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    Corvallis Meekly Gazette.
8& All communications to the Gazkttk, either on
(mstnos or for publication, to insure prompt atten
tion should be addressed to the GAZETTE I'UliHHH
A P. Churchill is the office manager of the Gazette
Publishing House, and local editor of this paper, and
all it alters entrusted to him will receive prompt
care-ind attention.
R. A. M.
Fa- ruson Chapter, No. 5, R. A. M.
dav evei ne on or precedhiar full moon.
meets Thurs
Take Notice.
Twolve nonpareil lines or less, or one inch of space
constitute a square.
All hills for advertising payable monthly. Foi all
rausiuut advertising ayinent must be made in ad
ance. Business locals, first insertion 10 cents per line.
So business locals inserted for less than 25 cent.
Marriage notices free D .-ath notices free if ac
ftm(anicd bv extended remark, 5 cents per line will
be charged. Resolutions of condolence, 5 cents per
line. Uard of thanks, 10 cents er line.
We shall b obliged lo any person who willjjfurnisli
s with any information of local interest.
No nticefcan be taken of anonvmous communica
elons. Whatever is intended for publication
must be authenticated by the name and address of
the writer not necessary for publication, but as a
guarantee of yrood faith.
By a decision e Post-office Department all er
sons receiving rtnr; p-innr i from the postorlico
even when ad s ed to them become responsible
orthesubsc" p.i price.
Alver:iiri- s, notices and communications in
ended lo: ;d paper, should be handed in as early as
WednesJa la truing, to insure their publication.
Subscribers not receiving their paper regularly will
corfera favor by giving notice of the same at this
Subscribers will bear in mini that the subscription
price is invariably -S3.UJ, when not paid in advance.
A Magnificent Success.
The Corvallis Water Co. have this week
put their new pump into place and have
begun working the same. It is so arranged
that usually the wter will be pumped into
the task from where it is carried iuto the
mains as formerly, but in case of lire the
water is shut off from the tank and pumped
directly into the mains. The first test of
the pump in filling the tank was made
M'ednesday morning when the tank, holding
15,000 gallons, was filled in thirty minutes.
In the evening the water was shut off from
the tank and the hose companies attached
their hose to the fire plugs, when a most
satisfactory test was had. As many as
three streams were playing at the same
time in different parts of town, all working
magnificently. The streams farthest away
from the pump 3eemeil to work as well as
those nearer. It is uuiTersally agreed that
this is a grand public improvement, and the
enterprising incorporators deserving of suc
cess. Another test will be given to-morrow,
Saturday, evening, for the inspection of the
city authorities.
Fine Wheat .
Sol King left at this office this week a few
stalks of wheat measuring 7 feet in height,
well headed and with every indication of a
very heavy yield. It is what is called the
Centennial wheat, and grew on his farm
near this city, where he has twenty acres of
the same kind, and as he says on the poor
est soil on the place. This wheat seven ! asking how to get rid of gnats.
Teet high is only a fair sample of the entire ' came in the next issue of the paper.
Ice cream at Bain's.
Fresh oysters, all styles, at Bain's.
Fresh candy and taffy daily at Bain's.
Yaquina oysters, fresh from the beds, at
Mr. Alex Samels was in Portland this
All goods at cost at Whitney's closing
out sale.
Nobby Hats at cost at Whitney's closirg
out sale.
Boys clothing' at cost at Whitneys closing
out sale.
A choice selection of new sheet music ft
Will Bros.
Men's furnishing goods at cost at Whit
ney's closing out sale.
Repairing of sewing machines, guns, etc.,
a specialty at Will Bros.
The Occidental has a neat now sign, by
Williams, the sign writer.
For pianos, organs, musical goods and in
struments call on Will Bros.
Men and boy's shoes and boots at cost
at Whitney's closing nut sale.
Corsets, Kid gloves and parasols, at cos-t
at Whitney's closing out sale.
The Garland stove still lead, call and ste
them at Woodcock & Baldwin's.
Mrs. Wheeler, of Portland, is visiting her
sister, Mrs. A. Samuels, in this city.
Subscriptions fur all leading newspapers,
received atregnhir prices by Will Bros.
N. F. Hooper, ye pedagogue of Kings
Valley, was in Corvallis last Saturday.
J. R. Campbell, Shiriff of Lane county,
war in Corvallis last Friday on business.
