The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, February 04, 1899, Image 5

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A Vila), Ull;g LhjW lllf l:,U)
IV: v. .1 Omm TkM.
iim i ui ! 111
ti!y iiu .nl Jsn ,7
MlW "" n , .,
Xi,e (wiitooum If) vr..i h.
known among UH a- A "'
bo claimed w
,.nl,. , n ivy fttrkwiita, w.
Mtcitou thla w
tie, from Ku . -lie on tin i- large ol
im ,piioClaBiiWnloi(
blob be cUluwd i have , , .
lu England.
place, "' tt M v
III llll
fit Claimed t have taken .. ,
to Eugene for olMMilns ami "V illV, li
la reulity liuil puwiiuil It hi mm ui i ; ,h
ftores in llif Oity. lie leaves hit Indg.
lug ntwt bOBldlng house keeper, to
lunurii lii lo.-i 1 1 iiu amount of several
n mi principally through 1 1 r
lorteof Mr Robert Carey, the station
h;;, bervi and who h tomalhlog ol a
ieteetlve, li t Mr May wh taken idIu
custody. Mr Carey Oil a friend in the
aawloy of the l'o Mam featuring Co,
u Portland, hy .vhom lie had been lu
foriu'.il of I lie theft of num.- Wboola
made l.y the company. Uu comi. 4
hue and battling ol the wheel in Mr
May'-1 o--c.-siou his suspicions became
aaaaaad by the tatter's oiler to sell It at
tbe low prl I ol $Ii5. Wheicupon ht
wrote to hit friend lu Portland giving of the wheel etc which
led (o the am it today. When laet
m hh awning Mr May wet hi lad
t iwurd Kugeiie with one of the depu-
tin sitting on hi lap and tbe otbtr
driving ti e h am. If prcseut Indies
ileae are correct Qobonj i vtll rid of a
wolf iu ibeep'o clothing."
tt,..: .,,! mid Pol'ocmnn
CKMtvenl to Cohurg jesteiduy after-
loou uc brought the you. ig man to
Ufti.f, tn be held uu the charge of
tteallog the wh .'I.
Our Coburg torr pmdent givta a
giiod d.'.ripliou of the young man
Md his habits in that city, but eiu
toniewhal about his detection. A short
loieag E K McClanahati, traveling
nlrMiiuti for the I: itiihU r.und the Pope
Manufacturing Company's sulestnau
were iu Kugeue. In talking over their
buslut a in'. Tests Mr McChmahau
poke of a Columbia chainh -s in this
city. The other fellow -aid his 1 uu
nauy had one stoleu at Portland. From
this the matter m i looked Into, and
lh Wbtel here wen found t . be the
stolen oue.
Iim 00 October 6, 18'.iS, lhata
young man rented the wheel Irom the
PopeMfg Co's cyciery In i'orilaud,
autl both man anil wheel disappeared.
Bom time after the wheel was trailed
to K Hanson, clothier, for a suit of
clothe, valued at ?J0.
After the discovery of the whetl, and
its identity wri established, Iba police
offlcju of Eugene and Mr Huusnu
were notified, and the win ! returned.
Ptfom desci ipiioua given by the Port
land cyciery, and Mr Hanaon, the mau
wrs located and Mr Carey of Coburg
notllled of the atlair, milling his ,uuta
to the apprehension of Mr May.
Tlie pious demeanor of the accused
makes it evident that he in somewhat
imnoth, yet not Ftnooth en nigh
I'bas Williams of the Eugene Mill
Elevator Co, hud a wheel itolen
Wedneaday . um the mill- it wua
found Thursday, iu an alley in the
fouihwut pa't of to wd.
Chief utiles today notified the Pope
Manufacturing Co ut Portl and tiiut
Kay had t 30 nrres d unit that II
would be in leaaary to have blu Idtntl
netl. ooordtogly a man will arrive
Pjoalthtfor (bat pur we The ex
aaunatloa v i 1 1 h made tomorrow.
ft- -:3s B-Mi 1
- . h
tan i
The fun! BToarta f l o. .. Ij , , . .
