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    CORVALLIS, OREGON, May 20, 1S98.
A few Ladies' Lo:--g Coals that are being
sold at a great reduction. If you want
a large amount of gcods for your money
be sure and see them. All the capes and
jackets iH the department sold at a reduc
tion. A gosd servicable umbrella for socents;
lots style in the 75-cent grade, and lots of
wear tso.
If jou want a better one, you w ill f.nd
at here at tec same ratio of low price to
good goods. .
R and G Corsets i:i styles and shapes
that will fit any form. A line of French
orsets, good fitters, made ef French
icautil, drab and white. Ml grades to
3.50, lor $1.00. Have yon seen our 50
cent and $1.00 line? There are no better
01 that price.
S. E. YOliNG
Albany, Oregon.
Agents for Buttrick Pattern::
Tom Tongue and Yaquiua.
Chas. W. Fulton Tuesday ni,h'. at the
opera house.
Win. Hall, ef Eastern Oregon, visited
il"s son Fred Hall, (Lis week.
A business administration of county
affairs and E. Woodward forjudge.
Mrs. Luther Smith went to Salem Sun
day to visit friends f..r a couple of weeks.
Judge Blue, the Union candidate for
joint senator, visited Corvallis Wednes
day. Dr. R. O. Loggan will stum; Lane
county for the republican ticket next
A big go ct Dns.y
and republican rally.
tomorrow picnic
Lei everylody at-
tend who can.
Many farmers were in town Li t even
ing to hear Oregon's grind old man dis
cuss the political issues.
Rev. R. McKillop. of Albany, will
preach in the Baptist church on Sunday
morning and evening. All invited.
The busiaess horses of Corvallis closed
for an hour Wednesday morniap, out of I
respect to the me - or of John l'oster.
Rev. F. O. Krause, of Corvallis, j. reached
two very able sermon at the Congrega
tional church yesterd y. Eiieac Reg
ister. Mr. R. F. Holm, of Philomath, went
to Poitland Wednesday to meet his wife,
who returns ffcm a two mouths visit in
The paper
went to press before the
Geo. H. Williams meeting began and is
hence unable to give any account of the
Two shows exhibited in Corvallis this
week at least two intended to exhibit,
but oi'.e failed to get an audience and
didn't show.
Our boys have gone to war,
Tke Spanish bullets braving.
They'l sigh, I ween, at Philippine
F. r Spencer's pleasing shaving.
It is essential that the ceuuty judge be .
a man of good business experience and ;
capable administrator. Such a man is
E. Woodward, the republican nominee.
A splendid orator, a whole souled gen
tleman, and the most popular man in Ore
son, CUas. Fulton, will speak at the
opera house Tuesday night in behall of
the republican ticket.
Rev. F. C Brooks, of Eugene, preach
ed at the Congregational church Sunday
morning and evenin;;. He is a fine
speaker and feu discourses were greatly
enjsyed by the congregation.
The firevaeu's band has been the re
cipient of many remarks of praise in ac-
count of the goad m.itic it furnished at
the politieal meetings last Saturday.
The l.-and is a cr.dit to ihe town.
Hon. Miles Johnsow, of Portland, ut
in a week of effective campaigning :n
Benton county, euditig last Saturday.
Mr. Johnson is a plain,
and addresses a man's
practical talker
reason, not his :
The Grand Eacamptuext of the I. C.
O. F. and Rtbeka'n .1- imbly of Oregon
has teen in session ut Roseburg ihis
week. A. W. Ilowersox, Prof. Shaw, G. j
W. Bates and Mes:!anes I Iu fiord, Shcdd !
and Creighton were anKiig the Corvallis j
Touieht a cociniitUe fiom each ol Vac
fireccmpauies and one lro:ci the city
council confer with the object of draft
ing an ordinance merging Young Amer
ica and Hook & Ladder compauies into
one organization. The change is desired
by both companies and by the council,
and will result in an efficient enthusiastic
fire department.
