The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, October 14, 1882, Image 4

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    THE mitii CITY GUARD.
.CCT. 1. 1932.
Notice ia Hereby given that S. It
bariipbell bu severed hi connection
With the Evokki City Gi'aru. The
liUsinofls will hereafter b carried on ly
t. L Campbftll, who will collect all
dubti due the firm of Campbell Bros.
I. L Camphf.ll,
J. 1!. Caui'iikll.
Ei-csb City, August 31, 1882. '
i- . . .'
Feet el Sheriff mil Clcrkt.
8. B. 80 Introduced !y McConnel,
by conient, and read lirttt time Sept.
2C, 18c 2..
Jor an act to amend bection 1 of title
1, chapter 20 of the miHctllaiifOUH
Dawi of Oregon, relating to feci et
officers and other persons ,
Be it tnacted, etc. Suction 1. That
section I of titlo 1, of chapter 20, of
- the miscellaneous of Oregon, relating
to the fees of otlicers and other persona
be amondod sq as to read as follows:
Section 1. That the county court of
each county in this State shall at least
three months prior to any general
, election for county officers, examino the
emolument returns of county clerks
and sheriff of its county, with the
statement of necessary expansion of
conducting such offices, and shall fix
aid determine the amount of fees that
the county clerk and sheriff of the
ceunty shall charge and I entitled to
receive and collect at a certain per
cent, of the statutory fee hill as pre
(cribed by sections 2 and 4 of this
title. Such per cent, may bo greater
or less than 100 percent of the said
statutory fee bill. Said courts shall
direct notice thereof to be publixhcd in
some aewspapnr published in the county
"for at least one month. Such fees so
established by the county courts shall
be the lawful fees for the county clerk
.and sheriff during the two years fol
lowing the succeeding general election
and the tame shall neither be increased
or diminished during, said period of
two years following said general dec
ition. Sea. 2. That all acts and parts of
itcU in conflicts herewith are hereby rn
Tub Senatorial question is still agita
ting the public mind. During the past
wesk Jlr. Dunbar, of Washington
county, has deserted Mitchell, while
;poor old Judge Tuitt, of Folic county,
has been "convinced" at this late day
that Mitchell is the "only imnn able to
irepresent Oregon jn the U. S. Senate.
How any member of the "16" could
ssupport Mitchell after their tirade
.against him, is beyond our comprchnn
.-lion. We suppose they have heard
from Ohio, and are logmuiitg to think
'that the Senators hereafter to be elected
by Republican Legislatures will be
.scarce, and hence their determination
to embrace the present auspicious op
portunity. The last Ullot yesterday
.stood:' Mitchell, 39; Shattuck, 30, and
lhe rest scattering.
Wk arv glad to see that Oregon is
awakening to the necessity of keeping
.an eye on tho railroad corporations
with her borders. A faro and freight
bill has been introduced in the Legisla
ture. The fate that has Ufallxu Cali
fornia will overtake Oregon, if she be
not careful Tim tentacles of the
deviltinh will extend all over the State,;
.and the struggle to escape therefrom
will be hampered by many obstacles.
JS. F. Examiner.
Last woek during the heavy wind
that prevailed for two or three days,
Mr. Kimberlain, of East Cimbalom,
put fire into his straw; as the wind was
favorable he thought titer would be no
danger. But a sudden change took
the fire the other way, and soon carried,
it to his wheat pile. The piled up
aacki being covered with htaw, made a
bad place for the tire to get into, aad
before it could be mastered it destroyed
or injured alxiut 000 out of 1300 bush
els of good wlirnf.
It is a curioua fact to see nearly
every Stalwart Republican paper Wk
in at Senator Hendricks' registration
bilL We understand that the original
bill was been stolen from the committee
to which it was referred, whose Chair
man is a Republican. It proves to us
that the Republicans of this State are
opposed to a fair election.
Wasco Democrats have notified ren
egade Gates that his cours in voting
for Mitchell is not approved of. He
proltably received the salve to apply to
(his wound in advance.
Ohio Redeemed I
Democratic Majority over 35,000-
Also Elect 15 Congressmen-
Carry the Xews to Anhur and
Two Per Cent. Hubbell.
