The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, November 26, 1887, Image 5

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    IiiW"" " V' ' ' iiiilin ,
mriKF MEvriovs.
f-,,, g.sid dentistry go to Dr X J Taylor.
riW seed hoiiiilit and sold at Goldsmith's.
jjuck.'VJ iii iwum aud binders at Pritchett 4
The hi,'liwt cash price will h paid for wheat
jt B Duun.
Eighty acre of fin land for sale. Inqitir of
J I Coleman.
phtograph finished neatly anil artioo
y at Winter'.
Hue lino eillt plushea in all shades
i grades t F B Dunn's.
flotand cold laths every day lu the week
Jerry Horn'i barber shop.
You can purchase Waltliain watches at
J Watts' 'roin $10 ami upwards.
If you want hardware at reasonable prices
g at the store of Pritchett k Forkiier.
goldsmith pays for beaver $2 to $3 50 per
ilink and conn, 15 to 50 cts.
Fisher and otter, $2 to $(1.
Orders for Spencor Butts fruit tress may
left at the Grange store; also Mr. Brown,
Eighth street will have them for sale,
iree year old bartlett pear trees will be (12
jimdred, smaller ones $8. Other trees
up. Orvillr Puklw, Prop.
Or. Taylor's 7 Oaks Compound, purely veg
ile, positively cures rheumatism, neuralgia
ithacne, sick headache, cramp colic, cholera
ifbiu, Complaints peculiar to females, l)y,.
via, cold or cough, Hives, Chills and fe-
pains around the he art, erysipelas,
Mute. Geokuk Taylor,
4,ld by Oaburn k Co, druggists, Eugene.
Election of Commissioners.
ft may be a matter of information to manv
tders to know that at the June election
It year the two county commissioners tn
elected will bold their offices two and (our
rs respectively. This will accord with
i provisions of an amended law that was
Kted at the fourteenth regular session of
,7, which rends as follows:
'.'There shall be elected at a gauernl ele
1 by the qunlifled electors of each county
this State, a county treasurer, county as
tor, and county surveyor, who shall hold
lr offices for the term of two years, and
til their successors are elected and qnali
1; and be it further provided, that there
elected, at the first general election occur-
after the passage of this Act, two coun
Commissioners; one of such county com
juionors shall bold his office for two ysars
the other for four years, and said two
aruissioners elected at such first recurring
jeral election shall draw lots for the short
long term; aud thereafter at each gen-
election one county commissioner shall
sleeted who shall hold his office for the
m of four years aud until his successor is
tted and qualified."
Smithfield Items.
I Nov. 21bt,
feather cool and fromy.
Vmers busy plowing for spring.
iome mean varmints are killing all of
ury's chickens.
kr school is getting along finely with
I MeFadden as, teacher.
We will be a grand exhibition at the
ool house Deo. 2d.
torn, to the wife of Mr. A. Lamb, Nov.
J, a boy. Therefor Aleck is stepping
i over the burnt logs,
lr. and Mrs. J. Gross of Elmira were vis
ig at the rssidenoe of his sisters, Mrs. L'
. linker Saturday and Sunday,
toward and Edward Ilett have returned
m Siuslaw on a two weeks hunt where
weut to kill a great many elk, but they
w back empty banded.
L. Baker who it will be remembered
i the misfortune to get his leg so badly
with an ax about three weeks ago we
:orry to say is mending very slow. .
j Cabbage Head.
I Dexter Items.
H": Nov. 10, 1887.
feather cold and foggy.
Im. Williams pays your city a -visit to-
Irs. John Gniley arrived home yesterday
m a visit to her fathers.
ur school is progressing finely under the
nngement of Hortense Parker.
fas Parvin has been appointed Postmaster
(his place in place of Mrs. Handsaker,
The flour mill of the Parker Bros, is in
i rate repair, and is turning out first-grade
tr with Bert and Al. Parker as millers.
I Lost Creek.
I Local Market Report.
Eugene, Nov. 2(5, 1887.
ATS 35o.
Harley-&"(40 cts per buslieL
'''!'l-3lVn 1 nt no. A,.,
' l)TTER-30cU per lb.
Urd-10 cts per lb.
floUR-lst grad. $4; 2d, M.G0.
lUcoN-Sides 10(o 12c; snoulders 7 to 8 cts;
'"". 12J cts.
W00IJ24 cts.
Potatoes-oO cts per bush.
Hops 5(a bets.
Perfectly Reliable and Responsible.
Harbibbcro, Oregon, Sept. 27, 1837.
Wter having received of E. D. Lake, agent
the State Insurance Co., of Salem, Ore-
Twelve hundred and ninety-three and
100 dollars, which was a full and satisfao
i payment of any loss by fire which oc
ted Sept 1st, 1887, under policy No.
