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April showers.
Coanty jail empty:
Mm immigrants arriving,
For good dentistry go to Clark . .
Bring-your chickens to Betttnan's.
Fishing tackle of every description at Luckey
Old Java and Mocha colTee at Swift i
Paetographs finished neatly and artis
. tioally at Winter's.
I ' Tea different styles of men's shoes to be
had at the I X L Store.
The highest eash price will be paid for fur
and bides at the I X L Store;
A fine line of silk plashes in all shades
ad grades at F B Dana's.
A fall assortment of ladies, misses and eliil
drea underware at Bettman.s.
Luckey Co have a very fine assortment of
paint brushes and sell them cheap.
Dr N J Taylor guarantees all dental work
done by him. Give him a calL
Before painting your house, call on Luckey
& Co, and get your paints, brushes, etc.
Remember W H Harris' circus and men
grie will perform in this city May 8tli.
-Boots, shoos and slippers in more than 100
styles at the Working Man's store, Eugene.
When you go out campiag, go to Luckey k
Co and buy a fishing rod, reel, line, hooks, etc.
For all kinds of lumber, dressed and un
eressed, go to Skinner 1 Long, Coburg, Lane
county, Oregon,
If you want nice c'othing go to the I X L
Store, as they have the latest styles and at
the lowest figures. '
Bev E A Mc A lister will preach at the court
house next Sunday, April 27th, morning and
evening. All are invited.
If you want good dentistry go to Dr K G
Clark. Full upper set of teeth, $15; full iip
per and lower set, only $30.
The reguar meeting, of the WCT U will
be held on next Wednesday at i P M. in the
basement of the Presbyterian church.
Dr T W Shelton and family has removed
to Chas Lauer residence, where he will re
ide until the return of Mr Lauer ami
Hack will have the St Charles Hotel,
Eugene, every Monday and Friday for Bel
knap Spring, commencing, May 2iL Hound
trip fare, $8.
The new Nickel Plate circus, w'lieh per
forms in this city, May 8th, is said to lie the
largest show ever has via; ted the 1'aci
rio Coast. Save up your dollar.
Mr II H Hendricks, who has been nclim;
city editor of the Salem Statesman, since he
graduated at the State University, will soon
resign ami commence rea dug law.
' Workmen huve been busily ena-,'ed cement
ing the oM Stone store. Although it destrys
one of the old landm.rks of Eugene, it im
proves the looks of the building greatly.
In answer Vi an open lctt r to the Hon Ciry
Council "why should tiio four or five business
-houses pay more into the city twmury than
the balance of the business houses in the ohy.'
is because the proprietors of the four or five
business houses wear 1 laker's make of c'mtliiiii'
and got sph-ndid titsi
, i
Cottage Grove Items.
April 24, ISf4.
Sunshinj and showers.
Mr -Scott Borden leaves to-day for Ynncolla.
Harry Jlazoltnn and Dick Burton went to
Eugene last Thursday.
The W H Harris Nickel Tlate shows, are
billed for this pi ice, May 7.
Dr S C Renfrew delivered an "anti-female
suffrage" speech here, April the 29th.
Several gentlemen left here Monday for
Florence, at tha mouth of tiio Siusiatv liver.
Dr Shelbrede went to Junction Wednesday
to perform some dental work in that vicinity.
, The hotel at this place under the manage
ment of the new proprietor, Mr L B Whortoni
Is doing a lively business, and giving general
Dr J W Harris came in from- Oakland this
ihorning in response to a dispatch received by
him from bis family) to the effect that his lit
tle daughter was quite ilL
Doc, the tddth carpenter has left town, he
teems to think his profession and personal ap
pearance are not to be compared to a nice
croquet ground and a lengthy purse.
The musical concert given here April 17,
was very good and largely attended. The al
bum was awarded to Miss Mary Markley, as
beingthe most popular young lady present
Mr. Frank Wooley was awarded a pair of
mall stockings, for being ths laziest gentle
man, which was decided by a free vote of the
ladies present Mr Wangeman received what
he termed a complimentary vote It is sup
posed to have been cast by his better half.
Dexter Items.
April 22, 1884;
Mrs Jas Howard is very sick.
