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<! hr 50
iirmtin’iitir ¿imw,
Published every Friday Morning by
OFFICE—On Oregon Street, in Orth’s Brick
Kate* of Subscription :
One copy, ¡»er annum,................................. $3.00
six months,.................................. 2.00
three months,............ .................. 1.00
VOL. Vili
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
Will practice in all the Courts of the State
Office in Orth’s building—up-stairs.
G. H. AIKEN, M, D„
< »dice—< >n California street, opposite Union
Livery Stallie.
A 1.1. NORTH.
A tax on profane language would raise
inure • t venue than the Moltet drink regis­
ter, and the iiioreaman is taxed the more
he would swear.
Three enterprising Assumption, Louisi­
ana. men have killed 9,ooo alligators during
the past year, and sold their hides for sev­
enty-five cents apiece.
Jacksonville, Oregon.
Jacksonville, Oregon,
Will practice in all tho Courts of the State.
Prompt attention given to all business left
in my care.
Office in Orth’s Brick Building—upstairs.
attorneys a counselors - at - law ,
“\\ hat is the difference between a potato
and a lemon?" When the questioned par­
ty says he don't know, the other says:
“'t hen I don’t want you to buy any lemons
* T.T. OF THE ABOVE ARTICLES SOLD tor me;” and then comes the “ha! ha! ha!”
/A at the very lowest rates. If you don’t
The difference Is-tween Blaine and Conk­
believe me, call and ascertain prices for I ling is explained by the Philadelphia Tunes:
yourselves. No humbug !
Al! kinds ot produce and hides taken in The latter is always ¡»reparing a s|»eeeli
which he never delivers, and the former is
exchange for gooiis.
al ways delivering a sjx-ech which he never
Will pra<Mice in the Supreme, District and
other < 'ou rts of this Stale.
Office on Third St., north of Express Office.
Cor. Cal. A- Oregon Sts.,
Now that tho phonograph makes it possi­
ble lor sounds to be canned, the same as
beet, lobsters, etc., missionary sermons can
bo hott led ami sent to t he Soul h Sea 1 slands,
ready tor tin- table, instead of the mission­
ary hmiselt.
I’heodore Parker once said, speaking of
sin, that every tail is a fall upward, If this
be true, we are inclined to sing the old song,
“such a getting upstairs we never did see.”
Orth’s Brick Building, Jacksonville.
A fT< »RN EY
A Si-heiH'ctady clergyman is delivering
sermons on “Heaven.” It lias seemed to
us toi sometime that something ought to
be said on that side of the subject.
At E. Jacob's New Store,
Tlie extraordinary attentions paid to the
Prince Imperial of Austria at Berlin have
excited much comment. The Emperor
himself, in Austrian uniform, received the
young man at the lailway station—an honor
heretofore reserved for reigning sovereigns.
The Emperor's eldest grandson came from
Bonn, where lie is at college, esj>ecially to
keep the Austrian guest company.
Will practice in all the Courts of the State
Prompt attention given to all business en
trusted to my care.
tunee opposite Court House.
Keeps constantly on hand a full assortment
of furniture, consist ing of
Josephine and Curry counties, Oregon.
< >11 i« ial surveys made and patents obtained
at reasonable rates. I-dll copies ot Mining
Giws and Decisions at my office in Jack­
sonville, < irugoii.
The following story in the Nineteenth t’en-
turi) will send a shudder through temper­
ance folks: A lady in the south of England
had a raw and free-spoken waitress who, al'
ter l»eing in the house a fortnight, omitted
to put any water bottles on the table. When
informed of the omission, she replied, “For
Also D«»orH, Sash and Blimls always on
hand and made to order. Planing done on tourteen days I've put'<*m on the table and
reasonable terms, f.-ir Undertaking a sj>e- none ot you’s drunk any. I don’t mean to
pul 'em on any mon-.”
