The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, April 21, 1900, Image 8

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Eugene City Gaard.
r r..pilUr.
An Ii.iar.atli. CalUrtlun ! lumi Fran
the Two Hiiilhri i'rutat
IB I nil. 1 liar, I KuriU.
Webster Davis addressed an immense
pro-Uoer audience in Washington
Tha (dipper Stain mine. In Jopblnt
county, Oregon, wa sold for f 0,000.
Cuban nave confidence in (ieueral
Come and entreat him not to leave the
The Kdward T. -nilth boi lac tor
at New York, wan destroyed by fire;
loss, :'50,000.
K.s-'lovernor i'attiann. of Pennsyl
vania. Is wanted for vice president un
the Democratic ticket.
lloer claim to have captured 11 guns
at llloemfontoin waterworks, in-toad
of aven, aa Unit re ported.
liuilding tradesmen ludlanapoll
have returned to work, their employer
conceding to their demand.
General in the Philippines are call
ing for inorr- tro"i. 'Iffy cannot hold
the relssl down with the present force.
The Itoeri have aum-eded in cutting
off General nrahaut two or three
thouaaud troop (mm all other llritish
The 65th anniversary ol the birth of
King Leopold, of llelglum, wan appro
priately celebrated throughout tha
The llritish North American and
Welt Indie squadron la to I increased
by one liattleahip, two cruisers and
several torpedo
The body ol an unknown young man
wan found in the Willamette river ueal
Oregon City, with his head entangled
In a tlah uet. It li a case of deliberate
li. 11. riteher, ianker of Oakland,
Cal., committed suicide by blowing
hii braini out. l'ltctii-r waa truiitee of
au eaUte valued at tM0,000. lilt
tniHt waa being iuveatigatud in court.
The Culted State" aupreme court de
cided the eaee of Grundling va. the city
of Chicago, Involving the validity of
the anti-cigarette ordinance of thai
city. I ll" ordinance attacked aa
unconstitutional. The opinion of Ju-
tice Peekhain held the ordinauce not
to be unconatitutioual.
In his addles ut the memorial er
vlcea held lu uiemory d the late Dr
laao M. Wise, at Uaiiih temple, Dr.
I. niil 0. Illrach maile au apMial to the
Jewish people of Chicago to raise fAOO,
(MX), which ia the amount yet rciulrno
to lilt the debt oil the Jewiali Uuior
College, In Ciuctnuiiti. Hy ao doing,
Dr. Hirseh aald, the gTeat work which
wai beguu by I h Wtae, and carneil
forward by him under dilllculllea,
could be fully accomplished.
K.mily Coghlan. the act re, died al
Htemford, Conn., aged Mil year.
Half the village of Proctorv tile, Ohio,
was by lire
A (ierman aclciitUt haa invented a
miiiiKiund which inelta lion iu live
lloer lu NaUl are becoming active
lid an engagement with lluller la tut
The (Ierman Hag baa lieeu lalsedover
the Samoau Island ol I polu, Mmioiio,
Apolima and Saru.
Caiitaiu John ('oilman, the famous,
advocate ( free ships and free trade, le
dead at llnatou, aged Ml).
The -I nine ol Maud Adams will uot
I admitted to the I'aria UpOtitOB be
cause it in a peraolial eihibit.
At Pittsburg. Pa., a big eight ton
department atom wiim dostroved by lire,
causing a loaa ol over a l wo, Olio
Another brother ol President Steyn,
ol Orange Free State, waa captured at
Karee Siding, and ia now at llloetu
The squadron o( the I'nited statot
navy, recently formed in Climes
water, t to have ita headiiuaitera at
llotig Koug.
Korty ptniple hut their Uvea at Austin.
Tctas, due to au overflow ol the t ol
trado river. l'roH-rty destroyed o
mmU $1,000,000.
i"he American I'late Mirror Com puny
waa c haltered at I Inrrlsl.urg, I 'a . will
a caultal ol ioO.OOO.tniO. Thia .
mil. is coniuoeed of well-known plate-
ulan men. antt la lisiked main aa tht
iiegiuiillik' ol a ileterinined move on thf
pint ol the American plate glass men
to wrest the trade in tbla country foi
plate mirror Irom foreign uianu
Senator Tillman, from the com unite
on in I ne and milling, repotted th
hill iirmidtmr lor the utllia.itlou ol a
part ol the proceeds ol the aalea ol pub
lie lauila lu aupport ol achimla loi mm
in: iu the nubile laud alalea. It lire
vulee for the appropriation of $10,000
auuuallv lor the present in eacli cas
anil tlie gradual lucrease of the amouut
to I
tireat Pritaiu' naval . -Minuet
mount to IM.000,000.
HufTalo Hill aay a 10,000 UoCtnOM
fmui Salt Lake will louud a cit le
Stauamer I'ralrle. with American el
hibita lor the I'aria evpoaltlou. bar
rriveil at Havre.