Mrs Sarah J Handsaker has been appointed
Postmistress at this place instead of Mr H'
ir ho re-Al vi-'irt be went to Pleasant Hill to
ttkeX TW!is store
khLpnder the management of Miss
Mr an 2i Parvin are at Mr Wm Williams
On the Mckenzie, where their daughter is lying
at the point of death. Since writing the above
Mrs Williams and Mrs Howard have both
died. Mrs Be'ths Williams died April 22d,
aged 20 years, 6 months and 12 days. The
afflicted families have the sympathy of this
entire community. Mrs Louisa Howard died
April 23, after lingering illness of several
months dufatioa, aged about 34 years. The
bereaved riband and aged father have the
sympathy f-JL
Attorsbts nr Attendance. The following
attorneys have been in attendance upon Circuit
Court during the past week: Gov W W
Thayer, Portland; B 8 Strahan and D RS
Blackburn, Albany; John Burnett, John Kel
say J R Brysun and W S" McFadden, Cor
raffia; J W Wright, Junction; G B Dorris,
Geo S Washburn. J J Walton, L Bilyeu. J E
Fenton, D M Bisdon, Geo M Miller, H C
Humphrey, Ecgene.
Republican County Convention.
The Convention mot at Lane's Hall, Tues
day April 22d at 10 a m, per call made by
the County committee. Tiie ufc'ethifc was
called to order by J W McBee. On motion,
J M Shelly was elected as Chairman and J
M Robinson Secretary, and S II Friendly
Assistant Secretary . i
The following committees were appointed
Credentials J M Robicaoa, A Wjlkins,
S Rigdon.
Urder of Business--Johu Kelly, J M Star-
ford, J M Sloan.
Besolutions S M Yoran, John Bouy, ;
C Jennings.
Permanent Organization F B Dunn, A C
Barbree, C W Washburne, S E Veatoh,
W Shelton. 1
Adjourned to meet at 1 p m,
Met at 1 p m. I
The committee on Credentials reported at
follows: ,
Royal Star Chamber, 1
Kugeue, April 22, 1881 )
We your committee report as follows:
North Eugeno- S M oran, S H Friendly,
F B Dunn, J M Shelley, J M Slosn, .1 N Gol
tra, H K Kincald.E J Clark, W H Abrams, J
H Moulting, VV it DUlard.
South Eugerte J F Robinson. T W Shelton.
J W Cleaver. G S Washburne, A J Johnson.
Jacob Conner, A G Hnvey.
Springfield Al I- VV r 1'owers, S
Bruttaiu, John Kelly, J W McBee, Anlds
Dunham, Alf Bnnnett
Willamette II Spores, Amos Wilkins M H
Skinner. '
Irving A J Zumwalt, A C Jennings Allen
Mohawk J M Stafford, C Cole.
Pleasant Hill-J t'allison. 8 Ricdon.
Cresswell John Bony, W W Scott, Jno
Morse, Wm kelsjy.
Cavotte John nimnson.
Siuslaw-J I Stewart, P F Davis, J W
Cottage Ore ve J M Martin. J II AlcFar
land. J II Mann. P. W Whipple. S E Veatch.
A Kirk, W VV Uathcart, Ira llawley, J r
1 aylor.
Fall Creek Fred Warner, A Horn.
McKenzie-F E Metcalf.
Camp Creek Jas Campbell, Frank Stor-
mnnt, J H McBee.
Florence A C Barbour, and S G Limldey
and Henry Marten by A U Harbour, proxy.
Lost Valley -Thus iiarbre,, by 3 itigdon,
ilozle lieu unrepresented,
Cbesher Unrepresented.
Long Tom Unrepresented.
Middle Fork Unrepresented.
Richardson Unrepresented.
Jim theGimleter, Chairman,
On motion, David McBee was allowed to
cast the vote of Richardson precinct.
The committee on 'iermanent organization
reported that the temporary officers be mode
permanent; adopted.
The committee on order of business reported
as follows:
1 -Election of 10 delegates to Stats Convent
2 Senior.
3 rml:- Keiire.-i'MiUtivos.
4 "otmty .iudo'0. s
G-t lei.;.
7- Tr oir -r.i
8 Two Cou.mHsioncrK.
'J Ass.sHor.
10 -.Surveyor.
1 2 School Su perintondent.
13 County Centra! Committee;
The chairman appointed F E Metcalf and
Amos Wilkins, tellers.
Committee on resolutions reported the' fol
lowing: The UepiiMioans of Lino County in con
vetiti"ii assembled, declare its faith and an
iiouin:cs its po:timi n pun the questions be
fore the c-'iMtry in follow-':
First Wb litsvu in a jmt and economical
:tl !i i i t : i -v r. i f i ' ' in .1 : 1 the iiit iirs of tlieseveral
dep.irlliienis oi our Suto .mil loi:al guvorn
ment. 2Vb.dieve it to be the duty of our
National govemni mt to ilmlare forfeited all
unearned l! I! i;raiil.s to renluto inter-state
coininerce by law, to t!i exeuttliat the pro
ducts of the soil ami labor uf ,one state may
be cheaply iiitcrchnnt-enlilo f"r tliu products
or prices governing in other states.