Adjutant W. L. Lane desires that all
old soldiers and sous cf veterans who j
can do so, will meet at ihe Grand Army j
hall tomorrow night at 8 o'clock to ar-1
range for Deconitiou Day exercises.
Special interest is felt this year iu t!.us
honoring the memory of eur country's
departed keroes, aid a large
at the meeting tomorrow'
Mr. Frank I. Rxnbar, of Astoria, re
pnblican candidate for secretary of state,
was in Corvallis last Friday and met
many of our citizens. Mr. Dunbar is a
pleasant appearing gentleman and his
quiet, but "capable" bearing created a
decidedly favorable impression. The ;
people ef Bcnto:; cnaity, populists, re- j
tmblicans and democrats, know that Kin-
caidisan expensive fraud, and these who
met Mr. Dunbar are confident that the
next secretary ft stale will be a vast im-
provcnient over the present one.
A splendid entertainment was the pa-
triotir-rnntest. -it the orera house last Fri-:
day ui-ht held under th -.- auspices of the !
t-i. f nw;,
V . 1. . Xlicie wcit i-m wiiLvuii j. o ' ' ' n ..
reciters, Lennic Williams winning the of injections of the drugs. He was raving
medal. Capt. Crawford, Supt. Denman ! yesterday morning, and had to be given
and Prof. Holm were the judges. Mrs. an injection to pacify him, and was
G. W. Smith and Mr. Sherman Seely then ordered out of town. He begged
woa the handsome aproi s in the draw- j for more before leaving, t ut it was reius
ing. A musical program in which Mrs. j ed him and he started off crying like a
W. S. Stone, Miss Edith Gibson, Miis ; baby. Death would be a relief to such a
Hazel Kline and 3ii ;s Laura Flett took j man, and every day of his life he is suf
part, was heartily enjoyed. The enter- j fering the worst tortures imaginable.
taicment throughout was a great success. 1 Eugene Register.
Mrs. Ed. Dunn, of Portland, is visiting
hir sister, Mrs. Hughes.
Local singers are rehersing music for
commencement exercises.
There wil 1 be a children's service at
the old chapel next Sunday evening.
M. O. Wilkius, attorney of Eugene,
and his wife, visited in the city this week.
Typo Durham, of the Times, is at
Salem attending the Adventist conven
tion. Win. Kn otts is a substantial and suc
cessful farmer. He will make a got d
Gellatly, for recorder, will get nearly
ja'l the votes, a:id 0:1 t'.iis office, at least,
i there will not be any mistake nisde.
Dr. Hill, the populist candidate for
congressman, is to speak at Corvallis
soon. He is one of the best speakers in
the field.
Police Jud,-,e, Jas. ( auipbell of San
Francisco, a former Cregouia , and ence
a resident of Albany, died tu-ldenly Mon
day night.
Swans sin t'-.eir merriest just before
they d e. Newspapers that sud.hnly ex
l pmd t lie :i selves 011 wind and campaign
ruions are one of the swan order.
Subject at 51. E. church Sunday morn
ing, "A wonderful bargain and the gieat
est find in history." Evening, the ninth
anniversary of the Epworth League. An
excellent programme.
The excursion to the bay last Sunday
was enjoyed by ail the participants. There
was a raid on Rhododendrons and the
returning excursionists brought back
great bunches of these beautiful flowers.
Albert Thornton, the capable Corvallis
typo who has beev with Frank Conover
at S dein for a few weeks, ha: relumed.
He sas that Fra'k is doing a big busi
n.'s: and has orders far ahead of him all
the t i me.
T e dra:ia ''Dow n in Dixie" that was
so sa .cessfully presented at Dusty a few
weeks ago, will be given at Monroe to
morrow .veiling. Among those taking
part are Mr. C. I). Thompson and Miss
Ina Barclay.
''A as and alack; for Sol's gone back
With a naughty little twinkle in bis eye.
An 1 ine and Mac, hold an une.ilicing
And we'd like to know the wherefore of
the why." Tempi.
The Gartzk is not a campaign ciicu
lar and any change from a weekly cdi-ti.-n
:ill be warranted by it business,
not pai 1 for out of campaign funds, and
will be permanent. Such a change is
contemplate ! but it will be upon a busi
"ess basis.
