The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, March 03, 1888, Image 1

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; '1. .J t 4.
VOL. 20.
1 J ;
ah (gurjcne (City Guard.1,'.
SMiblUher and Proprietor.
OFFICE -On Dm Es nide of Willamette
; treat, between Swveiith and" Eighth Streets.
Per annum W $j)
Six Months , L25
'1 lire month. ...... s
Advertisements inserted m follow: '
One square, ten line or less one InRertinn 13;
each aubseqneut hie.Ctiou, 81-Cl.rlUirt.d
in advance. ' . ,
Time advertiser will be charged at tne fol
lowing rate: "
One square three month w
One square ix month "
One square one year '
Transient notice in local column, 20 cents
imt line for each insertion.
Advertising bill will be rendered quarterly.
All job work must be paid fob on deliveut.
Attorney and Counsettor-at-Law,
W of the Second Judicial District and in
he Supreme Court of thi State.
Special attention given to collection and
matters in probate
-Attorney and Counsellor at Law, -
this State. Will give special attention
to collection and probate matter.
OmcK--Over Hondrick & Eakin' bank.
Washburne & Woodtock
OFFICE-At the Court House. iv8m3
Attorncjs-at-Law ,
OmcK-Over EobinBon 4 Church' hardware
fcttorny and Ccunssllor-at-Law, and
Real Estate Agent.
Ofllce formerly occupied by Thompson 4
Special attention given to I'robate business
and Abstract of Title.
OmcE Over Grange Store.
Physician and Surgeon,
Wilkin's Drug Store.
KvBidence on Fifth street, whore Dr Shelton
ormerly resided.
yidence when not professionally engaged.
Residence on Eighth street, opposite Fresby
oriun Church.
jTj. WA LTONi J '
I 'ourts of the State.
Special attention given to real estate, col
ecting, and probate matters.
Collecting all kinds of claims against the
United States Government.
Office in Walton' brick room 7 and 8.
Farm, Improved and Unimproved Town
property for sale, on easy term.
Property Eented and Eents Collected.
The Insurance Companies I represent are
among the Uldest aud mint Reliable, and in
the Pkonpt and Eo,uit.1)!.e adjustment of their
owe Stand Second to None.
share of your patmng is o!iuited.
Office up stairs, over the Grane Store.
Merchant Tailor.
Street oppmite the Star I'akery, where
he is prepared to do all kinds of work offered
in his line.
A Uri;e stock of Fine Cloths on hand for
customer to select from.
On of our sixH-iHlties is the cutting and
akim; of Ladies Clinks,
ttepairiiu. and cleaning doue pmnut'y. Sat
isfaction TisranteL
Eugene, Nor, 6, 1&& tf
Day & Hen dersoh,
House in Eugene. Corner 7tli and Wil. Sts
if P
KcClwg i" Johnioi vj1
I W re 8tiI1 ' the oU reliab,e "fiMnSe Stor'" I
I A and can sell yon auy thing that you want to eat I
1 fA or wear, ffj J
V""5 Cheaper Than (he Cheapest. H 7
Have removed to
Marx? new building.
They have a complete stock of
Watches, Clockf Jewelry & Musical Instruments.
A large invoice of 'liristma goods
ISA It KE It G'Ufl WOltKS!
MS BARKER, Expert Gun'
Smith Stock of Guns and Am
- munition on hand,
0. Marx.
Barber Shop and Bath Rooms.
Hot and cold bathi always ready during
the week.
T Yv Dtt that are rotfa'' reel's11.
3JVV3 cross, or troubled with
Windy Colic, Teething Pains, or
Stomach Disorders, can be relieved
at once by using Acker's Baby Soother.
It contains no Opium or Morphine,
hence is safe. Price 25 cents. Sold by
Osburn k Co, Eugene. .
OFUCE: At Court House, County Sur
veyor's room.
I offer for tle .10x100 feet business proper
ty on WilUm-tte street, on which the buyer
can double his money within two years.
Gso. II. Muxsb.
R. 15. Cochran & Son,
Real Estate Agents.
Eugene City, Oregon.
Will attend to general Real Estate business
such as buying, selling, leasing and renting
farms aud city property, etc. Office on south
sale of Mutn street.
Land Ofkics at Robfburo, Or., )
Jan. 31. 1888. f
.j the fullowing named settler has filed no'
tice of his intention to make final proof in sup
port of his claim, and that seid proof will be
made before the judge or clerk of the county
court of Lane Co., Or., at Eugene City. Or.",
on Saturday, March 17, 1HK8, viz: Em Jones,
Homestead Entry No. 4079 for the S W 14 of
Sec. C, Tp. 18 S, R 1 West. W M.
