column will b«- of inter«-st to
ami foothills this season.
iuv«'tit«»r.”, pat«*nt<*«*s, manufautur«*rs und all
' who hav«» to d«» with patents.
Rip«* stravfrb« rri»-s of th«» s«‘«-»«ml s»»tting
this s«-as»m have b«-»-n picked in «piancties
Ttio la<l> Irieud* of <leo. E. Bloomer,
in the garden ->f A. S Hammond «»f A^luaiui ■ <'«»unty tr«*asur«*r, astonished that gentleman
during til«» pa.”t two w«’eks.
! I»v jumping his name to the front iu the
! •’Ent. rpri”«- contest f«»r tin- most ¡»«»jmiar
La«li«-s in <|U«-st of a go«»«l c.»mpl» xi»»n j man in th.* «*ounty, last w«*ek, ami from hints
s|u-ul»l read the advertisement of Mrs. Ger­ ! we h.-ar iu th«* outside precincts we ar«« led
vais. Gruham, <-n th«- first page of th«- T imes . to inter that his nain«* will «*«mtinm- at th«»
Sh«- has a go»»«l reputation.
head till the <*nd <»f the contest. Ge«»rg«» is
Jim Simpson, flu- well-known politician, deserviug of th«* high «-st«*«-m in which h«‘ is
has return«*«! from hi” wanderings in the held.
north, ami ”ays h«- will l«-av«* th«* l»«»autiful
In alnuvst every neighlM»rhood there is
R«>gu«- river valley m> more.
som«- om? <»r more persons whose lives have
l»*en saved by Uliamberluin s Colic, Cholera
S«-v«-ral of the railr.-.ul officials of the llio ami Diarrhtra R»*m«-«ly, or what have been
Grand« system, residing at Salt Lak»- city, cured «»( uhroni«* diarrh<i-a by it. Such
will pr»)eui«- their fruit for winter use from |h*rsons tak«- sfH-ciul pl«*asuj•• in r»‘C«»mm«*nd-
th« <»icUar«is of this valley.
j mg the r«-m«*«ly t«» otm-rs. Th«’ prais«1 that
B. li. Williti. .4 Ashl iu.i h i- ...... at th«- follows th«* luiri'duutiun ami us«- makes it
In-vlin farm in th«- Apph-gat«» country «lur­ v.-rv popular. 25 un«l 50 cent Gillies fur
ing th»- pa>t w»-«-k, making pn-parations tu ”4*1«-by Dr. J. liinkle, Central l’.nnt, ami G.
H. Haskins. M. df.ud.
build a llu»- r« «i i»-n»-» f»»i Mr. I>.
Important Smt Decided.
The Cinnabar Road.
Rather a hug - party start»”! fr m .Ja k- n
V111»- till* w- ek t»-View a )■ -a«t to II..«
lin«-. via App ug-it»-. I a > »••»ni«« »'i with th-- r«»a«i
which will b*- i-uní fr»»m < i miai-ar in cas«-
we «I»- «-ur share ut th»- work in Or» <»ii. I»
Li un, R. J. Cnnier«»n ami T. J. K«-umy ar»; the
view» rs and M. !.. M-< all ”urv« y»»r, and
th«-y w«-rv a«-c«»iiipauie<l by a number | a-
Hihtant*. Tbi- r--a»l i- m-«-«lv«l l«a»ily aiul i-
the m»»”t imp- riant whi^ii ha- b- • n | H |- •
ted for a I»mg time, as it will all--r«l u- ai
ex«*«*ll**nt mark.-t in a se« ti»»n that L.-l'-ngs t<
Ualif»-rma. If th«- r«-p»-rt «•( th»- vi»-u. r-
| h favorable, th»- «--»unty «•-»mmi-si»-m r - will
imlee«! t»<-<l« r» li»-t to th»-In—t iiit»-r» -ts <d a
larg»-uumlM-r of their »-»>ii>»tiiu«-iits it th»-y
do not erttablish u g-»«»«t thot»»ughfur» th»-re.
Th'-s«* kn-'Wit z th —• L. - iiuh l-t ì - . th»-
T ime - »-fi ■-• ai-. - r . ,»:, r ,• .
and setti» without furili r «i t.
\», bave
l-Dwti v«*ry l«-i.i-*iit *";« t ."--t u 'x i.■ piirt a
settlOBìent fr?m all interi ite d.
For wei'k endingS«-|>t<‘tnli<-r 12, 1 'I.
Tb«j temp«-rature has b«*»»n |ow« r, y. t al.,
the average.
Th«’ atinospher«* has b.. •
•lcar«’r of *unoke, the w.-ath.-r has |N - n
partly cloudy and local shuw.-r.” pr« \ai . d
• luring tbo latt.-r part of th«- we««k.
The show« rs have «Tom* |. . Il: t - ,| ,| ltl!
age. They have <i
mg ami s«»im w ir it i ... . i .
... ln a
few seeti'Uis.
1 h" (««« •»hr ; •] . ¿uni 1-
practi<jally ov«*r; only a f. w mu « i I1 «••!” \ . t
remain to bo threshed. Th«- wheat i- l»-mg
delivered to warehouses ami elevators, j'h?
wheat product was never lietter. I h- b.-rrv
is of tlrst grad«» aud th«’ yi« J.| has b. . n h.-a. \
generally more than was anticipated. Lai ?
yields ur«» reported from «-v«-ry county. |(l
Washington county, for exampk. on.’ far...
yield«’«! forty-six bush« Is ¡M-r a«»r< and u
other fifty-four bushels p« r a« r«-. smut is
more generally reported than usual, tlmugh
it is not this year so very « xt«*nsive Spring
wheat is more affected than fall wh- u. | •..
oat crop has been good, but n«»t as pr-.p- r
tionately good as th«* wheat crop || .p
picking will I n * about th-ish. <| n. \t w -.,
unless th«* present rains should «h i.iv th.
¡•i«-k«*rs mor«’ than is now - \p. < t. -I. i h.
hops of Douglas county w«-r«- ”uppo.-,t*<l to t.
free from lice ami mould, hut oh pi--km-
some yards ar«» fouml to b<- badly damag- -l
No lice are observable in Josephim- »••«unt x
It is estimated that lie«» ami mould hav.
damaged the hop crop to th«- «-xt«-ut «4 ” ;•»»».
000. In Jackson and Jus«-phiim .......
corn is rim* ami of p»'-«i quality amiyi-l l
Summer-fallowing is in ¡»rogr« -- in manx f
the Willamette valley c<»unti«-s.
I ; f"i!».wing «!»«*»ls have be«-n record«-d
*'• 11 ■ “Ai....... f th«....... unty r»-«-or»l«-r since the
Ust i'.-i,..rt
...... «.f th«- T imes :
\ II Ma»gl«-y t" Frank M. Short; 5 aeres
•i» l p 37 S.. K. 2 W. ; *137.
II I s. v« ram-«- to Delila Phillips; SW*.
4 <«f I p. 31 S, R. 2 W. ; («0.
Marth.« A. ('hupp«-l to B«-n Haymond; lot
11 ' I- -k 3»;. town of M«*«!ford; $50.
Jam» ” G. Birdsev«* t»> Henry A. Frennor;
l--i 7. t- 5s. M.-«if»»r«l; *’.»1.55.
I int»-I stat«-” to J«>s« ph Goldworthv: NE.
, "1 XI 4 ami S‘.2»»f NE‘ of S-<-.'12, Tp.
3'' S K. 1 \\ . . 120 aur«-s.
■Iain» - U.-Ims tu A. D. H'-lms; land in Tp.
D S, K. 1
.w^acn-s; $2.000.
•Jam- ” (¡. Ihi-l— y««, sln-riff, to
S. Sor­
g’ nt -h» riff's
1 t<, h»ts 6, 11 an«! 12, Co!-
v» f a-bliti Hi tu Ph»i-nix ; $300.