1* H Y S I C I A N A N D S U R G E O N
Dr. Vrooman comes here with the intention
of permanently locating himself in the
practice “of his profession. Is a gradu­
ate, and, from twenty-seven years’ experi­
ence m the diseases incident to this Coast,
flatters himself as being able to give gen­
eral satisfaction.
Office at the Franco-American Hotel.
A farmer in northern Iowa owned what lie
regarded as a tim-place fora summer resort.
There was a rugged mountain, green valley,
a placid lake, and only a mineral spring was
lacking. Heendeavorcd to supply the want
by introducing various ingredients, through
a hidden pipe, into a clear spring. Then he
built a hotel, and advertised. The first
boarder was a prying fellow, w ho straight­
way discovered the fraud and broke up the
Jacksonville, Oregon.
he scttolasttc
of this
school will commence alxnit tho end of
August, ami is divided in four sessions,
Four S tabi . es .—Wo went into a
of eleven weeks each.
stable recently where the air was sti­
Board and tuition, per term........... ..... $-10.00 fling hot and reeking with odors fto n
Bed and Bedding................................. . ..... 4.00
Drawing amt painting....................... ...... g.oo tho manure beneath tho horses’ feet.
W. J. ZIMMERMAN & CO., Prop'ra. Piano,....................................................... ...... 15.00 The poor brutes were per-piring freely
Entrance fee. only once................... ...... 5.00 while swarms of flies tormented the
This was dur­
anufacture and build all Primary, j»er term....................................... ? fi.OO very life out of them.
the horses
kinds ot mill and mining machinery, Junior,
....................................... s.oo
eastings, thimble skeins, and irons, brass
....................................... lO.iM) were being fed and recruited for a
easting* and Babbitt metal. Bells cast.
Pupils are received at anytime, and spe- heavy afternoon’s work in the mowing
Farming machinery, engines, hou*- fronts,
Wo feel that we pre per­
stoves, sewing machines, blacksmith-work, cial attention is paid to particular studies in machine.
and all work wherein iron, steel or brass is behalf of eliildren who have but limited fectly safe in saying that an hour’s
MK;>d, repaired. Parties desiring anything time. For further particulars apply at the imprisonment in th <t stable on a hot
in our line will do well to give ns a call be­ Academy.
day would enervate a team more than
fore going elsewhere. All work done with
neatness .,n<| dispatch at reasonable rates.
’I >1’11 < »• î<i <»1’<‘ half-a day’s work out in the pure air.
it-.iT Bring on your old cast iron.
Ami tm-re are many stables like this
through the country, In nine eases
Ashland, April S, 1*7»».
out of ten no thought is given to the
Kahler <fc Bro.. Proprietors
the largest and most complete assort­
ment of
California Street, Jacksonville, Oregon.
tn be found in Southern Oregon.
Also the latest and finest styles of
i j tlie jaw skilfully performed at reasona­
ble rates.
No more credit will bo given after the
first <>f January, 1S76. 1 will take all kinds
of produce.
And a great variety ot PERFUMES and
office and residence on corner of Califor­ TOII.ET ARTICLES, including the best and
nia and Fifth streets. Jacksonville.
cheapest assortment of < '< >M M< »N and PER­
FUMED SOAI*S in this market.
Prescriptions carefully compounded.
ROBT. KAHLER. Druggist.
»Cor. California and Oregon Sts., Jacksonville
HENRY PAPE, Engineer.
12j C ents .
/CHOICE wines , liquors and ci -
* > gars constantly on hand. The reading
table is also supplied with Eastern periodi­
cals and leading ¡tapers of the Coast.
HELMS, Proprietors.
1 known and popular re-sort would in­
form their friends and the ¡»ublie generally
that a complete and first-class stock ot the
ls-st brands of liquors, wines, cigars, ale and
porter, etc., is constantly kept on hand.
They will be please»! to have their friends
"call and smile.”
