The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, December 16, 1893, Image 6

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    The poliou uulliucilr .iu I'ittn
bnrg have declared '6f.'ainst foot
ball unJtr ths pruacnt rule,, and
ssr that in future no sucli brutal
and degrading exhibitions will tx-
rmittel there. It is also stah-d
that the authorities in other i-i li-
will take similar action. Thin
will 1 quite a set-back to the
growing H)ii!arity of thi game.
We are told that the exhaustion
of the bank reserve in New York
was due to dem-x-ratic licy, and
now we are told that the surplus of
accumulation of cash in the Iwink
vault! of that city is another proof j
that the democrats are ruining the i
country. It would be a curious ;
event which would not convince a
republican that democratic rule
meant destruction.
Farmers will heave tar ny a high
for moro gravel on the road le
twecn this and spring as they slow
ly trudge their way to town.
K very man who travels the road
could well afford to spend a week
every fall hauling gravel with a
team to put on the road. It
would 1 a big saving iu the wear
and Uar of vehicles and team to
say nothing about the satinfaction
of riding over a good road when the
weather is bad.
Portland .Sunday Welcome: Ore
gon wool is worth alxiut 7 cents
now. Within a year it will sell at
1-1 cents. Mi fore Cleveland pucks
bis grip it will very likely reach
the -0 cent notch. And this be
cause of the new tariff. We'll im
ort wool now, that, mixed with
Oregon product, will make valua
ble fabrics. Valuable fabrics will
sell readily at good prices. The
Oregon wool grower ought to le
h'x: The fact that Oregon, ap
propriating only ftiO.OOO fur nu
exhibit at Chicago, took so many
medals, is truly surprising to a
California!), says the California
Fruit (! rower, bvt the fact that
there was anything left from an
appropriation, is a. thing that be
c.n not jMn-sibly understand. The
story is accepted on authority,
however, as is that of Jonah and
the w hale. There are a good many
other things alsjut Oregon beyond
the comprehension of our ncighbora
on tho south, as a refill t of which
they always sadly misrepresent'
our stato to strangers. Tho Fruit
ti rower concludes that: "Those
old fashion ieople up in Oregon,
with their cranky governor, are,
ufler all, a happy lot and may well
be envied."
Excluding Alaska th United
States may be said to lw non-volcanic,
states Mr. Ralph S. Tarr,
but it has not been so long. A
chain of volcano extends from
southern South America into
Mexico, then there is a large break,
and the interrupted chain begins
again in Alaska, curves southward,
and joins the chain of Jaan. The
intermediate non-volcanic area has
just emerged from an era of stujH'n
dous activity. Future resumption
of such activity is not improbable,
for in tho West are volcanos so re
cent as, like Mt. Shasta, to retain
their conical form, and some of
these perhaps are no inure dormant
that was Vesuvius before tin fatal
year 7'J, when it buried Pompeii
and Herculaneum beneath the most
terribe storm of stones and ashes
ever known to man
In the
non of the Colorado, in the desert '
of Nevada aud Utah, and in New
Mexico, exist small lava tlows tbat'00""1 h
must have been erupted in very re-
cent years, prolably since the w hite ;
man s uucovery of the contiuenL
These mviu to record the death ,
.1 . .i . i .
wirtus oi uic country s laien vol- ;
canic giants
Wi "
li.e eruptions nave
t-laved a Part in bringing up Mores I
of metals, and the richest n,i
are found in the volcanic districts j
of TerUary times.
AxAlmaxy Mam lM.llTEl.-S
unlay s Altamy IVniorrwt: I pon Im-
tnnatlin that an ludictnient had ta-vn
fnuud agnlust him by the I". S, graud
& J. L. Cowan went to Portlaiid !
mis uioriuniT u givcw.ims.-ii w, i, uie
U. Kttiar-d. The Oregonian say.
four Itidirtmeiit were found and not
maue until arrest were c.a-U,
three for smuggling and one for em-
bexilcmtnt. :
iA Lady KtEimbtrtd lie Jim Who ,
lVf j lltf Lllf.