3 We uoliuve that justice and equality
are the truu and only foundation of law, and
therefore demand the repeal of every law
subversive of this great principle and the
onactmcnt nf such laws as will remove the
burdens now resting upou the people of this
State, to-wit:
1 -.We demand the enactment nf laws
establishing maximum rates for the transpor
tation of freight and passengers on the rail
way lines within this State at rates materi
ally reduced from those now charged; also
providing for the transfer and interchange of
cars and freights nf the several lines of rail
ways without delay, or the addition of trans
fer charges from oue line of transportation
to another.
2 We demand the enactment of a law
providing for the equal assessment and taxa
tion of all property within this State,
whether laurtB, money, inortgajes; bonds or
stocks, either owned porsonally or corpor
atoly, and all real property of corporations
the same as that of individuals, except such
as is of right exempt by law.
3 We de.nand for onr educational sys
tem a watchful care on the part of all offi
cials, to the extent that our common schools,
colleges and University may attain a greater
degree of excellence and increased efficiency
in educating the youth of our common
wealth. 4 We demand certain and speedy punish
ment on conviction of crime against person
or property within the State; and the right
of the people to suppress the evils growing
out of the indiscriminate and Unlawful use
and sale of intoxicating liquors.'
5Ve reaffirm the equal rights of all men
before the law, and demand for all an hottest
day's wages for au honest day's work, free
from all legalized subservency of the irian
that wields the hoe or hammer' to any other
calling or profession
6 We demand of all men claiming our
suffrages an acceptance 6f these declara
tions, and invite ail that nre interested with
us in the foregoing refornrs, to unite with ns
in their accomplishment
S. M. Yorak,
A. C. Jenninos.
The following persons were elected delejrates
tn the SUte Convention; S M Yoran, C W
vVashburu, A G Hovey, J M Shelly, Jasper
Wilkins, John Kelly, JJ F Robinson, H R
Kincaid, S H Friendly, Wm' Kelsey.
A J Zumwalt wtfs nominated by acclama
The following pnms were placed fn nomi
nation: J W Harpole, Rodney Scott, Wm
I Kllard, E W Whipple, 8H Friendly, J M
Dick, J H McClung. First Ballot-Harpole
40, Scott 60, Dillard 30, Whipple 27, Friendly
24, Dick 38, McClunir 49, Kelly J, Brattain 2,
Church 1, Yoran 2, Washburne L J W Har
pole, Rodney Scott. J M Dick and J H Mt
Clung were declared the nominee.
eoi'STT Jl'DOI.
G S Washburne and J C Church were placed
in nomination. 1
First ballot -Washburne 44, Church I&
Wtshburne was declared the nominee.
DC Bruce, J M Sloan and W R Walker
were placed in nomination.
First Ballot-Bruce 10. Sloan 29. Walker 31,
Second ballot-Bruce 2, Sloan 33, Walker
Thirri ballot-Sloan 20, Walker 41.
W R Walker was declared the nominee.
Joel Ware was nominated by acclamation.
J G Grty was nominated by acclamation,
B S Hvland. Jno Walker. J C Jennimrs. S
Rigdon and D Thompson were placed in nomi
First ballot-Hvland 21. Walker 30. Uiif
don 30. Jennimrs 40. Thomnson 6.
JnO Walker and J C Jennings were de
clared the nominees.
Wm Simmens was declared the nominee by
Henry McClure was nominated by acclama
W V Henderson was nomination b accla
J N Gol tra was nominated by acclamation.
North Eugene, A G Hover; South Eureae,
U ,11 J VI nil i UIIUVIIUU, V 1 11 MIIUUIUQ.
Spriiiifflold, W B Penifra! Willamette, T J
auelmn: Irving. A C Jennings: Pleasant
Hill, S A Rigdon: Cresswell. J Bouy: Coyote.
W I Coleman: Siuslaw, I J Stewart: Cottage
Grove, E W Whipple; Fall Creek, Amos
Hyland; AlcKonzie, U it Kenirew; spencer,
R Jones: Cann) Creek. James Camubell:
Florence, A K lluttolph; Lost Valley, Thos
isarbree; Kiohaiuson, David Mcisee.
Fern Ridge Item.
April 21, 1SS4
Mr Audrew Gibson had returned home.
Miss Bell Dushuell has been engaged to
teach iu district 67.
Miss Verona Peek, of Eugene, will teach
in district No 47.
Our loss is Smithfielii's gain; Mr B An
drews has left us to teach in that far famed
city. We wish him success.
