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    Corballis dandle
A few Ladies' Lo"g Coats that are being
sold at a great reduction. If you want
a lar. e auio .1.1 o" j.oods for your money
bt sine -nd ?ee them. All the capes and
jacket in ihe department sold at a rcduc- j
ti;n. !
A gocsd servicable umbrella for 50 cents;
. . . 11 , rl
.- ' S"
If jou want a better one, you will find 1
it here at tee same ratio of low price to
good goos.
R and G Corsets iu styles and shapes
that will i t any form. A line of French
Corbet;, j ood fitters, made of French
cautil, chab and white. All grades to
$i-5 tor f i-oo. Have you seen our 50
cent and J1.00 line? There are no better
for that price.
Albany, Oregon.
Agents for Buttrick Patterns.
T,-)iif ue and Yaquina.
Rhododendron excursion to Niwport
nex Sunday.
Vrs. Brookwaltcr and children, of Sa
lem, are visiting friends is; th's ci'y.
George H. Williams, Oregon' grard
old man, speaks 111 Corvallis next Thurs
day ni ;bt.
"Is it at Case?" Yes that is Tata Case,
f B-wers & Case, the bo.s barbers.
Postoffice building.
At Ue Baptist ckurch Sunday morning
there will be a f ower sermon. Service cleaner and cleverer than that of larger
at S ..'c'ock, an interesting seimou. circuser.
Mrs. Charley Iarse, of San Francisco, The lectures given by Dr. MacClaire at
is expected in a few days, by Corvallis the opera house during the past week
friends, to visit with Mrs. Spangler. proved very interesting and important.
The largest sii.le shipment of coffee The doctor is not only a skillful plnsi
ever brought to 1 euton county was re- cian and scientist but he has the happy
ceived by S. L. Kline, Monday. It was faculty of presenting his svhject in a
of the Lion brand. ! clear and etilert.iiniug manner.
When the news came of the Spanish rout Mr. Willard Einville, republican can
Dewey put their whole fleet out j dicate for county clerk, is fitted by na
Jess Spencer gave a mighty shout tnral ability and by training for
Ami kept right on a shaving.
Your meiiury is all ri ;Ut and' when
you r.ced goo 1 work and speedy work at
reasonable pricts, vs. the line of job
printing you will remember the Gazi-tte
The street Cf remittee is doing good
work. Gravel is teincr hauled from Os
born's bar and -distributed on the graded ! political demonstrations mat will eclipse
streets. Several streets arc being thus anything seen in that beautiful neighbor
improved. ' hood. A speaker from Portland
Flour is up and steamboats cannot take j
the output of Benton mills to Portland
fast enough to suit owners. The resent
nnusual low stage of wate.' inate the
captains load lightly.
G. F. Barnhard and Etna V. Skaggs,
both cf the Summit, were married in
Corvallis, Tuesday, by D. Carlisle, J. P.
They 100k a brief bridal trip to Portland
and will reside at Summit.
Diamond Starch Polish gives an ele
gant luster and prevents the iron from
sticking, etc. If your dealer don't keep
it, I will send it post paid for 25 cents.
B. R. Thompson, Corvallis, Oregon.
Wm. Garlinghause, of Monroe, was
thrown out of his wagon one day last
week, rs his team was running away,
and was run ove r by one of the wheels,
knocking him unconscious, but fortu
uately inflicting no serious injury.
Th.: Ladies Missionary society of the
Congregational church met at the resi
dence of H. F. Fischer Monday after-
noo. A large number 01 mcmDers ana j
visitors were present and were splendidly I
entertained by the koste.-. of the day. I
Patriotic enthusiasm may
enthusiasm may vent itself
tonight. The entertainment at the opera
house 'onight will be of the star span
gled banner order and in fact an organ
ized outburst of American lsyalty, with
the pi ceeds to go for patriotic purposes.
