The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, May 05, 1877, Image 4

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    V14 Prinking Habit. In Halne.
Tho . Bronswick, (Me.) Telegraph
prints a communication, which, peak
ing of residents of the adjoining town
of Topshara, fifty years ago, says : In
ono family ot fivo persons, tluoo of
' them would cmh punish three pints
of New England ruin every day; the
otbor two perhaps a little less. VVhy
I can be so specific, I was a clerk in a
store at Topsham and had them for
customors. Another instance we had
an old man who was a customer when
I went there and was there when I
leftwho purchased a pint and a halt
of gin every day, and Saturday three
pints. He had it charged, paid his
till monthly, and never purchased an
other article to my recollection. His
family consisted only of himself and
wife and she an cstimablo woman,
therefore ho must have used all of it
liimself. The average sales nt our
- toro wero at least $10 per day,
amounting to $3,000 per annum.
There wero five other stores in Tops
ham, and I have every reason to bo
lieve that they sold as much rum as
we did. . Brunswick had thrco times
as many stores, besides throe success
ful hotels. (Topsham had none.) I
think sho must have sold at least
doublo tho quantity ot Topibam.
"With New England rum at 40 cents
a gallon, and the best imported liquors
at $1, in almost every ulher family in
Topsham thero wss a drunkard or
drunkards. The evil became so gnat
. that the peoplo became alarmed. Two
generations of my own family on
both sides of tho house suffered severe-
Wlde-Tlred Wheel..
American Agriculturist.
This is anothor point we aro protty
apt to overlook, greatly to our disad
vantage. Wo suffer ourselves to be
guided by wagon makers, and tho
wheelwright knows very well that he
lives by his trade, and that woar and
rear is the lilo of trade, lie serves
himself when we arc suited with nar
row wheil. A set of wheels with
4 inch or 6 inch rims and heavy tires
cost considerably more than a set 2
inches wide, but an oxtra price is al
ways put upon them. They ore well
ivorth it. A wagon or cart with a 0
inch tread will take heavy loads over
soft meadows and hardly leave a
track, where a narrow wheeled wagon
with a similar load could not go at
all. On country roads, such broad
tread vehicles destroy ruts and act
liko rollers, making tho roads agreea
ble for light carriages, and keeping
them in much better order through
' Out tho year. It would bo a real
blessing to oveiy Slate of tho Union
to put so heavy a tax on narrow
wheels upon heavy wagons and carts
that they would beooine quite obso
lete. MiUoita of dollars would be
saved to the people of each Stato in
repairs of roads, in repairs of wagons,
and in horso llesh.
Thurtnan oa Quo Warranto,
In a dobato in the Sonate, February
25, 1875,SonntorThurmao madosoine
remarks which may bo made nppliaa
bio horcaftor in caso of a writ ot quo
warranto about tho Presidency. Mr.
Thurman said : ''Supposo a contest
of tho office of President. Supposo
thai ono man is declared, in pursuance
of tho Constitution, to bo President
of the United States ; of course, then
ho is inaugurated ; and then a contest
is begun by quo worranto in the Cir
cuit Court ot tho Unitod States ; that
Circuit Court enters a deoreo ousting
tho Presidont from his office, an ap
peal is taken to tho Supremo Court,
and tho Supremo Court affirms the de
cision. How aro you going to enforoc
it ? It is made tho duty of the Presi
dent to sco that tho laws are faiihlul-
ly oxeouted. How aro you going to
enforce that? The Supremo Court
has no power to do it. It commands
no army; it has no treasury. How
can you enforoo ir judgmont ot ouster
against the man who is do facto Pres
ident bt tho United States and has the
army at his back ? Was it ever in
tended by our fathers that any such
stato ot caso as that should arise ? Ii
seems to mo certainly not. It seems
that theso considerations abundantly
show that the idea of contesting the
otlioo of chief magistrate of tho united
States in any court whatever is not to
bo cutortained for a moment. ,
Oregou's) Next Legislature.
From tlx Standard.