Trait will be plenty on the ridge if there
is no more heavy frosts; also quite an abun
dance of wild strawberry blooms;
Mr Zimri Crabtree, who lately lost his
wife in the East, is lying very ldw himself,
and it is feared he will never sel his old
home again.
The many frieuds of Mrs W 3 Purkorsou
will be pleased to learn that she is able to
sit up a little, and is in a fair way to recover
her lost health.
Some emigrants from Kansas passed
through our settlement the other day hunt
ing for Long Tom. 1'lajHs f note will bo
heard of m strange countries.
We miss tho untiling f.u;o -f jolly Tom
and Nat I'urkerson. Tli.-y have c u.r:ted
make a larile number if shingles, ami
iave taken tip their abode in Cedar canyon
or that purpose.
Smithfield Items.
April 21. I Sit.
lieararo nuuicr'oiM neir Mr Can troll's ifoat
Farmers nearly done Reudiiii; in this part
of the county.
Gueso all leaving. Pjruw.dl; hope, to see
you again early this Fall.-
S S Jones tniiL'l.t a larco croy wdf i:i a
beaver trap last wueii.
Mr Holland has m.iypd his family tn our
luiet little town to resid".
The hall i progressing Miiuly. liar I to
eep the carpenters in lu nlier,
Glass ball shooting here the 31 of Mir fur
the ihaiupiuuship of tlm club.
School commenced here Monday i'illi 31
scholars. Larue iii;r'jis riiuee h-a Wiii'cr,
A man from Now Era has taken ciarue ot
mercantile business here instead ot Mr
Smithfield is going to have a fine Hag 2(J
feet long, with a 100 font staff, uext week.
Lift your hats boys when you come here to
Upper Springfield Precinct Items.
Springfield, April 23, 1884.
Still it rains.
The fruit is nearly a failitre up here.
.School is progressing finery here with Miss
Mnllie Brattain as teacher.
Robt Vaughn has some very fine fall wheat.
He also has a nice garden.
Wm Williams wife of Waltwville died yes
terday, and was burned to-day at Pleasant
Forties and woman's rights is all the go; but
tho latter don't go very far. J J Walton and
John Campbell will get a good many Republi
cans votes up here.
Mrs F L Gray who has been visitinor rela
tives in the southern part of the state, will re
turn borne this week.
More Anon.
Qrand Jury Report.
The grand jury made the following final re
port for the April term of Cirenit Court:
We have examined into and reported upon
all committments and inquired into all crime
that have been brought t our knowledge and
have completed our work.
We have inspected the county buildings and
the various county offices and the manner in
which said offices are conducted. The build
ings are in good condition. We find the bonks
of the Clerk, Sheriff and Treasurer to be
kept in apparent good order.
J W Masterhon.
Foreman grand jury
Dextsr Items
April 22, 1884;
Farmers about done sowing grain.
L Cruzan and family, of McKenzie, will
soon become residents of this valley.
Mrs Win Stoops, of Springfield, is visit
ing relatives at this place.
School commenced at this place last' Mon
day with Miss Currie as teacher. Miss Rose
Hunsaker will teach the Upper Lost Valley
school, and Miss Ella Roney will teach at
New Store. We undentand that Mr S M
Titus Intends opening a new store at Belknap
Springs soon, where he will keep a general
assortment of supplies. He will also have a
fine billiard table, and intend preparing a tine
croquet ground. Mr Titus deserves a liberal
For tie East. Mr Chas Lauer and family
started for the eastern states last Monday, to
be gone several months on a visit Mr tj M
Yoran will hare charge or his insurance
Circuit Court.
Circuit Court met at the Cmrt House in
Eugene City, Mond iy, April 21, 18S4, at I
p m.
Offioera present Judge U S Bean, Deputy
Prosecuting Attoruiy Washburne, Clerk
Ware and Sheriff Campbell.
The following bailiffs were appointed by
the Court: Wm Bogart, A Lynch and J D
The docket was disposed of as follows i
State of Oregon vs J C Wooley; assault
with dangerous weapon not true bill.
State of Orogun vs J B Djai; obtaining
property under false pretenses not a true
WS Humphrey vs J W Daughorty, et al;
confirmation sale confirmed.
Hovey, Humphrey & Co vs J W Daugher
ty, et al; confirmation sale confirmed.
L MoMurry vs M W MoMurray; sonSr-
mation sale oonfirmcd.
H L Chichester vs M W MoMurray; con
firmationsale confirmed.
S II Crow et al, vs L Salomon: suit for
partition report of referee confirmed.