Joe Webber, of Portland, was in our city
the first of the week on insurance business.
A Good Spring Tooth Buckeye Broadcast
Seeder for sale cheap at Woodcock tz Bald
win's. Fisk Cauthorn, now a merchant at Wells,
greeted his many friend in Corvallis last
Will H. Parry, editor and publisher of
the Independence Wert Stle, spent Satur
day evening and Sunday in Corvallis.
Quite a number of Corvallis young people
attended the play at Albany last- Friday i
evening, returning home the same evening.
Messrs. A. P. and Otis Wolverton, at
tended the commencement exercises here
Wednesday. We acknowledge a pleasant
P. M. Zicrolf's new house is assuming
the appearance of a handsome residence,
ami when completed will be a credit to our
Mrs. M. A. Cannan. the obliging hostess
at the Occidental hotel, returned Saturday
evening from an eight weeks visit in the
eastern states.
Misses Anna and Myra Mansfield and Ida
Webber, and Messrs. Heushaw and Webber
of Albany, paid friends in our city a flying
visit Sunday afternoon-
The steamer City of Salem, lately dam
aged by striking on a sunken reef near Rock
Island, above Oregon City, has been raised
and is now at Portland undergoing repairs.
An Arizona man has stopped taking an
agricultural paper. He wrote to the editor
The answer
twenty acres, and is the product of thorough
cultivation without the aid of fertilizers.
Last season Mr. King harvested over 50
bushels to the acre from this same wheat.
He informs us that he sent a few stalks of
the same to New York where there were
other samples of the same variety of wheat
from all other parts of the globe, and that
his was by several inches taller and better
filled than any there. If more of Benton
county farmers would cultivate their soil
more thoroughly as Mr. King does, more
satisfactory crops would be reaped.
Dont Do It.
Bill Nye says: "Don't attempt to cheat
an editor out of a year's subscription to his
paper or any other sum. Cheat the minis
ter, cheat the doctor, cheat the lawyer,
cheat anybody and everybody, but if you
have any regard for future consequences,
don't fool with the printer. He will get
even with you and more too. You will be
up for office sometime, or want some public
favor for yourself or some of your friends,
and just when you think your luck is a
"thing of beauty and joy forever," the
printer will open up on you and knock your
air castles into a cocked hat at the first fire.
He'll subdue you, and then you'll cuss your
stupidity for a driveling idiot, go and hire
some man to knock you down and then
kick you tor falling:"
The Iowa Press Association.
By a letter from R. Koehler to the Mayor
of Corvallis, we learn that it is now definite
ly settled that the association will come up
the valley by the east side road to Albany,
on Saturday, June 20th, aud from there to
this p?a;e the same day, provided that the
citizens of Corvallis and Albany will fur
nish the necessary transportation, at their
own expense, for the visitors. The pro
gramme is to leave Albany at about 9 or
9:30, A. M. , and to leave Corvallis at one or
two o'clock in the afternoon by the West
Side- for Portland. The excursionist will
::umber from 125 to 200. A meeting of our
citizens is called at the court house this
evening to take measures to provide the
necessary transportation for the distinguish
"d visitors. Let there be a full attendance.
A prospecting party consisting of W.
Branwell, W. D. Churchill, Hugh Thorn
son aud 6. Ingram, of Linn and Lane court
Closing out Sale. ties, passed through Corvallis last Frida;
closing out sale at C. H. Whitney's returning from a ten days tour in the coas
; ... -acting many buyers who are attracted j range. They exhibited some splendid sp
by the very low prices actual cost for ; imens of miuerals, and are somewhat jubi
-oods. This is a genuine closing out sale laut over their prospects, and are leluctan
W. H. Cone, representing the old reliable
firm of Cunningham, Curtis & Welch, book
sellers and stationers of San Frrucisco, was
in Corvallis on business for the firm last
Rev. J. R. N. Bell, of the Roseburg He
i'iew, and Supt. K. B. McElroy were in Cor
vallis the first of the week attending com
mencement exercises of the State Agricul
tural College.
Oeo. Fish, Mac. Monteith, Henry Mcll
waiu, Misses May and Nellie Mcllwaiu aud
May Irvine, all i Albany, attended the
dramatic entertainment in this city on Tues
day evening.
