The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, October 29, 1887, Image 7

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of the Principal Events Sow
itnttiog Public Interest
fraer w wrecked in the Ray
Twenty two passengers
Devoted to the Interest of Firm en
and Stockmen.
!., .Meeate was on hand for
Ltion of the National lie-form
fnouncedto be held at Syra
w York.
luted t"ftt 1,16 Emperor of
L announced his intention of
fa his throne, owing to hit
gins impaired.
1 B. Sutton, who shot and
Jtxander Martin near Liver-
g year g(, lai been aon
be hanged December 9.
lusac, a carpenter, while re
Window in the Becond story of
n San Franciaco, lost his foot
t.H to the sidewalk. He lived
jstriftii steamer Hapeburg eol
ith and sank the Bavarian
In Lake Constance, Austria.
Lingers were drowned, the
Liber being unknown.
plo of Montana will send a
petition to tne uovernoroi
jf tlie paruuii ui uuucrv
mnlined in the Idaho peni-
for burglary, of which they
nt Secretary Maynard has de-
t naurier children, sent to
intry to be provided for by
eocities in-this country and
jd to homes in the West, cau-
! lowed to land,
miters of the O'Connor family
mother and two tout were
kl at New York of having
hid assaulted a young English
Limed Mary E. Harwood, and
ju by Judge Cowing to state
ir sixteen years each.
n capitalists are seriously con-
Mhe project of building a large
In Los Angeles to manufacture
it of time pieces, from the
(watch to the largest church
ok. It is projmsed to build
Je requiring 1000 men, mostly
jcial from Ponchatoula, La.,
l a negro drowned his wife be
n refused to live with him any
j While she was drowning her
tame upon tho scene and fired
jbuckshot into his sister's mur
iho sank with the body of his
Li the bottom of the Amite
Devoted Principally -to Washington! Everything of General Interest in a
Territory and California.
Condensed Form.
fid burst occurred just above
of Chihuahua. Mexico, and a
me sweeping dowu on the
fundating iU streets and alleys
felling the stroam that ran
i the town to frightful propor-
Jarrying away a magnificent
4)0 feet loig that spanned the
l and cutting tne city in twain
Ird Moore and wife, while niov-
IChicago, accidently knocked
mp, tiring tho buildinp, aud
ere suffocated in the (lames.
was extinguished promptly
fire department. Moore's body
and on top of the iloor, where
i (been literally roasted alive in
'jpit. Mrs. Moore was still alive
found, but died shorly after-
pport of Land Commissioner
mows that since March 4,
.824,481 acres have been re
the public domain. Sales,
(aim selections ior me iimjiu
tflmg June 30, 1887, embrace
100 acres, and of Indian lands
acres, making a total of 25,
'aeros, an increase for the year
3,73.1,474 acres, and an increase
i"24 compared with the fiscal
(iroke out in the Northern Ohio
ssylum at Cleveland, during
dance given the more tract
'jthe patients. While they were
jg themselves a cry of "fire"
ird, and flames and smoke sud
imrst into the dancing hall,
a fearful panic among the 350
j. As soon as the first excite
d abated, the attendants made
igeous dash and moved t;ie un
ites who had been overcome.
Mies of six women who were
led were recovered, and three
ft re found in an injured condi-
ipatch from Nogales, A. T., says :
Iimpts to get further news of the
lion caused by the storm on the
h coasts have been futile. The
tion here is that tho cities of
kn and San Bias have been par
lit not wholly destroyed by a
Jne and tidal wave. It is said
shore of the bay at Guaymas,
iico, is crowded by people await
ing from the swept-away cities
Jiooner. On the gulf the storm
al wave were the most severe
ve ever been known. Many of
ho have wealth are rushing to
ne of disaster for the purpose of
"cial from North Judson, Ind.,
Another Chatsworth railroad
occurred on the Chicago & At
Jlailway, sixty miles east of Chi
pear Rout's station. Seventeen
fcrs were killed and burned up
wreck, and from twenty to thirty
sore or less injured. A heavy
meat train telescoped the even
commodation train and the New
express. The accommodation,
me baggage car, two coaches
1 ne sleeper, had stopped at a
1 tank for water, about one mile
f Kout's, and a freicht train
?ng crashed into the sleeper, tel-
pg and burning up the entire
h train, as above sUted. The
I responsibility appears to rest on
Th IrUh 1'ataU.