T lere will be no preaching service at
the ILiited Evangelical church next Sun
day. Rev. B. J. Kelly, the pastor, will
be in attendance at the commencement
exercises of tV.e LaF.-.yette seminary in
Yamhill county. The Sunday School,
Junior Endeavor and K. L. C. E. meets
as usual.
At B'odgett Tuesday evening Vander
burS P"!!" candidate for congressman
I LWU years ago, spwKe 10 an uueiiciice
1 largely composed of republicous. The
! republicans had a meeting announced
for that night but gave way to the visitor.
A republic in, Mr. Daly, introduced the
The firm of Simpson & Huston is evi
j dewtly a believer of pleasant homes.
Robt. Huston recently ac.-uired the Nash joint canvass be had, iheV will
property and transformed it into a neat, j probably not respond to the llllion
conifortable and picturesque home. Tbujipsitl ilalioil.
wek John Simpson purchased the F.
M jOUMson residence, one of the costli
est alul haudsotnest houses in town
"The rcpublic.i'i campaign," says t'.ie
Times, "is the queerest ever conducted
in the country." It is not only curious,
it is funny, and ev.ry republican is
tickle 1. H -ret:fore the campaign suited
the democrats and so did the
e eclion.
This year there is a chiuj'e in
all around.
Sejferal surfa:c ditc'ies i:i Corvallis
have a horrile small and will breed dis
ease. They are usid as sewers and the
refuse from hoUschotils !;es into them.
They form stagnant pool- wherein dis-
erin ; iniltiply by the millions.
However, whin people si -k they cau
usually be cure, if they slon't die.
Farmer Joe Ripley came up from Wells
Wednes lay, but did net enjoy his visit.
He ha.h.'i ben here ;n hour before a
nekdi'ior came iut) town and infonved i
him that a weed had startr-d to grow in his
ca&uge patch. Then another tol.i him
his corn plat was similarly threatened,
Joe is not a Jjb and the third mail start
I ing to t.l a fern in the cher
orchard, didn't live to hnisli tne story,
The picnic to loe given at Riddci'o
grov by the Artizans of Wells will be
hel 1 Saturday, May, 28th instead of June
4th as previously announced. A gor-
i geous time is assured, and a big atteud-
! anci promised. The change of date was
i:iad- to accommodate political candi
da'es who desire to Be present. Mr.
Ridders will be at the grove to lake
charge of bicycles, parcels, etc., left in
his care.
J. A. Wilsor, of Lincoln county, and
Lily Seely, of Alse.-., were united in mar
riage in this city last Sunday, Rev. Isaac
Peart performing the ceremjuy. The
same minister efficiated at ihe marriage
Qf y. p. Miller, of Lincoln, pud Miss
jva Vale, of Benton, last Tuesday.
Near Philoviath, Sunday, at the resi
dence of Jas. Henderson, Henry Zehnny I
... .1 TT.....1 i
unit ltliume licnuciauii wtric ludiiicu.
Rev. B. J. Kelly officiating
Men may come a:ji me-i m.y go but
the GazeTTH goc 011 forever. Mr. Hen
ry Stuart, forman of t'- e Gazkttk office
leaves today for Salem to accept a posi
tion ia the Capital Printing tffice while
r. Flagg is campaigning. Mr. Stuart
is a competent and reliable printer. The
Gazette's new forman will take charge
Monday, if he is
laud by business.
Mot detained iu Porl
He is a good busiuc s
man and a practical irinter, coming di-
eezt from one of the best establishments
in Portland.
A man giving his nan-:e as Siil Moore,
and claiming to be from Corvallis, v. as
placed in the city jail Saturday evening, j
He is a cocaine and morphine fien -1 of
the worst type, and his arms and legs are
i , Wlfl ri;tio from the pffrets
Movements in the Game
Office Hunting A Dull
The Republican county candi
dates are 111 t lie field and and on
the mountain. They are looking
into erery nook and coiner of the
county and showing themselves.
