The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, December 27, 1879, Image 1

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y SJA..iD9
WHOLE NO. 634.
$2.50 per year IN ADVANCE.
Sk 6ugf&t itg Guard.
Pu llshars and Proprietary.
TFICI-In Underwood'i Brick Building,
vr Grange Store.
A4e i -tlwmenU Inserted a followi :
Om iquare, 10 line or 1m, on insertion t3;
act subiequent inwrtion IL Caah required in
- Tim advertiser will b charged at th fob
wia rates:
On qur thre months M 00
" " iix month 8 00
" - on year 12 00
Transient notice in local column, 20 cent per
ia far each insertion.
Advrtiing bill will be rendered quarterly.
an jab wark aut be rxio rua o niuvur.
' Hoan-Trom T a. (t. to I p. m. Htiat.TS
.. I:J tot ..
Matt arrives iroia ui. soma mi aw" nun
itk at 1IJ p. a. r"r Sutialaw. rimaklia aad Ixib
T a. rloM at I a. a. a Wevtaealay. Kor Crawford.-
ill, Cuap ureea aam nr.wu.Tiu. i r.n.
Lett. will be reatr for delivery half an hour after
lira! train. Letters should be left at tb oflr
1 Va 1 1 A. IF uit A' If
nUUH UU"'R tW ' I '
Meet, tret an third We Ineedar ta erh
a eat.
i- ii Hraaraa Born Iaixik Nu. I. O.
aTr JiO. F. MU every Tuesday ivaning.
... v. I J I. .1.
:: Eugene City, Oregon.
door to the right, up itair. Formerly
Ao(C. W. Fitch.
Nitrous Olid Ut (or pauilen extraction of
taeth. .. ...
W. Srkltok. M. T. W. Harsh, SL D.
Drs. Shelton Sv Harris,
Xugan City, Orion.
!He on Ninth "treet, oppaalte the St.
Chart Hotel, at Kealdeneo,
elxctRxk city orkcmin-.
Or J. C. Shields
vice te th citiwn of Eugeu City and
maronndinr country. Special attention given
INK DISEASES entrusted to hi care.
Office at th St Hotel
idenc when not professionally engaged.
. ItMiriehr on Eighth etreet, opposit Preiby
riaa Church.
I. X, L. Store.
XJ co there, a thev are aeilinj them at men low r.ncu that the iiennle will bo attoninhed.
a Dry Good, Fancy Goode, PnoU and Shore wm nerer oflfarv.l a lew before in Oregon.
xsnng every crnt along and (pend it at the 1. A. u muka, ak thty win give you tor 23
. - . " . . i . , . i' .. 1 - r l . I. . . i 1 . I I .
vein, .wiuv om mucii aa any oiner iiore in eiuiio. in mv. .im. r.erjr uniur w uut wiwi tu
uch low figure that nobody in Oregon can uudimcll them: And they muit tell them.
Extra heavy double width Black Poplin, 33
cent per yard, former price, 75 eta.
New (hade of Luiftera, ilouble width. 271 ct-
per yanl, former price, 60 ct.
Latet (tyle of Mancheetrr cloth, nuut tell at
25 ct. per yard, fanner price, 40 ct. '
Lot of very heavy Dren Good nuut go at 10
ct. per yard, former price, 25 eta.
2 yd, wide heavy bleached Table. Linen, at 75
ct. per yard, former price. SI 25.
2 yd, wide heavy unb!eched Table Linen at
52J, former price, 75 ct.
1J yd wide he avy unbleached Table Linen at
40 eta. per yard, former price, 65 ct.
Heavy twilled all wonlen red FUnnell, 38 cU
per yard, former price, 60 eta.
Beat EnglUb ihirting In the market, 14 J ct.
per yard, former price, 20 eta.
Nice Silk Handkerchief from 25 cent up.