It noau ti 400.000 a vear to main
tain the kU royal palacea of Kmperoi
William Ihioucliout tne i.eimar
Dr. W. I). MoKim. ol New York,
(afora killiug of ninlirined crlminalt
idkote and Imbecile to Improve aoclety
Tht iteel tteamer Orlando M. I'ot
for Um Kotkefeller Heel wa launches
,.t ih,. tilola- vanla lu t 'levelatid, O. It
U 4tfU feet long and Will carry tf.lHK
ton of iron ore uet.
J. (J. Schurman. recently ol tht
ii.iiiimiii,. 1 1 . 1 1 Ha.i mi. aavt the plan
of Uta government (or the Filipiuot
rv.aimiiieiuled to the iirealdeiit and ao-
cepted by him wa ubatantiallv that
davlaed by Pedro A. I'atemo, formerl I
Aguiualdo'" prim miuuttaW.
Bloemfouteiu is badly lu need ut
Robert and Bnller will dvnce
The toUl Britiab loutt in the Uoer
war are now l!3,00O.
A Teia town in the Hiaaled dittrict
waa destroyed by a tornado.
I IllHMIM teatlng the Columbia
river near Antoria found but few Chi
DOOftli The I'uertn Klcan bill, aa amended
by the aenate, paed the houae by
vote of 1U8 to 168.
Admiral Dewey denlet the atory of
hi withdrawal a candidate for presi
dential nomination.
H. 0. Krlck will diapoae of all hi
holding, something like f lu.UOO.UOO,
iu the Carnegie Company.
An interniitenal naval demontiation
will warn take pah a at Taku Cin, the
gulf of l'e Chi Li. Chin.
During a light with riotou lalairera
In New York, one Italian atnker waa
killed and several wounded.
At the lieorglH Populist convention,
SeuaUir Marion Hutler, of North Caro
lina, wa denounced at the "chief of
all tialtora."
treorge W. Hull, an Arizona million
aire, waa arreated iu New York on it
charue of perjury iu a divorce caae
against hi wile.
Competent authorltie estimate that
the wastage of horaea monthly by the
llritish force in South Africa, must be
calculated at not lea than ft, 000.
B. C. llergin, an aaaayer in the Uni
ted State mint at San Kranciaco, ha
been arrested (or steallnir small
amount ol gold daily for month past.
Capitaliatanf llerlin, tbroogb a Chi
cago Urn, have made an offer to pur
chase the Kerri wheel. The wheel
which weigh 1,100 ton, will be ship
ped to llerlin.
in Han Fianclaco, 600 pound of
plug-cut tolatcco have been seized in
various local store by internal leveliue
agenta, Uicauae the package were m
Hiifliciuntly atamed.
Ilurular in Chicago stole diamond,
jewelry and silverware valued at $40,-
000 from the home of Orrin w . I'ottei,
the multi-millionaire and ex-presi-
ilent ol the Illinois Steel Company.
The period ol time allowed Spanish
reidetit iu the Philippines to elect
betber thev ah. ill remain SiHtniali aub-
jeols or adopt the nationality of the tei
ritoiy in which they rvtideba expired.
The navy cannot get euough sailors.
be open on
British Defeated at the Hands
of General Dewet.
K ,ii. .1 and WiMiiuleil Nurntiar AOO; Cap
lured VOO Hr l.oaa tfal
Pari expoiitiou will
The llairue iaacn treaties Wele
lied by President McKiuley.
Commoilore William K. Mayo, died
at his home iu Washington, aged 76
I icneral Lee ha la-en apailuted
command the new deiartment
Havana aud Pinurd de Kio.
Nicaragua has luuded trtaip
Columbian tenlt:,ry. The uature
the movement 1 not underatiaHl.
A i l-vear-olil child wna scalded
death bv falliuif into u tub of hot miter
and lye, near Ashland, Or.
Indians Htlemiited to rescue the
murderers of Mr. and Mr. Ilert HortOB,
but were driven oil by Skagway troops.
Tim 1'iiiied states LMivcriimclit denies
the rcairt that it has joined with other
powers ill threatening to laud troop iu
A vote on the resolution relative to
the seating of M. S. tuay aa senator
from Pennsylvania, will lie takeu ou
April :'4.
Thomas 11. Tongue was renominated
lor congressman fioin the Second dis
trict ou the tlrst ballot at Mu.Mluu
vllle, Or.
Texas aud l.ouslaua, to guard against
bulauiic nlanue. mav establish a ouar-
antitie agaiiiHt Chiuaineu coming from
t aliforuia.
Au Inventor of thorite has announced
hi wtUtagMM to sell the goieriiineiit
the right to uiauufacturv the explosive
for $160,000.
The ltritlh bark Iranian, which
ailed from New York, NovttnbW Mi
for Yokohama, has Uh'U wrecked ou
the Jajumese coast.
The ltulldiiig 'Irade Asaembly, of
Houston, Texas, ha ordered a general
strike iu sympathy with the carpenters,
causing 1,500 men to walk out.
Two negro murderers were executed
at sumiiierville, Texas. When sen
tenced Isnh asked for a deck of oatds,
and declined the offer ol a Bible.