X.-Isoii Hosm«-r to Gh.irl«- T. And«»rson ;
«|uit- laiin t<» so a«*r«*s in Tp. 37 S., R. 4 W. ;
wat.*r right”, «-tu.;
A. W »Sinders t same; «juitrlaim to K0
a--r«-s in samv Tp., and wat.-r rights, etc. ;
The s«»n ami «1.night-r «»f th«- Lit«« H. A.
Clawson will c»»nt«->t his will in th.-courts,
he having «’nt them «-11 with a m«-rc pittance,
alleging in hi- will that th«- daughter was
•unworthy.’ Th»- pr«»p«-rtv. which was be-
<iu«-ath«*d i»> intimal«.- iri«-nds, will «-v«*ntuaily
.ilin-'st all g" into tin- hands uf smart
1‘ L. Fitzp.itrick, who was so seriously lawyers.
injur’ d in th»- turni» 1 accident in th«- Siski-
F»>r a troubh sorn»- cough th»-re is nothing
.1', has returned to work on th«- railroud. b«-tt«
r than Chaml»«-rlain s C«»ugh Kcni«-«iy.
Htn-ngth«-i>s the pulmonary »»rgans, allays
In rd» r to mak«» room for the fall stock,
g.... Is hav«* been marked away down at the any irritation ami «11» - inally «-urcs tin-«-«»ugh.
S. I . Vari»-(v Stop-, (’all an»I see f<»r your­ D is »-sp«-.-Hilly valuable f«»i th«* <*ough which
s«> oft« n f»»l|ows an atta»-k »-f th»- grip. F«»r
sale l»y Dr. I. Hinkle, Central Point, ami G.
ChaM. Griffith; has returned to th«- dry- H. Haskim«. Medfor«!.
d- ■ ••unf'-r in W. P. .Ja«-oby’h storo at
Anoth» r dramatic «-«-mpany “went broke’
1 Hill. aft»-r his trip through Klamath
at K«‘»i Bluff ....... ntlv, the N«-wt<»n Beers
•«-mpany Iw-ing th«- uut»--ni«>rt«*in nameof the
l •‘I. medicine, .T«>y’s Sarsapn- «•onevrn. From K« »1 Bluff t«- K«is«-burg is a
ril.a an m-w I-«- f»»und at Dr. llobins»*n'!* i«ig strum on any but th»- best c<>mpain«»s on
iirug ”i<»r«-. It has no superior and f«-w the r<»a«l, and only lh«>s»- that believe in I'-git
iinat«-a«iv«-rtising ami that possess iustriusic
Hup-■!int.-rnb ut Wagner has I m - oh busy merit »-ver get through.
u.'»'tiing th-- road op«-n from Z«*nas Howar»! s
The remains of th«- lute J. Hechatliorn
r pl « - to Hiatt prairie and the Dead Indian \y♦*!•«/ brought from (»i «-«-iiliorn, Mi»kiy<>u
county, < al., th«- se«-ii-* • f th«- fatal a«-«-j-l» nt,
Mias Iaitham of San Francisco, who will last w«-«-k, ami buri«-«l in th«» c«-m«-t»-ry m-ai
n tea.-h * ■ id of th«- departments «»f th»* Ashland Br«'wnsb«»r<-. Th»- «h-»-» as»-«| was an imlus-
_ the pr«-sent term, has trioiis, upright man ami » iij«»y- «l the c»»ntl-
'■ -h«-«»l.” during
d«-m-«-of all who km-w him. The b« reav«-d
family have th«- sympathy »»f all.
H--h"- i ■ pen- tl hi the Tal«-i t <listri«-t last
My »-atarrh was v«-ry ki-J. For thirty
w«-. k with Prof liaymoml as ¡»rim*ipal and
Mi ” ( h«n»-y a assi”taut. A successful term y«-»irs I bav«» b«•« n tr«>ubl« »l with it—hav»
tri»-«l a numb- r of r» !ii»-«li»-s without r«-h«-f.
is eX|M»«‘ted.
A druggist advis--«! Ely
Cr«am Balm. 1
>•• p ar. I»»*iug taken to appeal the «-as«»s bav»? uh « «| only on«* b»>ttl»- ami I »-an say J
oi I. « ( "l«-man and E. W. Carver vs. Jack- foci Ilk»- a m-w man. 1 niak>* this voluntary
- -n • "unty, which w»-re decided iu favor of >tat»'m«»ht that "tin r-« may km»w <»f th«- lialui.
d»*f* luiants.
,J. W. .uath»-w s«»ii,f Lawy»-r) Pawt u«-k«-t ,R. 1.
The baixl of Gypsy Imrs.'-tradcrs a -ho have
(’••mpany D. S» ••■«ini Kcginicnt of Ashland,
I m -. h inf. «»ting th»- valley during the past two
iv - ks hav»- li»-»-n given a wid«- berth by s«-nsi. .it their Kill <>n th»- 11th,»- a presentation
«•f an elegant swrd t»> Major M»•<’«»nn»-ll, tin-
former «-aptain - f th»- »-ompany. Ij»-uteiiant
l i f L A Simons has purchased 15 R»»g»-rs ma»b- a very happy pr»*sentation
............ f th »• laii-l --IT the Walk«-r tra«-t m*ar "p- ■ ■ li. which was r« plied to bj Major Mc-
M» H--r-l, uith th«-intention «>! si*tting «>ut a < »nnell in !•■• ling u-ids. < ■■!. A. ( . II» Im
tin-- or -har«i there.
gav«.- a most sumpty us bampi» t afterthe kill.
Citizens of Pr«»sp.-«*t have been «»onsidera-
bly >t:rr» «1 up ■-v- r th«- phantasy ««f a .-«»rtaiu
• •it’i/.en <>f that l«»cality, who thinks someone
wi-hes t-» kill him. ami who got-s heavily
arm» «1 and always ruadv to rbOOt in coiise-
qu'-ucc < j ! th? haUiKlna’d jn.
Report of the Grand Jury.
The late grand jury mad»» the following
report concerning the public buildings, rec­
ords, etc.
We have examined the public buildingsand
records of th»- county. We found th«* county
hospital kept clean and neat US Could I m - hx -
|M-<*t«-d. Th.* Inmates expressed themselves
as being well pl.-asci with their treatment
and no complaints to make. We examined
the county clerk’s office and records, found
them neatly and correctly kept. We exam­
ined the sheriff's an<l tr«*H"Ui■••r’s office and
their records and tlad them in good condi­
tion ami correctly kept. We found th.»county
jail in good order ami inmates well cared
for. We would recommend that the jaii
should be enclosed by a fence sufficient to
keep away intruders.
W. J. G bkgoby , Foreman.
Uluis. An«ier»»»n, N.Iiosim r, \V. D. Suther­
lin an«i A. W. San'iet”, all prominent
citizen.” <>f 1 o « hs «.-r« «-k «Unmet, »pent Ucd-
nvoday in JauKsonvillt*.
Dr. Walter ha.” lieeti joined at Eugen« by
hirt wit«- and daughter, i who remained ut
Ashland until the nvud of I the family could
prepar«.- th«-ir new home.
Miss Dora Penuington
has been viMting lricn<ls
turned li.'im- lust w«-vk, a»-u<»mpuiii«-«l by Mrs.
Dinner ami Miss ( n«rn«- llarns.
Evan Reaim-s an»l K. K. Kubli, who have
I m - uh HjM’nding tii«- vacation at then bom«-
in Ja»*K”unvill«*, i‘eturn«-d tu th«» slate uni­
versity this we« k t«» resume tli»-ir studies.