Beat brand of Machln Thread, 60 cent per
I Men' Merino Underahlrta and Drawer, 37
cU., former price, 60 eta.
. T . I f.A M 1 ? 3 I , 1
Heavy aiem i uwh ruuiuei uncersiiirw ana
Drawer, 60 ct, former price 75 ct.
Men' White Shirt, laUat atyKi, 73 cent, for
mer price, tl 25.
lien' heavy Shaker Sock, thre pair for 60
500 dozen Children' Handkerchief!, fancy
triie(, 40 cU. a doten.
Children' Colored Hot, 3 pair for 25 eta.
Children' Colored Hoe, aemething nice, 2
pair for 23 ct.
Children' Colored Woolen Ho, 1 pair for 25
A lot of Ladie Hob from 12) cent up. '
Children' Fur Set, omething nice and good,
tl. A et nicer u I better, tl 25. A
et Elegant for 1 60, worth ii 60.
6 yd. Ruithing, in bolt, tomething nice and
and good, 2.1 oent a bolt
And all our otlior Gooili must be Hold at the
Lowest Fijjuies
Everybody that Turthase ( 2.50
M orlh of Good v, 1 1 1 receive &
fiSfP. S. If vou want a savinc of 50 Cents on every Dol
lar you expand, buy your4IIi!iday outfit at the (JllKAP
3E. 3L. 'SEf03cl2S.?
Willamette Street, OpjKWte the Tost Office KUGKNE CI'IT
Offio Willamette itreet, Eugene City.
Clicks, Watches, Chains, Jewelry, tt.
Repairing Promptly Executed
M All Work Warranted.
EUvrth k CV brick, WUlametU treet
Itial Estate A:nt
Collection Agent,
and Notary Public.
Justice of the Peace, Conveyan
cer and Collector.
Bill collected, Record aearched and ab
rct of titi mad. AU huine premptlT
Attended t. 06- at th Court Houa.
f K)CEBIB-Iaaa f"f
Aad kviU th
AdmlnUlrator's Sale.
r..jS kyvutueofaaier o th. Co.-ty (Wt
ml LM mmatj. Orrom. mad tb r,
aa Mtea. M Henry O. DimFfrt,
, wiU aSar fee ! at poblic aoctv at the Oonrt
r aTlt,S. CitT. rUtordiy, Dj
JO, 1179. Utwee. J
iIm feeafxmei aad toor dock y V.",
r.TcJTLtdth. following -bed real
tT tavwit: Lot N. two in Block o. t-
2tW te. towwhip BXtee.
Um to Mohawk valley, Un eonnty Ortp.
.r.itT- STERLING mLL. Adar.
x . i Dtin, Attray.
ALEXANDER, 3. B. Jm'tlce of the Peac
South Eugene Precinct: office at Court Houae.
ASTOR HOUSE-t'ha Baker, prop. The
only firrt claa hotnl in the city-Willamette
treet, one door north of the pot office.
ABRAMS, W. H. BRO.-Flaning mill,
aah, door, blind and moulding manufactory,
Eighth etreet, enat of mill race. Everything
in our line furnished on short notice and
reasonable term.
BENTLEY, S. W. Private boardin? houe,
outhweit corner of Eleventh and Pearl it.
BOOK STORE One door aouth of the Alitor
Honae. A full itock of aorted box paper
plain and fancy.
BOY D k MILLER Meat Market-beef, veal,
mutton, pork and lard Willamett treet,
between Eighth and Ninth.
CHRISM AN, SCOTT -Truck, hack and ei
prewman. All order promptly attended
to. Olfice at xprM office.
CRAIN BROS.-Deler in Jewelry, Watch
e, Clock and Muaical Inrtrument Wil
lamette itreet. between Seventh and Eighth.
CALLISON, R. G.-Dealcr in groceries, pro
vUion, country produce, caniexi gnon,
(tationerv, etc., outhwet corner Willamett
and 9th St.
