The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, September 26, 1885, Image 3

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(dreg on Kidney Cure.
County Fair Wednesday.
Drummers a scarce article theae day.
, iia are improving (lowly but ure?y,
Rwim hai new sign, which ii quit nobby
Oregon Kidney Tea cures all kidney trouble.
Considerable sickness throughout the conn'
The Slualaw Fair was rather poorly attended
this year.
Try Oeburn k Belshaw' Veen cigar. They
fe the bos.
Oregon Kidney Tea U the beat known rem'
dy for kidney troubles.
Titus k Lambert, the new tinners, make a
(specialty of well driving.
For all kinds of school and blank book, call
at the pnstoffioe book store.
County Fair begins next Wednesday morn
ing and continues four days.
The Guard does all kinds of job printing
heaper than Portland prices.
A goodly number of Lane county people at
tended the State Fair this week.
Mr. W. a Humphrey has just had finished
an elegant residence in Roseburg.
Ditchburnhaa given up the Home Hotel
and a man named Dunn is new its proprietor,
If yon want a good plat of oysters, Ed
Eaum's is the place where yon can get it.
The Wasting place in the city at Ed
Baura's. Oysters, ham and eggs, tea and coffee,
at all hours.
feead the I X L Store's new advertisement
la another column. It will pay you to peruse
It carelully.
Two ruffians tried to rob Mr J W Clark last
Sunday evening near the brick yard but did
not succeed
The County Hoard ot Kquallxation has been
in session this week correcting errors, etc, in
the assessment.
Dr. C. A. Shelbrede. formerly a dentist at
Cottage Grove, has moved to Roseburg to
practice his frofession,
The M E quarterly meeting begins to-day at
3 pm. Services at the regular hours on Sun
day. Quarterly conference on Monday.
The Guard received a large lot of stationery
' from San Francisco this week, and is now pre.
pared to do job work cheaper than ever before.
Quite a number of Lane county people left
for different sections in Eastern Oregon this
week, where they intend permauently locating.
Oiburn Jk Co. this week received several bar
rels of ooal oil It is o first-class quality snd
they are retailing it at 40 cents per gallon.
Give them a call.
The difficulty between Germany and Spain
teems to be on a standstill. Nevertheless, Oi
burn k Belshaw are selling the finest five-cent
cigar ever brought to Eugene.
The hrtfie Sammy Tilden has arrived from
Coos Day and is in training for the County
Fair nsxt week. Several other horses are also
being trained on the track daily.
Mr. A. J. Babb called at the GllARlt office,
one day this week, and informed us that he it
ready and willing to board fnur University
students at $3 50 per week. Next.
We hear it rumored that A . Ptioit last week
tried to steal a rido from Junction to Salem on
the brake beam of a railroad cur. He was dis
covered, so our informant says, and "lired off-
. Eight car loads of freight arrived fur our
merchants last Tuesday morning. And still
the impecunious railroad company claim it will
not pay to run over one freight train a week to
One o the largest stocks of hoots and shoes
ver brought to Eugene has Just arrived at
Matlocks'. They were bought direct from the
manufacturers in the East and Will be sold on
Vary reasonable terms.
When symptoms of malaria appear in any
form, take Ayer's Ague Cure at once, to pre
vent the development of the disease, and con
tinue until health is restored. A cure is war
ranted in every Instance,
At Matlock's a very fine line of ladies
ahoes of the celebrated H D Holbrook make,
direct from the Eastern manufacturer. The
ladies of Lane county would do well to call tt
Mr Matlock's store and examine these goods.
The tenao ty with which people abide by
their early faith in Ayer's Sarsaptrill is ex
plained by the fact that it is the beat blood med
icine ever used, and is not equalled in excel
lence by any new candidate for public favor.
At the meeting of the M. E., South, Con
ference, held at Albany, Rev. B. R, Baxter
was appointed to be pastor of ths churches at
Mohawk and Coast Fork. Junction will be
upplied in the near future with a minister by
the Bishop.
Th wheat crop it short'and the bop crop is
large, but worth nothing. On this account
Osburn A Belshaw have concluded to sell a hit
cigar for S cents. Remember the saving of 5
cents on a small article it quite an inducement
these hard times.
A Blaine hat appeared on the street one day
this week. What a world of reminiscences it
called up. It was only after the wearer had
called np several of the boys and asked them
What they were going to have that tbey
topped guying him.
A fir in Mr James Hnddleston's pasture
cam near burning over the same, last Tuesday
but with the aid of a number of Eugene people
and (h street sprinkler the fire was extin
guished before a great deal of damag was
done; loss, nominal
A Dt Boatman and wife wert in tswn few
days this week. It is the general opinion
that the Dr Is a bilk. Anyway, that is the
way the Southern Oregon papers intimate.
