The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, May 01, 1886, Image 5

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    L. J L. !.
Vegan Kidney Cure.
foster kid 8,,,ve l Fr'1'"'1'
rtaii Dr J Taylor f"r de,,ti,,tr
Cued "I'' cheaP '"r c1' at Mat)of k''
(im Kidney T cure all kidney trouble
The stroet sprinkler has sgaia started up.
A Inebt of Eastern bats just received at
,1 stock's-
pity acrei of fiue land fur sale. Inquire of
; i Coleman.
The I 0 0 F Grand Lodge will convene at
ie palles May 18th.
(jjg-m Kidney Tea in tlie best known rem
ly for kidney trouble
Summer wr.ips. Ladies call at Friendly'i
torand examine them.
Matlock U receiving a large line of new dree
a,i Give him a call.
Shirid Campbell bai posted tlie election
otili required by law.
jii and cold baths every day In the week
j jiry Htra's barber shop.
Th Gi'Aitr dne all kinds of job printing
h-Ajer than Portland price.
Yau can purchase Waltham watche at
0 tVatts'rom $10 and upward.
Tk s bricVwork or the first atory of It M
, ' building has been completed.
y . r Henderson Have received from, the
I a complete line f window shades.
i you want btWtk to upend the long
; y eveningsgivta Sterling Hill a otll.
; i the new advertisement of the Benicia
' mltural Works in another column.
If V1 hardware at reasonable prices
jil at the store of 1'ritu'hett & Forkncr.
rlbrohU-ries a specialty at Friendly',
xits step in the store and look at them.
f;i your bed room sets, lounges, mat
uJei and furniture of Day & Henclurson.
Ml Geo FCraw has the sole agency for all
,riX of the celebrated Tansil Punch Cigars.
Site our last issue a marriage license has
x- Jissued M Albert W Norton and B
Stirling Hill keejw in stock an excellent
,w.jtmeiit of good r.ala'de work Give
situ a call.
k?M farm for raising stock nr grain for
ulsfon reasonable terms. Inquire of Judge
Tie sarvices of a registered thoroughbred
Trriv boll may be s-eured by calling m Mr
.( t Perkins a'uiile below town.
Flesh vegetables, raised by Frank Marion,
rilljhe furnished every Tuesday and Saturday
it A Goldsmith's grocery store.
JV Campbell, formerly of Junction, baa
cej nnminat -d by the Josephine county
publicans for C-iinty Treasurer.
l you are in want of agricultural niaehin.
ry!nt any kind, remember that Mr J M
Hendricks keeps a full assortment
Mr S II FrieniHv haa just, received nil iu
.nice of ladi-s kill cloves direct from the East,
md they ar.i the finest "in the land."
Jfr.f H Trombb-r, off.Optri, v. ill lecture
n this c'ty the coming week. Subject, "An
t!irMolog)r." For articular see bills.
i great many imiiiii.'1-.mts aro coining into
Sis State. They should he considerately
U'i :e I aid assists I in litidiug homes.
crliug Hill, at til postntfee, takes sub-
-i lions for marly every newspaper and
rr j.lieal in America, at the publishers rates.
IinnMnSer, yo i c-n purchase Juti-e
1 k suinmons, civil and criminal subpoenal
',( complaints at the GUAM) office at Portland
ri es.
' lie finest and largest lot of window shades
evi brought to Kugeiie will arrive on Tiles.
Jaj's freight, from New York. Call and
leeithem at Friendly',
Tlie total amount of the city taxes in Pm-t-is
S135.110 45. Of this amount there has
If 115,81-1 70 collected, and there remains
5112T1.75 delinquent
Mr W T Ca npbell will remove the old
Uiiienblatt building to the rear of the lot
ncit week, to make room for a handsome
brfck to be ereotod by Mr J I) Matlock.
I nr dyspepsi i, headai-he and all disorders
srilini from a disordered stoma' h. D Haven's
I)jtip"Pi (lure is an infallible remedy. Try
it Slid be convinced. For sale by
I Osni'ltx 4 Co.
The Odd Fellows celebration at Coburg
! Monday was largely attended. The
mjsia by the Fireinens Band was especially
g-d. The exercise were ei joyed by all.
t'ntil further notice the undersigned will
4 Pioneer white lead at 7 ctsj boiled oil
tithe can, 70 cts j raw oil by the can, 65
ct net cash. OxRUim ft Co,
1 U. R. Luckrv Co.
Xt Matlock's very fine line of ladies
s'fes of the-yeelebrated H D Holbrook make,
' wot from Ue-'Emttm man'ifacturer. The
tiiM of Itne county would m well to call at
Matlock's store and examine these goods.
f)n and after April 1st the undersigned
Mil commence doing business on a
rfuly pay basis, selling goods for cash or
fluce only. All purchasers will Kud it to
r interest to call aud get prices.