A minister of Italian!. Cal., near
Santa llartiara, committed suicide by
blowing the top ol bla head off with u
sbolguu. Teuiairary tusauity va the
Former Coiik:reniau Charlea A.
low iic of Dulmth, Minn, has an
noun, ed himiadf a a caildldate for the
vlce-prerddcntial nomination on the
DwDotantta ticket.
The ivutract for carrying the Aus
tralian and Knglltah clorcd mail across
the Pacltic ha katMB awardixl by the
l'utte.1 State gOVtHUMBfJ to the
OcWuate steamship Compauy (or 10
eait at a rate of ti per mile.
At a meeting ol the IV Peers com
pany Cecil Khodea said auuual profits
ol diamond mine iu KlniN rley' are
Public seutlmelit in Fug land iuiists
uiH'ii absolute suprvniacy of tireat Brit
ain in the Ho. r state alter the war t
A private cablegram from Port ol
Spain, Ncncsuela, sayt the Uritiah con
sul at Fail Mar. uamed l.ious. ha been
The -iis rinicndent of lndiau edu. .
tion suggests that attendance be made
Sir William Van Home aud the
l ank of Montreal are planuiug to buy
up the OnbU railroad.
The government o! New .ealaud pro
vide work for all appltcaut at the rate
of two dollar a day.
hrii A. D Shaw, national .oin
mander of the ft. A. K., anuouiuv
lilmieK a a candidate (or congress to
succeed the late Charlea A. t'hicktjriug
Irom the Tweuly-lourlh coiigreMiouai
dutncl o( New York,
London, April IS, A dispatch to
the Daily Mall from F.raudfort dated
suudav, says:
"Yeaterdav General Dewet inflicted
tin- third defeat on the llritish within j
a week at Merkutsfontein, killing and
irutUMlBfl tOO, He captured 000 with1
II waj(oiis, losing livelioers killed and
SIM wounded."
The liaily Mail pnblishe the follow
ing, dated April 10 fnim Loureuco
"The Netherland Hallway Company
l,,f, (,, have received a telegram
rep. rung a lloer victory near Kroon
stad. the loer capturing 000 Uritiah."
Commenting upon this, the Daily
Mail remark: "Ultra il a
tain about five and one-half mile
southeast of Knsiuatad, hut if tin- re
port bt true, this can hardly bt the
The Daily News ha tit following
from Pretoiia, dated Monday, by way
ol Delagoa bay:
'It i ollicially announced that a
battle has been fought south of Hraud-
ford, in which tluo llritish troop were
killed and wounded and hOO taken
l.rd Huberts I declared to be mul
ing great difficulty, owing to the scar
city ol wuter."
Mraaagf. nt Urrrl In Carried lay a llialrlrl
Mraaeliaer In I ranoaal I'rvaldmil.
Philadelphia, April 13. One ol the
greatest demonstrations of sympathy,
both iu the numlsir of participant aud
in enthusiasm displayed, ever shown,
in this city for any foreign nation took
place tonight, when the Academy of
Music wa jammed with people for the
purpose ol taking part iu the Philadel
phia schiad bojra' pro-Boar rally. The
primary object of the gathering was to
send a message of greeting to President
Kruger, signed by 18,000 pupils of the
school ol thi city. So great was Iba
crush, mottly ol tbe younger geneni
tion, that many thousands were unable
to get m ar the door, and the mass of
struggling people wa entertained by
Utc while the meeting inside was iu
After the speech making wa over,
James F. Smith, a 14-year-old me
aeuger laiy, wa called to the stage by
mean of the regulation call Imix, aud
wa given the inc--ac signed by the
school boys, with instruction to pio
ceed to Pretoria and to hand it pcr-oii-ally
to President Kruger. Tuesday the
messenger will sail on the steamship
St. Isiuis, and before the vessel reaches
Southampton he will be taken off by a
French tender aud landed at Havre,
France, ill order to avoid BugUah terri
tory. The message to President Kruger
1 as follows:
"We, the undersigned students ol
the public school ol Philadelphia, the
city w here our own forefather enlisted
ill their splendid ami successful strug
gle against F.uglish oppression, desire
to express to you and to the lighting
n ol the South African republic
their gn at admiration lor the galnM
and courage that ha checked l-.ugllsh
invasion of the Transvaal, and the un
dersigned extend their most earnest
w ishes that in the end the South Afri
can republic will triumph over England
ill a war in which the lloer cause is
noble, the llritish cause unjust."
Delegations of school laiy (roui New
York and boston attended the incetiug.
Miiuck lionii With a ( lull,
Chicago, April II, A nonunion plas
terer, working iu the basement of the
Marshall Field building, Clark and
Adams streets, was assaulted and ser
iously injured by a union picket to
day. Nearly -00 uniou men were dis
charged by the contractors on this
building yesterday ami their place
tilled by nonunion men. Today, a
union pi. ket gained entrance to the
building by eluding Iba polioa, and af
ter knocking the nonunion plasterer
down with a club, aaoapad. The in
jured man wa anoonaoioni when
found, and hi skull may bo fractured.
The 4'J union ineu employed in the
building st i ii. k. this afternoon.
AHiaaa Ullllaaatn Arrested.
New York, April II, GaOfga W.
