The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, February 13, 1892, Image 8

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Everything Kxquisitc in Import.. lVrfuim-ry, Saj, ami
Toilet Articles. Also a cuiuplfte ami select stock of 1 amis,
0U Virnixluw. liriiflii-rtainirainttTrt rnrnifhiiiKH.
Fruit Land For Kale.
KM Bi-nnof line fruit Iinnl, mi
from Kuni'iiP, I" a """I ,f
ration, for mile For .iirlluliiM i-n-ijulreof
L. llilyiu, over Fir-d Niitlwml
Golden Femalo Pills..
Fir Femaie Irregular
I lira" IKillillKllkcllirin
in the market, t'rrrr
llll. Hllrleall'.lllsa
I j y tin. mil, fin laon
mommy. iiiiaraini'V'i
ii relievo suppriMcd
uieiiiiruaii in.
mii'l I-n liuiDt'iirvM.
Save Time, Health,
ami muiiey ;Uk Uu utu-
Sent In any nddraas,
'Kiiru l mull on IV
CClIO "I TffV.
... llrubiU, Uoltf, rOHTLANU. OR
Km r-alc hy K. It. I.I'CKKY AC".. Eugfiie.
1 have hern troubled ninny years will;
nl kidnrva .ml have tried
many diflrrrnt rcinrdlre ml have
ihiukIiI i'l Irum dillnrnl phy.kians
without relief. AU.ullhe isth of April
I auflciliiK It' in very violent
attack that aliuoat prostrated m la
....I., inmnri limt I WaS lelltover.
hm I Ml down il waaalmoM Imiawahle fur me
lit ad up alone, ur to put on my ciine,
kind Providence ami '" lirmrv,
botrl I imnitillt-ly commenced
mini tiic Ira. It hail an altmiat
mlraculou. rfhvt, and to the aatun
ahmeiitofallllie (iicnti at the liutrl,
a few days,! am happy to state,
'.hat I wa. a new man. I will!
recommend the lea to all alllicttil
aa J have been.
l'aipllrlnr (irrl.lftilnl Hotel,
baula Kuaa, Cal.
Store (irain nn tlia moat favoraliU trnna,
Whtiat rviwlnta u( any wari'linu.a uortli n( Kit
Irene, iriirly aanigni-il, taltvn lu en liaiwe l"f
Kliiur or Keeil.
-"lllgktat CbhIi Price l'aiil for Whiml-fT"
Too Much Load
On tin Livnr will lircuk down ull the
miertjioB of lid1, ami unlit you for
Work, ltusini'Hn or I'lcanuro.
I ndijjcKt ion, Oonsti juit ion, SIimiIiiui
rii'fi, UiliouHiii'HH, nra w lirnt nlurniH
nature soutuls to warn you of litiugiT.
Moore's Revealed
Ih Klntr of the Mood, Liver and
Stimmcli-It liim NoviT Kitlli'd,
HtiDilraili of UiatiiuoiiUle like tlila:
J. K. Miller, A.toria, Or., writra: ''It cure
ma n( a aever Liver auj ItUxul Inmlila, "
-l'H5 tjr all ilriik'ntaU
Call on (Well (ur aiJewalk tumlier.
Of all f..nn. Vewralfla. ..
;,;,,.":.","",,l"""M' HI.rkO.liaa
I!?. .' """"'"'lamciir.-il.T UK.
" "vriii: )i,iih;
.unifmllir iba runnel limiana ii
borvoua aiaraa-a, Ii don D. ii.ui
dnnirer,mi lni "Hava hr.n !:,, i,u
mm feetnilr lo Jauuarr i rime
ylli Uj. Srr la 1 b.d al e,H. II o.iiul.lmi4.
ana ikiw alter Ultra U...UU,.- um hata c
taa.-jRV u. (nulla, II u, ... Mi, h
ATI ViarailMli, .!,,, .', ""J,
iaale,uatiluiarrli.r.i1riin.. I,.,. "J
i.lrti.r. aadalieriuma u (.,.,,,., i,a
ha n.,. a.lura (. lr..h,., Ilm.iu.n,, 1-,
old iy i. h. srciiur.