Baggage mastei Merrill, of this place, in
attempting to get on hoard the moving train
near McMiunville last Saturday made a
misstep and the wheels passed over his foot,
mashing all the toes.
Pay your water bill, havo the dog li
censed, take measures to have your milk
can sealed, settle with every other person
yon owe then remember the printer, and
your rest will be perfect.
Restlessness at night; nervous twitching,
night mare, etc., give way t) peaceful
slumber, tird nature's sweet restorer, by
using Pfunder's Oregon Blood Purifier, the
Vegetable Sedative and Tonic.
Attention farmers; all who will need
Binding Wire for the McCormack or Marsh
wire binders for season of 18S5. are request
ed to give us their order by May 1st, as no
more wire is bought than is actually order
ed. Woodcock & Baldwin.
Mr. S. P. Pettengill, who has been
some months connected with the Oregoi
as an editorial writer, has purchased
Daily Standard of Portland and will
possession of the same on the 16th of
Henry Danlimger, " ad-man" on the
gontan, and woo nrst initiated ye lo.
into the mysteries of the "art preservati
came up from Portland last week aud
for the Bay Monday morning where he
spend a few weeks on his extensive fr;
farm near Toledo.
Geo. Neal, of Jacksonville, is visiting his
aunt, Mrs. Helm, in this city.
Isadore Jacobs went to the Bay yesterday
morning to be gone a few weeks.
Mother Goose Entertainment given by
young folks on Wednesday the 17th.
Supt. E. B. McElroy informs us that the
State Teachers' Institute for 1SS6 will be
held iu Corvallis.
There will be service on Sabbath morning
in the Presbyterian church. Preaching by
liv. E. R. Morgatroyd.
P. M. A1 bey, the obliging host of the
Bay View House at Newport, and M. L.
Trapp. are in the city this week.
Mrs. F. Cornutt, nee Lilly Canan, of Rid
dle, Douglas county, arrived in Corvallis
Tuesday evening for a visit with her par
ents. Henry Mahns, who has been in Portland
for several months receiving medical treat
ment, returned to Corvallis Tuesday, some
what improved in general health.
It has been reported that the rust has
made its appearance in grain fields in this
vicinity, but from the best information ob
tainable and a limited personal observation
the report is without foundation.
Eastern Oregon is greatly excited over a
big "find" seventy five miles from Union,
eighty miles from Baker City and sixty
miles from Huntington, on a tributary to
Pine creek. It is said to be exceeding''
Fred Lauchle has opened a new tailor
shop in our city, one door south of Rose
Bro.'s cigar factory, where you will find
him prepared to do all kinds of work in his
Une with neatness and dispatch.
The match game of base ball which was
to have been played here last Sunday be
tween the riarrisbnrg nine and the eclipse
nine of this city, has been indefinitely post
poned. Sickness among the members of the
Herrisburg nine prevented them from play
ing last Sunday.
Jack Hodges, living on Soap Creek, met
with a vefy painful and almost fatal acci
dent last Sunday. Iu working with a Jolt
attached to a dog cart, he was knocked
down, run over and rendered insensible for
several hours. At last accounts he was re
covering slowly.
The Portland News cries out against the
wearing of big hats to the theatres etc. We
call the jSTenw and go it one better. If ever
anything was aggravating, it is to get be
hind one of this ten-acre-lot coverings at a
meeting of any kind where one wishes to see
anything. But guess will have to stand it
till the fashion changes' Ex.
A Lebanon corresponont to the Albany
Bulletin says: The Lebanon boys carried off
the broom from the Corvallis picnic' win
ning both the hose and the hook and ladder
r -.cos. The hoys were well pleased with
their success, and also with their treatment
by the Corvallis boys of whom they speaK
in the highest praise. They were treated
From every attainable source the good re
port comes that the farmers are in high glee
over the prospects for large crops, and if
half of what is reported turns out to be true,
there will be a great change in times this
fall. All business men agree that the price
of wheat will he much better this fall than
last, judging from the past demand for
wheat, and the light crops reported from
every part of the globe.
The report current on our streets the first
of the week that the railroad was to be ex
tended from here to 3 unction City this sum
mer, probably grew out of the fact that
Supt. Brandt, came up from Portland by
special car last Friday evening to meet the
president and his party from the Union Pa
cific, v ho c-:ime up on the east side to Al
bany and from there here, and returned to
Portland with Supt. Brandt ill his special
car. The "extension" report is without
Government work on ti e jetty at the en
trance to Yaquina Bay was discontinue. 1 last
Saturday, so we are informed by Ala Harris.