Every prospect pleases.
Neither side seems 10 have poll
ed the county, and estimates are
but estimates. The unionists prac
tically concede the election of
Supt. Denman and Recorder Gel
lully by large majorities. As Ihe
candidates for clerk come down
I lie home stretch it is seen that
th republican nominee has the
inside track. .
The union politicians have re
l rented until their last stand is
now in Irowi of I heir nomine for
sheriff and county judge. It. is
for these rllices that they will
sweat drops of blood. As the
time draws near everything else is
left tn its own devices. But. Wood
ward and Lillv. nevertheless, seem
to have things I heir own way and
are masters of the situation.
Elvin Newton has the satisfac
tion that while the odds in the be
ginninjr were against they are now
in his favor. Fred Clark is enjoy
ing his friendly tilt with his old
time opponent, and it is felt that
the chances of politics will be in
his fa or this year. Win. Knolls
has an easy race.
The outcome on the legislative
ticket is problematical. There is
little doubt, however, but that Mr.
Nichols will have a substantial
majority. Mr. Elmo Davis, re
publican nominee for joint repre
sentative, will g$t his entire parly
vole and tome from the opposition
in Benton.
Ihe case ol Daly is an interest
ing one. It. is difficult to estimate
the extent of the republican oppo
sition to kim, nor is it known
what attitude the opposing reptib
I leans will lake. '1 hey do not
seem to be parading their strength
nor their disposition. Some-think
Mr. Daly will be able to secure
enough fusion votes to carry Ihe
county. The situation in Lincoln
is about as in Benton. Mr. Daly
believes i.e will be elected while
Judge Blue, his opponent, is con
viuced that the name ol Carter's
successor will be D. P. B'ue.
The fact. that Corvallis has two
candidates for constable is being
overlooked. Heney Carver is Ihe
republican and Taylor Porter the
union nominee.
The union p- ople have arranged
n canvass, selected Ihe route and
lixed the dates to suit, themselves
and now a k (he republican can
didatc s to join in. As the latter j
had lliir plans'agieed upon before, j Our county recorder is not effu
rjtid a-; Ihev would prefer having a Isive. He pursues the even tenor
arranging malt.-isit a
Corvallis at Manila.
Fifty or more Corvallis people
drove or rode over lo Albany Mon
day evening to see the soldi. r
boys, on their way to Manila via
San Francisco.
Corvallis has a special interest
iu a number of Ihe volunteers and
among them: Lit utenant lialpn
TVrriil. Sergeant J. J. Thurston,
Corpi mis. Noel Abram, Keady
and McAUiler. Busjler Cronkite.
ana pnvaies, joi.n Armstrong, ;
El wood Clark. Ed. Carter, the two I
DrL-.shmntl bovs. llarvv Keltv.
W. G. Kennedy, (ieorge Reed, i
LJcrman Brever, Arthur SlimpsonJ
W. K Scott, Silas Thornlon. Wal
ter White, Sam Fool. Willmnij
Abemaihv and W. M. Cook. The
maioritv of these are in Comnanv
Herman Brever ("Bismark")
.rj lult ;,.to , 1G COmnanv lin-
I til just before the train left Port -
accou'.t ef defective eyesight, but
h--d proved so valuable as cook,
and pleaded so saccessfuly that the
officers finally overlooked his
physical drawbacks.
Played Out.
Dull headache, pains in various parts
of the body, sin kin at the pit of the
stomach, loss of appetite, feverishness,
pimples or sores are all positive evidences
of impure blood. No matter how it be
came so it must be purified in order to
obtain good health. Acker's Blood Elixir
has never failed to Scrofulous or
Syphilitic poisons or any other blood dis
eases. It iscertaivly a weuderful remedy
and we sell eyery botlle on a positive
guarantee. Graham & Wells.
Suction's Arnica Salve.
Til 2 BEST SALVE in the world for
: ----- j
Cnl-s Bruises, Sr.-s, U leers, Salt Rheum, 1
Fever S.r.-s. Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil-
blahis. Coins, and nil Skin Eruptions, and I
fij--iti vtjly cures Pilef , or no pay requirrd.
