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    CORVALLIS, OREGON, Jan. i, 1S97.
A new lot just received
to sell at the popular prices
The winter is only halt over.
- . ft ft ft
There are still a few pair of
those Albany Woolen Mill blank
et. - ; . t -r- .
:- ft ft ft ;
A line of those celebrated kid
gloves. Foster hook are selling
at .75 cents.
Si Perkins is oininjr. "v '
EugeneSimpson -paid Salem
flying business visit t his week.
Rst mf:i-i in lown tVr -L Awnia
at tlie Little Gem aumnfi g
The boarl of "re7rpnt 'J' ttie'O:
A. C. niseis next .VYedne-dav. ,
Misx Otlie Thompson is home
from I'orilaivl on a brief visit. ..
". V . .' .V,V
J. M. iiiniero':i' returned y ester
diy lroiuliortlanil, haying, been
abs-nt on business.
Mr. Sol" SlwJr,-one ,of Salem's
jeiiuuii; uiismess men. is 111 vor
valiis. The G.azkttk office had neigh
bors this week. Several men oc
cupied tlie city jail.
Pror. J.B. Horner was elected
secretary' of the State Teachers'
Institute held in Salem this week.
Judge. Hufford, w ho has been
attending circuit court in Dallas
tin's weefe, returned yesterday.'
Mrs. ft.. While, of Portland, is
visiting the family of Judge Hol
gate. Art hur Holgate returned to
Portland Tuesday. His wife will
remain for several weeks.
J. A.hncli, editor ot (he Al
bany Imprint, was in town Wed
nesday afternoon.
F. P. Slieasgreen is confined to
his home this week wil h a severe
cold and. is threatened ith pneu
monia. " " -
"George" seems to be the popu
lar hstroe in Corvallis. Monday
night, out of 17 men gathered at
Zeis' 7 were named. George.
- Rev. N. Sbuppi presiding? elder
01 tne -ij.vangeiicai aassociatioM,
preached an-'elotjttenfr ermonin
this cityTacuday night.
The 0. R. & N. steamer Ruth
arrivrd Jast night and ' will make
regular trips to Portland, leaving
Monday's, Wednesdays and Fridays
at 7 ft. m.-.
W S. "Gillespie is now employ
ed in the big stare of S. L. Kline,
taking the place of J. F.. Buchan-
farm. - ; v
Hon. vi P. Keady and son Will
came upj: from Portland Tuesday.
The forrjier returned next day,"but
the young man remained for a
few days visit among friends. . . .
A. W. Giesy, special agent of
the Norwich Union Insurance Co.,
was 111 Ourvalus Monday. Mr.
Giesy is a former O. A. C. student
and is one of the mosf popular
insurance men in the northwest..
The Weber Comedy came over
from Albany yesterday, in : its
special car. Miss Mattie Kisor is
one of the leading ladies. If the
opera house can be engaged ' the
company will play tonight
The infant child of Mr. and
Mrs. Ed. Horning died Tuesday
night after an illness of several
weeks. The funeral occurred
4 TIT All tt.l
tal of. the little one was laid to
rest in Crystal Lake cemetery. -
Judge Bry8on left for Portland
Wednesday, where he.will' under
go a difficult surgical operation.
His many friends m thi city will
hope for. his speedy i recovery.
Mrs. Brvson and Iiock accorriDl-
nied him.
Jesse Sp3iK5e starts Jt$6 ' the
New Year vrUh a firrn grasp on
Time's forelock. .- From today on,
he will shave for 10 cents, cut hair
for 15 cents aud charge only 15
cents for baths. A regular New
Year's present, to the public.
Dick Kiger .tendered vBrady
Burnett a supper last night at
Hodes & Hall's parlqrs. . Fifteen
guests discussed the elaborate
menu and toasted the genial host
and the guest of- honor, "who
shortly leaves for Stanford Uni
versity. .
- . $ ' - .
1 lie city nail was not built as a
play - ground for boys. Several
acts of vandalism have been com
mitted about the premises and the
officers are going to enforce the
rules regarding trespassers. The
boys will save trouble by finding
other loafing places.
Prof. Pratt, Supt. Denman, Miss
Denman and several other teach
ers of the public schools, took
Tuesday's boat for Salem, where
the state teachers' institute is held
this week. Prof. Berchtold - read
a valuable paper on "Music in the
Schools." ; v
'-'Happy New Year" saysOon
Gerhard. - - Tli-eople-' h'e ;pur-.
chases from, however, won't - take
their pay in greetings." Mr. Ger
hard must, therefore,, insist ;that
those' indebted to him pay up im
mediately. Oregonian and Exam'
iner Mibscribers, especially, are
"urged to liquidate: J . c :'.
