The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, October 06, 1882, Image 5

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Tr fcoed dentistry go to CUrk.
Brief your chicktn U Btttmaa'a,
The raiay season hu commenced.
Msdical Lak Slt at Hay an Lucky's
Six peuads of coffee (or l at Goldsmith
Jk work a peciality at the Guaitn office
Getd furniture and low prices, 1 Ream'i
All kind at grail ifttdi for mU at A Gold
T highest cash trie paid for wheat by
7 1 Dana.
Cherry k Day keep the beet tock of under-
The City Councit meek at Dunn's Hall
Mood ay evening.
Ooeds delivered ta any part at tha city
from Goldimtb a.
Freeh citrate of magoeiia made 'daily at
'at Haya and Lackey'.
The only place where yoa caa always aell
year chiakenl la at Bettmaa'a,
Oar merchant have bea Tery busy
during the paat two weeks.
A gentleman from Texae Ii talking of etaA-
lnf a boot add sno itnre here.
A full a-eortment of ladies, mine and'chil
drea underwstt at Bettman.s.
The G range ttre ia navlna; a new eklewalk
bid in front of ita building.
w unaeniana mac a ttosenul. will aoon
atari a variety itore here.
Mr 8 E Goodman, of Independence, It In
"the city visiting relative and frisnd.
Inmeaea ateck of crockery and glaitwara
t greatly reduced price at Goldsmith'.
Who il'iloing tha undertaking business?
Beam. Who ia aelliag the furniture? Beam.
Mr E P McConnell ia authorized to
cive subscription for tha Guard at t'leek,
Wasco county.
Mr J P Dickinson, Vho live near Juab
tioa, will (all alt hit farming implement! and
cattle, Oct 16 th,
Seam don't advertise anything ha can't
tick when bo aayi hia atock of undertaking
geade ia tha beet.
Lou of tiair and gVayneu, which often
knar tha prettieit face, are prevented by
Parker a Hair Baliain. '
Von caa get 3 cana of tomatoes for 50
Icist, 1 can fresh peaches fAr 25 cents, and
(the beet tea in town at P 6 Dunne.
133 acret of good farmland well improved,
tear Engeae City, for al.
Go. M. Matin.
The huntera are playing aad havoo with
the geese on the prairie east of town. They
re very tame at thii time of the year.
Mr T G Hendriuki wifl fiy the higheit
market price for all kinds 'of hide, fur aud
tallow. Giva him a call e'efore idling.
Mr! H Friendly w'lt fay the highest
'cub market price for wheat. live tiiVa a
tall before idling your grain elsewhere.
There will be a social dance given at Cebnrj,
Friday evening, Oct 13tK Ticket including
tippr, 2. C S Vandyne and James Smith
Ve revived a letter from one of our mem
nit in the Legislature, Tiursdar, dated Sep
IWth. Ben Simpson had better be taking rare
nf the mail service, than lobying for A H
Mitchsll at Salem. j
An auction of "inidV goods ia being held
?n this city. We would advise our rollers
to purchase of our local imrchaats who sell
ttrst-dlaii fcood, and at prices lower than
ny traveling concern.
Beeeived on consignment, by Bettman,
tiVUei and Missel cloaks, dolmani and ulsters,
which Will be sold at factory prices for the
Viext 30 day. I have cSder to return what
f i left. Call and see f(r ynurseCvea.
The largest auorfaent of folding chain and
rockers, taarbli-top center tables, pier Mirrors,
rjat and coat racks, window cornice And picture
Moulding at Cherry and Day's, that ha ever
been brought to Eufew, all at price that
can't be undersold.
Ream, the undertaker and furniture deal
er, will receive in a few Aiyi a iplendid a
aortment of rawhide furniture, which he will
ell way under any prices ever offered in
Eugene. Don't bay until you aee hi
Yau can get 10 the of sugar for L
" " fit !ba of coffee for II.
" 3Ilisof tea for $1.
" " 6 can cf oysters for $1.
" " 7 cant of tomatoes for 11.
goods cheaper than elsewhere
t Goldsmith's the cub grocer.
Horse Stolm. Last Tiierlay night Ira
Allen had a horse stolen from Mr Robt Hayes'
Wn In thi city. Wednesday morning he
started in pursuit of tha thief, one Foster, and
ver took him near Cartwright'i and recovered
the animal, but did not arrest him. Deputy
Sheriff Watli made a trip to the Siuslaw
Country after Foster, Thursday, but wai
"Unable to Sad any trace vf him.