It i." gu. ran teed t
r money refunded.
For inle by (Jrali:
pnrfdet satisfaction
Price 25 cents per tox.
in & Walls. JiuggisU.
Robbed the Cave.
ftar'-linsr incident of which Mr. John
of Pbiladoluhia, was the subject, is
narrate 1 by bini as lollow- : "I was in n
most dre.-ida 1 co-.dition. My skin was al
most yellow, eyes sunki n, tongue coaled,
nnin n. n 1 i n : 1 1 1 in liflr.L -jik! ciJ -.c mi tit).
fi petite gradually growing weaker day by ;
day. Three pliy.-ieian had given mo up. j
Fortu-atcly, a friend advisj trying Electric
Bitters, and to my great joy and surprise, j
the lirst bottle made a decided improve- j
'ent. I continued use for three week.-.
A ftm nowfl m!,n- know they
saved my lit'.-, and rbbed the grave of an-
i other victim." N-. one '.houH fail to tr
! them. Only 50 cents per bottle at Graham j
! & Wells' drug store.
Thousadds ol sufferer from grippe have
bjen restored to health by One Minata
Cough Cure. It quickly cures, coughs,
colds, bronchitis pneumonia, grippe, asth
ma, and all throat and lung diseases. Gra
ham & Wells.
A Nineteen-Dollar Councilman.
Qf Ihe Corvallis city election pass
ed ott very quietly only 19 i citi
zens taking the trouble lo vote.
Five councilman were chosen:
Punderson Avery and Logan Hays
in the 1st ward, J. C. Taylor and
J. R. Smith in the second and A.
R. PygaH in the third.
Police Judge Greffoz has figured
that each vote cast cost the city
28 cents and that it cost ifllD to
eiect Al. Pjgall who had no oppo
sition. But then there is only one
Al. Pygall and the city secured a
bargain even at that ligure.
The present voting arrange
ment seems to be unnecessarily
expensive. It is due to the town's
former ambition to ape citie.-, and
put on metropolitan airs. There
is no possible necessity lor three
polling places or three; sets of
judges and cleric. At no lime is
the city
vote too large ?o be cast
at one. place or to be counted by
one set of officers. Fine feathers
cost cash.
The councilmen elect are re pre
s ntntjve citizens and taxur?r ,
Rev. G. H. Whitemaa, of Indepeiirlerice
will preach at the Presbyterian chrweto
next Sunday morning and evening.
Iviett . Geary, militaiy in-an.e.or of the
O. A. C. lias received orders t join bw
regiment which is now at Mobile. His
family will remain at Corvallis.
Mr. Tongue has secured an order
establishing a pension board ct Corvallis.
The commissioner on pensions Ins Ap
pointed as the board Drs. A It man and
Farra of Corvallis and Dr. Logan of
Death of John Foster.
A pioneer of Ihe '40s died at
his home in this city Monday
night. One. ot Ihe substantial
cilizens of Ihe county passed away
at the ripe old aie of 77 years.
John Foster obeyed the universal
He was a native of Ohio, hav
ing been born in that state March
3, 1821. When a boy, he moved
with his parents to Missouri and
at the age of 24 joined a caravan
bound for Oregon. He engaged
in the business of stock raising
most of his life, and was very suc
cessful, accumulating a comforta
ble fortune.
Mr. Foster was a kindly and
just m 'ii, honorable and upright,
in his dealings. He has been a
good citizen and a uselul one.
Funeral services were held at
the residence, Wednesday morn-
ing, conuucieo oy ixev. ia- i
t earr,. pastor of Hie Methodist
church. Interment was made in
the Bellfotiutaiii cemeterv.
of his way and that way
mends itself lo all men.
Mr. Gellally has made an ideal
recorder. Everything is kept up
in the very best shape and that
without any fuss or claims to spec
ial credit.