Oh, Spencer, Barber Spencer, to
whom thy patrons pray: My foot
ball hair, my . tvo-days beard,
lake thou in charge this day. And
when thy razor is flashed on high,
by skillful hand, 'neath 'watchful
eye, let me remark, between .each
flash, I want to spare that pink
mustache.. , K- ,
Eugene Simpson has sold oat
his interest in the Corvallis Com
mission Company to Mr. Wnu
Parker, who will hereafter have
full charge of the business. It is
understood I l;it Mr. Simpson cou
templates ensraging in another line
of business, which is the reason for
i llir Hi.fttU'. ' .
Ihe 1i'ln's' Uollee UI110 parly
la t nisrhl. was a great success, as
:iiiy:ht have beeii - expected. The
handsome hall was beautifully
de-oi;ited aiid liriliiantly lighted.
A delightful ami delighted com
pany enjoyed themselves as guests
"f:U'Sj-rr.!.,arm,nS. entertainers.
Lutich fs:: served. fZJk
' i Stenson; of Salem; Graiid
K. of R. ai;d S. of the K. of P.
grand lodge, 'paid Corvallis a fra
ternal visit Monday night. After
theadjournmetrt of Uie..iopgethe
members and a few invited guests
repaired to the Little Gem Restau
rant, where Mr. Stenson ; was ten
dered a banquet.
The regular meeting of tho Cor
vallis Sunday School Union will
be held in the Episcopal church,
Sunday,' January 3rd, 1897,
:tt 3 o'clock p. m. General subject
for discussion, "How to Conduct
Teachers' Meetings," paper by C.
D. Thompson.. , AH who are inter
esled in advancing the Sunday
School work of the . city ar,e cordi
ally invited to be present. .
' v ". : - '
A young man with one leg calf--
ed .at this office the other day and
presented a card stating that he
was deaf and dumb and in need
of a little cash. : He was shown
the door and when he reached it,
he turned arbiind to damn the of
fice in vigorous English. The
fighting editor thought it useless to
pursue him, for it is probable' his
absent leg could come into evi
dence as readily as his speech.
vTbL CoryaUis cream.ery jypJe.ct
is no longer ;a -visionary scneme,
but has now "taketFdelinite shape
and work on -the plant promises
to begin at an early, date. : Some-
thing over $3,500, of stock has
been subscribed and this sum is
considered, sufficient to, buildv and
eqn -fit?cl.iiss-ireaTnery plant
aiid4eave . a small -surplus wjth
which to operate upon. -' The fi
nal success of the project is large
ly due to the eflorts of .'Wnu Hart-
less,, who had much to do with so-
ICllUlg Uie bl.BCN. V.
JJr; a. a. Ireruot and flliss Ocie
Avery were married yeserday
liooh V'ht the 'l-eSdeifce k of the
bride's mother and left immedi
ately on the. Oregon. Central &
Eastern for Yaquina, where they
take, the steamer , Homer for San
Francisco.: The wedding was a
very quiet affair, only the immediate-
friends -of the contract
ing parties being presents ..Mr.,
and Mrs. Pernot are popular
young people ana a host of
friends and well-wishers will join
the Gazkttk in extending 'congrat
ulations. " Ji
..The state board of equalization
the equalization adjunct is per
haps a misnomer has ' met, con
sidered and finished their rough
cobbling, and now that the . work
is done, the taxpayer feels himself
to find when he is struck. The
spinal cord has been literally
twisted out of Multnomah county
and her people equalized approxi
mately $6,000,000. Marion has
been hit hard to the extent of a
30 per cent, raise on her personal
assets. Baker gets a. .10 per cent,
dose of board medicine on the up
grade, while Umatilla gets - a 10
per cent. ' scar on her proud i es-
cutchson from the same source.
Clatsop, Union and Yamhill are
each touched mildly on . a ,5 per
cent- upward cut. it is an anoma
lous condition ofithins,;when: the.
board's" equity can only r5omp;re
hend addition; equity once grasped
A yeiy valuable dog, the prop
erty of Dick Kiger, met death in
an unusual manner on last Mon
day morning. The death of this
dog is conclusive of the fact that
a county official is not a safe per
son to handle a gun. Recorder
Gellatly . went hunting laat Mon
day. morning and reached the Ki
ger place four miles north of Cor
vallis and was. accorded the privi
lege of shooting ducks on that
place, which, however, did not
include the right to kill a blooded
dog with a record 1000 miles long.