Hull, ol Arizona, who is said to !. a
millionaire and ex-speaker of the An
touia legislature, was arrested ill this
cit v today at the reiiuest ol the attoi
OBJ general ol Khod Island. Accord
ing to statements made in the police
court when he was arraigned, lie is
wanted in Khod Island to answer to a
charge of HTjurv, all-'ged to have I ecu
committed bv bun m Suit btrotighl be
fore the appallata division ol tha an-
pmat court ol thai state for divorce
(nun Ins Wife, Hull was remanded
without bail.
The Civck Indians are leaving Indian
territory and moving to Iowa, Minne
sota and the Dakotas.
I. ita.ul..H"l " ils
a .... o - Lattauluf
Ponca, Puerto Rico, April 14. Atno
time sine tbe hurricane of August 0
last, haa tbe condition of tha poor of
Puerto Kloo been a bad a It i todav.
About aft par cent of the Island may be
placed in tha peon class, which is made
up ol a mixture of all race. In the
other 6 per cent are included the well-to-do,
educated people, such aa mer
chants, planters and professional men
and tctr families.
This batter class is able to pas
through uch times as sre now prevail
ing without actual 4ivical u(Teriug,
but their business affairs are at a stand
still, ami have been lor a lonii time,
aud thi deprives the majority of the
Urge laboring claa- ol a men of live
lihood. Thi large lasly of laboring
paopia furnihes tha very cheap aud
.ft.-, tive labor which I needed lor
agriculture and other work, but at all
times they have bu n iu an under fed
and iiorly nourished ooadittOli
Their hardships have been greatly
added to by the s. r it y of fruit since
the hurricane, and it it conseoueutly
increased in price. alt liah, rice and
beans have been iinja rted free of duty
since the hurricane, but little of the
benefit derived from tins ha gone to
paooa, and now, whan there is a pros
jiect of 15 per cent of the Diugley tariff
beiug placed on these articles, the price
has been greatly advanced. Merchants
hesitate to imia.rt lugre stocks because
ol the prospect of free trade, and tb-i
present scarcity of fruit is also a cau-e
for the advance in prices. Hice has
gone up Irom 6 to 0 OMttVOt a poond
to 8 and 0, beaus from 6 to IS, and, at
one time, a few days ago, to 15 Cent-
a. os pound, while salt lish has ad
vanced from i! to about 10 cental.-.
No one who understands the situa
tion hen-will deny that much of the
former good feeling between Puerto
Hiean and American ha been loit.
Hesldea, Americans are fewer in num
ber iu Puerto Hico teday than at any
time since shortly after the trsips tlrst
landed, and thote dertiug have left a
long list ol defunct companies, liank
rupt business, wrecked schemes and
anxious creditor, who, in some caws,
hold choice collections of worthless
notes and checks. Not only are Amer
i. alls leav nig the island, but large num
bers of Puerto Kicaus have gone to
v... i, .in. lu to Miuhi Domiuico and to
Cuba. Three days ago more than 300
natives sailed lor Cuba to obtain em
ployment there, aud at least 1.000
Mtiiad Irom tbia port a teat during the
last three months.
Much livestock is also ladlivt shi pad
to Cuba. The gleatest loss to Puert.
Ri00 In this raapaot is in the large .ar
goes ol magnificent cattle, which it
w ill take years to replace.
Mala llerllar to Conalder llir Nica
ragua, inn.
Washington, April 14. An effort
was made In the senate today by Mor
gnu (Dem. Ala.) to displace the pre-eiit
untliiishe.1 business, the Spisiuer Phil
ippine bill, by the substitution in its
stead of the Nicaragua canal bill.
While Morgan's motiou failed, b to
HI!, the Philippine measure had a nar
row MOtpi from laiiug displaced by the
Alaskan civil code bill, ou motiou of
Carter (I ep. Mont.), the motiou Wing
defeated m a roll call, to 24. The
feature c the day's proceedings was an
exhaustive discussion of the (auay case
by llunows (Hep. Mich. ).
aland llruuallnrlra.
Washington April 14 The house
todai-, after a spirited debate, adopted
the resolution reported from the insular
all irs committee to authorise the sec
retary of the treasury to designate de
Nototiai in Puerto Hico, Cutw and the
I'hilippiues lor the dajMail of govern
maul funds. Hy the terms ol the reso
lution, it applies to Cuba only so long
i the island shall la) occupied by the
I'nited States. Au amendment to In
clude the Philippines in tins provision
as to Cuba, offered, as was stated, to
emphasize the desire of the opisition
not v retniu the islands, was defeated
by a partv vote. A senate bill which
will permit the dependent mothers ol
soldier or sailor ol the Spanish war,
even though thev married Confederate
soldiers, to receive the Iwuelit ol the
general la'iisiou law, was passed.
The remainder ol the day was de
voted to debate upon a resolution from
tl ointuittee on the election of presi
dent, vice-president ami representatives
in on less for a constitutional amend
ment empowering the legislatures of
states to decide whether the United
States senators shall Is. elected by the
legislature or directly bv the people.