We will say that in considerations of
sir actions toward our loss, that I consider
State Insurance Company of Salem, Ore
's, perfectly responsible and reliable.
I (signed) Mart A. E. Smith,
I Hiram Smith.
For Sale.
One hundred and seventy acres of land, Y,
k- from EugenH City, Or., nicely located
" resident , in lots from 5 acres to one
Bdred acres to Biiit purchasers. The
Jd is the very best quality, all in cnltiva
n ; five minutes walk from the city. Terms
iy reasonable; one-hulf down, balance on
4Ko 3lo aorcs of laud 5 miles north of Eu-
City. Or , on county road. Convenient
hixil and railroad, in quantity to suit
-uhers from 80 to loO acres. " Pleuty of
t r aud timber; the lnnd is first-class and
t'iod cultivation. Address
or A. C. Browk, Agsnt.
pi0'eue City, Oregon.
It Less TbaM Cost. Mr. J. D. Matlock
in purchawd at batikrupt a! tb lsrr
Ivo.u.u, iiuiirrwear, Oula, ev.'.. lor
VJ own-d by Mr. H. 8. Simon, will offer
Mine for sale the next fw days at W
cost. Give him a call and price the
is. He meaus business.
Commissioners' Court.
,1t.!U..e'le.Ci,y.-21. 1887.
eiitIn.l,..vi7 i .i.:. 103- rre.
and l), , s ""u"rDel-omi"""iouers Green
ti 7'ii "nff bUn' C1k Ware.
... .oUwmK proceeding were had:
-""h nerneol elec'
election allowances
Iu the nmii.r ,.f . .. .1. i . , . ..
S ontirn UCCefc,,ul PW'cant. 'where!
Karshin ft0 " J'l,oiu,ed ,0 tl"
scuoiarsb p lhere were 37 applicauU.
ch,c, n .' tbepcactio' l'leasaaturpre
ciuct until next general election. .
Ordered that T. J. Naeley be appointed
IZTtf ,h;P-l. Archie ItiEuon
toasuble of Spencer precinct until next
In the matter of the petition of Alex. Nail
ana others for county road ; Samuel Cox.Geo.
tarter and W. E. Lv
and C. M. Collier survevor. ,i n,..i
l'Jth, 1887. ' '
In be matter of the application of Wm.
Klachley et al for county road; B. Po-t, Ed
Kcnfro aud Beth Simniona aiuv,ito,i ,.u
lI!v7C' M' Collier urTeyur. to meet Nov. 28,
In the matter of Jos. Perkins et al for
county road; declared a pnblio highway as
surveyed and viewed.
In the matter of the road from the mouth
of WildCat creek; declared a public high
way as viewed and surveyed.
At this time it is ordered by the court that
a tax levy be and is h.'rtby made for the
year 18H7, upon all the aesed aud assess
able property in Lane county, Or., as fol-
For school purposes...
For State
For County
5 2-10
And a poll tax of SI.
At this time it is ordered that the comity
borrow $ 10,125 to meet outstanding warrants.
Additional Cases.
After we went to press Inst week the fol
lowing additional cases were decided iu the
Circuit Court aud the court was adjourned
until Wednesday Dec. 14th, 1887:
J N Boyd vs J W Harpole; appeal. Judg
ment for deff. for $33 and costs.
It V Howard & Co v 0 D Chamberlain;
injunction. Dismissed at plffs costs.
Wm Cummins, vs A Montgomery et al;
foreclosure of mortgage. Default and decree
of foreclosure.
Louia Uylatid vs Benj Hyland, divorce.
Funny Smith vs John Smith; suit for di
vorce. Dismifsed on motion of plaintiff.
Mr G. Butterfield vs county court of Lane
county; petition for writ of mandamus. Dis
Bertha S. Burgsfrom vs Isaao Burgstrom,
divorce. Grauted.
Mary E Pyle vs J F Pyle, divorce. Graut
ed. Mae Ware vs W A Ware, divorce; granted.
Scarlet Fever. A daughter of O. P.
HofT, of Irvine, aced 5 years, died Thursday
of scarlet fever. Other cases are reported
in that vicinity.
List of Letters
Kt'tniiiniug nncalled for at the postofflce in
Eugene City, Oregon, Nov. 25, 1887:
Alexauder.Will A McCeany.W F
Carry, Mm J W McMabon.O A
Carroll, Albert Neis, Phil
Jones, Victor ' Tufller,Chas
Johnson, W D
Persons calling for the above will please
say advertised, giving date.
t . W. Osbcrk, F. M.
$5000 Regard.
For a better or more pleasant remedy for
the cure of consumption, bronchial troub
les, cough, croup and whooping cough the
SANTA ABIE the California king of con
sumption. Every bottle warranted. If yon
would be cured of that disgusting disease,
catarrh, nee CALIFORNIA CAT-lt CUKE.