are hereby rtqutah 101 1 at r.-Mllll W ITMllii'i III llrfjl
Omirl Hotiae In Eugene, Haiurdayi
Pab in.. 1809, i 1 . 1 1 k p in 1 he
purpuee of the nueiii,,: u to ri, aider
the advlaablhly ol u itlng tin- fruil
gronrera and mora .-i ,liy the pnine
gr.., r-, In in ill,, urn:,. i.:iinll t., 1 mi
die ud nwrkel tbe fruit cop of Hie
Bounty, When we oonaldef tr ut Iba
lallan prune la lodaj aelllng at retail
In itie E utar n ntarket .,t 8 t"l" rente
pei pound. . is plain that 11.,' Oregon
rmver 1-i...t gelth.i 1,1s stui f Ilie
; proiiis ,,i tbe bnali aaa,
Tins I 1 day of enmbinea and truoti
N III, Mtlll it I'lOM 1
I Ilia vsi-i:, Hr, .1 .11 BJ , , j
Mlater dl.'d tlds morning at Id, home
in ihlaoity afti . 10. exit ml, d lllneea,
aged T;t v a, .
ICopj -rlulu. INON, til ,1,. ,.aa IiImmh i,,,,.,.. 1 ZT nu'' xrT v ' ' ' ui taking plctnrei of the guide Um holy father ap.
peared. iu.tan.l.y a 1 knelt, ilia holincaa. eeeinfi tbfl iu im .t and its manipulator, asked if the gent), man were
SuMTti'T M' ' ,,li,, Oounl Peocl . Straightway , be n,
called Mr. Dlokaon to him ami put Um f al I ,rly. Tbe photographer had just received froiu Lou-
dou some prints of the aeriea ho bad taken in April Qoahowed theao to tlio pup,, and 11, v ..leased hia bolineaa in.,
I lie Kallroadg Et tori re Reltlaneee
Kr, m Uaexpeot.Hl Honr 'e.
The manager of the (). gn Hhort o
Li i,t in Portland recently received a
remittance of $1 fr.m a former Pull
man conductor on that r ud, who
aeut the money lo relieve Ms eon
Cienoe, having defrauded the mad out
of (hat 1, mount. H wmte 'hut bavin'.'
"confront d rellgi'Tt" he w'shed to
settle Up.
This incident re lied aUOthei of the
name kind. Home mouths ago the
Southern Pacific i tophi in Portland
received J1 5d from u wnOlM ho had
100 BllATO'tiY
Swiheto Pacific Mtached for Damages I Palmer, Popalbt, Kledtd Temporary
ir. Wuii'Iiuff C?$c.
U ll S, I I I , 11,1s I . , Mil,.
lully Uuaril, Jan W
Sh rill Wither tttaahed the Bi 11 1 1 -eru
Paoiflo depot offlcea lu this city,
for the sum of I66fl (H), the muount of a
ridden on one, f the r iiupany'a ruiusi judgment aud costs issued out of the
without paying bi r fate. At' indlmi n
Oampmeetlng and if sing inver
sion she relieved her conscience bj
endinf the 51 60.
About two weeki agotbe OBA N
general paaaeogei de enrtment reoelyed
a letter from some point In Kansas,
Inoloeing pini money order 'or ft
rbe remitter ufe ted that ' . was a
or ieoi Mwotem money," and ihai
ahoul 11 year ago he h le a ride ba
tween Wui i,i Walla and Tbe Dallee,
and by tending tbe money he thereby
Oqaltted himself In the court of
The rallrojida bad better Inaugurate
a oampmeetlng campaign with a eiew
f bringing allof thcoe to see the errors
of thdr waya and oauae them to nmit
to cover all the "free rid " (lie.v had
taken at the expense of the compiiie.
iShould all the guilty ones remit llic
troMUriee of the ralrroadi wo'jld over
flow with c h mid railroad atock
would lake a hoom.
Something hor Not hint;.
olrcultoourt ol Lane county, in the
cu e f James Wood rufl who sued the
OOmpany for tlO.iHXl duiua.;,s. Judge
Hamilton awarded the plalutlfl
The Company neglected to meet the
judgment, and foreclosure proceedlnge
were) made aa above on the Judgment.
Sheriff Wltbera attached 1206.88 in
money and the fixtures; leaving (lie
depot offlotala with only a small sum
a ohange
Assistiuit Agent IVngru rec-iv. d a
telegram thla afternoon fo nndeaaeol
the at Inch, d property, which was
m ute iijv.ii iiis laaulnga draft for
1586.80 tbe amount of judgment and
Noil e to t!,ntr." vt
Healed bide will be revived iy the
district clerk of IfbOOl dlatrlot No 38
of Lane County Oregon! till March 4,
1888, for the building of a rchool house
In Dlatrlot No ;i8 of Lane county,
Oregon. Said -chooU oiisc to lie lllx,r,0
f et, oue story high.