Tht couple left Eugene Monday moruing, af
ter pawning some jewelry.
Mr. A. J. Crow, who lives south of this
city, informs ns that he has lost five horses
thus far that were worth at leant looO, and he
till hae another one sick. He says Wm. Blao
Ua has lost eight head, while several of his
neighbors havs lost one each. The diaea
baffles all.
Prof D W Coolidge, formerly of Des
Moines, Iowa, will permanently locate in Eu
gene for ths purpose of teaching piano, organ
sx.d harmony. He comes well recommended
ts hi eight years of teaching and the excellent
advantages he has for study eminently quality
him. H will return to Eugene about the brat
ot October, and all that have not mad ar
rangement with him can learn terms, etc, at
Ciwo Bros' mosie store.
Edward Espey't "Repose."
One of the finest paintings ever shown in
Portland is now exhibited in the gallery of
Messrs Sanborn k Vail, acd iu a few days
will be placed in their window. The pio
ture referred to it Edward Kapey "Repose,
which was exhibited in the I'arit Salon laat
Spring and took the tecoud prtee.
The subject selecttd it a striking one
The place is a little cove on the coast of
Brittany, wheic about a tcore of sailors
were washed ashore from the wreck, and
their bodies being so badly decomposed
when discovered that they wore buried in
the cove. Thoir laat resting places are
marked by crosses, soma of which are lean
ing to one side. The eketch was made in
the Autumn season. The scanty growth of
grass in the marshy cove M turned to
brown. There is no sign of life in alt the
picture, and only the grand ocean wave just
rolling in and breaking on the beach shows
sign of tnotiou. The pale moon has just
risen above the eastern horizon and its ray
light np but dimly the solemu spot. No
more tilting nsme could have beeu choaeu
than "Hepoac." The painting has beeu very
elegantly moanted in a rich, wide gold
frame. Its site it about ten feet loin bv six
wide. Out of 7700 new pictures offered for
exhibition in the Paris Salon last season only
2200 were accepted, and out ot the last
number "Repose" took the second prize
This record tpeakt volumes for Mr. Espey
patieuc and faithfulness. Through the
kindness of Messrs Sanborn k Vail, the re
porter wat allowed to copy a few translated
ootices from Paris paper given Mr. Espey't
picture while on exhibition iu the talon.
Mr. Wolff, the most eminent art oritio in
the world, wiiting for Figaro, tsid; "Mr.
Espey hat rendered yery happily the effect
of twilight upon the seashore in his oompo.
sition entitled 'Repose.
The following it from a Paris paper called
Le Matiu: "Kd Espey't 'Repose,' exhibited
n hall 20, is among the original American
pictures in this year's salon, he hat simply
and knowingly treated his effect of twilight,
adding to au odd and original subject artistic
Another Paris paper taysi "Mr. Espey
has found the complement of natural aud
iuevitablo death scenes, in its strength af
flicting aud almost poignant, which he calls
Repose.' A saudy mursh planted with
crosses over which gllateut a pale moon, and
through all the scene is a look of complete
adiiess. ' Evening Telegram.
Letter List.
The following letters were uncalled for at
the Pnstoffic in Eugene City. Or. . September
Akina, J A
Akin, Miss Carrie
Appongi, Mrs I) E
Basye, Theodore
Barger, Miss R A
Bell, Felix
Bodie, Mr J
Bonn, T J
Hochlnen, Josephine
James, Julia H .
Jones, C M
Johneon, Dr Theo H
Johnson, Walter S
Inman, Mrs Uaunab
King, hlias
Long. P 1)
.'audill, U C (2)
LaS.e A Kobiusnn
Luke, J R
Linville, Joe
Lnveland, Walter G
Luther, H B
Mayhew, Susan
Miller, M
Orr, Gwwie
Pane, W W
Plover, Geo
Pircy, .Margaret
Piller, Miss
Prim, Mix Ida
Heiliinz, Wm
Rttsxell, J J
Shilling 8 3
Serdle, Julius
Settle, Minnie
Seever, John H ,
St pman, Sandrew
Smith, P O
Smith, J L
Smith, Z S
Stalker, ahey L
Strange, .Nathaniel
Stnrck, Jacob
Taylor, Sarah
Taylor, Melville
ampbell, r n
'arlyn, E O
'lark. Geo N
Clark, Mrs J M
'lark, Mrs Maggie
Onissharg, W P
Conway, Jaiu-s E
Cure, Hiram
iimmlng, Mr r M
Davis, Mica Addie
Delanv. Mr Will
Dawson, Thomas
Davis, Curtis
laylott, Mr Geo
Drury, Rolit
Hii'-'irleshaiin, Robt
Erwin, Geo
vans, Miss Minnie
Evans, D U
indlay, Alex
lemiiiL'. Mrs Frank
Fowler, Sam A
irant, Mr
iraliam, Jas
Hansen, Loren
Horn, A W
Homson, Carl A
Tolilreilge, Mary J
Tarrell, V W
Henaon, Mrs Mary V Thomas. G K (3)
Hermann, .J H Wahath, U D
Woodruff, E T Wagner, J I)
Wheeler, A Webster, W N (5)
Coburg Items.