$1 a jar, by mnil $1.10. Santa Abie and
CAT-lt CUKE are sold and warranted by all
Card of Thanks.
We take pleasure in thankiug Misses F.
Adair, May Test, Emma Test, Kose Midg
lev and Ada Pane. Mesxrs. L. G. Adair, II.
R. Clurk, U. Johnson, L. E. Woodworth,
W. G. Nash, Mark Bailey, Jr., and all others
who kindly assisted us iu our concert, for
their much appreciated services, and the gen
eral public for their patronage.
The Band Hots.
Stockholders Meeting.
The aunual meeting of the stockholders of
the Lane County Agricultural Socicty'will be
held at the court house, Saturday, Decem
ber 3, 1887, for the purpose of electing direc
tors for the ensuing year, and voting upon
the proposition of increasing the capital
stock. J. B. Campbell, 8ecy.
City Transfers.
M. I. Underwood to C. A. Merian, lot
in Skianer's addition to Eugene; consider
ation, ffi5.
Mary J. Wheeler to E S. Beck, one lot in
Mulligan's addition; con, $1000.
The Next Stati Fair. The State Board
of Agriculture met at Salem lust Tuesday.
It was decided to do away with season tick
ets and charge 50 cents a day for men and
25 cents for women, a coupon ticket to be
issued esch day and Bold for not less th'in
$2.50. Premiums of $100 for best, and $25
second best Oregon manufactured woolen
goods, and $100 for best and $25 for second
best display of minerals, will be offered, as
other new premiums.
Shocld Be Sustained. Mr. E. Bangs
will, on December 1st, commence th run
ning of a regular passenger cab. It will
carry passengers about the city and to and
from the depot at reasonable rates. Mr. Al.
Wilson will be in charge of the same. Or
ders can be left at Collier's book store. En
gene is lorpe enough to sustain such an en
terprise, and we we satisfied thut the gentle
men iu charge will make a snot-ess of it.
Dkath or Da. Cairwoon. Dr. J. II. Chit
wood, who hn been Iving very ill at hi
home in A.hhmd for b. vend weiks, breathed
his last Thursday afternoon, Nov. 10. 188(.
H. i was oik. of the prominent resident . of
Ashland aud Southern Oregon, and news of
I, ;- Awth mi h rw.ivr1 with sorrow by a
uruii... - " ' 1
wide cin l ol friends and acquaintances. 11 !
was a resident of Lane county in pioneer I
dsys. j
KntDaoRTFX. Miss Earns, who tuttnds!
tO opn AJtltl'Tg-irieu iu 1 un nriun.. -
th.' Pn shvterian Churoh, has been some
what delayed by tk non.arrival of some
kinderssrteu which she bad to send
to Boston for. This will explain the ranse
rJLlh.e (Ulay to patrons and .friend M the
Foe Sle A lot of nice show-c-?, as
gi od as new, , ,
b E. B. Lccmt k Co .
Christmas uext.
School books at Collier's.
Congress meets nsxt Monday.
Did you eat turkey Thursday.
Buy the Hoosier Drill of J. W. Bristow.
The Band will give a mask ball in the near
,.,Tl''li, roUing cultivators are sold by J.
W. Bristow.
Matlock is giving bargains in clothing,
hats, etc.
An addition will too a be built to the En-
gone loumlry.
Goo. F. Craw has been appointed a uotary
public by Governor Pennoyer.
School books of all kinds at George Col
lier's. Price them; buy them.
Matlock is offeriug the Simou stock of
goods at way down prices.
Butchers here are paving from bOio1', cts
per pound for dressed hogs. '
Get your Christmas cards at the book store
opposite the Hoffman House.
The Chrismsn will case will be argued in
the Supreme Court next Tuesday,
The poultry won't roost so high now, tha1
Thsnksgiviug is a thing of the past.
The grocery stores will clos at 7 P. M.
hereafter, Saturday evenings excepted.
Dou't forget that J. W. Bristow sells thn
best chilled aud steel plows in Eugene.
We understand that the work of graveling
Willamette street will commeuce shortly.
J. W. Bristow sells farm implements
cheaper than any one. Call aud see him.
Mr Geo F Craw has the sole agency for all
brand, of the celebrated Tansil Punch Cigars.
The Post Office book store is the place to
get your holiday goods. Go see them. They
are are fine.
The concert given by the Firemeu' Band
last Saturday sveuiug was largely attended
and enjoyed by all.
Lambert & Heudcrson are the sols agents
for the celebrated Superior stoves. Take
your wife aud look at them.
If you want a suit of olothes at less than
cost, give Matlock a call. He has purchased
the Simon stock at baukrupt sale.
Mr. Charles Nelson has purchased the
Key West cigar store, formerly owned by
Frank Blair. We wish him success.