S. E. Dunington, who l«-ft this section for
Harney «-ounty a t«-w years ago, has r«-turn«-d
i«» Uni»»nt«»wn pr<-«*in<-t, w«-u satistl«*d that
ih«-r» is no better plau«- than southern Ore-
Misses Portia and Silvia Kuiglit hav«- return­
ed from th»4r fathers rab'-li in Klamath
county aiul enlere»! >ii H«-len s ball at i’ori-
i.iml c.«l Knight au(>Linpanicd them as far
as Ashlami.
Abram ('. S,
in Tp. 3«l S._ K
\. H M.iegl-
mining groiiiu
A. S. J..h!l”«
I»» l»»1 2. S«-<-, 1
Stab- of (>r«q
Corn Wanted.
’ wp. 32 S. R. 2
Distilling and Beflning Co.,
I nit«-«l Stat »•s t ■ (h ■•rg«‘ J. Armstrong;
laiul in Tp. 30 H I. 2 W., an ! N \\ , if hW ar«- r« a«ly to buy corn, ami will pay 5U c»-nt8
th«- «-urn In this valley.
I’p. 3'3 S., 11. 2 W. ; 160 acr«*s.
M edynski a T heiss , Medf»»td. I
is, administrator, to Adolph
ty in (’»-ntral Point precinct ;
Better Ilian a (»old Mme.
! s- it. - 1.. S.imu» I Center; lan«! in
Tei: acies set to fruit when in a bear­
I 3« » .. It. 1 W. ; 164.2» a«-r«-s.
condition wil
\ ieid an income
Millsap to Daniel Shepherd ; lot of from (9000 to (4500 per year and
■ n-i addition to city of Ashland; re«|Uires no
expensive machinery to
operate it. A fruit-rmser in the Wiilam-
ett«- valley ¡eqmres but a small outiay,
h is all the advantages ot a civilized and
District Fair Eaces.
culture«! society, has g<md and convenient
Thu f"ib'wing speed |-rograintn«* has Ix-en markets and re, eives a better income from' I f -r thuc'»uiing fair:
th»- same investment than c «n t»e had from
TI Es DAY, SEPT. 22.
anv other line of business
You can get
li ii;t ’ F--r thr«-e-y.-ar-olds am! uu«l<»r tins la» »1 from $.rM to $75 per acre of The
••I.---. i|i- tri- t bri «l colts, three in live; purse
L ui uii.g Thr»-- -fourths mil»- «lash for
tw --V« ir -'bls; purs«- $150.
W. J. Wimer of Oakinn«!, Cal., is among us
ignin. II-- is looking after th«» l»-gal coutest
over th«- placer •nim-s n»-ar Wahl«», whi« li
have I nm ’ ii operat«-«l by Wudh-igh A ('•«. for
th«* pa”t few y«-ars.
(i.-orge R. Neil ami Will. L. Mill» r start«*«!
for Anu Arbor, Mi-h., on M«»mlay «’V«*tiing,
when- tbey will atteml th«« law «•«>H«-ge which
is so well known thr«>ughout th«....... untry
They hav«- our b»-st wi”hes.
Mi”. W. H. Brunk m«-» Ho.-k«*nj<«st and
1 family "f Ashlami, win» visit«-«! at th«- r« sj-
«l«*m-«-of prof. 1’ri«-«» in this pla«*«-, hav.- re-
turne«l hom«-. Mr Brunk also p.u.j
vilb- a visit, but di«l n-»t remain b-ng.
Om- of the gr» a!- ”t attractions at th«- com-
ing district fair will !>•- a balloon asr«*nsiun
and para» hute jump ♦•a«,h «lay. This will af­
ford an opportunity for all t<» s«-«- a first-
class balloon as« -‘iision, whi»*li hits n«-v«-r
1’. Britt ami Mr. R<»tl>a« rm«*l of San Jo.*»«-
tw»eu wit!,« ””vl in tin- part of th«- stat«* I»»--
fore. Th«- maiiag« im nt are -paring no Cal., wh«» mad«» a trip I«» ( rat« r lak«-. a- < -m-
pain- t<- n ak- th» lair attrm-tiv«- and pi«-as- ¡•unie«l by their families, hav»- r«-tnrm»«l to
Jacksonville. W<- are s«»rry to |,.arn q1Ht
aut, a.” w«-ll a” pr'»tit.ib|«-
some <»f th«- ¡»arty g«»t kick somewhat in-
M.«r»» horses ar«- arriving at th»» fait «lisp«>scd.
grounds «-v»-ry «lay. The animals this w»-,-k
Mr. Sinn. sup. rint.-nd.-nt of the extensive
ar«’thr«'«' fr'-m L.'s >tai»l- ” at Yr»-ka.
mining .-p»-rati' ii- m»w going • -n at Cinnabar
tiv«- from M' Donal«!’” < f th»- same pla«-»-
several «lays in tin- vall. y «luring th«’»
al”-> some from S-»»tt Howard’s «-f s.-- tt val­
ley, Cal., ami «-ight from Grant’s Pass. week. We fouml him an agreeable, eut«-r-
Tm r- will also b< —
r.d from t!i<- . . a>t prislng gcntb-Tmin. who is nnxi'^u” f r com­
<-->unii» -. —• the -»•»•I■ has i-«»n in­ mercial c«»nnucii‘>ii with Jackson cou*.tv.
formed. Th«- ra«-»-” will b--*l-«'B t th. n uwr
John a I. « -¡nt hi” byho-.l»
-lays in J u-K-'inili- is paying this valky a
for th.• tl.r”! time m many v.-ars, *Hu
It is almo«hip» -sil.t. t,. « stimate the
advantage t«» th- -t it- .it;«! t«» any of its in­ is now engage»! ni mining in ’Humboldt
dustrial and .igri«-u!tiira! inter»-t\ ««f su'-li a -•ounty. near (»rleans bar. His father is als«>
complet»* display <i- will !■<• m.w!«- of th»» T» - emj.loy.s! in tin* ” ni- .»«•uiipation, m ar th»-
sour«*« s of (>r. g- n nt th I’oi-fUn«! industrial north of Klamath liver.
exposition tI h - h»-l«l at i’-Tlland, «-oiumt-n»1-
W. D.Suth. rlin, v h- | ur.-lia”« «! an
ing Se pt end*-r Hth ami «-ntinuing until in the mim s-.f
W. I.
jn i ,-.•r.-.-k
Octolx r 17th. X -w »b-partur--s hav«- b«-.-n precinct f
mad us a call W- d-
made from th- « \p»»*uti«>ns <d pr. » »»ling !ic”«lay. a.-comp.H i-«I b? \.W.Sand» r< Mr.
y«-ars, ami su«-h -pv.-ial f.-aiur»-• will I m - in-
?•* f ' 11
r” of
trodu«^-»!, aside fr-»ui th«- r»-guiar «-xhihits. a- "fn »»th- rn ( alif--rma. and w») ar«* gla-i t«>
Will suq ns»‘th»» vast er.nv.1s tiiat will at- W'-le.U';; luiu
t ,hr priuauout
ittil-.u a : Ja?V 3n '. utify.
f V .
“Cut or 1 a is ra well adapted to children that
T recommend it as superior tu any preecripUun
known to me *’
n. A. A rcher . M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Castori* cuffs Colie, Conatfpatinn,
Sour Stoma« h, Diarrivi-a. Eni-’tation.
Kills Worm», givss alerp, and promut as di-
WitLuul injurious modicatiua.
•‘The mu» of Taatoria’ is so universal and
tts merits so well known that it seems a work
of supererogation to end«»rse it. Few aretho
intelligent familial who du not keep Cantona
within easy nach ”
C akuis M artyn . D. T>.
New York ('ity.
La/« Pastor Bloomingdale Reformed Church.
“ For several years I have recommended
your * Caalona, and shall always continue to
do so as ¡1 Laa invariably produced beneficial
E dwin F. B arbee , M D.t
Tbo Winthrop. 1 J5th Street and Trh Are.,
New York City.
