The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, June 29, 1895, Image 4

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    ttugcno City Guard
The ouestion of the actual anato
mical and physiological caiman of
disabilities in the ollnpnng 01 nroi
couuins u well worthy of tho moot
thorough investigation, ays The
Hospital. In a complex vita
orfranium like the hutnu;i body ono
need not be aurprined to find oc
casionally or even frequently de
par tu res from the normal standard
of physical and mental perfection.
Such departures will naturally vary
in kind and degreo in different
families. Thus one family may
have defective lungs, another feeble
hearts, another inactive Avers
another poor eyesight, another in
adequate auditory apparatus, and
so on.
If the members of such families
are fortunate to marry persons who
are free from the same class of
anatomical and physiological necu
liarities, such peculiarities will
naturally tend to be diminished,
perhaps by so much as half, in
their offspring, and in the course of
generations of physiologically for
tunat marriages they may disap
pear. Iiut if, on the other hand,
persons of the same blood and
family, such as first cousins, all of
whom must necessarily be more or
less similiar in structure and nine-
tion, marry each other, then their
peeuliaritcs will to rid not to be
diminished, but to be increased,
perhaps doubled. Ho that, taking
hearing as a sonse which is some
what deficient in a given family,
ono would expect that two first
cousins marrying, whose hearing
tended to be imperfect would pro
duce offspring who would be very
likely to be deaf, and that not
merely in old age, but in youth, or
even in childhood. The same of
courso is true of all sorts of phvsi
cal and mental well
as of hearing. If people would but
boar in mind that the union ol
ersons who have similiar defects,
more espeuiully if they are blood
relations, tends to intensify those
defects, exactly as piling coal on
a bright fire infallibly produces
arguraented heat, they would rave
themselves mueli lillr remorse,
and avoid tho maledictions of a
class of imperfuct human beings
who not seldom curse the day they
were born.
1). II. Stearns writes from Min
neapolis that tho strawberries re
ceived there from Oregon in car lots
are in much belter condition than
thoso in that market from Wiscon
sin, that did not come one-fourtli
the distance. He says: "Oregon
folks have got to put fruit into
this market in quantities that will
insure use and sale at prices they
can afford. They sell here at 20o a
box, and in Oregon eight boxes for
25c, and there is no use for that,
is they can be put here at 3o a box,
and if sold at 10 to 12 jo they will
sell in ten times the quantity they
uo now, ana tuo Oregon growers
make a good profit.
The Omaha World-Herald of
June 'id savs: "Fourteen carloads
of strawberries was the supply for
the Omaha and local appetite last
week. I he next largo supply is
from Oregon and though these will
bring 93 a case, instead of if 2 to
12,50, tho Oregon fruit is so lurje
and delicious that no trouble is ex
pected in realizing the advance
From Trent.
T)r, Thompson am) wifu, ut Silver
Iike, are visiting in our neighborhood.
Mrs. Iluriwr and Maud, have re
turned from J'.iMtern Oregon.
Master Oren Davla, of Pleasant Hill,
was wllli tu.Sunduy.
Hylvia Collmau is vUltlng ut L A
Whauler'a this week.
Koine time ago Juiue I'llzcr sued his
father fur two and one half years labor,
in the circuit court. The chhu wan
withdrawn and the purllua agreed te
arbitrate, which waa done laxt Mon
day. Arbitrators: H M Titus, of Eu-
Kene, Jexfle Cox, Gotthen, and Walker
Voung. Kluaey of Etigwnt) appeared
for plaintiff and tJew A Dorrls for de
fendant. Hvvvral wlthtHt were ex
amlned. A verdict or only .J2 was
given pluintill.
Ot'orire Kinney says a man cannot
make an honi-at living for hi family
and work for 60 cents r day.
James Tucker was In ourmldnt Mon
C'blttoHl bark is the standard cola
H A Wheeler Is clerking In his fato
er'attore this week. His father has
bain sick for several duys and thought
that vlidtlng In different parts of the
country would help him. His
wife accompanied him.
E CKiuith, ono oftue leading gro-
ceryuien f Eugene, was In this place
on huxineM Monday. He Is agent for
the Military Itoad lands and was look
Inr after the interetttof the company
Dan Linton and Cieo A Dorris went
up the river Hading laat Monday
There Is no uw for any one elms to go
this season for they will catch them
all. They had Dan aloae to do the
Mr. B locum.