Br RKQruT. At the earnest request both of
Home who have and some who have not heard
the sermon of RevBL McLafferty, on "The
Bible of the Future," being the last of a series
a "Christian Eveidence", he has consent! to
repeat it oa nest Sunday, Oct 8th, at 7 o'clock
P M, In the Baptist Church. All, and espec
ially young people, are cordially invited to be
AlAltsTlo. -Sheriff Campbell arrested Bobt
ttaber, Wednesday, by request of Sheriff Pur
don, of Douglas county, for the crime of
larceny. Eeeriff Pardon came down Thursday
and took his prisoner south In the evening.
Mairho.-Io Eugene Cityj Oct 1st, 18S2,
by Bev E P Hendenon, Mr Chas W tybni
fcod Misa LLuie Simmons, all of Lane coun:
Marrisd. In Eugena City, Sept 30th,
US2, by Rev E P Henderson, Mr Jaa BntU
and Mrs Elixabetb Bine; all of Lano county.
Dka. Mr F M Whitemore, formerly i
resident of this y died at hia home ia
Pendleton last Monday evening.
Nonet. Ail indebted to Dr Joka
iNickka mast aetUe oa or before Oct lJa
K B. No. 117.
in (ollowtog bill waa mtroduced Sn tha
Houa by BepresenUtiva Hsyea, Sept th,
and read tha first time Sept CTth. Tha bill
ia a mentonoos one aud ahonld pau by all
means. To State now hi a chano to pro
cure fea 'tndowinent to the Uutversity at
very thght cost to itself t
, ww wis a
"naasAs, air nenry vuiard baa ero-
posed to tha Board of ItegeuU ot tha Uoi-
vsrsity of Oregon to endow the aaid Uuiver
ity with the auni of fifty thousand dollars.
on condition that tfie State of Oregon pro
vide an annual allowance of five thousand
dollar; and
Wbirkas, The interest accruing from the
University Fuud, together with the tuition
received, are not sutficient to meet the an
nual expenses of the aaid University! and
W HERRA, The rapid growth of thi Stat
and the demand of education require imme
diate action, and that thi young and grow.
ing State ihould furnish an institution of
leartiog therein to become the poor of any
in cur inter States; therefore
fie it enacted by the Legislative Auembly
ui m ouiie oi uregon?
Section 1. That the proposition of Mr
Henry illard be and the same ia hereby ao
Sec. fi. That there (ball be collected an
annual tax of one-fiftli of ono mill upon the
taxable property of thia State for University
Sec. 1 That there (hall be and there is
hereby appropriated out of aaid Uuiversity
Fund the sum of five thonsaud dollars 'an
nually fct the support of the University ot
Sea . The tarn hereby appropriated
shall be drawn "quarterly, and iu each
amount aaahall be required to pay any
deficiency that may exist for the current ex
penses thereof, and (hall be drawn in favor
of the Board of Regent ot (aid University,
which deficiency (Tiall be certified to the
Secretary of State by the Executive Com
mittee of the Board of Regent upnu the re
port of the Presideut of the Faculty.
Sec. 5. The remainder of tuch tax aball
be and remain a ipecial University Fund,
subject to tb order of the Board of Itegeut
for library, apparatus, building pmpoiei, or
'other improvement, the warrant to be
drawn by the Secretary of State, a herein
before directed; provided, that no larger aum
than ooe thousand dollar ahall be drawn
within the next two year for apparatu aud
Commissioners Court.
Court met pursuant to adjournment.
Present Hon C W Fitch, Coanty Judge,
H C Veatch and S S Stephens, County Com-
miasioners; J B Campbell, Sheriff and Joel
Ware Clerk.
In the mattor of levy of taxes for the year
1SS2, at thi time the Court examined the
assessment roll of Lane county, Tor o year
1882, as returned by the Assessor, aad after
consideration it ia ordered by the Ccurt that
the following levy of taxes be laid upon the
assessable property in Lane county, Oregon,
for the year 1882, to-wit:
State tax .....-..5i
school tax 3
County tax (!)
Total levy 15
Also a poll tax of .
In the matter of paintiug the Court House,
it was at this time ordered that J B Rhine-
hart bo appoiuted Superintendent to paint
the Court House, and is authorized to
employ men and to purchase material to
faint the building two coat, and (aid Super
intendent ii to receive $5 per day for hia
thfie aerially employed.