He name the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultivntion
of, said land, viz: James Wallace, Elijah
Gum, Chit Grosser, Sipiire Cain, all of Jas
per, Lane Co. , Or.
Chas. W. Joh.vmton, Rjginter.
H. F. McCornack, M. D.
Delinquent Tax Notice.
Notice it hereby given to all owing taxes,
now deliuqnent, thxt the Connty Court at its
late session ordered me to collect the sum
..!. -ili Tl.iu iu iV...f ... .11
lunu- nil. iuin in luririm MJ UUIUT all
concerned that if they wish to save costs
they must come forward at once and pay
the same or J will be ob'iged to proceed
against them legally.
J. M. bu4X, Sheriff Lane Co.
A HlsUnraliliMl Cl.rKrmi.ii' Tsstl-
,, Rev. 11. il. fiukin, Trcsideutof the
VrtliodUt ri-olesumt Church of South
Caroliu.t, urju-M ttwm Greenville:
. , "AIhiiii fuur ynr ago I was attacked
.with hut., (lie , physician prououueed
neunlj in ilieumutisMi, aucouipiinud with
eryii'i-ias. ITy nppi lite failed me entirely,
nd I hud an inU-rmitting pulse'nud very
irregular pulsations of the heart. A ter
Tiblo puiii MKn me into my cheet and
shoulders, and I becime so Lelplos that I
could attend to no business at all. The
pains wero movable, and would sometimes
pns from one part of my body to another.
Finally the erysipelas broke out on my left
hand mid arm, and produced much swell
ing. I wa (or eixhtiea mouth afflicted
in this way, and of course used a great
nJtiry lout's of medicines, but nothing guv
mo relief. Friend finally perauaded me '
to try Swift's Specifio I noticed a decided
impiorement while taking the first bottle.
I continued its use until I had taken about
one dozen bottles, when I found myself
sound and well again, with no sign of dis
ease left except stiffness in my hand, a
result of tli erysipuiiia, Whilo taking
the medicine I gained on an average two
pounds of fieth per week. I think 8. S S.
valuable medicine, and I frequently
recommend it to my friends."
Write to the Swift SrKciFic Co.,
Atlanta, Oa., for a Treatise on l.lood and
Skin Diseases, mailed free to auyemo."
""What Is lt!
Thnt produces that boautifnlly soft com
plexion and leaves uo traces of it applica
tion or injurious effects? The answer. Wis
'dom's llobertine accomplishes all this, and
is pronounced by ladies of taste and refine
ment to be the most delightful toilet article
ever produced. Warranted hnrmleas and
matchless. F. M. Wilkins, agent, Eugene
Delays are Dangerous.
You say, well, 'tis only a slight cold, look
out, it may lead to an inflamation of the lininx
ing of numerous air cells of the Lungs thi is
Pneumonia. Or to spasmodic contractions of
the fibres of the air passages, which is Asthma;
or the inflnmation of the lining membrane of
the throat and tube which puss through the
Lungs, which in the first staee is called Bron
chitis, and may lead to consumption. Santa
Able 1 delicious In flavor, certain and perfect
in it result A few dose will relieve, a thor
ough treatment cure the above named disease.
Every bottle warranted by all druggist.
Fob Sale. A lot of nico Bbow-cases, as
good new, at
E. R. Luckky & Co s.
Lambert & Henderson are the sole agents
for the celebrated Superior stoves. Take
your wife and look at them.
Santa Abie soothes and heals the mem
branes of the throat and lungs when poison
oned and inflamed by disease. It prevents
night sweats and tightness across the chest,
cures coughs, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia,
wnoopmg-cougb and all otuer tnroat and
lunu; troubles. Ho other medicine is so suc
cessful in curing nasal catarrh as Califor
nia tat-lt Cure. The enormous and increas
ing demands for these standard California
remedies oonfirm their merits. Sold and ab
solutely guaranteed by all druggists at $1 a
package. Ibree lor $2.5U,
harm for bale.
I have for sale 220 acres of land know n as
the Gilnlan farm; 25 acres good timber and
the remainder all prairie. All under fenae;
good bouse and barn; good orchard and
other improvements. The place has an
abundance of cood spring water and is sit
uated one. fourth mile from the Pleasant
Hill school house, one of the best school
districts in the county. For further particu-
ars apply to i. U. ukndbickh.
