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Corvallis, Feb. 21 1879.
The Good Templar Neck Tie Sociable,
musical and literary entertainment, at the
City Hall, last Friday evening, was a grand
success, in every way. The attendance,
riot, withstanding the inclemency of the
weather, was very large, and everybody
Beenied happy. Many of bur leading citi
zens, not connected with the Order, gave us
their hearty support and approval, and con
tributed liberally toward its complete suc
cess. But the committee are under special
obligations, to the Second Brigade Band.
Prof. McElroy, Prof. Brotherhood, and the
young people who so cheerfully aided in the
musical and literary part of the programme,
and to the citizens generally, for the true
sociability exhibited on that oceasion. To
Mrs. H. W. Vincent, of the New Eng'and
House, who prepared and superintended, in
person, the iee-cream department, is due
much of the financial success of the enter
tainment ; also to Dr. F. A. Vincent and
wife for efficient services. In fact, we can't
particularize, where the entire community
seemed so cheerfully willing to aid in mak
in the entertainment the most successful
and enjoyable one of the season. The net
proceeds amounted to about S50. Pretty
Stood for a stormy night, and an admission
fee of only twenty-five cents. Being Val
eutine's day, the postofiiee, under the imme
diate supervision of L. Y. Wilson, and live
assistants, was a very important feature,
adding to the fun, as well as the finances.
Taken altoaether, it w:is one of the most
satisfactory and pleasant, social entertain
ments ever enjoyed in Cnrvallis, and its
frequent repetition would be most desirable
and beneficial. In order to correct any
Wrong impression that may have gone
abroad, we will take the liberty of stating
that the "social dance," which followed,
was entirely separate and distinct from our
entertainment, and for which the Lodge
was in no wise responsible. The committee
of arrangements, by resolution, decided
that it should not wind up with a "dance."
After we c'osed our entertainment, of course
the Good Templar3 responsibility ceased.
It was not for us to say that the youiig peo
ple, who so desired, should not occupy the
Hall, for their own amusement. While the
very corner-stone of our organization is
morality, we do not assume the preroga
tives of the church, and do not desire to
prevent our members, as individuals, from
dancing, although it is not competent for a
Lodge of Good Templars to give a ball. We
simply make this statement so as to relieve
the committee of arrangements and Lodge
from any responsibility in this-matter.
Ed. Gazette : A'thugh the government
has spent thousands of dollars in improving
the upper Willamette river, yet the captains
of the river steamer3 assert that the appro
priations on the river have been squandered,
and the river in no better condition for nav
igation than it was five or ten years ago. It
the snags are pulled out they are let Gnat
down and settle again in the sands. It is
certain that this river could be so improved
that light draught steamers could ply be
tween CorvaUis and the falls all the year,
and up to Harrisburg six months in the
year. Now that the O. h. N. Co. own
about all the boats and wharfs on the Wil
lamette river, and are deeply interested in its
navigation, perhaps they will put forth their
influence in congress, and also aid in mon
ey, to have the river properly improved for
low water navigation. Yet more depends
upon the construction of the Corvallis and
Yaquina, and the Wostside railroad lines
to CorvaUis or Junction, than on the im
provement of the Willamette river.
Ed. Gazette : It might be of interest,
while the newsstreams in froTi every quarter
of the county, and is hurled back through
your valuable columns, showing an era of
prosperity ih Beiiton county, to give a few
lines from this locality. The dense forest
still melts away before thshnrdy white man,
and gives place to the thrifty crops. The
following adjoining farmers have, during
the last two months, cleared and put under
Cultivation forty-two acres of lane', alto
jjelther. Mr. Drury Davis, about fifteen
acres;' Mr: William Hood, ten acres ; Mr.
Joseph Gray, three acre's ; Mr. James Lewis,
eight acres ; ' and Mr. Todd, who lately
came to theNCOiintry, has cleared six. Much
fencing has also been done.
Mr. Newhouse has moved his steam saw
mill about three miles west, into new range
for timber. Yours truly. ,
J. C. K. McCans.
Beaver Creek, Feb. 11, 1879.
Fresh Roasted Goffee, at Ray's.
Cheddar Cheese new, at Ray's.
Loaf Sugar Drips very choice, at B ay's.
Z. J. Hatch, of Portland, was in Corval
li8 Tuesday.
Rev. Jos. Emery will preach in the Col
lege chappel, at 1 1 a. m. , next Sabbath.
The only safeguard of community against
lawlessness, is. the rigid enforcement of law.
Rev. II. P. Dunning was called to Port
land, unexpectedly, last Tuesday, on busi
ness. Rev. G. W. Bennett, will preach at the
Mountain View school house, next Sabbath,
at 11 a. m.
