The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, November 21, 1885, Image 4

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ThewotaforlU S. Simotor ow tfhe
ifirttt iay TwtuVil a followu: For -John
JLt3XidbM.tor eorg H. Will.
3am.1S: nfl 32 ncatUirinz. JDomo-
at oflid for 5!a5er:
The 'iialldt which irmltofl in the
nledtion ff ffohn II. -MiuJheH on tlie
unwind (Jlujr wad A f oIIowk:
For Iffhdhell ATlmi, Barn, T?
JJirfl, jSRWi, ClMn'lf ny, JJr7, Cam
won, Carson, Caftwryirt, 'CLanfller,
Cdl, Cmmofc, Vravm, Cuniiik, Cr?,
81, 3S. Dawnpnrt, Joaning, Flynn,
(K C;ion, Gifhef't, Hall, AT'ye,
IJiraoV Jolly, Konwortliy, Jjniven
unban, Hernia, tLyln, Mayo, McHaley,
Chat. NUkr, JIB Wft Noritayne,
JllffPmm, ' Faery, Pmti Prnttseir,,
Heed, fllo,r, Under, JtiuHUm,
flhupn, fhf'Kn, Simon, Sutton, Thnmp
man, Wwite, ITC8, Wilcox, Will,
Thontywuin and Waldo 55. (Demo
crU an italic).
FotSlatr-XUriflr,L. r.ilypn, W,
R, Kiiynn, I.urton, Cauihorn, Coleman,
Co, flick, Harris, Houtt, Key-Icon-dalL,
LockeTt, Mynra, Nelson, Pen-roingtnn,-
IVini, Einehart, Taylor,
Veatch anil WcathorfarJ 2a
For Williams Bourne, T. W, Da 1
inport, Eutmitt, Ilarr, Hankie, Man
ama, Itwldla, flniith, Story, Thnrlcel
nn, Voofheea, Woodard an J Keady -13.
Absent iDorm
Itwinito seen Vy tlie aWe that!
17 Dnmocratavotocl with 33 Republi
nana to encore, this result. Tiiff wnre
ipern&ted in this course Vy the Diiv
ratic caucus of :th? might Imfarft.
The 6regouian 'dharn ns tliat tlhere in
'Dm f oHowi ng ur s onrnin j the
great Eaftrora'and the All are cf in
terest, Sionwliody in cioijunng the
Great Eastern a1 XmiVs Ark. The.
ooul ti lojildiiig wnd lnaw4iiTi the
Great Eaxturn u M.toiVrtK),
this liroke the wiiiial omjaiiy. A
tie-w ouipafiy ma formed which spent
$C0(i1(iJd in amg and furnishing 4m.
TJjhu coiiipaiiiy faQed, wnd a view
company an sv'aniz'id with cnjal
flf $300,000. At tV W 4 1880
tli coiiiiany an' iS6,"lS, pm Uio
then tiialcing Ji'T total cost
$4,703,575. XotVmg lilt can
ituuid compariMoa the O real Eat
rn, exciytiiij XoaJt1 Arlc, nJ w-n
thin vewii'! twold not w.awa rr, fhe
(mjth of tlie art SDd cnltita, htr
lirwadiJi 53cniita and lirr ht 39
cui Uf. Tb o cnit of the Strip! nr, c
cording to Dii4iop XViltins was 21. C5
innlics, and compote into English ntnaa-
urwnifciit, tne Arlt wa 547 f-t long,
51 ft Win, 51.7 depth, and 21,672
tons, The Great FjiTn u $0 tt i
long, S3 ft lieaTn.";56 ft. &-pCh, and
28,093 tOT wnaHalw"' So KoaVa
Arls w qtiite vr Aadowi'd Sy th
GToat Eastern. -Scientific AtK-rjaa.