He considered it his duty to do
his best for the people who en
I rusted him with Ihe office. Sxch
are Ihe kind of men the county
needs in office and Mr. Gellally
will be reelected by a handsom"
Mrs. Zalia Mayer returned from
Portland Wednesday
. . ,
iuina uernci-,
ol Yaquiua, is
visiting friends in the city.
j The W. C. T. U. met in the M.
, E. church Thursday at 3 p. m.
City Marshal Taylor has a force
i at work graveling the streets.
Bishop Castle, wife and SOU, -from
ElKliart, Indiana, arrived here last
wee K
Mrs. K. u. uavta is .visiting ner
daughter, Mrs.
Gene Woods,
in 1
Rev. Parker has repaii ted the
library hall, also the inside of
Philomath college,
A. M. Austin, M. D., is at La
Grande treating a lady that is
afflicted with a cancer.
Prof. Emerick preached in the
college chapel Sunday morning,
theme -'Social Purity."
Mrs. Keezel has moved the post
office into the building south of
Dr. Losgan's office.
llirnest B. rsryant, Ot Uorval lis,
will lecture in college chapel next
Friday evening, subject "Anioii
ca's Greatest Agitator."
Ilobert McFarland- and wife of
u n 11 i
oumiiiii, hhu aiubu nuiuun ami
Wile,' 01 Llllll COUlltV, Were at
Uncle Abe7S Over Sunday.
Ice Cream Social.
Friday, May :oth, at Mr. Pygalls, ice
cream ai d cake from 12 m. to 12 p. in.
Following program will be rendered by
Mrs. Cale at 8 p. ki.: Recitation, "Col
lege Oil Cans;" song; recitations, "Our
Minister's Sermon," "Betsy and I are
Out," "Barbara Fritchie," and "Our
National Sin." For Benefit of Baptist
Your kind patronage earnestly
Leghorn Chickens.
Fine imported Leghorn chickens.
; Pure stock. Eggs for sale, $1 per setting.
Write or call upon Ross Nicholas, Cor
vallis, Oregon.
Catarrh Cured. A clear head au.i
sweet breath secure." with Shiloh's Ca
tarrh Remedy; sold" on a guarantee. Na
sal injector free. Sold by Graham &
French candies at Hodes & Hall's.
Dr. Damn has Again Reduced
His Fee to $5 per Week
Owing to the dull times Dr.
Darrin generously offers to treat
the worthy poor Iree of charge be-
rtween the hours of 10 and 11 a.
m. daily, and those able v nd will
ing to pay will receive treatment
at the low rate of $5 per week, or
in that proportion as ths case may
require lor each and every disease
except surgical and special com
plicated cases. The afflicted will
do well to make a note of this gen-
e rang offer and apply at once, as
these rates will last for a limited
time only. The doctor's fall in
priie is not only a boon to the
poor, but will be appreciated by
1 housand unable to pay large lees.
there is uo reason why the rich
hc poor should suffer lor the
3 want of professional physician.
iu,. sii. 1. 1
bis wonderful ability in curing
Office at Occidental Hotel lo
June 1.
The Judge
Corvallis, Or., May 18, 189,
Editor Gazetfk: The county
jwdge que.! ion i nl' more impor
lance to tbe taxpayers of Benton
county than all the other offices
pnt together. The iudge is to a
great extent the county's legisla
ture ami governor. There rail' be
appeals from the county jttdjjge 111
his judicial capacity, but Hie
general conduct of the business ol
the county, the UKnageinent that
makes or lowers the debt, that
increases or diminishes ihe tax
burdens is final.
Hence it is that the attempt on
the part of the lawyer candidate's
Iriends to have the judicial side ol
the county judgeship considered
the most important, and all im
portant, will fail.
Mr. Woodward is not an ad
mitted attorney nor las he per
haps read law to any great extent,
but his chiet duty as a trial judge
is to interpret the law, and I hose
who know him have every conti
dence in his ability to Mrterpret
law intelligently and honestly.
As the Gazette remarks uthc
chief requisite in a good judge is
good judgment." And then there
are Ihe higher courts.
But there are no higher courts
to correct errors of loose manage
ment in general of the county's
affairs. And it is a
matter of dollars and cents to 11s
to elect a capable business man.