The jetty now extends about one-half mile
from the beach, more, than one hundred feet
being added to its length during the last
mouth of work. It is in unfortunate cir
cumstance titat the appropriation should
have expired before the work was com
pleted, as much of the work no dons will
be to do over agrin.
The Polk County Stock Breeders' and
Agricultural Society filed articles of incor
poration in the office of the Secretary of
State. The trustees are J. W. Kirkland,
A. J. Goodman, R. Clow, Wm. Davidson,
L. Damon and J. S, Cooper. The object of
the incorporation shall be to encourage and
improve the breeding of fine stock and to
encourage and promote agricultural pursuits;
to maintain and hold markets, fairs, and
public exhibitions ol live stock, farm and
agricultural implements, and products of
science, literature and art. Principal office
at Independende, Polk county.
Closing Exercises of the Twentieth Session
of tne State Agricultural College.
The college chapel was filled to overflow
ing with friends of the college last Sunday
morning to hear the Baccalaureate sermon
by Rev. Lee, of Portland, whose remarks to
the graduating class were replete with sug
gestive thoughts and good advice. Monday
evening the members of the Adelphian Lit
erary Society, gave a free entertainment,
when thy following programme was carried
out: After music and the opening exercises,
Mr. W. R King read an essay ou the "In
fluence of Kind Words;" another essay by
B. F. Collins, on ".home;" recitation by
Miss Laura Korthauer, "Death bed of Bene
dict Arnold," iu which she displayed cul
ture aud elocutionary ability; a vocal selec
tion by Mrs. Lee and the annual address by
Hon. W. S. McFadden, subject, the "Ideal
Life," which was an able effort, delivered
in his usual happy style, and listened to
with marked attention.
Tuesday evening the same society gave a
dramatic entertainment at the city hall,
when was produced the drama "100 years
ago, or the Boys of '70 " The cast of char
acters was well selected and all did remark
ably well. The hall was filled to overflow
ing with rin expectant audience, who went
away well pleased with the performance.
Wednesday forenoon the exercises were
opened with prayer by Rev. T. B. White.
Oration by Alouze Allen, of Corvallis, sub
ject "Self Formation;" oration by A. S.
Buchanan, of Corvallis, subject, "Advanta
ges of Self Reliance;" essay by Miss Heunie
Harris, of Corvallis, subject, "Chips;" ora
tion by J. E. Whitney, of Butteville, sub
ject, "Agriculture;" oration by Fred J.
Yates, of Corviilis, subject, "What is Be
fore us?" Degrees were then conferred as
follows: Alonzo Allen, B. A.; A. S. Bu
chanan, B. S. ; Miss Hcnnie Harris, B. S. ;
J. E. Whitney, B. S. ; and Fred Yates A. B.
Mrs. Virgil Davis then presented the prize
of the State Grange to Mr. J. E. Whitney
as the best Agricultural student. The Bac
calaureate address was then delivered by
Rev. Thomas of Salem, and was one of un
usual excellence. Each of the graduating
class in their seveial subjects showed care
ful thought, reflecting much credit on their
application and tutoraee. .
In the evening at the Alumni reunion the
class of 1883 were preeentAlby Prof. Emery
and welcomed by Pies. N. A. Thompson,
which was prettily responded to by Miss
Heunie Harris of the eb'ss of '85. Miss
Ida Burnett's essay, "Day Dreams," was
highly complimented. Mrs. B. L. Arnold
read the annals, replete with local hits and
just encomiums. Miss Alice Horning read
an essay, subject, "A Name," in which she
said, "what is glory';" It might he auswtr
ed, "publishing a country newspaper." The
oration of Prof. W. E. Yates, of M n.nouth
college, on "Oregon Homes" was up to his
usual standard of oratory. The exercises
were interspersed with beautiful solos and
duetts by Mrs. Chas Lee, Miss Clara Hiteh
ings, Miss Jessie Taylor aud Mrs. B. L.
After the exercises wero concluded, mem
bers of the Alumni association and a few of
their invited friends, repaired t Pittman's
hall, and in a few minutes were summoned
to the Hemphill House, where a bountiful
repast was sp-ead, and to which all did
ampre justice. Returning to the hall an
hour was spent in social intercourse, with
vocal and instrumental music. A very
pleasant re-union was had and highly en
joyed by all present.
