The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, August 08, 1896, Image 1

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NO. 35.
I tn.l giiSlith HtrueU.
ttf. : : . ! . ' . '. :
ijnlhl. J; '
jrtising rates made
2 on application.
Willamette l twi'i'ii
.50. !
, Din""-
lottun to
Uouds muddy again.
Wi.leruielons nre in the market.
Fins mi ijulio cnnifortiible these
V . () m-widiiM la-gin six weeks from
t .ilny.
Council imru oue week fioin tO-lligllt.
known' VVoodnien have one a-ses-onent
I for Augu-t.
Geo W Kim hurt, of Condon in In the
Samuel Taylor was over from 'obur
vVatches, Chains. Jewelry. Etc.
janiNc promptly' doxe.
-A II Work Warranted. "11
yalclari and uriooii,
u.l ri.i.leiicovr potutfiu. HiMiri
a, bj,; 12 to 2, 6 tu 9 p. m.
J. C X..223E3-
ai and New I'rlcei In KorclKH sad
aslic Marble ul Gnlliltr, Monument.
'fJ.-a.l-.ouea and Coraotorjr work of
all klnda for UO
HUe HirwU nar I'oitoilW. Kiifiono, Or
I One ImW ul.ick sou 111 of ('iitinniin,
I Attorney J M Wil'luns Is at Cutage
I drove.
I Kl'liKSK.
isey & Markley,
troiiil a:id I'robalc lliu!ne Hco
18 Clirlsiiiun Murk.
: i'li-si.l.-lit.
Kakik, Jr.,
i fetaa
Ot Eugene.
ip Iftsri Capital 50,000
is and Pronis, $30,000
;ne - - Oregon.
il banking bullosas dune on reaaou
M. Hii-lit flrnfu on NKW YOHK,
OKKUON. ,1 .chani?e sold on foreuro countries,
i received robject to check or certiti-
ilactiona entrnat'.-d a Ui
County Bank.
t (KsUbUdhtJ lu ls..)
. sneral Banking business
I branches transacted on
ble terms.
Al O. HOVEY, Prwlilent.
J, M. A Bit A MS, Cashier.
X, U. HOVEY, JR.. Asst.C'ashr.
a Large and Complete stock of
and Fancy Orocoriit bought
I iu the best markets,
tiller the public better prices
l any other house iu Eugene.
5 chll llEflstatsntMimt Prices,
I (EvDgelit,)
' W iIdm, Iuwa, writ, onder dU
i March 23, lHMi
I:d. Mfo. Co.,
Dufur, OregoD.
n.KMKjr: On arrivinir home l:it
1 found all well siul anxiously ExponiUoii
f. Ulir little (Tin, eiglll Bl. one
am nlil u'lm i.u.l u-uwImI awav
wiuK t now well, ittrong anu tru caiicUlsle lor uie nw.
H. H.
I Mrn I I) Driver. Jr.. returneil to
iSuliiii tmlay.
Clum YiiiiiIitIiuik U ngtiln able to lie
on our Hiret'i.
Clem Node lift for Foley Springs
mm niornin.
L X Koney went to Cottage Grove
tliU aflemotxi.
I lie MeAIUter party has ri'lurneil
from the Mohawk. lino wa fairly well
p:troii I z.L." I today.
Conxiileral'le rain tmluy. It in
Btoppeil the threMiers.
1' CoiinTi'" if Herviiimlelliujiieiit tax
wairautt in (he country.
The fo'.imlutlon of Henry Aukeny's
new ivrlilciiie in eoiiipleleil.
The Hoelurt; locul took a carlnuil
of cuttle through thU tnoriiing.
During hU ni'.-nt trip to Fohy
Spriiign, Win lti'hliiuv lo-t u valualile
Hells IhoH ami For.'P'iiuH' nirciiH,
juiiips from S:iU in, OiVjou, to lUil-
(init', . al.
Mayor ()'le-.h,v ciitne up from Junc
tion llili alterniHiu.
Mix Ella Mu Iti', m of Fall Cieek, is
veiling in the city.
J FStarr went to Cotlnue Grove this
afteriiiHiii to ilo Home roolii g.
Dr Lowe nnil Geo, Keegun were p:is
cfiigeri to Foley Springs today .
C II Hale vlnitiil over Suuilay with
his f.imily at liiit clnim on Fall creek.
Mih Dr G V Blil.lle anil chililieu
returned tmluy from a viil at Albany.
Mr llempe ami wife will go to ltli e
river tomorrow on a campiog out trip.
Darwin Yorusi iell for the upper Me on hi wheel yesterJ ty afler
noon. l'rlor Blair h now running a nilit
elevator in the Imperial hotel iu Port
land. AHt'! D P Burton brought hi
family down from Cottage Grove yes
terday The Misses Myra and Lulu Xorris
returned this afternoon from a short
viit nt Junction.