His OaMffclsr Sto.ouo
i',.,,.',.,,, ii i, it u.....
three year. . Mr. Itu-ell Hill, of
New Orleans, hut well known In Ken
tucky, wan in Philadelphia and while
walking along Market street. In that
I city, saw an old lady reel aa If about to
full at Ninth street. Mr. Hill ran for-
' Utahf Mllil f'fallL'lif thaw alniwm at ii. I
t..k her to a store, w here sh. wa. placid
In a carriage and subsequently take.i
" er nome. rnmi ner plain unn
ainl unaffected way Mr. Hill supposed
the lady was In moderate circum
stance. Hu heard from the lady eev
rrnl time, aud she persuaded liini to
let her adopt his motherless little
daughter, Maude, w ho la a niece of the
I..-. ir xi ..t t ..
late General John H. Morgan, of Lex
Ington, Ky.
Imagine the surprise of Mr. Hill,
while Iu Philadelphia hut week, to
Karn that the lady had left hi little
daughter U V "10. The Rood hearted
lady who never forgot her protretor
waa Mr. C. M. Xhallcnaat. Mr. Hill
i a nephew of the late A. I'. Hill, w ho
wa a well-known officer In the Con
federacy. Mr. Itilsaell Hill la quite
well know n In Kentucky, where he has
relative who will be pleased to learn
of the good l n tune of lila little daugh
ter. Maicnt Its grrs.
ItlllMI.NflllAM, Ala., Dee. II. Fell!
Drew, a half-breed, claiming to be an
Indian chief and the bead of a jiowcr
ful tribe In Indiuii territory, has just
buncoed the negrta-a of ItirmltiKhain
out of aeveral thouaand dollars and
kled. He apearel here about a
week aro. Ilia ft rut move waa to make
liltnm-lf solid with the negro preachers,
and they aiiuouncil that he would
lecture at eertaln churches on the sub
Jcct of colonizing the iiegmea. In his
lecturva he aaid his Indian tribe had
held a big pow-wow, aud as the reault
neiit 111 in to Alal-ama to Induce the
down-trodden and opprvaaed blacks to
go to the territory and become part of
hl tribe. He aald the hind were the
riehevt in the world and gold could be
had in plenty. He was going to run
an excursion train from llirmiiigham
to the territory, and the only coot
would le t r 1 1 road fare which he said
would have to be paid In advance. He '
promlm-d to iiie-l the emigrant at the
deMit on a certain night. Many tie
gnwa nold their furniture to get money
to give to him. After collecting thou
ntid of dollar thU tiiilirn Mim
ii hla tent and stole quietly away. The !
authorities are looking for him, and If ,
the negroes w ho were buncoed could !
lay hand on him It would not be'
healthy for him. j
SH.W.IA, Mo., Dec. 11. I III ted I
MarMhal Dave Adams, arrived here
this forenoon from Muscogee, I. T.,
with four prlsoueni sentenced to con
nnemeiit in the Columbus, U., peiil
telitlar)'. Marahal Adams had Ave
prlMiiiers when he started, but one of
them, John Jennings, convicted of In
troducing liquor Into the Territory,
made a bold aud auccviwful break for 1
IlUrty near llockvllle, south of this 1
city. Jennings, securely ahaekled,
waa permitted to go to a cloaet and
w hile the train waa running at the
rate of. 'to miles an hour be jumped
head Aral through the window and
eM-njied. The train waa atopped and
IVputy It Lindsay waa left behind to
hunt for the prisoner. Jennlna'
shackles were found this afternoon a
mile from the railroad, and the aeareh
for him was given up. Marshal
Adams left with his remaining prison
ers for the East to-night.
Dm Moi, Io., Dec, 11. After
IliahV ffiif-ilithai tt mMi rr I r i ilLirimw 1
Kdward Long baa located the heir to ' . tmparative tables show how acre, of laud In Lyous county, j "nally the aw permitting deduo
worth liO,0OX 111 name Is Arthur 1 J 10" of indebtedness has failed to
(1. Wheeler, and he was found In I
Scattle, Wash. In is:, when Whevler
w as 7 years old, an uncle, Frederick P,
Ca-jJattleofNew York,ded him theof 0!' 'hecouoties shall have been
laud a a gift
It was
,k i i.-
swamp land at
tiled up aince'lt i. found I
s . a t ti .i..... LI.. I '
..P.mril vnlin w,w.. ,. i
dled ...d he bw-wme a wanderer. IW-'
t tives tried to find him but were un-"
' .uc.fuL The Und. In the mean-1
ueeeful. The laud, In the mean
titli kk u atil.l fur 1.1m mil iLntHim.
. -" '"v
t-ervd by tbetax deU, held by Ifcnlel
- ; .