The bike oath alone the Albany road i
is a fine wav for wheels as far as com
. , ,
pleted, and is bout 4 miles in length up
to da'e. Sunday wheelmen aud
wheelwomcn by the hundreds were en
joying the result of the labor of the Road
Tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow
evening Will R. King, aaisn candidate j
for governor, and J. R. Soverci-n, head j
of ti e Knighls of Labor, address the J
co zens of Bentou county, at tV.e opera
house in this city. Thsy will doubtless
speak to large crowds.
S. h- Kline announces tint on Mon
day, May 16th, and for that day only, he
will sell nine papers of Lion colfte for
$1. This is done to advertise this excel
lent brand and each purchase will be
limited to one dollars worth at this rate.
Mail orders received on or bcfoie that
day will be filled.
The local teachers' institute held at
W-lls last Friday and Saturday wr.s the
success that Supt. Denmau's institutes
always are. Among those taking part
were Supt. Denman, Professors Pratt,
Lance, Lake avid Huffman, Senator Car
ter, Mrs. Nelms, Misses Pagenkopf and
Next Thursday evening George H.
Williams, a man who needs no introduc
tion to the people of Benton county, will j
address the citizens of Corvallis and vi
cinity upon the political issues. Bring
your wives and neighbors and hear this
statesman who was one of the cabinet ad
visers of the great Lincoln.
Last Saturday the O. A. C. baseball
team defeated the Monmouth Normal j
nine, on the latter's ground, vrith a score
of 8 to 5. It was a good exhibition of .
genuine baseball aud the game was in- j
teresting throughout. The SUt . Univer- j
sity may forfeit her league game to be ;
played on the 21st, as lier teamisnci
showing up well, in mat case u. A. tw. j
AILnnn 1 ...1 til of . 1 . 1 - I
ity politics seem to be neglected en
tirely. Hardly a citizen seems aware of
the fact that five councilmen are to be i a
elected next Monday. The retiring
members are, Columbus Read in the first
ward Wm. Bogue and Charles B.akeslee
ia the second aud J. II. Harris and J. H.
Simpson in the third. So far no Candi
da e; have been placed in the field, but
it is probable that these whose terms ex- I
pire will be asked to serve again.
News matter crowded out this week.
Wheat, SS cents; oats, 35 to 36 cents;
hay, 9 to 10 dollars.
Dr. ThompsoH starts east today, to
cttend t'-:e general assembly. All serv
ices at Presbyterian church as usual.
John Gellatly is well li'.-.ed and has
wade a splendid official record. There
will be nt change in the recorder's office.
he county board Of examiners are ex-
raining eleven applicants for certificates
to leach, this week. There are nine wo -
men and two men in the class.
... ,
Subject at the M. E. church Sunday
inorniaji. "How Amiable are Thv Tab -
ernacles, O Lord of Most-;". Evening,
Tne Rev. John Parsons will preach.
Rev. R. C. Brooks, of Eu-,ene, will j
preach at the Congregational church
next Sunday morning and evening. The
eveniag service will begi.i at S o'clock.
Misses Rettaaad Edith Price, student '
of District 'o. 23, having been neither j
j absent nor tardy three months, were j
j placed 011 Ihs county superintendent's
j roll of honor.
1 Judge E. Woodward is as fair minded
a maw. as could be louhd in luc county.
His majority will be libera', probably
200. A little inquiry will satisfy anyone j
that this estimate is a sound one.
Plans have been perfected for one of I
the graH lest school picnics ever held in
the Willamette Valley, to !e given at
Monroe, Saturday, May 2Sth. The:e
will be the biggest turnout of school
children ever se?n in the county.
Share"-, of stock el the Mastodou Min
ing and Milling Company, Limited, Elk
City, Main, the great "Gold Rug" lad,
for sals at John Burnett's office. A gieat
chance to gt iu on the ground floor of a
great mining company iu a great mine.
S ock reasot-ablc.
A one ring ciicns gave a good show in
Corvallis Saturday evening. Had it
patronized the advertising columns of
the local papers it would have .drawn a
cro sfd. Th a parformance was
His genial and accommodating disposi
tion, his sterling character and his r.tand-
iug as a citizen are in his favor. He is
not a radical man, but is fair and toler
ant in all things.