T h « C intacr C ompakv , 77 M lkilay S treet , New Y ork
By fir tlie largei-t deniers on the Coast in
1 •
it»» hili
11 ”■
BCSSEY-At Havru-svill«-, S« pt. 4. 1M91, t<> Mr
X-»v Uy ra»*«-; ¡»urs«* (125.
ami Mrs. H. G. Iiussey, a soli.
-Art’KPAY, sept . 26.
D e I.AP At Piu«'Grove. 8«-pt.7, 1WU. to Mr.
I r-••• for ail. three in flvv; purse
Htid Mrs C. R. D« Lap. u 8«m.
WH( >RT( >X In Lak» vi«-w, S pf. 4. IkOl, to Mr.
ami .Mrs. M. Wbortor.. a son.
MiiNRoE At l’ais!» y . S. pt . 3. |M|«1, t<» Mr. ami
Mrs. .1. .1. Monro«-, a «lauglucr.
SHER1.< h K In latk» vi«-w. S« pt 4. ISO], to Mr.
ami M i a . 1 homas Sh«-i lo« k. a son.
S i l i» LEV In Go«i>«- Luk» valh-y, S« pt. 6,
lspl, to Mr. ami Mrs. Silas Studlcv, n daugb-
The Tirst Gathering.
It - - -¡.mat--l that 5<»0 p»op|<> attended
l..i:-»•!•- A.iaii' . pi> ni" at (ho fair
gl ¡ml.« la-t w.ek. an«l th»- crow«l would PITT At Ashlami. b< pt 6. Did, ( ora L. Pitt
- -tiil l.itg- r had th»- affair taken
aged 15 y «ars, 6 months and 6 days.
pl. <• a f a w ek” i.i’« r. as many farniersare
’KATH«iRN At Greenhorn «-r< « k. Cal..
i.- :,.ii -11 ng. X- wrtln-i»-”.” it was a HE(
S«-pt. lb. 1*91, Jur« iniah H» < kath»>rn; aged
-I »
tu g ’l b»- tie mi»» rs of the
FLw « ars.
;■ '.'i".-» f--rm.'»l m pr'»«-AM>i.»n at tbo
( i
' il I
' --i. • ! I. us.- aid marched to
i I- i' ll ."¡¡aii •• being r» pr»*sent«»d
i l-anii- i with it.” naim* am! number.
: I rk.tli» -tat»- l«'utur«-r, occupied th«*
• \haii--iw and abb- a«ldress on
d b« m ill” <4 th«- alliance, also
. j. . di”uu--ing it.” «-ff«*ot” from a pu-
Impur» or vit ateff blood in nine
■ai and g-'Vcrnm« ntal standpoint.
timesout «»f ton cause»! by »< int
Ib-iit dinner was a feature.
f.-rm of constipation or in liges
t.ou thaï cloga up th<- *ystem
New Store.
»«1 naturatly bc
\ t • W
V. . : ••; < I! at ( iobl Hill next
:«te<l v\ ith ihe et
kt ,\ h a- Hamm- i”ly A Rosen-
• '«■«»î ai i’ia-
u. i w ni «-mi. uv-'i t«» »»| h h th«- «-yes
| . , i" ile- advantages ->f d-»ii)g
■ i. .i -trictly cash ba”is. Joe
r-h. wii-. has I-• n - ne of the ef- dra^Mc mim. ral • p
t"ie. at R-am«s A Whit«'« store in ol»1 ami obsolete.
•: e ■ f : soim-.ui:'' pa”t, will have m-«h-rti. It goes
-*• t < iit
;. -ubl- . It
I th«- m-w v- utili--. They will k«»«-p arouses the live , kai i ■ «■ 3 I ou«
i-> « a th
ful •< tion, and iuv a - nm- t
• in . Himn. and
the impiiritf« m are
i< <1 off through
th** natural < ha: m<
Try It au-1 a
it action
Third u
M ¡ i -r«»i;i» 1 »I >». anj » R ef ’ g . Co writes
blood 811'1 vx ¡1
tie tx*catnr < ■:
its, for 1 < ouhi h el i
Inj» • <• I>• <•(,<• It
<t• i
tied and hra<-«*d me n;•£••!»• ra \
and everything n< a wnking full» ml r
Bad Blood
Ammonia Baking Powder Most Go.
for 1». M. Terry X Co., th« lar^e^t Seed
Growers ami .Kaiers in tile World.
We are Northwestern A^etr
sal »:
ZEPHYR FLANNEL, Pla'd and Stripe,
SATINES, Plain and Colored
Dressmakers will find a Ciniplele stock of Furiiisliiiigs.
BOY '?
i » ii <1
Alto sucli g-H-k hk are kept in i-toek l>v a ti?t-ela>s (ieneral Store
We respectfully solicit y->ur examination.
Exchanging Goods for Country Produce and Pro­
visions, for which always we pay the highest market price
is our specialty.
Jacksonville, April 10, 1891
and Minnesota Legislatures c<>:nj>ellin^' the manufacturer
A Card to the Public
of such baking powders to brand on the label in bold type,
this powder “Contains ammonia
Physicians and chem­
ists condemn the use of ammi nia in baking powders as a
Its constant use no matter how small the quantity
dera’nges the stomach, neutralizing the gastric juice and
It is gratifying to know there are pure baking powders
to be had on the market and at no greater cost to the
consumer tian some of these so-called “absolutely pure”
ammonia ptwders.
Dr. Price’s Cream Baking Powder, the standard pure
cream of powder for forty years.
Free from the taint
None so pure—None so whole-
Dr. Price's Creari Baking Powder is re­
ported by all authorities as free from Ammonia,
Alum, er any other adulterant. In fact, the
purity cf this ideal powder has never been qnes-
ti .-.led.
Authorized and constituted ag.-nt ofthe Farm­
er# and Merchants Insurance Co. of Albany,
Oregon, with full power tn appoint agents,
write and deliver policii s. to collect ddhh vs
f(»r the same ami solicit applications m south­
ern Oregon. H» ports that have been circu­
lated to the contrary ar« false.
Farmers ami M- tchants Ins. Co..
IK J. o whits man .
Secretary and Manager.
is h<'!'«-by given that the i«-«rtn» i-shi|> h«-r«‘-
T n tof«»r»-
»-\i'«t1ng l»«tw«-en Hr.X'HY KLIPPEL
and J( IN AS A. LEE i< this «lay diss<»ly«-«i by
mutual c«»ns» nt. Alld«bts due* fr«>m said firm
will I»»-s» 11l»-d by HENKY KLIPI'EL. and all
ace Hints «in«- («• sai«l Arm must I m * paid to him.
S gn«-»l this 15th day <»f S»-pt«-mb<-r. lnfli.
The Oenrdne HAMRUR<; TEA U )-<' »•«> <» YI I I.O»' WRAPPERS
with Facsimile Sigi,aiure of EMI I. FRI'SE.
0K A At„
KniTTEX M A KRA >T Y rlvrn Milk r»i< h Knlf«-. RM*nr nr Mhrnr.
t hse
t '
l <’Ut
r«z.T Meet, and mad* hr th»
-*1 In»!oici!■■«.•. ».pud in
ninti\, t-- th«« l-*»«t ht-K'i wh
<le*ii - c n «trlrtly
■ I A* k their dealwi f>r th»
< .♦
|1 N. «■• |2 »
V «••! a1 1«
i xrw’r-1 hi
«•very (i wn I" Im« i .« <mr «’«
W"« t U rile a« «-«I- e au.I m
au«-nry lirfnre It is t»M» líate.
the Trade
k»« nn other, an they ARR
If be eantiot
• '•I'l'ly x n. R-n.t t<< ns
a.I»ertiiw.l prirfi
•t«<! »• «11 aen<1
article pokt pa!.|
eit-a for
Inp . by
rú^ CfiTfíiCStf-
J’<>r Ttinriyii(/h
.«/ ¡ nuninu in
New buildings !>» w *I-paratn>, full faculty, light < xpen»au 1
largo attendance.