Keyoota t HeaTtH. 1 A fio ho of ailk Ushe ia aU ahadoi
lltuhV l wenJta. Wh1t Mfii Md gr.l a F B Daaa'a,
jttbntt, rr4iHh m4 Trimary Ciimii. Ta ket ami orangva can alwaya
nw flon pw n tt oum .1 k ira U hrnad at B lUaw coctKMootr itora.
dW, T'nu M miU and ftL
A Reliabta Ankla.
Fnr titmnW mlt t,A Jr4ra to t
nek jffKwh m i3 trir Ui Inul ukfctxm,
CJxtor l' tfc ItrnRwu )ed all omnpeti
tkia. Xtv -n Vr lWnko'a Onc aad
If ma art ia vat ' asricaHaral machin
ery o any kind, rrawmher that Mr J l
Uendricka ka a foil aMnrtincot.
CincutnWtL not matnT vm am. vaa
tlie jiorknpoli of thA rnwll But sl.e
lion compltely iotrt, fc'ff Id topreroacy
in the pork packing Imsi iVew, Of dht
divt in tlie United Statra which ra.
gage largely in this hm sines, Cincinnati
stand at the Cottons af the list. Chi
cago, U ia tirxvilpss to say, in at the top,
Cleveland and Indianapolis are ahead
of Cincinnati, hi)e CerUr Rapids, Io
wa, pacta three and a lialf times as
r?.1'1 't-iivC.4.h, (Vwp u4 betwta Oxbura k Uel.hi Udiw-lvtA
tk no ocau aal j
- .L . . . . 1 J
Harvard baad gremAm.
Fir jrood deatixtiy f Vi Tajl. A EMr,
Tb lilrfiert CMk iirio wi!l Ik mil t.r 4.
i i) -Tuna.
Tkotoffrmas finiahod neaUr and artia
tioaJly u U iater'a.
Something lb!
You Can
Sava time aad maoty hj ailing oa
... - .. . I matiT bons .aa lite mee fvn rilv rJ
narraain iWtwwnn Hit olniU una the v
Dnnioorats Mfhrily in cfinoidoration )f J'W
IDflinocratio dtes Mr. MitchoU as to Tim Dispatch of to-day plis3eaa
dte to corifirm IVeHidmtt Cleveland's hoitn from Rmnsk coonty, in which
itioniinntions. ' is in vivna a.n jwnnt of a. fctrititic
SLt. Mitchdllin m upeetli after the; 0n'rn trag" A colored anan,
clHCtiion aaid tltat lie was a Republican via jia(j Jar,j l0 vote the Democratic
nfl m-ould Urn nucn in the United ticket, was waylaid, on liis re
Ifitatna Senalte, that lie wonld make mo; turn kome, and liadly iieateai ly fire
faCliona -jpjowtion to tho Presidemt' EfjmWioanscf his own race. Ancf-
Hiot would "Oppose Jiira if lie wttempted fionrof the law nooeeded in arrestin;
' iu infringe on t'h Tenure cfOfEce Act I three cf these Thng and thfyadmit-
"UJlua,if we mndtHnd rtglit, as e ted, it ia said, that they lad Una rn-
n;preifa -opinion of the wrjiole lodj f I tally aswinlted their victim because he
EepuUioan Smiatom . Uut a iiffr- had voted -with the Democrats. Rich
noeJinj)'inionn to the iuterpnita-L1nd, Va 8ut. Will John Sher-
ttlon of tihat Adt unay .arise Ujotweralman for a ccraimi'.tme ft investigate
ttlie iRepu'lihcan Siinatnrs and it wonld t3iis aontborn cntrael It waakes a
iprwe mitnrfistinir 4o 'tim ipeople if ithe j great deal f difiorenoe, loweer, whof
niow 'Sdnatorwej-eto itoTl an lis ox is gored. Slietman Hooks out for
aangoage wfliat tliat Act jirovidea the EepnUican Twviw.
iHe .'kino said that 3ie would lalior far .
a urn ja.t li w ar ?.
