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    XO. 4.
for Infants nnd
' "Catori is no wen adapted to children that I Cartorla cores Colle, Constipation,
t recommend it as Buperior to any prescription I Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea, Eructation,
known to me." H. A. Axcheb, M. D., I eSio" Pr0m
JU So. Oxford St,, Brooklyn, N. Y. Without injurious medication.
????????? ?.W ? ?
g0We liave placed on our counter two hundred and fifty Men's
Suits, some of every size. 31 to 42. which we are determined to close
out immediately. This is "
: v ;N0 SHAM OFFER! '
Hr'Call and see the goods yourself, and
be convinced. ' "
B'' Bess EssaEsgn 3es saBrssss
The Regulator
-The Niagara Lumbering Company-
- . ..--"''
Desires to info"m the public that it has established an extensive lumber yard
in Corvallis, near the Oregon Pacific depot, and is prepared to furnish all
kinds of -
V 7
Including Shingles and Lathes, at reasouable prices. This lumber
Js the finest in Oregon, being sawed in the very heart of the Cascade
mountains. ; r
i ..-
;ff""For particulars call on or address, W. H. MILLHOLLEN, at
Corvallis, Benton county, Oregon. -
First-class Job Printing done at this office.
Ceotacb Company, 77 Murray Street,!. T.
IF "- '
,Km.'.,m. .u. J,..., ui..i.
of .ow IPriees.
!lVConntain -
Boats are not running very regular
on the river owing to the condition of
the locks at Oregon City. The Hoag
returned on Wednesday with the load
of grain she took from here several
days before being 240 tons. She
made - the trip from Salem ' in nine
At Harris station, on Tuesday, February
13, 1890, to the wife of Cha). Gray, a tsou .
The happy "dad" is a bridge carpenter
on the Oreuon Pacific railroad.
Iu Corvallis, ou Monday evening, Febru
ary 17th, 1890, at the resilience of J. O.
Yonng, Hermann Hnlf and Miss Minnie
Strneae, Rev. E. J Thompson officiating.
In Corvallis, on February lath, 1S99,
Jamie Jay Flett, aged 5 years and 8 months.
The deceased wis a grandson of Tlios.
Elin, of this eity.
On Sunday, Feb. 16, 1890, in Corvallis,
Frank Hays, son of Isaac Hays.dece.ised, at
the age of 18 years, of consumption.
The body of the deceased was taken to
Albanyand buriecljube-HtyeTfietery be
isiilethat ofTiifirfather. He was a brother
to Logan Hays, of the VV. .U. telegraph
office here.
In Corvallis, on Thursday morninsr, Feb
ruary 20, 1890, at 8 o'clock, Joseph W.
Spalding, aged 03 years, 1 month, and 2
days. -
The deceased started across the plains to
Oregon from Kentucky in ISoi and upon
arriving in this state came to Polk county,
settling near Independence. In 1876 he
moved to King's Valley, this county, and
engaged in farming until 1881 when he and
familynoved to Buena Vists. Last Octo
ber the family moved to Corvallis. : A wife
ami several childreu are left to mourn his
death, among whom is Arthur, a member
of the printing fraternity. The funeral
will be held to-day at Buena Vista and the
remains interred iu the ceuntery there.
Manufacturers of
Raw and Boiled-Linseed Oil,'
Oil Cake Meal and Ground Flaxseed.
25"The highest price paid for flax
seed. Seed furnished to farmers who
wilt contract to put in a crop.' 2:21m.
Lanb Office at Okeoon Citv, Or., " )
January 2Sth, 1890. $
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has tiled notice of his in
tention to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof wiil be made be
fore the County Judge, or in his absence,
before the County Cierk of Benton county,
at Co. vallis, Oregon, on Saturday, March
15: h, 1890. ' viz: Ed Spencer, homestead
entry, No. 5744, for the south east 1 of
Sec. 6, Tp. 13, S R 6 west. ' He .u:unes
the following witnesses to prove hi con
tiuuous residence upon, aud cultivation of
said land, viz:
G.-VV. Mason, F. Moore, A. Sim, and F.