A. couple of our respectable citizens had
a hand to hand encounter on the street last
Geo. Gerhard, of this city, has gone to
the Dalles, for his health, and to look after
business, also.
Hook and Ladder Go's Ball at the City
Hall to-night. Let all lovers of dancing
attend. Grand inarch at 9 o'clock.
CorvaUis is suffering from a disgraceful
scandal case. , For the present we suppress
names and forbear comments.
The H. & L. boys have the City Hall
mai'iiilicently decorated for the Ball to-night,
with evergreens, Chinese lanterns, etc.
The City of Salem was crowded Wednes
day morning with delegates from this city
to the Temperance Alliance, at Albany.
Rev. J. S. McCain, P. E., of Eugene City,
will preach in the M. E. church in this city
next Sabbath morning, at the usual hour.
The second term of school in the North
District cl ;ed last Friday. We are pleased
to leIrn that under the management of Prof.
RoyrU, this school is becoming second to
none in the city.
We would call the attention of our read
ers to the advertisement of Ames' Improve
ment in apparatus for preserving meats,
etc., as advertised by Messrs. Goldson &
Mat toon.
H. C. Allen, traveling agent of the ex
tensive drug firm of Abrams & Corroll, .S.
t, favored us by a call last Tuesday, and
gave us an ad. Unlike most traveling
agents, he paid fur the same in advance, in
full. A firm so ably represented will cer
tainly prosper.
Thanks to Rev. A. Simpson and wife, for
an elegant cake. We realize the force of
the adage "Absent, but not forgotten."
Their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, last
Thursday evening, was a grand affair, and
we regret that circumstances, beyond our
control, prevented us from bein? one of the
happy throng present on that occasion.
TOO MUCH credit
Editor Gazette : Your notice of Wm.
Reid's Portland Board of Trade Report and
his neglect to mention the ten miles of rail
road, as connected with Yaquina Bay, was
courteous ; but in this case conrtesy is worse
than wasted. There is a class of men, who,
in public matters, allow selfishness to con
trol them ; and no man in Oregon, occupy
ing a position to give important enterprises
correct standing and encouragement, can be
as genuinely small and contemptible as this
Secretary of the Portland Board of Trade,
Mr. Wm. Iteid of Dundee. In 1S76, work
ing with all his mighty (?) influence todefeat
the passage of the bill to assist this same
railroad, he insisted on calling Yaquina Bay
"a hole in the ground." Probably he still
feels spiteful, because he failed, and because
his overbearing manner aud insufferable con
ceit made it necessary for a icsolution keep
ing that worthy gentleman, and his kind,
from within the bar, learning members how
to legislate. He has done some commenda
ble things. For instance, he figured how
long it would take 1,000, borrowed of the
Scotch Loan Co., at 10 per cent, per annum,
to eat up an average Oregon farm. This
was exactly like him ; it never occurred to
his mind that there were a FEy men in the
State capable of making that mathematical
calculation. As an obedient servant of
Portland, and her welfare, with not a parti
cle of sympathy for efforts in an opposite
direction, his equal cannot be found. This
may be more attention than he deserves :
but the Orcgonian commends the report and
suggests public gratitude, and I cheerfully
admit, that aside from the premeditated and
daliberate piece of superfine meanness, the
report is able and valuable. How much
better a person feels after dealing charitably
with his fellow man '! any way.
Newport, Feb. 10, 1S79.
Improvements. EvEryiour of sunshine
iif vigorously improved by persons contem
plating improvements. The old building
north'of Haskins' hotel, has been torn down
and 'removed1, leaving a clear space from the
old hotel to Young & Polly's corner. Nick
Baesen has had workmen engaged in tearing
away tne front and removing the old Empire
market building to the rear, preparatory to
erecting his new shop. Everything indicates'
important improvements in early spring.
The future of CorvaUis and Benton county
never seemed so bright and hopeful. There
is no longer any doubt, in the minds of in
formed persons, that CorvaUis wiU become
the railroad center of the Willamette valley.
Let every citizen of Benton county work to
this end "In union there is strength."
CorvaUis is one of the most beautiful and
healthy places in the State, and Benton
county possesses advantages, agricultural,
mineral and commercial, surpassed by no
county in the State, and is filling up, very
rapidly, with solid, industrious, enterpris
ing people.
The celebrated Healer, whose wonderful
cures have been published in the Oregonian
for the past year, wiU be at Albany on Feb.
19th, 1879, at the Revere House, and re
main until March 3rd. 1S7Q nrl ,-,
sick of chronic diseases. Patients will call
early to secure treatment.
Feb, 17, 1879. 2w
TWENTY-FIFTH anniversary.