ftliaW mtiwrtt S !h. mnnl A. i ue vote i inn cojaiers nome-m
Congress ;et in a cotrple f weociIJ,dl,,', n Dttport liws.and
.t3sa.seleHHo i(Ponlate.o course lB " lnBUlDUon m"moB WM wiaoTa
.,. n.Ti .,.- i.. i of jus latner, save governor inn
' iglity43iree majority. John Sherman
IDuring tlie -ncile in tlhis country of I and his clan, who fought tle war, at
ttolm JlitoliiiTl, tlie Ii'IhIi patriot, lie avasl nome, certainly ubonld feel "eneonr
wtik-Hfl ' Hy Haily , wihtli(T lie had Heon ; ftgwd" at this ondorsPTOent" of the
Jfinsara Falls from t'ho Canada tuda i Uoody 4iln'r
Ilia irqily wars 1vq, miadamn.; re-
fipnot iurnir meek restrains tut cnrioKity.
Vttioj aim m yww witncriiitioM fr
wewrpe, tVny fitfn ad ra?iutiBa. He
aho twem a onaunltc rtock of Muml in-
rfadiae Salary, Har(Mr, Leslie etc All the
Mur Uhrvwi, lxll. Standard,
MnnrecandotWa. la tmt rrvtliiar ui-
a'ly fmmd ia a lt class iwwa V O Build-
rag, e.
by tint. lituH.w,
Now 17, !)&
Same Price as Wooden Wagons
For 90 day from Nor. Lit, lSi for Introduce
M'ir dumUe tliaa th atel of Etij
land, mbicb run T tXTf irias,
lluilt oa Truai linci(l.
- 1-inht and atrnnir and will
: m Unrllnie,
Kw Tiro ! Ket.
Tea Year la (he WsarVeL
Inw frtihU by th new route,
Maaufactuned by
Addreas Bcaicta. Cat. nl4-m3
Cot thU out and aead H with nam of thil
paper to obtain discount for liiaact TSAlia
Do not send your money away from home by
purchasing Eastern-made goods when you can
get a better article of Home Manufacture for less
flie hmmh Clothing Bouse
Offers the Largest Stock of
Clothing, Blankets, Flannels, Cloths,
Yarns, Shawls, Overshirts,
Underwear, Etc.,
I am Selling the
A dirty old picture has tet-n disoov
; ernd in a Eodhenter jnuk Akttp aud x
ptiris are trying to decide whether or
If it
I Hike t'lie wutlter ion this tide 4 to tlie
tfitinli'V (fnilfcA9 .miA II .Ami"!, nr nnAHA in
4 , , , , ! not it was jiainted H Reahens.
.'. - . ' V ? ... . .. I H'ou Hl.ot ti wTI mAA iDurol Ulirvno-
mt," lln irnvoltna oat MitdbRU met I " :
IPurson r.roamlcw. the ariiritnal wins and dcJlars le hs value. Intrinsic
ttnrd mot iilf thn rornlmwion. and IlininT merrt. aeems (to have uoLbinj to do wit
muted ihiw Hie liked tihe moted wan, an- j 'cw",'
tauiMifftA 'in Aiia r'uih Wimirtnn ? f I. jl
tt.fTocconre4o'iiewnii.a wilneJ.ewas De 1V l TP t0 tie
npaking xo inie thut iiie was a ort i tobch Sjovetnroent tor permission to
rifnniil !liat." 1 issof new Tanama canal lionds lo tlie
amonnt of f 120. 000.008 to J.Jrav w hat
Ull - IT fi ..a - i I ' '
a im i.rcHiumu, iu Tmimveu .an fie-: i.. u -i 3 .