Plans and speeillratlona may be seen
by applying to J' um Boverna, clerk, iu
.South Junction precinct. The Board
of Dlreotori reserves the righ' to i ject
We have heard of the boy who
wanted to Irs cake and keep it too,
but never in lore ot a bualneta man who
sold his K,W)ts and tlieu gave the nyandall bids,
purchaser credit for the amOUUl paid JgJI 8oVBNB, Clork
Toleurn about this tend to James! Junction City Oregon.
VlCkl S.,ns, of Pwhes' r N V, ho
agreed todotbia in their Uulde. The
(Golden Wedding edition of Vick's
Qarden and Floral Guide li , itamly i f. . " T 1 . , 7
, jowei uox, appropriuteiv inscriocii, 10 it
areaty.four " ,,,, ,''
TOO lltmt)'.
"ituggles, 1 am in some emlmrrass-
mcnt. I want to niakn a pi, lent .1 a
Ray li identillci t
t riiinnul,
luiiy Qutfd, Jan Js.
Jor, of the Portland branob
l,lePoPe Manufacturing Company,
wrivd aP hat night In reeponae to a
euiumoas from ;ho offloeri who arrest
JJ ' v May at Coburg on th oharge
ofstealiug a ut.yCie from t, popa
wwpaoy'a eatabllahment Ir t Oc' ber.
Mr Peeler visited May at the jail this
Wing and la very positive in his
'wntlfieatlouofthe man.
jUoOcerfrom Uullnomah oountg
wit arrive up tonight to take v-uny
my a Portland for his preliminary
dSttSS u the di,i,atch rrti 1
, Portland, Or. 1 1 :4o a m, J.m K,
h,i . Vts,,.u'-, Eugene, On
hu.rr '- .Ml4y- HttVe "ranl for
h ha ," I M wl" k've tonight for
u,m. I barge larceny by bailee.
0 M afcLAUatTLlN,
Chief of Police.
an ariiatlo work, with I' twenty.
P'ige.s llthogiaphid in colors, utid
nearly oi.e hundred mote pager llll, d
with bandaome half ' Tie llluatratlona,
photographed from PJowere, Fruits,!
Vegetable! uml homes.
Vhiie this Uolda is really t to ex pen-1
elyc to glee away, they g,,e It with a I
Due Hill for ceil' world Of feeds for
only lSoenta, Auc iher new feature is
the doing away villi with the old'
packet of vegetable . eds ami stutil g i
the quantity In each wae, the buyer
getting more for his money.
young lady"
"Corbus, I'm sorrv, but I haven't a
"Confound you, did you thiuk I wua
asking you for money? I only wanted
your holp in getting up the motto to
iuscribo on the jewel caBo. "
"Corbus, you interrupted inc. I was
about to say that I hadn't a sentiment
in my miud that would bu appropriate
to tho occasions. " Chicago Tribune
I860 Raw ABO. I Will pi, c:.",0 re
ward to any ei.i, fUrnlth'ug infor
mation that Mill load to the ui rest mid
conviction of the person or i r-oua
who wantonly shot and killed l'l 01
ll heid of my abiep aud i,fi ihim
lying on the gri ut d
Dated at Elllalon, Lint
January l'T, lM:i.
John Cikif wui.i.
ut BsMtiav,
Iu ouo of Miss Mnlock'a stories she
says that "a cheerful heart seeth cheer
ful things," und gives this iucideut iu
proof of it :
A lady oud genthmuu weru iu a lum
ber yard situated by n dirty, foul smell
ing river. Tho lady said, "How good
tho piuo boards smell I"
"I'iuo boardsl" exclaimed tho gen
tleman. "Just enioll that foul river."
"No, thank you," wus tho reply, "I
prefer to smell tho piuo boards. "
Special to the iluar.l., Jan 88. Tbe Uottre con
veucd at 10 o'clock thin foren, mi, no
quorum being present. Speaker t'ur
ti r tieing abatnt the bouse was called
to order by Chief Clerk J, unluga,
Palmer, populist, was elected tempo
rary sieakcr. Motion to adjoin :i waa
made, when a call of the lu lls,- occur
red, which failed to show a q
Tln-n motion lo n.tjtuirn until fc
ev ui lie at loelock prcvaiuil.
waa made nect sary to ful II 1 1 r
Uietils ,.f the cunttitutioii.