Last Tuesday Ohio held its election,
and up to that day the Republicans
confidently claimed the State by at
least 20,000 majority, but ' they were
sadly disappointed, as the State went
Democratic by over 35,000. They had
not calculated the effect that the re
newal of the corrupt practices that the
restoration of the Grant crowd would
have upon the American peopl. Ar
thur and Two Per Cent Hu'nMI are
the two worst disgusted individuals in
America over the result of Ohio's over
whelming Democratic victory. Fcnn
sylvania, Now York, Indiana, Califer
nia and ollwr States will fall into the
Democratic column next month. The
future prospects of the Democratic
party are brighter than they have lieen
for years, and there is not a doubt but
what it will elect the President in
1884. . 1
"TllOUtfll tin-
mill of God grind (lowly, yet they grind ex
ceedingly tins.
We copy the following dispatch from
Thursday's Owjohuw.
Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 11. Ad
ditional election returns are coining in
slowly, as tho Republicans ore gutting
no morn advices and are coucedinp
everything but a few Congressmen.
The estimates this morning put the
Dunmcratic majority in the State at
25,000, and make the Congressional
delegates stand 15 Democrats and C
Republicans. The cl.ftion of MuKin
ley in the 18th district, und Robinson
in the 9th district are in gnat doubt,
and tho Republicans must carry both
to get f Congressmen.
A Wet Winter.
Cnl Joe Teil and Vic Trevitt, hays Tom
Merry in the Sunday Orefonian, stood o i
en the sidewalk last Tuesday afternoon, in
front uf tl.o lloltoo J louse. They were
watching a flock of geese Hying overhead in
a long triangular phalanx, winging their way
southward from the lund of hoochruoo to
ward the orango groves of Ln Angtdet. Tin
Colonel remarkods "Wick, we are going ti
have a wet winter." "Tut," was the trite
amwer of the apostle ( The Dalles anil
tiandy wagon road. "You won't believe,"
continued the Colonel, "but wu will have a
wet winter. And the water will lie in high
that the Willamette Chief I built that boat
myself, Wick can load three hundred tons,
of wheat at Eugene and run clear through to
Astoria without breaking hulk." "Ami you
call that a wet winter?" asked Trevitt, with
a snifT of conteint; "why you don't know
what a wot winter is, old boy. I was work
ing fur Bush at Salem iu 1S."6, and the
water got so higil that you could go from
tho Waldo Kills ovor to the foot ot Mary's
Teak in a skiir. V ell, I wanted to take a
holiday between Christmas and New Year's,
so I went over to eq Xesmith at his farm on
tho Rickreal. When I got there tho water
was 10 feet deep all over his farm.andtho old
0)a wax out in hit field planting his wintei
wheat with a diviug bell. That's what I
vail a wet winter."
County Posecuting Attorneys.
A bill has been introduced into the Oregon
Legislature providing for tho electiou of a
prosecuting attorney for each county in the
State, whoa jurisdictiuu shall be confined to
their own county. Tboy ar to received
such compensation in the way of aalarie a
their county courts may deem proper. They
will be required to attend to all road mat
ters iu the courts in which the county iain
terested, and do alt othor business for the
county and give their services to the comity
otlicers in county matters tree of charge
These county attorneys are to bo elected by
the people at tlie geueral State election;-but
the several county courts will appoiut these
otlicers until as election takes place.
Local Market rie; ort.
Friday, Oct. 14, 18M.
Wheat 7? eta., on board of car,
Oat-40 cts. , nett
Flour- $5 per bbL
E$,--23 eta. per dot.
Butter SOS S3 cts iwr lb.
Sidee Mcta. per lb.
Hams 15 rta.
Hioiilders-llKriK'J cU
I-ard-U eta.
lions-57 rta.
Wool -'J I eta.
Pianos and Organs.