The State Temperance Alliance met iu
Port hind this week. There were a number
of delegates present from Lano county.
Mr. Chas. Johnson is now janitor at the
State University. Mr. Nelson and wife oc
cupy tho house vacated by Mr. Johnson.
The following marriage licenses were is
sued this week: E.A.Watson and B. U.
Bayliss, John M. Smigley and C, S. Burg.
The sheet and pillow case party at Rhine'
hart's Hall lust Thursday evening was nu
merously attended. All enjoyed a merry
The Willamette Presbytery of th C. P.
Church convened in this city yesterday,
Quite a number c f delegates are iu attend
ance. The union services at the Presbyterian
Church, and the services at St. Mary's Epis
copal Church, on Thanksgiving day, were
largely attended.
Persns desirous of really fine operations
in dentistry are invited te call on Heudersou,
dentist, who gives special attention to the
finest gold fillings.
A flurry of suow fell Thursday morning
something out of the regular order of things
at this time of yar. However it melted off
in an hour or two.
100 volumes of History, Biography, Trav
els, Thrilling Adventures, beautiful'v bound
in cloth aud gold for sale at Collier book
store at 3:); j per cent, discount from the pub
lishers' list. Go aud see them.
Having established connection with Cali
fornia agents I am now prepared to give my
patrons the benefit of the very best medium
for selling real estate ever offered there.
Geo. M. Miller.
By the latest methods in use by Eastern
dentists high in the profession, Henderson is
enabled to produce equally as desirable re
sults in fine gold fillings. Office same place,
Hayes' block.
Messrs. E. R. Luckey k Co. will move
their drug store to their new room iu the
Titus block iu a day or two. Mr, J. S.
Luckey will move his jewelry etor to the
same place.
Starr & Vandeuburg are having a two Btorv
wooden workshop erected in the rear of their
present store. They intend to use the entire
brick building for their store room, as soon
as the present improvements are completed.
Bookbuyers will do well to consult cata
logues and post themselves on prices at their
own home bookstores, before blindly snap
pingupthe remarkableU) bargains ot wild
cat book venders.
Vitality and color are restored to weak and
gray hair, by the use of Ayer' Hair Vigor.
Thiough its cleansing and healing qualities
it prevents the accumulation of dandruff and
cures all scalp diseases.
Starr & Vandeuburg have received direct
from the manufacturers in St. Louis th larg
est line of pressed goods ever received in the
town. Give them call and take a look at
these goods. Thy also have a car load of
the latest style aud best make of etove.
The next dime social of St. Mary's Episco
pal Guild will be held in the parish room on
Friday evening, Dec, 2d. Th programme
will ciisist of vocal and instrumental music,
readings, declamations and games. All are
kindly invited.
A singl bottle of Ayer's Sarsaparilla will
establish the merits of this medicine as a
blood purifier. Many thousands of people
ar yearly cured of chronic diseases by th
faithful use of th remedy. It is unequalled
for the cure of scrofula.
Try Davis, the tailor, for reduced prices.
He cannot be undersold, nor surpassed in
workmanship or style. Hi pantaloons are
especially fine. Try a pair. He has just
received a large stock of nw good direct
from first hands. Call and select a pattern.
Before deciding what you will buy for your
Fall dresses, jackets, wrap and ulsters, aive
Bkttmah a call and see his remarkable exhi
bition in those liues in eudlrss variety of new
and stylish patterns, all bought at low prices
for cas'b, and will be sold on m irgin only to
make living profits.
Walttr Sutton, editor of the Gold Beach
Gazette, pnblished in Curry county shot
and killed Thomas Cunningham, the hus
band of his niece, day or two ago. Cun
ningham fired one 'diot at his wife and
pointed his pistol at Mitton, who fired and
killed hi: in4mtly. The conm-r jury I
brought in a verdict of justifiable homicide. I
It is stateJ that family trouble was the cause !
of the shocking affair. . !
The Prohibitionists met in Portland last j
Wednesday in mas convention. It was re
solved to li ld a State convention next Spring
to make nominations. J. H. Amos was :
elected del- gat to th National Prohibition ;
Convention, which nU in Chicago Nov. j
30, It was resolved to put Prof. Miller
in the neid as irtnrr and organiier of
clubs. A new paper will probably be started j
in Porthmd to advocate th new party')
views. The sum of t-'O.O'O wa subscribed 1
fr said purpose.
A number of our store closed on Thanks
giving afternoon.
The Western Uuiou will build a new tola
grsah line between Portland aud San Fran
cisco iu the Spring.
The Euije n Military Co. rovo a dies pa
rade last Thursday afternoon. It was highly
appreciated by our people.
The surfacing gang on the O. & C. R. R.
is now at Mr. Smith' place, about one aud
one-half miles south of town.