J. i. Matlock.
Mr Robt Parker, an employe of Mnlgley
Itysinger' planing mill, experienced a
Jvere accident io the factory Monday morn
iug by gettinir his foot into a belt, badly
ssrsiuing the ankle joint and bruising the
bJnh. Fortunately the belt was lose or else
might have lost his leg or probably hi
W- Dr liar is dressed the wound and the
Jitient ia getting along as well as o-.ild be
IOn last Monday, say the West Side, a
ther respectable looking struck the
jb town of, and immediately
fommenced rilling np with the "0! be joy-
Pd,"aud before night lccame'n happy that : eicellent w
fUrshal Bohanuoo ld him to the cooler.
Vo Tuesday mornin; he appeared before his ! cuit c urt M,lllay Wm WeM.,an.l pieau guilty 10 . lm;lle)l
V"rge 01 neing drunk ami nresen up. im
tsted that he was Dr Hoard who killed a
FM while under the iufueuce of liquor at
l ottace (irnve last Auuust. He hail been
prscticing hi pr-des-i 111 in the vicinity i f
f heri-lau and had come to Independence to
I'k for a location, bnt hi old anpetite had
ttti him. As he was dead broke th-i
pdsynr duchsred him, on the c litinu
?hat he would lesve the town, w hich he
trnmised, saying: "If the people l.erc duu't
jui me 1 guess I d better go.
Prohibition County Convention.
The Prohibition County Convention nut
in Kugeiuj City, Thurday, April 2'J, lSSli, at
111 A M.
Called to order by Chairman K P Hender
son. Minutes of Inst meeting of convention
read and adapted.
tn.iiimttee on Credentials reported ad
ditional delegate from Wild Cat, Mohawk
and Springfield.
Motion made that a committee of bve be
appointed on nomination of omcera. The
following persona were appointed as su'ih
committee; V Mot'lure, L B Rowland.
Harlow, J. V, W'hitmore, Palmer Ayres. (
On motion adjourned until 1 P M. :
Convention r.-vinhled at I p m.
On motion . I W Whitmoro was invited t
rupresenl Mohawk preeinet.
.Mr I. I liovu.ind iii"Ved that the Conven
tion lAljourn without nominating a ticket;
The committee on platform reported the
following, which wa adopted:
Whehkas, The leu-alized traffic) in intoxicit-
ir.; liipiors is sulieersive of the best interests
of our beloved country, is a growing and con
stant menace to our free institutions, heing
the nio.t fruitful source of crime, pauperism,
insanity aud unjust taxation, the enemy of the
home and k'ood morals, complin- 'he lullot
and seftiiu at iletiance the laws of State
aud mtti. in, brutal iiiug and destroying many
ot our best men, bringing poverty, anguish
ami untold hardships upon many ot our purest
and noblest, tlie lite blood that
courxes in the veins of many of the rising gen
eration in shod, proving itself to be an un
mitigated curse, fostering as a withering blight,
iMMiii every interest dear to the American peo
ple, and
NHBRKAfl, The continuance ot tins terrible
evil aud nuisance rests with the voters of our
country, and
hkiikas. lioth the old parties have proven
themselves either afraid of the saloon power
oi opiosel to prohibition as a temperance
measure, wnicu in euner casti reu'irra vnnii
unfit to subserve the best interests of the
American people; therefore be it,
Kkmolvkii First That e aie unalterably
opposed to any coalition or compromise with
any man or party whereby the least concession
is made to the liquor power, and that w stand
firmly by tho piineipleof absolute prohibition
of the manufacture, sale and importation of
intoxicating liipiors, and that we press its
claims upon all classes of people
S nil That it is the duty of the next Leu-
Mature to prohinit the traltic in intoxicating
liquors in the State by statutory law, and we
ilemrtnl the sebmisslou of tlie pending amend
ment at a special election, if coimtitutioual.
Third - That evei v l.onet elbnt be made to
enforce the pres.-n' liquor laws until the neces
sary measures can bs se'mred through the Lei;
islature and M'opls to t itally prohibit the
Fourth -That industrial and moral worth,
and not wealth, is the true standard of indi
vidual and national Krcatuess.
Kifih That we are opno-ed to the intmiluo
tion of a Bvstem of Chinese or other foreign
slaverv, the labor of which lends to reduce our
race to a kind of seifdom and teach the rising
generation that labor is lUgrndin-, and we
d inan 1 that the importation of forei0n labor
b- ii i' ii i lit e I.
Sixth That we deprecate the attempt to
denn.iietize silver: mid that all paper iinni-v
should be isiie,l ilireetly by the government,
and not for the beii.dit of national banks.