Janiea Harvej Blaler ws i,rn m
Haugainoa Bounty, Illinois, in 1818,
re tie llvi i until ivio, receiving
hi- education in the common lohonla.
He waa oue of the many to come to
' 'alii uu i in 1848, and from there
eailie t Olegoii III K',0, settling at
Cor, Benton county, where for
tWO ill - he was a public e ool
tencher. I i 1888 he was appointed
olerk of the United Btaiao district
, nu t and in 1854 waa admitted to the
i-ir. He aerved In the territorial teg
i islature of is,", IV.H aud Is',!! aa an
Independent demoorat, and eru also a
member of the firai ftate legislature.
Prom 1850 to 1861 he pnbllabed a pa-
p r. called the Oregon Weekly UntOO,
atCnrvallia Ho eraa aha), for a con
lib rablo time, poattnaatet at the town
of Corvallta, in the year IIM he
moved to Baker City, Oregon, where
be l':,.'tli' . Ilie In a- for four Venn,
over the atgoature of J CRIobardeou, l,.l,l,.,aiiit..ii in iaaa nsv.
purporting t,. reply to my note. aeUM yoor he wn-. elected dl-trict at-
published h. yu columns f the gird tornay for tbe foorth judicial district,
inst. lauppoeethUJ c mohardaon ,i halii oin. iu., v. i taaah.
t.. be -it v j c Rtohardeon.t .muirmiy m. , ,. lucr ;.,.,,..,..,,,. ......
known as 'Champ.' " ,,.,. ,. ri..,l,t.ll,l.i ,.,,.,.,, ,,
Mr Ki hard-on dlnctn his obs, . a- ,., f.,r seviimur niol Itlnlr I.,
tlontalmoal wholly to toe latter fart 1H70 Mr Slater wri the successful ,,,.
ot my aald communication; but what ,, ,. f ,r ,.Kr,.HM ,rolIl oitgoo and
... .-s,se,a..v i no wm, any 01 ll M.rv,, (WO ydMl during the folly
Is a thing I do not know. However, ,.,,,,,, ..... . )ur- tho naa aaa
that pbaae of tbe matter may p s. yaere be realded al LaU.'ande, where
Mr Rlchardaon plaoei a very nar- practiced law and engaged fxleo-
row coii,ttueli.,n und UieiinitiK n niv '" """a ra ai ng.
, , , ,, -in is.s i.s notion-ii ny is-inir
letter, meaning wholly unwarrant,,!, ,.,Tteil t'mte I Stales senator tor tir.
and such aconntructloii tin,! in, niie I iron and tarve I in Unit e iitneit v for si it
hut a i nrro.v hii; it would tuit noon il years, lie I, 'tired to l.adraiiile In
ami they wi,., do not combine and
pool their common Interval will i
tainiy be Ml Oomeool frollgruwrie
ami let u- -c what we cm do lu ad
vanoa our mutual Intereel
Sti vi:ns,,s
Cu tan,
i atnm,
Wit I, Ml.
An. I mam others
Mr. Bklpwertb'i Rrjel t r.
Dsiir Oaart Jan M
BoatuiN, Or, J:i 28th,
To nu: Editor: -1 not la ;, , im
munloailon In your laeae ,,t yi iterday,
1886, bUl in ISST wai again called Into
public life i y the appolutllleiit as rail-
did not iiitiiuute that th,,,- were
..... l...,.,K,i,isi men in i mil, or Ol eomml- loner for Oregon. Ilia
course, polygamy cannot lie lira. Heed time iu such nlllce axnlaad in IRsll.
without the concurrence ,.f h,uh sexes. H'"ee which lime he has lived a retired
life at l, i (irande, Oregon.
Mini Si inner for Manila.
1 ii re-poo ' , many Inquiries us to
My observations with lefoiwnoa to th
o'gani.alion known as tl.o "WU T
U" waa entirely general, no reftrenoe
whatever was 'nude toany local organ
ization. Neither w.,s (lie isliuhh sl Im-
,...,, . in m ii 'in 1 1 y cmhi u,,u ,,ny .,.,. ( ,,,iiilu. ,,f !,.,..,- n: .-vv
organlaatlon ol the W u T Ut ami it is ' m.,i , ir.nii. ,.,, ,,,.
steamers leav
Kehruary for
Hong Kong and other Asiatic ports, by
one it ilh
strange thai any
aooomplhhmenl to sign hi. name
would lie obtuse enough to think there
Some years ago lb,. National W 0 T
U warmly cspou-ed the cause of the
enfranohuaament of women on equal
terms with meu, and on lh,. ,
principally that the ballot In (he
hands of women WOttld have uu elevat
ing and purifying tt. i t on the politics
illlleietil ... . ,,, ,, ,., ,,,
ingthls coast during
Tiiai Telltale irni.