John MeCnllistcr, of Drain pasted
through Eugene today on Ills wheel,
en route to Drain.
Mr and MrsG 1) Linn are Hpending
a lew iiavs ti t,euar rial hi kiiicu ui
wild blackberries.
Miss Mattie Smith arrived home this
afternoon, after a pleasant visit with
friends iu Portland.
Luther Rowland today niovtil Into
a house which he has purchased on
East Eighth street.
tnlte a number from tliis city spent
the day at Abrum's mill on the Mc
kenzie yesterday.
Gray & Son have a lie ad today
and quote low prices. Don't miss it or
you will be sorry.
A traveling photograph nutllt Is Iu
town and has pitched a tent n a va
taut lot near the depot.
Ellen Wlckham, a widow of Len
burg, Lane county, Oregon, has Uco
granled tin original widow's pension.
Little boy The preacher says there
is no marryln' iu Heaven. Little girl
Of course not. There wouldn't be
eunugli men to go around.
Hopgrowers. representing about 1000
acres, met iu Independence Satuiday
and agreed upon IB cents per box as
the picking price this year.
Gcortce Sides, of Tntirstnn, arrived
In. nit) today from a visit to Duniiigiui,
Yolo con nty, California.
Selh McAlisler and Frank Knapp
rode centuries yesterday going to
Waterloo and returning.
Missis Alice Dorrisand Emma Chase
have reUirnnl from a visit to .Mrs um
lim Cogswell, of Linn county.
11 11 Sllckney, who has been con
ducting a bowling alley at Corvallis
arrived home on the afternoon local.
v 1 Mrs It Z iirler and Mrs V O
Zeiulerand children left this morning
on a camping t.iplo Foley Springs
Tlicv will be absent about a Itioutli.
Ed HaiiMin and sister, Ada, returned
tlili iMiirnlii' from a short visit at
Ith their sister. Mrs
J S Medlev, who has been quite sick
with lu n ir trouble.
!.. Iir l.iiv-rlilirp. r. Ctor of St
Mary's Episcopal church ot this iit,
will'lesve on a visit to his old homo iu
New Yolk state, tomorrow. He ex
is ets to be absent several weeks.
iVilte a number of people fiom this
..1... ..i...., ,l,.,l the Free Methodist camp
llnir at Phut Yam: on the Mohawk
........r.i.n' iiersotiH were
iifi j
ov.. r.. i In. 1rt trlrl I over loved,"
i :. I "vv..l never lliilltl." sbe
replied, "I don't care about that. The
point with me is, am I the last girl you
ure going to love?''
voung man had U'eu talking to a
bored editor for a quarter of an hour,
and observed: "There are some things
iu this world tint l.'o without saying
"Yes," said the e.litor, -anu .r n.,..
mure tiling in the world who say a
good deal without gomg.
Georg L Baker, who married
., ... . in.. i. ..f HiIm rilv. has
jiiTlim jm.i.i i
-i I u..iu.r mlUllliTIl III llie 1 " lionu
Ml. Ill jirnuiiii p-j-w---
aeleetiou of Mr BaKer wnu.r. -
great many people. "ero -r.-
; Mr Miller it Is said will study law.
j He is young man of ability and would
uiiuouuicuiy iimae a success as a law
yer. Kobt Huston of tlieGL'AltDforoe anil
It Mount will leave tomorrow morning
on a trip uown llie coast vlaSiuslaw
as far as the mouth of the I'lnpqua,
then they will go about :0 miles up
Smiili tlver. They will be gone
about two weeks and expect to do a
great ueui oi waiKltig.
J E Haima, of HihmI Itlver Is visiting
in this city, having Joined his wife
who has lieeti here stvcral days. Mr
liiinna has just returned from Juneau,
Alaska, where he has been engaged lu
putting lu machinery for a mining com
pany, lie says llie prospects for gold
are goiai mere out llie large inuux ol
people have over run the mines.
John Bamcr procured one of Ilobt
Bowlsby's tine buggies and drove to
tin camp meeting al l ing lang ys
tenluy. While driving with his best
U-st girl one of the supports to the
springs on the front axle broke and
John was compelled to return home
after lie had patched the break. Too
many people for one light buggy.
The county clerk of Gilliam county
has involuntarily discharged his depu
ty and will hereafter do llie work alone.
"That is right," says the News, "the
taxpayers are wor. ing for little moie
than an existence, and their servams
should he brmiKht down to the same
busis. No man Iihh a right to revel in
luxury at the expense ot the iitople
1 1 use Units."
Prinevllle Itevlew: S I Belknspand
Ed Harliln started last Sunday on
llieir "bikes" for Portland. They went
by the agency and will cross the
mountains on the Barlow route.
They will spend several days iu Port
land, afler wuieh they will take a run
up the valley. They will stop awhile
at (he Belknap Springs and then travel
on toward home. We ask the people
on their line ol travel to treat them
well for they are alright regardless of
how they may appear and act.