Al 11 Harlow vs W A rotter; to recover
money thirty days granted to tiio reply.
New KuL'land Mortice Co vs G l Wliit
ney; foreclosure removed to U S Court
L N Maupm vs L L Maupin; divorce
w 11 Daber vs J J ISut'er et ux; to recover
money dismissed at plaintiff cost.
W o Met addon and Jane McLaughlin
vs Ellen Murray; Suit for partition ordered
that land be sold.
F A Chonnweth vs Thos Murray, et al;
foreclosure judgment and decree for $370.
M U Kltohey et al vs J L'raig et al; suit
for partition order of distribution made.
W H Hayden et al vs W W Piper et al;
suit for partition report of referee ooulirm
H W Murphy vs J U Bond and 0 DClark;
to reoover money continued for service.
May X benders vs n L Thompson; to re
eover money error- Suit in County Court
K V Howard vs Kratz Washburne; to
reoover money judgment of non-suit
Chas AlUrecht vs Urauville Pisheri to
recover money jiidgmont by conseut of
(J bj Uhnsman vs li L Thompson and A
Dunham; 1 1 recover money default and
judgment of $412 aud order of sale.
money default and ludcment of 9239 aud
$25 attorney fees.
Al lipton vs V Al Heed; to recover money
dismissed at pllT's cost
lioard of hcliool Land Commissioners vs
W T Doak et ux; foreclosure dismissed at
pi IPs costs.
May a Menders vs A Dunham et ux; to
reoover money default aud judgment for
$oi)$ aud order of sale.
J Honii: vs W H Harkin; to recover money
J E Holt vs H E Thompson et al; fore
closuredecree of foreclosure.
J E Holt ys II Ii lhoutnson et al; to re
cover money dismissed at plff's costs.
J 12 Holt vs 11 li ihompson et al; to recover
money (Usiuisseu at pin s costs.
S Lock wood vs A II and C R Brooks; to
recover nloiiey default and judgment for
4 J 1 1 19 and order of sale.
Kprinufleld Mill Co vs J Howard; to recover
money continued.
J B Michael vs Win Stiers; tn recover
money judgment for $200 and iuturcft and
rdr of sale.
Manrarot Allison vs C II Miller: to sot aside
leed decree as praryed for.
Alary Uates vs Suu Hates; suit lor uivorce
M J Kankln vs F A Rankiil; suit for divorce
Mary I E Awbrey vs Jas vv Awbrey; suit
for divorce granted.
Addie llawley vs VV ii Jlawley; suit tor
livorce continued.
C E Byers; assignment -assignee ordered to
pay costs.
o Al Arin i'ir vs ueo Armour: sun lor in-
vop-e urauK'u.
M M Klli vs L J and S Z Paxton, forcclos
r. dipiuiu'ed at pllT's costs.
H E Gardner vs Wm Gardner; to modify
eerne combined.
Oi-' ' niiin Railway Govs L Mansfield; suit
for ri,'V. of way default Damages $32.
I) it .leans nt al vi J A Joans et al; suit lor
irittuiri -nrderof sale and J r luman appoint
ed ivfurec to make sale.
K VV Whimile Bros vs J V Ihornton and
J O Spray; to recover money dismissed at
pllfs costs,
E W Whipple & Bros i J C and Kate
Spray; to recover money dismissed at pill's
Stato of Oregon vs F Root; attempt of kill-
not a true hill.
O & C R R vs J Lawrence et al; appropria
tion nf lands dismissed at plff's costs.
M G McCarty vs P Runey; to recovery
money judgment per stipulations,
G Fisher vs Wm Montgomery; to recover
money dismissed.
W W Hinton v A Driskill; to recover
money continued.
R V Howard vs Kratz et al; to settle part
nershipargued and submitted.
W H Baber vs C W Holcomb; to recover
moneyjudgment for 1804 30 and $80 attorney
fees and interest
A V Peters vs II E Gardner; oonfirmation
sale confirmed.
Geo M Cooper vs T A Million et al; confir
mation sale confirmed.
W R Drury et al vs John Drury et al; parti
tionsale confirmed.
Court adjourned Thunday evening; April
25, 1884.
Direct from the East. Mr Chas Horn
has just received direct from the manufac
tures at the east a large invoice of baby car
riages, small wagons,- and tricycles of all
sizes. Htf also carries a large stock of fish
ing tackle, etc. Give him a call before pur
chasing elsewhere and price goods.
Priceh Checked. Mr 8 H Friendly ic
forms ns that the decline in wheat has been
checked in the Liverpool market, and that a
slight advance has taken place. This will
be good news ta the farmers aud the publio
Purchased. Dr T W Harris purchased
last Saturday of Mr J B Harris, an eleven
acre tract ef land lying on Fifth street, just
outside of the city limits, paying the sum of
f 1300 for the same. A good bargain.