.Seventh -That the public lands, the ln-rit -;,'
of the peple, be reserved for actual settlers,
an! that nil lauds now h-ld for specrlalivc
pni'imsi s be taxed to their full value.
Kighth That we demand protection bv law
aitainst unjust oppression mid discrimination
I iv corporate pow- r.
Nihth That the stability of the irovcrnment
depends u the intelli,'. i:.v, morality, virtue
and education of the people, and that we de
mand an absolute free school n t. in.
Tenth-'I 'hat no citizen slion d l.e debarred
from a full exercise of the elective franchise on
account of propi-rtv qualiti nt i-(.
CoiiimitUe, I I'' W,
V S Mi-l'l.ntf,
.1 P I'M Mill,
The following tidat win then selected:
Roscoe Knox, of Cr ssw. 11.
V S MoClur-. of Spriii-'.iel.l.C II Wail.n e,
of Cottai!" (ir.ive. .1 P Taylor, of
lirove, J W Wiiitnioro, of Mohawk
Hit Kit IFF.
Left vacant to be tilled by
consisting ol C A Wnoley, J
a committee
C Kiciiard-
sou aud M H Harlow.
Calvin Hauna, of Kugene.
A C Jennings, of Irving, and M H Har
low, of .Spriugiiuld.
L II (.lowland, of Kugeno.
Palmer Ayres of Splint: field.
Minerva Starr, June wo.
Ilcv C A Woiilty, ot Kugmie.
Dr .1 W Harris, ..f Cottage (.rove.
On motion, adjourned s ne die.
Convicted ask Skktkscf.d - List Mon
day James Burns and James I icon were
tried in the Circuit Court for the crime of
burglary, committed at Latham a short time
since by breaking into a China house and
t aliiiL- therefrom a 52 7a pistol. Tbo jury.
after hearing the case, brought in a verdict
of uullty. V eilnesday morning junge man
sentenced ech of the parties to three years
in the penitentiary. They were taken ti
the penitentiary at Salem last Wednesday
by Deputy Sherill Cochran.
Baptist Ciiiitcti Regular services at
the Baptist Church next Sunday at 11 am,
and 7:30 p in. In the morning the pastor
will begin a short series cf sermons to Young
.Christians. Subject next Sunday evening,
"The (ireat Decision." Young peoples
meeting at fi:.10.
A Fine Meat Market. Messr Fisher &
Watkins have removed to their new shop
. .1 t i, . 1. 1 : .!. 'I 1. ..
one door norro 01 it annus one. it
market is one of the finest in th ) State out
ide of Portland, and is a credit to the city
awl the gentlemanly pmpiietor. Tbey are
deserving of a liberal patronage of the pen
pie. Piano Tcsisti. Mr J P Thomson, the
piano tu er is again in town, ami is pre
pared to do a l work in bis line. He is an
rkman and guarantees his work.
Hohannnn li him to the cooler. i. r.
L AI.Mtrn il TO l ITliRN-llll". iu nil vir
a na-
to Cltl-
zenship ' f the United Stats-.
Sold. Mr James Ca nplM-11 has sold his
h .use and lot on Oak street, just islli of
the Croner residence, t" Josephine Cardwell
Price paid, ?1, 000.
t r. .1... ...... -'1 IH-tt.
the w.O of Alex Cc! Hii.e, a. laughter.
iThat is the reiJon Alex s".. ps so high.
Circuit Court.
Court virtually closed last Wednesday, but
the journal is still kept open to cuter up
orders. Since last week's issuu the follow
ing cases h ive been disposed of:
(ieo lielshaw v (Irant Osburn; suit inequity
to dissolve partnership. Judgment for pllf in
ths sum of 1,K17 4tt aud cosu and execution
thereon, and that partnership be dissolved.
(.'ha Parsons et at vs H-jnry Parsons; suit
for partition of real estate. Granted. Or
dered that property be sold at public salo, and
8 B Uukiu, Jr, appointed rrlerree.
State of Oregon v James X i.uper; charge
of arson. Not a true hill
State of Oregon vs James N Luier; charge
of larceny. Venlict by jury of tint guilty.
Stat- of Oreifim vs John Ileverly; selling
larcf without license. Not a true hill.
S-tate Insurance Co vs Roscoe Knox; to re
ed er money. Nonsuit.
, James N l.uper vs Samuel Meek; suit for
dam ues. Continued.
11 J and W 11 I'eiigra vs 0 and M .T Mnll.
nan; to recover money. ,itM,'iiieiiv or invh
an I costs aud for execution on attached pro-
.losie Lambert vs G K. Lauibvrt; suit for di
vorce. 1 1 ran ted.
W H McCnniack, receiver, s Geo 8 ash-
burne et al; to recover money. Receiver Mc
Cornack liles his reisrt and uprm the filing of
plff's receipt is dlscnaiged fioni liability.