The recorder strnck a slough and
waited patiently for a duck, winch
in due time came and alighted in
the water within shooting distance.
Both barrels were cocked lor the
work of death on the lone duck.
when the dog put in an appear
ance at his side and started for
the duck. Expecting to stop the I
dog, the recorder reached his gun
out, placing the muzzle on the
dog's head and death followed
Thus died a splendid dog at the
hands of a very indifferent hunter.
Dick is greatly broken up oyer it,
but realizes that it was an, awk
ward accident that called his dog
to the happy- hv,tjl!S-groAiBd.
" " A Costly Crowbait
"Horses are fast getting to be
like debts you can't give them
away nor lose them. : Mr. Gains,
who Jives two. miles west pf. Cor
valiis, . has freshly realized the
hoodoo that has been placed upon
the equine family. ; .'' v" - ;
A horse of his that has seen
better": days ; wandered into town
and was impounded by Chief ot
rolice Wells. Mr. Gaines was
notified, but tailed to redeem- the
animal. He considejed it extrava
gant to pay 25 cents for a horse
not worth a nickel.: He. wa will
ing that the city should assume- all
the responsibility of ownership.
But the city had aiour ace hand
stowed away, ' '
: Ve ueday the Chief aud-Mr
Gaines met, ami. after; -..a lively
discussion, iiitroiliicing .denjaiids
and refusals and emphatic words
found in the Bible," the chief
iiiKMtrttcil Mr. Gains with arrest.
Later - he swpre out a warrant
charging Mr. G. with violation of
mi ordinance against
li :
imals to run at large in the city
Mr. Gaines appeared before Judge
Porter, and pleading guil.ty, paid a
fine of $5. He refused, however,
to pay tlie pound charges, so the
chiefr paid the charges and Mr.
Games took tlie horse home.
A nice little question - arises as
to whether the 'law really could
operate against an outsider whose
Minimal strayed into the city, but
it isixloubtless cheaper to pay tne
nne uian to iignt ine iaw. a
Extinguishing Electrics;
Much . annoyance Has been
caused lately, both; 1o citizens and
the electric light' company, by the
deliberate breaking of lightfglobes
011 the streets. Friday evening
Johnson Porter caught two col lege
students shoot mg out the lights.
They wei?? under the influence of
liquor. , - '
The boys paid $10' apiece into
the city treasery as a consequence.
ami, the matter coming to. the ears
of the faculty, they were . given
the choice of being sent home in
disgrace or promising 19 hereafter
behave themselves ana to prose
cute the men who sold' them !Jiv
quor. " A. -
Ihey chose the latter alterna
tive. Ihey made a complaint
against Ben Woldt, who donated
$25 - toward reducing the citv.
Si Perkins" Wednesday Night
Manager Wilson will present to
his patrons . Wednesday; evening
the Si Pexkiiwnomedv-cmbHa-
tion, which, with its 'ha'seed"
street band and -parade, has been
seen 111 Corvallis before. . . The
manairemetrt represents that the
-Si IVrkins" oonibinahon will af
ford an amusins evening's, enter
tainment, during ivhich a .number
of specialties will be introduced.
The company is headed bv Sam
Burton and - Tillies Coleman,
wl(o are said to be excellent come
dians in their respective lines.':
The band.: and orchestra of the
Company is also featured -as an
attraction, and is under the leader
ship of Prof. Thomas Marshall,
who, with. 12 musicians -under
him, claims to have the strongest
musical combinations ever present
ed by a traveling company. Aside
from the regular , play,; ;Si Per
kins" is made up of a series of
songs, dances, sketches and catchy
music. - - ' ' ,
V : T - r " ' '
-"'-The Christmas Ball.
Corvallis lias completely dis
credited public balls. The Christ-.
mas 'masquerade emphasized this
truth. While, through the kind
ness of the baud boys, E. E. Wil
son and the two papers; the com
mittee is able to announce the"re-
ceipts equal to the expenditures,
the ball was a distinct failure.
An unforseen and unpreventa-
ble misfortune interfered with the
concert program and there was
not much to animaie those who
took part. The band numbers,
however, were very good. Mr.