Cont'RO, Sept. 21.
The outside work on Wm. Vanduvne's resi
ence is finished, and the plasterers are now at
ork on the same.
A sociable was given at the residence of Mr.
G. 1!. Waul last Friday evening. It was a
pleasant affair and was well attended.
Mr. John Cochran and wife and Mrs. Ths.
Vanduyne returned from Kitson's Springs last
Saturday. They report having had a pleasant
Mr. Thos. Vanduvne's house is finished and
the family expect to move into the same this
week. It is a handsome dwelling and a credit
to tne town.
Mr. Samuel Thomas hat told to Wm. Pa-
Ianey fifty acres of his farm for J000. The
land sold was the residence and improved part
or me piece.
Miss Nettie Wllloughbv, who has been sick
for the past five months, ii again Very low and
her death is momentarily exected. San Fran
cisco doctors Lav cl arge of her case now.
. Special.
Immediate; Delivery Stamp. These
tttmpt are now for sale at the Eugene post
office for 10 cents each, This system will
insure the immediate delivery of a letter by
special messenger upon its arrival in all cities
with a population of 4000 on and after Oc
tober 1st. The dimensions of the stamp
are somewhat larger than the common two
ceut stampi of dark blue. Design: On the
left an arched panel bearing the figure of a
mail messenger boy on a run, and surmount
ed by the words "United States;" on the
right, an oblong tablet, ornamented with a
wreath of oak and laurel surrounding the
wards, "Secures immediate delivery at a
special delivery office." Across the top of
the tablet it the legend "Special Postal De
livery," and at the bottom the words, "Ten
Cents," separated by a small shield bearing
the numerals "10." The only office in Ore-
goo that will come under the head of the
immediate system will be Portland.
Notice. Mr. B. H. James having retired
from business and being desirous of tetiling
up, requests all those indebted by note or ac
un w immediately can tna make a set tie-
He can be found at his oHic in the
Court House, ready to receipt for all debts
due him. Take Notice. A good dinnsr eaa
bad at Baker's hotel for 24 oenU,-
Smithfield News.
8MITHHILD, Sept. 19.
Mr. Jordan has commenced his Fall term
of school at this place with a fair roll call.
There will be a dance at Mi. Thos. Ho.
land's to night. Hope they will have a good
MisR Sarah Forgby, half lister to Mrs.
nyers, it going to start fur ber horn n .
1. Monday.
K B Hayes and J E Richardson passed
through here eu n ut for the Slate Fair ouu
day laat week. 1 heir stock looked tine.
Messrs Klras ami Richard Ratcliff calcu
late to cross the mountains thit Kail. Kliaa
will stop at or near I'nneville, while Richard
will journey on to the Big Beud country.
Mr Jas Bouuds. the book rgeot, it around
again trying to toll the Isdiea a book that
will team them now lo make Sixteeu diner-
eot of slapjacks (nun one pan of
dough and twelv other kinds of Johnny
sake. Buy on.
A wagon wth four horses attached upaet
fro.n a grade on the Wild Cat yester
day. Mr UK Chamberlain, of Dallas, the
driver, was badly bruised, having hve rib
broken, and the wagon and hor et went
overboard forty feet into the river. The
party, consisting of U K Chamberlain, T J
Gardner, J H Smith, D J and J M (irant)
the last named being city marshal of Dallas),
went to the Siuslaw couutry to hunt and
fish, but not rinding any game, concluded tu
return to Smithfield aud chaaa a few dayt
for deer with U. W. Gibson. Afur
hitching up they had not gone far on one
of the narrow grade on Wild Cat before
one of the wheel hone stepped into the
lead bars and became frightened and the
whole team stalled to ran, when one of the
wheels struck a log that stuck out in the
road, throwing the whole business over the
grade. The team wat not teriouslv hurt,
and the tongue and scat were the only parte
of the wagon that were damaged. The party
arrived here at 3 o'clock Saturday, arid Mr
0 VV Gibson hitched np his hack and took
Mr Chamberlain to Monroe, fioin whence he
aent by hack to Corvallis, where he could
meet the train. Moon LtuUT.
The Military Wagon Road.