State of Oregon vs Juo Uurns ami James
Itreans; larcenr in dwelling hows. Vkrdicl
of guilty. lfendants senteuosxl to three yean
each in the peniteutiaryi
Wm Welch, a native ot ureal urilain, was
admitted to citizenship Monday,
, Cottage Grove Items.
Cottaue Ghovr, April 28, 1S8.
Apple orchards are white with bossoms.
Mr (ieorge Diy, of Cresswell, was in town
Rev Sneed, of Eugene, was in town the
lirst of the week.
Mr Cy Miller and wife left here Tuesday
afternoon for Paisley.
delightful weather; frost Tuesday and
Wednesday mornings.
The foundation of Whipple Broa' new store
has laid some time.
The protracted meeting held here the past
week closed Tuesday evening, with lint a
Rev C A Wnoley was in town Friday and
Saturday uutil train time, when be It-It for
liost burg.
Messrs Stanley, McLaughlin, Ws Chris
man, L 11 Wharton and the latter' two
sous, left lor Lakeview Tuesday.
A party was given at the Whipplo Hall
Monday evening in honor of the parties that
left for Kuatern Oregon Tuesday.
Mr John Sherwood had the misfortune to
lose, one of Ins ringers jne doy last week, by
oetting it crushed I a heavy piece of lim
ber. Mr .Icto'iic Knox arrived here on the 2 1th
direct ti- Lakeview. lie says it was quite
a i.oi-'i trip across the mountains. He
came by stage to Ashland.
Mr I) Iv diaries arrived here to-day di.
red fn in For; Wayne, Indiana He is vis
itni,: at Mr Hon Slavics, lie says there bad
ml iieeii a furrow plowed, and that snow
was on the ground mIicii he lctt two weeks
Final Report of Grand Jury.
In the Circuit Court for Lant County, Ore-
te, the trand jury in and for Lane County
it the Anril tot in of the nl ove court, lHtHi, do
h-reby make the foil.ovin,' report: We have
e.iin:nd the vaiions public otlices of Lane
Coimtv, including the Sheriff's, Clerk's mid
Treesnier's orti.'es, and we find each of said
oHicc" n.'.'it an. I oi.lerly aud the records thereof
ill (I '-1 state of preservation, That w have -d l !ie pul'I'.c i ill mid hnd it Well kept,
but. w,) wish In rep u l that th.i mine i in
secure and insiloicien! lor th" safe keeping of
priviiieis; that, we have ex iniincd the various
coiiimittiiicnu ivfore us. and having mane our
report in regard thereto, now ask to be dis
charged. J. A. Khhr:it, Foreman.
Jvpoe Deapy'i Lwtl-hf.s. Judge M I'
)ely will begin lecturing to the State
University law school on "Constitutional
jw" shortly. Wednesday evening he de
livered'a special lecture on the Laud Laws
nf Oregon. He named the three systems
donation. nreemptio and homestead
under which laud was taken np and held,
and commented mi the merits of each. "Our
lirst system was by doiiuliou under the pro
visional government when every inan got
(ill) acres As civili.iituui progressed, the
ore uni.tioii and h mestcad acts passed ami
the aim u lit 4 land was cut down so there
might be sullhient for everybody."
A "News'' If em. The Baker City Daily
Sage Brush publishes to the world the follow,
ing piece of "new-," "J Whiteaker has re
centlv been appointed Internal Revenue Col
lector for the district of Oregon." Now the
writer has a faint recollection of having made
such a statement as the almre through the
c ilumiks of this paper some time dnring the
"warm spell" of 1885 and feels safe in saying
that other papers made the same statement.
Han John Whiteaker is at present and has
been for some lime in possession nf the Collec
torship for ti. yon, but it has not been loin
since his cuulii 'nation by the Senate. -Salem
WHAUA-Capt Oh' u of the (! II. Mer
chant, reports that whales are very ph-utiful
along the coast at present. On his trip up
from Sail Pedro they were continually in
sijit. Sometimes sporting about playfully
and at other times making strenuous effort to
escape from the attacks of their dreaded ene
my, the thresher, which causes the monarch
of the deep much annnyauce. Several times,
while among the school of whale, the lug
was hauled, the captain having lost log be
fore, by whales getting foul of the log hue.
Con Bay News.
Contract Let.- .Monday, J 0 Jannning",
Superintendent, let the contract at public
outcry t i John Brown, to make a grade
around "Plymouth" rock and also around
. "Wild Cat," 011 the Himlaw waon road,
j The v ok i to be fiuishtd before July 1,
j 18-ci, and Mr Brown is to reaive 8 1,15(1 for
I tile same.