DORRIS, B. F. Dealer in Stove and Tin
wwcVillamett itreet, between Seventh
and Eighth.
DURANT, 'M.-Meat Market beef, pork,
veal and mutton contartly on hand Ninth
treet, between Pearl and High.
ELLSWORTH A CO.-Draggwt and deaUr
in paint, oil, etc WillametU itreet, be
tween Eighth aud Ninth.
FRIENDLY, 8. H. -Dealer to dry good.
elothlngand general wierehandiae W illam-
tte itreet, between Eighth and Ninth.
GUARD OFFICE-NVwanaper, book and lob
printing office, corner WillametU and Eighth
treet, up itair.
GRANGE STORE-Dealer to general mer-
cbandia and produce, corner Eighth and
WillametU (treet.
GILL, J. P.-PhyiWan, Surgeon aad Drug-
giet, Pototfice. WillametU reet, between
Seventh and Eighth.
HAYS. ROBT.-Wme. Liqn . & O-
gar of th bet nu ty kept -.- ly on
band. The beat billiard UM :n town.
HENDRICKS, T. G.-Dealei in reneral mer-
chandi northwert eomer W UlametU and
Ninth (treet.
HODES, C-Lagerbeer, liqaor. cigar and a
fin pigenn-boU table, WillametU treet, be
tween Eighth and Ninth.
HORN, CHAS. M.-Gunmith. Rifle and
lit-inu. hre and mnxxle loeder. for ic
Repairing done in th netet tyl and war-
noted. Shop on 9th rtreefc
KINSEY. D -Saab. Wind aad dW fac-
torr, window and door frame, moaldinp,
etc.; glaring and gto cutting don to crAt.
LYNCH. A -Grvwiea. provirima, f nrita, y-
tMe7 etc.. Willamett itreet, tint Wr
wrath M Poftnfioc
LUCKXY, J. S.-Watchak and
iwn a fin V" of goooa in aia una, u
tu itreet, in FJlworth'( drnf rtore.
aad errare-Willamett itreet, between Eighth
aad Nmth.
HELLER, M-Bmrery-UgeT beer m Up
aad by tb kg r bam, eanerw nmm
OSBIT.N & CO. Dealer in drug, medicine,
chemical, oil", Paint, etc. Willamett at.,
nppoiite S. ( 'liarle HoteL
PATTERSON, A. S.-A fin tock f plain
and fancy visiting cird.
PERKINS, If. C. -County Surveyor and Civil
Engineer. Residence on Fifth reet.
PRESTON, WM. -Dealer in .sau.11t.rv, Har
neu, Carriage '1'rlmmlngn. etc. WillametU
trait, between Seventh and Eighth.
POST OFFICE-A new itock of Undrd
ichool book just received at th pnat office.
RUSH, BEN. Horseshoeing and general lob
bing blacksmith, Eighth street, between Wil
lametU and Olive.
REAM, J. K. Undertaker and building con
tractor, corner WillametU and Seventh
ROSENBLATT ft CO. -Dry good, clothing,
groceries nd general merchandise, aouthwest
corner WillametU and Kiirhth itreeU.
frew, Proprletre. The beat Hotel to th
city. Corner Wil'ametU and Ninth street.
SHIELDS, J. C.-Phylctan and Surgeon
north ride Ninth itreet, first door cut of fit.
Charles HoteL
STEVENS, MARK Dealer in tobacco, ci
gar, nnta, ctindie. (hot, powder, notion,
etc. Willamette itreet
SCHOOL SUPPLIES-A large and varUd
assortment of ilate of all lre,nd quantities
of Mate and 1' book. Three door no th
of the e pre office.