I 1 w
0R.miti Wfm.
fpuniE fe H?
Drugs, Pharmacy,
Physicians Sup
plies, Surgical Appliances.
Am llniiNi Nd. n well known mini
ii fitc-t ii n-r uf IhhiIh ihhI hIhh'm nt -'.o N"
Inn M.. Sun Anloiiln, 'Ii xiim, will not
hikiii furt'i't IiIh 'X-rii'inf wild un nl-
lark of I it' iTlilnliH W lilrll IK' n'linin
rollout: "I Mint taki n with it violent
criiliili ill tin- Htoniiu li w lileli I la lli'Vi'
would liuvi- iiiiimimI my ilrntli, limi ii
not Invii for tin' prompt nw of Cliiun-
Min'H ( olic I liolrni iinn iniimiiN ii
Itcintilv. Tin- llrt !" li'l mi- fo
much tloo'l tlmt I follownl It ii In
iiiinuli M w ild Ihi' nioiiiI iIohc, iiinl Ih
furt'llii' iliKior loiihl tt't to wlii-rw I
wiih. I illil not mi ll him. IIiIh lu in-
nly hIiiiII iiIwiivh Im- oih' of tin' niiiiu
HtiiyH of my fni'nlly." For will- hy
tl-IU IIN IV I'l.l.AM'.
For iliaribo a or NiitiuiiHr coinplniiit in
any lotm iihum n iooiihb ihu
t'baiulrlaln t oiif, i.uonr niki innr
ibmi IIi'IiiimW. Mm Nunry Hi-ny, uf Ail
allia. l.nwrniceciMiiilv. Krnluukr, Mty u
rloHM curnl Iter of an allark of diaribn-a
'1'woor llirre ilon-a will rum any onlitmiy
eaat'. U lu ll rnlu I with w.ilcr it l pliaa
anl lo luko. i' ami Till ci'Ut bulllea for nl
hy Oshiiru Si I)i lio.
Tin- iitln r lay in Cli'n'o, Cal., it
man namcl Avt ry was marriril to
MisH Small, ami tin.' Iirailliiic man
of tlic Clironii'li; put over lh' ac
count tin; liraiiiiitf, "A very-Small
Wi'd'liiiK," l'ut one of tlnHc foin
HiHitnri4 who know it all, it up,
"A Very Small Welding." The
KriMini i- now looking for the editor
with a larc siiil cluh.
J. M. Carroll, secretary of the
I id: in I of eiUali..itinu, is reported an
faying that taxation as it now ex
ists, an hhown ly t In as.-es.-ment
rolls of this htatc, is rapidly ap
proaching the condition of the sin
gle tax system, or w hat is hetter
known, perhaps, us the tax levied
upon real estalo only. The indeht
cducs ami exemptions almost
eijual the personal property, and
practically real estate pays all the
An exchange has discovered that
Itenjamiii Harrison is .V.I, John
Sherman is (i'.l, Jcsepli llawley is
"Ii, Senator Hoar is (ill, Mr. Itlaine
is (12, Senator Morrill is HJ, Tom
Keed is .VJ, Ingalls is ',) and Malt
(juay is ,V.l. On the other hand on
the democratic, side, Senator (ior
inan is 51, Speaker Crisp in 'lii,
Senator Carlisle is oil, Senator Hill
is I'.l, Senator I'ugli is 12, 1ieuten
unt (lovernor Shceha'n is I!:!, and
Congressman McMillan is 17.
- - -
No lofty tilt of iiiarhle or granite
is needed to cotnmemorato the
memory of the late Cardinal Man
ning. Jt will he kept sacred in
the hearts of the people for whom
his philanthropy was constantly
exerted. Think of it! Occupying
the highest place in Kngland in it
great church, his estate is worth
less than sf'i(K). The lowly Naza-
rent! would have more followers if
this example was more common.