Doi iji.a Cocstt Tltntx The following
t'ckethas been nominated by the Douglas
DcniocfaU: lleprese tatives, F. B Waite, (
Hugh McKenain, A F Met, and V L Arling
ton: (!o.Iud'e,.IS Fi''ni'.-li; Commissioners,
A I.Mi.b ami .loo H.ill; :,'irk, T It Sheii-laii
Sii-ri'f. B O Aee; Treaouer, l S We f
S-cii""'! .Siijieriiit-iident, G I' lius-ll; Asesoi,
K 1 ' S iiTfj; S irveyor, Win Thi. !; Ctroner
T 10s Graliaiii.
i:fc.,yi;i,. -Mr .1 Davi has removed his
tailorin,' est ddi-hmeiit up stairs Into tl.e rar
A n vi me;i.iua,Vlrk aue ,1,,
;ive him a
May 1'iy.
liny Havward hand grenades.
'l'he highest cash price will be paid for whent
by F I) Dunn,
See change in the Oregon Paeiiio Railroad ,!
Photograph finished neatly and artis
finally at Winter'. .
The Foley Springs hack will beg'n making
regular trips next week.
We acknnwlpdjte the receipt of some passover
bread from Mrs S II Friendly.
The bent candies ami oranges can always
be found at F. Hanoi', confectionery store.
At the last quarterly pav day at the Insane
asylum at Salem over $7,000 was distributed
among the employes.
If yon will make a solution of lime water
and wash your roofs with It, the moss will
be removed and the shingles benefitted, says
the Vancouver Independent,
The I X L boys have already commenced
advertising in the Baker City paper. Their
store will be Mulshed in about two week
when they ill commence business there.
Ayer' Cathartic Till are the best that
cau be employed to correct irregularities of
the stomach and bowel. Gentle, yet
thorough in their action, they cure constipa
tion, stimulate the appetite aud digestive
organs, and strengthens the system,
The eoiistmtly tired out feeling, so often ex
perieneed, is the result cf inqiovt-risried Miaul,
causing enfeebled vitality. Aver' Sarsapa
rilla enriches the blood, increase the appetite,
and promotes digestion. The system, thus
invigorated feels new strength and energy,
The Supreme Court has rendered a de
cision on the cose brought rip from Lan
county, which settles the disputed question
as to whether Circuit Judges ' elected at the
last election hold for two year of for the
full term of six years, which i prescribed as
the official term of Judge in Oregon. The
decision is to the effect that a Judge elected
to till a vacancy holds otlice only durum the
remainder of the term for which the retiring
Indue was elected. 1 he effect of tin de
cision will be (hat-all li trict Judges will
rctue fnun idlice in July next.
Acme Items.
April 20, 1330
April shower have been frequent.
Nine pew settlers recently located on In
dian creek.
Dr Saubert' goods are being hauled up
the beach from Oardinar.
Invitation are out fur a May party at Mr
AI0117.0 Young's the .Kith iu -t. '
Charlie Saubert captured a young Inopar.l
seal a few days ago at the month of the
river. It. was about two feet long, light
silver color, perfectly tame and the prettiest
object 111 the way ol a pet we ever saw.
Mr Neilcy with a crew of liftteeu men
were at work on the road lust week, be-in-it
says they aro gctt ing along linely, and
will soon have the road no timt wagons can
Irive tlirc to the head of tide.
Mr Gate of Rnseburg, and Mr Leancrd
from the Kast; have been in Acme. The .uuntleunin is said to represent a
wealthy Kasterr mill company and was
look no' after that business here lie was
lelichled with the, country, uml expressed
lilltiseif as being willing t.o "live right, In re."
- ; C ('..
Eugene rempetanco Alliance.
Regular meetim- of the Eugene Temperance
Alliance next Monday evenim; at the Brick
Church at 7:31 P M. All are cordially in
vited. Following is tlie piogramme:
Music Musical .society, led by L t Adair
Pr.iVKi ,..lit-v A C rairchild
Music. Musical Society
Address ..Prof K K Patterson
Music. . c. Mal Ouartett
Select Reading.. ..Miss L'lula Lockwimd
Music Musical Society
, Dissolution Of Partnerertlp.
Ifntlce is hereby given that the partnership
existing between Mastersoii & Carry, ot Cot
tage Grove, Oreifrm, is this day, by mutual
consent, dissolved. All persons indebted to
said firm will please cmue forward and settle
their accounts, for the business must be closed
un immediately.
MAHTF.imnN & Caret.
Cottage (irnve, April II, leXtl.
All persons indebted to R W Whipple k
BroV eitiir by note or bonk account will
please call and settle the same. Our store
burned ami we muit collect the money
due ut.
K W. Whippli k Bo.
Cottag Grove. Feb 25, 1885.
To Tit Ladies. I will be at the 8t
Charles Hotel 00 May 4th (Tuesday after
noon), with a fine collection nf pot plant for
sale. Come early and get first choice.