ConVALLis, Feb. 14, IS73.
W. B. Carter, Esq. My Dear Sir and
Bro : Mrs. Simps:m and myself regret that
you and Mrs. C. should have leen prevent
ed from joining us in the celebration of our
23th wedding anniversary, on yesterday
evening. If you could have been there, and
only have felt half the gratification that we
felt, you certainly would have enj'03'ed your
self immensely. The only trouble we felt
was, in the difficulty of expressing our ap-'
preciation of the great kindness anil good
will of our friends present, and also in the
fact that we had not house room enough, so !
that we might have had more of our friends
with us. The gifts we received we shall
ever esteem, priceless, not so much for their
intrinsic value, though indeed that is not
small, but for the feelings they represent.
You, perhaps remenibrr 4n Dickon's
" B'eak House" how Little Joe thought
that if Mr. Snagsby would only oblige him
by writing a letter in "uncommon precious
large" writing then the intensity of his feel
ings might perhaps be understood. So I
thought perhajjs, if Bro. Carter only had
some " uncommon precious large" type per-I
haps I could get him to express somewhat
of our feeih'ngs towards orir kind friends for
their tokens of friendship and affection,
but then you know you haven't tyre large
enough to do the matter justice, and I must
give up in despair, or else tell our friends
to put themselves in our place and then they
will know how it is themselves. With kind
regards to yourself and Mrs. C, fraternally
yours. AkthonT simpson.
Phof. Tice, the distinguished mcterolo
gist and weather prophet of St. Louis, has
issued his Annual National Weather Almanac
fjr 1879, in which, besides foretelling the
weather for every day in the year and clear
ly explaining the theory on which his pre-,
dictions are based, he gives a history, causs
and etiects of tornadoes a chapter on light
ning rods, exposes their general worthless
ness, and explains how they may be made
effective, &c. The whole is of great interest
and practiclal value to every one, and es
pecially indispensibln t farmers. For sam
ple copy and terms of sale to the trade and
to a"euts, send 20 cents to the publishers,
' St. Louis, Mo.
If every individual and every family
would bestow a tithe of the requisite in any
ordinary attack of acute disease, in strving
to prevent and wan! off its attacks, there
would rarely be any use for calling in the
aid of the physician. In all ordinary de
rangements of the stomach, bowels, liver
or kideys, you need only a few doses of
Frcse's Hamburg Tea.
Dr. J,' W. Watts, the great temjierance
revivalist, arrived in CorvaUis late on Sat
urday evening by private conveyance. , A
good audience greeted him at the College
chapel where he delivered one of hi3 pop
ular and telling lectures on the subject of
intemperance. He lectured again on Sun
day evening in the City Hall, which was
literally packed all the ministers of the
place dismissed their congregations and
joined with the Doctor heartily. He gave
his able lecture, from a Bible stand point.
On Monday evening the College chapel was
crowded to hear him again, on which a Blue
Pibbon Club of 229 members was formed,
with the following officers : President, Dr.
J. B. Bayley ; Vice President, Mrs. J. T.
Vincent ; Chorister, Miss Estella Glass ;
Sec. C. H. Whitney; Ex. Com., W. B.
Carter, Mrs. M. Baker, Miss Cora Bayley,
Mr. Jas A. Yantis, Rev. W. C. Kantner.
The Mowing persons were elected dele
gates to the State Temperance Alliance, at
Albany : ' Miss Cora Bayley, Mrs. J. T.
Vincent, Miss Addie Allen, L. Royal. D.
Newsome, C. H. Whitney, W. B. Carter,
Rev. J. A. Hanna, N. Baesen, Rev. Jos.
Emery and Rev. J. W. York.
The first regular meeting of the Club will
be held at College chapel to-morrow even
ing at 7 o'clock. Interesting exercises may
be expected. Let everybody turn out.
The temperance interest is on the increase
here. Now is the time for the friends of
the cause to work.
Pretty Jloutiis
Should have pretty teeth in them, but it is
not unusual to see between rosy lips, teeth
discolored and decaying through neglect.
This disfiguring defect should be repaired
without delay, by using fragrant SOZ0
IX) NT, which removes every particle of
tartar from the teeth and renders them
snowy white. This admirable aid to beauty
is perfectly harmless aud exhales a' most
delightful aromi, and is in every respect
preferable to the ordinary tooth pastes and
powders. Try it and see for yourself.
A series of Union Gospel Meetings were
commented in the M. E. Church, in this
city, last Tuesday, at 4 o'clock p. at., and
are still in progress afternoon and evening.
Rev. H. P. Dunning, of the Presbyterian
Church, Rev. Joseph Emery, of the M. E.