M. Speucor, all of Philomath, Benton coun
ty, OregoD. . "
" . . . , . Register.
Land Office at Oregon City, Or. )
January 29th, 1890. t
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has hied notice of his inten
tion to make final p oof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made
before the County Clerk of Benton county
at. Corvallis, Oregon, ou Friday, March 21st,
1890, vie: Howard L. Binth, pre emptiou
D. & No. 6454 for the N. W. J of N. E. J
S. 4 of JN . K J in Sec. 14 Tp. 10 S. It. 7 VV .
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon, and
cultivation of, said laud, viz: J. Kibby,
D. Kibby. J. Hoffman and J. Price, all of
King's Valley Beuton conuty, Oregon.
Land Office at Oregon City, Oe.
' January 31st, 1890. i
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named settler has hied notice of his inten
tion to make final' proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the County Clerk of Benton county, at
Corvallis, Uregon, on friday. April 4, 1890,
viz: Jefferson J. iroxel. Preemption 1. S.
No. 5,463, for the N. W. i of Sec. 10, Tp.'
11, 8. R. 7. VV. He names the following
witnesses to prove his continuous residence
upon and cultivation of said land, viz:
VV. Groom, H. Herron, C. Warren, and
Jr. Duncan, allot summit, Benton county,
Oregon. - ' -
2:14 6t ' ... : Register.
F. M. JOHNSON, :. " .
jaTPoes a general practice in all the courts. Also
went for all the first-chute insurance companies. 2:S4
B," in the Journal at Salem, fur
nishes the following interesting article:
There appears to be a disposition
by parties who have recently passed up
and dqwn through the state since the
railroad has ' suspended operations, to
think they hve had wonderful" exper
iences, and the likes were never seen
before. Old Oregonians have seen
equal- experiences, and looked tipon
them as an every day occurrence. An
experience or exploit comes to the
writer's memory which he believes was
never in print. . Yreka thirty or thirty-
five years ago was a prosperous mining
town, and In 1857 a telegraph line was
first established there. A gentleman
from Oregon who disposed of consid
erable interests in Yreka for checks on
San Francisco was horrified one morn
ing, a few days after the transaction,
to read in the morning paper that the
bank, against which most his checks
were drawn, had failed and he was
left nearly bankrupt A thought
struck him and seeing that the Oregon
steamer' left San Francisco that morn
ing for Portland he resolved to beat it
there if possible.
He drew his checks, bought a horse
and began the race. The setting sun
found him on Rogue river, where he
changed horses and by morning he
emerged from the big canyon, where;
he again changed horses and again at
Rosebnrg at noon he "made another
trade. Night found him in the Ca!i
pooia mountains. He was frequently
detained in making his "horse-trades,"
but the thiid morning found him in
sight of Portland and he siw that the,
dreade l steamer had not an lved. He '
put up his horse Stephen's on the
east side of the river and crossed over
on the horse ferry. As the bank was
not yet opened he walked impatiently.
up and down the street, fearing every!
moment the cannon, which announced1
' .
the Steamers' arrival, would send forth
thegnews. A few minutes appeared as '
many hours. Finally the doors of the
bank swung open and he went in and
drew his coin. He again crossed the
river and was just lying down when
the vibrations of the cannon rattled current experience of neivous people who
his windows and announced the arrival have pc'sUtently used Hostettef's Stomach
of the - boat. Ten minutes afterward !Bittrra ie' that it .conquers entirely super
, , , , , , . i aeusitiveness of the nerves, as jvell as dis-
v '
had won the race."
; Ac their last meeting the Corvallis
Grange passed the following resolu
tions of condolence:
''Whereas, It has pleased a Divine
Providence to take from our midst
Ftedenck August Horning, aud
; Whereas, We have always tegarded
him as one of the best, of citizens a
cheerful worker, and honest friend; it is
Resolved, That we, the members of
Corvallis grange, assembled here to
day, do hereby testify our sorrow at
his death, and extend to his family our
heartfelt sympathy in this common
loss, assuring them that his kindliness
and helpfulness in the past will always
be a pleasant memory with us.