Tuurstou Items.
A Free Methodist camp iiiuctlnir will
at-Kin at this place ou July -nu.
Mr and Mm Filth, who have been
attending the camp inex-tlng near Ir
ving?, relumed lioiiio Mouday ovanlnif
may report Having had a very enjoy
aoio lime.
Mrs Andrew and daughter, of
Tl.urnton, have been vlaltlng relative
at Irving for the mt wuek.
Dr It F Huaaoll received a letter fiom
It F Howell Jr. dated at I'lineville
Juno lUlh, atatlng. that ho and hla
lirother-ln-law, (Irant lUiiililikn. had
reaehad their destination aafely.
Tho Thuroloii brana hand lift bee
oiiKagnd to play at Waltervllle, July
4tn. A uraiid time la anticipaieil
Itoiw Matliewd, of I'leanalit Hill, III
company with four other yotitiir irun
tleiiien, inatle a Hying trip to Thornton
lasiruuuay aiieruoon
I'haa Donaldson, Minn Iteim Vanuhaa
and HUH Maud Daily, of DavlH, at'
landed tba H. tj. eoaveution at I'nltv
laat aJunduy. About 200 deleiratea
were pruavni.
I.axt Sunday evauiuir aa Mr. (ieo,
Milan slid family were returalnir home
from Waltervltle, their home became
untiiauairt'ahlu and began kleklna
lurlouHly. Mr. Milan Jtiuicd out of
ma I'UL'iry huh uxaiMicu hla wire and
child to alight. Tlie home got away
ami ran about a mile before bulnir
eaiiKlil. I lie otiKKy wa coimitlwrubly
lilackberriea are reportod a short
crop. The strawberry season will
doubtless therefore, be extended,
and Omaha dealers think they can
handle a carload a day as long as
they can get the shipmonts.
The not increaso of receipts
at the postoflicos throughout the
country during tho year ending
March 31, was fl,74,J,J.W.
Una is shown in the annual read
juslment of presidential post
masters salaries made public on
the 19th. The changes take effect
July 1. I he total number of presi
denlial offices is 3401$. The salar
ies of 1057 are increased and 303 de
creased. The gross increase in tho
receipts was $1,894,05)2, and the
gross decrease 9154,135). Kight
states report a decrease, and practi
cally all of these are in the West.
Com ri.i m knta h v. Tho 1'ortlaad
Hun oorrxin(lent hit this to nay of
the new regenta of t dentate university:
"Mr Wurgla, of raudlutnn, the new
regent, made a moat pleasant and fav
orable Impn-Haloii during hi viait to
Eugene laat week. It la sincerely hoWil
thai he will reueat It. The uulveraltv
la Indeed fortunate in tha aeleetion of
twoaiich able men aa Mr. Friendly
and Mr. Bturgls to nerve ou Its board.1'
belly uuard, Juu 'J7.
l'.NAIII.TOtlK-r IHII..-H P Have
bound ovar lor the erlma ef Ineiat,
waa unable to get hall at Junction
City, and waa brought hereon laat
nlght'a overland tralu by lHputy Cou
ntable Klsoenger and cvuiuilited to the
county Jail.
Pally liu-id, Jun
Ilk-IMKTKD Wohhk. llrakeman lw
11 u If who was hurt in tho tralu wiaek
at Kloe Hill yeattrday, la niiul
wore tixlav. Hia aplno was wrenched
in the wreck.
Cjmttkm llAKK. V Handera waiila
all the chlttem hark m the oounly.
He will pny the hlghoat market prl.v.
Iteiueuiber this and briug your bark to
Read It. lie aure and read F E
Dunn's new ad. In today's (Ut a ki.
You will make money by so doing.
damaged, but the occupant only re
ceived aught injuries.
Dr. ItilNaell has linprovad the looks
or his realdonue eonxiderahly tiy add!
tions la tho shaiie of two bay wlmlows
porohea, largo kitchen, two eoata of
paint, etc. l no Doctor eolora uro
red, while and blue."
The Oregon 1'ress Aaeoclatlou.
The FvHsil Journal gives the follow
lug as a part of tha program:
Tho committee having In charge the
matter of arrangementa for the annual
meeting of tha Oregon I'reaa Annoela-
tlon, have returned from Newport,
where they succeeded In getting tho
beat iHnwlhlo teruia from hotela and
rallruada for tho editors and their fam
lllea who areexpe'tud to attend the an
nual meeting, which they have ael to
commence Saturday evening, Julv 20.