A < 'abinet of < 'uriosities may also lie found
here. We would lx- pleased to havej»ersons
nilE 1’ROI’RIETOR, JOS. WEITERER, possessing curiosities and sjM »-imens bring
1 lias now on ham! and is con.stantlv man­ them in, and we will place them in the Cab­
ufacturing the liest 14» ger Beer in Southern inet for insjiection.
*>i-egon. which he will sellili quantities to
-,uxt put c
a T s , U-dl and IC-st the ailU-lc«
Jack&onvil!?. Aug. 5, 1874,
A nother W onderful (T uck .—
¡’he latest arrival is known as the
1 routman dock, and the maker per­
sonally superintends its exhibition. 1 Ie
is a native of Donaldson, Schuylkill
county, showing that that benighted
region can turn out something more
than coal and Mollie Maguires. Mr.
Frontman is a German, but speaks
English tolerably well. He says lie
cul down a tree ami sawed it into
boards to procure lumber for the dock,
which he made with a penknife in sev­
en years. The clock reaches from
floor to ceiling, ami at its widest is
neatly five feet. Around ami below
the main dial are groups of automaton
figures that move with wonderful accu­
racy. At the top is a representation
of Napoleon and his horse that ate ap­
ple dumplings. A figure seated ¡seat­
ing dumplings, ami at intervels the
horse indulges as naturally as a wood­
en horse can be expected to do. Be­
low this is a figure of Captain Jack,the
Modoc chief, who strikes the hours
upon a gong that brings forth a pro­
cession of his warriors. Below the
main dial is a representation of Jonah
being swallowed by the whale. Jonah
at regular intervals is thrown over-
Ixiard, the whale ascends and opens its
ponderous jaws, ami Jonah is swallow­
ed. At the base of the dock is a large
scene representing Christ walking on
the water. A large ship appears with
a deck-load of apostles. The scriptur­
al account of the event is narrated
by Mr. Troutman, and the picture, is
represented automatically to the mi­
nutest detail. There are a number ol
other scenes that may be worked sep
irately or together. Noah’s ark is rep­
resented with the dove ami olive
branch, and there is a “good fairy ami
the poor women.” These automaton
figures work smoothly and posent in
foresting pictures. A music box ou
the inside of the clock plays a variety
of tunes.— Heading (Pa.) Times.
A little incident occurred in a west­
A recent lumber man's circular estimates
tlie numl.erot railroad ties in present use in ern court recently which caused not a
tlie I nited States at 150,000,000.
little merriment among those present.
Over giO.otiO Americans are now distribu­ A case of assault and battery had been
ted over Great Britain and In-land. They tried ami decided in direct opposition
are considered excellent in every respect.
to the evidence, causing great dissat­
It may not be quite fashionable to believe isfaction. After several moments of
in common lionesty, but it is a good piece unbroken silence the counsel fur the
of furniture, alter all, ami will last a man defendant said:
bis lifetime.
“See here, judge” (turning to the
Office on California street, opposite P. J.
Ryan's store. Residence on Third street,
opposite and east of the M. E. Church and
adjoining the Court Hous« block ou the
Advertisements will l>e inserted in ths
following rales :
One square, one insertion........................... $3.(X)
each subsequent one.1.0U
Legal advertisements inserted reasonably;
A tair reduction from the above rates made
to yearly and time advertisers.
Yearly advertisements payable quarterly;
Job printing neatly ami promptly execut­
ed, and at reasonable rates.
t’orso W akhants always taken at par.
T imes ai the
Editor and Proprietor.
matter of ventilation, in tho construc-
lion of stables. This was low, with
narrow stalls, a long feed trough run­
ning the whole length, and a feed rack
above it There was no chance for in­
troducing a current of air, which would
be appreciated fully as much by a
horse ashy his owner. Stables should
l»e kept scrupulously clean, mid even
disinfected during the close, sultry
weather of '«lid-summer. We know
of one farmer who makes it a business
to wash out his stalls with cohl water
before putting in hishorses at noon,and
it is a practice to he commended where
water is convenient. But at least
give the tired horses clean, wholesome
stalls and plenty of air.— Practical.
presiding officer), “if you will allow
me to tell a little story ¿’11 agree to pay
the cost myself.”