During the paat two weeks fivt or six resi
dents of Silver Lake, Lake county, have pur
chased in Eugene City between $4000 and
15000 worth of goods and hauled them over
the Military wagon Mad to their homes. W
have been iuformed by these buyer that if the
road was iu a safe condition there would be
purchased in this place annually between
25,000 and (20,000 worth of supplies by peo
ple in that section. The question then for our
merchants to consider, is whether they are
going to ait idle with their hands folded and
ailow this trade to go elsewhere, or whether
thev will lake meaauret to assure them of this
imiiortant trade for years to come. The quet
tio.i, of course, will he asked, "What can l
don to control the patronage of the section
al luiled to!" It is easy to answer said problem.
We are informed upon good authority that
with the expenditure of the sum of 12000 th
road can lie put Iu such comlition next Muring
that will insure our merchants the much-da-sired
trade. Will our merchants rails the
amount and expend it by putting the mad in
repair? By projier Mjtition and reprexentAtion
we believe the county would help the matter
along by a lilieral appropriation. Who will
start the movement? Of course many will say
the road couwary, who have received thou
sands of acres of the Jieople's domain, should
tie compelled to keep the highway iu good
condition, wilh whom we cordially acres, but
tins seerus to he sn iuiosibility. 1 lis lanrtt
were procured dnhoneitly, ami without per
forming the eervicea that they should have
been required to do. Nevertheless, our people
must put the roa I in repair at their own ex
p ne or lose this valuable tra le. We await
with interest their action in this important
Reduced Rates.
Mr J S Churchill, Secretary of ths Lane
County Agricultural society has received the
following fr-ra E P Rogors, Goneral Freight
and Passenger Agent ot the 0 k (! railroad:
"Your favor of the 10th Inst came dnlv to
hsnd and contents noted We will make rate
from all stations in Lne count v and return, for
your county fail, which meets Sept 30th, of
round trip t riff rate. On freight for exhibi
tion at the f sir, we shall charge tariff rates on
itgoinir to your faii and on presentation of
certificate to our s.'ent at Eune, issued by
you as secretary, and bearinir the seal of the
society, that articles have been on exhibition
ana have not changed hands and have paid
full rates going to fair, they will be returned
Mrt Withrow desires to inform her num
erous customers that she has moved her mil
linery store to the building occupied by the
Brownsville store, one door north ot Hum
boot and shoe shop. She also desires to say
that she has just received from the East a
tine stock of millinery kooda, which will be
sold at very low prices. Give the ttore a
call ana price the ijoods.
Bitter. Dr Sharpies again reports Mrs
Church the victim of the Mohawk tragedy as
being better. The chances now are very fav
orable for ber recovery. Her mind is still
weak but it gradually growing stronger. In a
conversation Wednesday the asked who hurt
her, and what bad been the mutter. She say
she thinks her husband has gone to Yreka but
Is not certain about th matter; and further
that the last lime she saw him was on Saturday
when he was burning brush. It is probable
that in a short time her mind will clesr up
lunuer aud she be aide to relate the story of
the murder.
Fine Display Seoubku. Through th ef
forts of Mr George M Miller agent of the im
migration boaid of Lane county, th state
ooard has been fortunate enough to secure th
ipleodiddlkplayof grasses, grains and vegetables
oi)Mr Geor'e Belahaw, which is being exhibited
at he State fair. When the fair is over Mr
Belthaw's entire exhibit will be brought down
to this city and arranged at the board rooms.
This will be a fine advertisement for Lane
county. Portland Telegram. The exhibit of
Mr Belshaw will be shown first at the county
fair here before it ia taken below.
Coshuls at Portland. There are now eight
foreign consuls luxated in Portland, as follows:
C. C'aar, Germany; A Labbe, France; Jas.
Laidlaw, Great Britain; John McCraken, Ha
waiian Inlamla; Guntaf Wilson, Russia; E. S.
Larsen, Denmark; F. G. Ewald, Chili; A.
Wilson, Swedtn and Norway.
Chkistia. Chibch. Preaching at 11 A M.
Sunday, Sept 27 Subject, "The Atonement."
Lecture, 7:30 P. M.; subject, "Individual Lib
erty based on Individual Responsibility in
Married. At the residence of C. T. Hale,
in Cbesher precinct. Sept 18, Iwtt, by T, J.
Neely. J P, Mr Joel D Mays of Lane county
to Mis Ellen Ukellry of Crook oouuty.
Bobs. -In Cheaher iirecinct, Sept 11. 18K,
to the wife of Ton. J. Cook, a ton, weighing
U pounds.
Another frost yesterday morning.
Mr Geo W Kinsey will sell pools at the
county fair on all the races.