One week from tomorrow, Saturday,
May 21st, the republicans of Dusty ex
De;t to 111:1k e a showing in the line of
of Corvv.llisites iu
tend to bt- there.
it will be a gocd tiip ,
for bikists.
Attention of G. A. R. members an.'.
Sons of Ycterans is called to the meeting
at G. A. R. hall, tomorrow evening at S
p. m. The arrangements for Decoration
Day will be made at tVe meeting, and
since the interest in the day will be very
great this year, owing to the stirring position bo ask democrats or pop
events of the lim s, the exercise, it is ex- I 11 lists lo support Tongue because
pected, will be of an unusual order, and of the Yaquina matter. Many of
a general attendance of all members of us will vote for Tongue but it is
the orders is greatly desired. because we really believe what
It might be thought impossible to sv:r- VOU only profess,
prise members of a brass bavd, for a: Perhaps t lie fact Mr. Ve itch is
baud is supposed to be ready far any sort '
of a proposition, but the Fireman's baud
was surprised Tuesday nigbt. When at
practice an invitation came for the boys
to visit the residence of Mr. ai.d Mrs.
Marnhart. They went and found that
their wives and sisters had provided a
royal feast for their deourmen1. After
an elegant exhibition ol war appetite,
the entertained and ei.tertaiuers enjoyed
mtJsiCi COnvt rjjtio-;, etc., until a late
Our Condition.
The trea.-ury statement of condition of
circu'ation for Slay 1, 1898, has been!
issusd, aad makes a remarkable show- j
Mv 11. A ttnf.1. rf rrvl A Kniii in ll B
8; . 6 ' " " . ;
unttea states is ,.750,557,1 n. llie tola
bullion iu the treasury in addition to
I this is 53,647, 25S. The amount of gold:,
people on May I, 1898, is $607,038,510.
The total amount of money iu circula-
I tion outside of the treasury May 1, 1898,
is 11,806,761,442. On May, 1897, the
amount iu circulation was $1,666,560,383.
The increase in circulation during April,
is98, amounted to $50,702,797. Amount
ju circulation per capita is now $24.33.
The balance of trade in favor of the
United States for the first eight months
of the fiscal year was $406,361,453.
From July 1, 1897, up to April 1, 1898,
the mints coined
gold $41,802,065.
A total coinage
Iu silver $1272,398.
of $54,474,464.
There has been a marked decrease in
the importation of farm products, but
an equally marked decrease in the im
portation of coffee, jewelry, silks, furs,
aud other articles of lux.-.ry.
The farmers have ha-1 an opportunity
to supply a very large increased demand
for farm products, and have met 'ess
foreign competition. This accounts for
the fact that not only wheat, but every
other article of farm produce h is in
creased in price.
Nolan & Callakan have been appoint
ed agents lor the celebrated Douglas
shoes for men and boys.
Moki Tea positively cures sick
headache, indigestion aud constipation.
A delightful herb drink. Removes all
of the skin, producing a per-
feet complexion, or money refunded
z a"
HOW tO Look Cood.
. 1 . ... r--v.. ft- nrAiin
Go((1 ooks nrc refty mor5 than tkin
deep, depending entirely on a healthy con-
ditien of nil the vital organs. If the liver
1. mummm wu. lnnt n l.ilimic I1.1L' if V.i IV
stomaGh be disordered, you hnve a dy.-peptie
look; if your kidneys bo affected, you have
pinched tool
Socure good health and
you will surely have good looks. "Electric
Bitters" i; a good alternative and tonic.
Acts directly en the ttomacb, liver and kid
neys. Purifies the bload, cures pimples,
blotches and boils, nnd gives a good com
plexion. Kvarv bliw i'ii:uant.;i-d. Sold
at Graham
cr bottle,
& Walk' dni store. SO cents
Pointed and Peppery.
Oorvallis, May 9, 1898.