It la exiiectrd to organize Saturday
evening, aiicud iiutulav In religloua
oxetelMtt and la) ready for aueular buai
nesa Monday. Tho following la the
program for Sunday: 11 a. in., Herman
by Sve'y. To.ler from the text, "And
Jacob UiBwd ltaehel and lifted up hla
voice and wept." In which the aecr-
tary will give a lucid explanation of
jaooo a MTiormance, ami pr'enl ma
two theorlea, showing why Jacob wept
wneu caned uixin 10 pertonn wnat sir.
Toiler hlinwlf haa alwava connlderid
a pleasant duty. Hia tirat theory ia
that ltaehel, In her eagerneaa, mint
have bitten Ja-oh'a hp; hla aecoud,
that tho fair damsel had la-en eating
onlona. 7 p. m. ltehato, "IHm the
Itltile prohthlt the wearing of bloom
erV" Alllrmallve, t'haa. Mckel; Nag
atlve. Ira CampUll. Hrva. J. H. N
liell, and Ed. 'Ihorp, w ill ofiWIate aa
umpire and referee resmvtlvelv. At
intervals during the delude naered aoloa
will be aweotly sung lv l.eo l'etenon
and at tha close a silver collection will
be taken up by Alvah W. Patterson.
rEI.EItK.Tlo5lT FA I It MO IN I'.
Yiil be Oramlly
rrokldent of the dav. MraS F. Mo
Allater; Marahala l the dav, Mra
-Mary fclearnes, Mlsa (lussleChanmau.
MInn Levlnn Yeagei ; Chaplain, Mia.
Mark Hid Icy; Orator, Mra A E Evaua:
teatler, Catlierine C lggswell.
Miule by the band: Praver bv the
Chaplain; Nong by the children, "lied,
White and lllue;" Heading IHsluni
Ion of ItideiKindeuce; Music: Oration:
Song, "America," by the audience;
Music, HtH'itatlon, Toast a and re-
npnuaiw; Music; Hesitation by Miu
lla .Mummy; Song; Miscellaneous
SlRAVKl on Srol.KX. On larue
nil and w hite spotted milch cow. low
er aide of U ft are notched, lost use of
one ninu leal; wnen last aeen bad a
roive baud around the neck with awival
attached. A reasonable reward for
any Information leading to her recov
ery. 1 11411 1 re at thla ollUe.
Wll.1. 1'UidK AT H. All the Imsluce
houses, except the grocery ston-s. have
auneti an agitvmeni 10 eloae their r
secllve plaoca of buslnesa atSo'eloek
p. m. during the summer,
A J Johnson, sheriff, notified the
court that ho had apHlutcd tho fol
lowing persona deputy sheriU'a for
Lane county, Orogoii: w 11 1'arsons,
B pool II ltd to reuse July 1 18U5; A M
Huaiow and it 11 Dyoti until re
culled At this time the court considered
and allowed the following billaund the
clerk ordered to draw warrants ou tho
general fund iu payment thcrecf:
Grilllu Hardware Company, fer
- ry supplies $ 4 00
Duvld Potter, ferry supplies X t,0
W E Fisk, ferry work 1 W
Frank i't, ' 3 VI
J T Deadmond " 8 00
i; F Chapman, lumber for houie 19 iH
Gn road fund:
J H Martin, bridge work ou Mid
dle Fork of Willamette 6 C5
L Simons, roads, claimed t'J,
allowed 0 00
J J Jones, lumber claimed $--'.17,
allowed 11) 00
Elmiia Mill Co, lumber 12 00
John Addison, " lij 00
J II Whiteaker " 8 00
T Hlchardson, broken plow
points 1 80
J M Kerkhhire, repair road tools,
tl.OO; continued.