The judge g »od humoredly consent­
ed to this proposition.
“Ami may 1 tell it and not be inter­
rupted ?”
“Yes, yes; go on.”
Well, continued the lawyer, one
time a raven ami a nightingale had a
dispute as to which had the most mu­
sical voice. The raven said he pos­
sessed the finest voice, the nightingale
thought she had. As neither could
decide the dispute they decided to
leave it to a judge. The raven then
suggested the jackass as a judge, and
the nightingale consented. At once
both visited the jackass. First, the
raven displayed his vocal power, He
croaked, ami sefeamed , ami cawed for
some^ time; then, satisfied with his
trial, he ceased, and the nightingale
trilled out his uielodious notes. Alter
she had warbled for some time, she
too ceased, ami both appealed to the
judge for a decision.
The jackass thought for some time;
and then tie went hack in the forest to
try his own voice. Finding it in many
points like the raven’s he immediate­
ly decided in favor of (lie raven
some time after Ibis the nightingale
moped about with drooping wings,
seeing which, the raven, to torment
her, asked if «lie was not satisfied
with the judge’s deci-ion.
it is not that, which causes me so
much regret; it is to think lliat we
had a jackass for a Jud<je.
At lliis the court b irst into a roar of
laughter, and the judge with flushed
face ami Downing anger, yelled out:
Silence! Sih nee in the court! or Fll
fine you for contempt.
Ah, judge, no interruption, no inter­
ruption. it is a bargain, ami putting
his hand into his pocket he paid the
cost of the suit amid the laughter ot
the audience at the crestfallen judge.
S male P ox and S carlet F ever .
—A correspondent of anexchangesays:
I herewith append a receipt which has
bo n used to my knowledge in hun­
dreds of cases. It will prevent or
euro small pox though the pittings are
filling. When Jenner discovered the
cow pox in England the world of sci­
ence hurled an avalanche of fame
upon his head; but when the most sci­
entific school of medi< ine in the world
—that of Paris—publi-hed this receipt
as a panacea for small pox, it passed
uoh oded. It is unfailing as fate, anti
conquers in every instance. It. is
harmless when taken by a well person.
It will also cure scarlet fever. Here
is the recipe as 1 have used it, and
cured my children of scarlet fever; here
it is as 1 have used it to cure small
pox; when learned pbysici ms have
said the patient must die, it cured:
Sulphate of zinc, one grain; fox glove
(digitalis) one grain; half a teaspoon-
ful of sugar mixed with two table-
spoonfuls of water, Take a spoonful
every hour, Either disease will dis-
appear in twelve hours. For a child
smaller doses, according to age. If
counties would compel their physicians
to meth is, there would be no need of
pest houses, if you value advice and
experience, use this for the terrible
H eli , and the P olar S ea .—The
following from the Milwaukee A» nhm I
shows how professional views are up­
permost with the true newspaper man:
“Do you want to keep this hell and
no hell ball rolling*?” asks a minister
of us. No; it is notour business to roll
balls, but to make a newspaper to the
best of our ability. Whether there
is a hell or not, we put it in the same
category with Captain Wiggins’ open
polar sea, and watch the theological
speculation to get the news. B>’ the
way, wouldn’t Congress help matters
to treat the subject in the same way
M ind Y our P’ h .—Persons who pat­ and fit out a exploration party? We
ronize papers should pay promptly, for like to ask questions occasionally, you
the pecuniary prospects of the press know.
have a peculiar power in pushing for­
To K ill B edbugs .—Ono recipe is;
ward public prosperity. If the printer
five cents’ worth of quicksilver,
is paid promptly, ami his pocket-book
kept plethoric by prompt paying pa- and the white of one egg. Beat the
trout, he puts his pen to Hie paper in egg to a froth and add the quicksilver.