To the Editor: As I am a dem
ocrat, I read with a personal in
terest your editorial asking the
voters to drop their politics and
support Mr. Tongue lor congress
because of his work in behalf of
! yaqUl'lia harbor. I beg to reply
; to your npD0fU Of rather to COin-
! JTient upon it,
You say that Yamuna's friends
: .,,,.,.' i, ul,. i
" coiigies nave been legulaily
' retired, and that, Ihe power at
Washington reasonably begin to
doubt our sincerity in petitioning
lor governnic-nt aid for improve
nients when we always knock out.
every senator and congressman
who lilts bis voice in favor of Ya
quina. Bat whose is Ihe fault
1l1.1t our workers are retired!
line can lie all
10 mi' iii'ui-H.iiis 01 popunsis 1
Tne republican legislating could
have retimed Mr. Dilph to Ihe
nali.aial sen at;-, but did not. And
the Gazkttk advocated his retire
ment. You aked democrats to
vole lor a republican, because ol
Yaquina's interest and yet you
opposed one of your own parly
who was also a Iriend of Yaquina.
It was republicans who downed
H-rmann. It was republicans
who defeated Mitchell. It was
republicans who retired Ellis.
. . I. . I I: .
Why does
not your republican
Yaquina' friends in
parly keep
L'-t mo
eclipses ol
tell you that these
workers for Yaquina
are not mere political accidents.
Did it ever strike you as peculiar
I hat Ihe same man who whipped
in the republican lorces to defeat
Dolph, also engineered ihe fight
against Mitchelll Was not Jona
than Bourne the leader in both
billies against these men ?
It ple:.ises yon newspapers to
ascribe their defeat to functional
politic-, the money question, etc.
These things were only raised to
receive sympathy and support.
Dolph, Mitchell, Hermann and
Ellis were defeated by business
interests for business purposes.
Portland and the transportation
companies centering there, are
quietly but effectively operating
against Yaquina and A.toria.
Fortunately, in defeating Yaqui
na's friends so far, they have not
succeeded in filling their places
with Yaquina and Astoria ene
mies. But they expect to event
ually control matters to their
If the O. R & N. Co., the North
Pacific Terminal company and
"tuer large corporations can anoro
1 o put their business interests
:ioove ineir parly inclinations, so
can the people of the Willamette J
V .'lley.
I do not believe that the Ga
zette nor any republican who op
uosed Dolph or Mitchell is in a
a Cleveland democrat
and hc.r-n't
yt even made a bluff at a silver
argument, makes it easier frr us
to vi le for a republican congress-
i man. but still it remains tiiat re-'-
I publicans a e more narrow and
, mure blindly subservient to the
crack of the u irly whip than are
i democrats.
"T... .. ll,. .... 1.1: 1
jiuw, uc me iCiiuoiiuiiis ui
Benton and Lincoln counties, who ! , , , - mvm. ' er", ,,,.. .
. , , . ' v 1 1 v and wi depend as assessor up niand lor a speech, talked inter
protew so much interest 111 Ya . , ... ? , : " c,;.ri Li., i(1,i
jquina, goin;; to allow their politics
ti IfiMi lliem to play tnio the
hail Is of the Portland concerns?
Willi VOU, is it the pally or the
people ?
. - L. . . - . .
I uoeny is laKen 10 omu a pan
of the letter at this point. It con
i cerns a leuislative candidate on
hi. repubicaJ tIcket) ad raifes a
question I hat the Gazette prefers
not to discuss. Editor.)
I am not deeply concerned in
the "grand past" of any party.
It is the practical future that ap
peals to good sense. The party is
only a vehicle and if we cannot
get to our destination in one cart,
there are others.
Jefferson Democrat.
Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets are
sold on a positive guarantee. Cures
heart-burn raising of the food, distress
after eating or any form of dyspepsia.
One little tablet gives immediate relief.
25 cts. aud 50 cts. Graham & We!ls.