Lines on tln 1'ie-ieiit Situation.
1 1'was only a whisper that came and
Nobody knew Just what It meant,
Ami nobody dared to question;
I u the strangest fashion such things
Like the tiniest cloud lu the summer
The faintest, vaguest suggestion.
But the w hUicr into a murmur grew
Ami people said "I thought you
knew !
You arc lacking information!
Besides we are weary in club and
Of howing us down to imMirted rule;
Accepted on lirler probation. "
S.) the murmur shortly grew to a roar;
People heard It who hadn't before,
And were tilled at once with wonder,
Krom a whinner so soft and so low
A rumor could uather and grow and
ir row
Till it s artled the tow n with lis thun
And when these conservatives smile
and say:
"Tell us the reason friends we pray,
v.... t.l ,.1... u.l.kii.tlalruliiill "
I. ii ii I imi un iiiu n.i ...... .o. ..
Wliv the fr hrhlened people declare
u-it h oread
"To save the body we'll cut off the
Aud so secure our appropriation."
juiy aisi i.hju.
Frszer Not loiivluced.
Pendleton East Oregonian: Frank
Frazer Is still a firm believer In l lie-
halls' ability to beat bicyclists, lie
savs he had no show lu the recent
race. The bicycle rider had the llisiue
rive feet of the (rack, which was smooth
and hard as a pavement ami also a
tandem to set a pace Tor him. in mis
he had the lest of the horse In several
wavs. and It was not a fair deal. In a
letter to Joe Tillman, Frank says:
"You can sav to the f.ast oregonian
that I am not convinced by any means
that Slaver can beat Chehalls. Since
(he race was run I have oiiereu lo pui
up any amount from 00 up that I can
beat any rider. There will be no tan
dems or pavements, however, llicso
t ove n neon o Won I rut UP. loey
won lil not bet. l iey were biivu uim
I I.I1U llHlt tllH lead cinch. I have had
n.tHiidimr oiler of $1000 to bet that I
could beat Staver ever since the other
raw, but there are no (alters, ine
irm.l.lnis these bicvele riders want
uv.ivtlilnir one wav aud Unit, llieir
Tbs l.alarrtte Lacks.
McMinsviu.e, Or, July 31. The
nt ii..ii nf ilip rountv are uneasy be
raiiw work has not vet been begun on
ti.a I nfuvetlo locks. A movement Is
alootto have the silo changed to 1
rw.lnt neiirer the fa ana nearer to l,b
favette than the one selected. The
change, it ii said would not affect nav
igation and would create a splenuiu
water power.
a ri.ini. m-iR Htoky. Marshtleld
Sun: A story comes from theCoqullle
...,,i u v..onii..ii for as true, which
ts, and we 1 tleshed un
"ure has done IU work well,
f thechildrvn like it. Your H,
i?li Cure has cured and kept
ll hoaranes from me. So give
wyone, with trreetinits for all.
I you proxperit v, we arw
Mr. and Mtu. J. F. Kord.
"th to (r. fn-ah ami ehrfiil, and
It... ..r.-,(f-s w,,rjti niraliw tlie irtlrra
UliM-h anil Lier Cure, by t&kluii
J J"M a wrk.
t a pMtu giiaranKw
teoi ler bottl b ail drigjl.t.
Miss Emma Vatiduyn and Miss
Helirietla Oweu letl on the JLiO to. y
for their new home at I lie Dal es,
win-re they expect to engage in t ie
book and stationery business. lbe
Gt AKi) Joins with their many friends
in (his city in wishing them the best
of slice, ss.
Albany Herald: Hon M A Miller of
Leliunon has pun haed the residence
uromrtv off) C Mcrarland In tins city
and w ill remove to Albany
to reside.
eclipses all other feats of feminine bear
hunters, ansa ivise m "'""i'"i
n.u i... ml ne of (he story. She Is
miuli..l vftiinir ladv and in her teens
.,,i i... nn nu-uiiH accustomed to slay
i.... ii... PArnivcrous monsters of the for
est but on this occasion was strolling
In an unfrequented place In the woods
near home with a parlor ritle shooting
rabbits, birds, etc., when suddenly
there came to her gaf a ci'b bear near
by In a moment ll tutw m o us...
vfi ii-i. in slioot the little fellow.