This is it practical age and men arc
not satisfied unless example con
forms to precept.
The popularity of David It. Hill
in New York state is phenomenal.
The'assoeialed rcss, which hy the
way is not particularly friendly to
him, reports the results of county
conventions held Saturday us K'ing
enthusiastic and unanimous for
Hill for president. New York will
lx the political hat'lcfleld in No
vcmher, and all indications are
that it can easily Learned for Hill.
It is u dchntahle state and theilem-
oeracv must look to it for success,
nominating no man whose control
of the state is not assured. Practi
cal polities give the hot results,
Jackson and Tildcn were men who
labored in that field, and it cannot
Ih' said to Hill's discredit that he
takes every precaution to secure the
success of the party principles
which he firmly advocates.
The Orcgonian's latest explana
tion of its ten per cent, assessment
is that other people get oil' in the
same hoat. The Oregonian should
iUalify the statement hr particu
larly referring to Multnomah coun
ty. I.ane county lands and prop
city ate assessed i'ront t'.ll to 7," per
cent, of value, and in a numlier of
instances at par. This statement
has proof in forced sales that have
Ixvn recently made in which first-cla-s
projieriy Lroiight hut little
more than it was assessed for. It
takes unadulteratcl gall for a great
moral journal to admit making a
pretense and a fraud of a countv
I assessment and then seek to imlliat
i the ollense by charging other conn- j
It..., 1... I l: 1
in" " i in un
ic same delnniuencv.
Xti'lTt'K Fuli I I' I'.l. Ii'A rH 'N.
I.AMi lm K At litim it.., Ohk:.
OTU'K ii JIKKKI'Y i;iKN 111 A r
Hie ..!l :wj nau.'d n-ulrr liu til,,l
iiothwia lil liil. nti a .. ii al,. tin, ,,s,( j,,
auplKirt of In. ,liu,, iul hi mi. I j,.
I" IH..I. In-.. II,. Ji.w, ,, l '.mnly t'ik g
Lane countv. iik-..i, at Kuveiie. U rj.'lt. ,ti
Mom lav. Fell l ve.. ,j: I If ru,,t, ,0 1 1. I
, ''' i . nl til , in ( al.,lwll. (r
W I ,. SH I, Se,- '.'1. .n.l K 1 ,. S K 1,1 s,..
1 1 Hi s. it i k.
II. cajur. Ilu. ..Ii .in,. aitnr.r. to tmn.
In. r. iUii, itiKiti an. I ,iiti,iin
"la..i l lart.l tti. Jamaa l. llr'kn. .1 l,o
A. Ithain, l atry l'li,4),a,n, Jailoa, It. Ma
, "I 1 li.iln.i, eoniilv. Cieu n
JOHN II. Hill 1 li,V!.t-r.
Fit I DAY, Y'lW. A.
rWlnl Vuldiliiie'eday approerbclb j
Druiiiiuira ii plfilifiil arii U Una Jj j
Tbe 1'ili uillt hw mill at .'oreHi alurlfd
. -.1. .. , I . L' ...... .1 I u H- tl, (Utjl.
up yvatctiUy. Mr. Frlrmlly nxra lb ctrle
LiaUil MiKt-Dziti river tiaiix-r. i
VI, H. W1IU, dik of Hi. rlltu HoarJ uf
Equalization, returuwl botue lent evening
from Httli ni, tbe work having lireu complet
ed. Nurrii Ilrowu. of Haloui, well known iu
Eugene h arccpltil lb poaition In Ibat
city aa oiaiiaip-r for tbe branch boon of
Koiipp. Uurroll k Co,
S. M. Oaeu and family, lata of ('alitor
dim, have moved bere, oonij inn tbe ri
di ni on the w?t tiile of Willamette alrcet,
owned by (lo. II. Duma.