THOMPSON k PEAN-Attornev-at Tw
WillsmetU atreet, between Seventh and
Elirhth. ,
WALTON, J. J.-Attornev-Bt-I.w. Offiee
WiHsmetU itreet, between Seventh and
WITTER, J. T.-BiieltVIn drwW. The
highest price paid for deer ikins, Eighth it,
bnsinea nd atnt tnr the ConnTlnt In
nirance Company of HarrW WImtU
treet. between Seventh and Ei7htr).
all iU branches at tb old stand, offering
increaaed uiducemenU to customer, old and
new. A heretofore, th meat
Careful attention given to Prescripions.
General Notice.
placed bi buainn to tii hands of tb
undersigned for ooliectioa and st tie meat,
all pereon owing him who bar not mvie ar
rangement for eaUnaioa of time, are hereby
notified to mak payment or other aatiafacVary
arransement without delay.
I A. G. nOVEY.
Zirk Ctunillcr'i Murderer.
The 'ollowinjr, is Britk Pjmeroy'n
flcniint at United" State N-nalor
Chamlltr'a dt'aili: A thu truth
came out, it thai Zachnrinli
ClumlliT was killed or munUrfd,
and thin by hi fiieti.l. or thoae who
prafiej to Le lii fricnila, but who
wait in rtaliiy hi eiiemica. Since
out n the cainpHignt, ha hai met
men who importuned him to drink
vai ion Linda of liquor. Aa they in
aisled, he partook till his system be
aniH in re than lull of almliolia poi
ion. In Chicago he was tilled ho lull the night of hi dvsih, iuuad ol
diwdliiiiit and quietly weekinr rent
ami n-Uxa'ioii, he threw himnell I'ully
ited upi n a lied, in reality muoh
the worn lor lipiinr, and died in (hi
cAndiiian. Su it ia that Hon. Zaoh.
Cliaiidler was in reality murdered,
not hy Iriiiidi, liecanae thry never
ak s iuhii to make a !eal ot I iinnell
or to roh hi life ot iu sircni;th, but
hy t hoe w h are fotiiiniitlly tuipor
tuning a man In drink, drink, drink,
nnlilhwia drunk, drunk, drunk. It
waa n t work thai kill td this man ot
preal brain power. II died trout the
effects of I iijii. r, and hi death van Le
la l at the! every man who
ake1 tiiin to tiling. Ihre iiroleael
trieiids are the real murderers ol
Zavh. Chandler. So has hacd away
one of the great political ireucrala ol
of that Republican party which lu
profeied no much morality, temper
anu and godliness innrd 'red hy hi
enemies who styled ' tht-msclvi'
Seymotir la Philadtlphltt.
From th Philadelphia Time.
A prominent Democrat, hitherto
clnly afli'iaterl with Randall, made
:he siirnibcatit remark lat eveuine
that tecliif waa chani(itiir from Mr,
TildcR to exGov. Seymour to suoh
a eiienl that it inight be called ac
tual revolution. "The Kayard boom
does not meet wi'h the Seymour
men' app'ovtl," he aid, "on the
ground that State are wanted now,
net sistenmcn. We want States, not
"You think '.hat Seymour will Iske
the Humiliation?" lliu speaker was
"Yes. He won't relune it now."
"Why not?" ...
"It j an inn rely on reports that hi
intimate Irionds arc circulating. They
all sav "
"Who nre they?"
"That's a hard quedion to answer, ,
Mis nepln-w i nioai interested in it.
You know that Horatio Seymour, Jr.
ran ahead of hit. ticki t for stale Kit
(inter iu New Yt.rk. Me did nnl
want to run, but he did, and turned
out to be the only Dnnocrnl elected
whoce tiinjiii it v was returned by the
DUraeli is the Street.
From the WhlUhall Review.