A fine assortment to arrive anna from the !
most ceUbrated maker All instrumental
warranted and the warrant mad. ftxd at home 1
wltKiuit (rvtlit.lM n. .III.IU. In t)i tnmta'ir I
PatroniM bom, and savt yminwlf all tmuhl. 1
tloltmwu JWt-h "t I Lift lnturnnrii
Aplopley, Ac-Many people insure their live
U benefit teir families by death-how para
doxical is tlil-A. To prolonx me by preserving
the health iV a f;kT inure rutiuiul man
nerofanirirftoitHApiipley ii swift and in
sidious io iu alUf. striknw it victim with
out a moment's wtfiiin ! Hajipily a preventi-
tive hiu been diaeorereil lloiioway rilli tin
nulv tfufa uul certain antidote for this disease.
they wmiI the blood andeipialiwi iU circulation
through the system, io oreserve Vue suuimrn
iu a wwiid condition and the blood pure in the
true secret of health -Holloway'i tills will do
this nowt effectually, and tbouaiiiiU owe their
actual exisUnre to them at the present day.
IwroiiTANT Notics. None are g'-nuine un
lew. the Munatura of J. Haviskk surrounds
each box of fills ami Ulnlmeiit. Doxes at Zj
oetitk, W iwnts aad H eiuh.
aThere Ucoiiideruold saving by talcing tin
1 ir.-er sizes. Jlol.WWAV 4 Co, New York
MrS II Kneiidly hai reonived a large
stoth of giKds fur tho spring trade and is
prvpan-d to suit his cmtinent nn to quality
ii. il II. i uill m-11 lur or ci'ediL m
r--w - - , ,
clieiip as ft.iy otlmr sluro in lon, am: us Ins
goods are of the best quality lie guarantee
atifactioii. Men and boy clothing s
specialty. Oive him a call.
A ous,h. Cold or Hare Thront
should be stopped. Neglect freipiently remilt
Iu an Incurable l.nnir Dlneaao or 4'on
auinpllnn. HUOUIU'S IIIIOMilllAL
I II or II r; era rvrlaln to aire rriieflii
Aallima Hronchlll 4'ouclia, 'alarrb,
'ouunipiiv and TbroaS Dlaeaaea.
For 'M ears the Troches have been recom
mended by physician, and always give per
fect antlkfaction. - They art uot new or un
tried but having been tented by wide and con
stant ue fur nearly an entire generation, they
have attained well niorited rank amonirthe few
staple remedies of the ae. Iublic apeak
erm and nlileri una them tu cKut ami
strengthen the Voice, riokl at 2o cents a Ux
every were ' ' ""
. '
A Varied Performance.
Maoy wonder bow Parker's Ginger Tnnio
can perform such varitd cures, thinking it
essence nf ginger when in fact it is made
from many valuable medicines which act
beneficially on every diseased organ.
Shiloh's Vitalnter is what youneed fc Con
utipation, Iwa of Apatite, 1 izzines and
symptoms of lyophiH. Price 10 and'jeta.
Ixittle. Sold by (Mmm ar.d Co, Eujfeiie.
Are yo'' dUmrbed at nilit and broken of
your rent by a sick child nulTiring and crying
with the excruciating pain of cutting teeth ? If
to, go at once and get a bottle of MILS.
will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately
depend iinin it; there is .10 mintake about.
There i not a mother on earth who hm ever
used it, who will not tell you at once that it
will regulate the bowels, and give rest to the
mother, and relief and health t the child, op
erating like magic. It i peifectly nafe to use
in allcawM, and pleasant to the taste, and ts
tho presuripti n of ono of the oldext and wt
female hytiiciani and nurtes iu the I'nited
States. Sola everywhere. "5 cents a bottle.
Tho Best Salvk in the world for llriilses.
Cuts, Sores, Ulcen , Salt Khenin, Fever Sore,
Tetter, Chapied IlaiuU, (JhiMilaina, I 'oriiK.anJ
all knds of Skin Kruptin. Tliin naive is guar
anteed to give erfect natinftction in every -ae
or money refiunleil. Price 3. eta jwr box. For
sale by Wilkin's, the Uru ;gUt, Kugene City.
Millholhind. .lipir-fion City.