In the matter of the application of B F
Plaster, fcr liquor license; it wai ordered by
the court that license be issued to said Plas
ter, to retail spirituous liquors at Cobcrg,
Lano Oouuty, Oregon, for the period of ix
Cottrt adjourned.
Salaries of County Judges.
MV Simon has introduced a bill to regelate
the salaries of all county judges in the State,
which make lome changea in compensation
and make the amount lor the different
etountie; the law to take effect toon a ap
proved by the Governor. Baker county,
$600; Benton county, JGOO; Clackama
county, ?G00; Columbia wohty, $000; Cooa
couuty, $(100; Curry county, $300; Douglaa
county, fCOO; Grant county, $S00; Jackson
county, $800; Jnsphine counly, $300; Lake
county, $300; Lane county, $700; Linn
county,-$900; Marion county, $1000; Mult
nomah county, $2000; Polk county, $500;
Tillaaiook county; $100i Umatilla county,
$600; Union county, $300k, Waico county,
700; Washington county, $500; Yamhill
county, $700.
Ix Tuwii. -Senator Slater and wife were
Eugene Wednesday. The Senator was
cordially received by hi many friend her.
He i one of the best men that ever repre
sented Oregon iii the Senate. His dection
four years ago was consummated on the first
At tub Cascades. l)r J W Bean, former
ly of this place, aud a graduate of the Stale
University, is at present in oharge of theJ
government hospital at the Cascade Locks.
We congratulate the Or on his appointment.
Married. At the reaidchce bf James
Lnper, oo Thursday: Sept 26th) i882; by A
C Jennings. J P, Mr Charles M Kissinger
and Mollia V Majors, all of Lane county,
BoR! i Ormos. By the last eenius bul-
letin we see that according" to the cersu of
1880. there were then residing in all part of
ihe UniUd States 81,608 persons who were
bora in Oregon.
Died. In Little ButU precinct, Jackson
coanty, Sept 20tb, Jaa Biley; aged 23 year,
S months and 4 days. .
1 EtnTACRAirr.-Mr C M Nichols, recently ol
Dilroy, California, will shortly start reetsrd-
rat in thi city.
Cottage Grove Items.
Cottaoi Grovr, Oct 4, 18S2.
Mr Jack Nolton ia happy. It's a girl:
Frost and ice hare on the 27th and 28th:
Squire Vaugliu will have hia mill runniug
within a week.
Dr II Wriuht baa a fin bound: We learn
MVXMt bim $80.
Mr Darwin Briatow, of Eugene waa in
town thi week.
Mr Hugh Whipple, of San Francisco, is
here visiting his brother.
Tb tidewalki here are in a very bad con
dition and need repairing badly.
Married, Sept 24th, 18S2, by Ber II C
fralker, Mr Charles Sears to Mis Amanda
Two ahowa thi week: Morrill' Thur
day and the Mattie Taylor Co Saturday
evening. '
Mr 0 P Adam had a valuable hone
killed here thi week, by having it leg
brutal while harrowing.
The public hall here need more aeata
badly. A it is, many are compelled to
stand duriug thow, oto.
Some fears are entertained that the ware
house floor will give away. About 16,000
bushel of sraiu i stored therein.
Messrs John Morse, B W Veatch nd W
H Medley went out hunting last Friday.
They returned tbe following day, the two
fornnr having killed one doer, and the latter
four. '
The river has risen considerably siuce the
rain, which will facilitate the running of the
railroad tie, that are on the way down from
the mill. Artx
Junction City ltems
Junction, Oct 5, 1882.
Last Friday night's dance is proaounced
quite sajoyable and successful. There were
forty-two regular tickets sold. As usual soma
one had to pay dear for ths dance. Thia time
ft fell upon Mr John Lawrence. Upon bil
arrival home in the morning, he found hi
barn and content in ashes; the principal loss
being the hay and grain, as the header and
thresher housed in the barn were iussred with
the barn in the Lion Insurance Co for about
$800. Origin ol ths fire unknowm
Last Monday a certain lawyer ia company
with other citizens of this place, started in a
hack for Eugene. On their way the lawyer
reached into his pocket, saying: "This is too
heavy," pulled out a sack of coin and threw it
under the seat in which he was sitting. When
the party reached their destination, each ons
went about bis business, forgetting the money
iu the hack bottom. Time to go home cam
and some of the party drove the hack boms,
arriving about dark. About that time Mr
lawyer, who remained at Eutrene, bethought
himself and telegraphed an ageut to go to ths
livery s'UHe and look for th money. Mr ageut
accordingly went to the stable, ordered - ths
hack searched aud found a sack containing
forty-two twenties. What ability a lawyer's
gold has of looking out for self, regardless of
ex;osur and bad back-beds? Some of this
party never thought of the sack till the next
morning wben told of the same.