Joaepb Ooldetone and broiler ill i pen
a atom In houtbiru Oregon In Ibe Deal fa
lure. Tbuy are eicellent b'J-ine rcB ssd
will make a micchi of Ibeir veutuie.
i, M. WioUr'e lia-e ou Ibe buddier abop
between CtU and 7tb alreeUon Willamette
baaejpired, and a co'lple of gentlemen
from rV little are now conducting tbe mime.
Jon. Koch has rclnclliliereil thlsolllee
wild a map of Kugi iie nml Hprlnglleld
ami nnliiirlm. .Mr. Koch Is u ilrnuglitH
inlill wIiom' work Is his best rcenin
liuililiitioti. K. S. Ftaaier wiitea from Monterey, Cal.,
nuder dale of Ibe lid, tbat be intended lea
ing for borne 1 burailay laal, and will ar
rive bore on tbe 10th. Ilia beallb baa
greatly improved.
Quite t number of furmera were in town
today for Ibo parpoee of bidding on tbe rail
road laud tbat were to bave been told fur
laiea by tbe aberiff and were diaappoiuted
alien they beard of Ibe enjoinment.
Ily some iiiiinvoiiiitnlile priHi-ss of
tvis'scttlu nml proof reinllng we were
iiniilc In wiv ill lust week H (il Altli
Hint the liniirlaKf of Fletcher Linn
mnl Miss Sawyers took place February
in, when il should hiive Ui-n Feliruiiiy
S. I). Fulton, of I'nl It comity, Is very
eiilhusiiislie over prune culture in the
Williunelle vulley. He goes so far as
toBiiy Hint Itiilinn priliies (row n lu the
vnlle'v are siis'rior In those Krown in
Italy. The elimate Is compared to
that of Asln Minor, where prunes,
olives mnl similar fruit can Ik- found.
Cirvallii Timon ' Eugene it in darkneaa.
Tbeelectriu li'lit worka caught tire luat Fri
day uigbt, and lof im Ibe ll.imea could be
xtiiigiiib"d botb dynumoH were dextruyed.
Tbey will bave to eiid Kant for new one,
ami il will take si verul wcekn lo get tbe
glim glnniiieriiig agnl. ."
The streets lire ill ilnrklicss, hut our
liiisliiess lintiscH are still using the elec
tric light, one of I he large dynamos
lint luiniiiiir.
Coos I'mji Ni'Wh: L J (i.irrigtia bin
ritt'Uioiir repri M'tilailvea at Waabingtou to
iliiltnie lliem In procure an order lioiu tbe
Iiinl di pirtmeiit prool of lim
ber i Iiimih lo lie iihiIh before tbe ofllcera iu
tbe county where cliiima arii loctled. Tere
H In) In couipelling ailcb proobi lo be
uiiiiluatlbe laud ulllce; the reitiiremenl
In ing merely an ordur from the ullicira of
Ibo lanil department. It would be a great
convenience, aa well an great Having of ri
poi.e to claimants, if proola could be made
here aud the neveasity of taklug witueHSea
lo Uoaeburg obviated.
Fuii iiimiiit Notes.
February 4, 1ML'.
II. ('. Hunter has finished it barn for
J. I'. Itainscy the past week.
It. ('. Martin, from Creswell, visited
friends here lust Saturday.
'Mr. Joseph Veeks left for the log
ging camp with A. J. Nickel last Sun
day. Horn, Wednesday, Jan, -7t Ii, to the
w ile of A. F. Lamb, it son, weight 1)
1'. W. Davis entertained A. 11. Dil
lardiuid l (1. llulin,of F.tigene, tit his
lioine yesterday.
('. V. Houston, formerly agent of the
S. P. It. It., lit Junction,' was visiting
nt the resilience of his uncle's, C. A.
Wisilcy, this week.
Mr. O. (ireen has moved lutoC. II.
