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    VOL. XX.
NO. 50.
Discovery of a Planet.
Boston, Nov. 30. A cable dispatch has
Jeen received at the Harvard college obser
vatory announcing the discovery of a small
.planet ly Baliza, at Vienna.
Mew Haven, Conn., Nov. 30 It is re
ported that the Winchester Arms Company
-of New Haven, and the Union Metal Cart
ridge Company of Lowell, Mass., have com
bined, and in the future will act together
as a syndicate, 'Controlling the cartridge
manufacturing interest of the country. The
company at Bridgeport employs 15,000 ope
ratives, and the Winchester Company
-nearly as many, independent of a lari;e num
ber at work on guns.
A Year's Labor tor a Shotgun.
Salina, N. C, Nov. 30. James Buck,
an old white man living near Boakin, owns
a small farm upon which he and liis only
daughter lived. She was aged 22. and was
plain-looking. Buck saw a chance of mak
ing a profitable crop of tobacco, if he could
-only get some one to assist him, and put
his daughter in the field. He was very
poor, and could barely make enough to live
on, and knowledge of this fact prevented
him from securing labor. Kichmond
Furney, a young man, moved into the
neighborhood about fourteen months ago,
and procured a job on a neighboring planta
tion. Furney became enamored of Buck's
daughter. The father was willing to turn
the affection to some account, aud agreed
that if the young man would assist him on
his farm for one year he would give him a
double-barreled shotgun and his daughter.
Furney agreed. The term o? servico ex
pired to-day, and Furney asked for a ful
fillment of the contract on the spot. Buck
gave him the shotgun, and called his daugh
ter in and asked her to become Funiey's
wife. She refused, urging that she had
-already given her heart to another, to whom
she was to be married to-iiight. Furney
went off in a terrible rage, threatening to
sue the old man for breach of contract, and
get an injunction restraining the girl from
marrying his rival.
Northern Pacific Bonus
Chicago, Nov. 30. The text if the
Transcontinental Association traffic agree
ment says that in consideration of the
Northern Pacific withdrawing from Cali
fornia business the Northern Pacific and
the Oregon Railway and Navigation Com
pany shall be paid by the other lines parties
to the agreement in proportion as the earn
ings from business subject to this agree
ment are shared by each, 6 per cent, of the
gross earnings on business between or pass
ing through eastern points and San Fran
cisco except business received from or de
livered to the Occideutal and Oriental
Steamship Company or the Pacific Mail
Ijmpany, it being understood that the
Northern Pacific railroad and the Oregon
Railway and Navigation Company share in
the subsidy to be paid to the Pacific Mail
Company. The subsidy now paid the Pa
cific Mail Company for its steamships be
tween San Francisco and New York shall
be borne by the several companies repre
sented in the agreement, in proportion to
their revenue from San Francisco business
covered by this agreement.
The "Trtlrane" on the Mormon Question,
New York, Dec. 1. The Tribune, adopts
the main points of Governor Murray's decl
aration concerning the power of the Mormon
hierarchy, and says: "Mormons are increas
ing with great rapidity. The gospel does
not overtake them with the help of the tele
graph and fast mails. The missionary spirit
is by no means active on our side, but it is
strong with them, and it seems to grow strog
er as they become more prosperous. They
have passed the boundaries of Utah and are
getting a dangerous hold upon neighooring
territories. If we cannot put down polyga
my by law we allow the soveiigncy of the Un
ited States to be defied by an inner organi -zation
which assumes all civil power by vir
tue of eclesiastical authority unknown to
our laws and openly hostile to legimate gov
ernment. If, owing to the exceptional char
acter of the population, national authority
cannot be exercised in the usual way, some
other means must be devised. We cannot
permit our sovereignty to be destroyed by
pedantic adherance to the customary form
of exerting it. WTe must remember that
the auth rity of congress over all the terri
tories is absolute. It can govern Utah with
out a legislature, or even, if the worst comes
without an election, as well as it can Alaska,
The Business ontlooK.
New York, Dec. 2. Transactions in gen
eral merchandise have been strictly in accor
dance with the small requirements for imme
diate distribution, and is apt to be the cas
as the year nears its close. The genera'
, markets, with very few exceptions, lack
tone as well as spirit. Stocks of goods in
many cases have so accumulated that they
have become a heavy jjur.len to carry, and
those whose financial necessities are really
exigent are compelled to realize, which is
apt to involve concessions.
The Strike Pronouaood a Failure- -
New Yobk, Dec. 1. The Tribune says
the strike of the compositors of the Evenehrj
Pot! office is acknowledged to be a failure
and a full force of non-union men is now at
work on the paper.