Jamea W Hust, blasting Low
rasa road, fltl.oO; coutiuued. 1
From general fund:
F L Chalmers, lulscellaueoua
hardware 39 00
E 8 Holhnger, fare of blind child
Salem to Cottage Grove 1 W
A 11 Chllaon, hauling gravol, II,
Hcraia-ra tH cents, wad for puu
per, o fl 20
I) H Hyiund, deputy asw-saor... 07 W
A E Wheeler, J 1' fees, Stale va
Matlock. Klucald and Kirk
burgh, claimed 1 13.11, allowed 10 30
D V S Held, witness fees State Va
Mutlock. Klueuld and Kirk
burgli, claimed f 1.70, allowed 1 CO
Henry Jones, witness fees Stats
vs Matlock, Klncuid and Kirk
burgh, claimed $1.70, allowed.. 1 CO
Walter Amis, wituesa fee State
va Mullock, Klncuid and Kirk
burgh, claimed f 1.70, allowed 1 CO
William Jones, witness fees State
vs Matlock, Klucuidaud Kirk
burgh, claimed 11.70. allowed 1 CO
John Jones, witness fees State va
Matlock, Klucald nod Klrk
burgh. claimed (1.70, allowed 1 CO
J C Hanan, witness fees State vs
Matlock, Klncuid and Klrk
burgh 'claimed 11.70, allowed ICO
C M Smith, juror, State vs Mat-
look. Klucald and Klrkhureh 1 00
II M Hellonlieck, Juror, State va '
.Mullock, Klncuid and Kirk
Tan Slioes
Lai ics Ox fords
It Will Pay-
Will Bo Closed Out
If you want hoes at your
own nncea now 1.4 the tune
to buy. They aro going fast
Exclusive Shoe Dealers,
1 00
1 00
W E llrown, Juror State va Mat
lock, Klncuid and Kirkburglt
C A Davis, Juror, State vs Mut-
iih-k, Kincahi and Kirkbuigii 1 uo
D M Drake, Juror Stale va Mul
lock, Klucald and Klrkhurgli 1 00
P J Mcl'herson, Juror Stale vs
Matlock. Klucald and Kirk-
burgh 1 00
John M Williams, deputy prose
cuting attorney, state vs Mat'
loek, Klueuld and Kirkburah 6 00
I T Kuwlund, deputy aherlll 2 CO
u 111 11 1 'arsons, (lemitv aherlll 0
Virgil Rowland, deputy sherirl.
claimed 110, allowed 8 75
Ihas iiustlu, transcript of
Held notes and surveyor gener
al or general certificate 7 75
ibglster, printing 4) 05
Ed Howe, nieais foriurv U 00
1, a m erlon, glass and glazing,
It. panes a L(l
ihomus llrown, repairing chairs 1! OU
A u Jluvvy, house relit for
pail iters 2 CO
I'. II Ingham, piuiist supplies.... 0 01)
'1 Campbell, rebate on slierlira
cert illcatea 011 tux sale 2-lti, l.V.13
on lota 1, 2, H.neo 7, tp 17,s, r 10
w. I.t.t
W 1 t amplH-ll.rehateon tax re
ceipt No 1'jy.-,, Murclt 2, 1SH4
on lota 13 and 14 s e tl, lot 2,
7. In 17 a. r3w 1
Truax A Truax, tools for ferry 1 75
a. r. v neeier, insure or the
tieacn. state v Ilariv Franco...
II J Day, uetiug constable, atatu
va Uurry truuee, cluiiiiedfti.40,
G II StuiiNbury, wituesa state va
Harry trance, claimed f 1.70
Virgil Ko win ml, wit nesa state va
Jlarry hrauce, clalinod 1.70
M Williams, deputy district
uttorney, state va tiarry Franco
M Williams, deputy district
attorney, state va Sam Dyna
mite, claimed f-VOO, allowed...
E Wheeler, Justice of the
peace, atato vsSaui Dvnamite..
A E Wheuler.l lustlce of the
Deace. atnta vs Lew U'ur.l ( 11 1
Til Linton, constable, state vs
i.ew urn vt ai
Enoa Mcl'licraon. coroner's In-
ipicst, witness, Norman Lewis,
claimed f 1.70; ullowed
Joseph Koch, coroner's Iuo.ucnI,
witness, Norman E. Lewis,
claimed fl.7; allowed
W 11 Hawley, deputy uec8sor,
'i days at I -'.50 per day CO 00
1'aul lladlay, deputy aasvaeor. IS
days at J.Cl) per day 45 00
W Wilson, deputy assessor, IS
days ut $2.C0 per day 32,50
J H Yates, deputy assessor. 01
days at f2.50 ht day 10 25
11 F Keeney, deputy assessor, 28
days at $2.50 per day 70 00
CJ Iodd, deputy uasessor. 35
days at f 2.50 per day 87 50
Geo W Kings, deputy assessor, 18
days at f2 50 per day 43 00
F Calliaou, deputy aascasor, 17J
days at 2.50 lair dav 4:t 75
ltlt Klucald, printing 13 IK)
Ell Hangs, teams for ceuiitv
I L Cumpla.'ll, printing
M I'olller
toad Kil ....