Normal. Advanced Normal, Bu-ineo, And
oth f . is hereby given that there Music departments.
N Hr«« vacant Rclnilarshirs in tlie State Uni­
Special attention given physical culture. Volunteer military
versity at E ur .- u «* city and also in the Stat«*
Normal at M -iunouth at tin* disposal «>fJa« k- orgunizati- n.
Tli.-e neeiving diploma- are authorized to teach in
p«»n county. Applicants f«»r scholarships will
Tuition has
pleas«* f.-i wanl th«*ir Hpplicathms in writing any county in the state without further examination.
t«» th«* county superint« nd« in, hs rispiir«-«! by
been reduced in N< riual and Business departments from $40 to $25 a
C«»unty Su|»rrint«-nd<-nt of Sch«M»ls. year and in the Sub-Normal from $30 to $•_’<».
Ja« ksonvtll«-. Aug. Uh. 1X91.
A year in school for $15«t Expenses. Tuition in Normal and
Notice of Final Settlement. Business $ i 5.25, p< r term of ten weeks; Sub-N.-nnal, $.'» pertertn;
board at Normal Dining Hall. $1.5o per week; furnished oom with
In th«- (’«mi-ty Court <«f tb<* State of <)r«-g«»n.
light and tire, $1 per week; board in private families, $3.54» per
tor t I k <’«»unt v «>1 Jackson.
In the matter ot th«- «-state of Mlchm l Hanley,
week. First term opens Sept, tuber 22, ls*.»l; students may enter at
<!«•<■» as«-<L
otice is hereby given that the any time.
For catalogue address:
N administrator, with th«- will ann« x«-«l,
Assessor’s Notice
F. L. CAMI'ItEI I.. A. It.. rrtKiehuf. or
•I. .»/. I’flU El.E. .1.
I i<e- 1‘rrHitlenf.
to Tax
otice is hehi . by gives that the
B«»iii-«l of E«|uali/.iit!on for .Ee-ksoii <*oimty.
State of Oregon, wi:l c.u'v«-iir at the «»flic«- of
th«- »-ounty <-I. i k in .la«-k<otiville on
October /¿\ JWi,
fur tin- purp<»H«- of publicly «-xAinining th«»
,\<s»-Clie nt lt«»ll an»l correctiiig all «-rrors In
valuation. «h-M-rlptio»». »pinlitt«-»* of l.-inds,
lots or «>ther propertv. >an! board will (*«»n-
tinu«- in st ss-ou fr«un dsy to day until Kaid
roll hna be«-n duly «*1 a mined.
AU parties inter«-st«*d will take due notice
and gov« in theins«-I v «* h a<-c«»r«lingly.
County Awie«wor.
Datt-d S«-pt. 17, 1W1.
P. S.—Al! person« who have wholly «>r par-
tiallv s«*ttl«-<I im«r1 gages oil record, who hav«-
in -gleet «■«! t" have th«- Mine canceled or sAhl
«•r«*»htN mad«-, ar«’ r» qu« st«-<l to attend to this
matter nt one«
• r to avoid further com­
I. L. H
f •! \ I LIO IN THE
curry a full line of Canton Clip|K*r, Extra St«'<-1, Gang*,
Ti'icv« !«'*, Black Scotch Clipper, Stubble, Turf
and Stubble and Si«k- Hill l’low?.
Gale Full Chilled, and Steel, Sulky and Walking l’low>. Twenty-
Inch l>i?c Harrow«-, Steel Pipe Frame Lev <-r, Springtooth,
Staiteli, Vibrating and Clipper Harrow-.
Su Siiovcl all-steel Volunteer, Pariin. Cauteli. nF Animiti) Ruling ai ô
V’aiti.? Ti.» fr........
Vacant Scholarships in State
REDINQTON &. CO. A gents . S an F rancisco .
• • t« ?
««f th«- « stat«- nt Mlchat'l Han!«-y. dec«-aa<-<l. has
Hl«*«i in tin- said v«»urt his final account of said
«•state, an«l t hat by onl«-r ol said court Tues­
day, t In-3d day of X«iv«-mb< r. at th«- hour of
10 <>'<■)<>ek a m .is s«-t f<>r ttn-hearing th«-r«-»»f.
Th«-refor«-. all |»« rsous ar«- h«-r« t»y n«>tiflrd to
appear and til«-his or her «» to said
a«-e->unt on or b«-f««rc sai«i tim«-.
Published by order «»I H »n. ,1. R. N« II, Judge
of said court.
Adinhiistrator <>f said «*statc.
Dated H« ptcmln r 17. isvi.
rurifles tho BLOOD. Core* C«HSTH-VfION, INDIGESTION.
HOAKU <»» R k .EXTS:
Hi” Ex«-« ll« n< \. Sy Iv«-t« r l*«'nii<»yer.Gov«
« rimr; H«-n. (». W M« Bride. Secretary of
siut<: H--n. E B M« F lr««y . S«ipt. of Public
hiMrucG« n. B« lijan in Sch«»flcld, Pr<-ai-
ii«-nt; J. B. \ But » I . S« < r«*lHry Ex<*cu-
tiv« ( <»niinitt« «•. J. J. D hh - v . I*. W. Ha.t»y,
and J. B. V. lluflvr. Polk; .Incut» Voorhees,
Marion; J. < Whit«. P«»lk. Alfr<”l Lacy,
(’uu kainas; A Noltticr. Multnoinahf W. H.
Holme*, Marion.
Notice of Dissolution of
It is the small quantities taken
every meal that do the mischief.
Bills have been introduced in the New York, Illinois
of either ammonia or alum.
$17 -.
Ku imi ng
destroying the complexion.
I luub, iul IlllZulb, bill-id; hluuu, .1. i.
ROUSH BAXToN In Lake county. Sept. 3-
IWI, Wni. Roush and M in Melismi Paxton.
Ti -iting Tw"-y«-ar-«»hlclass, tw«»in three,
di-lri-T bn »I «■••!!.” ; purs«- $3U0.
I.unt mg Singl«-«lash uf on«? mil«-; purse
KERIIY- BKINER-hi Talent prwlnct, Sep
tvinber 3. 1M*I. by J. B. Dyer. J. I'., Win,
Kerby anti Miss Emma E. Hnn.-r.
W. W. Stitt ami mother, from th«» trans-
Rocky mirili a - -t, hav»» lately b»*«»n visit mg the
laiiiih«*» uf J. H. ami Arthur Wilson of M«»<i-
ion! pr«-»-in«-t. Mr. Stitt in a cousin «»f tlieS«-
Miss Allie Hanley return»-«l with
E<ina Hanh y from San Francisco during th«-
w-»'k, th«,» little girl having been somewhat
i»» ii«-flt»-«l by the medical 1 r-'atnu-nt obtained
at tin- I »ay «ity.
for Infants and Children
To Good Templar».
Do you know that Moore’s Revealed R«»m«*dy
is the only patent medicine in th»- world that
d«M-s not contain u drop of alcohol; that the
mode of preparing it is known only to its
discoverer ;that it is an advance in the
science of medicine without a parallel in th«»
niiD’teenth century ; that its propri«*tors■ -ff»*r
to forfeit $1,(*W for any ease of dysjN'pste it
will not cure?
A. Braslun-I wh" wa> shot while robbing
('. W. Kahler and ( apt. Werk h-ft Jackson­
r»- at Talent, i” recovering. ville? for Sul«-m on Monday ev« ning, to attend
Siipt. Sinn • f tlie Siskiyou Qui«’ksilvor Co. C. K. Klum s
and J. C. McCully, his chief assistant, wer»* H»- will soon be tib d. a- also Wm. Stewart, the state fair.
who kuu» be* n it.-i; ’• -i for stealing a lady’s
in Ja»-k”onvill»- »luring th«* week.
