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    Weekly Corvallis Gazette,
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vertising contracts
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H. P. Hubbard, A'rop.. 21 cw jiaTen, vi., v. a, a.
faWbher f Ik fTvmMtwr and Dank Directory of tbo World.
It begins to look as though a great
many good democrats didn't lose any
thing in the way of sffica by dying
some years ago. Chicago Nezos.
"Dan" Manning will be the boss of
the cabinet. If he needs any assist
ance W. C. Whitney will bestow it
Ireely. Endicott will tlo the deport
ment. Vilas can be depended upon
for orations. Bayard, Lamar and
Garland will do ihe thinking. Cin
cinatti Commercial Gazette.
From the best information to be
gained it seems that there are several
very important matters of legislation
which were not pushed at the last ses
sion of the legislature to a complete
solution and proper determination in
cluding the subjects of assessments
and taxation and the law appropri
ating the fund3 with which to build a
fish ladder at the Oregon City Falls is
in such shape that it is quite certain
that :no cne can be found who can or
will build the ladder under the present
Jaw without amendment; besides sev
eral other subjects of great importance
to the people which teed additional
legislation. The questions of assess
ments and taxation is in a very bung
ling shape as it now exists under the
law and if the commission authorized
by the last legislature to consider these
questions and report a solution thereof
out of which a liw may be formd
could report during the coming fall,
and as the legislature did not elect a
United States Senator it seems like
perhaps it might be well for a special
session of the legislature to be called to
meet next fall to consider and pat"
upon the neccessary questions of legis
lation and at the snme time elect a
United States Senator.
The executive committee ef the
Civil Service Reform Association of
Maryland adopted a resolution, saying:
"The selection of Eugene Higgins for
the responsible position of appoint
ment clerk of the treasury department
kas been a paip-fu! surprise to this asso
ciation and all the friends of honest
government in the State of Maryland,
and is explicable only on the supposi
tion that the secretary of the treasury
was ignorant of the character and an
tecedents of the person chosen. That
the Civil Service reform Association of
Maryland urgently suggests his imme
diate removal therefrom, giving as a
cause for such action, that his reputa
tion in this community is not that of a
man of integrity and honor."
A Washington special to the Chicago
Tribune says: Vice President Hen
dricks and Senator Vorhees have had
an interview with the President, in
which they tried .to pe.rsuade him that
he ought to move promptly in patting
republicans out and filling their places
with democrats. They presented all
the argunents of party policy and of
doctrine to the victors belongs the
spoils. President Cleveland heard
them through and told them plainly
that he intended to carry out the
propositions he had set forth in his let
ter on the civil service and the declara
tion of his inaugural on the same sub
ject. He held the party by its civil
service law to be bound to an honest
effort to carry its principles into effect.
Both Hendricks and Voorhees dis-snt-ted
most emphatically from the position
of the president, and especially from
.the pnrpose he announced of making
changes very slowly and except in
those classes of offices which everyone
expects to change almost at once with
an administration, making them only
for causes. The president's views, if
.carried out, will not, speaking general
ly, give the offices to the democrats
much faster than commissions expire.
And so the democratic spoils hunters
are disapppointed because they cannot
.secure the post offices.
Four thousand saloons in Illinois
have been closed by the Harper high
license law, and tax-payers are saved
jtwo million dollars a year by it.
Editor Corvallis Gazette:
Dear Sir: The Benton Leader in
its last issue in answering an article
published in Gazette denying charges
made in Leader against J. D. Lee says
"The paragraph which caused the
furore was almost a verbatim copy of
a statement made t us by a prominent
and leading republican." The Editor
of the Leader lias said on the streets of
Corvallis chat these charges were made
by W. P. Keady. Now as Mr. Keady
and Mr. Lee are warm personal friends,
the Leader man will pardon us for
saying that we think it extremely
doubtful if Mr. Keady or any other
republican ever made such charges
more anon. Republican.
As there seems to be a wanton and
malicious disposition with some persons
to destroy property not their own, de
face buildings, sign boards and other
people's property generally, for the
information of this class of criminals
we publish the sections of our statute
making such offenses punishable and
we would advise the perpetrators of
such deeds that they can remain good
law abiding citizens more easily than
become criminals by damaging and de
stroying other people's property. The
statute is in the following words:
Skc. 575. If any person shall mali
ciously or wantonly cut down, destroy
or injure any bush, shrub, fruit or
other tree not his own, standing or
growing for fruit, ornamental or other
useful purpose, or shall wilfully break
the glass in, or deface any building not
his own, or shall wilfully break down
or destroy any fence or hedge belong
ing to, or enclosing land not his own,
or shall wilfully throw down, or open
and leave down or open any bars, gate
or fence or hedge belonging to, or en
closing land not his own, or shall mali
ciously or wantonly sever from the
land of another, any produce thereof,
such person, upon conviction thereof,
shall be pai-ished by imprisonment in
the county jail, not less that three
months, nor more than one year, or
by fine not less than ten dollars, nor
more than five hundred dollars.