Washington, Nov. 30. It is believed
that the war-fare betweeh Indians and
whites can be ended by judicious measures.
Secrtary Teller recommends permanent res
ervations commensurate with the numbers
of the tribes, discontinuance of cash annui
ties and the establishment of mm ml lab ir
schools forthe young. He nrges that white
adventurers be imprisoned for attempts to
invade the Indian territory.
Limitation of Silver
Washington, Nov. 30 Judge Kelly will
introduce a bill for further limitation of the
coinage of s'lver dollars, providing that
until the fr ee coinage of both gold and
silver is established a full legal ten let
shall be established at a common ratio by
the leading commercial nations of Europe
in concert with the United States, to be
limited tfl the amount of $1000 in coin, dur
ing each and every year ensuing the passage
of this act, said amount to be coined at the
same times and at such mints as tke secre
tary of the treasury shall determine.
Bill to govern Alaska.
Washington, Dec. 2. Senator Miller
will introduce a bill in the senate this week
to provide civil government for Alaska.
Section 1 provides that Alaska uhall be a
civil aud judicial district. Section 2 pro
vides for the establishment of a district
court and the appointment of a district
judge, to perform also the duties of gover
nor, ex-ofhcio, and see that the laws are
executed. Section 3 provides for the ap
pointment of a clerk of the court, who shall
also be treasurer of the district, and ex
fficio registrar and receiver of the land
office at Si ka, and recorder of deeds and
registrar of wills for the territory. Section
4 provides for the appointment of five
commissioners, who shall reside, one at
Wrandiak, one at Sitka, one at Ounalaska,
and one at Kodiak. They shall act a3 jus
tices of the peace, notaries public, etc.
Section 5 provides for the appointment of
a United States district attorney, who
shall also be ex-officio surveyer general of
the ttritory. Section 6 makes the collector
of customs for the district ex-officio marshal.
He is given power to appoint five deputy
The genaral laws of Oregon, civil and
criminal, so far as applicable, are made
laws for Alaska. The district court is
given exclusive jurisdiction in all chancery,
title to lands or mining property and all
trials for capital offenses. Provision is
made for settling all jury trials. It is pro
vided that all the territory embraced in
said district, excepting groups of islands
which constitute the United States govern
ment reservation, shall be a surveying and
land district, with officers at Sitka and the
Itws now in force for the disposal and
management of the public domain, under
title 32, revised statutes, are made applica
ble to Alaska.
Washington, Dee. 2. It is asserted
that the tariff policy of the democratic
party in the house will be a surprise to the
republican leaders, and that policy, it is as
serted, will not le to bring in a bill calcu
lated to alarm the various industrial inter
ests that depend for existence upon the
maintenance cf the existing system. On
the contrary, it is proposed to attempt no
revolutionary changes in the tariff law, but
confronted with the necessity for reduction
of the vast surplus revenue, a majority be
ing opposed to the abolition of taxes on
whisky and tobacco, the ways and mean
committee will be orginiz jd to report a bill
which will abolish the duty on sugar, thus
cutting off $49,000,000 of revenue, and tak
ing off the duties from a few other articles
that are consumed daily by the people, and
in native productions of which no great
labor employing industries consume. A
bill of this character it is said, will be
passed by the house and sent to the senate,
where the republican majority can kill it if
they choose. The responsibility will thus
be placed, and on the issue so joined the
parties will plead before the people next
Indians are not to be disturbed in the
possession of their lsnds, and the United
States is to relinquish its title to such lots
of land as were specified in the transfer of
the territory aa belonging to the Russo
G eek churchj or which have been occupied
and improvad by bona fids residents and
citizens, or corporations doing business in
said territory sines, by pr ..'mission of the
United States authorities.
Washington, Dsc 3. The senate was
called to order by ths president pro-tern,
Edmunds, after which prayer wa3 offered.
The president laid before the senate the
credentials in relation to Bsck, who suc
ceeds himself. Palmer, Terry and Pike
succeed Rollins. The oath of office was
administered to Beck, Bower, Cullum,
Dolph and Terry, whose credentials were
submitted last season .
coinage notes.
Washington, Dec. 3. The issue of silve
dollars during the week ending December
1 was 7113,437. Sams time last year,
$302,000. Coinage at the mints in Novem
ber was $,S24,910, of which $2,330,000
was tilvar dollars.
Mexican Railroad.
Mf.xico, Dec. 3. The Mexican National
road has opened to the public its line to
San Miguel, which extends 254 miles from
Arrested in Russia.
St. Petersburg, Dec. 3. There have
been many cases of incendiarism, at Gslii-
tsk, in the government of Smolensk. Manj
persous suspected have been arrested.