Church South, Rev: W. C. Kantner, of the
Evangelical Church7and Rev. G. W. Ben
nett, of the M. E. Church, are heartily en
gaged in this good work, assisted by Revs.
J. W. York, J. A Hanna, and J. S. McCain.
These meetings will continue all" week, and
probably longer. There will be' services at
the various churches, at 11 o'cloek, next
Sabbath, arid in the evening there wiU be a
grand Union meeting the place wiU be an
nounced on Sabbath. There seeme to be a
strong desire, among all Christians, for a re
vival of religion in CorvaUis, and the signs
of the times are very promising. It is
greatly needed, and if every Christian will
put on the armor, and go to work m earnest,
God will answer prayer, and sinners will be
convicted and converted. Who is on the
side of the Lord ?
Consumption Cured.
An old physician retired from active prac
tice, having had placed in his hands by an
East Indian missionary the formula of a sim
ple vegetable remedy for the speedy and per
manent cure of Consumption, Bronchitis,
Catarrh, Asthma, and all Throat and Lung
affections, also a positive and radical cure
for General Debility .and all nervous com
plaints, after having thoroughly tested its
wonderful curative powers in thousands of
cases, feels it his duty to make it known
to his suffering fellows. The receipe will be
sent free of charge, to all who desire it, with
full directions for preparing and successfully
using. Address with stamp, naming this
paper Dr. J. C Stone, 44 North Ninth
Street, Philadelnha, Pa.
Don't Forget It.
If you are troubled with nervousness are
disheartened tired of life, fear death or feel
out of sorts as the saying is, you may safely
conclude that you have the Dyspepsia or
Liver Complaint. The liver is very apt to
become torpid this season of the year as
poisons arising from stagnant water
or decaying vegetation are more numerous
and are through inhalation taken into the
blood. Unless the liver is strong and active
and furnishes a supply , of fresh and pure
blood to drive out the impurities, the above
mentioned symtoms surely follow, and if
not heeded, end .in more terrible diseases
and death. White's Prairie flower proves
itself the Oreat Liver Panacea. Its action
011 the liver is different from any medicine
ever compounded. Its cures are truely won
derful. Try it. Price twenty-five cents
and seventy-five cents.
An Undeniable Truth.
You deserve to. suffer, and if you feaxl a
miserable, unsatisfactory life in this beauti
ful world, it is entirely your own fault and
there is only one excuse for you, your un
reasonable prejudice and skepticism, which
has killed thousands. Personal knowledge
and common sense reasoning will soon show
you that Green's August Flower' will cure
you of Liver Complaint, or upspepsia, with
all its misearble effects, such as sick head
ache, palpitation of the heart, sour stomach,
habitual costiveness, dizziness of the head,
nervous prostration ", low spirits, &'c. Its sale
now reach every town on the Western Con
tinent and not a Drugist but will tell y'ou of
its wonderful cures. You Ban buy a Sample
Bottle for 10 cents. Three doses will relieve
Various Causes.
Advancing years, care, sickness, disap
pointment, and hereditary predisposition
all operate to turn the hair gray, and either
of them inclines it to shed prematurely.
Ayer's Hair Vigor will restore faded or
gray, light and red hair to a rich brown or
deep black, as may be desired. It softens
and cleanses the scalp, giving it a healthy
action, and removes and cures dandruff and
humors. By its use faUing hair is checked,
and a new growth will be produced in all
cases where the foUicies are not destroyed
or glands decayed. Its effects are beauti
fully shown on brashy, weak, or,
to which a few applications will produce the
gloss and freshness of youth. Harmless and
sure in its operation, it is incomparable as a
dressing, and is especially valued for the
soft lustre and richness of tone it imparts.
It contains neither oil nor dye, and will not
sod or color white cambric; yet it lasts long
on the hair, and keeps it fresh 'arid vigorous.
For sale by all Dealers.
The National GOLD MEDAL wasawar ed to
Bradley & Rulof son for the best Photographs in the
United States, ana tne icmra jihim lur line ueoii in
the world. c
429 Montjomery Street 8an Francis .
Farmers. Call and see.. the latest im
proved LaDow Wheel Harrow, at Woodcock
At, Ma Idwin s, r ax supe nor to any ever offered
m this county befo -e. Kemember, also,
they have a few of th ose old reliable Gor-
nam feeders, for this spring trade.
In this city, Feb. 1, 1876, to the wife of
J3. W. V llson, a daughter.
In this city, Feb. 1", 1879, to the wife of
S. 11. Look, a son.
In Yamhill county, Ol igon, Feb, 8. 1879,
Abel Hurlhurt, (father of R. A. Hurlburt,
e il x v .r 1 j. 1; .. 1
01 uua country, j 01 inurt urease, agea to
years and 8 months.