Dizz)'s popularity has sur ly rone
on increaoiuir until it runy almoot be
culled adoralion, or hi would never
be followed ihrnnli the street", as
be was on .Monday afternoon, by a
knot ot worshippers at the shiine ol
St. BcaconliehJ. Lcarnti"; lightly on
Mr. CorryV arm ami swathed in a
long gray ulster, the Queen1 First
Minister walkinir street
after h Cabinet Council, with u
spriugiu! of step which many a
man of 35 might envy, ia a sight tri
vial perhsps in itself, yet having an
irrcihtilile faicination tor us for
Phonime blase, tor the griizled war
rior jtiet turning out at Senior as the
veteran statesman passes blithely by
for lhegait red dignitary wendinii
his wuy toward the AilieiiaDiim, Ma
lur the omnibus driver who hnll pull
up opposite the Union Club to h i
lli ''outoilrrs" see who is passing,
and the newtboy win follow in the
wake of t'le little crowd yellioj; the
sulietsMc el a piece of news, dot
tram the presais ot the Si rami ami
Fleet street, which inaylie the Cabi
net have heart only an hour or two
helore Irora the lips of the popular
T. . IIKUKIt a.1
LAD LLI I r. aUOX-I am th solt
a-at fur this Mlebrated wann.
Intbrrlj Lire.
Inland Empire.
The Mountaineer, whose editor
piin hafd the Metlmdiet mistion title
to his lots in llii vily,sys "slip
will be taken at no lata day towaul
relnndinii the amounts thti ail."
When the b other has bal our eiM ri
tm e will church cerporations, he will
te a wiser, though ant s sadder man,
than He in is. These "wealthiest
and HKt honorable busin men iu
New Yuik' are a torid of inner
auy ot the or devil in Ortgon who
bought Ibeir frs'idulrnt line. The
worthy irratlemei) alludetl tt will
meet is) New Yoik, and look aer
ike reinrns of I he r spoiled siiei nla
tiea in Oewoa. They will rr.le
1 1 hat the fund on liamlare "Imr ly
'enoogh for 'He offiti rs.'' Awl ihey
will pay the brother "ott the ether
'aide Jordan."
Wheat ia (1 a- Albany.
Alhany had little fire on Monday
Dee. 15,loas, ft 1 00.
The farmer of Linn county report
that the grain looks well.
The treasurer af Polkroqr-ty has
paid 14000 of the stale taxes of that
In the Alhany hunt last week
Hacklem n's side won, milking 1214
points to Butkheari'a side 8G9.
0. A. Wells, ot Ibuna Visf, kill
11 a hog hvt week that weigheil 4JC
pounds. The hog was one year and
aix months old.
l'mfeasor Wong Ching Foo has
"hired hall" in Chicago, and pro
poses to convert tlnuiiun to the
doctrines of Cotifi cius.
Geo. W. Si!l, superintendent ot
the I'lnmmer truil diver at Corval
lis, says he has alnpped seven Ions ot
fruit, most t which to Li vet
The Scnlheen Oirgon papers con.
tinue to ba tilled with account ol thy
recent flntids. Nearly every village
reports more or less damage, bridges,
leiiues, etc.: washed out.
Paul Dudlev of Sage creek. Uenlon
county, met with very seiion acvl
lent last etluesday by running a
pair id' sheep shears into bis buck as
he was ruing from a stooping position.
A son of Hon. J. P. Schooling, ol
HiirriKburg, acuidenlly shot hnuse'.t
with a revolver. The' ball struck on
I he right aide of leg, running down
ward lodged iu lie ankle, making a
wound 15 to 18 iuches long.
Col. Hogg, who is interested in tbe
Yiiquina bsy rsilroad scheme, writ s
from lialtimure that he spends a por
lion of e.ieh day ia Washin ton, and
says be is wi II uleaHed with the pros.
prcl o! Oregon aud that our citizens
have na came ot complaint.
A Lexington, Kv., paper saya it
would not do to introduce the bell
punch in Lexington as a mode of
collecting the tax on whisky, lor the
reason that there would be such an
incessant ringing it would be impoa
sibla to transsol any other busi
nes becaue ot the uoise.
