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NO. 44
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I'er Year (when not paid in advonce) 3 00
All notice and advertisements intended for pub
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Rates of advertising made known on application.
Of .the past week conaensed.
ion of the owners to begin the manufacture ! stock. When it has reached respectable fig-
of lumber on a large scale at once. .W cit
rous has been in the lumber business several
years, and was once well known in politi
cal life in California.
The directors of the Oregon Railway and
Navigation company last Friday ratified the
sale of $1, 500,000 5 per cent, consolidated
bonds. This is part of a new issue of $15,
500,000 in 5 per cent, boo Is, issue I at the
rateof $25,000 per mile on 700 miles of road.
The bonds sold to-day will be used tc take
up $1,200,000 in scrip certificates bearing 8
per cent interest one half of which mature
November 1 proximo, and the other half
ures it will sell ont, and allow the reins of
government to pass into the hands of some
Englishmen of means, who are anxious to
pass as railway magnates. The boom in
Canadian Pacific stock was started some
time ago and is now progressing satisfactori
ly. The recent Manitoba Canadian Pacific
deal was part of the programme laid out."
The report that the Canadian Pacific
has negotiated a loan . of $15,000,000 in
London and settled its indebte luess to the
Canadian government finds many believers
in Wall street and keeps the stock steady
Large prairie firei are reported as s eep
iug over the "panhandle" of Texas.
The funeral of Josh Billings took place at
Laiidsboro, Mass., his uative village.
Nails are in great demand in the eastern
markets, and prices have advanced mate
rially. Senator Sherman was serenaded at Wash
ington iu the eveuing, and addressed a large
crowd, recently,
. The official count, of Hamilton county,
Ohio, has been completed, and the papers
have been sent to the sec.etary of state.
Cleveland is credited with declaring that
he will pursue his preaeut policy rig.tiUiug
civil service reform, whatever may happen
in or out of his party.
It is officially announced by the officers ot
th Irish National league tuat Parneii
Attend the convention to be held Hi Chiiau
on January 20 aud 21, Istm.
Aasi taut Secretary Coon accepts his dis
missal by Manniug without a murmur. He
jays he is a republican, aud the administra
tion is democratic, and that settles it.
The father of Hugh M. Brooks or, as he
is better kuowu, W. H. Lennox Maxneli,
the alleged murderer' of I'leller, uasainveii
irom England. He had a talk with his Bon
and say ae is convinced of his innocence.
The St. Louis "Browns," champions of
the Au.c.roau association, and the Cliieagoo,
-champion of the National leayue, playe.i
tile decisive game of baseball at Cincinnati,
i.,r the en uupiouship of the world. Tile St.
Louis cluu won by a score of 13 to 4.
A grt crowd witnessed the single scull
race between Haulauand Teenier, near Al
bany. Betting was iu iavor of Haulau, but
Teenier won easily in 21:13. When the
.stake-tot..- was turned Teenier was three or
-four lengths ahead. Haulan's shell was
iouled by lue stake-boat, aud lie w us tippeti
into the water. He seemed to feel keeni
the Tesult of the race, aud thought he would
Jiave won if the accident had not happened.
Senator Sherman is now en route for Vir
' gima, where he is engaged to speak. He
.eys: ' "I shall not tell the people if Virgin
ia anything different than that declared by
me to the people of Ohio. I have been mis
represented in regard to my speeches iu
Ohio. I do not flaunt the bloody shirt.
The whole country is interested iu fair elec
tions and an honest count, aud I contend for
that all the time."
Business failures the last week were 177,
as compsired with 168 last week. Failures
.are still numerous iu the Pacific States auu
Canada, but iu other sections of the country
the number is below average.
Pacific Mail directors have declared a di
vidend of H per cent, for the current quar
ter. The statement of the company snows
jgross cannings for the quarter ending Au
gaat 31 of $1,232,487; operating expenses,
828,453: net earning, $404,034; o.tsh Octo
ber 20, $832,341; estimated cash November
1st, $909,480.
United States District Attorney Sanger
has brought two suits against Hon. George
B. Loring, lately United States commiss
ioner of agriculture. The first is for $10,000
against Dr. Loring, as princ.p., and Jonn
A. Loring and Thomas Sautulers ad sureties
upon a bond given to secure the fmihiul per
formauce of the duties of Commissioner oi
agriculture. The declaration alleges that
George B. Loring did not make a true ami
faithful quarterly account of ali moneys re
ceived by him, as required by- the bonds.