There are many theoriis about the
best way to get the greatest yield. One
lrsoi says he has adopted the follow
ing plan :
Furrow tho land four or five inches
deep aud three feet apart. Cut each
potato lengthwise into four parts, and
drop the pieces from fifteen toeighteen
nii-iitm ujiiiri in me row. i tug method,
he finds, gives more merchantable jh
tatoes and less small ones than when
more seed is used. The yield is also
nearly double that obtained by plant
ing in hills three feet apart each way.
vnoiner good authority says : "The
crown eyes of the potato are the only
ones which yield vigorous plants ; the
prouuee oi tho other eyes is feeblo and
uuremunerative. If, therefore, pota
toes are cut for seed they should not
bo cut lengthwise, by which tho crown
is divided and eyes of all kinds intro
duced into the seed, but they should
be cut across, the half containing the
crown eyes planted, and the other half
used for food."
Some like for this crop a deep, sandv
loam, which of course is good, but the
strong, dark lands of tho West do not
produce a first-class potato, although
the yield is often large. Low, wet
lands are not suitable unless drained.
It is found that the high, sandy soil
will give good crops, but if not rich in
potash they must be made so with
proper fertilizers. Ashes and salt have
been very successfully used with this
Potatoes planted in summer for home
use may be mulched with great benefit.
Covering the surface of the grouud
near the roots enables tho sou to retain
its moisture much longer than if not
covered, it checks the evaporation and
also condenses the moisture of the air
so that it passes under the material
used for mulching, thus keeping a re
serve stock of moisture for the roots to
appropriate as needed. Mulching is
not only nature's restorer, but its pro
tector also.
When the potatoes are out of the
ground the best way to keep them is
to raise a bed nearly a foot above the
level of the ground ; put the potatoes
on this bed, eover with dirt, and then
build a potato-bin over them to koep
off the rain. This is far preferable to
the northern cellar, where the potatoes
and other vegetables he and rot, gener
ating a deadly atmosphore that per
vades the house and is breathed into
the system of all the inmates, and de
veloping, is known by the namej of
typhoid, bilious and malarial levers
Good vegetable land is usually a me
dium betwoen the high and the low
pine lands. Potatoes take a largo por
cent, of potash from the land and re
turn but little to it ; for this reason the
food supply must be kept up or the
land will be impoverished. The tops
contain considerable fertilizing matter
and should be gathered for the oom
iiont hoan.
It will be seen by the above that this
crop does well on different soils and is
therefore, not a difficult one to grow,
If, therefore, you plant anything, try
the Irish potato for home use, it nom
ine more. Burnt lands are good, and
with plenty of potash and moisture ap
plied, they will most likely make you a
satisfactory crop.
Cheap Food for Hoe.
The four great foods for hogs are
wtv Mover, milk and bran. With
those foods hoes can be raised oconom
ically and at a good profit, even if
cholera c!ocb come occasionally. Corn
is the cheapest and best food for fat
tening, and it is tho cheapest to form
the bulk of the winter r.ition for grow'
ine stock. Men go Uo far, however,
wIiaii tliev uso it alone as a growing
ration. It needs the muscle and bone-
forming material of some food as bran
;ib- i nnnnlnment it. Clover is
the chean and practicle food with
which to form the bulk of the ration
fnr Mioats and hogs during summer,
if n,U the addition of corn when
summer fattening is desired, and must
bo supplemented by milk, bran and
nnrn fiir thn best erowtli of sows with
vounz pics. Milk is eminently the
wnimff Til y fond, but it id valuable in
Lilimr with AnV other ration. o
other food stimulates the growth of
pigs like sweet skim-milk, and no other
food aids the hog more in producing
fat from a ration consisting mainly of
Knm Rran is merelv a supplemental
food in most cases and serves to balance
the food ration when feeding corn or
iw aiArMiv mod. whether feeding
VHIU sj v..- t .
a r.iinnitirt nmnlal
growing or a maiunt miwuu's """-'
There are 117 office! and men at
the Boice, Idaho, barracks.