Tho Oregon Leginlutnro is com
posed of thirty Senators and sixty
Houso members. Ot tho holdover
Senators thero aro ten Democrats.four
ICi'publicans and ono Independent
Oiid new Senator is to be elected from
oath of the following counties: linker,
llcuton, Clackamas, Grant, Jackson,
Lane, Multnomah, Umatilla and i am
hill ; ono trom Clatsop and Tillamook;
two from Linn and three trom Man
on, making fifteen in all. Out of
these the Democrats are suro ol elect
ing the sit from Baker, Jackson, Lane,
Linn aud Umatilla counties. I hey
havo an equal chanco of securing one
each from tho following counties:
Benton, Grant and Yamhill, and Clat
sop and Tillamook. We shall count
strongly on a majority of ten. In the
House we hive twenty set en about as
cafe as things generally are, and an
equal chance lor twelve more. The
Iiepublieans are sureol on'y five. The
remaining six are in Multnomah coun
ty, tho homo of liberal minded mer
chants and independent voters. We
shall make a mighty racket for their
auffrago in favor ofirw government
and honest rule. Altogether oar pros
pect is fine for patting Hippie into the
shades of obscuritv.
Ji. card.
To all who are suffering from the errors and
Indiscretion, of youth, nervous weakness, ta, I
will send a recipe that will cure you, FKKE
OF CHARGE, litis great remedy was dis
covered by a missionary in South America.
Send a self addressed letter to the Rev. Joseph
T. Inhax, Station D, Bible Houso, New York.
1,000,000 lloUlea
or tiiS
have been sold the last year, and not one com
plaint lias reached us that tliey nave not uone
all that is claimed for them. Indeed, scientific
skill cannot go beyond the result reached in
these wonderful preparations. Addoit to Car
bolic, Arnica. Mentha, Seneca Oil and Witch
Hazel are other Ingredients, which makes a
family liniment that defies rivalry, lihaumatic
and bed ridden cripples have by it been enabled
to throw away their crutches, and many who
for years have been alilicted with Neuralgia,
Sciatca, Caked Jlreasts, Weak 'Sacks, eta, have
found perfect relief.
Mr. Joeiah Westlake, of Marysville, Ohio,
"For years my Rheumatism has been so bod
that I have been unable to stir from the house.
I have ried every remedy I could hear of. Fi
nally, I learned of the Centaur Liniment The
first three bottles enabled me to walk without
my crutches. I am mending rapidly. I think
your liniment simply a marvel.'
The liniment cures Burns and Scalds without
a scar, extracts the poison from bites and stings.
Cures Chilllihiins and frosted feet, and is very
efficacious for Ear-ache, Tooth-ache, Itch and
Cutaneous Eruptions.
Tug Centaur Linimemt, Yellow Wbapper,
is Intended for the toirgli, fibres, cords and mus
cles of horses, mules and animals.
Rev. Geo. W. Ferris, Manorkill, Schoharie
county, N. Y., says!
"My horse was lame for a year with a fot
lock wrench. All remedies utterly failed to
cure hira and I considered him worthless until
I commenced to use Centaur Liniment, which
rapidly cured him.. I heartily recommend it
It makes very little dhlercnce whether the
cose lie "wrench," sprain, spavin or lameness of
any kind, the effects are tho same. The great
power of the Liniment is, however, shown in
roll-evil, Big-head, Sweeny, Spavin, Ring-bone,
Galls and Scratches. Thin Liniment is worth
millions of dollars to Livery men, Farmeri ami
those having valuable animals to care for. We
warrant its effects, and refer to any farrier who
has ever used it
Labaratory of J. B. Hosts & Co.,
40 Dkv St., New Yoiik. ,
A oomploto substitute for Castor Oil, without
its unpleasant taste or recoil in the throat. The
result of 20 years' practice by Dr. Sam'l Pitch
er of Massachusetts.
Pitcher's Cintoria is particularly recommend
ed for children. It destroys worms, assimi
lates the food, and allows natural Bleep. Very
etlicaoious in Croup and for children Teething.
For Colds, Feverinliiiass, disorders of the bow
els, and Stomach complaints, nothing is so ef
fective. It is as pleasant to take as honey,
costs but 33 cents, aud may be hud of any drug
Kit. This Is one of the many testimonial :
"CoiiNWAi.L, 1'a., Maroli 17, 1874.
"Dear Sir I have used your CastoHIA in
my practice for some time, f take great pleas
ure In recommending it to the profession as a
safe, reliable and agreeable medicine. It is par
ticularly adapted to children where the repug
nant taste of Castor Oil render.') it so difficult to
administer. K A. FN 1K US, M. 1."