J ue flft.sori jes as Tieeaed xnnn9ei in ex-
.antljr Sramnd photograph f Prince: , nilLtM lor iiit.
xnsinara, a pwrni jro.n xne ixince DonMn ni av. k(A .w
UiimaelF .and lioaring lis personal ante-j , . ,
Crwih. I t will I hung in the Tresi- It is rejiorted hat Alahone u so
Rent's ioham'lier. It rfmresents the' nruHhed that iie is talkm-r alntleav-
Prinoe So iliis military uiform. It is Jn v--j. ni, i,. ,m:... ;
jirdhaWle that the Tremdont will Tetum .
the oompIiuieut, and snnd J.ack rae of I 1 "
Qiis liutogra,iihs wm'niuly fnnntid. Alaska, tliongk U.e majea-jty of ir-
gimans n doolt yrcl'T that lie should
The Or!gnuian lias gi ven tfhe 'Sootn- J g0 1 a tnnch warmer plaoe.
wn ConlBuerapy and the two !Lar-' - 1
a..-t,. - 4 - loton man was taken ill
U'tiaaaa vimiw aoairu WHi4ii vsav iifla 4 ,
a ItHiasWn Wy attending to: Wh,awVipMI hon XVWn Kl,d
niattnr5n its o-n liooseliold. The ' wanted anything, be said: Oh,
Dtminorata who r'lad the Oiegonian I rive nic anvtlrng made of Wans."' So
Jc'lre that thtj are llonely aince tie the attmding phywciaB -ate him carter
n.i n .n.: 3 ' 'I
'luiooiry niuri vry 4i(iaH(iiu i
At a small advance above factory prices, thus enabling yon to gooH irora nrst naud3,ani saving you tne pronta
which arise from Eastern goods passing through
several hands, which means a clear saving
to you of 30 per cent
I observe the following rules strictly:
FIRST 1 liarc but one price.
SECOND I sell for cash only.
THIRD 1 rmrk all goods in plain figures.
FOURTH I represent goods just as tliey are.
Iliis system enables one person to obtain as much value for
hit money as another.
May he xs rich or poor, unaware of the valuo of goods, or
ine ofest judge, grown person or child, 1 treat all alike.
TEic ISiotvnsviEle Woolen Mills Good
Are too well known for further comment Wc jnve you a
f r
Until all our stock is sold, on ac
count of retiring from business.
Call early and get Good Bargains
Prices no object.
GOODS 3msr27 SOIiB
, a
3E 3E IL, aS'X'.OiSR.U -
VnlilJan. 1, 188G,
I propose to sell all
kinds of GOODS at
fRICEStliat will as
tonish all. Tf you are
in ivant of anything
in my line give me a
call and
Remember I mean
Business. This is a
Genuine Clearance
i Mils
iri.. m -'1,1: i r: .1
-uo.-.u.- Mr.ConVlins, Wing retired from
aa over, w lio ilmlieve an peace and lar
nuoiry 'iNitween all unctions iff the roan-
"iry, wlioihatfl fliweord anH despise dum-
Agoguet, Ad not ante the BepuUicon
tidket in 3Cew York and Virginia.
They Btoodin with the party that is
jflndged to peaiie and liarniony.
politics, appears to want the .Republic
an party ta do likewise. His aUe as-
aistanee i o this mi snay evidently oe
c intited on at all seasons and on every
Aliont 1 00,000 persons have died of
oliulera in the sontn of Europe this year,
lew of our prices on all-wool goods:
SUITS f.ll 50;.
FnraMTly old for (16.
SUITS for UStf
Fomerfy sold for $18.
SUITS for 115;
Fttrtorrfj oU f.fia
SUITS ( $18.