It. E. BybeeV fine horse Mark Twain,
valued at $5,000, died at Spokane
Montana mines paid 13,152,673 in
dividends for the first nine months of
the present year. ,
An underground river was struck in
the Original Butte mine, Montana, at
a depth of 150 feet.
Ex-Senator D. J. Creiiihton, con-
i.- .1,1 i..f..:.:.. chums to have found
uvUU,, ...mwu8 w.vw. Tcju o( harJ COiij
m. anwvicn, a despondent glove
finisher, suicided by shooting himself
through the body with a revolver at
San Francisco.
Grace, the three-year old daughter
of Samuel E. Holden, fell fourteen feet
Baker City has 3100 population.
The Odd Fellows of Salem have in
stituted an encampment at Dallas.
The postotllco nt Mount Pleasant,
Linn county, has been discontinued.
An effort is being made to organize
a tire company at Bums, Grant
James lviley has boen apiniintod
postmaster at Coburg, and John B.
Scott at Moro.
Jaoob Johnson, of Clackamas station,
ou his farm a
The general fund of the Slate is ex
hauated, and the eulom banks are
cashing warrants.
Tho corn crop in Jackson county is
considered of an excellent qualitv, and
lt'l'L I .... - - '
throueh a akvlieht at Nana. CL. uml 10 c4.ieu,
died from her injuries. A. new postotliee has been established
. at wesnawin, i uianiooK county, wun
l. l. n ...... - .. . -
mill, at Ghmhraok. NVv.. waa d.'slmv.! "irM" 1 1 113 1uiimut.
. ' ... . ni. - t i i. . . . i . l
bv fire. JiOcs SJU.0OO. nartiallv in- nuvnier in i ucunanuw, n siuo uo-
sured. Tho eompany will rebuild at K1"00 01 tlie. Kwlmon, for ladies, has
once. 1X011 organizeu at jacKsonvino,
The first church built at Itolvn. W. Shed Glenn accidently shot and
T.. Dantint in denomination, waa killed himself at tho military road
recontly dodical!, aud tho Catholics WP ale, Malheur county,
and Presbyterians are now making John Eggers killed a California lion
ready to build. in the mountains near Callahan's mill,
Axel Peterson, a respected young I'oughw county, that weighed about
man, 30 years of age, committed sui- iw pounus,
cido at Valleio, Cal., by cuttiug his It is estimated that fully 500,000
throat and the arteries iu his left wrist, buuhols of wheat is stored in Pendlo'
The cause is unknown. ton warehouses waiting for an im
J. C.Simon.of San Francisco, jumped provementof the market,
or feu from the steamer 1 ledmont cuward l erry, a sailor belonging to
when near Goat Island. A boat was the ship Merom, jumped into the river
put out, but the man sank aud the at Astoria to show bystanders how he
body was not recovered. could swim, and was drowned,
The Presbyterian sy.iod of the Co- A Building and Loan Association
lumbia. consisting of all the Presby- has been organized at La Grande. The
terian ministers and ruling elders of capital stock is IflW.OUO, divided into
each church in Oregon, Idaho, v ash- OUO nhares of a par value of If JOt) each.
mgtonand Alatka, met at lacoma, The Secretary of the Treasury has
W. T. appointed Frank Carlson assistant
A seaman named Patrick Denihu, lighthouse keeper of the station at Cape
empleyed on the steamer Wellington, Arago, Oregon, vice Thomas Browu,
dropied a bucket into the water at removal.