peace, his paragraphs are more pointed, Brush upon the places where the in­
he paints his pictures of passing events sects frequent. Make the amount of
in more pleasant colors, and the peru­ the ingredients according to the sur­
sal of his paper is of more pleasure to face to be brushed over. Another:
his people. Baste this piece of prover­ Saturate the premises, furniture and
bial philosophy in some place where clothing with a mixture of two parts
turpentine and three parts kerosene
all persons can perceive it.
oil. Then apply a match to the arti­
cles thus treated, and the result will
r-iCThe^oitional Gold Medal was awarded
to Bradley ,V Rulofson lor the best J’hoto- lie to ciuse the liedbugs to disappear.
graphs in the United States, and the Vienna Insurance companies di; not wholly in­
Medal for the best in the world. 429 Mont­ dorse this latter plan however; but ev­
ery plan has Its disadvantages.
gomery street, bau l raiicisvo.
T reatment of A lkali L and .—
Several months ago the Westminster
Grange forwarded to Prof, llilgard, of
t lie State University, a sample of strong
alkali ground. He analyzed it and
wrote that tiy using from GOO to 1,000
pounds of gypsum (land plaster) pci
acre, "the alkali could be overcome.
File sample sent for analysis was from
¡and that would not produce anything,
md W. G. McPherson, who furnished
the sample, concluded to experiment
oil the same land lie took the sample
from. He sowed plaster on a piece al
the rate ot 1,000 pounds per acre, and
secured a very fine stand of corn from
the piece plastered, while all around it
on the very same kind of laud, planted
and cultivated in the very same way,
save only the gypsum, he lias nothing
—not even a weed. And yet we are
tol«l “plaster won’t help it.”
grange appointed a committee to ex
amine and secure samples from the r< -
port© I deposits of gypsum in this sec­
tion. They found some in the Santia­
go C'linon, which has been sent to
Prof, llilgard for analysis. Should it
prove the real article we shall be able
to get all we want for use on our lands
at a merely nominal rate.— Anaheim
(iazi tie.
ORIGIN or rill' hlin.KIM HHEEON.
It is an Interesting study to con-
sider the various breeds of fowls and
note their origin. Tireir names arise
from some other peculiarity in their
form or appendage. For instance the
Dorkings are named after Dorking in
England; the Black Spanish, or as they
are otherwise known, everlasting lay­
ers,after Spain; the Polands came from
Poland; the lloudans, (pronounced
Iloudor), from Houdan, France; thd
Shanghais are named after Shanghai
in China; the Buff and Partridge Coch­
in Cliinasalso take their name from
Cochin China; the Siberia or Russian
fowls, from Russia; the Waylays, Ja­
va, Columbian?, Barbarvs, Dutch fowls,
all from their respective countries.
Phere are also the Guilders from Guil­
derland, Holland; the Bolton grays
and bays from Bolton, England, and
the Shakebag, named from the fact
that they were carried to cockpits iii
bags which the owner shook as a chal-
1 nge for some other bird. There are
many others, such as tho Creve Coe-
urs from France, silky fowls from Chi­
na and Japan, Hamburgs, Leghorns,
Brahma Pootras, all of which indicate
whence they are named. Then there
are creepers, a small variety of the
Bantams, with short legs; the jump­
ers mentioned by Buffon, another of
diminutive races, are so short-legged
that they are compelled to advance by
jumping instead of stepping. Rump­
kins, or tailless fowls, came from the
wild breed of Ceylon.— American Stock
“P oor and P roud .”—Young tneu
out of business are frequently ham­
pered by pride. Many young met»
who go West take more pride than
money, and bring back all the pride,
and no money at all. A young man
who “works for his board,” no matter
what honest work he does, has no rea­
son for shame. A young man who*
1 *
cuts the bread of idleness, no matter
how much money he has, is disgraced,-
Young men starting in life ought to
tim first of all to find a place where
they can earn their bread and butter,
with hoe, ax, spade, wheelbarrow, cur­
rycomb, blacking brush, no matter how.