Thus, the State Agricultural college closes
another successful session, and has added
five new names to the list of members of the
Associate Alumni, who will no doubt ever
be an honor to the position they have thus
Iowa Press Association.
As the time draws near for this galaxy of
intellectual stars to visit our state, the pub
lic pulse is on the tiptoe of expectation
People in all sections of the state throng'
which these distinguished visitors intend i
go are making elaborate preparations to ,.
ceive them in a becoming manner. Ti
tour of the Knights of Uie Q ill throng
Oregon marks a signilscart era iu he crou
ress. It will be the best advt-rtiseuit-ot o
Oregon ever written up. U. n ih; lyux
eyed representatives ef the Bawkeye .-.tut.
come among us, and so- wi.ii their n-ke;
f eyes her broad expanse, her saiuin-ious
mate and fertile soil, her nigged :itomiiai;i
; bold and majestic as the sable plume on th
j warrior's gilded helmet, her wi letting vai
leys, beautiful as the blush of spring oi
summer's sigh, her charming lakes, clear a.
the azure depths of heaven, her noble rivers,
pure as the crystal frosts that skimmer on
the brow of morn, her purling streams, rip
pling as the laugh of youth and song, hei
vernal forests, where sombre shades are
grand as the twilight shadows that kiss the
western sky, her copse-wood groves, beau
tiful as the memory of Arcadian vales, her
landscape flowers, brighter than the fantasy
of lovers' dream , her scenic grandeur, more
lovely than the carmine tint on beauty's
lip when they have seen all this aye.
more they will grasp their pencils and
"Oregon! oh, Oregon! Land of the sun
set sun! Land ou the western shore of the
golden slope! Home on the verge of Pacif
ic's throbbing waves! Grand in outline,
majestic iu expanse, magnificent in scenic
grandeur, startling iu bold sublimity, weird
iu wilderness landscape, beautiful iu pictur
esque, lovelv in conception, bewitching in
vernal beauty, enchanting in ideal, and only
wanting in development to till the full re
quirements of a noble, progressive state."
The inspiration of their pens will tele
graph the electric news of Oregon and her
latent greatness to all the world. A hun
dred pens, each endowed with the lire of
genius, will write of that country "where
rolls the Columbia and hears no soaud save
its own dashings." Ore. ou aud its resour
ces, through the agency of literary
men, will be spread out like a map, and the
benefits we shall reap, thereby, are beyond
ail reasonable computation. Bulletin.
Municipal Trouble at Phiioraatli.
The city authorities of Philomath are hav
ing some trouble of late, so says our in
formant. It appears that at their meeting
last Monday evening the council ordered
the Recorder to draw a warrant on the
treasurer for the building of a bridge on
Main street, between the livery stable and
the post oifice, which had been let by con -tract,
and completed iu a workmanlike
manner and as cheaply as it could be done
I for. This flip recorder reTllse.rl to do. claim
ing that the contract had been let iliega'ly.
His resignation was requested by the coun
cil, which was presented and accepted, aud
another recorder appointed pro tern. The
end is not yet, so our informant states.
Koyal Arch Masons.
The grand chapter of Royal Arch Masons
for this state met iu Portland last Monday
in annual session. Corvallis Lodge was
represented by Messrs. H. E. Harris, Wal
lace Baldwin, M. S. Woodcock, W. C.
Crawford, j. M. Osbnrn and J. O. Wilson.
The following officers were elected Monday
Grand high priest, J. K. Weatherford of
Alb my.
Deputy high priest, Wallace Baldwin of
Grand scribe, R. F. Gibson of The Dalles.
Grand king, Seth L. Pope of Portland.
Grand lecturer, R. Clow of Polk county.
Grand secretary, R. P. Eiriiart, Salem.
Grant! treasurer, Chris. Taylor, Dayton.
Grand cape, of hosts, Ceo. Humphrey, ol
Principal sojourner, E. Honlt, Harrisburg.
Grand R. A. capt. il. E. Harris, Corvallis
Master third vail, F. W. Osbon:, Eugene.
Master second vail, Jay Tuttle, Astoria.
Master 1st vail, D. L Moomaw, Baker.
Sentinel, U. Wilson. Portland.