Mason s solo received merited ap
plause and Mr." Wheeler's catchy
piano solo was good. -- - -
: .-. . ... . . J
By using Hall's Hair Renewer, gray,
faded, or discolored hair assumes the nat
ural color of youth, aud-grows luxuriant
and strong,-pleasing everybody. :
Why. suffer- with Cooslre. olds and La
Grippe when Lxntivo Bromo Quinine will
cure you in one 'day.' Does not'ptoducethe
ringing in the head like Sulphate'Qr .Quiiune,
rut up in tablets convenient for taking guar
anteed to euro, or money refunded. Price
Z5 emits. - ' ' ';
Letter List.
" Following is the list of letters remain
ing in the Corvallis postoffice, unclaimed
Jan. 1, 1896:
Mrs Minnie DeMoss Cochran, Fred
Hickok, Robt Howard, Miss Sylvia M
Honey, RW Linville, W W Little, Al
Lunnisn, A B B Lewis, Stella Tibbets, W
C Walkins. - " .-.-
Robt. Johkson, P. M.
An Opportunity.
- A good stock ranch containing ''320
acres, situated six miles west .of Philo
math, Benton county, . 0regon, can be
purchased cheap. For- - particulars' ad
dress '- ;;.' r - R. L. .Castkkc, ' .
'. Philomath, Or.'
Cheap for cash, a typewriter in
Al condition. - Apply at this of
lie. '- - - --: - " ,
. College students who desire
copies of Martin's "Human Body"
can find the book at Con Ger
hard's.. - ; ' : ! " " .' '.-.
-1'- trfry
AT Young Lady's Experiments
in Thought Photography, .
- - - New Year's Avowals. i '
Many a truth has beii utteTed in jest.
Frof. ' Jordan's paper qn "Thonght Pho
tography," while written as a;. "fake,"
has developed many experimenters in
that field, a Corvallis young lady has
been very successful in the new srt or
science, and has gathered from the think
ers of several acquaintances, the follow
ing "resolutions made . by them. . Her
name S withheld for the present, but she
handed in. her manuscript signed "CJare
Ettc'V ; ..' ' ,' V ,
Beach, Eph. I am willing to eke' eut
an existence oh board of a catamaran,
but I'll never again fix up arafile in ca
hoots with a Chinaman. . -
Burnett, Brady. I've a career that's
checkered, I'm resolved gainst further
faking, I'm going to break "the record -to
keep my heart from breaking.
Buchanan. Artiiur.5-1 promise ; to. be
1 ihii mm gnu w - --
learn my lessons quickly from my admir
ed ''professor."
Buruett, Bruce. I am a Sunday school
scholar and lay some claihi to pietV6ut
I am eoinir to surprise the widow, who
savs "Is that you Siety?" :
Clark. Oreni-'-MV days aeeit- sliglU re
forming; myjfaiHngscry not jbacL jThis
mw til v brain is warming: 1 11 loin tne
straight-haired crowd.
Crawford, Ed. I will not be fearful.
tho,', perhaps", -Jtnighti pattf'some to see
alady tearful S peepiug o'er the transom.
frbenfliarijGeOi--I ' don't want to pose
as a fast voune man. that's understood of
course, and so the horizon I'll scan fof a
purchaser for my horse.
Edgar, Will. I know what's what and
I'll eet hot at the man who 'bout me
rhvtnes. He'd better not say that rve
c -
eot a lien upon the Times.
Fulton. Tohn. A woman's heart fcan't
quite , size it, however, highly Uiougli
prize, it, I want one; who'll advertize it I
And in the Lab I'll analyze it,
Foster, J. W. This my resolution
Whatever fate befall, while some nay
strive for Eteat Unngs, I'Jl be satisnea
wun amati
... ... - .
Fischer, Ernest I have no vow I wish
to make, for promises are but to break;
mankind doth seem so fiekle. -Still ; this.
lone one I make and mean: I will not
olaV a slot machine, -unless I have' a
Gerhard, Con. Some may .'desire to
move about, the universe to scan, but I'm
going to pose lor anotner year as tne
stationery man.