Reso'ved, That a cony of thsse res
olutions be given to the family and to
the press.
F. L. Washburn,
S. L. Shedd,
. . . - - L. F. Wilson,
Toledo was above high water in the
last flood and real estate still booming,
i Mr. and Mrs. Hale, from Spokane
Falts, came&o Toledo to get out of the
snow:-and cold- weather. They are
much pleasel with this part of th
country. .. ' ' . . v . - - .-
Mrs.. Nolton, an "aunt of Mrs. Gabe
Stately, has been veiy sick the past
week, but is now improving, ;
Mr. Lill, who had hjs leg broken by
a land slide near Yaquina, is getting
along nicely. - "
The ball masque at the Blake house,
on the 14th, was a grand success.
Suppsr fine. Forty-nine couples danc-I
ed until ; the weeL sma' hours. .- Who
Children Cry for;
says we haven't a fine growing town?
February 7, 1890.
VV. J. Higgius was in Corvallis this
week. -- - ' : ';. ; .-
Hon; E. B. McE'.roy was iu this
city on Tuesday. c
Mose L. Kline visited with his par
ents here a few days this week.
J. H. Henkle and wife and J. A.
Henkle, of Philomath, were in Cor
vallis this week.
Mr. Stites Jr., and Mr. Elderkin, of
Albany, were here from Friday until
Wednesday during the past week.
F. M. Wadsworth, of Toledo, this
county, has been appointed as a clerk
to the naw collector of Internal reve
nue, M. Weidler, Portland.
M. W. Wilkins was at Junction City
this week, having gone there to assist
bis brother in getting in to new quar
ters since his loss by firo on Saturday
morning last.
Joseph Wilson, of Minneapolis,
Minn., arrivedjn Corvallis on Friday
last, and is now visitingwith his brother
B. VV., the county clerk. He went to
Minnesota duiing the same year that
his brother came to Oregon.
Mrs. L.. L. Hurd started ori'Tties-
day for the home of her. parents in
Roseburg, to leniain a short time.
Just before the high water of this
month, her mother had the misfortune
to slip and fall breaking one of her
ankles, and, as all telegraph and mail
! communication was cut off for awhile,
the state of hei conditiou could not bd
The common lot is one of sorrow sny
at least the pessimists, they who look at
the worst side. Certainly what would
atliarurija 1 a I if 1 . r Vi I- nvif mien 1 -i ifan
, , . . . . .
shadowed by some ailment that overhangs
jt like a pall, obscuring perpetually the
radiance that else would lignt the path.
Such an ailment, and a very common one,
is nervousness, or in other words, weakuess
of the nervous system, a condition only ir
remediable where inefficient or improper
means are taken to relieve it. The con-
para ao railed whinh are invited anil
sustained by their chronic weakness. As
the nerves gain stamina from the' great
tonic the trouble disappears. Use the
Bitters for malaria, rheumatism, billions
uess and kidney troubles.
Mrs. N. L. Scott, the aged wife of a
farmer living near Wheatland, Polk
county, was foully murdered Sunday
morning last. Shewas fonnd lying on
the porch in her night clothes in the
last agonies of death, the blood flowing
from three ugly wounds from a shot
gun. Suspicion in the neighborhood
of Wheatland is said tp poini strongiy
to the husband or his son as the tnua
derer, as there had been trouble over
signing a deed a few days ago, and be
cause of the inability of the facts
found by the jury to beat the old gen
tleman out in his story of the shooting.
The Astorian tells the following
story: One of our most respected
citizens tells a startling story regard
ing his curious adventure while killing
tame fowls Wednesday morning. He
was preparing for an extensive dinner
and killed three fowls. The last one
instead of flopping around like an or
dinary hen and dying, when its head
was cut off, got up and walked about
ten feet, laid an, egg and gave up the
ghost. In the ' meantime, the man
says, the head cackled for nearly; a
minute before that, too, became quiet.