The second suit is against George ft. Loring
individually, and $,(0,0l0. 'The suits arc
brought to recover $40,000, which it is ai
ledged was misapplied tv Dr. Luring tc
purposes not provided by law. Ans.iers in
the cases have not been died.
It is learned that t he sale ; N
Pacific lands, mentioned in in New ..
dispatches recently comprises Si vera! to -, n
ships in Northwestern atinnesota, animat
ing in all to about 113,0 JO acres. Tin
amount realized by the company will depeun
upon the grading of timber lands, but is es
timated that $7 per acre will be netted, oi
a total of $791,000. The purchase money is
part cash, and the remainder, $500,000, is
in preferred stock. This will retire from
circulation forever, over 50,Oi Osliares of that
stock. The purchasers are a number of cap
italists, headed by Charles Watrous, form
erly of California. The sale is supposed to
have been brought about by Senator S ibin,
of Minnesota, who is a member of the pu--chasing
syndicate.. A jrreat body of the
land is heavily timbered. It is the intent-
at 42. Otficers of the road there cannot be
November 1, 188G, but all of which will be induced to affirm or deny the report, but it
paid off November 1 next. is thought by railroad men that such a loan
Wall street has just transacted the larg- j ha not already been accomplished, but it
est week's business on record. The sales of
stock amounted to 3,723,869 shares. This
unprecedented volume of business for the
brokers naturally enhances the value of
their privilege of executing orders on the
Exchaige, and $34,000 has been bid for the
right to become one of the exclusive 1,100.
The Inlying craze continued unchanged for
the first three days of the week, and every
thing, good bad and indifferent, went up.
A letter to the Globe-Democrat from E;
Piiso, Mexico, say s there is a good deal of
private talk among intelligent property own
ing Mexicans in Chihuahua in favor ot an
nexation to the United States of the north
ern tier of Mexican states. No open move
ment has yet been made, no has the press
toiuhod the subject, but the letter asserts
that there is a strong undercurrent among
the classes above named in favor of linking
their desiiuy to that of the great northern
A dispatch from Dennison, Texas, says an
attempt was made to lyiien Grimes, the col
ored man who was arrested, charged with
lasaultrng two littie t;irls. The jailer frigh
tened the masked vis'tors away by firing a
pistol several times. It is believed another
attempt will be mode. Both childreu claim
to identify Grimes.
Dr. Young, f the M line state board of
health, who visited the inspection st ttion at
Morse River last week, says a large number
of French C medians pa-sing through the
place are not vaccinated, unless this has re
cently been done, aud that many escape by
passing in the night. A night watch will be
employed to stop them. l)r. Thornton is
building, as speedily as possible, a fumiga
ting station, where clothing of immigrants
is to be disinfected.
Leading clearing house of the United
States report that total clearances for the
ivi-hU nrfinu Saturday. October 24, were
$1,111,617,399, an increase of 32 per cent,
compared with the corresponding week last
year. ,"
The reported murder of Conductor Sam
uel Dunbar of the Mexican Central railway
by Apaches, while prospecting iu the Abi
ual districts,. proves to have been unfound
ed. He was iu the vicinity of the hosiiles,
but evaded them. Many Apaches have
lately crossed into Mexico, and reports from
towns in Chihuahua shows that geat appre
hension exists that Indians will raid ranches
and mountain villages. One hundred miles
south of El Paso Apaches attacked a ranch
and killed two Americans. Four Indians
were killed in the encounter.
For some days there has been considera
ble commotion iu Baltim re, N. Y., because
of the alleged striking orf of names from the
lists of registered voters. The case came
mi' before .Indue Phelps last Monday, and
Judge Duffy and Fisher concurring, a rub
was made requiring restoration of all the
names struck off, unless the registers can
show that the persons whose uames have
been stricken Off are disqualified. The
namesare said to amount to several hundred.
Issue of standard silver dollars during th
week ending October 24 was 916,358, a
compared with 640,499 during the cone
spondiiig period 1 st year. Shipments el
fractional coin from October 1 to October 24
amounted to $782, 3J3'
An official statement of the Chicago board
of trade shows the amount of wheat, corn,
oats, rye add bar.ey in the United States
and Canada October 24. alid the amount oi
mere so or decrease over he pn needing wejk
as follows: Wheat. 49,686,224, an increase
of 656,291 : oats, 4,072,2:. a decrease of
333,139; rye, 595,088. a decrease of 81,873;
barley, 1,550,521, an increase or 395,468.