The Enterprise siys that over two
ami a halt million ol salmon eg
have hi en hatched at the hatchery on
the Clackamas river, near Uiegmi
City. UiniKuully good luck has at
lelied the tlolls ol Mr. Huhhnrd this
year. Several I'taol yiuiii-f Hli hate
ulit ady been tunivd lute ilio rivt r.
LawvfK. "lIow tlo vou iiltinily
this hamikerchieiy Wiimss "Ity
its general appearance, and the fid
that I have ntrn-i like it." Counsel
(cutely) "That's no prool, lor 1 have
ore just like it iu my pocket." Wit
lies (iimo(ui I )'! don't doubt
that, as I had more than one of the'
saiau soil stolen." .
Out in Montana they have regular
David Dtvis grizxlio. The Helena
Independent r-:iW "Mr. Wllilill
Hoi r has lell at the Imlepcndciil ol
lice tor exhibit nn a huge paw, taken
troin the urizzily reicnt.y killed by
hun on Virginia ercek. The bear
when tlressed weighed 1,132 pinnule
ami judging from the niousier paw
on exhibition we ahould imagine that
he would have weighed a ton ai
There Is said, says an exchnntie, to
be a woman in the Ii.diana Mate
Prison, serving out a sentence for
lile, who off. rs $b0,0u0 to any man
man who will inuiry her ai d release
her from durance vile. One heroic
individiisl with the nsni ' of Schaaru
miller has rinne leraar I lo .acritice
hiioeeir ler the sum ol 10,000, bin
the GoverHor of Inliuua ha lietti
lorced lo disappoint hi aspiration;
the laws ol the United Slates contain
no provision whereby a peroii uan
be relea-ted by auy such romantii
precesi. On Thursday, says the Ilemizer, as
the train wt leaving Sheridan, a
inmi was seen coming toward ihul
place who aignsled it In stop. Tin
train was stopped slid It e i nndiielor,
eeing the man aclett very strangely,
offered to asit hiiu. Hr ihe time
lie was reached In bad walked into a
Inch, lie would rot allow lb. mi to
si him, a he wonbS lake raie l
liiinselfami rsed Very abusive Ian
guage Inward the Bien. lie ess then
left standing in tne w ter and the
train moved on. At 6 o'clock, as
Mr. R. Shay a I W. Ilobm-s, iw.i
uo in Ihe en of the railroail,
were coming out lo work, they loon l
ibe man had wandered down the
drain Hear to where it empties into
Yamhill river, ai-ar the Sher'n
bridge, and had lalleti down ialo
lla water and waa drowned An ia-qit.-l
waa held and il louifl that
na name wa Jm" a Ilovey, a !.
miker of Sheridan, . had U t-u on
pree. A silver r h sad 4 5')
it silver war lootid on hie person.
Doa'l be Edllon
Koya of my amlience, bright faced,
aspirinrr youlls, locging for the
shorter! ami quickest route to fame
and lor uue, hear a solemn adjuration,
and he warned in time: Never be
editors everybody's pecking blocks,
creation's scapegoats a"d sway back
ed pack mule. Deadhead tickets to
circuses, dog shows and strawberry
festivals (paid lor at the rate ot a
fivi dollnr noiicu for a twenty-five
cent tickei) nil are very will in their
way; and daily boquets from girls
who want to gel thrir mime in the
papers, with the stereotyped "beauti
ful and accomplihhed" formula swung
to them, are "just too charming for
anything " Hut do not lei them lead
you into that dingy djn of inky hor
ror, tread mil1 labor mid squandered
opportunities, burlequingly known
as the editorial sanctum. Stand
b;il'k. Keep nut. He boot bheks,
ciii.nney sweeps penitent inry birds,
or meiubi-is ol the tmni'iio lueimgerie
that meet in the goigtoos whiled
sepulcl er td a cnpilol at Wnhington.