A snlistitute resolution was offered
by the minority of the committee,
which differed from the majority reso
lutions in giving the states no option,
but crowding that in all states the peo
ple should vote directly lor Vuitcd
Mates senators.
Telegraphers of Two South,
ern Railways Strike.
II Gr.a. Out f lb" K..ul r OB. Iali
of llir timipauUa lu ou
aldar (irlauct.
Atlanta. On., April I4.-The threat
suing trouble of the telegrapher and
other station employes of the Southern
railway and Alabama reat .-. uth.-rn
an. i I u'ur u, h li'h has been pending for
several months, cam- to a hea l here r,.j,rWut the province
...i i i. I', well, of the v, ,i,,,i Kiaii.'-i. Hunan
J . , H..J .. ,., i.....i .ml k watitf-
'.lo.'i -ooKieu,
tug, with au aggregate population ol
-0.rful Vlr.rer. I'"'"1 U ,h
uratt Dowager.
Shanghai, April 16.-A full account
aa. been received here of the meeting
JD March 5 at Peking btwen tb n
, res. dowager and th. grand oounclF
rotett were read (rom tha vlcerojs
,ud governor, of nine of tha la prov
,uc. against the policy of the empress
lowager. These official, are the great--at
provincial authorities in China.
Ihev declared unitedly that, if the em
pre' dowager persUte In persecuting
the reformers and continuing her .eigu
A terror policy, the Chinese under
(ham will rebel against the Manohu.
The vi. en.v at Nanking say. he has
40 000 Huuauese troops who are aux
ll)Ua to tight the Mauchus. and he fears
ne canuot control them. The vice-
. .. 1 i al.i. ruM.urliih e st. U
rovs WHO Ulll" aal ,
ol M.iig--,
Htanan. Che-
DMd tNlnat Clark.
Washington, April 11. The senate
committee on privilege and election
today daoaidad by a ananimoM vote tc
recommend an option resolution de-
olart&f that lion, w. A. Clark, ol Moa-
tana, it nut eutitle.1 to MM hi sea
as senator from Montana Hie do is
lou was na. hcd alter a two hour' Mt
ting, at which all members ol the com
aittaa were praMOl except one. Tb 1
ilranniea arai Battatnf Oaflfary, and ha
wired hit votain oppoaitfOn loOlait.
n at at la trati1 a Mill.
Oolombla City, Ind., April UV Tbe
Boar mill of K. luttle A- Comiainy was
wn tad iv aaevploaion today, Henry Ion. hreman. aud Ok C. Young,
teauitter, were kille.1. Several other
wet.- pMiufully injurevl. The mill wa
not niiiiiiug at the time, and i be
lieved uatural gas caused the eiploaion.
Walla Walla's uew city directory
show i I, Ml uidiv idual name of resi
dents of the city aud an enure popula
tion of l,0ti 1 Ins bos doubled
population during 10 years, aud over
1,000 .luring the last two vear.
Order ol Haiiway Telegraphers,
on the telegraphers to ijuit work.
The trouble commenced lust fall,
when the telegraphers of each division
appointed a committee to go before the
division superinten ItBt all I a-k a set
tlement of certain grievance. Hear
ings, they say. were relumrd them, and
au appeal was made f m-ral Super
intendent Harrett, at WaahlBg B, and
later to Vlce-I're-ident and QtMfaJ
Manager Cannon. The officer- ol the
order state that no satisfaction wa re
ceived from these officers, and the
grievances were finally takeu to Presi
dent BparaT, whose secretary said the
president was ti ill to consider tbe
matter at this time.
President Powell say the commit
teemen selected to r.-pre-ent the men
have been dismissed to the number of
more than 20, and that dozens of mem
bcis of the tinier of way Telegraph
er have been dischamed because of
their inember-hip. He says the last
eoiuinuni. ati..u to the official, ol the
c n.p.iny contained an offer to arbitrate
the differences. Itailroad official say
the strike ha caused them no incon
venience and has not interfered with
traffic. In a statement which 1'iosi
dent Powell ha issued he says:
"The strike was inaugurated for the
following purjawes:
"To secure a reinstatement of its
members who were discharged by the
Southern railway; for the right to be
heard through committees in the ad
justment ol individual grievances; lor
a set of rules aud rates of pay to gov
ern train dispatchers, telegraphers,
agent aud other station employes in
their employment, discipline, etc.; 11
couaecutive hour' work per day, where
oue or two telegraphers are employed,
including one hour (or dinner; 10 con
ecutive hours, including meal now, iu
all relay dispatchers' oilices aud office
where more thuu two dispatchers are
employed; eight consecutive hour lor
train dispatchers; iay for overtime; tc
abolish the practice of compelling
ageuts to load cotton and the perfonu
auce of other manual labor; a minimum
wage scale of $45 and $.".0 per month
for operator and $llo for diat. bui)
fair aud equitable rules regarding pro
lloer Attarkt on the Hrlllah l.ina.
Stubbornly KrtltleU.