The crack of her ritle brought the little
fellow to the ground squalling, and
i,o. i,. il... iiHtoiilshment ot the liunt-
.....ii.i.r lirnin niTi-iired on the
.....,.. .i tu. I; i. irl III Ibetdra
on-lit- ..... . ,
n. hi' niHklnir a miki!0 rush for .HSS
w,.u 1.1m Mwled at the same time
Bring several shots at the en
net doit then took
. ... ilm frsv. This attracted the
...... iwr l-nr'a attention In another
direction until Miss Boao g"t
i.. n.u f..tMlhot and bruin measured
her length on the ground.
n.Uf (iu.M. Auk'i.I I.
i... .. i. ...I. Morris, an old and
ii i,;an resident of Harrlsburg
-I.. HiateltV at 10:)
(lieu ni oi" ,' I...I,.
pm Sunday, me lunerai
li i o'clock this Bftermsin. the ser
" ... ..i r..u,.i,...l t.v lt.-v M L I'.ose,
. f... i. ..i.- Ih-eeased wbs a meml-er
of the thristlan church,
Xew corn is in the market.
The county Jail has one occupant
Very little travel by rail at present.
Cllfornla prunes are In the market.
Xew potatoes are selling at VO cents
per bushel. i v '.lj 't.lXIZZ
The man who has a thrifty potato
patch tills year is iu luck.
California oantalotipc have made
their appearance lu the market again.
The steamer Gypsy expect to run
between Salem and Coivallis all sum.
The steamers Albany and Hoag, of
O A E It H, have been laid up until
the fall rains.
Black Alder has lieen taken to Van
couver, B C, where he will race Au
gust 7 and 8.
A marriage license was granted to
day to Joseph V Knebel, aged "7, aud
Li.zie Ho re u, aged HI.
A squad from Company C practiced
target shooting on the range In Fair
mount this afternoon.
It Is learned that the order of Elks
will likely postpone their excursion to
Yaqulna until September.
Gilbert Murray, formerly of this city,
now of Salem, was married the other
day to Miss lna Weston, of Unit city.
County Judge E O Potter (his after
noon moved his law library and his
olllce llxtures lo hisolllce in the court
The eastern market reports each
plums as commanding a high price.
Ton bad that Hie crop lu this section
is a failure.
Alabama held an election yesterday.
Il went demia-ratic by a larger ma
jority than two years ago, The legis
lature Is also ueuiocratlc.
At least 50C will join the Mammas'
excursion to Crater Lake on the 1 tit Is
Inst.; many people are coming from
the Eastern slates for the event.
Attorney Dorrls is now around ex
plaining his recent runaway. He
claims that the old gray was not to
blame, as a yellow jacket was respon
sible for the all'air.
James Nibley, need GO, cut his throat
aud jumped Into the Grand Hondo
river at l.a untune ycsleniay. lie was
Manager of the Oregon Lumber Com-
ni s store ami bad gone criu.y.
Martin Oulun, (he populist candidate
for congressman in the second district
has been appointed siicrinlf udciit of
the streets of Portland by Mityor
fiiuoyer; the salary is tllKi per month.
The Wilhoit staire was held up in
Clackamas county yesterday. About
twenty shots were 11 red, aud two stage
horses were killed. The passengers
and driver wen uninjured. Only a
small amount of money wits gotten.
There was a California!! In Los Ga-
tos 'Si years aito w ho died and left the
income of t'.lOO to buy candy for the
school children. The fund Is still
faithfully administered, and In I.ns
CJatos that man is bigger than Wash
It is stated that the threshers were
not coiiinelled to quit work near Co-
burg yesterday, as only a '.few drops of
rain leil. ueuiiemen iroiu me west
ern portion of I he county also tell us
that the rain only extended four or
five miles west of buifene.
It Is rumored that John Switrtz, the
German resident of the Looking Glass
neighborhood, who was supposed to
have wandered away from home in a
demented condition, reached Walla
Walla a ravimt maniac, aud has been
sent to the asylum as an incurable
subject, but the rumor likes continua
James Hicks met with a painful av
cldeui Saturday morning near Pull
man He was drlvintr a wagon for
Ed Kllr.tulller, at the hitter's ranch,
when one of the horses fell down, gel-
ting entangled In the harness. In in
deavorinit lo free the horse to enable It
to get up, the animal kicked Mr Hicks
iu the face.
It Is reported that the hay crop In
Clatsop county will this season he a
very short one. in ttiu montii ouune
there was no rain whatever, an unpre
cedented fact In the history of thai
county tu a number of years, 1 he
Brass was burned betore it rilieutd, and
il Is probame tnai not enougii nay uas
lieen produced for home consumption.
The Welcome tells the following
st or at the expense of Albany: An
Albany young woman whiieswiiuming
in the ditch the other night, cried out
that she was drowning. Aim nanus
rescued her and tender lady friends re
stored her clothing. When she gave
vent to the yell that startled the town
she was standing In only thirteen
Indies of water.
I hu Democrat Is Informed that a.i
agent has been around taking oiders
for pictures and receiving fl on the
same iu advance. The person Is very
foolish who pays a stranger a cent in
advance for anything. These are
times wlieu it pays to do business In a
business way. isesiuos we nave itoou
home artists. Why nor stand in with
Albany es abiishmeiits.