Holgate, H. L. I have a little scheme
on foot well, yes, 'tis on the sly, sir. I
have resol ved to get ajob as" biiijiness
JHodes, Cart I'll encouwge uie society
Fenian, I'll giveeyerir jneinber a dirk,
11 settle the question ArineiiistB.-aad
gobble every Turk. I'll admire every
suit,. Combination, that in glowing stripes
doth' appear. I'll hot be caught iil oae
more celebration, and I promise to learn
to drink beer. ;
J : Harrison, "Peggy." I'ptonnse, ;'pon
my soul I do, to keep myself away from
Terrell and his old hoodoo, upon his next
birthday. ,; V ': - ., -. ' "
"v'kalL GiflyJ t'll qvA all sport. Yts,
truly quit. No shot gun Til be wanting.
The Chins birds may fearless flit, and
past is my coon hunting. . :
Hodes, Clem. Kind providence I'll not
provoke; fate shall go undefied. You'll
see me in a drathis year, when I take
a buggy ride.
Irvine, Geo. I've set my mind upon
it and I've sworn it forcibly; Durham
may run the, office, but he can't run. me.
Johnson, Bob. I promise to stay as
long as I may, in the office where I be.
I would ever fain hear the questioning
refrain of, "Is there some mail for me."
Johnson, B. W. Rocked in -the cradle
of the deep, I've sang my solo fame to
sleep Tho' oft the footlights flash to
cheer, there nevermore will I appear.
Kiger, Dick. The old man boxes his
peaches. They can be opened with a
hatchet. Now when I get a box this year,
I promise not to scratch it.
Kelsay, Lyman. I got riley at Raley.
bucked hard at Bnrkhardt. I've re.
solved, though, now daily to buck in and
work hard.
Kriebel, M. H. I have a plan which
every man will think the proper caper.
I'll fix the scheme, you rig the beam,
we'll hang the poet of this paper.
Kerr, Ged.-1'11 not again grow angry
nor swear about the slur, to hear the doc
tor telling, "We'll, r boys, I've cured a
cur." . '. 'V ... ....
JCerr, Bill. Oh, my pleasure to advance
I'll take in each' country dance, all the
year. - When the girls .toward me flit
with a smile,' then I'll run hit. " "Let's
have sheer.... , ;. ,' ...
Lester1, "Bowen. Misttetoeand Christ
inas holly tell single men of single folly.
This year I'll hunt me up a wife, or do
without thro' all my life. .
' McLagan, O. C I'm bouna and re-T
solved, 'tis a worthy design, to give up
my search for that evasive mine; ' .- .
t. Mason, Wayman. Pretty little Albany
four eyes, with goodness rather bent,
will not "my . economy despise, for this
year I'll pay the rent
Oberer, F. J. Wills may claim the at
tention of Vanderbilt and -other men of
millions, but - Freddie is resolved this
year to devote his. time to Williams. .
' Owens,Xarry. I promise that in .'97,
(and my Honor is at stake) from the be
ginning to the -end .thereof, I will no
promise break, and to insure my faithful
aess, I will no promise make.
Osburn. Tames. A way'' with all fore
swearing and with all weak " resolves
away, I'll pursue, without much fusttng,
the even tenor Sf my way. .- ' !'"
: Paul,-Geo. L. I'm not a man to cher
ish strife, yet I love a warrior, still. I
am resolved to please her ma, and re
duce the coal oil bill.
Reed, Geo. In the bright light of ex
perience, which of many faults corrects
us, I promise never again to speak of
Waxihatchie, Texas. ' :
Skipton, jamesvi It Is not profitable to
hate, nor sensible to love, I'll be satisfied
with my estate, but I war 'em not to
.Smith, Dick. -She asked me to.J've
promised her, and it must go at that, toT
day I begin A steady course of Hanas
anti-fat , i i ? v.-'- -
. Smith, Joe. Spain must set brave Cuba
free, I've found a way to check her." I'll
sink her fleet beneath the sea, with t
Monroe double-decker. "
Smith, Luther. I've made this resolu
tion, to spare neither time nor pelf until
I. find a lady who'll just love me like
everything. . . "
isSunpson Eugene. I'll be a man of
peace this year, nor injure any one. I'll more, I'll drink no beer, I'll
throw away my gun. : . ? .: ..;., ;
Spangler, Mart I firmly swear I'll not
despair. 'Tis Life or d-eath to me. And
i have sworn to blow my horn, until I'm
pound or free. .
i&itipton,: ..will. with a star. on my
breast and a gleam in my eye I'll watch
the night hours as they go crawliug by.
All the jaggers.may lag, all the scrap
pers may scrap, but they'll throw .'their'
good coin into Ju lge Porter's lap.