,IU,WB'W' -,w orx. but w heeler, '
who is .1 years old, will have a hand-
redemption. :
t s.n. w.i. a.......... ,
Walla Walla, Dec At a
meeting of the directors of the Walla
U Saving Unk this eveulug It was
derid - il to go Into liiiuldatioa and the
doora will not be t-ued Monday
morning. Applications will be made
Mimivi - r. i ne paia up eapiuu l
Ilirt.nai. Preaideut Llmltn atatea
that all drpUoni w ill be paid In full
The emlrntsment 1 due to the gro-Q
end stringency in the ruouty market,
and the low irlcof wheat. O I
If the state and federal grand
uric at Portland keep up their
' work the re will be few citizens of
j the metropolis not under Indict-
juug- iiiingcr proposes 10 iry
11,0 wbiua and Chinese indicted lor
i i . it if . .
smuggling into this coun
try in a baU'h. It will he a mixed
uti crowd.
i lie new jiroow comci is lion in-
j ,bl int morning iky due east
and about twentr drums above
the horizon at 5 a. tn. in the cou
stelialion Coma llerenices.
Out of tho horrible jumble o( Ha
waiian affairs comes one clear note
intelligible to the feminine soul.
Liliuokalani has sent to San Fran
cisco for a coronation robs.
The gold bugs who were going to
llood this country with gold after
the repeal of the purchase clause
of the Sherman act cannot be found.
They are wanted to explain why
gold, instead of being luijiortvd, is
! ? ,,..,.,
The reported change in the run
ning time of the California over
land trains would bo a welcome
l Eugens. At present trains
arrive at very unseasonable noun.
It is almost eoual to staying up all
night to catch either train.
Search lights in action may not
be all that is claimed for them
When the rebel warships ran the
blockade of the forts at Kio Ja
neiro a broadside or two so euvel
oped the ships in smoke that th
search lights could not penetrate
A tariff reform bill will be
passed by this congress. While it
may not be all that could be de
sired the tariff for revenue policy
will be adhered to 111 the main.
Large reductions will be made in
the McKinley prohibitory law.
It is not olten that white men
and Chinamen are leagued together
but in the oiMirations of the Port
land smuggling ring no attention
was paid to nationalities. The
white men did the initial work
and Chinamen secured the opium
and their fellow countrymen.
With good roads the farmer
could keep the source of supply
generally even, preventing those
fluctuations in the quantity on
hand which retailers aro so prompt
to make tho excuse for an advance
of price. Without them, however,
hi nllowa lil.inv nt ina i.wvl tirrv.
ducta to rot in hi cellar or .lore
house while city customers must
pay higher and walk further for
the reduced quantity they re
ceive. I?razl1 is tl11 'P in 11,8 thro08
of 0 revolution. One peculiarity
boul tlie fc!out" American con
,luts fhat il is BO ,,arJ to u11
which is the government and
wnicu is me reoeis. 11 me nation
is so unlortunato as to possess a
navv, the vessels are sure to take
sides "against the government."
Those semi-civilized cole down
there are only subduing the wilder
ness for a race of aensible citizens
who can settle their internal dis
putes without cutting each other's
throats every few weeks.
The Oregonian is aware that the
coal mining of the United States is,
in the main, done by a class of for
eign laborers compared with whom
tho Chinamen are upright Chi Li
lian gentlemen, scholars and
philanthropists. Yet that paper
hypocritically bewails the great
wrong that would be done the la
boring men by admitting coal free
of duty. The coal miners of Penn
sylvania, according to tho best au
thorities, are little better than cat
tle, and their millionaire owners,
whom alone protection of coal bene
fits, treat them worse than brutes.
Protection of American labor, for
sooth! "" 10 "mount 01 vaxa-
1-"? n the ' State, says the
; Corvallis Times, When the rolls
T 1 " wf" Posoit ue snown
mat, in spite of the fact that a
larKe n"nt of proirty has been
il."WT5nj llflLT. lUB WiAi VXX&UIC
property of the state has been di
"V"'' rather th"n i00""!-
-i't. i . i i i- -
,c ' "rsu?,rni VJ
vx-at for the repeal ol ti e law-
was mat it would increase me total
..l.w.n .n.t t. .