The First Sign
Of falling health, whether in the form of
Night Sweats and Nervousness, or in a
aonse of General Weariness and Loss ol
Appotite, should suggest the use of
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. This preparation
is most effective for giving tone and
strength to the enfeebled system, pro
moting the digestion and assimilation of
.food, restoring the nervous forces to
their normal condition, and for purify
ing, enriching, and vitalising the blood.
Failing Health.
Ton years ago my health began to fall.
I was troubled with a distressing Cough,
Night Sweats, Weakness, and Nervous
ness. I tried various remedies pre
scribed by different physicians, but
became so weak that I could not go np
stairs without stopping to rest. My
friends recommended mo to try Ayer's
Sursaparilla, which I did, and I am now
ns healthy and strong as ever. Mrs.
E. L. Williams, Alexandria, Minn.
I have used Ayer's Sarsaparilla, in my
family, for Scrofula, and know, if it fit
taken faithfully, that it will thoroughly
eradicate this terrible disease. I have
also prescribed it as a tonic, as well as an
alterative, and must say that I honestly
believe it to be the best blood medicine
evereoni pounded. W. F. Fowler, M. 1.
I). V. 8., Greenville, Tenu.
Dyspepsia Cured. . ,
It would be Impossible for me to de
scribe what I auuered from Indigestion
and Headache up to the time I bean
taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla. I was under
the care of various physicians, and tried
a great many kinds of medicines, but
never obtained more than temporary re
lief. After taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla
for short time, my headache disap
peared, and my stomach performed its
duties more perfectly. To-day my
health is completely restored. Mary
Uarley, Springfield, Mass.
- I have been greatly benefited by the
Jirompt use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. It
ones and invigorates the system, regu
lates the action of the digestive and
cuts imitative organs, and vita tea the
Mood. It is, without doubt, the most
reliable blood purifier yet discovered.
II. I. Johnson, 383 Atlantic avenue,
Brooklyn, N. Y. tt
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
rreparad by Dr. J. O. A yer fc Co., lowU, Hats.
Pries ! Sis botU, W.
m nia Own LtgOlf. ;' !,,
" V f Fond da Lao Reporter. IT
A woodsmau belonging to a little town in
Wisconsin was oaucht while felling trees in a
neighboring forest, by a falling trunk, and
one of hi legs was pinioned and held a if
in a vice just below tho knee. . The nufortn-
mtte niA'i was alone, and too tar from the
nearest camp to make his voice heard. His
axe had been dashod from his hands and he
could not reach it. - Night was approaching
aud hungry wolves wre . oommenciug to
bowl about him. He recognized that to re
main thers was to die, and the prospect of
becoming a helpless victim to wild beasts
nerved him to desperation. Removing" his
suspenders and binding them as tightly as
possible about his imprisoned leg, u in
serted the blade of his jack-knife atth kues,
cut away his clothinc and flesh, sevtrrd tb
Joint aud raised himself from th deathly
trap, leaving the lower limb as the ghastly
evidence of his cool determination.
lis managwd to crawl to his axe, with
which be cut a sapling aud made a rough
crutch. With its aid be made his way slow
ly te camp, nearly four mile distant, fre
quently lying down in th snow to rest. It
was a long and very painful journey, and lie
hobbled iuto camp just as his strength was
sbont to leave him. Mvdical aid was secured
and the self-amputation was given proper
dressing. The man is still alive, and the de
tailed statement from bis own lips of what
ho suffered physically and mtntally during
his experience in that releutless tree-clasp
aud of the thoughts that nerved him np to
carving bis own leg, are of an exceptionally
tuiiiiiu tiatuio. tuvuiuiuiufj iuuuhiu iu.
injured woodman's arrival in camp some of
his companions visited th spot where he
met with his accident. Th wolves had
been there, torn the covering from the foot
and leg and gnawed away the flesh, leaving
a smooth polish on the bous. -
k Future Life for Animals. .
Our Dumb Animals.
John Wesley, the founder of Methodism,
thought there was A future life for animals,
So did those eminent Christian liishops,
Jeremy Taylor aud Bishop liuller. Cole-
rulg advocated it in England, Laniartiue
iu France, and Agassiz iu America. Agns
siz, the greatest scientist we ever had on
ibis continent, and a man of profound relig
ions convictions, was a firm believer in
some future life for the lower animals. A
Professor of Harvard University has com
piled a list of one hundred and eighty-five
European author who have written on the
Among tne leading clergy of Boston, who
have publicly expressed their belief in a fu
ture life for animals are Joseph Cook, Trin
itarian, and James Freeman Clark, Unitar
ian. Soma ten years ago a man left by will
to Mr. Bergh's New York Society about one
hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Rela
tives contested the will on the ground that
he was insane because he believed in a fu
ture life for animals. The Judge, in ' sus
taining th will, said he found that more
than half the human race believed tho same
Female Labor in Grrmany ami Here.