An Albany school ma'am had just
given her pnpils a deserved lecture on
ruining school books and was enlarging
on their cost' to their parents, when a
youngster - broke in: A j'You'il think
they cost something yourself when you
get married and have to buy them for
your children." ' - '-,' . ' ;k "
The total value of money, notes and
accounts in Oregon as assessed is $16,
553,725, ; while 5 the indebtedness is
Pitcher's Caotorfa.
- LongfeluwV DAy On Thurs
day evening, February. 27th, an
entertainment will be given in the
Corva'lis colloge chapel; in honor
of "Longfellow's day.'' 'The sev
eral literary societies of . this city
will furnish the programme. ' The
Chatauqna society will furnish a
"biography of Longfellow;" oration
by Deilictic society; recitation by
Adelphian society; a line portrait
of the poet, the-work , of one of
Corvallis' leading artists, will be a
feature of the evening.- Several
choice selections will be rendered.
To 3uild. The residence sit
uated on the southwest corner of
Seventh and Jackson. - streets,
owned by S. N. Wilkins, has beea
moved- to therear end of the"
lot, turned so as to front the west,
and will be fixed up to be, rented.
Newt will, as soon as the weather
permits, begin the erection of a
fine large residence on the corner
where the former building stood.
It" will be a splendid improvement"
to that portion ' of the city,' and
w ill be a thing of joy lor Newt, in
his declining years.
Being Surveyed. E. O. Eccle
son, formerly chief engineer of the
Oregon. Pacific company,, who is
now in the employ of the Southern
Pacific company, is now making a
survey of the proposed extension
6f the narrow gunge from Ooburg,
Linn count j', to Springfield, Lane.
He says the entire route will be
mad? standard guage and the ex
tension made this coming season.
At Sodaviixe. Riley Hard man,
formerly of Benton county, who
located at Sodaville, Linn county,
a few months ago, is makinf ar
rangements to erect a $5000 or
$0000 hotel at Sodaville, one hav
ing a capacity to meet the increas
ing demand of that summer. resort.
It is intended to, have it finished
in tune for the summer traffic.
New Quarters. In a short
time Wesley Todd will move his
tobacco and confectionery stand
into the vacant room north 'of
Case's barber shop. The building
where he is now -located is to be
moved out to make room for a
brick edifice, E. W. Fisher owning
the property.
At the last meetiuu; of the Vestry of the
Episcopal church, Corvallis, Or.,' the follow
ing report of the treasurer was received,
examined mid approved:
' 18S9 church building account .
To contract pries of church 1330 00
" FjXtras omer-.'d by vestry, foun
dations, colored el.iss, etc
To extras by private subscription
" furnishing church Benches,
stove, electric lights aud chancel
carpet ', '.
225 00
103 00
274 00
Total .
Expenses for veir, 1839 .
$1,933 00
T' f uel, lights, j-iiutor, etc '
rent of reailing room for service
"Rectory acct. moving-aud im
provements To insurance account
" Sunday school supplies'.
' foreign and domestic mission....
" Diocesan mission
"-Diocesan objects..
" missions by Sunday school
" Episcopal endowment fund of Or.
To Good Samaritan Hospital Sun
day achool $10, churched
I 34 00
14 00
102 00
63 75
14 25
35 00
15 00
19 00
15 00
146 00
15 00
$533 00.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castorla,
- When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she becam3Iiss, she clung to Castoria,
When she had Children, she cave them Castor' a.
. Notice is hereby given to the teachers of
Bsi:ton county that the first quarterly ex
amination for the current year wl he -held
iu the court bouse at Corvallis, beginning at
1 o'clock, February 26tli, at which time and
place applicants can pass an examination for
1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade county certificates,
far state diplomas,-and for state life di
plomas. .
-All persons desiring recommendations for
state certificates will please make applica
tion at said tim either by person or letter.
J. J. BRYAN, ,
-.It. ;''-. ' -feup't. Schools.