W E ltiowu. viewer, county
road 131, 2 days and 10 miles
0 04
0 55
4 CO
1 CO
1 CO
5 00
2 CO
2 SO
5 CO
7 40
1 CO
1 CO
county surveyor.
4 50
50 70
13 00
5 00
Dav dt Hendersoni Unriertakers am?
mbalmers. Cor Wil, and th sts.
Mideatlc Steel Kallc,
No. 8 Cix.k Stove
No. 8 Wash Holler
1 Glaas Lined Oil Can....
1 do. 0 it. milk pans....
I & ol. slew pan
I Hour sifter
1 wash basin
1 IHsh pan ,
1 10it. milk pail
1 12 ot. milk pail
I entice iat ,
1 tea H1
1 set kiiivca A forks
I large hread knlte
1 handled uiau'a axe.......
I long handled shovel
Wlif nalls-lluse
Gllddt-n Itarb Wire
It's An Ill-Wind that Blows Nobody Good
This Is an old saying, but a true one.
And never so true aa now. Where for
merly you had to pay $5.00 for a fine
quality, all wool child's suit, you can
now buy from us the same suit, with
extra pants, a cap to match and extra
buttons all for a single $2.50 to $5.00,
The Stuuley Combination tills Ja long
Tell wuut. Us a product or the times.
We have these complete outfits, ages 4
to 15 years, lu prices ranging from $2.G0
to to.uo per suit, uud they are the best
things for the money you ever saw.
For sale only by
1. Fk an k A Koxs,
Hot Medical Springs.
I'tiMirpasnil six) wonderfully efllcacloii
la Curing
Rheumatism, Skin Diseases, Liver and Kid
nej Complaints, Catarrh, Dropsy,
La orippe, rrivaie uiseases,
1, ttc.
Jtotarjd ;old, 5team, Electric
agd Srpouer Batr;$.
Free Pasture for Horses.
All kinds of iismc atsiuml. TIik rli,r" imn.
Willi salmon, luhilsiw ail Kix--klpl trout.
MilKH eaves hotels III Kllui-nn (or Hi.lknan
Kprtna. MoniUyn, Wislnewtaya ami Fridays In
Vou whtu in want of anyim"
iu the hue or
Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Perfumes, Toilet Articles,
Combs, Brushes, Syringes,
and Rubber Goods generally,
rii ril.l. -
V011 rsn save moiief ou family ami I"""
pri-arrli-iion. Our i oailllaa l'wa-rra
r llu-l-ai M i
alio, i cciila; lliree lor l.i'.
This 0
To (.'LfcAN ill) our Entire Line of
Novelty Suitings.
600 yards English Mixed Suiting
The Line is Limited,
Garden, and Ttfe therefore sttgg est your earliest at
Field Seed, . :n , at'
Gla3Bware, icuwuu u &wuo iu De
Crockery, qulCKlV ClOSea OUt.
Send for samples,
v?1" I bee wmow
:-GO TO-:
6. C. G9LLWTU & CI.
Highest marktt pric paleJ for
ceuntry roduce.
.BsasMa a 1 a 1 a
Joeiry, sptUIAL oALt UN dHUtS.I
SWj anJ Silver-plated Win. T -
Good Heavy Tap Solo Plow Shoo, $1.23.
Ladies' Pat Tip Shoe : 1.25.
Heavy Shoe for Ladies 1.15.
Misses Shoes 85c, (J0c, $1.00, 1.25.
Iiaby Shoes 2.5c, 3.5c, 40c, 50c.
Men's Veal Calf Shoes 1.50.
Men's Kang, tap solo (best on earth) 1.25.
A Shoe that will wear 1 year(good calf) 2.00.
All Departments Reduced to Clear Stoc
ror ran.
ftaTWatch Impairing a r?idalty.-T&l
Hot jyiedieal Springs.
Wonderful Cure of Most All Kinds of Dis
eases Pertaining to the Hunan Bod).
All kinds ol hatha
Only $1 Per Week,
and Kit EK homes on tho grouuda to camp Iu.
Slop only one nltilit on the mad, at Lowoll.