G«*org«» L. Helms of Tab nt will teach the
-atch« l wbU«*oii a railr.-ad tram.
I.«»st creek sub-»«»!, n« ar Brownj*b«»ro, «luring
Mr-. D"'i«is, who has h-«»u visiting G«-»»rge
coming wint»-r.
Briber - family near Talent, departed fur her
river, at the Byi»ee f- rry site, m m a tmd
h’-im- m-ar.Hanford, Cal., recently.
Sheriff K« ll«-y of Portland. accom|»anied
■ •-»mlitioii, and trust th«- pr<-pvr authorin'-.”
Aft» r all. th»- B«-st way t«- know the real will sc«- that th»- he«*«—-aty repairs are ma«b- by L. G. Coffin, visited the southern part of
the state last week.
n.» rit ->f H'--»l ” Sirsaparilla is to try it b«-for«- we have a casualty to report.
your- if. Be sure .iml g»*t Hood's.
G. F. Penn«-baker of Tab nt has returned
Ther«* wer«’ three bids hau«le«l in k>r build­
Th»' Smith saw-mill on Anderson <-r»-»k ing tlie m-w city hall at A”hlau«i, at the meet­ bouit* (rum a trip through California in the
of bis nursery.
ha-» I«» • n sold to Wm. Abbott A Co. and was ing of A”hlami city u"UU«-il hel-l last Week,
mo\e«l t»> au'>tb«-r Location recently.
th«* b»w«•.•*! b«'ilig that "f G-
Riggs, $4.775,
E. R. Owen ami G. T. Hershberger, twu
Pr<>f. C. S. Shepherd and family have re- and the high« ”t that of ( ha-. \.-gbtu, Sa.iMAJ. prominent « itiz- ns ot ( ••ntr.ii P<»int, were
turu»-«l Ii-'im? to Ashland after a t»»ur through
Dr. B. M. Gill, who ha- h'< ,it«»«i at Duns­ ui Jacksonville yesterday.
th-- Willamette awl Umpqua sections.
muir, will build a nice rc”idenc«? at (hat
Byron Cole, pr»’pri« t« r <•( the well-known
place. Geo. Matth.-W” having th«- contra- t.
A few copies of the American R»*ttler’s L'be latter has g«»n«- t«> Dunsmuir to take sumniur-reB’jrt known as Colestiu, uiad«» the
Guide, standard authority on all land mat- charge o( the work, accompanied by his fam­ 1 imes office a cull yesterday.
t» rs, may I»»- found at the T imes office.
K. Kuner, the genial cml»ussad'»r of c"iu-
i:i«-r«-« lroni Sau r ran«-isco, is in the vulh-y
Wright. Kinney and McClendon have
up«-n»-«l a saloon at Gold Hill ami have Mit- hell. superint» mb-nt ->t th«- Portland Ex­ interviewing hi” numerous customers,
”t«M-ked it with the b«-st ¡u the market.
Wm. Stewart, one < f the industrious ami
position, regarding th«- typewriter ami sten-
W. W. Frem-h of Little Butte pre«-in«*t ograplu<* -'»nt« ”t. hut (aib ti to sign his name gentlumanh y- ung m«-n ••! M» dt--r«i pr».- inct,
furnishe«! this market with a line l»»t <»f loth«- lutl.-r. Thu party will ph-ase cune mu'le th«- 11.MF.K a pjca-.iiit cull ia”t Monday .
tic l -ns <»i the casalm «¡uaiity this week.
f-«r ward.
Mrs. W. S. Gor«' left for her h»>m»- at Port­
Many fr->ni thi” section ar»- contemplating land last week, utter a wry pleasant visit
G« - rg«' Hammersly has removtnl his fam­
triends ami reiuUW” in Uns county.
ily t«« (»■ l»l Hill for th«* purpose of sending taking the regular eours«* «luring the «-oming
year al th« ”tat«' normal s.-imol at M -ti-
his children to s«*hoo! during the winter.
<-f Charle.” F. Wall "f Prospect
mouth, wher-' un «»pj->rt unity i” pres«»nt«-d to
Yrs. J. L. S<-«»tt of Evans cr«»ck has k-»-n all to d'-qiur«- a lit»« ral education at a frac­ has atriv«*«l fr»»m th«- t-a.-t, tor an extended
-•n'- rtaining h«-r ”ister, Mrs. Lucy Alh-n of tion --f the c>”t at ”"im- -•! th«' largerCull«-ges visit with Mr. Wall ami wit«-, lie is aucom-
punied by his wife.
t »ol'I- ndalv, Wash., «luring the past week.
.»f th» country.
Aim»ng the imli-,tm« iit> r» türm »I by th»
lat«- gram! jury was »-m- again.”! Luther 1.
Burt»*nshrtw, wh<- now r»-”i«¡» ” iu ( •■ -
He i- karge«! with
$600 from a widow n.itm »I M "-r. wnil»- a
Ely s < r am Balm is especially a«hipt<*«l as
r«-”i»l»'!«t of Ashland, l-< ing • !.ii n-t<-.| by h»-i a reim-«ly for catarrh which is Hggr>ivat»<1 bv
to rulleut an in-*ur.m •- | »h»-y :
*12'" alkaline «lust ami «iry wimls. [W. A. H«»v.-r
written I d h«-r favor by herd« • • a- d lni-l».imi Druggisl, Denver.
Biirt<-nshaw wus tn» «l in Ju”ti- « B» rry -
K«-v. K«»bt. Ennis last w«-«-k occupied th.«
court on th»’ san»«- charge, wlm-h w •- -L-
mirt”«-«l there. Sheriff Bini»« y h i” gon. pulpit «»I K»-v. .1. I-’. Edmunds of M«*df«»rd.
r gentleman preaching at Ja< ks«»n-
to Empir- » ity t».r him. having b.'.*n ai-pu-
<»f Buri'i shaw’s arr-”t by Sh-rilT Mglin I vill»‘ th«- same evening.
U" »”.-»»unty.
If y.-u want th»- lw-st •'uwing-machine in
th»- u»»rld. g»»t th»- un»-«pial«-»l White. Hold at
a «li- -»unt for »-ash or at a r«»as«»nablo rate
Studies Restimeli.
• n th» installment plan.
Th«- Ja«*krt«»nvi!le publii sch«M»l re-op«.ned
A*s«»srtor Hamilton is finishing tbo assess­ Monday with a g-»< ii Httemlan«*«*. which ment of the county an«! will be
nt th»- b»>ar»l of equaura’ion m«-*-ts
will rtteadilv in«*reart»-. Th»- . ...............
t- a--!u r- • Pi--f”. I rie«
• n«l Momt.iy in Octuber.
vhudid ”U«h
Mi”-« sD» vlm ami X» v I- ir.
A num : •• fast h«»r.s- - from different
upA-n which «»nr «•itiz« ii” ar»- t»> I k - «•«»ugr»tu- p -rte ns i nor-hern (. alif»»rniaand southern
lat«-«l. Sev- ral pupils i- -nling »UI ”i«b- « -f 111« <ir--g"u <ir- u’ the fair grounds ami flrst-
la-s rm-“■ may N» exp» ct«-d uext week.
•h”tri' t ar«' in at’« mlan--»- ami im •re ar»- « x-
p»»et«-«l. Ihi” ”• h»»»4 has m, * su¡»»TÍ«»r in
s»-«-retary Plynail»- of th«» S. O. S. B. of A.
southern i>r» g»-r. an.I ff--rs n... my in»Iuc<- his r« niove'I his «jfilcc to th»- fairgrounds,
meiitrt to th-— -»- ki! ■: M .. --»I . .{ iK'atioti.
wh«-r»'h«» is pr»*parc«l to attend t»> all busi-
m s” relating t-- th«- »-oming distri»-t fair.