Invaded by Fanatics, a
Teheran, Dec. 3. A Mussulman fanati ,
Koof.Seyd, has entered Persia with 2000
Turcomans, badly armed, however. Two
smaller bau.ts have also invaded Persia.
A Holy War in Persia
Teheran, Dec. 3 IChafseyd is preach
ing a holy war against Russia. He intends
to march against Askabad.
Attacked in Af jhanistan.
Calcutta, Dec. 3. Ghazias attacked
General Kennedy's exploring expedition to
Suliam, Afghanistan. The assailants were
killed. The expedition suffered a loss of
Attempt to Kill De Lssseps.
Paris, Dec. 3. There arrived from
Nice three boxes, one addressed to De
Lesseps and the others to Couvreux, a con
tractor for work on the Panama canal.
When Couvreux opened the box a cartridge
exploded, but no harm was done. Couvreux
was immediately alarmed, but De Lesseps,
who was smiling, merely said, "They trust
me like a sovereign. "
The Franco-Chinese Difficulty.
Paris, Fee- 3. It is semi-officially an
nounced that England, Germany, America,
Itussia aud France will participate in joint
protection of then" subjects and interes!s
in China, in the event of war bet en
France and China. The object is to protect
the lives and property of Europeans and
Americans, in the event of a recUranee of
an incident similar to the Canton trouble
la -t summer. In ordet to accomplish this
the live powers wculd form a fl -tilla of gun
boats en the Canton river, the command of
which would be given to the power having
the largest naval force in Chinese waters.
At the present time France has the great
est number of vessels there.
MOb in Ireland.
Wexford, Dec. 3. A mob last evening
attacked a theater in which evangelic ser
vsce was being held, and attempted to
burn the building. The mob took bossession
of the town, broke the windows in the
Protestant churches, and of nearly all the
houses occupied by protestauts. The
dresses of the ladies who attended services
in the church and tlieatar were torn off,
and the gentlemen accompanying them
wore stoned. Several were injured severely.
The mob paraded the streets several hours
sutginz " God Save Ireland."
Season's Catch.
San Francisco, Dec. 3. The total
O ch of the Arctic whaling flett for the
eaiou is 11, 290 barrels of oil, 162,244
pounds of bone, and 31, 120 pounds, of
ivorv. The whole is valued at 860,000
Foreign Daman 1 for Coast Lumber.
San Francisco, Dec. 3. The movement
of lumber vessels curing the past ten days
ha been unusually active. Orders on for
eign account have been rilled as rapidly as
, ossible, and yesterday arrivals from Hum
bolt bay and Pnget sound brought large
quantities of lumber, cut to order, that
will be shipped to Europe during the pres-
e it mouth. The captain of a schooner
running in the Humbolt trade says mills in
that locality are running largely on foreign
orders, uul that they have enough on hand
to keep them buisy some time.
Washington, Dec. 3. It is stated that
1 ist Slimmer Henry Poor, compiler of the
Riilway Manuel, became satistied that the
Northern Pacific Railway Company was
concealing a large floating indebtedness,
and that its stock must suffer a heavy de
cline. He formed a syndicate, and sold
stock short to the amount, it is stated, of
S-iO, 000 shares. The stock was above 80
and went below 40, and his profits were in
the neighborhood of 2,000,000. When the
facts came out Poor's estimate of the in
debtedness was found to have been almost
absolutely correct. When the stock began
to go down seemed to receive mysterious
assistance in its downward tendency. This
is now believed to have been the result of
large sales by President Villard, who, it is
gserted, has profited to the extent of mil
lions by pursuing the policy of Jay Gould
in dealing with his own stocks. Many of
his friends have been entirely cleaned out.
Workinsmen on a Visit.
New York, Dec. 3 A deligation of
French workingmen recently arrived, an
nouncing an intention of visiting the princi
pal cities of America, including San Fran
cisco, to study the labor problem. They
a-e intelligent looking men, but their affilia
tions, since arriving, with socialists of the
Herr Most and Justus Schwab school have
excited some distrnst among respectable
American workingmen. After visiting
western citie3 they return and hold another
consultation with leaders of Jrades un
ions, and enter into a full discussion of a
scheme for an international federation or
labor unions and decide whether or not
saeh is practicable so far as the United
States are concerned.