It appears from comparative statistics, just
complied on this subject, that in the Pots
dnuf District of Germany the employment f
female labor amounts to 35 per ceut., in the
Kingdom of Saxony it is 33, in Upper Swa
bia 31, and in the Breslau district a little
over 30 These figures do not differ greatly
from the American statistics, which gives 37
per ceut. for New Hampshire, 33 for Rhode
Island, 32 for Massachusetts and 31 for
Maryland. The states just cited, however,
include a smaller proportion of the total
population of the United States, and there is
uo other American State- with a percentage
of female labor of over 27. The agricultural
districts of Germany, as might be expected,
show a much large proportion than similar
districts in the United State. Particular in
dustries also show a higher percentage of
female labor in Germany than in the United
States. For example, the percentage in th
textile mill of the Black lorest district is
73, while in Reuss, a small principality south
of Leipsio, it actually rises as high as 90 per
1 Clrcui Jinn Before King Umbundiui:
St. James Gazette. -It
is not often that circus "artistes" find
their way into the realms of a South African
native chief, bnt whan tbey do it would seem
that their reception i likely to be very en
thusiastic A "strong man" from a Cap
Town circus recently journeyed to the far-off
: o. . , ... , a, .
regions oi Aiaa Dwaziiana, ana mere gave a
display of his power end tkill before the
Chief Umbandiuiat his "great place." So
pleased was Umbandini at the performance
that he forthwith dictated a testimonial
gratis. Here it is: 'We gladly certify that
you have performed" at oar Royal Kraal,
Swaziland, on rings, poles chairs and sticks;
that yon hav also played with an iron tree,
and also carried a large caunon on your
back and fired it off your back in oar
presence. We were astonished and gratified
at the wonderful acts that you aud your lit
tle son have performed. We do not believe
thafyou will ever die. Given at our Veyal
Kraal thi Dth day of December, 18ttf. Um
bandini, (his X mark) King of Swaziland."
Tacoma Ledger: Governor Semple is of
higher birth than any executive in the coun
try. He was born nearly 90W) faet above the
level of the sea in the city of Bogota, South
America, where his father, once a Senator
from Illinois, was U. S. Minister to New
Granada, now the United St.ites of Colum
bia. While the Governor is not "to the
manor born," strictly speaking, he i elici
bin to the presidency, if that kiud of light
ning should ever strike him. Iu a talk with
bis half-brother Hon. L. B. Misner, of Cal
ifornia the gt.' ileuiuu said: "I was four-
loin years of ago when Eogcue was born. I
well remember that his fnlher ordered the
flag mu up on th con-tolate earlier than
usual that duy, and the slurs and stripes
were nvliig ou tne amies wben be came into
the world."
A "poverty dince" in Nevada City, Cal.,
is thns described by the Transcript: Invita
tions printed on straw-board and enclosed
in cheap yellow envelope are circulated.
Tickets for th ball re 40 cents and supper
19 cents. No gentleman is allowed to par
ticipate who has less than two patches on
h' clothes; the ladies are dress, d in calico,
and refnhiient are served on wooden
, . ., Lake Superior' Icy Waters
1 ' " " St.' Louis' Globe-Democrat.
How cold the dark water of Lake Superior
is. , One evening when we .were steaming
across the lake I arked the mate wlmt was
done when a man fell overboard. ' He coolly
replied, "Nothing."
:"Why," I asked, t.Htoniidjed at his heart
lossless. ' "The water of Lake Superior is so cold
that a man ounuot live in it during the time
it takes to stop a rapidly moviug vessel and
lower a boat he repliod. Then he added :
"I have sailed on this lake for twenty
years. During that time I have known only who escaped death. He was
saved by scratch.' The others were appar
ently killed by the shock produced by fulling
iuto inch cold water."
He picked up an empty oaix, to which a
long string waaattaohed, and east it over
board. The can skipped from the crest of
one wave to another for an instant, then
dipped and filled. The hoary-headed mate
drew that full can np end handed it to me,
saying: "Take a drink of that, and then
say what yon think of yonr chances in swim
nuug in Lake Superior for ten or fifteen
minutes." I drank deeply, and it was as liquid ice flowed down my throat.