To Whotn It May Concerti.
A suggestion: If you ur«* tnuibh-d with
Will, and Walt» r Williams ar«- in «-harg»- of
K. Moral’s \ in«-yar«l during th«» absent.-«« of rheumatism or a hum- back allow us to sug­
that you try th«- Mlowing simple
Raplia-l, who vv nt t«» California to seek a
Take a pi«-«*«- «»f tianm-1 th«- sud - of
market for H«-v«*ral h« a»i of mules.
th«1 tw-« hand”,saturate it with Chamberlain's
G. C. Dunean is this >»as«»n engaged in Bain Balm aud hind it «» v « t th«» H«*ut of
making a «--Io««-ge« l«»gical inspi-ction
the pain. It will produce a ph-asmt warmth nnd
great L.ik«- ami Harney <b s. rt, where to r. lh-v«'y-'U .»f ail jNiin. Many severe cuttes
many fossil remains are t«> L»e found.
hav«- I h - cu cured in this way . Thu Bam Bahn
Th«- ruin « ff»-ctua)ly «pn-m-hed the fires in an In* obtain«-«! fr-»m Dr. ,1. Hinkle, Central
the mountains nnd til«.- atmospln-re is clear Buint, and G. H. Haskins, M«*dfur.l.
A few showers hav«» oc<*urr«-«l. The t- iu-
uml pure again. Th«-smoky sca>»»u was m»t
Thr.-«* pro”i»« utors, named Green, Moure
us prutructeii this season as usual.
andSiigci, about a m>«nth sin«*«- left their perature has been cooler aud about tie a\- r
age. There hus been l«*ss smok- in th«
Ashlami district last week v-tt-ti in wagon ami outfit at (’has. Lens' ranch at atmosphere. In the interior counti.
- n
fav«»r of a six-mill tax for <<-h<»»»l parj»oses (lie hea«l of th«- Klamath marsh«-”, whil«» they the higher elevations, frosts occurred.
• luring th«,- coming y ar. Th«- normal school ust«*nsibly went out towunis Diamond lake
• »ii a pr«»”pv<*tiiig t-'ur. A few days since
building Wiis leased f»»r another year.
Moon» ami Sugvr return«-«! to Lens' after is in progress in some sections, ami in -• u
The largest ami is-st stock of deeds, the wag.»n, stating that their partm*r hud counties it is nearly done, in W.«”<■<-. unty
m»»rtgag«-s ajid all kimls of nuil-estat«- ami become lost in th«- mountains ami hud prob­ and in parts of Sherman the wh. at m m n
!«.-gal blanks s«»uth --f Sil»m is k«-pt at th«- ably peri”h«-d.
As th«’ missing man shrunken than in the other counties. \ i. 1 I
T imes office ami sol«i at l‘«»rtland rates.
was kn«-wit to hav«» cmsiderabk» money on of forty bushels an<l upward ar«- fr< -pi- nt it.
Morrow, Umatilla amt Union < -«unti»-. h
Th«* large mining population now tribute* 111” pcr.”«m at the time hu lelt for th«* lake, the latter county, ifi Baker, Wallowa am! in
ry to Gold Hill has i».-cn the im-uns <4 llliing foul play is more than hinted at. The terior counties, harvesting and threshing
up every vacant hous«- in the place and cu­ b-m-ly mountains about the mysterious lake are well along
Be|»ons indicate yi« Id-
couriiging nev« ra! m-w enterprises to start have witness«»«! many a smi trag«-«!y which alx»ve the uverage and ab««v«> the vxperta-
will never be recounted by man.
tions of th«- farmers in every eouiity. Tin­
A sur«» cure fur th«» whisky habit : Dr.
S. l^Whitth- is superintending a ping ”f Livingston«»'” Antulot«» for Drunkenness will wheat has ta«gun to niov to seaboard. Fruit
Grap«*B art* rip«- i;.
men engag««l in placing in condition f«»r cur«» any <-ast- uf the li«|U«»r habit in fr«»m continues ph-ntiful.
winter the lines of th«» Pacific i ostal tele­ teu to thirty days, from the mo«i«-rate drink­ many l<»«uiliti«»s.
B. 8. P a < h e .
graph «-«mipany between Duusniuir. and Ash­ er tu th«» drunkard. The Anti.lot«- cun be
U. S. Signal Ob> TVer.
given in u--u;» «»f «*<»ff.*«» without the km»wl-
Th«* military kill ut Ashland oil piom»«»^ etige «.f th»- person taking it. Th«» Antidot«»
Bomarkablo Rescue.
«lay was a grand success, the • atteudau»*v will not injur«- th«» health in any way.
_ ing very largo. The
best I of f music and Manufactured by th«- Livingston ( h«*mical
Ti..* t
Mf. Mi.'luu'l Curtain, l'lainll.l I
supi»» r w»-r»‘ furnished and every thing passed (’«>., Sun Francis«*!», Cal. Sok! by E. (’. mak« ” the statement that sin- »'.aught
Brook”. Ja- ksonvilk*; Mill«*r A Strang, Me«!-
off nicely.
which s»-ttl»-«l on her lung” . sin- wa i” ­ tr.-ut» -1 j
ford, Oregon.
i-’ian. bui
We bav«- ju*»t print« «1 a numb» r of new and
gr«»w worse. He t»-ld lmr sh«* wa” ,« 1 h»»|N*!.””
tlrst-class Planks, including transfers of
victim of consumpti« n ami that m- I!l«*dl-:!i- j
li«-ns. Th»- larg» st ainl lw-st st«>»-k »«f blanks
couhl cure h«*r. H r druggmt -Ugg- ”1- d
s«»uth »-f Salo n » an always be found at tin-
•umpt. -n . I
T imes »dli»x.
Miss Sarah Kn«»wl«*s will leave Jor Salt I Dr. King s New Diseowry f i «
she bought a b«»ttl«' am! to h r dulia ght f- umi '
Lak«? In a f«-w days.
A so« ial party t«»«»k plac»- at Red Mens
h«-r”«df lM*nefit«»d from th. lit-i <i I»-”»'. Mi- .
hall Wednesday evutiing ami pr«»v«-d an en-
Mrs. V«-it Sehutz has g«m«» t<> P--rtlam! tu u-uitinu«*«! it.- ii”«- amp aft- r^Mdkiug tea !.. -t I1
tic”, foil ml h«*rs. If sound aiul v\.
ji-vabl«-om-. It was u.)niplimuntary t»» s-»tm- pay relatives a visit.
of’th»- y--ung men wh - hav«« -iu«-e gouu t»»
her ewn housework and i”
other sceues.
ev.*r was -Fre«» trial I n « u 1»* s of tl
ng his uhi haunts here.
discovery at E.U. Br«»ok” drug-”t
The ¡»»-tit jurors, excepting Judg«- Day.
J. M. Lewis of Little Butt«» precinct was ‘ l»ottk*s 50c. ami $1.60.
who has lM»«*n retained as a nucleus f.-ra m-w
jury, tn uas«- one is nuu»lv«l at th«« present
term of cir«-iut court, were discharge«! on
Cui. R.ibert A. Miller left for I’ortlaml on
Tuesday lust.
Wednesday evening s train.
The following are R«-v. K. Enni” apj • it/-
Th«- Eagl»- P-unt • xt«-nsi-m <.f th«- R. R. V.
J. A. Anders«>nof Eden precinct wasam«»ng meiits: On every Sunday morning, ■ x .q--
R. K. is <>nce mor«-being seriously discussed, our visitors during th«- week.
hig tlie thir«!, h«* will hohl serve-- at : .
ami w»- may look t<« s«»e important move­
Pre sbyterian church in Ph imx . • i. i! • ,
l'r«»f. Jacobs «»( M«-df »rd »¡«cut u few «Uys Sun-lay morning at Ja.-ks--nv:i|. at i ■ ■. • -
ments m th«- lin«» of construction within a
in Ja«*ksonvilk* during the week.
very short time.