Mothers who try Castoria will find that they
can sleep nights and that their babies will be
J. B. Ross A Co., New York.
All Local Skin Diseases;
Permanently Beautiuks tub
Complexion, Prevents and Reme
dies Rheumatism and Gout,
Heals Sores and Injuries
is a Reliaulb Disinfectant.
This popular and Inexpensive remedy
accomplishes the samb results as
costly Sulphur Baths, since it ter.
Irritations of the Skin.
Comi'lexional Blemishes are al
ways obviated by its use, and it render
the cuticle wonilrously fair and smooth.
Sores, Sprains, Bruises, Scalds,
Burns, and Cuts are speedily healed
by it, and it prevents and remedies Gout
and Uheum.i(isni.
It removes Dandruff, strengthens
.the roots of the Hair, and preserves its
youthful color. As a Disinfectant of
Clothing and Linen used in the sick
room, and as Protection against
Contagious Diseases it is unopialed.
Physicians emphatically endorse it
Prices-25 and 50 Cents per Cake;
per Box (3 Cakes), 60c. anJ$U0.
y. B. Sent by Mail, FtpkJ, on rcipl of pnc,
and 5 cenii extra ft each Cake.
Black r llrowa, SO t'eou. a
HOC i: K I KSJ-1 aliall krrp ua a full of
And invite the attention of hoiirfV-etH-r.-
GEO. B.- DUKlllS,
Office on Willamette street, Eugene City.
stvi r
low price. Just received bv
Xy and feu-grot ever brought Ut Ku.f ne, t
darvl brands at
riHTI-U CAHOS-Vsrv a.t-i im
Let the suffering disoased read the following.
Let all who have been given up doctors, and
spoken of incurable, read the following.
Let all who can believe fact and can have
faith in evidence read the following.
Know all men by these presents, that on this
the 20th day of June. A. i. vm, personally
came Joseph Haydock, to me known as such,
and being duly sworn deposed as lollowsi inn
he is the sole general agent for the United
States and defendencies thereof for preparation
or medicines known as Dr. Holloway's Pills
auk ointment, and that the following certificates
are verbatim copies to the best of his know'l'
edge and belief. JAMES KMIETKK.
18.1 , Notary Public.
14 Wall street, New York.
Da. TJollowat-I take my pen to write yon of my
frreut relief ai.d that the swlui pain la my si'le lias
eft me at iait-thanks to your pills. Oh, Doctor,
how thankful I am that I can get some sleep. I ran
never write it enough.,1 thunk you airiiiosml strain,
and am sure that you are really the fi ien l of all suf
ferers. I coul 1 not he p writing to yon. an'l hope
fan will not take itamiaa. JAMES MYtltH,
I H Avenue D
This is to certify that I was disehaigeil from the
army with ahronio diarrhoea, and have Wa eared
by Dr. Holloway's Pills. WILSON HARVEY,
Ksw York, April 7, 1HCS. 3 1 Pitt street.
The following is an interesting esse of a man em
ploye I in an iron foundry, who, in puiirlnif melted
iron into a fl uik that was wet, caused an explosion.
The melted iron was thrown around and on him in
a perteet ihower, an I he was dreadfully Imiaed.
The following certiniute was given to me by him
about S weeks after the arrident:
Njtw Yoai, Tan. 11,173.
My name is Jaeoh TTardy; I am iron founder, I
was Iwlly burn hy hot iron in Novemlwr hut ; my
hums heaied. hut I Ual a runnimr sore on my leg
that wuuld not heal. I tried Holloway's Ointment,
and it cure I my in a few weeks. This is all true
aud anybody can see me at Jaekmrn's lion works,
2d Avenue. J. HARDY, 119 Uoercli street.
"I had no appetite; Holloway's Pills gitfe ml a
hearty one."
"Your Pills are marvellous."
"I seud for another box and keep them in the
"Dr. Hulloway cured my headache that was
"I iravo one of your Pills to my lial for rholera
morlius. The dear little thins: Kut well in a day."
".My nauaea ot a morning in now rural. "
"Your box of Holloway's Ointment eured me of
noises in the head. 1 rubtied some of your I Mutmcut
behind theeara and the noiae haa It ft."