On Tuesday the 9th mat., the following
officers of the Grand Lidge were electei
for the ensuing Masonic year: Thus. G.
Reams, Grand Master; J. C. Fullerton, De -uty
Grand Master; A. Nasburg, Grand
Senior Warden. The further election of
omcers was postponed until another day.
Philomath Isms.
Philomath, June 10, IS85.
For the past two years I have discovered
that some kind of a worm or insect has
been working on the leaves of the fruit
trees, especially the cherry, eating up the
leaves as they turn yellow, and drop off.
By making a close examination, looking
I through a magiiitying glass, tney are discov
Newpopt, June 8, 1885,
li. GazCttr:
Tlve reason you have not heard from me
.eiy is tii t." there has been nothing of in -ertat
since mv iat.. I note quite a number
improvements, but just now the good
eopic on roe il iy nre complaining bitterly,
i uccouot .ofno ti-aius. Everything is fear
il.y dull m i money is an article that in
t dealt in. If :he company would only
w.r; the train, f -r which everyone seems
b. ,'.-i:ti..4. then u doubt hundreds of
ileasnre seeKers would oome over for a few
.veeks of rest and recreation. As it is, very
few care to drive over sixty ruffes of rough
road. In fact since the railroad has lieen
uilt, the roads are in a very bad condition.
In a few days, work on the government
works will cease, the appropriation having
oeen expended, and then another source of
revenue to this vicinity will be cut off. The
government tug will remain a few weeks
yet, surveying the bar. From here she goes
to Coos Bay for the same purpose. Capt.
3abbage and crew, of the tug, and Mr. Pol
ueinus and Nice of the government works,
nave made many friends while stationed
here, and we all are sorry indeed to see them
eave. However we hope to have an
other appropriation by the next congress aud
with that, the return of these pleasant gen
tlemen. Mrs. Polhemus will also leavo
with Mr. P. She will be greatly missed
from our small social circle, as her presence
always adds life to our entcrtaiumeuts or
Ala Harris left for San Francisco a few
days "go, where he is to be married on the
23rd of this month, to Miss"Addie Raphae
of that city. His house that he is building
for the reception of bis bride, is one of the
neatest on the Bay. .Inst prior to his de
parture, his many friends over here, with
tears in their eye.? bid him an affectionate
farewell and also proffered him much valu
able advice, winch if he follows strictly,
will adil ireatly to his happiness.
P. M. Abbey and John Young started for
the valley to-day. Also A. Hampton and
family,' who have had charge of Grant's
metis house for over a year.
Newport con boast of one thing that
might put a larger city io shame, and that
is a saloon wiih a female as gin slinger.
Ju3t now her saloon has the run, and the
v. ay tame of our old nu n slip into her place,
after dark of course, is truly astonishing.
e a'so have a first class scandal in our
usually quiet city Some threats have been
made, but the finale c.iunot ho told as yet.
The hood at Yaquina erected I y the R.R.
company is assuming quite a resectable ap
pearance. Mr. Grjut is to have charge of
it, so I heard.
The scoouer Kate ,t Anna c .me i;i yester
day morn'ng from Portland, bringing about
sixty tons of freight for our merchants, She
leaves for Alse.a to-morrow, and from there
returns to Portland. charged $10 per
ton measurement, which makes the necessa
ries of lite pretty high.
Wednesday night the citizens of Newport
-;ive a ball to the crew of the tug "General
Wright" which premises to be a very pleas
in t affair.
To-day it is raining in torrents, which
nil' serves to decrease the general des
pondency. Hum ir says the rail ,ro-d company are
going to pay off soon. When they do I w:U
write again, letting yon know bow happy
the average Yapi.naite can be.
Yours, S.
Our Stock of Hats for Men, Boys and
Children is the
Largest, Cheapest and
ered to be a small brown shining worm j MOSt AttrclCuiV6 ill TOWDj
irom oue-halt to one-third and perhaps some
Always Fay ana save Money.
The publisher of the East Oregonian hail
a subscriber who repudiated $1.56, claimed
to be due for the paper. The delinquent
was saucy and the newspaper men got upon
their mettle and sued the aforesaid delin
quent. The case was fought by nine lawyers
for the defense aud two for the prosecution.
The plaintiffs got a verdict for the amount
claimed, and the defendant had to foot a
t bill amouutiug to S71, besides the fees
nine lawyers. lue moral of tins case is
t these indebted to newspapers for sub-
ption will find it more economical to call
settle than to attempt repudiation. Ex.