Contract Let. Mr James L Page has
let the contract for building a new residence
in the western portion of the city to Mr
Geo II Parks, the contract price being $2,
100. Dissolved. The firm of Strahan k Bilyeu,
in this city, has been dissolved by mutual con
sent, Mr L Bilyeu retaining the business in
this city. Mr Bilyeu is a good lawyer and de
serves a fair share of the 1ck1 business.
Arrested. Indian Jiui was arrested one
day this week and taken to Portland by De
puty U 8 Marshal Riley, upon the charge of
selling liquor to Indians. Undoubtedly he
will be fined a few dollars.
Notice. A number of full-Mood Berkshire
pigs for sale. Also several half-blood Short
Horn bull calves. Inquire of B G Mulkey,
, Irving, Lane county, Oregon. '
) Anna FattkIson.
. Editor
The Lauroat elected new ottieers last ninht
Turner Oliver has returned to his home in
Eastern Oreti.
New classes! were organized in all the rooms
last Alonday. I
Prof, Collier is preparing the new catalogue
of the University for tins year,
The senlon have commenced a book, enti
tled " l he Koijtn ot Law, instead ot 'inter
national Law."
Mrs. Nellie McCornack, nee Condon, first
oresideiitof theEutaxlans, is visiting her home
in this plao
W H Gore, Marian Davis and Lura Murch
delivered ms iys and orations in the audito
rium last Knday,
Soma n :t books, the Encyclopedia of Sci
ence and a Bible, have been lately received for
lie library of the societies.
The Laurean members nf the Livy class
were in mourning lost week on aeceunt of the
loss of the lady luemlwrs of the class.
Among the old students who returned to
the University last Monday we notice Lillie
1 orter, l.ctlia AlcCoriiaok end L) V Uass.
Ella Vhiidiiyne, a former student who has
been iu Eu-'eue for the last few mouths study
ing music, returnej to her home at Coburg hut
A certaiu "fatherly" Laurean has been kept
quite busy during the week taking care that
the FuUxiaiis are rovided with a sufficient
number ot studies.
Mark Bailey, Jr., gave a very pleasant party
to his classmates at his home during vacation
week, A most enjoyable time was spent by all
Minnie Porter, a graduate of lost year, com
menced teaching lost week near Hulsey ; Flora
Kinehart is teaching in Linn county; Viola
(Jomegys will soon commence a school on Mo
" Resolved, that the government should reg
ulate by law the amount of laud held by any
one peraon, will be debate J by the Laureaus
next rridav eveuimr. li. n. Al enure ana
Win. Shaw will support the affirmative; H. S,
Johnson and U 1' Uoshow the negative.
A certaiu Laurean wishes to iuforra the
publio that the report that he is "mortgaged"
to two Eutaxians, is a false and malicious
untruth fabrication by jealous Laurean i, to
spoil his prospects tor leap year "proposals.
On account of the ether, considered by
scientists to till all space, being charged with
too much moisture and being condensed, the
straw hats nf some of tho Laureaus were
slightly damaged one day last week.
Teachors as well as students enjoyed
ploasnut rest last week. Prof Lambert spent
his vacation visiting iu Linn county, Prof
Spiller took t trip to Salem, visiting relatives
aud friends. Prof Coudon eujoyod visit at
Hood river, and rrof Gatitoubem spent the
week at his home iu Portland.
C K Hale, an alumnus of tho Uuivenity,
has received the uomiuatiou for County
Clerk on the Democratic ticket; . J N
Ooltra, also an alumnus, has received the
nonuuatiou for County School Superintendent
ou the Republican ticket. We are pleased
to see our graduates uomiuatcd to till respon
sible positions like these.
Yesterday afternoon the Eutaxians debated
the question, "Roso'.vnd, That the fate of
Sir Walter Raleigh was a desorved gne."
Leader ou affirmative Ida Patterson, col
leagues, Jessie MoClung, Annib Wooloy and
Nettie Colemau; negative, ausie Moore, ool-
luatiuo i, Nellie Browu, Dora Scott and Mag
gie Stausbury.
Three very tiorce looking individuals made
their appearauce in ibo eastern part of town
during vacation week. They were well
armed, aud to the excited oyes of those who
did not recognize them, they eveu seemed
iu full war paint. They were finally dis
covered to be three young Laureaus, who,
having gone hunting and nut getting any
game, were so disappointed and discouraged
that eveu their best friends failed to recog
nize them.