CULTY. Washington. Deo. 3. Confidential in
structions which were sent last week to the
commanders of American men of war crnis-1
ing iu the Chinese waters were such as are
usually communicated to officers for theif
guidance in relation to the action of our
squadron in case of actual hostilities occur
rng between i ranee and China. The
rights of American merchants doing busi
ness in China, which might be taken or at
tacked by the french forces were fully ex
plained, and o ir naval officers were direct
ed to see that these rights were respectep
and maintained by the French and the
Chinese commanders. Strict neutrality is
to be observed iu all cases, no matter in
what direction the sympathies of the officers
may be. The quarrel is between China and
Franca, and is none of our affair.
Meteorologist Puzzlsd.
Ne-. York. Dec. 1. Meteorologists are
puzzled to account for the red sunset for
the past week, no two agreeing as to the
cause. The phenomena was seen at various
places from Main to California.
Washington, Dec. 3. Carlisle and
Keifer being nominated for the speakership
of the house Carlisle was elected by 191
votes to Keifer 1 12 and 5 scattering.
The adjutant general of the army has
received information of the surrender at
Camp Poplar river of five lodges of Sitting
Ball's forces from the British provinces.
Kansas City, Dec. 3. The case of
Frank James, charged with the Blun Cut
train robbery, in 18S1, comes up in the
criminal court to-morrow. It is considered
the defense will have the trial deferred un
til early next month. James, to all ap
pear. nice, is nearly in his usual health.
Renting Farms.
Of all that appertaius to agricultural mat
ters that of renting farms is the most un
satisfactory. In 99 cases out of 100 both
the landlord and the one who rents the
farm are not satisfied with the result. It
matters not how good condition a farm be
in, a year or two of renting will have de
stroyed its productiveness. The tenant
may be the -ery best kind of a farmer, the
result will be the same. It is a kind of law
of nature that renting of farms is unprofit
able to the owner as w ell as to the occu
pant, In journeying through the rural
districts, a farm that is rente I can always
be selected from those which are worked by
its owner. The dilapidated state of the
buildings, the broken gates, the tumble
down fences, the mammoth crop of weeds,
the unthrifty general appearance the air of
desolation and destruction, are all too flag
rant not to be observed. The rented farm
is free to be plucked in every possible man
ner. It is like the poor boy at the frolic, it
has no friends In plowing, the object is to
'cut and cover.' The whole object, too is
to secure the utmost drain on the soil get
everything off without returning any of the
fertilizers necessary to make it productive .
No, if a man has a farm and he can not
work it himself, he hail better let it remain
idle rather than rent it. We can speak un
derstandingly on this matter. We have
tried it. Farm, Herd an 1 Homo.
Ao-,7 to Change an Address.
One of the most frequent and annoying
troubles we have comas from parsons who
want their papers changed from one offic
io another. For instance, ons subscribe
will write, "Please ehange my a hires-, to
Fu'ens." Somotimas the dnbscrioor's
name does not appoar on the or 'er. It
would bs ai eisy mvttsr to mita tho
change if the bookkeeper kiavv whare it
was to be made from. Another anno'
ance is complaint about the receipt of pap
ers, when on post office is designated. If
the bookkeeper does not know the surserib
er, and no one about the office can give any
infounatinn, he is obliged to run over sever
al thousand names to find the party. The
error is fallen into by gentlemen frequently
who have been lubscribers to papers for
years. If subscribers will write in plain
hand the name of the post-office where they
live, with the date and tame of the
postoffice where they want the pa
per sent, and send their names
in plain letters, there will be no trouble iu
making the change. "Change my piper
from Corvallis to Eugene, Robinson Jones,"
would be attended to without any trouble.
The datas and names are absolutely . essen
tial to prompt business transactions.
Lest Ring.
The ladies finger ring lost on the streets
of Corvallis last week. It was made so
that it could be separated in three Darts.
and could be wore as two separate rings or
as only one. VV hen put together as oue
ring the emblems on it were clasped hands.
The fiiider will be rewarded bv leaving it at
his office.
Sunday was the quietest Sunday ever
experienced iu Newport. The city council
having recently passed an ordinance closing
up all saloons and business houses on Sun
days. Last week our city luarghal Geo
A. Landis, arrested three of our citizens for
gambling. In turn two of our most mora,
aud law-abiding citizens were arrested foi
working on Sunday. All paid their finm
without contest.
Published every Friday Morning
(Payable in Advance.) .
Per Year, $2 so
iix Months, 1 50
Three Months . 1 00
Single Copies 10c
Per Year (when hot paid i advonee) 3 00
AH notices and advertisements intended for pub
a':j-i d'.ijjU be handed in by noon on Wednesdays.
Rates of advertising made known on application.
A.ttornev "at - Law,
Corvallis, - - Oregon.