London, April 14. A spe ml dis
patch from bland 's I.aagte, dated yes
terday, ays:
"Pightiug was renewed beyond
Hand's Laagte thia afternoon. The
liners steadily advauced Usin the llrit
ish positions. There was a coutiuuou.
ritle Are au.l the Botu big gnu were
iu action. The llritish replied effec
tively, aud alter two hours' lighting the
Poor were checked."
Kland's Laagte and Wepener still
monopolize attention. At Isith places
a aerie ol indecisive actions are oc
curring. The Hist report ol the light
ing April 10 at Klaud's Laagte avert
that the advance on the Itritixh camp
waa made with the lost of onlv three
mule and two horses, while the ltrit-
th lossefl sa the same reisirt. must
I have been heavv. The bomburdmeut
lasted all day.
Nothing has been learned regarding
the rumor of Colonel Uudeii-PoweU't
death, nor is there an thing tending to
show how long the general advance to
ward Pretoria will bt delayed, lu the
absence of exciting developments, pub
lic inteiest centers more uiiu the per
sonality of the new commanders, and
in the supi-.-ttioii as to who the next,
general will be to be scut home.
The announcement of the reocciipa
Hon of Stiiithlleld by the burghers, just
received, is no news, as the small llrit
ish force at that place withdrew thence
after tbe lleddersburg affair.
It now appears that i Icneral llrabaut
himself is at Aliwal North, aud that
Duly a portion of bis column is at
BY POPl'Uk Vim
House Favors a Change in
Mode of Electing Senator,.
Batolulloa to Thai
a Vula ul -40
effect At
luSIS k.
t la-T.ll '
Tactics Damouneat,
WaffS Train Wrecked,
Redding, Cal., April 14. In the
wreck of a Southern Piioitic work train.
tive mile baton Cottonwood, tonight,
three railroad employes were killed and
three injured, two probably totally,
The work train waa backing (rum
Hooker to ( 'ottouwood, aud the caboose,
followed b tive flat cars, left the tra. k.
Tha Oars rolled over the calaswe, crush
ing it into the ground aud killing three
of its tive occupants.
British Reverea at Aahantrr.
c. ri. tpril 1 11. Cncorroborated re
jsTts are in circulation hero and at
Cape Cast CAttl that the governor ol
Kumasai i in the enemy's hands
Tbe gicatcst fear it felt for Ca i oast
castle, if i reverse has been sustained,
and it the Isabel lioO conlinues. It is
und. rstiMil that Sierra lon has asked
(or a guulvat but the troops then- an
not In tuffl. icut uuiuber to leave the
The IUII s,.rd.
llclli'font, 1'., April 14. Three men
were killed tmlav on the Pelleiont A'
Etnowahoa railtMad, three miles east ol
Bnowahoa, Hie rails spread umler an
engine. I fa engine aud a doseu car
were thrown over au eiulnkiueut .
The dead a e Harry retnplc, lireinan;
Calv iu Temple, 1 r.ikeiuau; Al lleainer.
won, in near New York raise sn '.
s. ..- 1,I00 worth ol goldfish auuuallv.
Niuety ier cent of American women
immi lest than foil a year for cloUing.
l.eit to Qepr ITalaa,
New York, April 14. When John
llolstead, a well-known tea merchant,
died last May, he bequeathed sum of
money to numerous public institutions,
and the residue of the estate to Cooer
Union, It wa nppoaad that this resi
due would amount to 2,i,000. An in
ventory of the estate, however, showt
that Cooper Union will receive 300,
000. Money-drder Syatein for Nome.
Washington, April 14. The it
001 0 department has Hrranged to pro
vide a tirst-clas money order svt,;;,
(or Cape Nome, Alaska.
Japanese ltefuaed a Landing.
San Francisco, April 14. Thirty
, three o( the LM9 Javanese steerage vas
seugers who arrived ou the steamei
Itelgiau Kiug. a few davs ago, have
j beeu refused a landing by the imrnigra
tion ollicials, but have appealed to the
j secretary of the treasury, and pcuding
! a replv from Washington, will le held
here. The principal reason j,,r their
rejection by the officials is the dis. . v
ery of evidence that the .laiiauese onnu
here as contract lalsirvrs.
n. o'11 w.o.- D)wal,
Loudon. April 14. As the result l
the wreck of a fishing boat on
North Cornish coast this ntomiag,
three fisliertuen and eight lyeUiatmen
were drowued. Tm lifelsiat weut to
the rescue of the fishermen, and wa
upset attempting to save their live.
Columbus, Tex., April 14 The bit
Southern Pacitic bridge at thi place
wa swept away by the tl.nd last niht.
The lose 1 about 100,000, All wairon
bridge are gone, and the only outlet i
by i ail to the weal. No live were
loot. The river ha fallen IS inches
1 HO. 000,000.
I ntil this protest had been made,
the dowager empress had been having
thing qnila bar own way. Though
., hasd.-l-te l from her purpose to set
uii a uew emperor, yet her wrath to
wards those who opposed her has shown
DO sbntomtnt. It 1 unbounded. Kin
l.leli-Shall ha been captured ill the
Porttig colonv of Macao, of the
south China coast, by Li Hung ('Bang's
Ictective. Mr. Kin lied from Shang
hai lat month. He is the manager of
the national svstem ol telegraphs in
China, aud headed the petition signed
bv 1 200 notables against setting up a
new emperor. Probably he will be
de.apitated. An Knglish law linn
here has been retained to defend him.