Mr. C. S. IIockknfikld, Florist,
Salem, Oregon.
L. Salomo:j Talks. Ho say that all
those indebted to him must come forward
ami settle ol else they majr have the unpleas
ant natter" brought to their attention by a
lawyer. A word to the wise is sullicieut.
. .' 1 -
Notice. Mr. B. H. Jame having retired
from busineae and being desirou of settling
up, requests all those indebted by note or ac
count to Immediately call and make a settle
meut. He can be found at his office Vethe
Court House, ready to roeipt for all Mitt
due him.
ScoTT'rt Aliliino.w- Lying two block fro
University ground and four blocks from Main
street are 0" lots that will be sold for $75 t
175 each, just platted and now the best loca
tion offered in Fug'tie City.
Or.o. M. Mim.f.ii, Agent.
TaK NinicK. All those owing mc by
note, account or otherwise ro requested to
call and settle, the same immediately, as I
must have what is doe me. I dir not want
to put the accounts in thsrhaniU of ao at
torney if I can help it.
J,M. Sloas.
Wistmi - A callable m .1
, woman of uni
i i. . .. tt.t.
versa, energy . "' other county lor tne "iniory "i
t..ri v n T. tf.a.ri.'..t is&rflv itwill ifiv fnnn-TMH
er niont!,. Address T Pearson.
eUl Publishing Co..
to fo( 0 i
ijer OccidenU
Fob Half. -200 acres of rh.-h level l"tt.Wi
d: imnroved. Price fJHt. Address
improved. Price JJIIO0.
P Wiiglit, Baker's Hot. J, Eugene City
i gon.
A Co.llliill i.'cv
ted to the interests of tlie 1
Laure ni ami K it ixiau Literary Societies, aud J
the State l niycr-ity
Kiftv I tit r
. ,. F.nrroii.
There 1ms been a cliimge. The Cirtaxian
Society has hail aft election and 1 have been
elected editor. The former editor ha trans
ferred tor me the paraphernalia of this office
and the dignity it 4s becoming a Kutaxlan
editor to wear. I offer my sympathy to my
readers and hope they will reciprocate by giv
ing me any items that may come to their
Robt Johnson haseiuervd the class inOptic.
A F McClaln made Kugene a visit last wek
Frank Mulkey entered school again this
The First Latin class begun Roman History
The late conventions (eft some disappointed
office-seekers among the Laurean.
Jese M cClting has been absent from school
this week on account nf a sever cold.
Hatli Ulckinson is teaching at the "Green
Door Sch'Mil House" on Siuslaw.
At the last meeting of the Eittaxians Mary
Potter favored the Society with a select read
The class in Virgil, having made up the re
view during vacation, were examined last
Miss Kate Buick did not come back to school
this term. W hoe ah will bo with u again
uext year.
Prof McCornaik, of Marshfield, and H Y
Thompsou, of Portland, visited the University
last week.
Miss Mary Bonnette writes an amusing ac
count of her experience "tcachiug school and
boardtu' Vmed."
A M Ellsworth returned to hi borne at
Cove, Uulot eminty, last Saturday. He will
not retvrn this ysar.
It Is reported that D V Bass, one of last
year's graduates, is expected to settle perma
nently in Kilfceneaud engage In business before
Arthur Collier, Fannie and Clara Condon,
Vcimi Adair, Ada Cobnrn, Jennie McClure
and Carrie Walker joined th Presbyterian
Church l.t week.
Question chosen lot May 7th I Resolved,
''That a man neglects his duty when he fails
to vote." Allinnativa leader, Sue Uorrlej neg
ative leader, Mary Potter,
V M Chrisman left for his home last week.
He expects to reguin his impaired health on
the cattle plains of F.astern Oregon, ami be
with us again nest September.
Laurans chose for delate May 7lh the
qiifWion: "Will homo Ride be beneficial to
Irchuid!" Afl'mnative, Cha Lock wood and W
(1 Roberts. Negative, LO Davis and V
The following is the list of officer of the
Kutaxiaii Society for the ensuing term: Pres.
F.tta Moore: Vice Pres. Lura March; Sec, Id
Porter; Treasurer, Linnia Holt; Marshal,
Klla Burbridge.
The University la beginning to be quit an
object of interest. 'I hi cars stopped opposite
Villard Hall last Tuesday moruiug to allow a
iovciiiwi luin. I to L-iv a sereuade, which was
much appicciated iy the students.
Question chosen by the Lsureans for April
.tilth: Resolved. "That Education should be
made c pulsory." Affirmative, J R Patti-
sun assisted bv JO (lore-. Negative, Mark
Bailey, Jr, assist-.d by W A MoClnre
April 23d the Ixinrean Sociecty elected the
following nliiecrsi President, V A Hufler;
Vice President, W A McClure; Sec, AL
Veazier; Asst See, Creo Noiris; Tre as, J O
Crore; Censor, J 1. Tail; Editor, J K Pattlson;
Seiueuut at-arins, L K Woudworth.