He mutt clerks on a coal I aice. tlctk
hands inn trip Inctory, ct'ginecra of
a one donkey powtr tanal boat, dairy
innid with tin aged ox and two he
goitsna the stock in trade, servant
girl in a poor hotiee or orphnn asylum.
He stock gamblers, railroad diiectors,
presidents ol a sausage stuffing ma
chine, rag vi tub rs, charcoal brawlers,
or idiocy spouting senators. Hut
never, no never, lie editors! Never
even b one editor, fur hull' a ono II
three quarters loo much for any well
regulated tiimily to have about the
house. Colon kl 1 Dos an.
Vbi gold tlmnsft tolor.
It is well known that the human
body contains humors and acids, simi
lar In set inn in aud having a like
tendency toward baser mot at a
nitric and sulphuric nods have, name
ly, lo t hi nihil or dixsolte them varying
iu quantity to diflVrcn! persons, Of
this theory wo have nbuudsnt proof
in the effects w hich the- wearing or
javvcliy produces on ililiVrent ersons.
ThoiiMitnH wear com inuaiiy wiiiioui
iiuv ill etleei the cheaper class ot
jewelry with hrxs ear wires, while
if oilier' wore thesnmu article lor a
lew days they would be troubled
with sore ears; or, iu oiher words, the
the acids contained In the svsteni
would mi act on the 'truss as lo pro
duce ill results, InstsiitttS have oc
curred in which nitidis of jewelry ot
any grade below ciuhtei-n carat have
been tarnished in n lew dati merely
Iroin the nhnve nnuicd cause. Tine,
these instances lire not very frtqueiit;
nevett'.i less it is as well to know
them. Ktery cam is not the tault of
the goods not wearing well, it it ttv
g in tally culled, but the re-ult ot the
particular constitution by which they
are worn
llotf bt Cuincd hu Freedom.
Richmond (Ky.) Register.
It has alway been thought that
eas ot corn have an even number ot
rows, and that one with mi odd num
ber ol rows would oe an impossibili
ty. In slavery fniei this qmstion
wsa discussed,' and neu re in this
county claimed that he had sren ear
of ihitl kind. . 1 1 st master told him
thai he would eive li'in his (the ne
urit's) freedom lor an ear wiih an odd
uuiiibi-r of rows. This was in the
i arly Spring; but in the Full, during
corn gathering time, the negro came
with a sound cur of corn with thir
teen rowi. He got his free impere.
A I ng lime alieraard the old negro
told that iu roarting ear lime he look
a sharp knife, cut out cno row at
grain, bound tha ear lielher, and
knew just where lo gel il when
glheriotr lime chih'.
Lore level, ill Rank..
Lousie In Lome, on starting l
viii l er mother, ss rt ported by the
S rtcnte Herald liimily man: "Now
John, dear, be sure and put on jour
fljii e as soon as the weather
chang s;aml don't sit up lute at night,
wcrryiug your dm ling old head over
Ihe can a 'el slate; and tiou'l smoke
in lie pailoi, ph ae; and be sue at d
bo t the bank iC'tte belore yott ga to
b. d; at d tlon'i ae kerosene when
you light the tire in the morning; and
Im- tone ami wt r your new over cost
when von go ii riding: and don't
let the e I into Ike ptiiir:and hadn't
via belter gel your Im'r rut soon;
itrol iIum'i bo 6hing auy more till 1
uel brisk; and and aad well I guess
iliat all. Kiss me, dear. Snail I
give voar oe In ma? ah, by the
way, gtie V" h id belter let me
bale fnur night key.
An irmtrlad. i0 f.-et long, "3 feet
wi le, 50 feet de.-p at the bow, and 55
f. et at the-stern, with solid iron ar
mor f one tool thiekne, and
apeed of Id knot ae hour, is to ba
launched about the middle ot this
month bom the reyxl ety taul near
N.le. I- ia tu In-r I lei Italia and
will be the Urgrat war shiu Jt eU-tcoce.