The government has trumped up
charges of defalcation against Mr. Kin,
who is really a very able and euiignt-
eued man.
Ou March 1 instructions were wiren
-loin I'ekiug to Soo Chow, capital ol
Kiang-BO, to arrest and put to death
the reformer Weug TTug-llo and
Shen Pong. These men had been in
very inisirtant poiitious in Peking,
but were easily captured in Soo Chow.
The ohial reformer, bang Yu Wei, haf
M. .I to Singaisire. The empress dow
ager ha offered 100.000 for his body,
dead or alive.
It is said that there is an official
list, prepared by the Peking govern
ment, of the names of 300 reformers
who are proscribed. A special list ol
over 3.1 names exist of those who are
to be killed as soon as they arc cap
Three i'rrannt Killed and Number In
jured In a I'ltlahurc Accident.
Pittsburg, April 14. Without warn
ing aud with a rush and a roar, tin
four-story brick bull ling at tbe cornel
of Second avenue and Wood street col
lapsed today, burying in its ruins a
number of people, three of whom were
taken out dead, live were badly hurt,
and several others slightly injured.
The building was occupied by tht
Armstrong, McKelvy Lead & Oil Com
pany. It was being remodeled by Con
tractors Mctiovein aud Lyte, who were
converting the lower floor of the cornel
store and that next door into one larg(
lOOtn. About 48 feet of the middU
partition had been removed, and -tee
girders, supported by heavy iron posts,
w ere iu place, and the finishing touchet
were beiug put mi the remodeled work.
The firm this moruiug began the trans
fer of its stock (nun oue room to tin
other, an.! apparently centralized thi
heavy weight of the leads and oils about
the middle of the structure. The col
lapse began by the second floor break
ing through, carrying with it the tw
floors above, making a breach from tor.
to bottom through the center of tht
The fact that the rear portion of thi
building on Second avenue did not col
lapse saved many lives. It was in that
part of the building that the offlcei
were located, in which there were about
10 persons. Those who were in the.
rear portion of the building heard tht
crash aud ran out of the aide dixir intc
Secon i avenue and escaped. The lose
ol the Brm will be about $40,000.
Msshona tn More Trouble.
Cape Town, April 16. The admiral
in charge ol the llritish fleet in them
waters has refused to permit the llrit
ish Btean it Mashona, i 'aptain John
ston, to proceed beyond Durban. The
agents of the vessel annonuce that tht
cargo destined for Delagoa bay will bt
landed at Durban.
The llritish gunboat Partridge on
December R captured the steamer Ma
shona, which had sailed from New
York, November 3. via St. Vincent,
Kovambar tl, for Algoa bay, loaded
with flour for the Transvaal. ' The ves
sel and the foodstuffs were subsequently
released on bond aud the prize court or
March 19 rendered a vat diet that
portion of the cargo was condemned,
but that the steamer was forniallv
Washington, April lfl Tbe j
today, by a vote of 840 to 15. tw!
a resolution lor a constitutional VTT
meut providing fur the election f 5?
tod (state senator bj direct roai a(?
...... ..1. v....un o 1.1, "a
IOUav. aaoiauillienin a0j
Democrat voted against it. v ,T
terms ol the resolution, the aimsia,
submitted to the legUlatnr.
"The souate ol the Tinted fiuta
hall be composed of two senator f
each state, who shall I elected U 4
root vota ol tbe people thereof .
term of six years, and -a. !,
nan nave one voie. a plurality (,(
the vote cast for candidates d,r
tor shall be sufficient to el.-, t.
electors in each state shall luvetja
qualifications requisite for slaotoag
the most numerous branch of the tut
legislatures, respectively.
"When a vacancy happens v
resignation or otherwise, in th,. n
- ion of any state in the teatt
the same shall be tilled for the nan
pired term thereof in the same mttaui
a I provided for the election uf tag,
tors in paragraph 1; provide.), that thi
executive thereof may make trapotSN
appointment until the next general or
special election, in accordance with
the statutes or coustitutiou ul lack
The remainder ol the day wus devoted
to the consideration of private rQ.
sion bill. During the course of th
debate there were several sharp attarb
usm Talbert, of South Cumliua, (ur hit
course iu delaying action.
' -s Klola In India.
Bombay, April 14. Plauue
nave takeu place at Cownpore
Itoberlt I'hrckt Their Foraul
London, April 10. Tho fnrwirf
movement of the Roers is checked, r.
Lord Roberta. This is taken to tneu
uot by lighting, but by disposition to
head off their advance and bar tbeir
way to vulnerable points iu the line of
llritish coinmunicatioiiH His dispatch
to the war office follow -:
"Uloemfoutein, April 14. The en
emy's movements south have beta
checked. Wepener is still mil llfllni.
but the little garrison is holding out
well. Troop are being moved to their
assistance. The health o( the troopi u
good, and the climate perfection."