Question iteUted Friday! Resrrlved, "That
the Standing Army of th U 8 snmild be in
creased." Aflirmstivs Isailer, Olen Shaw) ool
leagnrs. Linula Holt, Ma Hendricks and Ida
Pin-ter. Negative leader, Etta Moore; col
leagtie. Emma Dorris, Ida Patterson and
Emily Bristol.
The Rhetorical exerciss yesterday were held
in "Villard Hall." Essays were reed by Prof
' Hawthorne' classes, and recitations and decla
mations were rendered by the senior class who
appeared in iblio for the last time before
Commencement. Th Regents are to be con
gratulated on securing so nice a building for
future sxercisea.
To-day the senior class aecmnpanies Prof
' Condon to quarries neav Eugene to take sums
lessons in prsoticul Gjology. The clan ha
finished the text book end ia n w studyine th
Uenlngy of Oregon. By Prof Condon' jtforts
this stiidy is made a very Interesting one and
the knowledge secured from books verified by
actual observation.
The reunion committee is at present perform
ing very hard mental labor, prepnring a pro
gramme for Reunion. Some very remarkable
remilts a1 to be expected (mm these delihera
tk ns. We hope that architectural studies
will not aain prevent a Laurean member of
the committee from giving his full attention to
this most iiiiHirtunt work as Was the ease at
l ist meeting.
Mr S S Spenet'f having lost M ennjt, and
finding that he will either have Ut undertake
(lie onerous task ol preparing hi viands him
elf. or to rid seven or eight mile every morn-
W, .ml mvrkinj tit utt his meals, and having a
great aversion to indigestion and a still greater
..... ti. tuLinu car of a korsr. has resolved tr
take a few days vacation and rest his weary
biain uutil bis sister can enrue back.
A youth of ortr town named E O P,
Thought a County Surveyor he'd like to he)
S the delegates to the Convention he dl e.
He thoiluhUhe work would la) esteerlingly
Huh , .
And his knowledge ol the sehaiw,thntn:h some
what sli-.'ht.
Would be sullicieut Io carry kim tlirongli the
So he fullv resolved to fill up his purse
fW serviri'k' bis comity well(lmt nothing worse.-)
Alas, he came back a sad as a hearse.
For another had worked as hard as he
And returned home with a great deal of glee,
For the nomination was given to C M C.
President Moore'e Address.
i if its na-mlWrs. Jiubtless tliosewni no milder
- l e is-rmitted Uvmeet with us. associate many
2' l:a wi n
1 a iile-y.ant hour am
MlcM, Living mem
,i.:. i,ai i
hill inn. - J - , , f f
..Mi..u.rK ah t ,v iinve tnvr cn eiTH u h
j but we feel that V'tZZT -
i 12 Vh. time has happily
1 imno-.taiit ouarae'er. iii van urn "i-i'"J
cm.e when woman is not a lactr in
E n" " ? . '..
lheo-gians, '"'uns -
- . the same condition, as U sterner l.rotlier
olt--u the victor. I util wivnin we
quarter of a cetitifrylbe power of woman as a
public sieakersias in a dormant onnoitioiii btft
when awakened, she baa been recouniztil by all
classes. Such societies as this are now in con'
neciioii witn Rimorft nil ot trie collides, uuivers'
itics mid other institutions nf learning in the
i uite i Mutes, l thank von tor the lion ir you
ave conferred upon me by eUetlnif me to IhW '
I otlice. To conduct the affairs of this society
successfully it is necessary that eaoh one of
you perforin her iluty.and I hiqie cheerful com
pliance will be given; for only by your asslA'
anoe in this, can X hope to siistam the high
reputation of our society gained for it by my
predecessor. During the present year our
mice of rrder have been strictly nffffed, our
membership has been increased, our debate
havo been Well preril, and but a ingl mi
indefinitely postponed. Thr bav been those
when our memlxirsMp eemd to he gYostln;
less, when w seemed to be working under
difficulties, when only the dark lid of Ike
cloud ajqieared, hrtt the silver llnlui has re
vealed itself ami hsa alsiorbed th clouds them
selves in it glittering sheen. Our work here
is a preparation fr duties that may come npo
each one of us. lb re, too, w er helping to
form habit and character. Let u endeavor
to do thfs with care and skill. lit 0 rscall
the beautiful won! nf lmgftllow)
"Sculptors of life are we as we stand,
With our lives uncarved before ei,
Waitimr the hour when at Uod's cotermaad
Our life's dream pemso'r us."