Ai'coiuiiiouauons luruianru uj
-A. D. Hyland
Hotel nvar the Sprliitia, and
Free Hack
mil to the Springs Night and Morning.
Snmiliea ol all kinds will ho furnished br the
MUKe unver.
C(irn'iini(li'iU'L' will receive prompt atten
uon. AUureas,
G. M.
Lowell, Oregon.
Full value for your money, we can lie relied and depend, l
11 mii every time. We cluliu tottt-llyou nt our 'slitb-libliiiient
The Very Best Goods
At tlie Lowest Prices,-
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ol tlie word.
Dry Goods. Clothino. Hats and Cans. Boots ni i!):t:
th- moriiliiv, maklnii the spnngn In one da
viveiironipt attention.
CorreaiHiuduneo will ree
Aimreaa, A. I
Itilkuap Hprlngs,
l-ane t o., Uregon.
t)K)) WllKAT. IWll Mulkev
lirotiaht Into town from big fiirin be
low Irving a few duya iiHH a biinrh of
White Wlvttt wlnlor wheat which
meiiaurea U fevt hiuI 8 Inehea In heliMit.
HihhI wheat, uud atill growing.
CllllTKM Il.vitK. W Sanders want
all the chitloni hark In the eountv.
He will pay tlio hiuhteHt market price.
Keniember thU and bring your hark to
'.M.'i and 217 Darts St., cor. Commercial,
San Francisco, Cal.
We y the highest market price (or
Wheat, Barley, Oats, Potatoes,
Apples, Poultry, Hides, Wool,
la called to our large and eompleto line ol
ol all the latest pattern!.
We are also prepared to take your measure for a suit madel
order. A perfect fit guaranteed.
It will par Ton to write us and keen rmnted.
Liberal advauees made ou consignments.
Mpmhpr' jSHI fanelx'o Produce Fn-lmnge.
' (.-an rraucisco rruii uxenange.
II T"W want to plant fruit trees this fall, you
can save 114 per ceut. on your order by purchas
ing inini inu
Willamette Valley Nursery Co.,
Stage Line to Kitson Springs.
We will commence running a Blase
Hue to these celebrated uprlugs from,
June lOth. The stage will leave Hotel
Ktigene on Monday and Thursdays at
6 o'eloek a. m., returnine; the follow
ing Wednesdays and Saturday at 6 p. in
Every attention will be clventothe
comfort of pause n go rn.
Round-Trip Tickets, $7.
Clark & Blackburn
B. 1). Norton,
Coin mere lal
oitice In Harris' Block,
and Probate Buslnesa a 8peo-
a, J f iTTi I'fl
r ATi w w rrr m
U a 10. row a case it ivii l not cur 1
S A Y L ) A V S X I H Norton & KinSey,
s I must raise a certain amount of Cash within a limits!
tune, I will for the purpose of raising this monev,
oner my entire stock ot merchandise .consistingof
Dress Goods, Boots and Shoes,
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m i tt-i; t- i "
Aruujvs, v tuises, j-iaaies
and Gents' Underwear,
r ik ....
in tact every article in my store at Cost for Cash for GO
ilavs. rotntiiMi(MnT S A IiIJI) Y TlTvp o.)
. 4p SgTPenble IatbHto anrt Krinm Toirm.
l aro some of the many bargains in store for vou: i&iSF&lU'u'
pom or Menneraon v I. Inn.
liririll KIVPIl mil ni win,i A( an
eieeutiou duly Unifd out l the Circuit t ourt
ot the Mate ol on-aou lor the count; of Laneou
tha .'tthdaT of June, IWi, on a iiiiluuieiit ian
dered t said Court on the loin day of June,
dollars, with lnure.t thei-ou from the
aid loirs day ol June. 1WI.S. at the
eeui r annum, and sixty.rlTe
";'""' J' n the further
5 n . e. R 1 nd t,,'ll hundtwlths
i h..i... , : , V.'"'.' -ia
i..,, .7 u ..' "ainun ana it j uy and
Julia May, his wife, were defendant., and
i.T ,; '" leuuaiii. ii j ;iay ami Julia Hay,
nis wife, and nn a iiup.u. ..t r.....i
-- ... ...,T-viiFnrv an,
urueroiaaie rendered In said suit, oimmsnd.