. Schmidt, Paul. I'll fill me up on sour
kraut, and fill me up with beer, and
will stare at every fair that may come
wandering here. ,'
Schmidt, Billy. I'll -be a studious lad.
I will study every fad, that arises in this
world-resoected natioiK- I'll be a Sundav
hoy, i 'II endeavor tot enjoy the peace of
the army o salvation. ''
Terrell. Raloh. I have ' a ' resolution
made, anil it makes in y heart grow light
er, no more I'll itiakie all men afraid by
being her .papa's fighter. . ..
Turney, Frank. Their banners ..they
may flaunt in vain; their- base drum can't
entice me; ''They maV-sing their son;
in loudest strain; I have sufficient to suf
fice m:. " ' '
Tunniclilfe, Ast.7Tt-Peek-a-boO, I- don't
love you, let every body smile. It's un
derstood that' I'll, be good and throw
away my file.
Trehwith, Harry. I will gratify my
love of case, until my rest is all complet
ed. I need much rest, I'll rest my knees
and have iny chairs reseated. -. ;
Turney Ruthyn.T-I'jr rnstle hard for
items and chase Madam Rumor. The
festive local I'll ensnare and keep tab on
the bummer. ; .
Wilson. IB. Ej I - intend to be . quite
circumspect, vo matter what befall. And
I will endeavor to collect this year ' Law-
rents and. all. . i ,?. , ; .;-,.' ":
Warner, ' John. The green baize table
may Tempt tne, tne game a charm imparts,
but tell you the chap is a daisy who
can,eiitice me to play hearts. .
Weber, Geo. Well wander by the
Willamette and watch the waters hug the
shore. -'. We'll learn a lesson there, you
bet, that we will practice eut-of-door.
Zeis, Emil. It may "be 'an ..anomaly,
hut let my promise ring, although a true
American, I'll pay homage to a King.
Zeis, Theodore.' I Will not marry and
In v name wil still be Zeis. Iam to blame,
but all the same I cut some ice.
tTengjhvvHjch comes to us from-
eating nourishing. tooo-'Wjpetteir man
stiinulatioh,becaise!, it is new jstrcngth.
Ther health which '.belongs to .a strong
body;, well nourished by; proper, food
(properly digeste;!)-, is-.the only ;health
that'is lastin'g. -The difiFerence between
Shaker Digestive Cordial and other medi.
ctnes is simply that' it helps nature to
make strength' It does .not ; profess to
cure sickness, except as that sickness is a
result of weakness- caused hy food, not
properly digested . Shaker Digestive
Cordial will relieve the pangs of indiges
tion, and make thin sick, weak people
as well as if their stomachs had never
been out of order. It is a gentle' aid to
digestion of nature's strength-maker,
Ai druggists. Trial bottle. 'io cents..
"'' r- Wood. ':.
-. . ' "
Notice is hereby given that the County
Court will receive sealed bids up to 10
o'clock a. m., Wa.liiesday, Jan. 6th, 1897,
to furnish forty c-mls of old-growth body
Red Fir wood, four feet long, and sixty
cords of Grub Oik wood, four feet long,
to bs delivered at the court bouse in Cor
vallis, Oregon, bstween June 1st and Au
gust 1st, 1897. The Court reserves the
right to reject any and all bids.
Doted this aist day of Dec. 1897.
Virgil K. Waiters,
County Clerk,
For hoarseness, loss ol'TOlce, and all
affections of the vocal organs, the favor
ite remedjr with many clergymen, sing
ers, actors, auctioneers, and public speak
ers is AVer's cuerry reciorai. as a
anodyne-expectorant, its beneficial effects
are promptly realized.
Lnxati-d. JJrQinn Quinine Tablet! do not
Hir.-ct the bend or r-xlucu nervousness like
thit SulpliHti- of QuiniHe.' Mefsrs. Graham
& ' Wortbam are authorized to refund the
money "in every case where dt fails to cure
Coughf, Colds or La Grippe. Price 35 cents.
"Benton count warrants taken
aVparfor merchandise at Nolan
fJYchsnt re
Fcatherbone Corset C
Bole Kanulaeturers.
Wet 1 vminfiTiLHtiiiDh, .
m r
ti i in it miinnt. r-
4 Styles.' ) f money V-
Short '""V weeks
h 11 BOt
BUtllU-i --Sstlsfse-tertsls.vJ
" ren-sskK at .".
e4 K0m
1 Opera
E. E. WILSON, Manager.
Si Perkins !