"Hend me two ouxes, I want one tor a poor fami
ly." .
"I enelone a dollar, yom price is 21 cents, bnt the
melicine to me is worth a dollar."
"Sen I me live Ixixes ol your Pills."
"It me have ttvu laixesof your Pills by return
mnil fur liiilU Mtlil Fever."
1 Lave over 2io such reatimonials, but want of
space compels me to conclude.
And all eruptions of the skin; this Ointment is In
valuable. It dooi not heal externally alone, but
penetrates with the moat searching elloeta to the
very root ot the evil.
Invariably cure the following diseases;
In all diaeaaea affecting these organs, whether
they secrete too much or t4 little water;
or whether they tie aillirted with stone or giavel, or
with ai hca or riuina acttled in the loins over the re
gion of the kilneya. theae Pilla should lis tuken so
cording to the printed dn eeiiuua, an'l tne luimeui
ahoui I lie well rubbed into the small of the back at
bed time. ' hia treatment will give almoat imuiedl.
ate lelief when all other meuna have failed.
No mei lcine will so effectually improve the lone
of the atomtcha a these f ilia ; tliey remove all acio
ty, oeeaaioiied either by iutemporance or improper
diet. I hey reach the liver an I reduce it to a heal
thy action ; they are won leifully etlicacious in raa
of iim-in liwt they never fail in curing all disor-
uera ol tne uvera ani siomacn.
linllowity'a Pilla are the laMtremedy known in the
world for the following diaoisea: Ague, Aathma,
llilioua rompl tiuta, lllotchea on th akin, Uowtl
complainta.tdica, 'onatipation of the llowels, Con
auinption, lability. Drotwy, OyaeuUuy, ErvaipehiS,
Female Irrogula itiea Vevel-a of all kind., Fit,
tltnit, Heiiitai'he, ltvligeatttia, lufl'tmation. Jaun
dice, T.iver coniplaiuta, Luuibiero, Pilta, lthemna
tiam, Detention of Initio, berotiila or King's Evil,
Sum Throats, r-toue U ravel, Secondary Hymntoi s.
TuvDotiloiireux, 'I'uinors, Ulcers, Veuural Affee
tiona, Worms of all kimls, Weakneas from any
cause, ua.
None r (fonuinp untcM the nVimiure ol J. Hay
ixm'K, kh nrt'ut tor the I'uite l HUt-,iunoun'inea-h
hrtix nf mi 1 Oiutmt'ut, A hun litoine reward will
lw ffiron to ny one irnilvrintf such iuforn'tttion u
mnjr Iia1 to the dwtwtinn ot njr rty pr parties
odUsitnifL'itiuK tho niflifim, ur Tuutliiig tlie taiue
knowiiifr tliBiii to tie (ipmiiiui.
,ti!l tit the maimfiu'tory of rrofwsor Hollo way
ft Co., New Yuik, nn 1 tjr all respertuhlo Uru-it
and iHttler in Moliriue throtitrhout the civilized
ftorM, in itoxe at 2S wutH, 02 w.Hb and $1 eni h
t'Y"Ther ia cutuidentble aaving bjr Ukiug the
lairt'r imt.
N, II. Directions for the ffui'Unce of patients In
ererr uiaonier are atnxeu to earn box.
AT su-cccx n.c.s.
Tho best and latest improved for
every variety of work, induding
bo long the leading Family Sew
ing Machine on the taciho Coast.
its superior qualities are too well
known to require further recom
mendation. THE NEW WHITE
the best straight needle Machine
in the market, has a great deal of
room under the arm, u very light
running and substantial
tor coonxo aitd heating.
Persons desiring business, deal
ers, and all others wishing Sewins
Machines, either for Cash or on
Installments, should send for cir
culars and terms to
No. 19 New Montgomery Street,
Liberal prices allowed for old
Machines in exchange lor new.
In Dorria' Brisk Building.
Groceries J Provisions,
ill keep on hanj a general aswrtmcnt of
C".nrrrie, rmviaions, CureJ Meata.
Tlce.s IVars, .
Can. Ilea, Naia, Nolixns,
Cireva and Iriel Krnita,
on.! ami Will-nr Ware,
IWkerjr, Kta.