San Francisco, and. on hauling it up, i ue proposed new ranroaa line irom
discovered a human skull iu the Forest Grove to Astoria will tap what
bottom. is admitted to be the finest Ixxiy of fir
a u nt wpirhinir twentv-two "d cedar timber in the Northwest,
" "bb- " --a o i . . i
and one-half ounces, value! at S.jOO. sajs an excuange.
the largest ever found in Idaho, was V m. Dillon, who murdered Charles
nicked un bv Georiro Liles out of his Mancietit in a Portland saloon, has
placer claim at Atlanta, Altura been found guilty of murder in the
ftli,ntv. second degree anu somencou to tiio
W. W.Mow. a 9vear-old boy. was penitentiary ior me.
drowned while bathing at the Pacifio Mrs. Henry Warner, of Kollogg,
Mail dock, Sau Francisco, lie was Douglas county, had the thumb ot the
taken out, but all attempts to resusoi- left hand torn off by a horse she was
tate him failed. He died after being leading with a rope around her hand,
removed to his home. suddenly jumping to one iido.
A cougar caught and killed Duff Hugo Fredorick, a hand at Allon
Greene's fine pointer dog on balmon Perkins' sawmill, Onoatta, was caught
river, and the varmint only released by a belt and carried over the flywhwl
its hold when the canine's ownor shoved aud crushed to death. He was 55
the muzzle of his gun into his hido yoars of age, and loaves a wife and
and blow him to pieces. seven children
David James, a miner, was killod in There are sixty-one persons in Jack-
the Kennedy mine at Jackson, Cal. son county receiving pensions, and the
Ho was descending the shaft to com- iunount Paid to them for the quarter
menco work, and getting out at tho ending Juno 3, 1887, was $1,911. Total
100-foot lovel, ho thoughtlessly steppou y,Aii m the state for the samo quarter
wrong, and leu zuu ieet. was JfrJ.o'JS Zj.
Alexander Abernathy was Killed out-
Vow nmdo in storms aro forgot
ten i.i culms.
Never neglect your life; It l. the
seed of tho fntmv; it Is the hope of tho
world. Ir. Jon'itl IWktr.
It is difficult for a drinking man
to hold his brualh; It is genemlTy too
strolls for li i m. Texu Sihnqi.
-There is talk of inakiiij' a new
cable pool. What's tho nuttier with
the Atlantic O.-oan? I'hiUnLlphM In-(jitinr.
A Dakota female seminary has
just ordered another ton of spruce i;iim
and formed a society to boycott young
men who use tobacco.
A medical journal advises a lump
of tee on the head in caso of fever. A
lump on ilin head has been known to
cure base-ball fever.
I have no more pleasure in hear
ing a man attempting wit, ami failing,
than In seeing a man try to leap over a
ditch, and tumbling into it. Johntoik
"No, Algernon, I ean not marry
vou. 1 ana will not allow it. tiy
not?" ''Because, ho says you are an
ueior." "Your father is much kinder
than tho press." Washington Critic.
Sho "Hero conies Masher; why
is he so cool to you now?" lie 'Be
cause ho tried to cut mo out with the
girl I've since nianiel.'' Sho "But
why nro.yoii so savage with him?" He
"Bi cause ho didn't succeed." Life
Every man who succeeds, Inclines
to tako all tho credit to his own abil
ity, shrewdness, industry; but when ho
fails, ho lays tho hlanio wholly upon
other, upon circumstances, upon fate.
How inconsistent we all are In this
in at tor! Golden Rule.
Purchaser ' Tleuso glvo mo ono
quart of whisky for mechanical pur
poses." Druggist "What kind of
mechanical purposes?" Purchaser
"For soaking roots." Druggist (aft-r
giving' him tho liquor) "What kind of
roots?" Purchaser (skipping) "Tho
roots of the tongue." Vhiemjo Tribum
I like children I like them, and I
respect them. Pretty much all the
honest . truth-telling there is in the
world I dono by them. Do you
know they play tho part lit tho house
hold which tho king's jester, who very
often had a mighty long head under
his cap and bells, used to play for a
monarch. O. 11'. Holmes.
"Where did you get all thnso but
tons?" asked a lady of a little boy w ho
had a thousand or more on a string.
"Why." was the reply, "don't you
know pa is n minister? "lea, re
turned the lady, "but what has that to
lo wiih It?" "Every thing," said tho
hov. "because ho has the sortlnsr of
tho collection basket." The Epoch.