A Bomber of studsuts have entered th Uni
verslty during th paat week.
Sterling Hill hat received a hew btcycls and
it bow one of the happy mortals.
Th Mssrs Grain Bros are having their store
painted on th inside and outside.
Wheat may be quoted al SS cents per bushel
nek He market is rather stronger.
A large number went to the State Fair this
week. W will not try to enumerate them.
M:s. Margaret Miller Allison has com
menced suit sgainst Absalom Allison for dl
The residence rf Mr Grant Osburn is re
ceivlng the finiahing touches. It is a nobby
Mr S H Friendly purchased several lots of
old bnis this week. He says he will l pre.
pared to purchase new hot ahortly.
Miss Lena McKenzle, of Portland, is in
Eugene. She Intends locating here for the
purpose of teachiug vocal and instrumental
The pier under th Hayden bridge is being
rebuilt. Mr Ira Walton has supervision of
the woik, while Mr L N Roney it th con
W learn that Dr Wm Osburne't mother re
cently died in Pennsylvania and left him a leg
acy of 115,000.
Air w a Uox hat tiled In plat oT a aew
townsita on th Lower Siuslaw river t be
called Acme. It it near tht sawmill
New hops continue to corns into town. We
have heard of but one sale, that by Mr Palmer
Ay ret at SJ cents iter pound, delivered here.
In another column Sheriff Campbell adver
tises tht mortgages held by foreign companies
for sale to pay tales due and owing the coun
ly. Correot.
It rained quit hard here all of Weduesday
night, which will start the grain and grass to
Kiowinir nicely. However, more is needed to
enable our farmers to plow.
Hon David B Hill, bat been nominated
by the Democrats for Governor of New
York. He it the present incumbent, and
will sncced himself by a big majority.
The oity asks for l ids fbr tht building of a
cistern at the intersection oi Willamette
anil Eleventh streets. Bids roust be filed in
the ofllc of the city recorder on or before Oc
tobsr 6th.
We learn that Hon W D Feuton of Lafayette
has formed a law partnership with Judge J C
Mnreland, of Portland, and will move to that
city almut th first of next January where the
office of the new firm will bs located
Mr T N Segar has purchased two lots of
Gen B Dorris in his r.iw addition to Eugene,
on Willamette street south of Eleventh street,
paying $290 for the same. We learn that Mr
3 will build a residence on tfie same this Fall
Mr II C Humphrey ha-i been appntntod
City Recorder during Recorder Shaw's absence
from the city. We would advise evil doers to
walk straight during the next ten days, as the
Judge was a terror tu the criminal when he
held the office.
Wheat on the River,
Hon Gen Waggoner, of Corvallis, was In the
city on Saturday hint, and called at this office.
The tutural curiosity of a newsman drew from
him ths following: He h id been up to Eugene
City on the West side and from there down on
the east side to ascertain what amount of
wheat was stored upon the river. He found a
a lare quantity, more wheat thau has been
stored on the river for several years. The
prospect of the Oregon Pacitio being able to
ship grain this Fall through Yaquina si'connts
for this unusual storage on the river, and also
accounts for Mr Wagoner's trip to Eugene
City lo look after th matter. Th farmer!
have ahown sound, practical Sens in i-toring
on th liver and probably it will result in
their receiving several cents more per bushel
for thiir enib than they could have command
ed if they had atored on the railroad, We un
derstand it ia the intention of the O V Com
pany to put boaU on the liver to run wheat to
Corvallis where it can lie shipped oVtr the
railroad to Ysiiuina and thence to market As
soon as the river riset oiierationt in that direc
tion will commence. 1 he draw in the railroad
bridge above Harrisburg, if not in working or
der will have to be mad so at once, for boats
will run to Kurfeue for wheat as toon at the
river rist's. Any delay In letting boats through
the draw will be attended with results
to Ue railroad company owning the biidge.
A little later oa we may expect to see stirring
limes oa Ih river. Albany Bulletin.
Siuslaw Wagon Road.
Last Tliursdsy the County Conrt let to
Mr. John Brown the contract for the com
pletion of the Siuslaw wtgon road, foi the
turn of 2900. The following it the order
at made by the Court;
At thit time, Sept. 24, 1885, thit matter
coming on to be heard upon tht bidt of con
tractor! for the completion of ssid road ac
cording to advertisement, and it appearing
that John Brown it the lowest bidder, it it
ordered that said, contract, upon filing an
approved bond," bo let to said John Brown.
Work to all be completed by March 1, ltb'.
Road on all grade to be at least ten feet
wide, and raise in grade on rocks to not ex
ceed fourteen inches to any one rod. All
ttreanii and gulches and Spring brsncbes on
the line of survey to be bridged in l good
substantial manner. Bridget to be at least
twelve feet wid and covered with sound
split timber at least six inches thick.