Independence first. The bread and-
'•ut'er question settled, let the young
man do his duty so faithfully as to at­
tract attention, and let him constantly’
keep^his eyes open for a chance to do
better. Halt the poor proud young
men, and two-lbirds the poor discour­
aged young men, are always out of
work. The young man who pockets his
uride, and carries an upper lip ns stiff
as a east-iton door step scraper, need
not starve, ami stands a good chance-
to become rich. — Ilunw Sentinel.
P runing F ruit T rees .—Much*
butchery is committed by unskillful
hands under the delusive idea that
they are judiciously pruning. A
young orchardist told us a few years
ago tb it “in the thorough pruning ho
gave his apple trees tile previous spring
he had cut off more than he left on.”
Is it ¡my wonder that the orchard re­
fused to bear any considerable quantity
of fruit for several years? A skillful
prutier, by taking a glance at a young
tree, can easily see what buds should
be removed and what should be left,
and can prune it with liis thumb-nail
so that the tree will require little more
care for the season. Trees managed
thi-? way will have few large limbs re­
quiring to be cut away. Sometimes a>
limb is cut oil’ leaving a stump two or
three inches long on the tree. Aside
from the unsightly appearance, such a
wound can never heal over. If it is
necessary to remove a limb, it should
be sawn off as closely as possible to tho
stem and then smoothly trimmed off
with a sharp knife or chisel.
B rine to P reserve B utter a
Y ear .—Among the many devices for
teeping butter in a manner that will
preserve the fresh rosy flavor of the
new, with all its sweetm-ss, is the fol
lowing, from the Duchess farmer,
which is said to be entirely successful:
To three gallons of brine, strong
enough to hear an egg, add a quarter
of a pound of nice w hite sugar and one I
tablespoonful of saltpeter. Boil the
brine anti when it is cold strain care­
fully. Make your butter into rolls, ami
wrap each separately in a clean, white
cloth, tying it up with a string. Pack
a large jar full, weigh the butter down,
ami pour over it the brine until all is
G et a scrap book; and when you find
This will keep really an article in any of your papers which
good butter perfectly fresh ami sweet you deem valuable, a recipe for some­
for a whole year. Be careful mil to thing yon may need, or any other mat­
put upon ice the butter that you wish ter to which you may wish to refer
to keep for any length of time. In I hereafter, cut it out, and put in your
summer, when the heat will not admit scrap fiuok. Keep it classified as best
of small jars, take large ones, and, us­ you can, so as to render it easy of refer-
ing the same brine, allow it to cover i enee, keeping all the recipes at one
the butter to the depth of at least four place. You cannot conceive, if you
inches. This excludes the air, and an­ have not tried, it how valuable and
swers as well as the first method sug »practically useful such a book will be-
I come in a few years. The book doea
not cost much, and thp time taken in
T he trade in alcohol and alcoholic i cutting out and pasting in will ¡my
spirits is suffering great depression
largely. Try it.
It is beset by many difficulties, among
A C abbage W urm R emedy . —
which are: The discovery of petroleum,
a strong solution of lime-water,
the large increase in tho European
manufacture of alcohol, the decrease of pour it over the cabbage in tlie even­
the use of that article in American ing; if tlm lime-water is made strong,
manufacture, the greatly increased con­ there w ill Is» no live worms left that
sumption of lager beer, and the estab­ the water touches. Last fall I had a
lishment of that great industry, the nice patch of cabbage infested with
growth of American wines ami bran­ the* worms. After trying all other
dies. Previous to the discovery of remedies I could think of, I resorted
petroleum, a very large portion of the to the lime-water, and, to tell the
alcohol made in the United States was truth, expected to find my cabbage
turned in’o burning fluid, or used as a cooked next morning; but I was agree­
substitute for the more expensive ani­ ably disappointed next morning t-»
mal or flsh oils. In the manufacture find the cabbage green and bright, and
of alcohol this country had once almost tho worms lying all over the patch,
an exclusive monopoly.
4 dead as a Uuor-uair.