Mayor Ddnrt tislted Portland last Tel
MrJ If'age paid Portland a short Trail
this week.
Ony Hovef returned from San Francisco,
Mrs Jmd Ware rbilifil her (laughter Nellie
this week at AMttfiy,
Mrs 8 S Train and daughter, of Albaaf,
are visiting friend in this city,
Mr W Huir, of the 0 k C R ft, hrl(ed Ml
ative and friends in Eugene this week
Mr Cliss Shskleford, V 9 timber agent,
gave the Guard office a pleasant call fast
Andrew Huff of this city ha hail eberg of
th Drain railroad and telegraph 6tfic durleg
the abscuce of the regnlaf agetit
Rev R L Shelly, formerly of Leo county,
has been Humiliated on the Douglas evrttnty
Republican ticket for the otlice of Sheriff.
Mr ( liettmno went to Portland last
Tuesday. His wife was sick at the home of
her parents, where she had gone to pay them
a visit Mr Bettman returned home yester
day ,
Mf Luther Rowland has Sad charge of the
Journal duriii; the aWftoe of the editor
and proprietor, Mr li It Klnoaid, to Port
land, this week.
Mr It 11 Hendricks, t normal graduate et .
the State University, has been nominated by
the Oilliain county Republicans for the
oIKc ol School Snperitendentt
Mr J II Donald, late of Canada, visi'led '
his old friends In Eugene last .Saturday and
Sunday. We flnitrrstand that he lias par
chased a large boot and shoe store in the
city of Portland.
Mr George Herbert, who attended tfi
State University here fnr several years, has
received the nomination of Sheriff at the
hands of the Wasco Democracy. His many
friends in Engena hope for his election.
Mr A V Suelling, County Clerk of Lake
county, gave this ollico a pleasant call yel'
terday, Mr Snelling was on his way to
Portland to attend tho Democratic State
Convention. At one time he was a resident
of Lane conntyv-
A letter from Mr Ocn Hill ennyey the in
formation that Mr J M Neville, well known
hero, is finite ill nt the Jackson Home, on
the Hiliside, Dausville, N Y, with sewer gas
poisoning. ' Hi ninny friend in' Eugene
hiqw to hear of hi speedy recovery.
Mr Henry McGinn, who attended the Uni
versity here for a couple of years, ha been
himiinated by th Republican for rroeecntlng
Attorney for Multnomah County. Henry fa t
bright young man, and if a Republican is U
elected', be is just the on w would like to swe
get It
Lane county was represented fn the KefrrV
llcnn State CoftVentloe at Portland last Wed
nesday by the Winn Ing named gentlemen
John Kelly, O S Washbnme, H R Klncald,
Jasper Will Ins, T W Hsrris, A O Hovey, K
V Whipple by A 0 Hovey ftroir, F RoWe
son, S M Voran.
Removal Notice. Mr Abe Goldsmith,
desires to inform his oustomers and the peb
lie generally that he ha moved hi store
Intn the south room of Baker's Hotel, oj
Willamette street If yon want anything
in hi line give hits a call, a he keepe only
the best goods. : .
ftxconi) DastaicT RoiiiTio-'Tlie Be
pilblicah Stat Conventlnft nominated th fol
lowing gentlemen for the Second District:
Knruil Second District, R S Bean of Lane;
For Prosecuting Attorney, J W Rayburn, at
A MiitTAkE. -Our foreman by some unac
countable means got ft Intn his head that the
month of April conlalntd days, and thu
dated th first pane of the Obakp. Th edi
torial page bear the correct date - May lit.
Fahmkbs Take Notick. A good dinner can
hadat Baker' Hotel fcr 25 cent.
J manufacturing farm implements on thi
coast is the lteuicia Agricultural fks, ol
Clifornia. They manufacture all kmus- of
farm machinery, and coast farmer wMl do
well to correspond nil their Portland aitio..
Their celebrated BTF.KL HuwEli, wliichi tie peo
ple of California have nsmed thr"Becia(
lloy," is ou'.striping all other in ti years
heavy alfalfa iu California. On tuxastrtd el
of these mower are to I seaUessd through
I'rsgim and Washington Territory this v aa
an Mlvtrtineiiieiit for another ywsv w
the number allotted to Eilgen and- IU R
Lucksy has aecureil one of thiis aniubsr. They
1 rr) not in wm inarm, mi ibwhw-
u. ...... :..i,,.trv termers
should bear in mind that iu very many see-
! "I Had ltmctm" that stam. M tarner
a m t"H " " ""V " v .
i farmi no. find the
; ilea U - W
. ::, - ... .. ... i .Krt tn
tn. J xYT.H9,
- Portland,
- i , , p,..:..;. A 'I cu tural Wort anu oaatp
and . A. b "lU
urn - "