O nahaMan (in Pari) "Do you
mean to say you do not admho Anior
ican women?" French m an "They
are rather protty to look at, but I do
not liko their voices." "What Is tlio
matter with them? ' "Their voices nro
harsh." "O, well, you probably heard
some of them talkliiff to each other
hunt soino other woman." Omaha
"Tho money wasted In wnrso than
useless flic-works In our elly, writes
the astute editor, "would novo bun-
reds of tho poor and needy from
starvation. Will people never learn
tho judicious uso of money? Here,"
0, C. B R. TIM8 TABLE.
Mull Train xorlh. V II A u.
Mall train wulh. iiH r. M.
orncK hours, epoehecity posTumci.
Omuiral HrliTdr). from 1 A. M. to 7 r. M.
Money Orlr, fram 7 a. M. lo 4 e. M.
H'KiitT, from 7 A. u. tu!i v. M.
Mailt fur north clow at 0 U a. m.
.Mailt fur Homo eloar at I:!)!1. M.
Mailt for Kraukliu i1um at 7 a. M. Mamiaf
u1 Tliunular.
Mailt for .MaM close at 7 a. m. Monday and
Mails for OartwrluM eloe 7 A. M. Monday.
Physician and Surgeon.
I lull day or nlKM.
OrKM-u-ftislalni In llayt" hrlek: ortmm M
fnuuil ai tC It. I.IU'kojr & I I (IroK tiara. OdlM
hours: S lo !'. M 1 lo 1 1". U., S to I'. M.
work narruiittul.
IjtiiKliliiir tfiw ahiiliiUtered for polnfoai a.
trai'lion of Uflh.
Marple, the convicted murderer of
Corker, having beon resentenced to
death by Judge Boise, the warrant of
execution has Ix'eu caused by him to
read November 11, upon which date
Marplo will suffer the full puualty of
the law
At tho annual meeting of the Ash
Pnitivatino' beets should be
i . v. , n --
done, as they will continue w
until the frost snau appear.
are rensneu vy uhk'-----"
winter, and plenty ot tnem snou.u uc
stored away. Carrots should also re
ceive attention.
Give the late cabbages a good culti
vation or hoeing as often as it can be
conveniently done. There is no crop
that reponds so quickly to cultivation
at the cabbage, and where the land
hii been well manured it is a PJS
ritiht while sharpening a tool on an
emerv wheel at 8an Francisco. The
whee was revolving at such a rapiu
rate that it split in twain, aud one half
crushed the skull of the operator.
crowd of Indians from Shasta
county were employed to pick grapes
on the Vine ranch in Tehama county, hami Stock Protective Association, the
a . . I '
Cal. For some cause niostot them followinir officers were elected for the
contracted a kind of cholera, and since current year : President, Philander
their return thirteen ot tnem nave Powell; vice-president, t. U. Kings-
died, bury ; secretary and treasurer, D. (i
The shin Occidental, with coal from Spencer,
Cardiff to Acapulco, has arrived at A bilverton paper sayi that sweet
Port Townsend, W. T. On March 16, potatoes exhibited at the Butto fair
Captain Williams was murdered by a made such a good showing in size and
.0min named .lohnaon. Johnson was flavor that the farmers who have a
lf in aharim of the Amsriean consul sandy bottom soil feel that they can bo
at Valparaiso. profitably raked in this state, and next
The wife of Manuel Gomez, living X' 'e,rf , P'O"'1'" uu
nor P..Ulnma. f!a .. left her four "lrKo yiciu oi cau-hv... ru.
months-old babo in a cradle, attended Tho diseaso called blackleg, so fatal
by its little brother, and went into the to cattle, lias mado its appearance near
yard for some purpose. The little boy Baker City, and several head have died
i;rhj1 a rnnilln and net tiro to the from its eftects. Mr. h. li. Maker lost
cradle and baby. The mothor rushed six head, Mr. John Pay ton several, and
to iU assistance, but the child was so so on wun otnor cauio owners, a no
badlv burned that it died. disease attacks principally the young
The heirs of Thos. H. BIythe, the iat eiwu, too u.u co.-s h
j i ,o f.w..i n..,n,. erany.
jl, v. iUULIlcj tiiuu nt 1110 iiv7iiio un
Matney flat, near Arlington. The
cause of liu death was the result of an
accident which befell him whilo he
was hanling wood a few days before lie
died. His horses had balked on
grade, and in getting them started lie
fell undnr thn tiruke-lilock under the
The bodies of Mrs. Peavy anil her wa,,0n. as it was movine.