.ndin .I.H.r. diminish ih f
'"" " .
levy. It has failed to
,..-'". A -',.Z
,,' " , ; 'nd The
1 !-
j.,, rflW.t no smaller
than usual. The rtsult will le
moet disastrous to those, and there
are manv of them, who have Utt,
assess! not onlr on what thev
own but upun what they owed, I
and when they are roiu-Ilcd to
wu u i w llw Cuunur in taxed-;.,."
l. - cting time and par, as they will .
have to io many cas-s, double tb;
mount of Uxes they ought to pay,
the true luwardncs-s of this un-
rduees of this un-
rill com to lhen. 1
ru'leoiis law will come to iheui.
Cottage tirove Iiewt. j
Tiu-a, Ihx: V.
lU va. E. Glttlns. J. V. T.u)pli tu ,
aud J. 1 Taylor, in eonneclioii with,
rariieal elirlnilun people, have in-n do- I
lug a wondertul ana iihi auetva-iui
work at the M. H church in thia city
for aeveral wreka.
At a regular convention of Juretitas
lodge, No. n, K. of I'., the following
nmcriB W-rs elecU-d: A. O. Ymger, V,
V.; J. H. Medley, V. C; W. P. Uxk
woial, P.; J. K. llam tt, M. of W.; 11.
I.ureh, M. of K.; A. I). Llueolu, M. of
K; J. A. Jk iia.-, K of K. and H.
H. etrie, !.; Oeo. Wall, tru.tee.
T. A. Marna left for his home at t
White HaJmon. Waali.. Tucadav. lie
will rvturn In a abort time to thiaeltv.
aceoiu pooled by his family and hi
brotlierln-law and rainliv. .-ir. .-iurn
ha purchaaed SOacnv of laud from J.
11. McFarland on the edge of town and
will g Into the fruit tree nursery b'lui-
Ilea. This a splendid location iir t!i;d
A.W.Millard and Ira Millard, Jr.,
of New London. Vicouiu. have left!
for their homes. They and 11. V.
lirigga, aeoonipauiuJ with their fain
lllea, expect to return to this city In
February. Theae gentlemen were
here to Invest largely in timber land
and took a good look over the timber
laud districts or Oregon. I ney aay
that the timber eaat of Cottage Urove
is not only aiiierior to auy that they
have seen since they came to the cont
but la far more valuable than auy tim
ber they have ever seen.
Prebat Matters.
Uuardianahlp of A. J. Keeiiey; II. r.
Kueuey, guardian, files annual state-
mant. Aboroved.
.........ii' u M. inr 1 w itmil
Latate of . H. McCIure, J. . lwnu
and A. C. Jennings, executors, flits
semi-annual statement. Approved. nearly H) feet t prc rve tiieir waier
Estate of M.ans D. lUldwlo; Mrs. Kiwer. The next lew days will deter
Suran A. Baldwin apHnted admlnla- mine the gu.-atin.
tratrix, with bonds of fiOO; sureties, H.
It. Williams and I). D. Paine. Value
of eatate, IJW.
Will of Wru. McConuvlI admitted to
probate; Mrs. Maria McCounell ap
pointed administratrix, without bonds.
The will bequeaths to each of his sons
and daughters the sum of to, and all
the realdus to his wife, Maria McCou-
Katate of W. K. Jolnes; 11. J. Jollies
appointed admlniatrator with bond of
(1400, sureties, J. II. McClung and T.
D. Mnton. C. W. Young, M. II. liar-
low Jr. and K. Terpcnlng appointed ap-
prainers. Probable value of eatute,
Moke Ixjunctiox Siits. Salem
Stateaiuan: The pajK'rs have already
been drawn and will prolwbly be
nerved in a few day seeking to enjoin
the location of the proMod aoldierx'
home at Itoacburg, and the branch in
sane asylum In Eastern Oregon. They
were placed In the hands of James Mc
Cain, district attorney on Thursday af
ternoon and on Friday the bond In the
caae was being made out. The com
plaint waa blank up to Friday even
ing, but it wa the purpime to inwrl
the name of a rather prominent tSulem
mau aa the complainant. Thce few
minor details arranged, the matter I
ready to go In-fore the court, provid
ing the parties taking the Inltlatl ve l
not change their minds.
Hills ISTKOprcED. Coiigrwwinan
Hermann has Introduced a bill iu con
gress providing for the continuing ol
improvements at the mouth of the Si-
uslaw rlvei and appropriating the sum
of 1100,010 therefor. Also for Improv-
lug general navigation of the Wlllam-
ette river between Portland and F.u
gene, removing the bars at Itoea laland
... ., . ,
and Clackamas rapid, below Oregon
City; scraping the bars, proUetinp
bauka and avoiding the breaks at In
dependence, Salem, Albany, Corvallis.