Dusiuna will be cnliK-tri nn a
Which means that
Low Prices are Established
Coodt dtlirtrti i!honl chute U Biycr
or wtKk I will pay the h ie1 narkH pnoa.
First Premium over ail American
and Foreign Manufacturers.
Copy of telegram received by Sherman Si
Hydo :.
New York, Sept. 20, 187(5.
Received the highest award for sympathetic,
pure and rich tone, combined with greatest
power, as shown in the three styles Uraiul.
quale and Uprnrht Pianiw which show intel-
Kine and solidity in thoir construction, a pli
lint and easy touch, which at the eaino time an
awers promptly to its requirements, together
switn exceiiunca ol woricmansbip.
These famous Pianos are for sale by
Cor. Kearney and Sutter SU ,
rT m . f'1 tl 6l'iillll ih..ul4
IJ.TTTTI know OK Coimnhip. M;r.
JCUjLLSEt i;iy.i.nici
AHB jUifiiuin, Phi-
ROOK ofSECRETSt,?,h"""dM'11"
IHlr Wurt tnt rait. Trwti on all lvivt Mnm, fully
fiWalninltH.raiiM, nriiiptomt ,d nur lo cure i ft
ll lhoiilTIll. cir!illScwnroftlkilid tvn p-ibliih-rt.
toDtilm nr.rl. .Ill ,fr. ,d I. BIB,P!,.W ry
ptt Bnt br .Mil -urij clrd Hirr.Vixollu.lj.Aii.
irrm. Dr. C. A. Hoiunnak Jil:iNiirUl'ilUil.
&LLUU14.M0. IWWKilialos;. 1
Young Men
Who may be suffering from the effect of youth
ful follies or indiscretion, wilUlo well to avail
themselves of this, the greatest boon ever laid
at the altar of sulf erine humanit v. 1K. SPIX-
N'K V will iruarantee to forfeit K.00 to any case
seminal weakness, or private dinease of any kind
or character which he undertakes and fails to
cure. He would therefore say to the unfortu
nate sufferer who may read tliis notice, that you
mm irramiig i.u unnroua (rrouinl W lien you
longer delay in seeking the proper remedy "for
your complaint You Way be in the fimt stage:
rememner mat you are apiiroaclnng the lat
If toii are bordcrimr ninin the huit. ami aro ml.
ferine some or all it ill effects, remember that
if you persist in procrastination the time must
come w hen the most skillful physician can ren
der you no a-tsaistance; when the door of hoje
will be cloned against you: when an angel of
merrv can hnnr mil rm wlif In nn I.B.
the failed of success. Then let not des
pair work iin your imaginatii .n, but avail
yourself uf tlie beneficial results of his treatment
before your case is be von d tlie reach of metlical
skill, or before grim death hurries you to a pre
mature grave. Full course of treatment ei
Send money by postofhee order or express, with
iuu ueKnpuon 01 caw. 1 ail on or adoreo.
N'ol 11 Kearney street. San Kraneiscx
Has taken possession of the
Luckey Livery Stable,
And will carry on a
llorse. fed and boarded by the week or day.
For Sale.
gu. ,y. rffre
1.4. PaielM ta 8t. Ceoro.' and 81. Barthole
Uli WHo.pit.l "Ld... C-rstor to
8t tUiabeUi s, .to.
After wear of the mo wforii M-
i ,r ZiJrWmmuti the American put.
tovery a.
4. mtteted
from their contlHUrd '." T'l'r'Z
tM uuui .uiuent vhuiUlaua o MojteieM.
the moet tutiuent phyUiat
Thte IneompeiroHe TtF.VXmAJTr
VttETlC, ttl A fUOHHTlC, and AtEHl
Je"t, eomblnUiO vlrlur, srhW. render
it invaluable and nreer-faUixn, and by
it, continued vee wilt thoroughly eradl
tate all of A Mood.
tflenr are of n purrlg harmlrte extrac
tion, the pridHrlt gathered "'"
KmtPtian froeliteee, and vhere there it
tlie ellgMeet taint of dlteate in the eve
tern, U never falle in ejecting thatdleeaee
through the medium of the ekln, or ex
celling U through the mnnu aud variou
ihannele of the body, thereby allou-lng.