"It is alleged," the mute said, "that this
lake never gives np its dead; that to be
drowned in Lak Superior is to be drowned
for all time. I do uot know whether this ia
true or not, but I do know that I have never
sen a corpse floating ou the lake," I won
der if that is true? I doubted it, but I could
find no sailor who had ever seen a dead
body floating on the lake.
Fruit Growing.
Dr. Plummer writing to the Oresouiun rel
ative to fruit growing as a mouey making
business in California, says:
"In regard to returns, uiv nephew, from
his prune tret realized 1081.35 in 1880,
and in 1887 sold CO. 151 pounds of prunes,
174 of plums, 47,854 pounds of apricots all
for 2 cent a pound delivered at a fruit dry
er two miles away by a level road. Then be
sold 11)00 pounds of cherries for 4 csuts and
some peaches besides what ho gave away
and reserved for his own use. . The total
ostluy for htbor in picking was $173.85.
Some orchards but six year old did not
probably pay. as well, as this one shows
that it has bad good care, and the return has
paid well for it, with the almost certainty of
largely increased returns in the immediate
future, . . ......
As an example of the reveune from orch
ards in full bearing, I learn that Mr. Henry
iiooEson, Sr., has an orchard of thirty acres
in the same district, the trees consisting of
peaches, apricots and egg plums, which re
quired the employing of fifty-seven men
throuch the picking season and yielded 400
tons of fruit, which bo sold for the princely
revenue of $14,000.
Sample Yields.
An idea of the productiveness of the
North Pacific soil may be gleaned from the
following: The Horticulturist published at
Tacema, says A. J. Burr, of Oiympia. W.
T., raised five barrels of cranberries on a
bed fifty ft square.
W. T. Wright of Milton, Or., sold this
season 12,000 pounds of grapes from one aud
one-half acres of land. One acre of straw
berries produced 3000 pounds; 1000 pounds
of blackberries grew on one-third of an aore.
Robert Locke of Uillhursf, W. T., raised
over COO bushels of potatoes to the acre.
A. W. Hidden, Vanoonver, W. T., has a
three-acre prune orchard that gave him a net
ineome of $1800 In ono season.
James Biles of Oiympia, W, T., has raised
the Royal Ann cherry thnt produced from
400 to 500 pounds to each tree, after they
were twelve years old, and peaches that pro
duced as high as eight bexes to a tree.
Setb Lewelling of Milwaukie, Or., hns 24
chtrry trees from which be gathered in one
season 11,000 pounds of chsrries.
Beginning Young.
"Mamma, if you were to be taken very
111, I should feel awfully bad."
"Would you, dear?" repliod the mother,
drawing her boy to her heart.
"Yes, and if you were to die, I would die
too. '
"O, Johnny, do you love momma so?"
"Ys, Mamma?"
"What, darling." "
"Gimme ten cents." - '
Bltbied in Ons Guave. Pilot Malcolm
who went over to Gray's Harbor last week
to look after the body of Chas. Johusou, the
unfortunate pilot of the Aberoorn, has re
turned to Astoria. The body of Johnson
was given doent interment by the people
living rear there, and will probably be taken
to Astoria in a rbort time.. The remains of
the captain and twenty-one of the crew were
buried in one grave on the beach, which will
long bo marked as a reminder of one of the
most awful disaster which has happened on
this const for many years.
Aokkts FOB Boebicxs & ScBSCX Pbipaba
noMS. i r
Puretth Mother Tinctures superior in
preparation to any in the market.
Hydrastine Tonic one of the finest com
pounds (or debility aud lost vitality.
Uomeopatbio mother tinctures and Tritu
rations 50 per cent stronger than fluid ex
tracts; prices the same as Eastern establish
ments. . .
Special attention is culled to the B. & S.
tinctures. - B sure and mention B. & S.
when prescribing, A full supply always on
bund ut E. R. Luckey & Co'.
. Real Estate.
I shall continue to push the real 'estate
business with all the vigor its profits will
justify reports to the coutrnry notwithstand
ing. I shall continue to do all in my power
to sdvance the interests of Lane county. My
head office will remain at the old stand on
Willamette Street, Eugene City and Prof.
C. F. Houghton will have charge of the bus
iness ia my absence.
Gso. M. MlLLKB.
Having perfected arrangement with par
tie in Portlaud, I am able now to f.ud pur
chasers for landi, more readily than
heretofore. If you have land for sale, im
proved or unimproved, you ounuot do bet
ter than to entrust vour business with ns.
Terms reasonable. Your patronage solicited.
B. F. Dobbis,