Mr Harry Cornise was recently made the
happy father of a little daughter. Look out
fore, dancer. Ab.
Arm Amputated.
A S Patterson, who went to consult physi
cians in Portland last week, was advised by
ths medical fraternity to haye his arm ampu
tated, and he arrived home last Saturday with
that intention. Tuesday morning Dr Sharp
ies, assisted by Drs Whitcaker and Patterson,
proceeded to amputate the limb at the shoul
der ioint They also found the disease lscated
in the gland below the arm, which necessitated
its removal for a length of about five inches.
We understand that the operation was a suc
cess in every particular, and the patient is
doing a well a could be expected. We ho
the physicians have been able to remove all
the diseased parts, and that a permanent cure
may be effected. Mr Patterson has the sym
pathy of the entire community, in thii, hi
very sad affliction.
Tha County Fair.
The first annual fair met at the grounds
near Goshen Thursday and Friday-. The at
tendance was not so large as was expected on
account of prevalent rains. If the weather
had remained fair a large assemblage tfmild
have been present, and a splendid time had.
We are informed that the exhibit of horses,
cattle, sheep and swine Is large, while ths
grain exhibit cannot be beat in the world, Mr
George Belshaw having hi exhibit on the
grounds; the fruits, vegetable, etc, are far
above the average. We will try and publish
the entire premium list in the next issue of the
Guard. .
Toes Shot Ori'. Mr John Belshaw while
fooling with a loaded ihotgun, which, be
of course thonght waa unloaded, bad the bad
luck to discharge the content into hi left
foot, while ttanding near Goldsmith' (tore.
Dr Osburn wai called and had to amputate
the fragment of two toe. Johd is likely to
be more careful with unloaded shotguns in
the future.
Christian Cm-Ren. The State meeting
the Christian Churcn, in Oregon, will be
held in Eagene thi veer. The meeting will
commence on the 18th of October. If the
weather ia pleasant it ia expected they will
have a large attendance.
Large CoyTRACT. Mr Max Friendly, of
Corvallis, ba contracted for 2,000,000 feet
of saw logs from Hiram Smith, of Harrisborg.
The logs will be cut on the upper MeKenzie
river.' and delivered at Corvallis. W did not
learn the price agreed upon.
The Tatlor Trowi This excellent
little company gave two entertainment at
Lane's Hall thia week to moderate sized au
dienoea. W besptak for them a cordial re
ception wherever tbey rlay show.
To Lease. Chas Baker wishes to leas the
dining room of ths Et Charles Hotel for six
month from date. This Is a good chance for
som on wanting employment for ths winter-
Give him a call hnmedUtely;
A ooluum devota! to h fntortnU of tU
f AIIMan aart.l V...w:. I sa..l
the stat I'niveraitv. .. .. . .
jvmu.vwh s..i swu bamxisaji liilflsUI aJl'vev asvs uu
I' - I
Elba Lock wood,
- fv.
Up iron
With thi isiu of the column we aimm
our editorial duties, We aball endeavor to
follow in the well-beaten path of onr prtde
eeori guarding the welfare and interests
of the Uuiversity and Society. With what
success we meet the future will show.
Odds and Ends.
Keep to the "right" girls.
S W Condon of the class ot '82 is a candi
date for the oilio of State Librarian.
Three new regent are to be appointed by
Gov Moody during the aeision of thi Legis
lature. Ha our new marshal forgotten the fate
tbat befalls all woman kind who can't build
a good fire?
If the State accept the proposition of Vil-
lard, the University will have about eight
thousand dollar mora per year for it use.
Two member of the astronomy class are
so deeply interested in the "starry firm'
ment," tbat they are seen taking observations
The solstitial psiot wai very graphically
leaoribfid by a m imber of the autrouoiny
class, aa the place whore the sun stops long
enough to turn around.