Harrisburg and Eugene and Interme
diate point. $100,000 is aked.
Gladys Miller Again. Union
Scout: I. XV. Miller, of SunimervUle.
whose daughter, little Gladys Miller,
dlaappeared fiom his bnme nearly two
years ago, has been called to Ohio.
where a child reaembling his long-loat
daughter has been detained by the au
thorities pending Mr. Miller's arrival.
Tlie child Is In poanewloii of a tmnd ol
gypsies who can glee no satisfactory
Ki.lan.tlon of h..r t.r.-...v. ltK
them. A photograph taken there and
forwarded here has been Identified as
little Gladys, not only by Mr.
but many neighbors aa well.
SKXLKTOJC Fol'XD. A skeleton,
supposed to be the bones of an Indian
w hose soul has long since been rev
eling In the happy hunting grouuds,
waa rouuu on job aiycrs place near
the State University last Saturday.
Th changing of the rlrer channel
caused by the last storm had washed
the Unk away until the skelton wat
revealed soms dlsUnce beneath the
sunaoe. inesauuanu oilier iK.rtion
were saved in good condition and pre-
SSBted to Prof. Thomas Coudou.
A CoRKaXTlo.x. Sunday's Orgii-
Ian: Ths report of the IndictmeDt
against C E. Lockwood, publisheil in
yeaUrday's Oregonian, was incorrei-L
Mr. Lockwood was Lot Indict foi
perjury, nor for representing hlmsell
as T. C. Alcock as was stated, but foi
aiding aud aaalstiog and acting as at
trney In ths precutlon of a claim
agalnattheroverninentwhlW Lehel.l
ths p.itlon of assistant United eS:ai
7 uregi.n.
A the lioll.taya draw ut-an-r to u-
the thoroughly live busineaa mau u
printer's Ink pleunfully in telling tL
'nimth lsmlmlKi.nii.ri..
printer's Ink pleunfully in telling tL
peopl. tbs bwrgmln h i ollernif.
A Krinarkalde lleoerjf.
Ail-any H.-iald: KraU r Walliuv, a
other of T. I.. Will luce of this city,
OMitly S-:el a l' e of hop Inlid of
te old on lliu ftalitiaiu
illoni arvell miles eat uf AlUauy.
he land grew hop a w all that lie
included to purrhai a small tract la
,at vicinity, and found what he
nought would suit him loan adjoin
,g pietv, but after diligent avarch
ould find no owiivr. He la-gmi
mrehing the rt-eoriU and found that
' w a government laud, and contain
1 4- acr-a of the richest land hi the
i alilimil lottom. He loaf 110 time in
-olng to Oregon Uiy and tiled a home-
' ieal iixu 11. 1 hi- mini m wunii r-
; iai t -"'.
It mvtut remarkable that the laud
1 1011 Id have lain vacant long, ea"e-
ally a It l bt tweeu and adjoining
wo of Hie oldeot farm iu Linu county
' e Il. fnrm 0.1 it.e we-t hav-
' ""leu U'" m i
Mr. Wallace ha built a house upon
it and eonoider hiuiiH-lf luekv In ob
taining a tine Utile farm free of cost.
Mill Wattling.
I'allj Guard, Pre a.
The land ow ned by Joseph Myers
near the mill dam still continue to
Atit-U budly, riotw itliotaudlng the river
U only at a inedium btuge. Yeatenlav
it wa cut otfat leait a iliHtance of tn
teen fiit, and the bunk la ing nearly
puremiKlit I still crumbling away
every hour. It now aeema quite prob-
able that it w ill until lliu waxer
ho.,ve the dam Is tai.atl, aa it only
has to eat away ulut M-veuty-tlve
feet to thu damage the water iKiwer
wiiel by Minars. hdrls 4 Hon badly.
. f. , . . . r
cV,Ul.4.itlie gentlemen to build a flume
Krai Kitste
Htate of Oregon to Ida L Davidson,
PW acres In t l-"s, r H w; fli.
J W (ircuii to K C Smith, lot 0,
block 3J, F A IPs addition, aud lots 1
md 2, bla k U), F 4 It's part of Flor-
ence; fT". K.