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cost, and aivrohiB v i, u, .l the loll, .wins
dewrllx-d re, piuperiT. tru tt r L.,1 N j i..
hllM-lr V.b la. L . I. I...- ... . . ' -
...,.-,ua. atuutioil in Kit...
arethao'lniJanJ only 1 . ' ".
liahlaop-. on tie mark 4 "
avuL Uenuine sold ouli It'
OHBCRN A DKI.ANO 1) ntl ,Ml "
agauu, Euiieue, tireK u.
!W in. All Wool Sorire, SO, r'f price Otic
Htl In. all wool (.'HHhmere. 87e. " 6.c
8S III. all wool assorted, 6tc, " Sic
Stl lu. all wool iiIiiIiIm, 36 and
otV', ri'g price fii) and S5c
30 In. Scotch Suiting, 2Sc, reg price 45c
30 iu. mixed Caahmere, 19c, " 27c
84 iu. novelty euitimr, ISc " ic
34 In. gtay mixed, lc, " 125c
Si.lcn.iM e." ' " . ';,
lgn,lncl.a, l' f 1 . 1,...
.MiwK-lal or K'ii. ' vi-
iiiAtifliu, (ot. ;.i-.t J i A'
tfli.. All. ei:i- '" j ,
oni olnr i". '
THE 3WLD ClUWS'-l.'i
Bold by alt DniKituu.
t. 1
H!3 V. PE1
as a
gents, Eugene Oregon.
.. . Si" 1
'''' vft
These gooda will be aold IlpQirillcss of I'ost.
shoe iJsi-A.itTivi3aiar,x.
I.adica Heavy Slu-. ..
tnr f 1.50 1iiii, put. t,,'.
Our 1 7"i Kid, put tip..
Our 2 . Ml Kid, tutt tip..
Our 8.00 Kid, pat tip...
Our S.50 Kid, pat tip..
Our 2.50 Tan lilucher...
for ,
,f .1C
.. 1.1-5
. 1.35
. l.M
. l.3
. 2.fij
. I. 'JO
Miia' B rowans
Our (1.50 heavy ahae
Our 1.5o button, ciingTvax, bala.'.
Our 1.75 calf, congrvaa,
Our 3.00 calf, cmiKreas, Ula
Our 3.50 Una coii(rr, bala...
Our 2.50 Uu rusa calf.
. 1.15
. 1.15
. 1.4-5
. 2.35
. 2.0.1
. 1.(35
tt8.B.H'S::'2 r-: "i i
ia anltl under p,..n,io n
authnrii'-d kcciiIk ',
Lorn of Hrain ami N.-n
Qiiirkniwas NiKht l.i '
( on till en re: Nerr, 'i.u v -l
Loaaof Powerof t'l 't:V e:
sot. eaunod liyosrir-eri'r""
KioeasiTe Vtf vt lolv,-,'
and ltnatl-. ItT ir i:. ? l a 1
r.tfan n inmtfK.t,
tlTsr fills cure Hl.k ."""'h fvri,i
ConaUpation. OUAU..M -
Osburn .1 DeUno.
, utl.Wj
vmirr.TO iHtDii--
Notice ia h-rel'y ni-o ,1'',liJ
llHllpv naa neen uini i
lao will not allow ma M nuotn further nrleea. Hri.rx- x-.
tl.ns, Outing Flannel. Clif.Mualiu, tiingham, and in factiv.rj arUcle iu niy
tore will bv sold al eoeU
e, i
Griffin Hardware Co. I A. V. PETERS.
,e eiMiniy, state ol , r,'
i win oner lir n e ,1 r..l
auetlo,! for e-h at - he ourt huw d'lor I i l- n
artie. I.ane eonni rv...... v, V'.J :
day of July I.., belwe.-n the hour of s WcUick
a m and 4 o'clock n mi.. ,, .. .. i "K
bldd.. ' ""faiei
Slieriffol Lane County, Oregon.
. r .I.J ..i.i., f J. Im HhiU
tin huh 1 bifiuw rlaitna au ' 1 '"' ,r i
-irl-hb) i.iin.d l I'"-''' 1t0 1 p
.i . ,i nft.ea of " .i:
P M' null B v .11 Bu
theft f .re ria in r'.eBi ne, Oregon. ,tsTl
from the date ol Ihia doiu"-'
aa-y voachen .
Ca ad May 2otb, 1o3j. g up,
Euzabiti i(iltrtf.
Qio. P.- Domau,
Ally for citala.