Consumption Positively
Mr. B. Greeve, merchant of Chilhowio,
Vn., certifies that lie hud consumption, was
given up to die, sought fill medical treat
ment fiat money could procure, tried all
coujrh runedies that "ha coal. 1 hear of, but
gut no rcliof; spent many nights sitting up
in a chair; was induced to try Dr. King's j
New Discovery, and was cured by use ef
two bottles. For past throi years has been
attending to business, and says Dr. King's ,
New Discovery is the grandest remedy ever , cosj, t of patriotic recitations, ill
mad,, a, it has done so muiforhim and j ,e rsper8nj witn ,ood music, both
also lor cithers in his community. Dr. . . - , ' . 4 ,
, xt r- .1.1 vocal and instrumental. A beau-
King'i xsew Disc.-.very is gnarantoed tor . . , , . , . , .
coughs cold-, nnd consumption It den't "lul pi'Ze which IS HOW Oil exlll
foil. Trial battle free at Uraram & Wells' i bl"otl at VOgle's jewelry Store,
drug store.
Wo Cure No Pay.
That is the way all druggusts sell
IC for Malaria, Chills and Fever. It is
simply iron and quiniae in
a tasteless
form. Children love it. Adults prefer !
jt to bitter, nauseating Tonics,
The farmer, mechanic and th; bicycle
rider are liable to unexpeeted cuts and
bruis:.. De Witt's Witch Hazel Salre is
the best thing to keep on hand. It heals
quickly, and is a well known euro for piles.
Graham & Wells.
A torpid liver rebi you of ambition and
ruins yoar health. D Wilt's 1 ittl Early
Rbers cljant-e. tins liv.;r, cjre : nstipation
and all stomach an l liver troubles. Gra
ham Wells.
A Country Jake.
That may be what is the matter
with him. If it is, there'll be
others trying lo catch the disease.
For he's a vole gatherer and his
name will be sheriff.
Country jakef Well, well;
likely enough. And do you know
that many of our presidents were
country jakes ? But what's iu a
name, especially in a nickname?!
The men in the country wanted
him (o run and the men in town j
said "amen," and "that is how
be was nominated. Thai's all
there was of it. And when it
comes to the election. Ihe men in
Ihe countrv will say, "we wanl
turn," the men iu town will say
amen." And (hat is how be will
be elected. Simple enough when
yon under stand it.
'Qualified?" Should say so.
Everybody says so. No one dis
putes it. Capable and honest
the Jefiersonian test.
It is not a long story. It is not
a mysterious story. Tile people
of Benton have said, "we want
George Lilly for sherilf'." The re
publicans nominated him. Georye
accepted. The voters will elect
him. "Ami they'll all live hap
pily ever alter."
As Hi Sees It
Ookvallis, May, 10, 1S0S.
Editor Gazette. The Times
raises Ihe issue "a lawyer or a
bu-ines man for county judge."
It. would have been wiser to let
ihe matter alone.
Now, I have no objection to a
lawyer' acting as county judge.
I do not think Chat a right to prac
tice law, in itself, should bar a
man from taking Ihe office, but he
must have many other qualifica
tions, and it is the oilier qualifica
tions that will count.
I do not wish to argue the mat
ter but only desire to say that if
any, man believes that Ihe tax
l ayers of Benton county intend
to put a newly lkdged attorney
into sxch an important office, sim
ply because he is a lawyer, when
we can select a solid business man
in whose judgement we have
every commence, 1 am sorry lor
I do not wish to be peisonal,
nor offensive, and I am sure that
I am only fair when I say that, the
office of county jirlge cannot be
properly attended to by making
good speeches, but demands good
office management, business ex
perience, and good judgment.
A Taxpayer.
A Wise Nomination.
'Mr. Newton, of Philomath, is
declared the nominee of Ibis con
j volition for .the office of assessor
i of Benton county." So said Chair
man Edwards of the Ben (on coun
ty republican convention.
Tfaera is usually some good rea
son lor a man being nominated for
office bv a uartv. Aud it is not I
giving away any political secrets '
to say Mr. Newton was nominated I
because it was thought he would
j make a si rong canvass, hold his
j parly vole, secure votes from the j
.opposition and be elected.