and, inaeea, joreina
their proiter uormul find functional con
dition, i wr brief epare of time will
convince anu patient ueing it, of lie un
lire properties, it being, moet uuqueetion-
ably, tlte vertt acme of medical triumph,
doubted rellaoilHtt ana- nnrr.
and tt greatest awwrai ff y
age, in tlie treatment of every '"
where the blood itself is primarily tho
teat of the lesion or aisoraer, turn urn
stB'lFVLA and the tlinunand and one)
cause that lead to this terrible affliction,
of which all drill ted commit nine, aro
ehgnisnut, for liiblical Truth hat as'ert
ed that tlte "bins of the fathers shall
visit even unto the third and Jourth gen
erations," and to "UOh ' N-VOV X AAD
ESVUHBLVl LOli bill VllOMt it is a
powerful rcjuvenalor, tauelug th wreeh
of man once more to assume tlie Ood-liko
AnYnisonnEitH.tossTit Alios on
tAKCER, bit MY,
rLAIKTS (and to the gentler sex it is a
toon ion' soutiht for by sensitive, susrep
tltle, and delicate females, at it takes
direct action vpon their ailmetits) AAD
OF THE TROVH1 E. it is invaluable. A
perseverance with thil remedy wll prove
a pooitive and permanent cure tor
CniLLS and FEVERS and all UALA
Tltousandt of Testimonials attest tho
truth of these elalms.
JViee, One Dollar, in largo bottle, or
tlx bottles, $5. mmm
G ASTROS is a tafe, speedy, and poU
tlve cure for that moet depressing of ail
ments, and a brlrf course of treatment will
restore the digestive organs to their pris
tine strength, and promote the healthy
action of the utomaeli and intestines. The
nervous irritability of literary and all
persons pursuing a sedentary HJe, it
speedily removed by this agent. Tlie
stomach is rctored to health and the key
note of the system will once mo, e respond
in the perfurmunee of labor.
J'rlee, One Dollar, in large bottle, or
tlx bottles, $5. .
A slight so-called raid will efttlmet
lead to a serious cough, which, tinea red
for or badly treated, must have but one
result if must eventuate in a settled case
of BRONCHITIS, or trhat is worse, the
deadly VONSVMFIIOX. To all suffering
from harassing cough and expectoration,
TRACUEON offers a sound, reliable, and
permanent relief. It augments expecto
ration, and enables the putlmt to expel
that terrill't teptle deposit, which, if left
without judicious treatment, must com
municate its poison to the vesicular sub
stance of the lung, degenerating and de
stroying that tilost essential of vrgaue,
and ultimatet only in an early and un
timely death. IHACUEON has no enual,
much lens a superior, and its use will not
only nmove the deposit, thereby affording
J treat relief, but heals the membrane and
eaves the patient in possession of healthy
lung tissue.
Price, Fifty Cents per bottle, or tlx
bottles, 99.60. mmmm
PILES. Kemcrrhoids.
STany reuses tend to produce this poln
ful and distressing state. Tho blood it
retarded in its return ; the too frequent
use of dmstie pnraa tires tends to produce
congestion of the bowels, torpid action of
the liver, and numeious other cause are
the souree of this complaint, and hitherto
nothing effectual has been presmied to
the public, which would rapidly alleviate
symptoms and ultimately prove an effect
ive cure. In FILOM we hare a remedy
whteb not (; cf atmost instantly, but
will remove the largest tumors of the parts
(Files) by absorption, aud many who
have received not only benefit, but havo
been radically cured, have been assured
(prior to using this treatment) by emi
nent turgcont that the only relief they
ever could expect in life, would be by an
operation, and removing It or them from
the body by a procedure which necessitat
ed the k'lfe. This remedy has been hailed
with delight, and is uoie prescribed by
many practising physicians, who are cog
nisant of its merits, as the only known
lure eun for FILES.
Frire, fifty lents per package, or tlx
thorough in the eradication of the differ
ent and various maladies denominated,
and are the result of patient, searching,
laborious, and scientific investigation,
embracing a period of many ,ears, in
Europe aud America.
if the speeifio direction! are rem piled
wWi, thousands of patvuts will bear wit
ness to the.r relative merit, and corrob
orate every assertion, tihere there art
many cations tif diene. and pa
tterns so desire, DR. CHANDLER will
bo pleased to aire alt information, and
treat by letter if hecessarii.