In the Circitit Court of the Stats of Oregon,
for the County of Lane. 1
Mary ti Bitchey, und M D lliteheyA
her husli.iiid, and W V C.ali,
Plaintiffs, .1 ,
vs. 7 "
Jrxiiah Cra'u. doie j'! Craig, Nancy f
.Martin, .v!urguiet Young, Anna1
Cuton, Defend lilts. J
To said JiwiahC'rai.:, Joseph C.-aig, Nancy
Martin, .Mar.'uret V oung and Anna Caton,
'.he said 1 led lulinti:
Oregon, you and each of you are hereby
required to lie and appear in said Court aud
aiiKWer the coinpluint of the plaiutilfH, now on
file, within ten ilayn from the date of the
service of this summon Uhiii you if terved iu
said Lane County, Oregon, and if served in
any ot.l er county in this State, then 'withiu
twenty days from the date of the cervice here
of upon you, and if served by publication of
HiiniuionK, then on the firet day of the April
term of this Court, 1SS.1, And i you fail to
appear and answer, judgment will lie taken for
want thereof, and the iilaintitfs will demand the
relief proved for in the complaint, namely:
The sale f tho following descrihed premises,
to-wit: The S i of the S K ot Sec 11, and
the S E J of S E J of Sec Vi; ami lot No 8, of
Sec 14; and lot No 4, of See 13, T 10, S It 5E,
containing 141(40 100 acres, iu Iiiie Comity.
Oregon, in partition, and the proceeds of said
sale divided equally among the wiiii plaintitf,
ami defend uitit, after paying the coot of thi
suit and expenses of said sale, and for such
other and further relief as may lie equitable
and just.
This summons is puhliidied by order of Hon
II S Bean, J nd-e of the Second J udicial lis
triet of Oregon.
Dated Oct,lS8i
JOSHUA J. WALTON, Atfy for riffs.
1 it V Mim h Iuuti Ki.tutiiitM.1 iliiiiniHtr&
tor of the estate of Andrew J Melhuiud, de-
ce:isea, uy me bounty t. ourt or lane . ouiuy,
Oregon. All iersoi having claims are herehy
uotitied to )nvsnt the same to the sid odiniii
istrator at nis iila-e nf rt-iiiilnre within six
mouths from the date hrrcof.
li. r. JIOSS, Adminislrtor.
JOSHUA .1 VALTO , Attorney.
Oct. 10, mi
the nndrrsin'il, administrator of the
estate of Murtha Muihollaml, ileceiwti, baa
filed Ilia -cotint for final settlement then in,
and 1'V order of 1 1 the County Court Tuea
day, January I'd, 18S3, has been set for hear
iiu the same.
H. M. Ml'LHOI.LAN'D, Adms't
Ge S. WAhUBi'RNB, AtU ruoy.
In the Circuit Court for the County of Lane,
rotate of Ore;u.
M. E. Gibson, PlainUtr, )
vs. Summons.
M. W. GiSa.n, lfendnt)
To M. W.; defendant:
Oregon, von are kerehv required to annear
and answer the omplaiut filed ak-inrt you in
the aUiv. ent t ed suit, on or brfnre the 6th
day of November, A. !., 1HS2, that bring the
6ret day of the next regular term of sail) court:
and if yon fail to answer, for want thereof
the 1'lmintilT will take a decree aminst Tun .iia.
contract suhitmi Iwtween 1'Uintiff and I)e
fendant, and for the cars and eiwtody of the .
minor chil I-en of aaij manuce, and for cost .
and dubursemenU. j
This su 1 m ns u published by order nt the
Hon. K. 8. U n. Jud. of the above entitled
court, whi -h order is tated at chanibeii in.
i.ueM City, Oen, N-tember 23, IfWv. .
j, V, WRUiUT.Att y fur Tiff. I
Sheriff's Sale.
ii by virtue of an oxecuti-n duly issued
oat of tho Circuit Court, of tho Statu of
Oregon, for tho County of Linn, on the II til
day of Septe.ntier, 183.', by llio liera mere
uf and to me directed, upon a judgment and
decree of foreclosure, reudered iu aaid Court
April 4MK in favor of Enoch Hoult,
plaintiff, and against Hiram Smith and W
V tiriggs doing business at partuera under
the name and style of Smith a liriggs;
Hiram Smith and J W Brasslielil.doing busi
ness s partners under the linn name aud
style ot Smith k Branilield; Hiram Smith.