Marshy pltcea to be corduroyed. Lane
county it to pay f I'.XH) when the work it
completed through Beruher rock, and (1900
when the entire work is completed.
Mr. Brown hat filed hit bond and will
commence work on the contract immediately.
Mtstebious. Recently Mr Geo Hale and
totns friends went on a hunting and exploring
expedition some fifteen miles northwest of
('apt C T Hale's farm, ia the mountains.
While hunting one day tbey discovered cut oa
a rock the following. "T Miller -June 20,
1H00. . "1 he wages af sin is death." The in
scription was done in a hMdy artia'Jo manner
showing it to be the work of a skillet) work
man and looked as if it hail been cut in the
roc at th data indicate.! as the mnaa had
nearly grown over tb earn. Mr Hal in
forma na that the section is rarely visited by
man, a it ia a difficult enterprise to inter the
receaMM of the inountaina at that point Many
are the opinions exprewed why thia inscription
was placed on th rock. If th pr n who
performed the work is still living and this
should meet his eye, will he kindly drop us
a line so that we may clear awsy the mystery.
Married At th resilience of S L B. nl,
on Sept. 22, 1883, by A C Jennings, J P,
Mr John Martin of Yamhill county and
Mist Carrie Briggt of Lane county.
Junction City Items.
Wheat 63 cent a.
Weather: Rainy this week.
Miss Nina Millmru is quite ill,
Th blacksmiths are wanting work now,
Enictt Lee, ton of Dr. N. L Lee, it quite
Mrt. Ella Blew went to Portland Thurs
day. Many lovort of pleasure weat to the State
Fair this week.
3. E. Houston was ia the city thit week,
looking eploudid.
Tom Taylor it building ft neV ditcher.
Tom is -juite t geoiut.
Judge Washburne and G. Chriamsu Were
in the city Wedueaday,
Now it a good time for preachers to visit
ut, at chickens are cheap.
Gilmore ii crowded with drummers tiuce
buying ont Harkint k Burg.
The deputy sheriff came down Monday.
Hi trip was a bright Star cue.
Mrt. Dave llodHon is in the city visiting,
the guest of Minniu Houston.
Mr. Willi Kratx, of Dixie, was here on
Wednesday visiting friends.
Dal Gore has cot lots of tine applet. He
soils them cheap at the orchard.
L Salomon is selling off his fine stock of
goods cheap, to make ready for well, a new
T. A. Milliorn is a first-class wagonmaker
and undertaker; carries a good mpply of
tine casketi.
N. Gilmore hns purchased the variety
store of Harkiua k Burg for hit ton Price,
who will occupy it toon.
Thev are at fine at von can trot What it?
Why Bee bet boots and thoes. He makes
them, too. Ay, but they are tine.
Dick Warreu it about to paint nt all.
Down go the art galleries. You'll toon tee
all our picture hanging on the gate pott.
Ladies can set nice switches of hair of all
colors, line millinery goods, and d reuses cut
and made on good tennt at Mrt. Kinkers.
Well, there it a now sign! Hey! Yet, Mrt
Mtrquain does hrat-cls.i outting and dress
making. Go right in and tee for yourself.
Mr. W. H. Counteu hat moved hi fain
ilv back to thit place He ii the iuilcfatig
able clerk at Ha ber' ttore, A good acqui.
Oh, but it is terrible to toe P. Marquam
sweat at shaving to many oi the young
swains preparatory to visiting tlio sweet six
teect. Big rush.
Mrt. Gilmore it expooted home from the
East next week. Then the old geut must
put up a good supper for ut or he will be
treated to tome tin music
Mr. Wm. Garliugliouse and Mrt. Mary A.
Coyle, of Bentou county, were married in
thit city on Wednoaday. Whoop Iu! Uncle
l.illy Houston taut the worda.
Our fat man, who feeds and tleept tho
railroad boys, and many others, can be seen
at any hour, rushing around with hit coat
off and full of fun, and will mako you fat
and happy; always has something new.
Not to breakable as one might think, if
her name is Cantvel, for she still carries a
full stock of millinery, and her stock is way
up tine and reasouable in price. Please tee.
Can't be beat.
Felix Fa in.
Summary of Assessment.
Assessor McPhereon kindly handed lis the
following summary of the assessment of 1885,
which he hat Just completed!
Acres of land 390,101 acres; total value,
$2,li07,Wil: average value per acre, 16.582.
Railroad land W.lM) acres; total value,
$14,710; average value, SO cents per acre.
Wanon road land 20.080 rtres; totul value,
912.0U0; average, 40 cents per acre.