Bhe was B poor, plain little woman,
evidently just in from the country, ami
she Htnod looking longingly at a liuo of
gaudy purses which hung uloug iu a
row hy tho notion counter.
After a minute flu- stepped into a
corner, took out her own shabby Uttlo
leather purse und inuntid over tho
money carefully.
Shu evidently found out sho could
afford it, ns a gn at extravagance, and
so at last Walked shyly up tn thu coun
ter, selected ouo with "pearls" not in
uloug tho chain uml a big em, raid flash
ing in tho top, took up tko box In
wiiich it was given her und vanished in
tbe direction of the waiting room. Not
mnro than flva seconds later sho nppeur
cd again her old purse tucked out of
sight and tho new one banging proudly
rmmd her ucok. It Wat almost pitiful
to sco her sbo took so much pride in
tbe gaudy thing und then, more piti
ful, yet moro laughable, there canio
into view behind her tho price tag,
Happing gaylyfrom I U little pink string
and proclaiming to tii" world at largo
that that particular purs,, hud cost just
CO cents I
Nobody who saw tlmt suuey tug bad
the oourugo to tell Hi wearer, und yet
that would have I u kind, st too. iiut
ha MnUhaA ilnu-o ll,., sir, . t. with it
still iu view. How dn you Mippoaa sbo W,,Uci "'1 aoclnl Ufa In any one
felt when sho found it nut? Cleveland of those stuU-s Is better thuti ills iu
riiiin Dealer. uny other state in tins Colon.
Once iiion ; .Mr Itichardsoii, in ell'ect
Whloh letters For Manila may he sent.
City of ltio de Janeiro, leaves Sail
Prmnolioo Pebruary "; Riojon, leavea
Seattle February Bi Canadian Paelfio
steamer leaves Vancouver, B C, Keli-
ruary 8; Qlenogle, h aves Tacoma Pan
ruary II; Garonne, leaves Setu tie Feb
ruary !"; olympla, leaves Tacoma
",l 'aciinai nu, K,.btuary L'l, uml Canadian Pacific
onianlaallon dh t demand luffrage tteamer leav. s Vaneouvct. it t: Keb-
mary 87. I'eoplo desiring to send
for tlicir own luemlMTs but for all the
women iu ull the mutea Their de
mand obtained in Utah, and the rteull
la, Mr Roberta, with three wive- and
over three thousand majority is sent to
congress. Tbe women nte lu the
majority in Utah and had they so
desired, Mr Huberts would have bren
ovewhilmlngly defeated.. I presume,
had tbe women of the W I T c been
In the majority In Ctah, Mr Robert
would have been defeat d, and i
would have helped them at least with
my vote had I bean a citizen of Utah.
I he r,al id, a with me is, that the plea
put forward by the W C T li for the
oallot for women, lu the light of
events, fulls to the ground; rs for lu
slauce, npial sullrage prevails iu Idaho,
Wyoming und Colorado; and now
will any one t ii me In tt bat n
llouuh on the Sulona.
it was in Maine that an outspoken
parson of tho old school prayed: "O
Lord, havo compassion on our bewilder
od representatives and senators. They
havo bocu sitting and sitting and have,
hatcbod nothing. O Lord, let them
arlso from their nests aud go hutuu aud
nullum am Fao Roadar,
Tho youth's Omnpanion tells this
story of (diver Wendi 11 Holmes, ono of
Wboae hobbies was to trtoo genuologlos
and family roeomblancos. At the open
ing of tb,. term Of the medical class ono
year, wbilu be WU one of its luoturcrs,
ho mat for tho first time a young mem
ber who Introduced himself as, Ictus
say, a Perry of Cambridge,
ITIu l,i,l.. AnMrm t.u.l, . lit k , 111 V
...i ...wi "V,.., rnnls,.nnoof iho W. 'a Chrl-tlan faith, that.
says he would Vote against the seating
of Mr Roberta "if tbe beaveui fell."