Oeo. M. Miller to Sara Kichmond
and Eflle May Forgy, lot 1, block -;
A Nkw Fimh Hatch KRY.(eorge
!Iot!'inaii A Co. have been aw arded tlie
contract for erecting a state HMi hatch
ry on Kiion hn ereek, in Ijiiie county,
or which tJs wa uppnipria'ed by
:he la.t lt k'illure. Tlie MX bid for
'he work were peiiel Wednewlay at
he olllii of Male ( iame and Fili Prx'
wtor MctSuire, and were as lollows:
I. J. lluttertleld, rl-Vi; t haplllllll Jt
;avi, HV.;; John tullmrt, tWS;
teorge llolt'inau A Co., J1.")T"; II. C.
durtiil, H'.'-l; lieorge O. Know lea,
17To. llolt'inau A Comptiny's bid
.vas the lowest. The work will le
'oiiiuicticetl at otiiv and llnNlieil in
kiuple time to have the hatchery In
ration next hiu-on.
Dikh. Z. W. Hhields, a fanner, who
lioit been collllneil to his l-d ullllost a
year with coniiumptloii, died Satur
day at Cottage drove. The tervlcea
were held by IU-v. J. H. tliarp at the
Chrixtiuu church at 11 o'clock Sunday.
The reinains wele then tukeli to the
Shield cemetery Mid luid to rest. Mr.
Shields wa about 40 years of age, and
well liked by all w ho knew him and
leave a wife and live children.
. ,. ... v.CorvHlli.Tl,,.. r:-.,
Waggoner, Dr. Lee, N. 11. Avery,
Tliomua Samuebt and about thirty
other who haarded 110 each on the
exiieriiueut of boring forgiutonthe
fur'IU jlin Wyail weal of tow n
more than a year ago and got no gas,
are "penitent mid plucked." The last
court gave the gtu digger a Judgment
agaluat them aud thi week they are
called Uihiii to aqtiurc up fur their ex
Tience. To IiKM'iVE THE TlMIIKR. As Will
be aeeu by the proceedings of the
(.'ommiaMoucra' court. C'ouuty Judge
Fi.-k ho been ailthoriel to aell the
timber Jut eaut of the Eugene bridge,
the sume to be removed, tjulu a
nuiuU r are of the opinion that such
action w ill Um llt the bridge, while
other are of u;-t the oppooite way ot
Makhikd. In Portland, Oregon,
UwinlaT 1. 11.1, by Jutice of the
l'ea.-c McIK vltt. Mi Mala-I C. Fuller
nf Kugciie, Oreg to Mr. E. Wald
toufcl. of San Francisco. Cal.
Skattle, Ik-c. 0. The rirat Na
tional lnk of Port Angeles, is ta re
open on Monday, uuder instructions
from Ihe eiinpt roller of the currency;
ramitors on opening aud Ave per cent
nve per cent 1 to be paUl to the rte-
every miriy uav lliervarter.
la u'iuraip.
lnsEi Idaho, Dec 9.-Informatla
was filed today agaiu.t county om-
nilwioiieni Wm. Jauman, II. J. Wll-
terding W1d J. A. K.l, charging them
witb the eollection of ilk-gal fees and
king f, dUmial from office.
Hat ihr Traaap
Bt kli.ito.v. Io., la-c. 7. At Eau
Ulaire, WU.,a negro tramp crawUd In-
to cr of lumU-r bound for this ciLy
nJ ,ay Jo u on u'l u( tl" l'11- le
asleep and the lumber being wet,
'ellwl up, crushing him agaiu-t the
roof of the car. W hen the car arrived
o'""rp ,,la.T 'he tlead body was touud.
'" Ie Oregon "Bprirf"
1,Ir1 nU hve l'vn l'H -'u
.'ederate bills f..r -,itl simi n,
and have su.xwl.d In vicll.iiixing
sn people. As the Coiife-lrrae bil's
are ueiiuiue I h re U uo law thai will
remi-h the party w ho la gui.ty of )ats-
Q., them.
remi-h the prtr w Uo la aruhtv of tats-
t . . i
O.lly liljt.. ,,
Kola NcUU In the eity t,.
Prof. Ib id wn in Ainv
A. C. Woodcock
''"'lay i,
C. C. Cherry of Tacoma, V.h u
In Eugene. ' "
Its?. John Paraona ieturn.j ,
u- to
saiviu mi tuorulug.