Eorse Sale,
he undersigned will sell at Public auc-
to the highest bidder, at '1 bos. Egliu's
ry stable in the city of Corvallis on
arday, June 20th, at the hour of 2
k p. M. , 10 head of horses. Terms of
twelve months time with approved
ity, or 10 per cent, discount for cash.
Joits Clancy.
half au inch in length; larger at the head
they itick fast to the leaf and can't be shook
off. They are like a snail, very slow and
eat the leaves as they go; they grow very
fast aul in a few days get their growth.
We have trees that have been eaten by
them for two years, and are verx littie
longer than they were two years ago; some
are killed out right. I want some one to
And prices the Lowest.
ASSisnE?i. muzz.
li the matter of the Assignment
i name the pest and if possible how to get '
; ., . , . . . , . C. F. Alexander, an insolvent debtor.
! rid of tneni. Aiy own opinion is that they .... . . tl , .v , .
I' j i Notice is nereoy given that tne above named C T-
orlginate from a fly, as the littie specks, or Alexander has duly made an asshfninent of a'.l his
eggs, are to be seen thick ou the leaves by j property under an set entitled 'an act to secure
creditors a just divisi n of the estates of debtors who
convey to assignees for the benefit of creditors,"
passed by the Legislative Assembly of the State of
TOus?h life's ruecid path. On last
Wednesday evening a numlijir of the friends
aud as the stock is a well selected one ai d in giving information of the locality f their of the newly married couple sereLaded them
rst-class, the people should not fi il to'im-' "find." They will return iu a : hort timet and offered their congratulations and wished
rove the opportunity.
I for another prospecting tour.
them succ :3S.
a letter just received-from Pendle'on,
rn that Frank Rayburn, fonnorly of
allis, met with a severe accident by
a horse falling on him and breaking his leg
He also bad his foot ba:lly smashing and is
causing him much pain.
The 4th nine of this city went to Philo
math Monday and defeated an ameture
nine there by a score of 14 to 19.
Liar o? lzt :ze.
Remaining unclaimed in the Postoffice at
Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon, Frielay
June 12th 1S85
will please say
Oregon and approved October ISth, 1878, and that
the urdersined T. J. Buforil has been duly appoint
eit assignee of the estate of sai.l debto,- and duly qual
ified as such. All creditors of the said 0. F. Alexan
der are hereby notified and lequired to present their
State of Oregon.
within tl ree months from this Jime 5th, 188a.
Assignee of the estate of C. F. Alexander, insolvent
debtor. 23t7
looking through a glass.
List Monday at 2 o'clock P. M. the Bell
fountain club met the Red Caps of Philo
math on the latter's grounds for a contest.
A large crowd of both sexes were present i
and an interesting game anticipated. Al-1
thongh the Beiitoun tains tongnt hard tor ebumg against tiie s- id estate indue form under
victory, yet luck seemed against (hem. loath to me as soefa assignee at my office 2nd street
Nine iunings were played, and tailies stood i CitJ of Corvallis, Eentou Count
18 for Bel fountain against 72 for Red Caps.
Weather is rather bail for farmers who
have hay down, but think the showers will
do more good thau harm.
More anon. Observer.
Wheat per cental, iu Portland, sacked, ?1.30 to$l.SS
W..-..i :.:.-!'.
Fh.ur Kir barrel .. ... .
Ifttum sid: 9 1
Ha.., is w l
Bin iMerj to
Lara, 10 lb this 1
Ks i0
Btttter-.trtMh roils . 18to2t
Krrr.i, per uoi. . : '-A
ApufciS 'tee.'l 30 50
tried a,?piei, Pwnuner to 6
Son dried- to
Plums, pitlass
UbtckeSt coz , 00 to MO
iiidw. dry dint , 1
..... .n ...... 5to 6
Potatoa? 2
fteese, ta-r . J
T 50 ai 4 0j
Persons Oi
iling for same
giving date of
Brenen, Heury
Feuison, Elvira
Nickerson, F K
Handle, John
Silens, W A
Whitney Wm
Davis, Frank
Nauyduike, Mr.
Pattou, A.
Rcstman, Andy
Turner, F B
Ziuk. J. C.
N. R. Pare.-, V.