.Quaintest of Quaint t Comedians,
SAM 3.
rjrex,y UIXIB. COLEMAN 5?
, Comedletraes
;. :- -.-; s...fl i
- A .J 1
Don't Jail to see the "Hude" Band parade at. 2
o'clock p. m.' Wilis 75c and $1.00 show for jjcandjoc.
A Place to
. Palitable Lunches, Decicious Coffee and
". Excellent Meals served at all hours by
.?t.wi'& wL'9rv-
' r.'. . .la la Tonr Opportanlty. , ,
On receipt oir teneents, cash or stamp,
M generous .sample,. will , tie: mailed of h
most popular Catarrh and Hay Fever Cure
(Ely's' Cream Baljn) sufficient to demon
strata the great merits of the remedy. .
, . 56 Warren St, Hew Terk City.
Rev. Johnlteld, Jr.. of Grent Falls, Mont.,
recommended Ely's Cream Balm to me. I
can emphasize his statement, 'It is a post
tire cure for catarrh if used au directed."
Kev. Francis W. Poole. Pastor Central Pres.
Church, Helena, Mont.
Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowledged
cure for catarrh and contains no mercury
nor any injurious daug. - Price, 50 cents.
Abstract (Joropany
Complete Set of Abstracts of
Beaton County. . .
Conveyancing and Perfecting
Titles a Specialty.. ,;.
Honey to Voaa oa Improves Citr and
; . Country . Pi cherry.
V. E. WATTERS, Prop.
Office at Cotirthe, Corvallis, Or.
Gorvalli3 Sold bure Institute,
That want to be cured of the Liquor
- Our ..rereviK.itlio people, the
pulpit and iln press, Instilute in
the Nash Mouse. ;r;-
Corvallis, Oregon.
At K. U, WlLt'S, VLB ANY, OR.
$6.C0 bntt h"i d Ma'iilu'.in with book.
$5.00 baya a good nw jLuitr with book.
$1.00 hnya 10 choice " .t j;nt" Banjo 1st
$1.00 hoys 12 choh. Veat-gutM Violin E
String - fi"- ; ,y , .. ;
$1.00 hsyt a Hue Violiu with bow., . -25
Cts boyaf dzouleel Violin. 1st or
2nd trini. ' - "
$25.00 bvys it 5 drawer sewing machine;
high arm, light running; yaaranteed
'. lire year. -
;. rPrice on ' riai-.o, Oronn, -.'Banjos,
at nt mi nupficttioo., v
Sdutlfit Americas
TRAM aaaptfa.
For InformathnAnd rreo Handbook write to
MUNK A CO., 361 EtoaDWAT, NW YobJC -(Mtlnt
bureau for seeming patent In America.
Ever patent taken out by us Is brought befere -to
public bj a notice gtrea tree ot charge la the
f fitutific tuefiCivU
Ir cfrmlatlon of any aclenttfleaaaerfntho
world. Bplendldlr illustrated. No lawMMnat
man should tie without It. Weeklr. JK3.ia
yenrj SI Jo six raontbs. Addtess. M Vilfir C CO'
FkuusaKKS, SSI llsoadwajr, Mow York CUT, -
1 Firesh Bread,
ijj5':- Candies and Nuts,
Pies and Cakes,
Tobacco and Cigars.
vvvv -f MnWM
... P
Office over First Vatiosai. Baxk,
Corvalllis, Oregon.
- Will practie in all the state and federal courts
Abstracting, collections Notary public. Cou
veyaneia. W. E. YATES. J. FRED TATE8.
. Does a general practice In all the courts. Also
ajent ,'or all the first-ctass insurance comriauies
W. H. McBrayer and Old Crow nis
kys, Fine Wines, Liquors and Cgars.
Restores ffct
neaitn, vigor ana
manhood and're-
mMtaa all nhfttM.
cle to -marriage.
Kestoees too
system and stops all
vital Inaood Ra.
moves'effects of the
sins of yoath' and ex
cesses or later years.
Removes all effects
of dissipation and re
pairs all waste places.
C u res Insomnia and
restores, refreshing
sleep. - Cures Im
potence and restore?
fulr vital power.
Cures ail wasting
ritenwwa and restores
development to allparts of the body.
. I.NLHVt-UrB .! '" .
scientifie treatment and affords relief from
' the first day's use. It removes the cause
and assists nature to effect a cure. Cures
guaranteed. Special discpnnttopbysician.s.