He it so. one minute taken eolemn
oath to support the constitution of the
Uoltt d Btatt - aud the laws of the land,
and (he next mlnUtt vole to deny Mr
ItoliiTts a scut that he is legally en
titled to, tliereliy violating the consti
tution and his oath fine dleciple of the
That may lie
letters hy any of thes" steamers must
mail them In time to allow of their
reaching Hie port of sailing before the
date on which the tteamer leavea, Aa
steamers are departing so frequently,
and persons eiiilcavotlng to send let
ters hy any particular steamer an,
likely to miss slu m through miscalcu
lation or delay lu transmission ol mails,
it will he about rs well not to bother
with making calculation for any par
ticular sicaincr, but ti deposit letters
for Manila In the poHtofllco at any
time, marked via Hong Kong, and
having 6 oentt In postage stumps on
them, ami tin y will go by tho next
teamer tailing from any port on the
of Capo Cod.
lh, i young
(Jeo A Dyson, Blue It v, rco, re-pond-
enot to Brownaville Timet under date
of January ii: I supp ise t!iu most i f
yoar readeM are tully aware that a oil tho praiso shall Ijo thiun. "
wagon loud is heiug Junlt up Is.ue
River here to the Lucky itoy mine,
aud some IS men ut work, hut a levera
mow atorm eet In nearly three weeks
ag i, and -luce that time the snow
hien too deep lo do any work.
Figures havo been CO tinted in a
subnrb of Berlin showing that M per
cent of all tho children work two to
thr. o hours ut honio before echo ul bourn.
I know it hy your upper mr Kionaraeon't nigueat meal or a
Christian patriot, but not mice, Mr
limn flushed und liiudo Itichardsoii also says tiiut the W C T
baate to aotwer that bo nover had heard - N doing great good, etc, l will not
of tho W.'i and did not know any per- debate that qoettlon, but will venlura
son in i. ap... on. to say that its inlluem
HUt llll' ll. , l'a tn.,' '.,Bi..i..o i - 'tn
., intsM il. , Ir .ni'h the winter would
Inquire Whether Mr. Perry hud looked It would seem from his ulterancea that
up bis anoeil r, reooiving each time tho J he would he a very proper sul j.-t upon
airarance that ioquiryhad been made, which to infuse some of its good it.ilu-
but no trace ol tin- strain or niooucouiu encis.
has oortaloly
Mr kiclinr,l-u, and
K it Bkipwortu.
i. f,,i,,,,i 0, the family.
Onn dav Pi rrv riuao to him. "Voo
were right, l)r. II linos. Wo havo fouud
in an old llihlo rucord that my great- j John M Kitson, who fnrmerly v
veat-amnduioth. r was a W. and canio sided In Kugene hut Is now a citizen of
BORN -In Irv'ug precinct Jan JO
1SW, to t tie wife of Ueo A Hicks, a son.
i By tbe bowli emanating from it, we
Uug thai ll..- baby is not cutting ti utu,
I ;t that t1 ' teeth alu cutting thu Laby.
PhiladcLi.'iia Tiuiea.
from Cntie Ood.
Thodoct'.r beamed with delight. "No
upper lip ever deceived mo yet," bo
luuglilngly exclaimed, and carried his
little triumph to all of his friends with
aa much pli aenre aa if it hud been a
long lost trwi-urn.
Marion, bus tiled an upplicatlion for
voluntary hankrii) tey. ills liabilities
are tll.Ouo and his asset-are practically thanks to the friends and neighbors
nothing his er-ditors are In I'.ugene who tendered their ussistance and
Roll for Divorce,
Friday's Portland Telegram: "An
other divorce case almost as bad, but
in which only the defendant Is allegi I
to I ulpable, wt i to have come up
late this aft moon before Judge Cle
'1' A Llddttrom la thuagrleved
bu hand of A mule I.indstrom, whose
home during a part of their happier
daya was In Oregon City.
"Mis lilmlstrom is accused of having
been llagruntly Intimate with oue
John Anderson, and latt Ootobor she
Is charged w.tli having desert i d her
home an. I children and gone to live al
Eugene with the aama Anduraon.
"There are to me property rights
involved III this -iill, hence the defend
ant will con' st the suit.
"There win do doubt t be a good
d audi, in ) lu attendance to listen
lo such things as they claim WOO I
shock them outside of a courtroom.'
'Ibis is tie Comslock .C !e, and
Anderson Is the man who -Ii went to
Florence with.
( uril of Thanks
We de-iio to e,ress our siuoeie
t'orvah , Philomath, Salem, Oaks
dale, Washlugloij and elsewhere.
lympatby during the Illness ami death
of our beloved mother.
Mns Emma PmroMBTr and Family.