Geo. Bauerline and Geo. Maddox, who
fought a duel on the street of Corvalli
about six months ago, have been discharged,
the graud jury finding "not a true bill."
The militia boys are making preparation
for a big dance for Friday, Deo. 9th. They
expect several of the boys from th compa
nies down th valley and will try aud niake
all welcome.
The flei t river steamer Telephone, said to
be the fastest boat of its kind iu th world,
burned to the water's edge at Astoria Suuday
evening, jm,t before laudiug. About 150
possMiger8 wer on board and only oue per
son was injured. Loss, $15,000; iusurauce,
$30,1 UK).
Suit has been commsuced in Tolk county
for the dissolution of the co partnership firm
of Kiatz, Waahburu A Co., proprietors of
the flouring mill at Dixie, in that county.
Mr. John Muuch is the plaintiff. He allege
violations of the partnership' agreenieut,
aud asks for an accounting, sale of the prop
erty, and division of the assets. The firm
property is estimatd at the value of J70.000.
aud the debt at $21,000, Tilmon Ford and
Mr. Kaiser are attorney for plaiatiff. Sa-'
lent Yidetto.
The Wheat Swindlers.
Sheriff Sloan arrived here last Monday
morning with. Michael Hogan, the $15 per
bushel whoat seller. H retained as his law
yers C. D. Latourette, of Oregou City, and
Washburne Jt Woodcock, of tui city. Th
fanners employed to prosecute the case,
Messrs. Ij. isuyeu aud J. JS. teuton, Judg
Walton, Deputy Prosecutins Attorney, beim-
abseut in Corvalli. The prisoner was r-
raigued Tuesday before JudL'e Kinsev and
plead not guilty to the oomp'laiut, which
charged him with gross fraud. Jadge Kin
sey set the trial for Friday at 10 A. M and
at the time of going to press it was progress
ing slowly, every point being hotly contested
by the attorneys.
Baty, the partner in the swiudle, is safely
in Victoria, spending bis portion of the ill-
got teu gains. If thoie is not a law whereby
such rogues can be punished, oue should be
uuctud at once. However, the chauoes
suem quit favorablo that Hogan will at hi
meats at balsin during (lie next year or two.
Ou last Tuesday Hoeau commenced auit
against Mr. J. C. Yates, who signed the
complaiut against hitu for the sum of $5,000
damages to his tharacter. This is the rich
st joke in th play. The idea that the char
aoter of Hogan could be damaged iu auy
sum! W will pay the judgment against
Yutes for the sum of 50 ctu.
Now w are compelled to chronicle a mat
ter that is a painful task. Mr. W. A. Baker
ou of our best citizens, say that he was
approached and purchased " $300 worth of
wnsat; ttiat Jlr. ltert Lake, au iusurauce
agent of Eugsne advised him to purchase,
saying it was a good speculation aud that if
it bud not ueeu (or Mr. Lakes repre
sentations he would not have beeu swindled,
If Lak was knowing to the swindle he was
worse than Hogau st al. If Lake wants to
make any sxplauation of the matter we offer
nim the use of eur columns. Certainly, an
explanation should be coming.
The Orecon City Enterprise of this week
has the following to say of Hogan aud Baty,
the wheat swindlers:
"It appears that one Houan is at the head
of the concern, He cam from Michigan
aud is said to be the same par'y that ran the
liobciuian oats swindle in the Western Mutes
a few years agd. He first tried to interest C.
D. Latourette in his scheme, but failing.
succeeded in securing the co-operation of A.
8. Baty Bud a Portland party. Ex-Uov.
Woods was selected as President nt a salary
of $50 per mouth, having been told that th
position was merely an honorary one.
Hogan was arrested in Sau Francisco.
Baty is evidently in Victoria yet, as he wrote
hi wife to disiios of all their things here
and meet him there. The household goods
were sold Saturday evening and she left the
first of the week.
Win. Barlow of Barlow Station was made
their shipping agent. From him they are
said to have purchase 8J bushels, from Mr.
Smith of Molalla a considerable quantity at
$1, and from another party quite a supply;
enough in all to enable them to olear up
about $ih,H'u.
Upon the arrest in Albany Gov, Wood
seviss to have lost no time in sending in his
resignation, rightly judging thut lie was
among a slippery crowd.
Hogan is the same fellow who a few years
Biuce visited these parts selling bills of goods
to farmers. Goods worth $15 he would get
$150 for taking in payment the farmer's
note. All together bis career steins to have
been not without an occasional ripple of ex
citement. Give the grangers of Lima coun
ty but au oportuuity to pronounce Verdict
011 bis'case, and they will not remain out
long. It is to be hoped that they may have
the chance.
W S. Johnny.