If the chief object of the Laurean editor's
is to make others happy, as he asserts, we
would suL'L'ost that application of obnoxious
names to ooutempoary editors is generally
considered, neither a source of plessitre to
any one nor conduct becoming a gentleman
and an editor. If we can not uphold the
credit of our respective societies in another
manner and by a triundly exchange of greet
ings and by refraining from unbecoming re
marks in reference to each other, we think
all communication between the columus
should cease till such can be dose.
The committees appointed sometime siuce
by the societies, te make arrangements for
the reuuion, have beon busy during tho past
few weeks making out the programme and
other necessary arrangements. Ihey have
decided to hold the exercises id the audito
rium of the University. The usual refresh
ments will be served and exoellent musio
provided for the oocasion. VV II Gore will
deliver the address of welcome.
In front of the University, on a block of
lots reoeutly purchased by Mr Park, we no
tice some handsome improvements begun in
the way of tree planting. We loam that
the owner intends to build him a fine resi
dence here during tho present summer.
This beautiful building site under the artis
tio hand of its owner will doubtless become
a tasty and valuable acquisition to the neigh
borhood. It is said that other desirablo lo
cations adjacent to the University grounds,
are likely to be secured by parties who con
template building and making ot':er Hand
some improvements.
The Laurean editor by a remarkable con
lescensiou has concluded to make the lives
of the Eutaxians happy and their peace per
fecthe has assured them he will lift his
hat to them when he passes. As he re
sumes hit studies at the Uuivenity this
week, we hope the walk to the Univenity
will not be blockaded by young ladies desiring
to secure this boon, and that the Oregon pa
pen will not be tilled with acknowledge
ments ot his Kindness. nai a grand no
ble example he offers to posterity, the sacra-
fice of his pleasure to that of a few benighted
mortals, to whom he thus offers perfect bliss
and enduring prosperity. May blessings,
unnumbered, be showered npon him for his
unselfish care for the hapnyness of othen,
and may fate hold in store for him, a fitting
reward for his uutireiug devotion to the
cause of humanity.
It is earnestly to be hoped by the many
friends of the Oregon Ktate University, that,
at the next regular meeting of the board of re
Knts, the present arrangement for granting re
duced rate tickits to students, will be modified,
as to admit of some discretion in regard to the
time of presenting the certificates, necessary
for procuring such rates,
As it now exists, these certificates must be
presented to the asjents the very day they are
dated, nr else they are void; not only Is the
time nf presenting these certificates limited but
even the time of issuing them is specified.
The present arrangement virtually dnntrnvs
Henry Villard s propnmition, and utterly fails
to carry out the intentions either of that be
nevolent benefactor,' or those of the present in
cumbent A Victim.
Latham Items.
Latham, April 17, 1884.
A book agent here Friday.
Mn D 11 Harris returned Friday from
Linn county.
Mr Joseph Sharp went to Drain Saturday,
returning Monday, ,
Allie Powell took a flying trip to Eugene
and back Tuesday.
Mr Fred Shultz came back Friday from
Portland and Saturday went on South.
Messn Joseph Taylor and George Kelly
went to Siuslaw Saturday to the quarterly
meeting, comimr back Monday.
The mill was not sawing last week, but Mon
day resumed business with a new man as
awyer, who came up from Portland.
; Mr J W Vaughn has received the nomi
nation of both political parties for justice
again, thus showing his incumbent favor
among all '
. April 23, 1884.
Rainy weather continues.
A rubber type nian was here Friday.
Hon A J liabb gave us a call lost week. . i
Sheriff Purdoih of Douglas county, passed
South on Saturday evening's train. . i
Mn Coffin of Eugene came up Saturday and
is visitiug her sister, Mn Silas Lane.
Mr Chanin has lost a tenant, as the Bilder
back family has moved South. His gain Is
some one's loss.
A man distributing ads for the coming cln
cus at Cottage Grove, May 7th, was here
Tuesday. Save up your dollars.
Mr ami Aln D in'l Baughman of Pleasant
Hill came up Saturday, visiting relatives and
friend on Coast Fork, returning Tuesday.
Dr Hen fro and wife came up Saturday, visit
ing their daughter, Mn Dick Burton, and'
returned Monday, leaving a younger daughter
here to attend school
Dr J W Harris, who has for the present
located at Oakland, came In Friday, going
back on Monday. He intends ere long mov
ing his family there, from Cottage Grove. ,
Several of our citizens went to Eugene Monj
day to attend court and convention, Messrs
Joseph Sharp, and Marion Al art in Jr roturoi
ing 'iuesday, andJMessn ii W Taylor, Marion
Martin and J M Martin, yesterday.