.Attorney at Law,
Office with P XI. Johnston. 20-44tf
J. B. Lee, M. L. G. R. Farra, It D.
Physicians, Surgeons
And Accouchers.
Corvallis, - - Oregon.
20-3 ltf .
jPhy sic: .: i n & Surgeon.
Office 2 doors south of H. E. Harris' Store,
Corvallis - - Oregon.
Residence on the southwest corner of block, north
nd west of the Mt-thodist church.
Great care taken AVith. Children.
4Gtf J. VV" McCO.VNELL, AftUt, Onldsou's stand.
W. C. Crawford,
J 3 W g UE R .
t. assortment of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, etc.
-Ml kinds of repairing done on short noticd, and al
work warranted. (8:33-yl
Real Estate Agency.
have so ne very IdsIraSfc proparty on the Bay for
ale in lots from 10 to 237 acres. Some of this is
ear the 3 P. ti. R. teaaxaaa. Persons wishing- to
invest will do well to cill on me when prices are rea
enable. Address with stamps to pre pay postage.
li. A. Bexsell
ewport Benton Countv Or.,
F. J. Hendrichson,
Boot and Shoe Maker,
Philomath, Oregon.
I always keep on hand superior ma
terial and warrant my work. I ask an examination
of mv goods before purchasing" elsewhere.
Igjg-lyr F. J, Hendrichson.
Corvallis, Oregon.
THE OCCIDENTAL is a new building,
newly furnished, aud is first class in all its
StasC3 leave the hotel for Albany and Yaquina Ea.v
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Large Sample Room on First Floor for
Commercial Hen. 19-35 ly
One Doer South of Graham & Hamilton's,
Cnra-.-llis, June 24, 1SS2.
VV. H. LE3H.
Notary Public
Real Estate Agents, Corvallis, Or.
Good Farms, Stock Rs riches
and City Property for sale on easy terms.
Collections Made.
OiliSs o?er tots I Netigass' Store
Attorneys - at - Law.
Col. Kclsay and myself have formed a copartner
ship in the practice of the law. The Col's ex
perience at the liar and on the Bench and his studious
habits is a sure iruarant-e that all busineb intrusted
to us in the line of suits or actions in Court will be
well attended to.
I will continue other business and give prompt
'. , . l in iui: w ine same us nuic.uiufe. OUUII as UCU0OC-
ing. Bern:? a Notary Public will attend to conveyancing-
in all its branches, Deeds. Mortjjages, Real
and Ciiattel, Leases, Releases, Powers Of attorney,
Contracts, &c. &c. Buy .sell and lease Real Estate
both farms and town projwrty, collect rents, ne
gotiate loans, search and examine titles, and a gen
eral agency business.
Are now in brick building and have fire proof safe
for thi safe keeping- of notj and othtr valuable
MOffSi left for collection &c.
O.Hce in Burastts uew brick, first dcof at head of
10 : 1 rt KELSAY & HOLGA TS.
Corvallis, Oregon,
Spring Bed Bottom in the Mark&.
for only 37. Also agent for the Medical
Lake Salt.
Pianos. Tuning and repairing of Pianos
and Organs a specialty.
NEAR ALDER, (20-23m6) Portland, Or
Real Estate AgencyJ
Eeal Estate Agents, will buy, sell, or
lease farms or farm property on
Having made arrangements for co-opera
tion with agents in Portland, and being ful
ly acquainted with real property in Benton
county, we feel assured of giving entire sat- wno may lavor us with tneir
G. A. Waggoiter,
20-6yl T. J. Buford,-
The oldest established Dentist and
the best outfit in Corvallis.
All WOrk fcftnfc ill rpno taa i
r. ... uwv liuiic uuu suiiam
on guaranteed. Teeth extracted without pain by
he use of Nitrous Oxide- Gas.
"R.OOms nn-atn.irs nn Uf.. .Kc- . x-.. .
Brick Store. Corvallis, Oregon. 19:27yt
lOOO Men and Boys
To fit them out in the latest style of ready
made Clothing. Also the finest lot of
Panis Patterns and Suitings
Ever brought to Corvallis.
Call and Examine Goods.
No trouble to show goods.
Two doors South of Post Office,
(till GAZErrlTiE
Type and all Printing Material
tn the latest styles and at pi ices but little mora
than cost of labor and material, on short notice. We
are esnstaotly turning out at prices which defy com
petition, the nicest designs of
Letter heads,
Bill beads,
Visiting cards,
Business cards,
Ball tickets,
Mote booksy
Order books,
Receipt books,
Druggists labela,
Gummed or
Legal blanks,
Send, tor Samples and.
Prices to the Grazette Of
fice it you want the Best
work at Lowest PricfcK