" Our new treatise on .Nervous Diseases,
i Manhood, its loss and Recovery, mailed
.' free in plain sealed wrapper for two 2 cent
stamps. Mention this paper.
Seas SOc for Trial Treatawat sad be Cosyioced.
For Infant and Children.
is es
HO tj rn s s
' AMD AK ' -
' ..FOIU..
oc full details, call oa or addresi ;
w; h. hurlburt,
Sen'l Pass. Agent, Fortlaod, OMfOn.
Yaquina Bay Route
CanneoNng at Taquin Bay with tb
Sah Francisco & Yaquina Bay
bteamship harallon
v(l rroKi Tnqnlua ercry lyi (or 8aa Fran-olii-o,
C-o h.irt Oi?ord, TrtnMtA and
IIumboMt B;. Pauciigvr co anmodattona
ugiiinaoe'i. Shor.tkt ro-.-ie between tae WU
Umiltallr ruA allfornla.
m a it m mm mm
fto' Vrwn AllM-r "r
. , . lau v rtii-lf
Wart to
Cabin SWr ......
Koilll.1 tl if, gn. d f ;r CO X 15.
To'. n. lii a f.-t O- ! fVb!n....
To Humo.'.1t But fnli ti .....
Steamer "Albnny" Vm-I wpi-m Portland and
Corvallis, thnnigh without ln.v-oviM-. Leaves
Cervnllis 6:00 a. ro. Tiidayii. Tluirfdays
and' Sundny.; lntvwi fortliinfl, Yamhill St.
viwn, i.'V n. 111. fiutiitii w if mnimnj n.
Fridavs.. .V V-
Edwis Stokk, ,J. CW-vvo, ; '
Mannger.' SurltBiVvjiiv. t,-'.
m .... , : : . -
EAST and tO U TH:
.:... : - . VIA ' " '
Southern - Pacific OomDany ,
in p v. I lv p.rtliiul Arrive I t:10 A. V.
12:10 A. M Iwe lln.v Arrive j 4:45 A. M.
11:1a A. M arrive s. r rauvM-o i.eave i i:ur. b.
Above trains slop nt East Portland, Ore-.,
gon City. AViHMlhtirn, Saloni, Turner, Ma
rion, JenVrsriL Albnny. Tanprcnt, Shedds,
Hnltv. H.irriiliurL'. Junction Citv. Eusrene.
Creswull, Collni- Grove, Ttrains, and 11 -stations
from Koscburjf to Ashland, inclusive. .
Kinirl ur- Mail Daily, f
S:S A. M. I U-ave
Arrive ! 4:40 P. M.
Arrive 1 12:55 P. I".
Leave 1 t:00A. T
1-2 :2S 1. M. I l.-ave
S:) P. M. ! Arrive
Pullman Buffet Sleepers:
- " AND
Attaelii-il tn all through trains. ' -Suli
in I'anseiiger Daily.
4:00 P. M. ! Lfav
0:15 Hi St. i Tive
Arrive 1 10:15 A. St.
L: ve 8KW A. M.
. Wort 3id Dirltlea.
Vail trail. Ezcapt Swtij.
7:30 A. M. 1 Uatve
li:14 P. M. , Anlve
Portland Arrive t:2n V. SI.
Corvallis Leave 15 I'. M.
At Albany and Corvallis connect with trains ot the
Oregon Pacific Hailruad.
Exprnt Train. Daily Iicept Sunday.
4:45 P. M. Leave Pertland Arrive 8:25 A. SI,
7:25 P. V I Anlve McMinnville . Leave ! 5:50 A. H.
To all points in the Eastern States, Canada
and Europe can be obtained, at lowest rates
from A. K. Milner, agent, Corvallis. - -
K.f ROGERS, Asst. G. F. & P Agent ;
B KOEHLERUanas-er. Portland, Oregon.
Disease ot women and children and (eaI0
tactlee. - '-
" Office over Allen A Wood ward's drag store. - -
rffloe noars- to 12 A. M., and 2 tot andT tS
At residence, corner of Srd and Harrison after '
hoars and on Sundays. . - . :
Office In Farra A Allen's brick, on the cornet
el Second and Adam. - . .
Besiaenoe on Third street In front ot cearf
house. -v . - . ;
Office boars S to 9 a. it., and 1 to 2and 1 to
t. if. All calls attended promptly.
Office npstatrs over First National Bank. - -Strictly
First-Class Work Guaranteed1
- Corvallis. Oregon