Letter List.
Letten for the full
owing penons were un;
.... ... a: ' i v rn-
called for at the
April 20, 18B-I.
Appleton, Miss M
lllakely, Geo
Hrehn, E O
Broinbv. G
Arnold, R
Bush Miss
Beattie, Miss L
Bams, J K
Courtner, Miss M
- Cetchum, W
Coo, S G
Clapp, C F
Donaldson, J N
Fergeraon, W B
Gray, J E ,
(Jeiger, L
Hoffman, J S 3
Henderson, Mr
llawley, F L
Hinton, D
Hyde, Mn E
. Houston, G
lwis, O W
Kruuant, Miss M
Menit, M i
Ruly, Mn M
Stafford, B
Sparks, 1)
Taylor, Chris.
A 3 Patterson, P M.
Cox, N 2
Clemns, W C
Cameson, J
Combs, J Perkins
Deviue, J S
Evans, Miss I B
Colo, J N
Gager, Wm
Gettinge, S
Homer, J 11
Heslmoys, Miss M
Hayes. Mrs W
Hamalton, A
Hathaway, S 0
Landfun, J
I:..-. i.. ir
Mann, C A
Parker, R H
Rutler. W L
Stoops, Wm
Smith, Estelle
Irving Items
Irving, April 24, 1884. ,
The Anrll showen that forth Mav
fhwere, does not please the farmen very well,
at this day and date.
The farman have a goodly amount of grain
to sow yet, on the account of the inclement
weather. ,x
The people of Irving are somewhat elated
over getting the nominee lor State Senator,
Mr B F Bond, a reader of the Guard, leaves
for Portland this morning to have his eves
treated. They have improved very much. .
as both parties have a good ticket in the field.
and we would urge that our Democratic friends
stick closely to their principles. ,
Mr J R Wiseman the blacksmith, who left
here lost, fall for Missouri, is expected to ar
rive daily. He says Oregon is good enough,
for him, and he is ooining to locate perms
nently. subscriber.
Mr Sam llolloway returned from the East
last Wednesday. He looks splendid.
Eugene Rristow spent several days ia
tow j this week, visitiug frionds and rela
tives, R M Mulholland, of Junction City gave'
this office a pleasant call last Weduesday.'
He was in attendance upon Circuit Court,
Mr Jas W Hamilton, the Democratic can
didate for prosecuting attorney of this district,
is in town visiting friends, Jimmy will re
ceive at least 100 majority in Lane jounty.
We acknowledge a pleasant call this wees
from Mr. S (. Thompson, of Crook County.
Mr Thompson has been nominated for. joint.
Senator from Lako, Crook and Wasoo. He
formerly resided iu this comity.
Goinoto Leavb Us. Dr T W Harris,'
long and favorably known as oue of the lead
ing physicians nf this city, has sold bis prop
erty to Dr J P Wallace, of Andersonvjlle,'
Tennessee, and is goiug to move to Eugene
City, where he will locate and practice his
profession. Dr Harris had a lucrative prao-i
tice iu this city, is considered a safe anuT
able physician, and the community gener
ally foul unwilling to have him leave. The
citizens of Eugene City are fortunate in hav-.
ing so reliable a physician come into their
midst, Albany Herald. Dr Harris' profess
ional card will be found in another column.'
Tho doctor is well known in this city,'
where he has a host of friends. We wel
come him back to his old home.
Leo Broken. While attending the funer-,
nt Mrs Williams,' at Pleasant Hill, last'
Wednesday, Miss Mary Stoops, unfortunate
ly broke one nf her legs below the knee, by.
umpiug from a carriage; Both bones of the
imb were brokeu. and one of them protrud
ed through the flesh several inches. Dr.'
Harris was called a id set the broken limb, (
and at last reports, the young lady wm rest
ing easy, .
Lioht Docket. -At the term ot court
held here during the past week, there, was
very little business, and we undentand, that .
there were fewer cases tried than ever before
known. Alt the business could have been
transacted in two days if the curt had not'
been compelled to await the action of the
grand jury on several cases. Not a case
was given to a jury. This speaks well for
Laue county
Grand Jirt. The following gentlemtn
composed the craod jury nt the recent terra of,
court: J W Masterson. P C Noland, Frank
Smith, W R Walker, John Vandyne, W T
Unburn and J W Majors. ,
A Noveltt. A woman tramp passed
through Eugone last Tuesday, .northward,
bound. This is the tint genuine femsle
tramp that hi. ever passed through this'
Fob Sale Cheap. A good piano. For par-'
ticulan inquire at this office.