According to the statement or the
Web-onie. W K Butcher, the well-
known democratic politician of Baker
ra.nntv. will Institute proceeuings
against the San Francisco Examiner
r,,r lll- l. Butcher was a delegate to
Him mo volition at Chicago and the
claim Is made by him that tho Exam
iner made a statement to me eneci
MiHt Mr Butcher w a arrested In
Chicago for dlsorderllness.
llie KcputillcitU
M Oliey
Salem Journal of August 4: Hon II
L Barkley, of Woodhiirn, was iu this
city todAy for the first time since Ids
return fiom Ohio. Asked as to re
port that he would take the stump for
.McKlnley, be sul.l:
"I am opposed absolutely lo the
money plunk of the republican plat
form and am more tlrmly iu favor ot
free coinage of silver than ever before.
I have made no speeches for McKlnley
nor do I Intend to unless he comes out
for blmetallsm and repudiates (he SI
Louis money plank of the republican
platform. lam a republican in the
sense of the past history of the parly.
That history diss not t .tacit me the
gold standard. 1 told the republicans
when 1 was nominated that 1 would
never support the gold standard and I
meant what I said. 1 told the in If the
republicans iu their national conven
tion made a republican platform I
would stand uou it. 1 do not consid
er that it Is a republican platform, and
I cannot stand upon It.
"A Woodhiirn banker stated the
thcr day that I should take the stump
for McKlnhy or resign as a memlier
or the legislature. My answer to that
proposition was, call another election
and I will make the canvass on free
silver straight and will abide tho re
sult. It was my Judgment that the
party should have made tho canvass
for Independent hinictallam as il vot
ed down the gold slt.iidard lu the state
"I exisrt to hold meetings In Ore
gon, California and Washington and in
this campaign do all in my power
for the cause of Independent American
Hon H L Barkley was an antl
Dolph member of the last general as
sembly and was re-elected to the leglsb
ttture fiom Marlon counly last June
He is sl-ill a republican.
Savkii TllK Costs. A good Joke Is
told on one of Sherllf Johnson's depu
ties who Is serving delinquent lax
warrants in the eastern part of the
county. The deputy called on a farm
er (o serve a warrant, but in some
manner got his warrants mixed and
served l ho wrong olio on the man.
The tltlinquciil taxpayer soon discov
ered the mistake bill said nothing; he
acted instead. As soon as the deputy
had left he hurriedly bitched up his
horse and drove hastily lo the county
seat. Going lo llie lax collectors' olllc)
he paid Ids taxes, leaving the warrant
which had been served upon him by
mistttke with thecollector. The depu
ty, having discovered Ids mistake,
called on llie fanner tho follow ing day
to serve tho proicr warrant, but was
informed by (he gentleman that his
tBxes wero paid, and to prove w hat he
said produced the receipt. The result
was, tho deputy had all his trouble
for iiothlnir. and the farmer saved (-
costs by getting the la-st of the depu
liailf (itiar.1, AuifU.t 4' Ef.KVAToit. P Flunk
will nut a hvdrauliu elevator
brick building on
The Heirs of Win. Ilargcr Net the
Indian Depredation Money
Awarded to the Jus, Pulley
The public Is well acquainted w ith
the facts of the Indian depredation
claims which were allowed by the
government about a year ago.
These cases have been pending' for
many years and befuro thev w'ere a'
lowed some of the claimants of the
Joseph Bailey estate, which had sued
for (.15l.)0 damage through Its admin
istrator. John Bailey, have died. The
claims were made on depredations
committed by Piute, Klamath and
Modoc Indians of Southern Orego.i.
Joseph and Isaac Bailey and Samuel
1) l'.vaus. were traveling llirougli mat
section iii lsiij with a. large baud of
stock, when they were attaoked by the
alsive named tribes. J.tNeph Ballev
aud Evans were both killed and all
(heir cattle were killed or conliscated
by the Indians, who wero supposed at
Unit tune to bo iicaccable.
Joseph Bailey left no children, and
his wife after his death married Win.
B. Burger. The amount of the claim
allowed was rlll(is.Oafter the attorney's
tees had tiecu deducted. I he money
was paid to John Bailey, a lmluislnt-
tor or the estate, and suits to establish
claims to the money were liniii"dl
iilelv commenced by heirs of the estate.
Mrs Burger having died a luinils r of
years ago without leaving any children,
suit wits instituted by a brother and
sister of Joseph Bailey and also by
Wot B Burger, who had married
Bailey's widow.
Judge Flsk rendered a decision In
favor of the Bailey heirs, w hereupon
Wm Burger appealed the caw. lo llie
circuit court. Judge J C Fullertou
has just rendered his decision, and
11 led his report w ith tho county clerk
today. The decision decrees a reversal
ol the decision of the lower court ami
oiders that the money less tho cost of
eXH'iis. s of suit, etc., Is) paid to the
hell's of Wm B Burger.