T 1. innn niAnflia r)tilil 1 i ' i TUT Wllllin I
L ,;u,nunsm(.t'ma.i,m T,!l,n. The Douglas County Fruit Growers'
were discovered at their home mur- Association me at uie t-uun
....! i.m.f. i Koseburg, and a permanent organua-
vr atrni?clo evidentlv took iilace. Bs ,lu" "BO ; c.i.-vV..e ,""-
The free use of insect powder in the
stables will greatly lesson the annoy
ance to stock from flies, but the stalls
and doors should be kept clean. Duet-
ne the legs of horses wun carooiaw
lime will aia
from insects,
in preventing
i mixture of marl, wood ashes and
rich earth makes an excellent manure
for voung trees. No animal manure
fhould be used unless it be completely
Grass is the natural food for the pig,
which should bave pl.aiy cf groen
food of sods kii.
selves into a company called the BIythe
Company, for the purpose of avoiding
delays and other complications arising
from the death oi any ot tho iiiytno
heirs. The capital stock is two and a
hair million dollara. divided into a
hundred thousand shares of $25.
the mother's hands were cut to the
bone in crabbing the assassin's knife.
The husband was away from home.
The bodies had been murdered five
days before discovered. Indians are
suspected to nave been the perpe
ine nameu omcers: u. w. juuuio
president; H. Adams, vice-president
Wm. U. Winston, secretary; J. r inner
treasurer; W. V. Johnson, A. J. Bel
lows and F. Ward, directors,
Mr. Ramsey, who was digging a well
at Moro, Wasco county, met with
Edward A. Stevenson, Governor of serious accident which will probably
T.kho. has submitted his annual report cost him his life. He had to use pow-
to the Secretary of the Interior, and der in digging the well. He says that
trives the following statistics: Popu- the fuse he used in the Mast was very
lation, UTuO, an increase of 04,000 hard,
ami that he broke the same
nvpr iSiW: aeseasea valuation oi taa- iiibm;u ju iuiuoi,
able property, f 20,441,PJ2, aa increase the Mast did not explode, mat tne ouir
,A S (M)0.0(si over Liat vear: number side end of the fuse had been lit, instead
of cattle,412,3G3; sheep,C0218; hogs, of the blast end, he went to the well
Mill! horw s. 132.422. The loss of to hsjk down, as ne um so tne oiast
stock last winter will not exceed 2J exploded, and a piece of rock about
per cent The production of gold, the sue oi a nens egg, sirucn mm just
silver and lead during the year ended at the base of the nose. The rock was
September 30 is estimated by the assay buried its full depth, forcing the left
office as follow: Gold, Z, eye out oi us aoeaat, anu uur.iiuj ui.
ailver, 1,63,160 ; load, f 2,1,0W. I ball.
Justiceof the Peace.
and (anna. t'ollocllona urumuila aa.
k-mltsl to.
It KMimcNCK -Corner Kl.renth and lllx Sa
Kinfaiie City, Ort'ifou.
ltopnlrlnif of Wnlohra and Cloeka
riiHMitcil itli piiiiuiualUy and at a
rvatoiiatile roat.
Wlllaiarlte Htrret. Kucrne Vlty, r.
Braahrs, I'alnta, Ulaaa, Otla, I,
Phy.lolana' PrMorlptlona Crxcpoundad.
C. 31. 1IOIIIV,
Practical Gunsmith
o continual, turning to tho ollloo
. . at . a 111.
toy, "take tno mgircst nn au inero
and go get It full of beor. Hustle
ourself, heeaiiso I m dry.