Davis' hnutc from the place ladouging
toj. II. Met 'lung, when they have
lived for the pnst ten or twelve years.
A case of scurlet fever Is reported lit
It. Lewis' house. It In not known yet
whether it Is the genuine or meivly a
case of scarlatina.
The niimler of Sunday promeiuulcrs
ou the railroad tnick thmugh hen is
on the Increase; iimoiig them art
notitvd some of Kugvnc's U-hI known
IH'ople. Just wait till we get the slde
wiiIk down l.'ltli utivet, then weexset
to have about 11 Hi (M-ople out hen from
Fugene every Sunday, enjoying the
bracing air and the line view. I toss,
As Fsual.
A few imiulba ngo Luther Uctmnn bo
titled iu Kiigi'iiw on temperance. He was.
a miigui'tii, eloquent upeaker, aud here told
bow lie bad beeu tumble lo resist tbe drink
habit, once a year falling before it. lie re
turned Eat to hia homo in Indianapolis,
and In a dispatch of Jan. 2f, the result is
told aa follow : I.ulher llenson, having
jiist rcturmd from a tetuperauce tour iu
VVaahiugtou, Oregon and California, wound
up iu a terrible drunken apree tonight and
waa taken to Ibe !Spritic.)rld llrntikaid'a
llonie for treatment. "W'beu tbe tiger
coliicH," hhvh be, "I rau uo more reaiat the
leinptation Ibmi 1 can Hy. and it cornea
oiiceajrur. 1 aie a real tigi r, a tiger a
nultiriil aa life. It appears before me.
Win II 1 Hint aee it It la aaleep, aa eaceful
aa a lamb, lu a little wbil it opem ita
eve and looks akuit in a dreamy way.
Then it begiiii to inov and ita eye begin
to gliire at me. Pretty a.iou it begilia lo
move Ha jawa aud show ita teeth. Then it
apringa at me and with (bono gnat jawa
around my neck, completely overpowera
me No oue who in eel a that tiger cau re
ist." Mr. ltetianu cried bitteily over Ilia
(iiiluie lortMst the lemptntloii,
WiMiiNoTox, l'eli. 7. Secretary Jitmea
(I. Illume baa rlnallv iHkeU. I'uder date
ef ym.tinluy he lia wruteu Cbairmau
t'lark.ou, of the republican tiatioiml com
mittee, loiniiilly aiiuonurini: be la not a
I cuiiiliiliite lor llui republican preauleutial
uountmiii.u. The (ull telt of bia l. tler In:
I "1 niu lint a caiulidute lor the pnauleucy,
t and uiy name ill unt go More, the repub
lican uanonai conventiou lor uominatinu.
1 make Ibia auuoumvmeut iu due aeaaon.
to tlmae bo bave teudered me their nip
port I owe .invi to tbanka, and am moat
giatefulfor their roiiHdeiic. They will,
1 am aure. unike au earuot effort in the
approaching coiileat, which ia rendered ea
pivlallv iiii'orUnt t y reaaou uf the in
diiktrinl and tltmucial poliona of tbe gov.
en, tin til beiug at atake. The popular di.
dMoii ou lhee ia.uea ia of great moment,
"'" 1k,u' ," f','ti't1g conicijueuoe.
Al iuny, tlr . Ft b. ti.-Jiimea Wul
laei', a fanner livinir near Allmnv. hua
livipaiini. It is supposed 'he has
gone lii t allium iii. lie mdd his w heat
I'llllt'ilue nil. I r,.,iv.u -; l .....I ,1
sliilletl away nil thesotlllt Uuillil over-
land train, 'llu liunily thinks lu- left
in company with a young; widow'
iiained .Mix "ealeli, the daughter of
N . . Met ou. Me has a wife and
i I. iir i IiiMivii mid w us a w ell tiwlo fur- !