Another Taxpayer.
It is true that Mr. Elmo Davis,
.republican candidate for joint
representative, is, as tke Times
charges, only a temporary resi
dent of Lincoln county. Mr.
Davis is not immortal. When
he is visited by that old gentle
man of the scythe, hour glass
and populistic whiskers, Mr.
Davis expects to enjoy himself
in some land fairer even than
Lincoln county, much as he
leves that ocean bound shire.
But Mr. Davis has been a citi
zen -of Toledo for five years and
his interests are all in Lincoln
county. His company has a fifty
years lease of the stone quarry
and for that time, at least, Mr.
Davis expects, should he live, to
be a resident of Lincoln.
Mr. Davis is an intelligent
young man and alive to the
needs of the two counties.
T. T. Geer is sound on the
. ... . : ........ 1 'u ..-
iiiuiibv iiiimiiuii. MiHiiti mi inn till
ill question and sound on matters
nl stale interest.
T. 'p. Geer is a reasoner, a siu-
dent, a keen observer of public
events, and an exponent of prac- j
iieai siaicsmansuip.
T. T. Geer is a man of high per
sonal character, with a clean pub
lic and private record a man who
enjoys the confidence of the peo
T. T. Geer will be Oregon's next
governor and will serve the state
wisely and faithfully.
N o Cure-
No Pay.
That is the way all druggusts sell
IC for Malaria, Chills and Fever. It is
simply iron and quinine in a tasteless
i form. Children love it. Adults prefer
it to bitter, nauseating Tonics.
Karl's Clover Root Tea for Constipa
tion, its the best, and after using it if yeu
don't say o return the package and get
your mosey. Sold by Graham & Wells,
Stop that cou'h! Take warning. It
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Sold by Graham & Welb.
County warrants taken at par for mer
chandise at Nolan Si Callahan's.
Are You a Patriot?
There are several ways of being one.
In a particular way we would recommend
you to join the new order of The Vigil
antes. As it is an Oregon order you can
keep your money circulating at heme.
It has all the advantages of the older or
ders and many additional improving fea
tures. Chios Leader F. J. McHcnry is
now in Corvallis organizing and hasrt -
ceived, as he should, much
merit. Initiation $2, medical examiua
tian Jr. 25, certificate fee, $1. Total for
men 4.25; ladies $2.25.
Cure that Cough with Shiloh's Cure.
The best Cough Cure. Relieves Croup
promptly. One million bottles sold last
year. 40 doses for 25 cts. Sold by Gra
ham & Wells.
The Royal is the highest grade baking powder
known. Actual tests show it goes one
third farther than any other bread.
A&sel&Itely Pure
Royalty at Corvallis.
Will K, Ki ,g and J. R. Sover
eign spoke at Corvallis Saturday
afternoon and evening. Many
from the country were in town, but
the attendance at the meeting was
a disappointment to the local
union managers.
Mr. King was well received fey
his supporters but lie is not a success-
as a stump speafepr, and his
speeches fell flat. He discussed
the money question and state
issues, introducing his discourse
with a reference to his experiences
at a student at the O. A. C.
Mr. Sovereign is an entertaining
talfcpr and was more amusing than
Mr. King, Ihe union candidate
for the governorship a well bui)tr
aggressive-looking man,who makes
a better appearance off the ros
trum than o it. Any talk of
Ivin .s a worthy foeman o Geer
on iho .slump, is folly.
Best Ever Offered,
The bert bargains ever offered in town
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cidedly lonesome. A new invoice of sty
ish trimmed dress Vats are expected by
the 1st of May. M.T. J. Mason.
A torpid liver reb you of ambition and
ruing your health. DoWitt's Littlo Early
Risers- cleanse the lSvur, cure constipation
and nil stomach and liver troubles. &rn-
bMkiiS Wll.
Great reductions in men's and bysr
fine shoes at Nolaan & Callahan's.
M. . Iu-Hocuni, Cameron, Pa., sysr "I
was a sufferer for ten years, irying- most all
kinds ol pil remedial,. buS without sueccis.