John M Wateri and W W lingua, doing
business under the tirm name ot Sinitli,
I Waters k Co. Hiram South, James W ISi as
held, John F MoCully, Jamei M SlielVy nud
I W J Braiuwvll, doing buin under the
tirm name of Smith, lirassrield & Co , Mary
jA E Smith, Jamea W Bialield, Lydja
'.r'lielJ, Ko.iIhmIi Mai.lo, rtitvaoiler
j Soiiiiiierville. Willougiihv I'huicliili, It P
Caldwell, John auglin, lieorge nauey,
John Sonimerville, A N Hill, Joxepli
Sommerville, Solomon Cox, Samuel Nix
sou, John McCartney, Henry Ksurche.
Catherine Weigle, A Humphrey, John Cogs
well, Jacob Weigle, John Kclnay and John
Burnett, partners, doing business under the
firm name uf Kelsay k Burnett; Jas E.
Holt, F A Chenoworth and F M Johnson,
doing buniness under the tirm name of Clu-n-oworth
k Johnson; Damon Smith, John F
McCully, Nancy Curson Wi!on, John
Kaiser, WinSeld Sominervillc, E K Wyatt,
Daniel McClain, (1 H liaher, Mack Sommer
ville, Harvey Sommerville, 0 It Ward, Jerry
Hay, John I', .1 D Bennett, J H U
Ileiidi-rson, J B Hill, D It Hill, .M Wilkin.
.Samuel Swift, Hiram Smith and Mary AE
Fmith hit wife. Wesley W Briggs and Har
riet Briggs his wife; A O Hovey and 11 C
Humphrey, partner, tinder the firm name
nf ilovey 4 Humphrey; John M Thompson,
Ivan 1! UnnHuii and Ifauc Vnndynr, defend
ants, for tho sum uf lfi,&7 o9, with in
terest thereon at the rate uf una per cent,
per month from April 'Jlith, LSS'.'. Alio in
favor of the following defendants, to wit;
Jerry Hays, $117 24; Mack Sominervdle,
8147 LI; O li Ward, $1,811.11; laau Van-
dyne, $45b3; Catherine Wtigle, $1,120 50;
Willoughliy Churchill, $223 SG; Kliznlielh
Sommerville, tW 57; Sok inoii Cox, $I7'J 04;
J II D Honderion, $700 50; II N Hill,
$4S 1.1; lieorge Bailev. $1,200 73; .1 II Hill.
$227 03: t It Hill, Sif7 33; Henrv Kansche,
$l,(i04 C9; I U Dawson, $28,722 50; with in
terest on each of the foregoing sums at ti e
rate of one per cent, per month from April
2lith, 1882, and the further sum of ?.'I77 3",
costs and disbursement in said action, to
gether with the accruing costs and expenses
of this sale, and 'for the foreclosure of the
mortgaged premises described as follows,
Beginning at a point iu the center of the
County road Itading from Harrisbnrg to
Spore'a ferry on the McKenzie Biver, 20 leet
south of tin) black locust Handing on tne
cast side f S'tid rad on the donation land
claim of Joiin Diamond, l.otilicatioii No
073, in T In', S II 3 W. iu Lane County,
Oregon, supposed to stand 100 yards from
the sawmill, tlience running due west
nh, thence south 40 rod', thence east to
John 11 Milliion's west line of a tract ot land
conveyed by said Millimn to (i 11 Murch,
being s section line, thence north to said
Millirou's north-wcH corner of said tract.
thence north-westerly by direct line to the
place of lieginunig, containing li acres ot
land, more, or Ics; al-o the right to dig tho
present rare way to and from amd lawmill,
on the premises of Isaac Vamlynr, at deep
and wide at may be necessary for mills that
shall actually be coutrncte4 on said premi
ses, .with the right to bank the dirt and
stone on either tido anc' to kti p up the
present dam ami premium, being the premi
ses conveyed by Isaac YamU nuand Iti.-. wife,
Sarah Yandyne. to Oren Noble, on tiie 28:1)
day of Sept., 187(1, ami l.y Oren Noble mid
Kiiza Noble lii-t wile conveyed by deed of
warranty to Horatio Stone, dale) nml
acknowledged on tho llth ih.y id March,
187(i, The said piemitH hereio'ore con
veyed being subject to a judg ueut ben iu
favor of J M Tin
220. dated Nov flth, 178.