: r- ..r:
A little girl who abides with her
parents iu West Onondaga street was
reprimanded the other day for conduct
which her mother did not think imeanin
Tlio little one, who tonk refuge
u the nursery to shed her tears, was
hortly afterward overheard Indulging
in a soliloquy. "Mamma is real mean,
she said, "and I don't like her any
more. No, 1 don't. If she didn't live
hero, 1" with emphasis on tho first
person, singular number "shouldn't
nvitw hr t enmn w my House.
Flailing Tavklo and Material
SewiB2 MacHincsanlNceaiesof All Kinds DrSalc
Repairing done Ik ths'neateat style an4
Quni Loaned and Ammunition FornJihsi
8hop on Willamette Stroet, oppoalte FtWPa4
Boot and Shoe Store.
A. HUNT, Proprietor.
Vj Km flrsland third Veluudayi in cacli
CrUNCKU I1UTTK UlllliK NO. 9, 1. O. O. F.
O Maela evury Tuesday evening.
f V Mi-r' mi tba locond and fourth Weduea-
daya In eauti monlli.
o II
fourtu fridaya lu monlli
Tnnr.NE i.odk no. s.
I j Meota at Mawuilo Hall the locond and
o. V. w,
M. W.
at Mammlo Mult the rlml and third Fri
day! of each month, iiyonler. Commanukk.
d tlilnl Hut unlay evening
Maaouio Hall. Uy order of U. G,
ulxht hi Odd Kellowa'
W. U. T.
1 arery baturuay
Ij at t heC. I'. ( hurcli every Hunuay alter
Doonatl.30. Vleltora made welcome.
Eugene City Business Directory
BETTMAK. O.-Dry K'da, lothln, ifroiwlea
and Kitaeral men-hami lo, xjuUihorI corner,
WlllaniHtteand Kitflith atreata
fP.AIN' Rltim.-Draluni In tewelrr. watnhea
cluckiaiid nominal linitruini-nu, luanieiie
atreet, belwwn Hovonth and Kifhth.
rillKNULY. 8. H.-Ih-aW In dry mod a. cloth
lux and veaeral nircliaiiuw, luameiie
stroet, butwran Kiglith and Ninth.
Oll.r J. P.-t'liynlclan- and unrn. Wlllam
elle tnwt, blwven aevenui aim r-ignm.
IIOIlKS.C.-Keppaon hnl1 1" wlnaa, llniiom.
clirara and a pool anl iiiiuaru lame, "main
elle tn-U Iwtwecn Kixhth and Ninth.
HORN, rilAH. M.-Giinmlth. iiflaand ihnt-
iruni. hroecli and muzzle loailcni, for Mia.
Itcpalrins done in the natt atyle and war-
ranUtd. hliop on Minn street.
LUCKEY. J. B.-Wachniaker and tflwoler,
knriManne slix-k of khk1i In lilt line, n lllam
tu mrl, in tiuwurui aru tuirr.
McCI.AItEN. JAMES-Cholca wlnea. llnnnra
andrlvara, Willanietleetreet, between fclglilh
and .Ninth.
P(WT OrEirE-A nw atork of aUndard
school books J oat raoeired at the poat ottloa.
RHINEIIART, J. B.-Ho. slirn andcrriai
DlnUr. Work anananied Brnt-claaa 8'wl
aold at Wwer rauua Xhuk by aiione to Ktifc-cns,
Will hen after ksp s ootnpleU stook at
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Sliocs!
Slippers, White and Black, Sandals,
And in fact everything In the Hoot and
Hlioe lintt. to whirh 1 Intend to devote)
uiy unuocliil attention.
A nd if uarantwd aa rnprearntml, and wfli
Ihi wild for the lowest prices that a food,
article vau be afforded.
A.. Hunt.
Central Market,
Will keep constantly on hand fall Npaiy at
Which they will aril at the lowaet
market prlooa
A fair share of the public patronatre aoUottad
W will pay the htichnst market prio lor fa4
cattle, Loa-s and sheep.
Shop on Willamette Street,
Usata MtTVrai. at any part of tba dty fre
Of cWye. )aaJ4
3'iner of the freight train..