The Brooklyn E igle printed aa interview
with Conkling, in which he mercilessly
scored the republican parly, and denounced
the republican state ticket The publjea
tion produced an immense seanstii n The
Herald now says the interview ney
urred; that it is bogus from beginning to"
nd That it w is published to hurt- Davi h
port and help Hill. The Herald adds: Onr
vVashington dispatches contain Conkling '
uthority to pronounce this alleged inter
,iew a preposterous, wicked fabrication
A man who would prepare and utter a
rorgery," says Conkling, "is worse than one
ho turns rattlesnakes and mad dogs into
the streets to poison innocent people with
heir venom."
A St. Paul special says: A well informed
r alroad m m from Winnipeg said, concern
ing the Canadian Pacific : "It will not be
many days before there will be a radical
change in the management of the road. A
syndicate is now engaged-, in booming the
will be in a few days.
The ii-clined plane to connect the Vicksr
burg & Meridian and the Vicksburgy Shreve
port & Pacific divisons of the Queen & Ores
cent railway system, by transferring passen
gers and freight across the Mississippi river
without change of cars, is now complete 1
and ready for business. The last-named
division connects with the Texas Pacific
The statement o'f the Northern Pacific
, railroad for September shows gross earnings
j of $1,225,000; operating expenses aud taxes,
j $560,000, leaving net earnings of 665,000.
This is a decrease in gross earnings of 12,000
in operatiug expenses aud taxas of $107,000,
and an increase of net earning) of $95,000,
An Ottawa special announces that Chi
nese are pouring into the Canadian north -w
'st irom Seattle. The residents of Bran
don are threaueuing to drive them out.
The Servians are invading Bulgaria, ad
vancing by n ay of Klissara. They crossed
the fiontier at 9 o'clock Saturday night. A
force ot Bulgarians is advancing to m et
The reply of the Spanish government Uj
the protest of Great Britain against the re
cent outrage on the British consulate at Ha
vaua is considered evasive and unsatisfact
ory in official circles.
The Marquis of Lome while malting a
campaign speech near London, was assaulted
bv a mob. Lome's friends rushed to the
rescue, and a free fight followed, durin
which the Marquis took to his Heels, never
stopping until he reached London.
A dispatch from Loudon says: "The im
pel id postoliice authorities are now advertis
ing for tenders for conveyance of mails tiom
Coal Harbor, British Columbia, to the is
land of Kong Kong. " This is regarded as
an important recognition of the Canadian
A Paris special Rays: One of the must cel
ebrated beauties of the court of Napoleon
III has just fallen a victim to morphine,
Mine. Cordor (nee Lihitte). aud a sister of
the marquis de Gallifet. She had for sever
al years been addicted to the habit ot .tak
ing subcutaneous injections of morphine.
She was buried at ciaiut Gcrmaji.e
after enduring eight days of the most ex
cruciating torture of both mind and body,
ihe remains shortly after death issuineil ail
the transparent beauty and classic purity ot
outline for which she was so famed in her
youth, and which were io well known
through her pictures.
A Paris dispatch says: It caiinot be dis
guised that the marriage of an Orleans prin
cess to Prince Walidemar, of Denmark, not
withstanding the way iu which puolic curi
osity was avoided, has produced a great im
pression on Frenchmen. This princely con
gress in the modest dwelling ot the head ot
the old reigning house of France, this unos
tentatious uoinage by -monarchical Europe
to a representative of that house, shows
tiiat the c inie de Pans holds in his hands
the principle wmcu s part of the patrimony
oi r rauce, aud may at a given moment be
la- supreme The marriage is re
girded politically as the most important
since that oi the couquerer of Auotelillz
With the Arch Oucitess Marie Louise, in
Foreign residents at Man.ialay, the capi
ta ot ttarnlaii, ar . Oeing ooycotted by na
tives, i ne Burmese envoy, who arrived at
Rangoon, recently, and wno said he was ou
his way to Germany to sign a treaty with
that country, but whose real ooject it is
thought was to watch military preparations
t itaiijgHfiti how announces that lie must
return to Maiidalay , to trauniate to his gov
ernment the British ultimatum, as th re is
no native official there aoie to ;o so. The
Siamese tgoveruuietit uun eompleced tele
graph ilue from Bang .nit to ltuhung.