Mr Burger died a few months, ago
since the case was aniH'iilcd ami the
money will now go to his legal helis
unless tho case should take another
turn before It Is finally settled by law,
It is said Unit the Bailey heirs will
appeal the case to the higher court.
Hkitkmnii Homk Dr W ill Tt'ox
and wife who came here from New
Yolk City, last fall and went by team
across (ho mountains to the Deschutes
w here they hsve been sielidlug the
winter with the Vanileverls. have re-
turnid to this city and will leave for
home lu it few da vs. They are accom
panied bv Miss Vandevert. Dr Cox
lias been aciiiiiring specimens in the
game Hue to take East with him, and
has quite a number of bear and other
skins. He is now having some of the
y s i Ki m oWs
I Simmons Liver ProvLATcm-dont
f jr. t to t.ilif it. I lis I Iver grts sluggish
during tho Winter, ju t liUe all nature.
an J llm svst-.-:n (va nu-j clinked up py
the a.cuuril.i'u j w i-.te, whiih bring on, 1 ever n:u Ague anJ Minima-
tisi::. You w .cit 1 1 w.ike up your Liver
now, but lv mii? yeu t.ike SIMMONS
LlVl.i KiV.l l AIOK tJ do It. It alw
rcgul.ites tiu Liver keeps It properly at
work, who, i vour system w ill be free from ;in J tin w h .I.1 IvJv Invigorated.
loue-'t un. im..m iiiAiun when
your svMen Is in Al condition, and that
will only be when t!ie Liver Is kept active,
1 ry a Liver le:mdv once and note tha
diiterence. Hut t.ihe only SIMMONS
LlVliU KLV.ULArou which makes the
difference. I'.iUe it in powjer or In liquid
alrc.kly prep.irej, or make a tea of tha
powder; but takeSlMMONS LlVtR REGU
LATOR. You'll fuiJ the KLD L on evtrv
package. Look for It.
tl. U. XvlUu A Co., Philadelphia, Pa,
Two Girls nnd a Voung Man out for
'Tliiie."-lii the Police Court.
Pally (iuanl, Auttml
Four would -ho toughs from Junction
city held it high carnival In this city
l.iMl ..l.rl.t ' ii... u.irMitlll l.ip a .'l lllu''
and (hey had it before they were
llirougli. two or them winding up in
(he police court lids looming. Ihe
worst feature of the wdiole a (fair la
three of the "sports" are young girls,
one ofthein having highly respected
parents who reside near Junction l Ity.
Hie tniy i'f tho disgraceful allulr is
about as follows:
Last evening Charlie Cook, Hester
Blew, lb Wood and Angle Richard
son procured a two scaled carriage
froiii liveryman .Miller al Juncuoii,
representing to hi'm that they wished
to drlvo about one and one-hair miles
Into the country. Instead, however,
of going to the country thcycamu to
this cily, Intending to have a "gay
time" and then return home.
Assoou as Mr Miller, who Isalsooon-
.ki... ....... .. t...l l,u Tiny. Awbrev of stable of Jiincllon precinct, icarneu,
this city. Mr Cox Is the possessor or lbe people niitliiriven ins rig to mis
ono grizzly IsMtr skin for which a re- city, he telegraphed the olllcers here to
u.r. .rt7.rt ui. lu.I.,r. 1 1... I LIIKU I Oil It'll 111 ll.vl. V 1 1 .11.1 11. .-.II. i
lia.llr Guard. August 1.
an Act'iUKST. The city editor oi
n. (Ii-aku vesterday morning inoun
wl i.U silent steed and left town to
spend the day at Abrams'old mill site,
1 ft. .1.' 1.. ....I lit .l.irlu f..r lltH
oil me .iicrv.-iitic .."
f.H'lve liout but to commune won
..ior... When alioui inree nines
north nf Eugene one ' tne tires c
i.lode.1 much to bis chagrin and he
I ...... . It l.a..b If. 1...
was eoiiipeiicu i" ;-
gene. It sismiis that the best place for
the average newspaper man, any w ay,
is Inside llie corporate limits.
Mr Hammoms Projkcts. - Ytt
iiultia News: Mr Hammond of the O
(J & E and Astoria Goble railroad is
now on lbe coast and in company with
(leneral Manager Stone exects lo pay
Salem a xlsil during AugusL liie
viii ui is- mane wiiu a view w
i.. . .i.u Ur. .nnil over nn-iiaratory to
rnakliig estimates fortbeeoliteinplated
extension ofthe Ya-iuinaroBd toSaleiu
from the most accesible K.lnt.
in his
Ninth street.
The piping lor the elevator Is now he-
turned out ut Geo X r razcr's foundry.