About a year ago Warm Spriag Johnny
waa tried at Euguna ou the charge of at
tempting to rob the Lau County Treasurer's
office, aud was convicted aud sentenced to
three years' imprisonment in the State peni
tentiary. There Was a gensral belief, shared
by the Democrat, at th time, thut Johnny
was not guilty. Th msmbers of th O. A.
K. of Eugene have come to this conclusion,
from a letter received from Chief of Polic
Parrish of Portland, and will petition the
Governor for the pardon of Johnny. Mr,
Parrish recently learned that a man just sent
to th Moatana penitentiary confessed to
having been th on whe attempted to rob
the Treasurer's oflic and the matter will b
investigated. Johnny' attorney, Hon. L.
II. Moutany, of thi city, is doing what he
can to learn th truth of the matter. It
looks very much a if Johnny had been
wrongfully imprisoned, and there i certainly
enough iu the proof to eutitle him to a par
don. A petition would be generally sigued
in Albany. Albany Democrat.
The Allmny Herald has also made a simi
lar statement. It is evidently the work of
the attorneys of Johnny. Tb U. A. R. Post
of this city has not petitioned for his pardon,
nor have agreed to. The confession is thin.
Undoubtedly there w. re two parties in th
robbrry, for Messrs. Witter and Clark, night
watchmen, saw then running away, and from
the evidence adduced at the trial it was cer
tsinly proven that Johnny was one of them.
The jury that tried him was only out a few
minutes, at conclusive waa the testimony,
although Im was di-fended by thrte able at
t rr.c ys, Mr. M iutauye being on of th
number. One thing is rertaia, aud that is
that whenever notice of pardon is givn, a
Urg'i rem mstr.ince will b filed, lieiides,
wbtn he mas here a inre nnnibrr (if petty
larc iio s prevailed, which oeoswt when he
was locked up. Three year is short enough
for bun, considering the enormity of hi
Wastkd. Ah and maple wood for forui
tare work, by Day k Henderson.
Mr. S. II. Friendly went to Portland last
Thursday .
Mr. J. II. Rhiufhart ha returned from
Pomroy, W. T.
Mr. Wm. Barlow, of Barlow station, was
in Eugeue yterday.
Mrs. C. D. Osbnrn ha been visiting in
Eugene this week. '
Judgo Bean has beta holding circuit court
at Corvallis this wek.
Mr. W. H Parrv, of Salem, attended the
party her Thursday night.
Mr. II. C. Humphrey returned from a
trip to Teeome last Suuday,
Miss Annie B. Wright left here this week
for her old home in Euglaud.
Hon. James Steel, of Portland, spent sev
rul day in Eugene this week.
Judge Walton went to Corvalli last Mou"
day to attend court at that place.
Hon. L. Bilyeu ha been in atteidanc
upon eourt at Corvallis this week.
Mr. Jas. Cheuoweth. of Oakland, paid
Eugene a visit last Thursday afUrnoon.
Mr. D. 8. K. Buick, of the Roseburg Plain
dealer, wa lu town Wednesday afternoon.
Mis Maggie McClung was expected to ar
rive home from Boston by last night's traiu.
Mr. C. D. Latourette, an Oregon City at
torney, speut several days iu Eugu thi
Commissioners Green and Day were in
town stveral days this wek in atteudano
upon eourt.
Messrs. II. 0. rrkiu and T. J. Smith
started to Lukeview last Suuday evening, on
land matter.
Mr. M. Wilkins, of Cohurg, attended a
meeting of the Stat Board of Agriculture at
SaUiu thi wk.
Mr. Samuel Nelsou and wife returned from
a visit to their ol i home in Iowa last Wed
nesday afternoon.
Judge Bean spent Thanksgiving at horn.
He returned to Corvalli yesterday morning,
where be haa a large docket to dispose of.
Mr. Frank Blair and family left for their
old bom iu Miunesota last Weduesday
morning, where they will permanently reside.
Mr. Geo, Riuehart, who has been visiting
in Lane county during the patt two weeks,
left for his bouie at Condon, Gilliam county,
yetiday morning.
The appoiutment of Mr. Haiti E. Bris
tow as teacher at the United States Iudiun
training school at Cbemawa has been con
firmed. Her many friends will be pleased to
learn of her good fortune.
Miss Alice Morgan 1 quite low with heart
disease and her death 1 momentarily ex
pected. Her father i beyond hope with
th du ad disease, consumption. The family
have the sympathy of all in their (aid affile
tiou. Mr. Bullard, th nightwatchman at the
depot, was given a fine dinner, last Wednes
day afternoon, by bis mother, in honor of
his attaining the ag of 21. A uumber of
his frieuds were iuvited to partake of the ex
cellent repast.
Miss Nellie Watkins left this morning for
Eugene, wher sh will meet her cousin,
Miss l'arious, and take the train for Califor
nia to morrow. Miss Watkins will b absent
uutil after the holidais. Wednesday's Port
laud Tslrgrain.