Descriptive and Lxplunaiery Circu
lar of the aoovc remedies er on reretnt
of stamp. If the F UOFMIETARY
MEDIC 1 NES are not on tale at your
particular druggist's, tend orders to
1179 Broad wry, Kev-York Citjv
IWarlUSk nrTlaPERAi HAbi Mscccd.
ilv curad; r-imlm. no puhfichv, at hooe aod wubout
inconvwieace. AaatitiOosevvf rIw, in awnta.
Sew! soaps fcrpanicaUn. CJL CAJU.IO.S, 187
Waitu pom Smt,Uuu(0. Ii..
! ". ft pntiu cuwoawior
tO ttaf tmi-nrti ftrHs INN
rmc-t m itae Biyrneti
aexnfti nroa, KJ sous,
mVrM tcuvrnsa tn tt
aud aiM tur4 ifeMjaKl rrJ ft-J .nscrx tt;
of 1 fm ho to fx'tmr Our m.x. n4 tmpicxtrm. twi
T trm MtjCr (euxie is Oe vorO. thtromm
b V.L Ti4 lll'Mir Mf If aMHtrTWMi.TOrM
Mil san T Of f-mf i'Wsra awfurM in It . m
JfOXTH vnTet rverv-
No. 649 Clay Street,
Kearny and Montgomery fttrvala
DR. DOHkRTY'B Largely and Steadily la,
crcaslnir Practice, which has constantly kept pact
with the iinenmplei Increase and stesdy aruwth
of I lie Pacini' Coast induced his removal from hi
! mux estalilli'hed and well-known quarters, on Ibe
corner of Sscrumentn and trldesdord streets, la
j inisei
eitr, to more rommortloiissndellsiblv located
apartments, at Ho, 84!) Clay Street, where
he has a spscious suite ol hsiidimelv fitted up
and conveniently arranged Examination and On-,
Kultiiiion ItiHim (occupying Hi. whole ef tb'
two upper storiea) which pstienU may at all
times visit, and see only the Doctor and hisis
Histinls. With the most urateful sentiments of reeard
( for tlie liberal patrnnsge bestowed on him for ts
pat thirteen years, at his old office,
: desires to inform the General Pnlilio, and especi
ally an inoxe ninonng under all lorms or Lhrni
Cnmpliiints, that he can be consulted at 849
Clay afreet, on every variety of Disease ol the
l.niiUH, Liver. Kidneys, Digestive and Genito
urinary Organs, and all
of which the lit is niimenms, and which are
mere closely connected with the general heallk
than the mnj iri of iiennle are aware. Uuhanne
I invalids for years persist in concealing their coa-
'imiin irom 11 motive oriiiinaung in mistaken del
icsey.snd sutler in silence until their miseries be
come too acute to be repressed, and mental an'
i hisical deliilily unfits the suflerer for active
duiieof life. Tliixlatterlvpe of Hffliclion manifests
iiselt in tlie complaint prolesRionally known a
Syphilis, in all its forms' and stages; Seminal
Weakness, and nil the distressing forms of Self.
Aliuse, or Onnim ; Gnnoirhoa,(ileet, Stricture;
Nocturnal rnd Diurnal Kniissioiis, 8exn-il Debili
ty. IMse.isesofthe Rack and l oirs, Inflammation
of the Itladder and Kidneys, ete.., etc. The nnm
lier of persous suH'ering front these horrible is whom the Doctor has effected a radical
cure, nin be counted h.v the thousand.and Ihe vol
nntaty certificates in hl possession, received froa
lierwiiw he has rextoredto health.are enough to sit
ify oil thatthe Doctor's skill in the treatment of
iliere afiections, enables hira to warrant speedy
cures, even In ol.siiimte cases, and in every
uistuice give relief. Diseases which formerly
ii filed tlie meilii al skill o' the most learn
ed and experienced Pruetitioners of the heal
ing art, and were retarded hy the majority ef
I'liysiciuna as utterly incurable, now readily yield .
10 modern remeJiea, when prescribed by the intel
ligent Pi uctil inner, alio makes the human sy
tern, and these special ailments, his constant study
and subject of observation.