Marion IWk wiut to Murluu
on the ltaal thi luoriilng.
O. W. Wright, an Albany
was In Eugene yesterday.
Deputy Hheritt Day rvtun, too
on last night'a overland train,
Wm. Mayer and wife are -xset4
home from the East ill a uort iiiJie.
Sam Veatch Is now ruimlug ua tbt
freight betwtvn Junction f,ty U(j
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Miller arrM
home from a visit In Llun county
Dr. J. C. Gray returned from ft.
eui Saturday night He caiu, tU
Yapulua I lay.
Cyrus Watklns is confined to bU
room with sickness. H thinhg U U
taking the measlm.
O. W. Davis, of Saletii. el. rk of tb
board of m'Ikmi! lnnd eoiiitiiis-lriotra,
sjent Sunday In this city.
Ilev. W. A. Ferrier, o( SeauU
preached at the Congregational clmrch
yesterday reluming home thi,
Mia Grace Foster of Medfurd vbs
has been visiting friemla in this city
for the past week, returned bom SSJ.
urday night.
Prosecuting Attorney Comkai.
turned home from llowliurg yeterdij
morning, where he had been itlo,.
lug circuit court.
D. W. Coolidge, secretary of tliUI
lioard of equalization, sieiit iuodar
with his laniily In Eueue, Murulnj
to Salein this muriiiug.
Itev. Hetzler prencheil at tbs Fin
Presbyterian church yeMcrlay in tin
Interest of the American HIMr Shirty
and left for Albany this lunrtiii.g
Athena Press: Dr. G. W. Kingjr
formcd a delicate aurglcul opt-ratli'S on
G. Chester Osburn In relieving a rt
of the soft palate from the la.k part J
the mouth near the throat. Ontxirn k
sutrering from phaaryngili aud tb
doi'tor found It necessary to prrf.irm
the opt'iatlou to relieve him.
The receivers of the Union Iici
tic, after cutting down the alrii
of clerks, (letitioiuHl t l.e cujr'. to
have their own pay raised to f 1x0
a month each. The court would
not ttaud the raise.
We are over two thousand irtil-
from Hawaii and can have no a!
iuate information as to the u
ef allairs jn-nding there. Kcrrj
aro colored as oiny suit the iarpx
of the provisional g.ivcn.airat of
Chicago is reaping the af:irn.:li
of the world's fair. Tl.ot.MnJj
who were drawn there while ttieex
hibition was in jngre.-s are left
nni!e?s and dctitute nr.J murt
depend on charity for UA iti
The grippe or influenza tbt m
complishtNl such fatal w-rk i
years ago is again epidmie
throughout the country. It n
the faculty of making or.e fel UJ
all over, "it will not j-ribHily b
so severe as formerly fr cji drmi"
run their cour.-e und !o- vimlcn-j
with age.
The mistake of elm tin
ble men to ofTuM- !,vat;-e tl.rr irt
mipular is exi mpli:i l intbeci
of Sheriir M.issie, of ColumM
countv. The reports tar ol hi
that he "was a very kind hearteJ
man and often relieved the WJ
of his friends with th cidi
monev." His office now t.o
vs v uvii va -l aw , - -
country, even abandoning hi-"'1
and fivs children, tlihoth M
"intentionallv dishont-' l
some casc-s
there is not m
diffcrem-o between
the kiuvesw
the fool, ami this
t7 . i i l - the mc
word of the hour, and this rLo'J'J
be followed in nitimil, j-oJn.j
and municipal atUir. W')L
these times ..f financul dfj-rsijo
taxw to bear the ordinary i r"f
of government are 'f'14''
burdensome, without the buia
i :.. :.....-i i.v ,.h:1js t"f uC
OViiig) IIUIW' i - ,
neceeaary improvement.-,
few years money may la
business better, and tt.eii '
;anappropru:e u.i.e i. r '
peuditures; b'Ji ai
tul guard C-'iUol " -lays
wLub xu .v i. '
den of taxpayers.
A U-.U-r from j "
ney i-oun'y, 'ays io--
leg an Utu.usl n i";
that section tlii
,.. i !'
1 1
, i -i
rn and Ui -k I
' amount U hay
men are w ell pr p
u I'
Giaiu of all k.n-l
pouu 1. p-itabs-a 1 c
'ard bay t 2's -
' 6
pouu 1. i-itat.-a 1 c'it
r j
... ,... n V) i t-n
o o