DcWitt's Witch Hazel Salve was recom
nicL'dcdto Me. I use 1 una box. It has ef
fected a permanent cure." As a permanent
euro for piles IX' Witt's Witch Hazel Salve
ha& no .-qtial. Graham & Wells.
Nolan & Callahan kave been appoint
ed agents tor the celebrated Douglas
shoes for men and buv-.
It is a great leap frjm ihe old fashioned
dosas of blue-tu ass and nauseous physics t
the pleasant 1 iLtlc-pill knoswa as DcWitf
Little Early Kis-rs. They oune- constipa
tion, sick headache and billiousness. Gra
ham & Wells.
Shares of stock ot the Mastodon Min
ing ami Milling Company,. Limited, Elk
City, Idaho, tbe great "Gold Bug" lead,
for sale at John Baruett's office. A great
chance to get in on the ground floor of a
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Stock reasonable.
Sick Headache absolutely and per
manently cured by using Moki Tea. A
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and indigestion, makes yon eat, sleep,
work and happy. Satisfaction guaran
teed r money back. 25 cts. and 50 cts.
Graham & Wells.
Shiloh's Consumption Cure cures
where others fail. It is the leading Cough
Cure, and no Uonie should '-e-without it.
Pleasant to take and goes right to the
spot. Sold by Graham & Wells.
Diamond Starch Polish gives an ele
i gant luster and prevents the iron from
sticking, etc. If your dealer don't keep
it, I will send it post paid for 25 cents.
B. R. Thompson, Corvallis, Oregon.
Happy Home clothing is stylish and
will not rip.
Happy Hm? Clothing.
A Call for Warrants.
Notice is hereby rdven that there is
money on hand at the county treasurer's
office to pay all orders endorsed and
marked "Not paid for want of funds" up
to and including th ise 0 Jan. 12, jSo6,
Interest will be stopped on same from
this date.
Corvallis, Or., May 4, 1S58.
Treasurer Benton County, Oregon.
Itching, scaly, bleeding palms, shapeless nails,
and painful finger ends, pimples, blackheads,
oily, mothy skin, dry, thin, and falling hair, itch
Ing, scaly scalps, all yield qxickly to vrarm baths
with Cuticura Soap, ?.nd gentle anointings
t with Cuticura (ointment), the great akin cure.
T j .old thronxboDt the world. Pottxe Diuo ahd Ciuh.
Corp.. Sole ProM.. Boston. .
ar- " Bow to Produce Soft, White Iland," free-
In-tanttr reTiewt by
To the Public.
Parties wishing to purchase stock in
the Mastodon Mining & Milling ceni-
! pany or having any other business with
: V. .. s..nmon.r at t-f f r r fl to Tndorp lohn
Y - TT . .. ofi- . rorv,ni. Oregon.
j '
A little boy askod for a bottle of "erot up
in the morning as fast ns you can." The
druggist recognized a household nama for
"De Witt's Little Early Risers," and gav
him a bottle of those famous little pills for
constipatisn, sick headache, liver and stom
ach troubles. Graham & Wells.
Wear Happy Home clothing.
J WK ... ''rm::' . :
1 tiu .Via.
Just Like Papa
This little boy Is beginning right, with cleanliness then conies
neatness in dress. Neglect a boys dress and he will neglect
himself. Such clothes a we offer will help any boy to become
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Salts made to order
mir . ,
And living well, is without question in
Where you buy is of as much importance
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The Racket's Up.
Up-to-date" is the motto of the
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A. MODES, Headquarters
Good Quality and Low
A Call will Convince.
..Ribbons and Laces..
Soloman in all his glory was not bedecked
with such delicate and pleasingRIBBONS, LACES,
Etc., as represents the Spring purchase of the Cash
Store. The newest shades and tints.
Next to the Postoffice.
Seed m the
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ffft JC JqjC 3
The goods are up
cr 1 .Style.
Prices is Our Motto.
Corvallis, Oregon.
This Is The Time
For Planting
will bring a golden harvest.