The word Psychology was misprinted
Physiology, in the last column. We would
not have anyone labor under the impression
the seniors were studying Physiology; they
fiuiihed that years ago.
The truth of the following was realized by
a company of student a few night since.
'Mid apple aud melon,
Though you may roam;
At the sight of a dog
There' no place like homo.
'John McCornack and W II McGee, who
bave been on a surveying trip since last
spring, reached home just iu time for the
Sociable. Notwithstanding their "elderly'
appearance, tbey were recognized and
heartily welcomed by their many friend.
Ed Bailey, of the clas of '82, i low at
the medical school in Chicago. Ha haa been
pending the summer in the employ of the
Burlington, Uuincy s Hock Island II I(. He
will return to Oregon in '85, when he expects
to bear the title of M D.
The regulation made lately, thattheyoung
hdiea going up aad down stairs should
limit themsdyes to the south side cf the
Uuiversity building, and the goutlemen to
the north, is perplexing some of the Kutax
ians of philosophio mind. The trouble is,
they don't know how to get up and down
the front steps. They don't know whethor
to petition the Legislature for an appropria
tion to build an txtra Might aome place on
the (outh tide or put up a partition on the
front steps, or whether they might not take
the leas expensive way of sliding down the
south banister and let the gentlemen take
the north. 1
The Eutaxiaui elected the following offi
cers, Sept 22: D E Cogswell, President; J
Spencer, Vice President; I Patterson, Secre
tary; J McClure, Treasurer; E Lockwood,
Editor: M Dorris. Marshal. On the evening
of the same day the Laureaui alio elected
their ollicers. Their names are as follows;
Bnnjamine Breakheart Beekman, President;
William Canary Taylor, Vice Prcsidont;
Genrgie Washington Hill, Secretary; Dar-
wiu Wellington Mristow, Assistant secre
tary; Kwing Robert Walker, Treasurer;
ltoyal f reeman tteaionnr, leusor; josepn
Randolph Wr.itney, Editor; Juines Kirk
Whitoaker, Sergeant-at-anns.
Students Reunion.
Saturday evening) Sipl 23d, tha studonts
of the University assembled in the vhnpel
for the first time this school year. There
were about bne hundred and fifty present.
The old students looked much improved by
thelt lummer'i vacation and the new ones
proved quite an acquisition to our school
societf. They vary greatly in "magnitude"
and "brilliancy."
" 1 here was dumpy Fresh and seedy Fresh,
And Freshies short anil tall
'i he Fresh who gets his lesson,
And the Fresh who don't at alb
The most conspicuous in the assembly
were the Seniors. Judging from appearsncs
the professors will have difficulty in keeping
pace with them this year. The string band
furnished excellent inusio for promenading,
which waa always in order, rrolessors
Johnson, Collier and Bailey were present,
and ahowed by their friendly greeting to the
old itudenta aud warm welcome no the new
ones) that they take great intsrest in the
welfare of all under their care, and many a
new comer who felt that be was "far, far
fraa home, found kind friends in his proless-
ore and schoolmates. At eleven o'clock the
sociable broke np and all went home by the
"light of the moon.
Inaugural Address of President Cogs-
Lima Members of tb Eutaxlan Society:
I acknowledge, and since it is proper, I
wai. titr iim linntpflliln Twattlnn in which
,u. j - - - - "--
you have elected me. in accepting inis cnair
I am iully aware ol the great resoonsi unity at
tached thereto. It is needful I suppose, to
now assure ytu, that I shall endeaver to dis-
.t . 1 .11! I I.-...
cuarvre me amies ana uungumi inuum ucm
on me President of this, our Entaxian Sister
i wl ts. tha Im liafc of nv aHlitv. "And
what can man no more, or woman either.
There is ohe thing especially l wisn to men
tion and tbat is our lack of knowledge concern
ing Farlimsntary Laws, wherein the Eutax
ian ' Sr deficient; wherein we are unworthy
of our Founders, our Charter Members. Shall
we rest content to stand where they left us!
ITiis Is mere existence we owe more than
existence; we owe life and prosnty to wis
Society, an obligation which w discharge just
in proportion to ths Interest and determina-
. : k . k fthiirft MuH nmnr una n.r mrL
W all fed tb need of a clearer knowledge and
, .inaar iVmnr nf the rules and remilation
to wnicn ws are sunaervwnu
. x U T l . ia nv, vu. m uv - i
let us remain where we stood last year; we
MA well enourh then: what i tb us of thi
TV - 1- ... M. .. W.if.ri.n hn will SAT.
exertion? Neither is there on who will ao
I L V.. La MA k. ahiliiv to Sll'
Kivwjnig. .un mw , ... y
ma Lun mm with thi .a nf imnrove-
ment T hereore, ainc there i no cxcnie for
ft. 1 be you cae wis naiung ana noiuum
back, as It were.