Mr. El vin Newton will make a
just ami proper assessment wilhiu
j Ihe time prescribed bylaw. He ,
will make up the rolls correctly '
j and with all possible dispatch and :
I economy. He fa accmainted with
, - . ,,
1 iv .urn win uepeim as assessor up
I on intelligent observation and
business judgment not
guess work.
Probate Matters.
The estates of Andrew Purdy,
G. B. Lea and O. B. Brown were
ordeied closed. Juue 7th was
fixd as the time for hearing ob
jections to final accounts in estates
of G. W. Spencer and D. B. Mul
key. The semi-annual accounts
in the estates of W. A. Slate and
Abiatha Newton were approved
F. J. Chambers, J. G. Roger; and
W. S. Aleorn were appointed ap
praisers in the estato of Samuel
Rice and Chas. E. Rice, adminis
trator. The inventory iu estate of
Peter and Hannah Mann gives the
value as $957. Iu the estate of
W. A. Slate, the executor, W. D.
Risley, was ordered to make a
sale of certain personal property
and to build or repair fences.
A Patriotic Contest and Apron
Sale Combined.
The Working Club of the W.
R. C, will give a patriotic contest
and apion sale combined, on Fri
day evening May 13th, at the
opera house. The program will
will be given lor the-best recita
tion, to be determined by three
good judges. After the program
the ladies will have on sale in
prettily decorated booths, aprons
from all over the United States.
The v will also serve refreshments
have an old fashioned grab
bag. You are invited to remain
and amuse, youselves in various
ways. The admission is only 10
cents. Come and enjoy your
selves and remember the program
will commence at 8 o'clock sharp.
Cure that Cough with Shiloh's Care.
The best Cough Cure. Relieves Croup
promptly. One million Tottles sold last'
year. 40 doses fe r 25 ets. Sold by Gra
ham &. Wei's.
Has Arrived in Coryallis, Ore
gon, and Can be Consulted
Free at the Occidental Hotel
Until J-,:ne 1st.
Of the Superiority of Electricity
iu the Cure of Diseases by
Dr. Darrin.
So much has been said in praise of Dr.
Darrin, now at the Occidental Hotel,
Corvallis, till Juue 1, and his new method
of cure by electric treatment that it
teems useless to add further proof. Still,
th;se whe meet the following-named
man, fram his own lips find his cures to
be genuine, and that no exaggeration of
his ease occurs.
The following name aud address may
be referred to:
W. Hays, 914, 5th street. Kast Port
laud, Oregon, ir.flamatiou neck of blad
der and sciatic rheumatism; came on
crutches to the doctor cured and left
his crutches at the doctor's ofce.
Reading in your paper of the return of
Dr. Darrin to Baker City, I wish to state
what he did for my SO'; one year since.
Dr. Darrin Dear Sir: I am pleased
to inform" you that my son Charles, whem
you treated in January, 1856, for heart
trouble and general debility, has fully re
covered, auJ gained about 30 pounds in
flesh since taking your treatment. I
think he has entirely recovered, for
which receive my thanks.
George Chandleh.
Baker City, April 7, 1S97.
Office hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.
Most cases can be treated at home
after one visit to the doctor's office.
Inquiries answered; circulars and
question blanks sent free.
All business with Dr. Darren strictly
Monroe Ratifies.
The republican campaign opened
at. Monroe Tuesday evening vilh
Hon. M. S. Johnson as the princi
pal speaker." There was a large
crowd present and the enthusiasm
was very much in evidence.
Mr. Johnson presented (lie
money question in a clear and
entertaining manner, showed
wherein Ihe democratic party had
always upheld the gold standard
and that the teaching? of Jefferson,
Jackson and other democratic
leaders was against tho theory of
free silver. Mis address was well
received and had a good effecr.
Mr. John Daly mado a short!
speech in which he staled that he
was a sound money man and if
elected to the legislature lie
would support lor U. S. senator a
gold-standard man.
Mr. Elmo Davis also made a
few remarks, assuring the people
Ihatif elected representative he
would vo
e 111st, last ana ail tne
time for a single gold-standard
. . .
ITa for senator.