He hud nti'litlv lai'li itavitiL I
till, III,' nil, .1,1 I..,, I,. M in, '. u,..l. ' I i
'",.- v. J. -ini.ii, mill
wa" mi mtieli In her eonipanv Jli4 M
tie iipluiitilnl Itiiti for his coii.Ll. t.
lie li:ieniu ludcLhsllieoM of fluv itr
tnon-. All his pnicrty has larii at
tached, which will leave his wife whit
out means. si. is imMnttcd over flu
a Hair.
li Tallonis.
In h n article on retaliation
In h II article oil retaliation the
purtlaiid World illustrate the kc
1 i tii ul phase of it US follows:
..." ., tW f
.Not many years ago me lion. Jos
eph Simon and the Hon I) PThoinj)
hoi) were urrayed against each other
as rival candidates for the olliee of
mayor of the city of Portland.
Both gentlemen were driving for
the many-sided Hupremaey to w hich
the mayorality in a massive step
ping stone, and the, contest was
memorulile for its keen alignment
of forces uml vigor of prosecution.
The unconsolidated Portland of
that day was shaken to its center
hy tlic ugony of the fight. When
the smoke was cleared away it was
found that Mr. Thompson had won
hy the nleiider and tremulous ma
jority of one vote Mr. Simon ap
pealed to the courts, and in the
court of the last resort, John P.
Waldo presiding, the cast; went
against him, and David reigned in
peace. The iron was rusting Si
mon's bouI, meanwhile. Another
election came on a state election
this time, in which the election of
u state FUpreme judge was involved
John 15. Waldo and K. S.
Strahan being the rival candidates.
The hour of Simon's revenge had
struck. He caused a large number
of republican tickets to be printed
whereon the name of Strahan ap
peared instead of Waldo. Jt was
enough, the judicial criuincdroiipcd
from Waldo's shoulders like an
avalanche from an Alpine rock.
The whirligig of time went on
"bringing in its revenges." The
battle flags of another election wi re
unfurled, with Hon. D. r. Ihonip
son as the republican nominee for
governor. The rusty iron in Si
mon's soul now fairly smoked with
swift corrosion, for the hour of op
portunity had again struck. The
result was a sickening slaughter of
the stately banker a slaughter
nearly as red as that of the Alamo,
which had no messenger of defeat
and "personal politics" will long
have a bitter taste in the nioiith of
the victim. The whirligig of time
still went round ami round. A
scat on the licnch of the circuit
court of the United States became
vacant. Here was u prize for the
princes of the bar to strive for a
prize dazzling to the eyes of even
the most successful lawyer. The
audacious hand of lion. Joseph Si
mon was reached forth to grasp it.
A stately and somewhat saturnine
banker suddenly appeared on the
scene and plucking the iron from
his soul, the iron that was rusting
there struck down tin; audacious
hand, and so far ns Mr. Simon is
concerned, the winter winds are
wailing "JiOehaher No More."
A recent number of the Princ
ville News contains a scurrillious
article, evidently jiroinpted by jH't
ty pjiite and to gain personal re
venge, in which the Jewish citizens
are maligned and misrepresented.
The prejudice against the Jews is a
survival of the dark" age?, when
they were denied all civil and re
ligious rights and subjected to per
secution on every hand. With the
advent of a higher civilization the
conditions changed. The rights
which had been withheld were
granted him by civilized nations,
and his genius has been sensibly
exerted on literature, art, politics
and the financial transactions of
the world. He is not a wanderer
as the article referred to intimates,
except it be where a despot, like
the czar of liussia has done, turns
millions of the sull'cring people from
tin homes occupied by them and
their ancestors for centuries. The
Jews do not settle in a place tempo
rarily. They secure property us
soon as possible, become members
of the body politic, and perforin all
the duties of citizenship. In mat
ters of public improvement and en
terprise they arc abreast of the
times. It is seldom that a Jew is
heard to oppose any proposition
that will add to the material pros
perity of a community. It is the
glory of this North American re
public that men arc not ostracized
on account of name race or religion,
but.are held in estimation accord
ing to their intelligence. In this
enlightened age no people can be
subjected to unjust iersecution.