And to you who are just entering our raaas,
i ,M a. ala, ra ini-liiiian1 IB theM r
marks, for upon you in a (freat measure depends
l.a .... nmiTMi anil ailyetf uf thfl ElltAlian
Society. I could say nrtich mors; but let this
times. Again I thask you:
Real Estate Transactions for 8ptm-
L D Scarbrough to O E Close, lot in Crs
well; consideration 1023.
NA W How to L D Scarbrough, lots,
warehouse, etc, in Creswsll; eon 11300.
7as McFarland to H II Chance, lots In Cot
tQrovs; con S12L
D Atberton to Jas Offit, loU In Eugsns;
eon HOOd. i
UeoTowntendloWGUfry, one-sixth inter
est In 820 OTM con i33. .
Warren E Bouy to W R Gflfry, asm a
above; con f 433.
T N Bouy to W B Gilfry, tarn a above.
A T Boonett to Geo Smith and Isaac Smith,
UO acres; con 12300.
B U Haxleton to J Burtb, loU In Cottage
Grove; con f&
Elizabeth Corner to A Fearcs, lots in
Eugene; con 1 150.
A F Pearee to A S Powers, lots in Eugsns;
oon GO0.
Louisa Hanchett to W T Campbell, lot iu
Eugene; oon f 150.
Tho Bell to Wm Wooten, 100 acne; cun
J II McClung to Geo Midgsly, lots in
Eugeus; con 1272.
John Smith to II C Humphrey, 64 acres; oon
David Morse, Sr, to David Morse, Jr, 38
acres; oon 1870.
0 A and U M Bonnstt to P N Bennett, 123
acres; con f 1000.
A J Moore to J Modie. m acres; con 11000,
J C Biubardaon to J Modie, 100 acres; con
W I. Tucker and W A Tucker to W B Tuck
er, 320 acres; oon 9070.
Lucy Bysrs to A J Chance, land in Cottage
Grove; con 8100.
St John Skinner to Phuib B Klnsey, lot
in Eugene; oon $273.
Jas McFarland to O P Knox, lot In Cottag
Grove; cou 170.
A B Steven to F A Getchell, land, oon
$5000. '
Jas SpeerloWm Stewart, 160 acres; con
Samson McConnell to F A Evans, t acres;
con $550.
E II L Skinner to Geo Midgley, tot in
Eugene; con $40,
Hannah E Gardner to Geo S Washburne, lot
in Eugene; con $140.
M J Burtb to N P Cbrisman, lot in Cot
tags Grove; eon $500,
J L Martin to Mrs M J Thornton, lots In
Cottage Grove; con $750.
John O' Anderson to J W Johnson, 187
acres; con $5014.
II Wright to J P Currln, lot in Eugsns; con
M II Harlow to AS Powers, lota in Eugsn
con $150.
G W Khinehart to B B Scott; land; oon
St John Skinner t al to Edward Young)
lots in Eugene; eon $100.
A J Chance to N P Chriiman, lot in Cottagl
Grove; con $700.
J A Ebbert to J E Ebbert, 79 acres; oon
M J Thornton to S 0 Martin, lot in Cres
wsll; con $250.
II H Chance to O P Robinson, loU In Cot-
tag Grove; oon $1100.
John Fletcball to J D Pvtree, 239 acre; eon
Sarah Whltmor to Rufui Clark, land; oon
J R Parker to J W Tarker, 320 acres; oon
Thos B Lucksy to AD Hyland, 131 acre;
ecu $1000.
McFarland addition to Cottag Gror filed.
Carolina Goodchild to Johnatban Good-
child, interest in real estate; con $180,
Pleasant Hill Goshen Warehouse Co to J
D Matlock, land; warehouse, etc; con $3500.
Caroline Goodchild to Rufua Clark; lot in
Eugent; oon $300.
U S to Louis Morgan; patent,
U 8 to Elia BrigL's; patent.
liurnett Seals to U W
Carter, 80 acres) oon
J L Hoosler ano M C Uoosier to John Whit-
eaker, land; con $1.