New ttiis Week.
Hamburg Figsi
Price, 2 rents per Box, Sold Everywhere.
Firemen's Election.
i Y a Firemen's Election will be held at the
hall of Young America Engine Company No.
1, on Madison, oetween . Second awl lhird
Streets on the 8th day of March, 1S79, com
mencing at 7 o'clock p. M. , and continuing
until 9 o'clock P. M. of said day, at which
election there will be elected, by the quali
fied voters of the Fire Department of the
City of CorvaUis, a Chief and Assistant En
gineer, of the CorvaUis Fire Department, to
serve for one year ; that' D. Carlile, S. H.
Look anil G. W. Kennedy have been ap
pointed judges of said election, and W. A.
Wheeler and N. P. Briggs clerks of said
election. By order of the Board of Dele
gates, E. B. McELBOY,
MVER HARMS. freudent.
Dated Feb. 18, 1879. I(i:8w2.
Change of Firm.
i. the general merchandize, business here
tofore: carried on next door south of the
postofiiee, in Lorvallis, under the firm name
and style of
Sheppard & Jaycox,
Have this day taken in as a partner, Mr. C.
U. Barlow. Hereafter the business will be
carried on at the old stand under the firm
name and s.t3Tle of
Sheppard, Jaycox & Co.
Mr. George A. Sheppard, of the firm, will
in future reside in San Francisco in connec-
tioo with the firm, thus enabling us to offer
superior inducements to customers. Our
motto being in the future as in the past, low
prices and fair dealing, a liberal share ot pat
ronage is soliciteu.
In consequence of the above change all
narties indebted to the old firm are request
ed to call and settle their liabilities without
January 1, 1879. 21feblo:8tt.
Sheriff's Sale. 1
issued out of and under the seal of the
County Court, of the State of Oregon, for
the county of Benton, to me directed and
delivered, for the sum of (3458 07) four
hundred and fifty -eight dollars and fifty-
seven cents, with interest (hereon, from the
4th day of January, 18(4, at the rate of 43
per cent, per annum, and for the further
sum of .$35 50 costs and accruing costs, in
favor of Green B. Smith, and against m.
Liuville, for want of personal property, out
of which to satisfy the same, I have levied
upon and seized the following described real
property, to-wit: Commencing 20 chains
east of the S W corner of Sec. 35, in T 10,
S R 4 V, Willamette meridian ; thence
north 18.76 chains ; thence west 60.00 chains;
thence south 18.76 chains ; thence east 60.00
chains to place of beginning, containing
112 56-100 acres, lying and being situated
in Benton county, Oregon, together with all
the tenements, hereditaments and appur
tenances thereto belonging, or in anywise
appertaining ; and. on
Wednesday the 2Plb day or iRarch 1879.
I will sell at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash in hand, all the right, title
and interest which the said Wm. Linville
had at the date of said judgment, or now
has in and to the above descrilie.l real prop
erty to satisfy said judgment and costs, and
the costs and expenses of sale.
Sale will take place at the hour of 1
o'clock P. M. of said flay, at the Court House
door in the City of CorvaUis, in said county
and State. SOL. KING,
Sheriff of Benton County, Oregon,
Dated Feb. 19, 1879. 16:8w5
. ON .
DF" e"b. al, IL870,
Honorary Committee:
Cobvallis George P. Wrenn, John Bur
nett, T. J. Buford, M. S. Woodcock".
Albany Joe. Webber, J. R. Herrin, W.
B. Scott, Mart V. Brown, N. Baum.
Committee ot Arrangements:
Iyer Harris, T. J. Buford, Nick Baesen,
Peter Crimm, Eli King.
Reception Committee:
Nick Baesen, S. G. McFadden, Zephin
Job, Peter Crimm.
Floor Jianager:
E. H. Taylor, M. S. Woodcock, Charles
Miller, Frank Vincent, Eli King.
AH are cordially invited. Good music
secured. No supper. Tickets for sale at
Graham, Hamilton & Co.'s, and at Myer
Farm for Sale.
sale his splendid grain and stock farm,
four miles north of west of CorvaUis, on
Oak creek containing 1200 acres over one
hundred acres in cultivation two fine bear
ing orchards, and well calculated for divid
ing into two or more snug farms Terms
easy and title perfect. -For particulars in
quire of E. Holgate, W. B. Carter, or
on the premises.
CorvaUis, Jan. 1, 1878. 16:ltf,
$500 FORFEIT !
4 FOR - -
X this wonderiul discovery are these :
1. Meats can be preserved Perfectly
! resn for an indefinite iengt.h ot .time in
an open vessel ; that is, a vessel with a cloth
tied over it, or with a .snugly fitting cover.