J . wu lots Value, ?ouU,420.
Merchandise and implements f 794,625.
Money, uotesaud accounts -$720,001,
Household furniture - $2811,110.
Horses and mules 0,813 head; total value.
$310,022; average value per head, l.'iO.IW.
Cattle 14,032 head; total value, .r3,374;
average 8IN.O0 ier head.
Sheep-Ko,409 head; total yalue, 117,574;
average $1.31 ier head.
Swine 11,701 bead; total value, 24,G35;
average per head, 12.10. .
Total value of all property, f6,S2.1,7!X5; In
debtedness, f 1,033,427; exemptions, f 4911,052;
total taxable property iu Lane county, 14,102,
717. No. or polls, 1,010.
The Increase In the total assessable nronertv
over last year amounts to a little over 9150,000.
A good record considering tli nard times.
Blue River Mines.
Finn is working four or five men in hit claim.
Mr Minor has discovered a placer claim en
the Blue that prospects well
About a doxen claims on Blue river have
been recorded in the county clerk's office this
Representative Flinn from Marion county
ami three other gentlemen from the same lo
cality left last Thursday niorninv on a pros
iecting and hunting trip up tho McKenzie.
M ara. Mason, Wand and Hatch have re
turned to this place. They discovered sovernl
new ledges that they believe to be rich, and
early in the Spring will return and develop
A Mr. Clark, of BI110 river, was in town
thit week, and showed some gold that he had
panned out of a placer claim he recently dis
covered in that section. He purchased pro
visions and started back to nut in sluice last
Pleasant Hill Items. .
Pleasant Him., Sept 24.
Measn Wm Sellsra and K F Keeney have
gone to JUeninouth to attend the normal
Mr and Mrs Wal hams, cf Po.-tland. war
visiting the furs part of th weak with our
merchant, G W llandsaker.
D W Uridine ha add hit sntiie stock f
merchandise to G W llandsaker, and it leave
our village with only ne store.
Messrs G H Calllson and Ed Dorlmr With
their families, accompanied by Mr J O Bria
tow, started Tuesday for Eastern )rgoo via
the Mcttenile road.
Ml" Snodurass will teach the hrwer Pleas
ant Hill school, B V Mulkey the upper one,
Mi Kate Cruxan at Butte Disappointment
and R fc Brutow at Cloverdal. B.
State Fair. Th State Fair at Salem
this year hat been moderately successful.
The rain only spoiled the pleasure of thote
in attendance for alxmt one day. At here
tofore, it has beeo monopolized principally
by the horsemen. The exhibit iu the pa
vilion was very light and did injustice to
our State At the tlection of officers Mr.
Belshaw was elected at one of the Board of
Directors for Lane county, aud Mr. M. Wil
kins wat elected aa one of the Manager to
act under the law of the last Legislature.
Marriage License. Since our last laaiie th
following marrlan lioenaet have ben issued
bv th 't:ounty clerk- September 21 ut, J E
Matin snd Carrie B Briggss; Sept 23d, God
fried Hickalbkr and Lena Wiedman.
Places Sold. -J T Martin to 8 F Keret
11.50 acres; con, 8.175. 8 F Kerns to J T Mar
tin 13.50 acre. Th transfer were recorded
last Thursday,
Cottage Grove Hems.
September 23, 1883.
Weather delightful; mads likewise.
Mr Steve Harris Is somewhat better.
Rev Mr Rourk of Siuslaw wat hor Tues
day. Miss Kate Hanson returned from Eugene
Mr P T Noland was in town Saturday anf
Sunday laat -
Mr Avery, the tinner now occupies Mr A F
Johuaon't house.
Mr Hickathler is In town with his photo
graph gallery again.
Mr A I Johnson and family have left our
place and moved on a farm ,
Mr Joe Dams wood returned' from East of
the Mountains last week, ,
Mr O Q Cartwright Snd wifo of Siuslaw vai;
ley were in town 1 uesday.
Messrs Grant Osburn and Ed McClanahtn
were in town Friday night
. Mr George Garoutte It gone on a visit to
relatives iu Litin county.
Mr lluuh Thomas Is moving to tht N. V.
Chiisman ranch ou Row river.
Mr Albert Vauirhan of Alkali arrived here
last Saturday ou a visit to relatives.
l!v Mr Kkitiworth. the new Circuit rider
of thit place, delivered a sermon her Sunday.
The fac of Mr H M Walhw! was terribly
distorted last week on account of a bad tooth.
U,VP rhrlaman haa bia home on the mill
race fixed up in good style, ready for somebody
to occupy.
Mr George Uawley and wife and Miss'
Lydia Adams went to the Fair at Siuslaw yes-
Mr Hetekiah Knee, formerly of thit vicini
ty but of late of Eastern Oregon, wm iu town
yesterday. .