L O Beekwit to Wm Wadhanit, 110 acres;
oon $1145. .
A L Kenlrew to O it Renfrew, land) oon$l.
?x Nolle.
Notice i hereby given that the tax toll of
Lane county i now in my bands with a
warrant for the collection therein; and I am
ready to receive and receipt for the lam.
Dated Oct 7th, 1882.
Sheriff and tax Collector of Lansj Cot; Or.
II ill! Ill Oil
just received from SAN FliASCISCd BY
Dry Gobds,
Fancy (Sdoik
Ladies Dress Goods in LATEST Styled
Everything necessary to a well rggiilaierl Store:
Butter, Eggs and Chicken bought
for Cash, or taken in exchange for
Chss Laner and family visited tb metrop
olis this week.
J B Ream niad a basin trip to Pert
land this weeii.
, .a i. i... I I ,
3Charly Haye lias returned from Camas
Prairie, Idaho,
Mr Grant Osburn, of Cottag GroVei wai
ia town thia week.
Mr Lee Wheeler, of Pendleton; wu ia
town the first of the week.
County Clerk Ware returned from a ihort
visit to Portland last Saturday.
Mr J L Page wu wittered at the at
Charts in Portland oo day this week.
Mis Bally Landreth, of the Felarle, of Port
land, mad u a pleasant tall yesterday,
Mr Geo S Washburn went la Roliburl
oue day thi week on legal bujinesi.
Mr II R Kincaid, editor of the Journal.
ha been to Seattle visiting Wi lister in tbht
Mr Richard Sparki, formerly a resident of
thi county, made Eugene a pleasant call
thi week.
Mr L Bilyeu went to Oregon City Wed
nesday, on professional business. H will
return to-day. '
Mr Chas Horn has moved into bis new
and commodious residence, in the north
western part ot town.
Mr A Lurch, of Cottage Grove, has jon'i
to San Franoiaoo to buy a new and largs
Itock of goods for his store at Cottage
Mr C C Hazjeton, formerly ot thia county.
has aoe'epted a position a Wells, .Fsrgo k
Co's messenger between Umatilla City and
The Supreme Court Cass of I8til
Among thk members ot this cla w notice
tb familiar name oi Messrs Geo Noland Go
A Dorris, Joel Pearoy, Geo Thurston aad J K
Fenton. W understand that th entire class
passed ths sxamiuatlou creditably. Th Salem
Statesman says! "Thar w& a large number
of th most able lawyers In th Stat, together
with man others, present to witness th ex
amination. Th general Verdict of all who
heard th same, was that th Present class is
far above th average. A hsUtofor an
nounced by th Supreme Court, th exaliina
tion was more rigid than usual" After the
xamiuation, a banquet wm given to a large
number of invitod guest. Th following wra
som of ths toasts:
"To Our Instructors," wu proposed by J N
Pearcy, and responded to by Geo S Noland",
who In fitting language tnariksd them for their
assistance, aad aaid that their labor in behalf
of thi dais would liv in th nieujory of their
students fdrsvsh . ,
''111 Stat ol Oregon," Was proposed by Geo
A Dorris, and ably responded U by J Nat
Hudson. . V . f
''To Our Clients ," wai proposed by Geo R
Thufttdn, and responded td by Capt N t
Humphrey, whose first expression" traa ''Gd
pity thnV' ....
Locil Market Report.
Friday", Oct , lfei
Wheat-71 cts.; ok board f car!
OaU-40 eta., ntttl
Flour$5 per bbt , ',
Egg -25 ct. per dot.
Butter-30 ct per lb.
Sldee-lScts, par lb.
Hams 15 cts.
Rhoulders-t012l ot
Lard 15 cts.
Hoi 65 eta,
Wool-Zlct. .
Pianos and Organs.
A fin assortment to arriv soon from the
most celebrated maker. All instrumat
warranted and the warrant made good at home
without trouble or expense to the purchaser;
Patronize home; and aav yourself all trouble,
MMaa aaa a.
Satisfaction for Isn;
lb bur family of ten for ovor two years
Parker's Gibger Tonio ha cured headache,
malaria and other complaint so satisfactori
ly that we are in excellent health and no
expense for doctors or other tnedioi.
Fort Bint; The blinding adjoining Rati
kin's Bazar. Inquire at this ofiice, . . .
racrn n n n n