Tn. patriotic union hi issued a long
mai'tifesto, denouncing; the Irish national
cagitci ior-lKivhig to live years eioou.tei'cd
Irish Koran-life, coer::.-d individual nher.y.
extoi'ted hard earned money from tire pe.-pl .,
and permitted the perpetration oi outrages
I he union appeals to the people to net, t
their independence oi the league, mam
tain the integrity of tile empire
The manifesto calls up n electors to vote
against the tyrant." of Mr. Parneil mid the
cliques of petty traders, bankrup larmers
aud idle louuuers who form the Uague aud
intimidate the country.
The quantity of wheat in California avail
able for export to Europe this year is 302,
000 short tons. This includes 28,000 tons
from Oregon.
At the Bay district park at San Francisco
in a match tiot for $1000 a side, Arab de
feated Antee in three 'straight, heats; time,
2:18J, 2:20i, 2.T8j. Blaine beat Grover C
in a match for $500 in 2:28, 2,27i, 2-31.
An interesting boat race came off at As
toria. The contest was between fishing
boats, over a course of over twenty miles.
Bolt No. 9, H. Jones, captain, won easily,
dthough she started nine minutes after No.
1. .;
- B. J. Shay, who was shot by J. C. Brown
at San Francisco Friday evening, is reported
to be in a very serious condition. . It has
been ascertained that the third bullet enter
ed the abdominal cavity. The wounds are
causing the victim intense suffering.
The politicians re almost in hourly ex.
pectation that Cleveland will turn his atten
tion to the California offices and make ap
pointments and dismissals by wholesale.
Within the past day or two it has come to
be understood that the President would not
.elay the matter much jonger, since he was
anxious to have not only caniornia ranee?,
but the bulk of them all over the country,
rilled before the convening of Congress.
Great interest centers iu these appoint
Miss Martha Hood, who was so ' brutally
beaten on the head with a hammer, by her
brother-in-law, John Kernaghan, several
days since, died on the 24th. The news of
her death was immediately telegraphed to
the old City Hall anil a charge of murder
entered against Kernaghan. When he was
informed that his victim was dead aud that
tils cruel deed was consummated, his face
paled and he shrank back in his cell. It is
believed that he will be hung. He is pro
noun :ed by all to be a brutal, cold-blooded
One subject" to he investigated in the San
Francisco Custom House is the unlawful en
try of Chinese into the ' United States via
Victoria. It is a significant fact that the
great majority of Chinese who are. ref aseii
landing on fraudulent certificates go to Vic
toria. A number of witnesses will be ex
amined in regard to shipping Chinese over
the border and their shipment to San Fran
cisco on the coast vessels. It is stated that
the steward of one of the coa3t steamers
will testify that a number of Chinese are re
turning to California on the coast steamers
who have been previously seen departing
from here. After having been refused
landing on the fraudulent certificates) the
steward rertgnized'-the Ohitlese aud says he
furnished food to them on the passage up
and down.
until wiiti kmuui;
We will inaugurate on Saturday, October 31st, a Special Clothing
Sale of
Intending purchasers of warm garments are respectfully requested
to call and take a look through. The subjoined list' will give but a
remote idea of the bargains I have secured for this important sale:
10 Mens Heavy Cassimere suits at 6.50, worth IJ8.50.
10 Mens Oregon City suits at $12.50, worth $15.00.
lj Mens fine ldack dress suits at 15.00, worth $20.00.
20 pair assorted cassimere pants, big drive.
10 boys suits 12 to 16 years at $o.00, worth $7.03. i
20 heavy Josie suits 6 to 12 years at $3.50. See them.
10 Mens heavy overcoats at $6.00. Sold some last year at $8.50
24 Mens duck vests, blanket lined at 90c, worth Si .50.
30 Boys Cassimere vests at 50c, some worth 1.50.
24 pair Mens black rubber legging at 75c.
" 24 units red flannel underwear at $2.65 a suit.
12 Mens long black rubber coats at $1.75, worth
24 Mens heavy mixed undershirts at 40c.
24 doz 3 ply linen collars at $1.00 per doz.
A lot of boys and childrens overcoats at a Big Discount.