FuraiTlyaollfor 3 501
IS 16 yean, $C 53, C 50, 8 59, td
Sheriff's Sale.
by virtue of a writ of execution duly
iasued out of the Circuit Court of the State
of Oregon for Lane couuty by the clerk
thereof and to me directed on to-wit, No
vember 13. 1SS5, upon a judgment and de
cree cf foreclosure rendered in aaid court,
ovemoer bin, JSfo, in a auit then and
there pending wherein the board of Com
missioner! fur the sale ot School l-amU and
the Management of the Common School
rand was pi If, and Beniamiu Cox and
Jesse Cox defendants in favor ot said plain-
till and against aaid ISemamin Cox uufairr-
ant for the sum nf f 1949 50 with iuU'rej
thereon from date of judgment at the raf
of 8 per cent per annum and $200 attorney
fee and costs and disbursements and for the
foreclosure and sale of the ninrtir.-ii;ed prem
ised hereinafter dcacrilied said defendant
Jesse Cox in said suit then and there pend
ing recovered judi;iiient against the aaid de
fendant benjamin Cox for the sum nf $525
with interest thereon from date nf judgment
at the rate of 10 per cent per annum, f."0
attorney fee, costs and disbursements, and a
decree for sale and foreclosure of the follow
ing described real property to-wit: The
8 1-2 of the 8 K 1-4 oi sec 25, and K 12 nf
8 W14. andVI2ofSK 14, ami S XV
1-4 nf N K 14, and 8 K 14 of N W 1 4. of
section 27 all in T 15 S, K 5 IV, containing
320 acres in Iaiio connty, Oret'on. The
prwewds nf audi ile ti he applied: first
the payment of the judgment p't iu
tifl herein and ettM nml dulio .i rrt. nts
and expenw of mIi-; ami see I
to the judinent i( said defendant J.-xse
Kw therefore, to ify n'u nidinniita.
a' Inmry fiD, enta nl ilialiiirscmciit nnd
accroiuv costs and ex p:iMci nf a.kle, I will
FLAX X EL UXDEKWEAll, I'LAlfXEL sm-II the above descnlx d moriunl premises
A Pretty VYcman's Secret.
Fear of discovery, when alio rewirt to)
false hair and dyes, is n source of con
s'ant anxli'ty to her. The very ihtkoiis
from whom sliu most dolr'i to lrde th
vnnlny of her elianni siv the one 11104
iiiiely to miike tlio distovirv. but ll.tre
It no reason why Kim hliould not revain)
Slid retain all the bcmity ot U:dr llml win
her pride In youili. l.' t ln-r u-r A r Kit's
li.uit icon'. iiihI. no omv wii: li- r
cn,o to full out, Inn m m'w nitvtli wiil
nvpear where tin- sc:dn hi;sbin-n d.'iin.l d;
iind I.m Ki t lint inn tnrniinf jrrav. or hiive
nc'iiiilly pMwn vhl:e. v III return to their"
pi Nline freshn and tnl.libucc of coior,.
A VKIt'S IIaiii Vltmi: eure
rioredltry EDlc:ne63.
Ceohok 3lAVF.n. Flatnnia. TexamM
bald at 23 years of s;,'e, si bis ancestors
had been for several (feneration. One '
bottle of Hair Yiook started a jnwth of
soft, downy hair all over hU scalp, which
soon became thick, long, and vigorous.
Aycr's MTigor
h not a nV, but. by healthful stimulation
Of the roots nnd color Kland, speedll
restores to its original color hair that Is
; Turning Cray.
Mr Catherine Diumfr," Point of
liuckx, Md., had her balr suddenly
blanched by fright, during Uie late civil
war. Ayeii's IIaiii Viuou restored tt
to Its aatural color, and made It softer
rlossfer. and more slxiudaut than it had
been b: ton:
See') DIcaases
Which cause drvues, brlttlenes,sfid fall
In of t!ie hair, iluiidnitl', ilehinsr, anoS
tinnovln soiv. ore ail qtiic-klv cured by
Aykr'sIIaii: ViiiOK. li cured Herh-hri
I!oyi, MlniieiH'iili, Miitit., of InloleN
utile Iteliinpr vt the Sculp; J. X. 'an
tkr, Jr., ()ec qnan, Va., tt Scald
Head; 31ns. I). V. S. J.ovki.aik. Lnrt
lurfi-Uh, K.. of Tetter Sores; Mim
Kkssik TI. lii-PLOT. liuHingtmiy Vt..ot
Senlp DUenso and Danl'rutr. Tor
.pidity of the root of tin? hair, which. If
neglected, may result In ineurnliln halil'
nes. is rendilv cured bv AVEll'8 UaIHi
Vigor. As
A To!!ct Lixtury
Ayer's IIaiii A'inon has no eoual. li
U colorless, cleanly, dclihtfullv iier
fumed, and li.-is llie'ctfei t of making tlis
hair soft, pliant, and glossy.