2. Vegetables of nil killdw, if sound,
can also be preserved indefinitely, and with
out drying ui cooking.
3. Any clean vessel of wood; stone, or
glass, that will hold water, may be used to
contain the article preserved.
4. The process is so simple that a child of
ten years old can operate it, and there is no
danger of mistakes. ..,.
5. As used, neither the material nor pre
served articles are injurious to tile
lleaitll, nor is the flavor of the article
preserved in the least affected.
6. The apparatus, secret, directions in
full, and right to use in the family only, are
sold at the low price of 30.
7. The entire additional expense for ma
terials, will not exceed twenty-five
cents for. .preserving 100 pounds of meat
or for preserving a barn 1 (30 gallons) of veg
etables. ,.
8. The materials used can usually be "ob
tained at any drug store, and prepared at
mid times, when a per.Mm is not otherwise
busy, and kept on hand fur future use.
9. Neither files or vermin will ever
disturb meat preserved by this process.
10. Meatsjthat have become tai it ted can
ba restored to their', original condition, aud
then kept sweet indefinitely.
11. Experiments do not justify giving a
guarantee in regard to fruits. But the prob-
auuuiKs aie, mat large, soini iruitSt sucn as
apples, pears, etc., cau be preserved. Ber
ries and solt fruits ttre considered doubtful.
12. We will agree to verify all the above
statements under a forfei t El re of $500
gold coin, in case we fail in any PASticclaB;
Prottded, that in case we succeed, the par
ties calling fur the trial shall pay our neces
sary traveling and hotel expenses to the
place ot trial and hack, and in addition,
pay us for our time and trouble the sum ot
$100 gold coin. Both sums, as well as suf
ficient to cover traveling and hotel expenses
to be deposited. in responsible, disinterested
han.'.s before we str.rt for the plate of trial.
A copy of the above, properly signed, is
given to tbe-purchnser of every Right, am!
stands as our agreement and . guarantee for
the truth of the above statements.
Parties in the. Willamette Valley, north of
and including Benton county, and .west of
the Willamette River, desiring further in
formation, will address
, ,' . CorvaUis, Oregon, ,
General Agent fur the Pacific Coast.
Parties north of and including Lane coun
ty, aud east of the Willamette River, de
siring further information, will address
Albany, Oregon,
General Traveling Agent.
'GoodBooks for All."
Works whiuh should be found in every li
brary within the reach of all readers. :
orks to entertain. Instruct and Improve.
Copies will be sent by return post, on receipt
it price.. ..... , .
'New PnysioowoMY ; or Signs of . Character,
as manifested through Ipmperament and
External Forms, and especially in the Hu
man Face Divine. With more than One
Thousand Illustrations By Samuel R.
Wells. 78 pages. Heavy muslin. $5.00.
HydropathA.' Enclycopkdia ; A System of
Hygiene, embracing Outlines of Anatomy!
Physiology of the Human Body ; Preser
vation of Health; Dietetics and Cookery ;
Theory and Practice of Hygienic Treat
ment ; Special Pathology and Therapeu
tics, including the Nature, Causes,. Symp
toms, and Treatment of all known Dis
eases. By R. T. Trall, M. D. Nearly
l,000pages. .?4.00:
Wedlock ; or The Right Relations of the
bexes, A Scientific lreatise, disclosing
the Laws of Conjugal Selection, showing
Who May and Who May Not Marry, By
S. R. Wells. $1.00. ,
How to Read, and Hints in Choosing the
Best Books, with a classified list of works
of Biography, History, Criticism, Fine
Arts, Fiction, Poetry, Religion, Science,
Language, etc. By Amelie V.. Petitt.
220 pages. 12 mo, muslin, $1.00.
How to Write, a Manual of Composition
awd Letter-U riting. Muslin,, 7a cents.
How to Talk, a Manual of Conversation
and Debate, with Mistakes in Speaking
Corrected. . 75 cents. , . . .
How to Behave, a Manual of Republican
etiquette apd Guide to Correct Personal .
Habits, with rules tor debating socie
ties! Muslin, 75 cents.
How to Do Business, a Pocket Manual of
Practical Affairs,' and a Guide to Success,,
with a Collection of Legal Forms. Mus
lin, 75 cents. .
Chojce or Pursuits : or What to Do and
Why, apd how to Educate each man for
his proper work, describing Seventy -five
Trifles and, Professions, and the Talents
anil Temperaments required. By N. Sl-
ZER. $1.00.
Expression, ipe Anatomy and Philosophy.
With numerous iNotes, and upward of
Illstrations. $1.00.