A lot of mens odd coats at nearly half price.
All of the above are a Special
'-Aiid will be kept apart from our regular stock for 30 days.
Each garment marked in Red Figures, from
which there will be no deviation
Gorvallis, Oregon.
The case of C. A. Buckley, the democratic
leader of San Francisco who is charg. d
with contempt of court for having, as al
iened, accepted 500 on a promise to . ad-.
vance the assessment cases of Connet and
Parker against the city of San Francisco,
came up for heariug last Monday before the
supreme court. ' Buckley filed an affidavit-
lenying all the charges.
The Chinese six companies of San Fran
cisco h ive issued a proclamation deserib ng
the treatment of Chinese in the United
States. The proclamation embraces tnt
troubles that took place in Eureka, Cal.,
.Seattle, aad Rock Springs, and estimites
the dam ige which the Chinese sustained.
Copies have been forwarded to the Chinese
ministers at Washington, who, it is sup
posed, will make a basis of a claim against
the United States government.
The case against Melius, United Sates dc -puty
marshal, charged with having at
tempted to bribe United States Custom In
spector Hawes of San Francisco to allow
Chinamen to come ashore, was dismissed
last Monday by United States Commissioner
d vices receive ! in San Francii-co state
that the English hop crop will b : 150,000
cwts. short of what it was estimated.
Indian owners of the reserve opposite
Victoria have commenced action acainst tne
Dominion government for appropriating a
portion of the r.-serve for immigrant pur
poses, A remarkable burglary occurred at Vic
t ria at this week. A night watchman,
passing Cluy's grocery store, found the door
ij.-ir. Pushing ifopen he was collared by a
burglar, who held a pistol to his head until
.he watchman backed out, when the burg
,.is ran off. Two shots fired in the rear
idled to stop them. Ou inspecting the
r anises it was found that the cracksmen
lis i been at work on the safe in the Saloon,
,n l s-ic.eeded in borina two holes into the
door, close to the combination lock. The
ivork was almost finished, and in another
halt hour or perhaps, less, they would have
affected an entrance, blowing out the lock,
p..,. tools with which they had worked,
braces, bits, hammers, etc., were left be
uind. and now in possession of the po
lice "Hnle-in-thfi-Day," grandson of the
famous Cifcppewa chief J that name, is in
Washington with Minnesota influence to se
cure from the preai let an appointment to
Eilih shippers are rtfusiu ' to assist cat
.. k ..i. lii-i. iT.. K...ft tho! '.Vest Point when a vacancy occurs. He is
men h ti'na nhw cuo, m w -
Cork Packet company. The cattlemen have young, t in a:, t s,,m,, ."
chartered a Danish steamer to convey their , possessing personal appearance, with but.
cattle to England. ""le to suggest tn.uau uioou ... .cmw.
A United States lish commission cir left
Washington last Monday with carp to sup
ply applicants iu Misnuri, Nebraska, Wy
oming, Idaho; Utah, t'olorado and Kansas -The
car will go via St. Louis and Omaha to
Ogden, and will return via Cheyenne, Den
ver and Kansas City to St. Louis. Another
car will leave there Wednesday night for
Portland, Or., and will supply en route all
applicants in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin,
Dakota, Montana, Washington territory
and Oregon.
The decrease in the postal revenues for
the past fiscal year is larger than- expected.
The law to reduce letter postage from 3 to
2 cents was eriacted anout two years ago.
For the last three-quarters of the fiscal year
ihe effect npon the revenua was considera
ble. This was attributed in a large meas
ure to the great increase in the number of 2
cent stamps that were used to inclose busi
ness circulars. It had been expected that
this iuc-ease would continue, so there
would not be a large reduction in the
ostal revenues, but this expectation has
has not been realized. The first complete
fiscal year under operation of the reduced
postage, law closed on the 30th of last June.
It was not a good business year, It had
been supposed that the deficiency would not
be more than $4,000,000. -On the contrary,
it will be about $7,OJJ,O03. These figures
are not to be taken as accurate, as the pres
ident's wish that the bureau reports shall
not be given to the public in advance of
his message makes it impossible to obtain
exact figures.