A letter from Dr, J. C. Whiteaker, dated
at San Beruardino county, Cel., Nov. 20th,
brings the information that he is steadily im
proving, which will be gladly received by his
numerous friends. He intended leaving for
Prcsoott, Arizoua Territory, th next day
after be wrote.
Cottage Qrove Items.
Cottaoi Gsova, Nov. 24, 1887.
There is to be a masquerade ball here this
Mr. Martin, th tombstone man, was in
town Wednesday.
Thanksgiving day. Suowing at daybreak
aud ground frozen.
Mis Mary McCarty was visiting at this
place the first of last week,
A gentleman latsly from Maine ha bought
the Cathcart place near bur,
Messr. Stouter and Marklsy ar buildincr
an addition to their furniture store.
Mrs. Schelbrsd and Miss Clara Stoufer
wer visiting at Oakland last week.
Mr. A. N Olson started on th the 19th to
California with a wagon and team.
Mr. W. II. Medley is at work with th
briilg carpenters ou th O. k 0. Rallioad.
Mis Anna Withers, of near Springfield, i
visiting at Mr. James Huwley's, of Hawlsy's
Ther will p a sale of the personal prop
erty of It. II. Ha.letou, deceased, nsxt Mon
day, th 28th.
W understand that Royal postofTic will
b moved to Mr. Nathaniel Martin', on th
Cartwright road.
Mr. 8. and Mis Esther Damswood bay
returned borne from Corvallis, where they
pent th greater part of th Summer.
Messrs. T. Hembrick, Joe Damewood, Eu
gene Fiunin aud Ed Jones returned the 11th
from a loggiug camp, wher they have been
at work all Hummer.
Mr. Wm. Lynch, who wa at work at
Rouse' saw mill, received a dispatch yester
day from Eugsne that hi mother wa very
sick, inconsequence of which be battened
W have been having unusually sold
weather for the tim of var in th Willam
ette valley. Hod three freezing night. To
day tn ground remained Irozen all day In
the shade. Lighter freezing occurred Friday
aud Saturday uight. Tuesday aud Wdus
day wr cold lya; everything wa boary
with frost and Ice froz three-fourth of an
inch thick, aud mowing thi morning.
I have rented th brick store under the
Hoffman House which I will occupy in a few
days, where yon can get bargain in dry
goods, clothing, boot and shoe, hat and
caps, furnishing goods, fancy and other
goid. Call and be convinced of th bar
guilt you can get. W. SANDERS,
New York Store.
Married. In thi city, Nov. 22, 1887, by
IU T H lllr John f N.i, !.,!... n,l '.r.
oline S. Burg. The couple have th best
I wish of th Goaid for a long and happy
! matrimonial life.
Aecno. On Saturday, Deo. 10, 18l7, at
1 P. M , Geo. W. Kmsey will sell at public
auction in thi city, a good wagon, et of
harness, and spaa of horse. If you want a
bargain, be present.
Mi Ki-Nzia Road. From a horseman just
in from Eastern Oregua by thi mnt rr
learn ther is but three inch of snow, on
t.i summit.
Clothing for men sad beys, at cost, which
beut baukrupt stock, at Butliuan'l.
Clara Condon, Editor
Guard that book well, Emma.
Well, Leathe, where i your bat?
Rev. George Hill was in Eugene last week.
Yes, Clyde, your overcoat is too sweet for
any use.
"Impersonal appetite govern personal
Wll, Thanksgiving i ever, but oh, the
poor turkey!
Have you all eivn the vowel and oonso
nant this week?
F.rma Smith has left for Portland to attend
th Sisters' school.
A littlt loadtr, Miss Brackao, so we can
all of us hear yon.
Miss Daisy Sbiun ha left school and gone
to Portland to spsud the wiuter.
Mis Paron. of San Rafael, Cel., visited
the University one day this week.
"Tie the greatest folly, uot to be jolly;
that's what I think. O. Hovey.
"Here, Mark, will Uk - that Roseburg
paper to Mi. Hamilton. Woudswortb.
That' o, Mr. Brattaiu, you art a senior,
but pleas act that chair down more quietly
Why caunot Prof. Hawthorne's clock stop
very day, even if it i so bard on the senior
Who is that eloquent Laurean who spoke
so ably of "our futur ancestors" last Fri
day evening.
A joint ruteting of th Y. M. C. A. and Y.
W. C. A. was held In Prof. Bailey' room
last Friday, which was well atteuded.
We understand that th lata Mr. Wilbur
left $15,000 to the Willamette University.
Are tuere not other Mr. N ilbura iu Oregon?