-R- J- Nichols, republican repre-
sentative, was called upon and
good naturedly referred to the
nrek-naaae conferred upon him
several years ago, "Gold-standard
Dick." He pledged himself, i(
eiecusa, 10 use his Dest euorts to
secure economical and just legis
tion as is desired by the people of
Benton county.
School Superintendent George
:n.a.. ;,. i w a
vol lit J Vfll V.UUtU t IUIII1I JlJCl LlV,l Oi
eschewing politics, as his is not a
political office. Several repttbli
can candidates were in attendance j has proven his capabilities in that
and all feel elated over their re-1 office.
cept ion by the people of Monroe. Mr. Clark is fairly entitled to
Mr. Johnson spoke at Als-ajthe support of every republican
Wednesday and Philomath jester-1 and he will gel it. Nor is his
day, but too lale lor auy reports, j strength limited lo Ihe republican
Tonight he speaks at Kings Valley
and tomorrow night at Wells.
Opening Excursion.
Duck hats and straw bonnets ;
war like youth and rosy maiden ;
father, son and daughter in law;
gray haired, black haired, tow
haired and bald headed ; cashier
and poet; cook and capitalist ; all
will go Yaquina-ward next Sun
day. Men, matrons and maidens
will seize the opportunity offered
by the opening excursion given by
the Corvallis & Eastern Railroad
company and visit the bay, the
beach and the rhedodendron hills.
The fare is only $1.50 for the
round ;trip. Train leaves Cor
vallis at 7:30 a. in.
Nolan & Callahan will keep in repair
for one year free of charge any suit of
Happy Home clothing they sell.
Great reductions in men's and
fine shoes at Nolan & Callahan's.
Best Ever Offered.
The best bargains ever offered in town
for the money. When it comes to stylish
and popular hats' tt low prices I stand so
far ahead of competition as to feel de
cidedly lonesome. A new invoice of sty
ish trimmed dress hats are expected by
the 1st of May. Mrs. J. Mason.
CouHty warrants taken at par for mer
chan dise at Nolan & Callahan's.
Dreadfully Nervous.
GENTS: I was dreadfully nervous, and
for relief took yonr Karl's Clover Root
Tea. It quieted my nerves and strength
ened my whole nervous system. I was
troubled with Constipation, Kidney and
Bowel trouble. Your Tea soon cleansed
my system so thoroughly that I rapidly
regained health and strength. Mrs. S.
A. Sweet, Hartford, Conu. Sold by
Graham & Wells.
Be not Deceived! A Cougk, Hoarse
ness or Croup are Hot to be trifled with.
A dose in tme af Shilol 's Cure will savo
you nmcU trouble. S IA by Graham &
The Royal is the highest grade baking powder
known. Actual tests show it goes one
third further titan any other brood.
Absolutely Pure
Public School Exercises
The closing exercises of the
seven-month school year ol Philo
math public school were an
nounced through your columns a
month ago, but by request of the
patrons, the board engaged Mrs.
J. J. Bryan to teach another
month. The following is a par
tial report of the closing exercises
which occurred on the 7th inst.
The exercises opened by a pa
triotic song by the school, "The
Flag of Our Country," followed
by recitations, essays, duets, songs
by school, a motion glee song,
Prizes, consisting of books, were
awarded to the boy and girl who
delivered iheir recitations the
most excellently, and for ihe best
essay, also lo I hose who al tended
ihe lull eigbl months without bs
ing absent a day. Booklets con
taining a poem by Longfellow
were presented to all ike pupils.
Minnie Newth and Clyde Boles
received prize, for thp best recila
lions; (Jristal Cocking, Mabel
Meats, Clyde Coles and Charlie
Park, for not being absent a day
during Ihe year, and Crislal Cock
ing a priz2 for the best essay.
After the awarding of the prizes
the patrons present were called
upon and a number responded
with apprecialive remarks. The
teacher then made her closing re
marks lo the children. The ex
ercises closed a song.
Mrs. Bryan is an experienced
and up to dale (cacher, and it is
a matter of regret with the patrons
that she did not apply for the
school for another year.