Tlie pa dication of proposed recommenda
tions by the president in regard to changes
in the administration of Indian affairs, has
caused quite a stir among officials in the In
dian office and it is likely that the old fight
between those who advocate turning over
the entire management of the Indians to the
war department and those who bedeve the
affairs of the red men shuu! I be wholly con
trolled by civilia ns, will be renewed with
great vigor. Gen. Nelson A. Miles, com
manding the departtnont of the Mi-sonri,
receoinmouds tiio turning over of Indian
territory to the military n mora Satisfacto
ry to the Indians, wh h is beeu crowded
into unhealthy campa; tint it will save $100,-
00 ) a year to the gjvem.-aent, and clear,
.ut tlie outlaws.
A fn -o Lt r Euifiue'er Melville called upon
the secretary of war last Tuesday, to ask
for -perafi-on in Sttiu; out another
Arctic expqdirtou at great expense. Secre
tary Endieotl i splied "Sc far as my obser
vation exLeo is, Arctic explorations "-principally
result iu breeding lectures on Arctic
subjects, flooding the country with Artie
literature, and furnishing curiosities for
dime museums. . Holding these opinions, I
cannot conscientiously aid Mr. Melville in
his desires. "
The postoffice department has rendered a
decision declaring that postal cards having
a special delivery stamp affixed, shall be im.
mediately delivered, the saira as letters
with the extra stamp on them. .
In the CircuitCourt of the state of Oregan for Ben
ton county:
J. w. ROSS. Plaintiff,
and '
To Jatob A. Kenoyer and 'Sarah E. Kcnoyer the
above named defendants; in the name of the state of
Oregon you are hereby summoned and required
appear and answer the complaint of plaintiff now on
file with the clerk of tlie above entitled court against
you in this suit on or before the first day of the next
regular term of said court it being the 16th day of
November, 1883, and you are hereby notified that ft
you fail to answer saiJ complaint as required herein
said plaintiff will apply to the court fes the relief
prayed for in said complaint to-wit: a decree against
you for the sum of ?400 dollars together with interest
thereon at the rut; of eight per cent, ner annum from
the day of November, 1878, and for the foreclos
ure of the merbiage mentioned in said cnmpUtnt and
to secure the paynwmi of said sum of 9400 and lutir
est as aforesaid, upon the following described prem
ises to-wit:
Beginning at a iionit in the center of Mary's rirar
due east of the northeast corner of Jackson Zink's
lanu claim, thence west to a leaning oak tree about
one foot thro-ign on the top of the hill abt ut one rod
cast of the gate on the line between GL W. Boss and
Jackson Zink, thence east of north to a point five rode
north of a lone flr tree, (the point mentioned here is
about due west from tlie road passing J. g. Felgar'a
dwelling house,) thence running east to the center of
Marvs river, thence south down along Mar; s river to
the place of beginning, containing 18 acres more or
less. Also lot No. 2 i-. Section 10, Township 12,
south of range (j west of the Willamette meridian and
containing 12 and 57-100 acres, all situated In Benton
county, Oregon, and for the costs and disbursements
of this suit and for such other and further relief as
may be quitable and just.
This summons is published by order of the Bon. &,
.S. Bean, Judge of wud court which bears date of Sep.
tember 30th. 1885.
227t Attorney for Plaintiff.
Is hereby given by the undermined Administrator
of the estate of Smiley Carter deceased, that he has?
filed his accounts for a final settlement of said treat
in the County Court of the State of Oregon for
Benton county, and that Monday the loth day of
.November 1885, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the fore
noon of said day is the time fixed by aaid conrt to,
examine the same and hear objections thereto.
Administrator of the estate of Smiley Carter 4,-.
Dated this 16th day of October 1885.
Land Office at Oregou City , Oregon
Sept. 14. 188&.
Notice is hereby given that the fejloe-lae-uuuej
settler has filed notice of hi intention to wake anal
proof in support ot bis claim, and that Slid lr
will be made before the County Clark, ot Befc,.
county, at Corvallis, Oregon, on Saturday. Oct. Slaly
1885, ric Henry Qerber, Homestead Entry Ku.
:VU2 for the a 1-2 of N- E. 1-4. jmlb.Wol N. W. M
otScc. 24, T. 11, S- R..BW.
He names the, following witnesses to prove his oon
tmuuus resilience, upon, and cultivation, el. sai land,
viz; Oliver WltJiam, Charles WUhwn, P. H. Jehnson
and ffm, liorgan, all ol CarvalU. Benton Count
22-88. iv UT, UAfUN, Register,
. I