The spirit of the News editorial is
manifestly unfair and will have an
effect opposite to that intended.
Astoria correspondence: "This
judicial district is likely to have a
new judge after the next election.
The judge is "tired," and don't
want to be elected again. People
will talk and the papers sav ipieer
things attaint that Mr. Olds' trial
and sentence Jf that fool fisher
man had stolen a two ton safe full
of silver dollars, instead of a paltrv
fish he couldn't have fared much
worse than he did, Some people
are 1mm great, whil.t others have
greatness thrust uon them.
That's w hat's ilu. matter with vours
John Waiumaker, our tiost mas
ter general, has decided that love
letters and p ms of passion shall
ih exennieii n,
such stutl lead:
marriage is a 1,
a consuinmati,'
the same as tl.i
1.1 1 .-
iu the mails as all
L' marriage and
ttei , ami any such
n shall W incited
Louisiana business.
The failure
f the Cannerv Com-
'ill, 1
I,,ny is to liei.eplored
l'he most
c:;t Tprismg citizens of the ton
tsik stivk dtid this failure will op
erate to discourage them from u.ak
ing investmuits in the future to
build tip the town.
While horses are smashing rec
ords and lowering the records for
speij in all classes, breeders and
feeders of cattle are not asleep. The
recent heavy weights exhibited at
the fat stock shows in this country
und in Kurope seem to punt to the
time when Is-ef steers to dress from
KXX) p tiiuds up will Is the rule
rather than the exception.
Kast (Iregonian: David Hill lif
elines to receive his salary as Unit
ed Slates snii'tor some $ 1000
for the period preceding his formal
taking the oath of olliee. His point
is that he was not really a senator
until he was sworn in. David is
right, and we congratulate him up
on his equity and good sense. Jt
is a good example for a "rising
man ' to set. Jle adds another
jewel to his (li nleni.
Jilaiiio's letter of withdrawal from
the presidential race was probably
the result of his delicate health.
He did not feel equal to the hercu
lean task that would have been im
posed on him during the campaign
and the task of reconciling warring
factions of the party if elected.
The dream and ambition of his
early and mature manhood have
vanished. His name will not be
recorded among the presidents.
Maine is the strongest man, po
litically, within the ranks of the
republican party. Hisnamewould
have aroused some of the old time
enth isiasin, and secured a victory
if po-sible at all. His hold on the
Irish vote would have Ik'CH ex
tremely dangerous to democratic
prosKets. This withdrawal leaves
the lield practically clear for Har
son'.i reuomination.
The experiiiu nt of calling tbe
Oregon state legislature in special
session would be a dangerous one.
liesides costing the state a large
amount of money what assurance
is there that anything for the bene
lit of the country would be accom
plished? No condition exists now
that ilid not exist when the legisla
ture met in January 1S50. It was
then in session forty days. A spec
ial session, or the pay at least, is
limi'eil to twenty days. Is it prob
able that this body in a short res
sion would pass appropriations
that were refused when it had am
ple time for consideration? For
all practical purposes, except a
special session, the terms of most of
the members of the present legisla
ture have expired. The members
would not feel that sense of resHin
sibility which rested upon them
when they first took their seats in
the legislative halls. A new legis
lature will have felt the popular
pulse and coining fresh from the
people where questions have lieen
discussed will more nearly fulfill
the public will,
The Dr. Kceley bi-chloride of
gold cure for dipsomania, or in
plain terms, drunkenness, the to
bacco and opium habits, is held a
secret, and will doubtless run its
course of popularity as other fads
have done. It is asserted that the
treatment has the effect of destroy
ing men's ambition and energy
while the vicious habits are liable
to gain supremacy at any time.