How to Paint. Designed for Tradesmen,
Mechanics, Merchants, Farmers, aud the
Professional Painter. Plain and Fancy
Painting, Guilding, Graining, Varnishing,
Polishing, Kalsomining, Paper-Hanging,
and Ornamenting, Formulas for Mixing
Paint in Oilor Water. By Gardner. $1.00
Combe's Constitution o? Man. Consid
ered m relation to bxtenial Objects. $l.o0
Combe's Lectures on Phrenology. With
an Essay on the Phrenological mode of In
vestigation, and a Historical Sketch. By
Andrew Boardman. M. D. $1.50.
How to Read Character. A New Illus
trated Hand-book of Phrenology and
Physiognomy. With 170 Engravings.
Muslin. $1.25.
How to Raise Fruits. A Guide to the Cul
tivation and Management of Fruit Trees,
and of Grapes and Small -Fruits. By
Thomas Gregg. Illustrated. $1.00.
Letters to Women on Midwifery andthe
Diseases of Women. With General Man
agement of Childbirth, the Nursery, etc.
For Wives and Mothers. $1.50.
Science of Human Life. By Sylvester
Graham. With a copious Index and Bio
graphical Sketch of the Author. $3.00.
Phrenological Journal and Life Illus-
trated... Le voted to Ethmology, Physiolo-
fy Phrenology, Physiognomy, Psycolpgy,
liography, Education, Art, Literature,
with Measures to Reform, Elevate, and
Improve Mankind Physically, Mentaly and
Spiritually. Published monthly, in octa
vo, form, at $2.00 a year fn advance, or 20
cents a number. New volumes January
and July. , .
Inclose amount in a Registered Letter or
by a P, O. Order for one or for all-the above,
and address S. R. WELLS CO., Publish,
era, 3S7 Broadway, New York. Agents
wanted. 7febl6:6tf.
State Treasurer's Tliird
Stjste Treasurer's Office,
Salem, February 5, 1879. J
the following .warrants indorsed prior
to August 19, 1873, . payable from revenue
derived from special tax, will be paid on
presentation, numbered as follows :
344. 346, 686, 600, 69a, 604, 817, 1020,
1046, 1047, 104S, 1049, 1050, 1054, 1058,
1059, 1060, 1061, 1062, 1069, 1070, 1072,
1074, 1075, 1079, 1081, 1085, 1086, 10S7,
1088, 1089, 1890, 1091, 1095, 1100, 1101,
1105, 1106, 1109, 1110, IIH, 1112, 1125,
1128, 1129, 1132, 1136, IMS, 1141, 1143,
1144,1145,1148,1140, 1115.0, 1152. 1161,
1165, 1170,1171, 1174, 1175, 1177, 1178.
1185, 1186, 1188, 1189, lt0, 1191, 1192,
1194, 1196, 1200, 1204, 1207. 1218, 1219,
1231, 1232, 1233, 1234, 1240, 1256, 1257.
1053. .
Interest on the above warrants will cease
from this date.
16:6w4 . State Treasurer.
Administrator's Notice.
the undersigned has been duly appoint
ed Administrator of the estate. of ' George
McBee, deceased, by the County Court of
Benton county, Oregon; all persons having
claims against said estate are required to
present the same to said Administrator with
the proper vouchers within six months from
this date at his residence 7 mileB south of
CorvaUis, in Benton county, Oregon, or at
the office of James A. Yantis, in CorvaUis.
Adm. V estate of Geo. W. McBfe. dec.'d.
Dated Feb. 3, 1879. 7febl6:6w4.
Notice of Final Settlement.
of Stephbx Howell, deceased. - i
The Administrator of sai l. Estate having
filed with the County Court his final ac
counts in said Estate, it is ordered by the
Court that notice be given and published at
least once a eek for four successive weeks
in the Corvallis Gazette of said final ac
counts, and that the 8th day of March,
1879. at 10 o'clock, a. ml, be appointed for
the hearing of objections to the final ac
count and settlement thereof.
By order of Hon. W. S. McFadden,
County Judge, done at the Court House at
Corvallis, in Benton County, Oregon, this
3d dav of February, 1S79.
7febl 6:6w4. Administrator.
State of Oregon, for the County of Ben
ton. , . ' i
In the matter o f the Estate of F. A. Macdon
ough, deceased. Citation.
To the heirs unknown of Francis A. ?Jac
donough, deceased, and to all other persons
interested in said Estate, greeting: r
In the name of the State of Oregon, you
are hereby cited and required to appear in
the County Court of the State of Oregon,
for the County of. Benton, at the Court Room
thereof, at Corvallis, in the County of Beu
ton on Saturday, i the 8th day of March.