The S W It of the S Ii i of Section 22, and
the E i of the N W i, und N W 4 of the N W
i of the N E 1 of Section 27, T 17, S li 7 west,
containing MO acre, in Lane Coiintv, Oregon.
Also the N W J of the N E t of the N W i of
Section 10, '1 15 South, lt'inge 4 West, con
taining 10 acres, more or leas, in Lane county,
Now, therefore, by virtue of said rxrcntiou
I will sell the nlmvo deirr;bed mortgaged
premises at public auction to tho highrot
hidder, at the Court Housm door, iu Eugene
City, liue County, Oregon, on
TiieHtlay, the Hint lny of October.
At tho hour of 1:30 o'clock P M of said day.
'I erms Cash in "U S gold coin.
Sheriff of Lane Co, Ogn.
Date I tl is .'0th day of Sept, 1S-8'.
In t'le Circuit Court of t!ie State of Orem,
for the county of Lane.
James Humphrey, Plaintiff,
X. L. Strange, Defendant J
To N. L. Strang, Defendant:
Onupin, you are hereby required to appear
and answer the complaiut filed i.ainst you in
the almve entitled action, on or before the 6th
day of November, 1MS2, which is the first dav
of the ne.xt reuntar term of said court, ami if
you fail so to answer, tor want thereof, the
plai.itilf will take judgement Anaiint you for
the sum of $100 in 17. 8. gold coin, and for the
further sum of $40, attorney fees, anil for the
corta and duhiirveinent of this action, and
plaintilf will further apply at said time for an
order of aaid Court ti sell the following real
estate to katisfy sm h judgment as plaintiff may
recover against defendant,-which said real
eUte baa tieen attached at the instance of
plaintiff u tin rtwrty of defendant., viz:
I'he West A of the East J of Section 1, T. 18,
S. of K. 4 V.: a!o coiumrn'ir.K at the North
west corner of .Section , T. 18, S. of K. -I
W., and rmiiiiinr thence E.u.t 60.00 cbs., thence
South 1M662-3 c-hs., thence West llO.Ol) chs.,
them-e North 20. titi 2-3 ch. U place of bei,-in-nhi.
containing in all 3-.'081-10U acres of Und,
in lne County, Oregon.
1'his siimaioiis is puhlislinl bv the order of
Hon. R. S. IWan, Jiidne of said Conrt, male
Jx- jJU'"" on t,,e li,tn l'ay f Scpu-mber, A.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
T. n. HPrinDiotre
a. w inrs Barket, at the lowwt price
T. (J. HENDIilt'K
jl i ww an'ierKi-neu nas been duly apiKuntmi
aihnini?.tratir i.f th . n, t l ......
chil.l, Hecrai?d, by the County Court of Lane
.....t, oidhh aii permns naring claims
atrainrt said tUU, are hereby notified and re
auired V nrment tha um r..n.i :c.i
to the und:iiTTie.I at the Law office of 8rahan ,
a. i.iijen. m r.-ifrie n.y, (.hrgoa, within six
months from the date hwif.
I UIL i EL', Att'y for Adminiitrator
Kuffeaa City, Sepi 30,
The Dry Goods -
1 0 1 OP 0 L I
Has stopped in
Worth of Dry and Fancy Goods
direct from A. T.
Y., will be sold at
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r JW " "" take plensure in wailini; on viitors.
Oive iue ;a cull before pzirehn$ir;g elaevrluro
J. 11. REAM.
Goods sold as
in Oregon, for
Highest Price paid for all kinds
of Country Produce. Call and see.
and Rstail Dealsrs and Manufacturers of all Kinds of
Furniture, Mirrors, Picture Frames,
Mouldings, Coffins & Caskets.
$Sr Special attention given to all ord for
by Mail or Telegraph, Night or Day. 25jr
Retail Dealers willfindit to their
advantage to send for price list be
fore purchasing elsewkere.
Dr. N. J. Taylor,
Office up .uip.. one door a.uth of Thompson
and Bean's old otlk-e.
Eugene City.
Stewart & Co. N.
the I. X. L. Store
and Pbrnnbor Snirne. 5nfae I nnno-M
iti pre refpertfidly invited te call and si-
low as any House
Geo. B Morris,
Attorney and Counsellor-fit
Keal Estate bought and sold. Money loan4
Collections promptly attsai tA.