The Poor in Natal appear iucspsbli
of developing au aggiesNive movement
at Klaud's Laagte. Lord McthueD ii
at Zwiirtkopfoutein, V miles east of
Iloshof, and is sending small, swift
columns through tho adjacent cuiinrtj.
l id Chesham, commanding one of
these, encountered a small cotuinaiido
aobut 10 miles southeast of Zwartkop
fonteln. He found most of the (situ
occupied by women and children only.
An editorial note iu the Daily Mill
avers that Mafekiug 1 in a very tad
way, and that the hope of telief ii far
off, as no force is advancing from tbe
The Uoer peace envoys have docu
ments the Koine correspondent of the
Daily New says showing that uryrnt
advices to the Transvaal to wage war
were originally made by Herman;-.
This correspondent also asserts tlut
Count von Hulow, the (ieramn foreign
minister, who was said to have font
ou a visit to a sick brother, reallv went
to Milan for the express purpose of coa
ferring with the delegates.
J, A. Porter Ketlajnt,
Washington, April 16. Ownaj to
the continued ill health of John Addi
son Porter, secretary to the president,
he has tendered hiB resignation, and
the president has accepted it, to wkt
effect May 1 next, tleorge B, Oorstl'
you, of New York, the present assistant
secretary to the president, has been
appointed to succeed hint. Mr. Cortel
you was born iu New York city, July
:, iMi'.'. His grandfather. 1'etiT inr
telyou, for 40 years a member ol the
tvpe-foundiug firm of (ieorge Hruce 4
Co., and his father, Peter l orti lvvn.
Jr., were prominent figures 111 Ne
York business and social circles a gen
eration ago.
Wa Not a liner Leader.
Pretoria, April IB. United States
Consul Hay, iu an interview , says th
report that Captain Raiohmann, tl"
United State military attache, partio'
pated in the fight near Sauna's Pott i'
absolutely false. Captain Reichm!
it is said, was occupied most ol ths
time attending upon the wounded
Dutch military attache, Lieutenant
Mix, who has since died. CoMttl
Hay has no dmibt that Raiohmann has
American uw
the seere,. ii,,n .,nnk.. 1 , been cou fused with the
s--s . .j i-,-u uesirov en , ,. c,t. ar-
and 10 persons have been killed. i'n, , tenant Loosberg, of the Froa .tan ar
rioters kil ed tive constables and threw 'Hi7. who took a very active in
their bodies into the burning cmn 1 lne n8ht
cum 1.
Order is now restored, but all businesi
is napenaea ana the populace is ui-
Chicago. April 16.-The IIU
r.,.., .(..... 1 ...,,,iuaiii atltamMt
It'll. ItK.IS 111. VII llllt,i..ra am I. I... , . ...,.. ..... rlwt 1 ltT
,. ." , " -,v !""- lllg nisi Ulglll. IOOK Hie Sim.
inig the , ity. guarding the mills and ' .1 m k.. o aailva aaaaflalntl of I'l'1 i1"
...'..,., au vajaaaj . v. . .. .
fa. t iries.
Chicago Tailors Will right.
Chicago, April 16. A secret meet
ing Ol the Merchant Tailors .V Drapers'
r.cnauge was Held last night. When
tevenue tax.
Vanderblll Inheritance Tin
New York, April 14. The apifUsM
division of the supreme court ladaj
i,.,,,,i...i .!,,,. ., ,i....wioi, iii the matter
the meeting broke nplt was announced f ,he appraisal ol the estate ol the 1st
that the menilier. ol the exchange wen William K. V.uderbilt. An rder ol
deolaring " w
offama ao receding in any particnlai
from the stand taken in the tight with
tha lourneyinen Tailors' Union in theii
demand (or the back shop syttem.
The tire of geuiu is frequently ex
tinguished by having cold water poured
uu It. Chicago Daily News. to Death.
.1!?romo' April 16,-Henrv
llliam. the burglar who hot anil
killed J. K. Varcoe, a sterekeeper, on
November a. will be etecuted here to
day He was engaged in bnrglarizing
Mr. Varooa'l store when he committed
the murder. He i. a young man nd
on that account some svmpathv wai
worked up in hit behalf, but there wai
nothing calling upon the government tc
interfere in th caw.
The czarina ha taken np the type
writer and ownt a machin.
Surrogate Fitzgerald,
..:.. i Uui ,k..
aim iuuii -uojei i w kuv
law was affirmed. This was a fOM"
15,000,000 held in trust for the N'n
Df the late Cornelius Vanderbilt.
One pound ol cork will
man ol ordinary size in the watnt-
Itamaga for m.-a. i. r Proatlt
Denvnr rTil 1 A A special to
News from Colorado Bpringl
V..11,.. Il. ,. 1... ...... .nr..
stroutf the Ciinnle Creek nilU'"U'p'
taltM ... noun ili)0 damages
breach of promle, was tin- e venial
lien a verdict for 150,000.
Tti Texa i-.
Houston, Tezaa, April 1--Th',
)rdo river flood ha now
Wharton, and half the U-wn it uoaw
water. So far there ha 1
Mualty, a negro refuge w"
lrownad in trying ao reach le W0,