Sec. 576. If any person shall wil
fully break down, injure, lemove or
destroy any monument erected or used
for the purpose of designating the
boundary of any town, tract or parcel
of land, or any tree marked for that
purpose, or shall wilfully break down,
injure, remove or destroy any mile
stone, board or post, or any guide or
finger-board, erected or placed upon
any road or highway; or shall wilfully
alter or deface the inscription upon any
such stone post or board; or shall wil
fully extinguish any lamp, or break,
injure, destroy or remove any lamp,
lamp post, sign or sign-post, or any
railing or posts erected upon any strtet,
highway, sidewalk, court or passage,
such person, upon conviction thereof,
shall be punished by imprisonment in
the county jail, not less than three
months, nor more than one year, or by
fine not less than ten dollars, nor more
than five hundred dollars.
The Benton Jjtader of March 12th,
says: "We do not intend to get in a
squabble with the Gazette because we
(refering to the Leader) are not ac
complished at mud throwing. Person
al feelings and little inuendoes have no
place in a newspaper, they should be
settled between man and man, not bur
den the public with them." The same
issue of that paper has the following
words, to wit: "It seems to be a mat
ter of general congratulation among
both democrats and republicans that
Flax brake Williams failed to make
the "rifle" for 'United States Senator."
Whether the above quotation has any
thing like mud throwing or contains
anything of personal feelings or little
inuendoes we leave to the judgment
and edification of the reading public.
One thing certain so far as it refers to
democrats dislike to Geo. H. Williams
it is true, because some of them hate
him worse than they do a rattle snake,
because he stood on the side of and for
his country during the hours of the re
bellion, voting men and money to put
down armed treason, while others hate
him because his republicanism is true
blue and because his ability being far
ahead of any other man in the State,
gives him a power in behalf of repub
lican principles and right when in a
public position like that of United
States Senator. Other democrats de
spise him because of his supreme
ability when on the stnmp affords op
portunity to tell and show the demo
cratic party what they are and have
been so clearly that many of the in
dividual members of the party are
almost persuaded to hire a small boy
to kick them because they cannot hate
him worse, then out of about every
hundred republicans there is about one
who belongs to the corporation and
ring factions who do not like ex-senator
Geo. H. Williams, because they knav
they can not use him and mould his
actions like "clay in thepotter'shands."
These kind of men wiether republicans
or democrats don't like to see anv good
and able man like Williams elected for
United States Senator, but they want
a tool which they can convert to their
own private use and if they desire,
against the interests of the people.
The assertion quoted is false when re
ferring to ninety-nine out of each hun
dred of the solid and substantial men
of the republican party because they
are unanimously in favor of Geo. H.
Williams for United States Senator.
Since the beginning of the Senatorial
question in the recent legislature the
writer has talked with a large number
of prominent republicans of this county
on the Senatorial question and he has
the first one yet to find who did not
heartily agree that Geo. H. Williams
was preeminently the most appropriate
man for United States Senator at the
present time.
Hall of Philomath Lo.lge, I. O. G. T.,
No. 435, February 28th, 1885.
Resolved, That we tender the thanks of
this Lodge to our Senators and Representa
tives for their able and efficient labors in
procuring for us such wholesome temperance
law? at the last session of the Oregon Legis
lature. Ordered, that a copy of the above
resolution be sent to the Corvallis Gazette
and Benton county Leader for publication.
W. T. A. H. Boles,
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ZSTew This Week.
DAVIS HARRIS. At the residence of
the bride's parents near this city, Thurs
day, March 12, 1S85, Mr. Virgil A. Davis
and Miss Mary J. Harris, Judge J. R.
Bryson officiating. No cards.
BRUNK BISH. In Roseburg, Oregon, at
the residence of Hon. A. C. Jones, on
March 8th, 18S5, by Rev. John Howard,
W. H. Brmik, of this city, aud Louisa
Bub, of Jacksonville.
(South end Main Street.)
Charges Reasonable, Satisfact
ion Guaranteed,
Corvallis, - - Oregon.
The KiSOr KOtel. And a Lot, sit
uated in Plriloniath, Oregon, only one block
from the proposed site of the O. P. R. B.
depot. The Buildings are in good repair,
aud wilt be sold for .$1,400.
Enquire of S. A. KISOR.
Philomath, Or. 22-12 3mo.
Is Now
Grand central crrice, Fort Worth, Texas.
SAM CUNDIFF, President.
B. VV. BROWN, Vice-Presilent.
lUliliU & STORE
E. M. MACY, Secretary
A. W. MORRISON, Treas.
Chartered under the laws of the State of Texas, June 11th, 1881. Copvriirl t secured tv filirir titl. J. u
ISal, in the office of the librarian of Congress, D. C. ' """"
No. 7 Powell St. Corner Market. San Francisco
HOX. SAMUEL G. IIILBORN, President, A. W. SELSY, of Sacramento, Vice-President
W. H. WAKD, Secretary, J N. KUSSKL, Sr., Surerintedea
PitOF W, E. TAYLOR, M. D., Medicsl Director, PACIFIC BANK, Treasurer.
CAPT. J. N, LEONARD, State Supt,, Portland, Or.