The elevator w ill have a capacity of
several tons and w ill operate between
the Hist and second fioois. Two plta-a
are necessary to raise the water. One
of them Is about six Inches In diame
ter and about fifteen and a half feet In
length, about one and a half feet great
er than the distance between the cell
ing and the lloor. Tho oilier plKi is a
links smaller and Is matlelo work In
sldeoftlie first. The 11 rat one Is sunk
its full length Into the ground below
the lloor or base upon which the eleva
tor will rest. The water -Is admitted
to il from the bottom and its pressure
raises the Inside pipe gradually lo the
surface. The elevator, which nMs on
the Inner pipe, Is rabeil by It. Tills is
the first power elevator of any kind lo
be placed in operation In this city.
l--r..,fliL i mild I. v team In this vlcinl
ty Is niHumlng active proportions. E
II Ingham's grocery establishment ro-
,...iv..,l l l i.itiM bv the last San rrauclx
co steamer, all of which was fielghled
rr.mi Cnrva Ills here. ine same iirm
alsosent a ton to Cottage tlrovo by
leniii about the same time. 1 his on
ly serves as an Illustration of what the
teams are doing. Other firms ure
freighting extensively. While team
sters are kept busy It is noticeable that
rrleght shipments by ran are urui.
Tumi irnlna were recently oidered till
becauso there was nt.t suillclcut freight
to pay to run them.
O.v a Vacation. Halem Journal:
"Conductor H Veatch. of tho Salem
I, .pal Hftviiiinaiiled bv Ills family lias
unnti ti the mountains for a week's
i.iitiiur. In the meantime J Hans
Minim; i will acl US conductor oil ins
f-anoiiball. A great many of the em
ployesof the roud are now enjoying
their usual annual vacation. 1 he roan
.linn,., oil liu eiimloves a live days' va
cation euch year, during which time
their names are kept o:i the company s
pay rolls."
A (iooo Ykar. A very much
Inrwer 'lillllilicr than lisiiul of letters
of Inquiry concerning the University
ofOiegon are wing receiveu hub sum
mer by Secretary istuiaer iroiu jrtm
pective students In all parts or the
state, ami the Indications are that the
university w 111 this year see more pros
perity than ever before In lis history.
Hol-8. Sulem Statesman: Contracts
are being made at 1 cents ier pound,
and, in a few cases, at il to tlj, 4 cents
of the price Ulng paid at picking
lime. About 12 lo l')s r cent of this
year's crop has already Iwen contracted
for n"l loop' (oiitrucls ure being
made Iroiu lime to time.
animal was killed. He was also fortu
nate In being able to kill three or four
la ar himself during lint winter. The
doctor will return to New York well
pleased w ith his year's outing lu Ore
gon ami will nave some big near stor
ies to tell his Eastern friends.
M ini'1. Ai nu Con ki ikn k. A Ibany
Democrat: A kind hearted bachelor
iu the country took a poor footsore
tramp Into his house and gave hlin a
warm welcome, lie promising to worn
for his board, which he proceeded to do
for a few days In a proper manner.
But his kind friend went to Albany
one dity, leaving him at home, he hav
ing hired to a farmer near by for three
months. When he relumed his man
was gone, also his la-st suit of clothes,
un extra pair of pants, a pair of over.
alls, four shirts, a pair ol ihioIs and va
rious articles of an eatable nature nan
also disappeaied with him, leaving the
poor bachelor almost without any
thing to eat or wear. It Is needless lo
say tiiat tramps will la) looked iimii
with suspicion hereufter iy tins man.
A Mahiikr ' M ABil Ki. Portland
Welcome: A smart young man had
his ears well boxed on the Yaqulna
Bav train a few days ago. lib had
been trying to attract tho attention of
two Corvallis girls, and falling, saltl to
them: "Ah. there, girls but you're aw
fully slow." "But I'm not," said the
big hi other of ono of the girls, who was
silting near, us he lamled I three (elllng
seems he knew lliem well enough to
fear that Ihey might get on a spreo
and wreck his ootllt. The "crowd"
had already been "siMitted" by Ihooftl-
oeis and when the telegram was re
ceived tho team was taken charge nf
by them and placed In a stable for safe
The sports procured a lot or ' boor'
and t aiaded the streets until a late
hoiir.ereat Ing considerable disturbance.
W hen tho :i:0!l overland train arriveu
this mm nlng young Cook and Hester
Blew look tiossage for home on it, out
tho other girls remained. They were
run In" soon after by policemen
Pratt and Croner and lodged In the
city Jail, but were soon after removed
to hiIIco head quarters where they
were kepi during llie remainder oi ine
night. This morning they were taken
betore recorder Harrison the charge of
Mug drunk ami disorderly and lined
$," aud costs each. They did not have
the money to pay their lines, bill prom
ised to send I' up from Junction to
morrow If the Judge would liermlt
them to go. Ho accordingly allowed
them to go on llieir own recoguizauco
until that lime.
i'lia allalr was one of tho most dis
graceful things Unit has ever haperied
In this city. It Is said that Hester
Blew and Itose Wood have been con
dueling a "Joint" in Junction city. and
that they possess doubtful reputations.