Our primary department con
sisls of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th
grades, with Ihe same salary as
paid in a large school where the
teacher only has one grade.
W. H. Boles,
Clerk Philomath Schools.
Are You a Patriot?
There are several ways of being one.
Iu a particn'ar way we would recommend
yon te join the new order of The Vigil
antes. As it is an Oreou order you can
keep your money circulating at heme.
Tt Tine nil ill, advatit .(ri.t rf lllu rAar- rr
i a. A .-
l utis emu uinii y nuuiiiuiiiii miutuviuif ica-
tures. Chief Leader F. J. McHcnry is
now iu Corvallis organizing and has re
ceived, as he should, much encourage
ment. Initiation $2, medical examina
tion $1.25, certificate fee, f 1. Total for
men $4. 25; ladies $2.25.
Happy Home
will not rip.
clothing is styiish and
Happy Home Clothing.
Fred Clsrk.
There is absolutely nothing that
can be said against Mr. Clark as a
candidate for Measurer of Benton
county. He is a responsible citi
zen, honest in all things, and he
party. The republican candidal
lor treasurer will receive a heavy
vole next 111011th.
A Call for Warrants.
Notice is hereby given that there is
money on hand at the county treasurer's
office to pay all orders endorsed aud
marked "Not paid for want of funds" up
to and including those of October 9, 1S95.
Interest will be stopped on same from
this date.
Corvallis, Or., May 4, 1858.
Treasurer Benton Cour.ty, OregOH.
Itching, scaly, bleeding palms, shapeless nails,
and painful finger ends, pimples, blackheads,
oily, mothy skin, dry, thin, and falling hair, itch
ing, scaly scalps, all yield quickly to warm baths
with Ccticuka Soap, nnd gentle anoiatinga
with CuTicuitA (ointment), the great skin care.
Id thronsho
Corp., Sole Pro;
to Produce Soft, "White Hands,'
DC. Boston .
InstftnllT reliered by
CirncuaA KaMSDias.
To the Public.
Parties wishing to purchase stock in
the Mastodon Mining & Milling com
pany or having any other business with
the company are referred to Judge John
Burnett, at his office iu Corvallis, Oregon.
A little boy asked for a bottle of "got up
in the morning as fast as you can." Tbe
druggist recognized a household aame for
"De Witt's Little Early Risers," and gavo
him a bottle of those famous little pills for
constipUwn, sick lienHaehe, liver rnd stom
ach trouUcs. G'abam t Well.
Weir Happy Home c'.othing.
Just Like Papa
This little boy is beginning right, with cleanliness then come
neatness in dress. Neglect a boy's dress and he will neglect
himself. Such clothes as we offer will help any boy to become
a gentleman. Such bargains as we quote, plainly marked, will
help any parent to accumulate savings.
Suits made to order
And living well, is without question in
Where you buj is of as much importance
as what you buy and what you pay for it,
when it comes to food. You want to know
the surroundings of the things you are going
to eat. Notice the cleanliness of our store.
Everything is fresh and attractive. The prices
are always right. .
The Racket's Up.-
" Up-to-date" is the motto of the
The goods are up
Iu Quality.
Trade is coming up with a boom. Prices are not up, but that can't
be helped. Purchasing direct of manufacturers saves whole
sale jobbers profits, and, of course, customers nasi
have the benefit of this caving.
1 Your Small Boy
Good Quality and Iow Prices is Our Motto.
A Call will Convince.
..Ribbons and Laces..
Soloman in all his glory was not bedecked
with such delicate and pleasing RIBBONS, LACES,
Etc., as represents the Spring purchase of the Cash
Store. The newest shades and tints.
Next to the Postoffice.
Seed in the Q AZ El T E
It will bring a golden harvest.
' "'
The famous make that's guaranteed.
JThe goods are up
Ia Style.
Could do your marketing for you at our
store. Let him stop here on his way froxi
school and repeat your order. You may
be sure it will be hilled promptly and just
as right as if you came yourself.
A. HODES, Headquarters
Corvallis, Oregon.
X 2
For Planting