The object of this Association is to prov ide endowmen's for living member as well as beneSt for
families of deceased members, at the leust cost consistent with perfect security, by Issuing endowment n
well as death bennt certificates.
The plan embraces two forms, lite and death. One pays at the death of a member, and the other pay
in five equal installments durins life. The association is operated on the mutual plan. It has no stock
holders to absorb its earnings, and no trustees among whom to divide its surplus.
The total membership r.f the association now amounts to nearly 14.0C0 with a steady increase
each month . The association has disbursed to dat.. S570, 0:13.02 in benefits to the legatees of deceased tnm
bers, and on maturing coupons. Is loaning from fiftco to twenty thousand per month to ii-ing members
Receipts since organization, - . 570,236,06
Disbursements since organization, - ' - - 570,038.01
Balance on hand. - - . 201 06
Coupons paid, - - - J - - 80,600
Agents Wanted in every county of the Pacific Coast.
F. M.. JohnSOn, Resident Agent, - - Corvallii, Oregon.
City Stables iDaily Stage Line
THOS. EGLITST, . - - Proprietor.
On the Corner West of the Engine House
Vl naw (ommudirma RAILS'. s&s
Having secured the contract to carryieg tk
Uiiitool States Mall
GgS?jEr n x a n
am better than ever prepared to BiSE3e 1 vaj.XJ.iS LU JTl.lUany
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Z8T Particular attention given to Bonding Horses
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ul drivers and nice com; ort able and
For the accommodation of the
Wheat aiid other Grain Stored on the best of Terms by
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Corvallis, Oregon.
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SAW MILL --Undivided J interest in a mlD run by
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all f the year, situated handy to market and with in
about 7 miles of Corvallis with an excellent goud
road to and roni it. Terms e:i?y.
FARM Farm all under fence only 2. miles from ,
Corvallis of 150 acres, SO acres now in cultivation, the
balance of it can be cultivated ; about 20 of it now in
wheat with a fair house good burn and graiiery.
wdl be sold, at a bargain. Terms easy.
FARM Farm of 478 acre 3 for less than ?I8 pel
acre, being- one of the cheapest and bc.t farms in
Bentoi. eounty, situated 4 miles west of Monroe, J of
a mile from a jjood school, in one of the best neigh-i
borhoods in the state with church piivilegea handy.;
About 130 acres in cultivation, and over 400 can be j
cultivtaed. All under fence, with good two Storj
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water tii e vear around, and is well suited lor stuck!
and dairy purposes. This is one of the cheapeax farms
in the Willamette Valley Terms easy.
STOCK FARM 220 acres, about 50 in cdtivntiou
150 acres can be cultivated, t0 acres of good fir and
oak timber, the balance good grass land. Smail com
fortable house nd barn. t lies adjoining an inex
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Southwest 0 Corvallis. Price $1600.
FARM A farm of 133 acres of land situated
mile from Corvallis, in Linn County, Or. AH trader
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ti acrtjs ol good fir, as , and maple timber; 2 good
houses, 2 good orchards and two sfocd wells with
pumps. Terms: 20 per acre, half cash down and
balance payable in one and two years, secured by
mortgage upon the farm.
LOTS Two on Unproved lots in Corvallis. One o
toe choicest buildiug places in the city for sale eas
onable. AT.-SO Four unimproved lots except fenc
ed in Corvallis, Or. Tlie choicest building place iu
the city for sale reasonable.
Druggist and Apotlicary,
rm oils, imm mu,imm; wm
A full line of B' oks, Stationery and Wall Paper. ()
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r drtJfrs are fresh anr1
.From a Calling Card to a Full
Sheet Poster,
The Corvallis Gazette Offico
In Quality and Prices,
Send for prices and estimates-
In the County Court of the state of Oregon for
Benton eounty Probate business.
In the matter of tne ete
Roswell C. Brijryii deceased.
To Owen Briggs, Daniel Brig:8,Edward Rrigrs,
Ansel C. Brnrfrs and all other unknown, if any such
therebe, heirs of said deceased.
You and each of you are hereby cited and required
to be and appear in the above tamed Court in the
above entitled matter, in the County Court room at
the court house in the town of Corvallis, Benton
county, state of Oregon, op Monday the 0th day of
April 1885, at the hour of ten o'clock a. m., of said
day the same being at' a of the regular April term
1SS5 cf said court to show cause, if any exist, why an
order bhould not be made authorizing Ansell C.
Briergs the administrator of said ostatc to sell the
real property that belongs to said estate and described
as follows to wit: The west half of the northwest
quarter and the west half of the southw est quarter
of section twenty -four (24) Township eleven (II)
south of range eight (8) west, Willamette meridian
in Benton county, state of Oregon, and containing
one hundred and sixty (ItfO) acres of land. To pay
funeral charges, expe ises ef administration and
claims against said estate as prayed for in the peti
tion of said administrator and now on file in said
By order of Hon. J. R. Bryson Judge of said court
made at the regular March term 1885 of said court
to-wit: On the 2nd day of March 1885 and duly en
tered in the Journals of said court. '
Witness my hand and the seal of said court this
4th dayfof March 1885.
sbal. 1 B. W. WILSON, Clerk.