Aycr's Hair Vigor,
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, 3Iasa
Sold by all Druggists.
53 DO, ft 50. $5, SC 50, V7 50, $8, 810.
Rest ralue ia Oregon.
All wool, 45c aad 50c per yard.
Largest Stock. Loweot Prices.
Forineii,W,13 50, $15.
For bnys, W, $7 50, $3 5a
, . . r, . . 1 . ol this dreadful liarvest was laruelT
ivoiia inf .carrying Iowa, a State which ,-,-. . c .
jpwe .a imajority mf Ia.000 for tne re
pnUIican cnndidute twoyeuts ago, and
1)0,000 lonryearaaga
The Cumutock miines are not jilayed
cat -even jttt The pay roll of thre
gleaned an France and Spain.
Ia Cochnfort, the ct-lcVated
French Comniuuint and tnCde, indited
a oriwt to the Virgin Marr.
The city of East Portland ia tJll
amines fur die mont'h of OctbW foot mp ,Ctf course, it ahoni tie limit aTlowed f
the chy eh art sr.
Remember we carry nothing but all-wool
goods, and guarantee to give an article that will
wear longer and cost less money than any house
in Eugene.
Constantly on hand.
ecrrs axo oveiicxjats jiadk to order.
JLiiout f our Hundred walling vessels ' It is atiU the C. O. P, hut the initial
r nriiloTcd !in earning w:h at around now ntand for, 44 Cane Out roraia
a,p lira from illie rnnfic cnasL JJieuLy. J
Jleimeai'uT the place.
snotr.vsviLLE CLOTIIIXO HOI e, -
Fuar doors north of Pomi office.
? W. r. MrClBTUV, Prwp.
at i l'io auction to tlie highest lii.-l.l. r for
ein in hAiid at the Conrt n-us At or in
Eugene (,'ity. Ijne county, Oreji'm, on .
nan Jay,rr?iiirr 21st, I .",
at the hour of 2 o'cto-k P M nf said day.
Sheriff lue County tret;in. '
Tla'r.1 Xor 20, ISSj.
JOE LXC, Manager.
1.1 this nnk will be opn each day and even
inc. except on occasions of a dance or theatri
wl, during the sUtirnr wason. Price orly 25
cents per evening, or $7 50 per season of four
months. I have no clamiM, but have
tue best Vuiiard and Climax statea.
If I purchase damn I will bo enough
for all bit customers: I will not nl a
d'wu for cappers. I will treat all my ens
tntnrrs alike. I hare no clners or dead fall
cnicians to play for we I will paiut you all
with one bniih.
it account nnd on
. L
T'i'ls of Exchange sold on the Cities ot
Loans made.
Collectings snail accessible points a specialty.,
Excited Thousands
AM over tl land are going into ecstasy nvef
Dr King's New Discovery for Consumption.
Their unionised for recovery by the timely
use of this great life saving remedy, causes
them to go nearly wild in its praise. It is
L'naraiiteed to positively en re Severe Coughs,
Coins, Asthma, ' Hay fever, fronchiti
Koaiseness, Loss of Voice, or sny affection
of the Throat and Lungs.
WrS II Kricndlyv will pay the highest
saah market pries for wheat. Orve him a
call before selling yowr grain elsewhere.
.A . vat
llnaral A iron I
IL FULLER, of Harrisbur,-, Local At
for Lian and Lans eoactiea.