Mr Ed Cathcart was thought to U be; a
few dayt ago but has relapsed into hit former
critical condition.
We learn of the Siuslaw valley folks that
that there has not been rain enoug there to b
of any use whatever,
Mr Jim McFarland gave a party tor the
benefit of tht vouug people last Iriday evening
which wat a very enjoyable affair.
Land hunters are numerous; four men front
the liower Siuslaw have been in our vicinity
several days looking for lahd to take up, ,
Annt Sophia Hailuton came up to thit
place Saturday from Cresswell on a visit to Mr
K H Haxleton and other friends in this vicin
ity. Messrs Carey and Huffman went np In th
mountains Saturday and cam back Sunday,
aud reported having killed (with the assis
tance of Mr McCoy and two sons) four deer.
Mr John Tapp and wife 1-ft for their horn
In UaklandTuesday. Mr Tapp had been to
Salem where he took his mother and sialur.
Th latter is going to attend school at that
Mr. Wm. Palmor hat returned to Portland.
Al Hembree left for Harney valley thit
Senstor Hoult of Linn mad u a pleasant
call last Wednesday.
Mr J A Lbbert Btarted for Eastern Wash
ington lst Tuesday.
Mr. L. II. Wheeler has returned to Eugeuo
from a trip ta Portland.
Judge Washburue went to Junction yester
day on professional business.
Mr. Gab Chrismau is now th possessor of
a "pet," located on one of Ms bauds.
"Pap" Walton hat returned from a visit to
Yaquina, He it looking splendidly.
Mr II R Clark went to Portland this week
lo accept a position on the 0 k C railroad.
Miss Lenora Nichols, of Colfax, W T., It
visiting at the residence ot Mr Frank Rankin
In this city.
Mr Cyrus Ellmaker and family, recently of
Springfield, havo moved into town, where thejr
intend to reside in the future,
Mr James Eakln left for Union, Oregon, laat
Wednesday, where he goci to finish hit law
course in the office of Lis brother.
Mr J E Houston, of Ashland, paid this of
fice a pleasant call last Tuesday. He tayt
business it ImproUng in that section.
Dr Ed Mulligan, of Rochester, N Y, who
came to Eugene to visit his father in bit last
sickness, returned home last Tuesday.
Ex-Marshal Attobery wat in Eugene ont
day thit week. We are torry to report that
hit health shows no sign of Improvement
Recorder Shaw, Geo. S. Kincald, J. W.
Cherry and George Croner left on a two weeks
trip up the McKenzie river last Wednesday
G. W. llotchttedlor, of AlUny, Grand
Chancellor Commander of the K night! of
Pythias, paid the tubordinate lodge here an '
ollicial visit last Thursday evening.
Trent Items.
Trent, Sept 23.
Rsin, rain, rain.
Farmer all done towing Fall grain in this
teotion of the country.
Mr. Jaokton Miller left here Monday for
Wasco county, to remain during the Winter.
Mr. Tbot. Ooesage hat exchanged ranches
with Alei. Grit tin of Fall Creek. Each
will move to their retpeotiv placet in a few
Mr. n. C. Morgan and family left laat
Saturday for Kitaou't Springs, where they
intend tpeuding a few dayt tor pleasure and
Mr. W. II. MoCall luft here last Monday ,
for the purpose of helping Wm. Gilfry to '
the valley with hit beef cattle. Tbey will'
be about fifteen dayt on the road,
On the evening of the 13th, ere tht table'
curtains of night were drawing to a close,
there gathered together three or four of the'
fun-loving boy of thit vicinity, intending
to make the night hideout to the newly
married couple of that day. They waited
and waited in vain for their - Pleasant Hill
pals, who it seernt had promised to meet .
them at a given point, but at the dawn of
day was fast approaching, they had, at yet,
failed to makt thoir appearance. The boys
tired o' this, and afraid of being teen,,
wended their way tlowly homeward, sadder
if not wiser than bffore. Ms.
PlUA tore. The comio opera, Pinafore, was
given in this city Sept 18th and 19th to good
sized audiences. The performance were good,
way bImiv most of th amateur upre-entnt'ons
and reflected credit on the actors, while th ia
striimental tnuaio was particularly Cue. It is
said that the play may be given by the com
pany at Roseburg and Albany In th near fu
ture. Mirkhal. Mr T J Dimton. of this city,
has been acting as Grand Marthal at the State
Fair this week. Hie pspers speak highly of
his abilities snd nianat,-uient
Marries Mr Johnny Walker was mar
rli J at Oregon City tiii week tn MWa Nellie
Charnian. The Gsaro congratulates.