Sumlay «-vening he will pr»-a» h a» tin Pr -l-\
W. (’. Deneff is sb.wly ..... »wring fr«»m the t«-rian church at Jacksonville.
Rev. F. X. Blare h. t .»f St. Paul, Mari»-n
Rev. F. Watry'” npp"iiitn: nt- f •■ ”■ pi
«•«»unty, who pr«-sid» »1 ov«-r this parish s»» • •‘ff. -'ts of hi” accident at ( innubar.
I I U»r ar«-as folb-w- l ir.-t Sumlay at .1
ably find l«»ng, now h--l»ls th«* i- -ltjon of
Mrs. M. Kraii”«-ami Miss Laura Luy haw I soiivillc at a . m . and 7.30 i -. m , \|•-t
vi-ar-gem-ral >»f or»-g»»n, oin* high in the return« »I from th» ir trip to Cinnabar.
at 10 30 a . M. S.-'-oud Sumlay. Gr.u t - 1
Caliu'liu chur- h.
Charles H. Pier«-«» has g»»m» to th»’Klam-I Thin! Sunday, Ja-ksonvill«- at I da m .
• 1
Uoii”i-l«-rat»!» rain full »luring th«- latter
7 30 P M. Fourth Sumlax
part of |tP.t wv«-k ami the first ot this, which
was «put» ii«‘ptable. Threshing was d«--
W. 1. Vawtvr ami family spent several
lay«-«l ”»»!L»cwhat, but m> jM-rceptibh- dainag«- hours in Jacksonville une «lay lust w«*» k.
Are Ï on Suffering
w vs «b’tic auy w here.
P. W. Olw.-ll, om- ->f th«- prominent < ■liiz.un* ' From baukach«-. inflammation : C. 1 • • Id-r
j brick-dust deposit <»r st«»m* in tl. ! la dd. r
Mr. F.ti<‘ks»m will nut I»«-abb- t" -’oinj l«'t« «•f ( entrai P ant, uaile«i a few «lays sin»-«'.
his railn>a«i tills tu tin- upper valley by th«
<»r in fa»-t any deran^- im-nt f t: :«.■.i
I urinary organs? If thus affii- t« •' .
tlT”t of OutoiH-r, blit W ill g« t th»- l oa<lb.'«l iu
In •:
safe condition t»y that date aiul will after Wvdnos«iay. lie has our thank.” fur favors. time aud wash- im»»i<*y»>n w ■ it IL
that r«-ducv bis force.
H»»n. Th»-«». Caim-ron has retuin»-d fi«»ni a ami wors«' plaster”, but strik»- at til­
th«» diseas«» at oiu*e by using the great---
Many (amili- s about \\ ■•«Ivflb* hav«* b«*en trip t-» the Dalicc creek min«-.” lie is interest­ all known remedh-s, that ••«•l«-brat-'.l < >r-
engag' d in th«* h- | yaid” m that vicinity, as ed in.
Ki'iiu-y Tea. Pleasant t»> tak- ptn-'ly v
well as m Josephine county, during th«- past
N. luing« 11, «ieputy internal ruwnueeollec- table. Sat D fact ion «-very time.
few week”, and r-.ihz«* wage” at the t'»r, made Grant ” Pass an official visit this
health-giving <«<»• -upate u.
Dr. J. S. Parson - f Ashland, our ¡»«»pular
C. W <abl<-r, whil«- on his w.iy t- - th-- state
fair th;-
In- p - k.-l picked - f $140 f--roller, was at the county >«-ut not long
Trof. D. Van H»»rn, th»- w-li-kn a
in greeubiiok”. ¿\lde- thi.d r« a- h«-«l into bls since.
s«’ientifl<* piano-tuner, will b«- in .1 .
inside «’’»at p—-fc«»Uan«l stole th«-r»*fr->m the
Miss Emma Colvinun 1- t« ai’hing om- of ' amuit th«- 15th •»( September ill ord
book containing th«» muuey.
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Ge«». W. Pray tor "f Ashlami, wh«» has U*«-n
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I»ust, last week w. nt t<» Xaj a vall«*y. Cal., to lu-”t w»-»-k visited J. L. Pullon aud family at
indergo the «-lectri«*al treatment which M. Ashlami.
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J. L. llammursly, Frank Crumpaud Frank
Mrs. Jiw*. 1L ( tdi-tr.'c ha- 1.« «n v«*ry low Cameron were amoug uui umh - is duiiug
with f«-v«-r at M- -lb-rd «-ver -in- «» the death the week.
U. II. Pi«*kcnsot Ashland an«l W. H. Bost­
of to r husband, ami the birth and subs»-
queiit d«-ath o( a child «luring her illnvs” wick "f Uniont»»wn precinct were here on
renders h«*r recovery doubtful.
Sheriff Bir«l”ey, who will hav«’ s«-rv« <i two
term” next year, umirr th«- nuurilteu law
wbl»*h hasalway ” prevailed in Ju<-Ks«>n coun­
ty, will Uar'lly I m - Hvamlnlatu f»-r r«--« i«-« tioii.
Robert Tayh-r «»I Ashland, wh-> ha” I h - cii hl”
«1» puiv t»»r tin- past thr«••« y«-ar” ami m»»r< .
l«M»msupa.” th" im-st promim-ht »-Hiidbiat«’
for BU» ‘ »-s.”i'-u. As U»- hails from the pr»-
cim-t which casts n.-arly a.” many K' put»li-
oau ' >tcs as th«- balance »-f th«’ county put
t»«g«-th»-r, hi” »-lain;” <-anm»t b.- igm»r»-»l if his
home giv«-” him th« • xj»«-et« «1 ”Upp»-rt. A-
th«- pr«-”«*ut incumbent - I th«- county <-l«-rk s
, < Hi •• al”.• • <-m» ” un.b-r th«- tw»» term rule.
Th«- rii"h of wh«*at to the mills an«l waro-
WV will doubtl»
step ti -wn ami out. The h-•u-'» -'-till -•'»ntinu' S. Most of the millers
(|v«lf«>rti M.ol, which 1” a li- puMn-an paper, hav, -._’«-urc«l enough f«»r th»- entiro season.
f.%v -rs th« n» ini! ah ii <f .1. H. Hull« i. Mr.
A. J. We» k-- i Medford frecim-t has bin!
Md Iler’s» • til -iclit deputy.
many young folks engag»-«l in picking fruit
«iii'l pitting it f«»r drying for sometime past.
Judge Webster thi-* w«-.-k announced hi”
• I« • i”H U in th«' «-a”»- •>( Wim» r Id"-, v- Wad-
ItMgb A U»«., f»-r f"r« ub»-ur«‘ «•( th«- mortgage
h'-bi by plaintiff oh valuable mining pr-q»eDy
fu-ar Wahi", J- -« phim- «•--unty. A « ile-
’ ree
was granted in fav«-r - f pluintitT. wie u will
Imnrvdiaiely order a sale • •f thè pr<-|M-rty.
The suit was stubbornly « ••»ut« rt«ai alni in-
volves «»ne o( the very lurg»?s« ”Utn” • d im-u«-y
ever »ued f«»r iu ”outh« rn or«-g»-n. 'Ibis
is «|uit«‘ a viut«»ry f--r th« plaintiff « alt«»rnevs,
H-'U’s H. K. Ilan ia ami P. P. Frinì, wh-
wer«» pitted ugainst ( I. Haim • uf Scatti«-
ami Chas. W. ( r«» •”S «»f .San Fran» i —• • tw»» - t
the G st lanya-rs »»n th»- uou”t. D i” pi b-
abb- that an api»ni will b» taken to thè
•u premo court.
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