The other girl, Angle Klchardson, Is
said to lm the (laughter or uiguiy
respectable people who reside near
1 1 is liuoiner case ui a gui
knocked Ihu would-bo masher's hat
oulof the car window aud the other
two were good for black eyes.
A Sunn Medford Mull: One
reason why peoplo never pay any at
tention to signs and advertisements
daubed on old fences, stables and
bridges Is because they do not know
whether they aie reading the adver
tisements of some linn that Is still in
Knulneaa nr nun tliHt has been dead for
years. On a ten mile drive luto the suspicion pointed strongly to two
country the other day, seventeen signs three parties, prom oi tneir gmn.
were noun tad of firms who are now out lucking. Keceiiuy, nowever,
led aslray by bad assoclutes.
A Uarnlitff.
Lkaiii'ho, Or., Aug. 4th, 1SC0.
Certain nartles In this section are
poHsosed of an unlaw ful appetite for
mutton: unlawful for having no shep
of their own, they do not hesitate to
help themselves rrom llocks belonging
to their nelghlsirs. This sort of thiev
ing has been going on lor a long time,
nearly a year I think, and though
..r 1,11.1 iw .uu When neon In read adver- horrv tickers saw enough 10 convict
iu... ........ in iuura..ner la mi to tlm tli xve. ami l ie matter win uw
dute they know the advertiser Is alive brought up before the nexi jury
uud doing business.
A Marion Cor.vrv Boy. Soys the
Albunv Democrat: "A gentleman In
this cltv who knows Homer Daven
port, the now celebratel curloonlst,
well, savs he Is very popular, and Is us
much of a wit ami entcrtuluer jhtsoii-
ullvashe Is an entertainer with his
........ 1 1 In 11. u n.lllirmanf I 111 lleWStlSDcr.
lie has an oil-hand way that is taking;
but when he comes to put It on paper
Instead of doing it naturally murs his
Ideas by trying to emla-lllsh his com
position, thus taking away the features
that characterize his conversation."
If thu sheen stealers are still lu the
country w hen It meets.
l ouiKicKint.n.
pailj Guard, AuKmt 3.
No FreioiitTrain .No's. 81 and
32, fast evening's and this morning's
freights were ordered oil for one trip
and did not go through. There w its
not sumcleiit freight for shipment
along the line to pay to run the-e
trains through.
Itmlljr Gu.r.l, AtiKU.t I.
Boi'M) OVEK.-John Hull was glv
en uu examination before Jusllee
Medley at Cottage tirove nii eteiuoK
on the charge of assault and b lery.
He was held lo answer In the sum or
fJK) bonds which he furnished.
Dun 111 of J uds llerl.
Toi.Kim, Or., August 3. County
Judge ti V Bert died at o o'clock p. ni.
today. He was elected in June, iwi.
I)ki-itii;s Appointed. Sheriff
Johnson has appointed the following
deputies to serve delinquent i
wurruuts: j u (iray, i r ivceuov.
It 11 Lyoiii , J I' Smith, Jos llouieu
way, M F Stafford, J M Stafford, I L
Simpson, V W Brown, Jas Al fttiauo
ami r i.omegvs. .
Siki'knukd.-TIio ltosehurg Dally
Plalndealer suspended publication last
Saturday, aged 1 year, 1 month ana
Ni davs. It said. "There was uol
Fortiik East. Bishop J H Mills
i.nd daughter. Alice, will leave for tho
Es-d on lbe I7lh Inst. The bishop
ill uo to Africa this rail to fill his ap
pointment as bishop of that district of eumlKU ,'UOney iu It to Justify contlnu-
till) l lllieu
Mills will f S)iid the winter visiting
lu the East. She will be accompanied
hv MUs Anna Hunlson. of Toledo, Io
wa, who has been visiting with tho
ftmlly during the summer.
Ing It." Truly this h a hard year on
daily newpaers.
Haiidi.V. We Hud the following In
the Baker City Democrat: "Hou 11 B
Miller, late delegate irom uregoii to
ii.u .l.-mocratlo national convention
... .... . n r.n... ... wu.l..r.luv fleeted nresldent of the
I LL. 1.IO. AISIUI J III r. I . w jvn.. - -y . . . i. r ..
Company U, or tins city, win go to otam
ZX Ti. ' ' 1 l, X Cknth Per Box.-The hopgrow-
on the evening of the 13th and will
ers In the northern portion ofthe slate
have agreed to pay 25 cents per box for
.i... i.v ..n tl.R ( i; and E nicking hops this season, ll is iiueiy
which furnish them with free trans- that the same price will be paid
porlatlon. 1 Lane county.