From report, the landladies of our corpor
ation brsthsrn are having an easy time the
past two wek a there haa been very little
We would like to ask our brother editor if
he ever weut hunting with a ritla. Oh, well,
where iguoranoe it olis, 'ti folly to be
We have proved that the amount of power,
by which physical cans exceeds logical, i
qual to two and one-half pound of horse
Robert Johuson, really i quite an enigma.
I he book agent, piano tuner, soap peddlor,
or what? Auyway Eugeue saw him again
hist week.
Prof. Mr. W., give an example of a yl
logism. Mr. W, When it is foggy you
cau'tseefar. You can't tee very far now;
therefor it i foggy.
It the studeuts who are batching had made
themselves kuown may be they might have
found a piece of pumpkin pie, or a turkey's
drum stick at their door.
We notice Mr. Mjtchell riding a whit
horse. Is it that (am on that Mis Hamil
ton tried? If it is, look out, Mr. Mitchell,
and go to Mis II. for atlvlc.
Mr. Arthur St. Clair i now attending th
Holmes' Business College in Portland. '
thur i trying all of the schools it seems, (
we hope ha will soon decide on a good 0
What does Camp No. 1 want with th
eagle? Is it that patriotio feelings may
more thoroughly roused within their breastt
or are they going tn cut it for Thauksgiviii
It it generally conceded that th world has
reached a crisis iu discovery, but Wuguorl
haa added anothor step in finding a newt
place to carry not, namely iu a hiatus in
Veazie' ooat.
Miss Aanle CofTlu, a former student of the
University, expect to go East In th Spring
to attend a medical collage. Mis Cofliu wa
always a bright scholar aud no doubt will
houor the profession.
At the corporation meeting Friday, Nov.
20th, a committee, consisting of F. M.
Mulkey, Julia Hamilton, Dora Scott, L. J.
Davis and U. Lock wood wa appointed to
remodel the constitution.
If Wagner did not tell yon why he did not
help to pick up that yourg lady who fell off
the embankment by the Baptist church last
Sunday evening, then just ask Forward
and be will tell you all about it.
Too bad! we Eutaxlant are deprived of sit
ting on juries; for we might bav ben asked
.1.. i.., ...A..i ,1.. .:.!
lu uu IU iMt A liunj vvcuiuk at luv luwa iut
and of count a we arawomrn and so impo
thttie wo should have duoidsd "not guilty"
We notice by the Speeour Butte items that
the good prom of that vicinity are bemoan
ing th fact that our presiding elder' son
make luch flying visits out there. Perhaps
now, bis visits are long enosgb for Ar
Many of our students bav enrollod their
name on the clans in Mnemonics that is
to b started soon in Eugene by an Eastern
gentleman. Dou't get too acute in memory
or all of our shortcomings for years past
will be ricallsd.
Here i a poser for even the seniors.
"There are many; ther is on; snd their
unity by th oneness of th many enables us
to firmly grasp th minvnes of th one in
the thresfoldedness of it totality." Try it,
During vacation a numbvr of the fun lov
ing students took a graud goose bunt, and we,
who could not go on accouut of previous
engagements waited anxiously for ttieir re
turn expecting to liveon "Ganse FUiscb" for
wk to com, but when th lust rays of
th setting mu wer lingering on th moun
tain tops, th poor little fellow cam troop
ing back with look which spok louder than
words. Th only explanation they would give,
wa that Prosident Johnson bad been out
th day previous and had shot all of th
At the last session of the Laurean society
Mr. 1. M. Wis, on of tbir most worthy
members, was tried before a "jury of three,
for wilfully and maliciously kicking and
thereby Injuring on oaken chair, the prop
erty of the Society, and at th tarn time
and place, causing on II. A. llrattaia to be
come dethroned from said chair aud causing
th said II. A. Brattain to receive bodily in
juries." Both id were very ably present
ed, and th attotnsv for the defens deserv
especial credit for th manner in which tbsy
conducted th case, bat th jury, after a
short dliMHlioo brought in a sealed ver
dict of "guilty." Th vrdict was generally
approved by th members of th court.
Artitio Photographer, 'of Eugene City,
Or., will b in Cottage Grov on Monday,
Nov. 28, 1887, and will uak photograph of ,
thoss wishing work don daring the week,
ltemember, on week only. Give them
vail. 1 '
Monit Lost. On Friday the 4th of No
vember, I lost a shot bag containing money
btwen th high bank and John Cogswell'
pUc. Al near a 1 remember there shoukl
t on ten dollar pieo and two five in gold,
and a quantity of ulvr, and potsihly a twen
ty dollar gold plec. Th fliider will pless
lra a' lw. -.""V"",;-';
USM,U i.H li&lfcu. UUU.
John Weaver.
MARsrso. In this citv, at Bakor Hotel,
Nov. iid, by . W. Kilisey. J. P., E. A.
Watson aud B.U. Buy lis, aU ol Lan county.