In no case is publicity permitted except at the
express wieh of the patent; and the Doctor con
lUcntly trusts that bis lung experience and 10c-i-essfiil
practice will continue 10 insure him a lib
eral share or nuhll: pntrnnape. By the practice
of many ye: ri in Europe and the United States,
lie Is eiiab ed to apply the most succeseful reme
dies against diseases of all kinds.
He cures .without mercuty. charge, moderate .
Tees, treats his patient in a correct and honor,
iblewiiy.and has icferencea of unquestionable
veracity, from men of kuowil respectability and
high Mandiiig in society. All parties whomsy
e.msiiH him by letter or otherwise, will receive the
nest aud gentlest treatment.
V hen a female is afflicted with disease, weak
ness ol the back and limits, pain in the head. dim
ness of sittht, loss of muscular power, palpitatioa
I the heart, liritabilily, nervousness, derangs
'tieiil of digestive functions, general debility, all
hseases ol the wo.mli. hysteria, sterility, and all
tuer diseases peculiar to females, she should ge
.r write at once to Dr. W. K. DOHEKTV.alhia
Medical Instiiute.and she will receiveTorr Pi
ible relief and help.
Ut no false delicacy prevent yon, but apply !
niedutcly.and save y.mrseif from painful fjuftar
nig aud premature death.
Patier.ts (mule or feniaie) residing in invpart
f the country however distant, who may desire
ibe opiniiuiand sdvieeol Dr. Doherty in their re
liective cases, and who th nk proper to subm.l
iilten statement of audi, in prelerenrt to hold-
11 r a peisonal iuterviow. a-e respectlully assured
ihat their commnnicatii ns will be held most se
en d.
The Doctor is a regular graduate, and may ka
cm ulted with every confidence.
Il tliedixeav be fully and candidly described.
irsonal cominunication will, in most cases, be
-ibmresury. as instructions for diet, reirimen and
ihe general treatment of the rase itself (including
me remedies), will he lorwaided without delay,
md in sui ham inner as lo coney nn idea of the
itirport of the letter or parcel so transmitted.
Siiisild )onr condition nqnire immediate stten
(lon.seinl ten dollar, in coin, (or that s!ne in
iirrencj) br Wail, or Wells. Fargo & Co.'sEx
reas.anda package or medicines will be for
warded to your addrcsa, with the necessary in .
tractions lur use.
foi.mliations. at tl.e ofnoe or by letter FREE.
Address W. K. DOUEHrif.M. D., Sao FranciKO,
PR P0HKRTV Is a skillful phy-'cian and boo,
table gentleman. Any statement be makes o
ns patients he is sure to fulfill. Tht fact is on
,'ift -ai;-e of hit eminent nieces, in his profee-.
( n. ll it r..rtunste thatinvng the marysdrer-i-itig
physician, there is out that can be depend-.
011. lleview.
"DK. DOHERTT'8 reputation a) physician.
iasiiuinei.tguir-iitee lor ti e cute efany case
:ie undertakes." Caiaveras Chronicle.
"PR. DOHERTY ha devoted his study
artirularfy to chronic. speciBc and private
imrate Drae-
irr. and as stit h is now the m.tst niet-Mlul of an
physician in San rranci.t."'Fre. pres.,
DR. DOIERTY'8 reputation is second to no
titer physician on the coast, in chronic and spe
cific practire." IJirror.
DR DOIIERTTFew men I. the medical
pmtetwion hav mcereded in f aininr the ro.6
dence f the public in their skill and judgment as
he haa." Inquirer.
tinguished physicians, and also ii: Ife tvmt
orrttil, which I- now the criteria. . shkttbe
medical practitioner is judged-' Echo.
DR. D(HKflTTepj-ys a more extensive prac
tice tban any physician in this State." fcxprem.
P. S. The Doctor will send hi. ptmpbleton
Special Dfessea. to any .ddre. oa receipt of six
rents in p.tage stamp, for return postage.
test aal Mott BIIM Vofnrma.
atoot to- KUtCK BILlJt,
tbeta WisjtuF and the rtvat
lntiua W&r will Im tnmmd la
PI I PI fH.le.t, UrtM,tb
lEIOKII. fa.WTo..r
tuieht im TKilv. na 4,U: III! I A
Blh-i0ayer. M-kly. ImU
l- tna. tl Itr. I lnWeuml ILLu
I leceatau H.OLAI-CKE.