Pecuniary gain may induce adven
turers to flood the market with nos
trums recommended to euro the
liquor and tobacco habits, but the
experience of the past, which is
likely to Ih that of the future, is
that for those who have formed the
habits there is but one way of safe
ty and retreat, and that is total ab
stinence. All other remedies but
play on the credulity of niankiud,
and though they may Ih; occasion
ally successful, most probably at
tain success by destroying the nat
ural vigor, leaving the victim with
little ambition for stimulants, nar
cotics or anything else.
Another tax dodger has been
waked. This time it is the Oregon
it California J.nnd Co. which owns
the railroad land grant along the
line of tinSouthern Pacific in Ore
gon. For years the ollicer-i of the
corporation have been returning to
the assessor of I.ane county what
ever numlier of acres of land they
pleased. While owning or entitled
to 'Ji'.O.OOO acres of land they were
content to pav taxes on onlv about
oO,0'H) acres and tbat at a verv low
rate until the present year when
the valuation was raised.
i i i
v. oqwrauons are popularly sup
pise 1 to have no souls. This one
docs not lack cheek. After mis
lead, ng the assessorand securing an
assessment on only a portion of the
lands owned by the corporation on
its own statement, it seeks to bar
the county from recovering just
taxes on the land subsequently dis
covered as hot having been re
turned by tbe assessor, and which
were assessed by the sheriff accord
ing to the law which defines his
duty where he finds land which
through mistake or otherwise failed
to U assessed,
The corjHiration aver that 1 2
jK-r acre is nn excessive assessment.
Whi n it is considered the lands in
question arc held at prices ranging
from if J.riO to 11") jar acre tbe as
sessment will apxar reasonable.
The lands of the "loorest settlers in
the mountains are not as.-essod at
less than 12 ja r acre, and this cor
or:'.'.ion owning thousands of acres
of the finest timber lands in the
state should not esMpe, as hereto- j
lore, paying their just proportion of
the public taxes. The tax dodgers
will come to a ju.-t accounting in
the end.
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I.AM! (II'KUK. At OkK 1
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JA the followiutr named aet'ler ha 6'ed
notice of hia intention to liiskt final proof in
I support of hi. c airn anil that said fmof will
lfinai!e I tfoie the .Itnhe or County Cleilf, of
I.ane cntin'v. Orepon. at Furene, Oreton, on
Momlav. Feb. 15. 1M2. viz: Preemption V.
S. No. H.mi. ..f .Inin a H. Maa-toaa. (or tt
NW of N W and lot. 3 and 4 of Sc. I'.l,
Tp lti S. I! 5 K. .
He names the follnwinir witneae to r rnva
ha rontinuoua ri upon and cultivation
i f .aid land iii. .lame. II. ItelLnap, Wrn. T
t'anipMI. A. Il .am. Carey Hiouisop o
Tl.otn.on, I. site n.iintv, Mret;i n.
Jt'HN H. SUITE, !e!itf.
.' NOTCH Foil ITBIJCATJON.!' t'r'i'irf aT l:ojl)H'i;p.. 0rr.nsi. 1
February, i. 0.
i the f.i'li.wimr tianie settler haa riled
notice of h' intention to inaka Knal pro 'f in
opN.rt of hi claim, and 'hat aaid pn f will
le made Uf.-ie t ho J u.'te or I'ounty Clerk of I ret;on, af Kn ene, Orejjon, on
UrHiiMa'ar'. Mar.h 1rl u: -I Keevea
Ii..lbp,nt .1,. meiual entrr No. i"17, f' the
W 1 f M: i rni E f SW of Sec. Sfi. Tp
is i: 1 1.
lie nam-, the o''oini wi'B " a to prove
1 'a ennru.u.i'i. r,i-bnce npi-n ai.d edtivatin
t .wi i land, ir: I;m l. E'lwarda, Henry
L C:ter, I n.n.ey Smith. Miller Blackburn,
f I oarli, I.ane o uiitv, Oregon.