1879, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day
then and there to show cp.use, if any exist,
why an order of the Court should not be
made for the sale of the following descriljed
Real Property, to-wit : Lots 3 and 4 of Sec.
10 T II 3 S 11 west, Will. Merr, containing
53 50-100 acres of land situated in Benton
County, State of Oregon, belonging to said
estate, as prayed for in the petition of Sam
uel Case, Administrator of said Estate.
! Witness, the Hon. W. S. Mc
l. s.J Faddcu, Judge of the County
Court. of the State, of Oregon, for
the County of Benton, with the St-al.of said
Court affixed, this 5th day of February, A.
D., 1879. .-
. t . Attest, B. W. WILSON,
7febl6:6w5. Clerk.
Vick's Floral Guide.
A beautiful work of 100 Pnsres, One Color,
ed Flower Plate, and 300 Illustrations,
with Descriptions of the best Flowers and
Vegetables,and how to "row them. All for
a Five Cent Stamp. In English or Ger
man. The Flower and Vegetable Garden, 175
Pages, Six Colored Plates, and many hun
dred Engravings. For 50 cents in paper cov
ers; 1.00 in elegant cloth. In German or
English. . i.
Vick's Illustrated Monthly 'Magazine.
32 Pages, a Cblored Plate in every num
ber and many tine Engravings. Price $1.25 a
year; Five'Copie3 for $5.00. Specimen num
bers sent for 10 cents.
Tick's Seeds are the best in the world.
Send Five Cent Stamp for a Floral Guide,
containing List and Prices, and plenty of in
formation. Address
JAMES VICK, Rochester, F. Y.
utatementH neatlv printed at this office
Hair Vigor j
For restoring Gray Hair to
its natural Vitality and Color.
A dressing
which is at once
healthy, and ef
fectual for pre
serving the
hair. Faded or
gray hair is soon
restored to its
original color.
with the gloss and freshness of youth.
Thin hair is thickened, falling hair
checked, and baldness often, though
not always, cured-by its use. Noth
ing can restore the hair where the
follicles are destroyed, or the glands
atrophied and decayed. But such as
remajn can be saved for usefulness
by this application. Instead of foul
ing the hair with a pasty sediment, it
ill keep it olean and vigorous. It
occasional use will prevent the hair
from turning gray or falling off, and
consequently prevent baldness. Free
from those deleterious substances,
which make some preparations dan-
ferous, and injurious to the hair", the
Igor can only benefit but not harm
it. If wanted merely for a
nothing else can be found so desir
able. "Containing neither oil nor
dye, it does not soil white cambric,
and yet lasts long on the hair, giving
it a rich, glossy lustre and a grateful
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
Practical and Analytical Chemists,
State ot Oregon, for Benton County.
Frankik Savge i Suh in Equity for di-
James Savage. Jvorce. . ... ,.
To said James Savage, Defendant: In the
name of the State of Oregon, yon are here
by; summoned and required to appear , and
v.,0 vouijuiuu,, iu". against you in
the above entitled court in, this suit, by
the, second Monday in April. A. D. 1879,
that being the first day of the next term of
said conrt for said county, to be holden six "
weeKs from the first publication of this sum
mons, and if you fail to appear or answer,',
for want thereof, Plaintiff will take adecre
against you dissolving the bands of matri
mony heretofore contracted between yott
and the plaintiff, and for all the relief claim
ed in the complaint. And you are Notified,
24th day of January, 1879, Hon.
J. F. Watson. unW f .,1A ...,i.
order directing this summons to be served on
you by being .published once a week favsix
consecutive Weeks in tVi I V ,-,, , ... n . ....
- - v,,,,. . ,v,,i.i u ajn i l r,
a weekly newspaper . published ip said Boun
ty of Benton, and that yon enter , ycr ap
pearance by the second Monday in April A
D. 1879. - JOHN KEESAY.
ojj:niuwD. AW. y tor rL'n.
Lands! Farms! Homes!
Barns. Dwellings-. Orchards, lank nudei-
fence and cultivation,
These lands arc- cheap. .
Also claims in unsurveyed tracts for sale..
Soldiers of the late rebellion who have,
under the Soldiers' Homestead Act, located
and made final proof on less than 160 acres,
can dispose of the balance to me.
Write, (with stamps to prepay postage).
Address. R. A. BEN SELL,
Newport, Benton County, Oregon.
January 7, 1878. lff:2tf.
Invciitcr and Proprietor of Taylor's
PrruvMes to nut a Titfl fiv W ;,7 4-
L - " rt nit OK VUQ.
top, one and a half, feet at the bottom and
two feet deep, throwinr the dirt two feet
4 it . i, . .
muiii uiLcii,. ior me small consideration 01
Thirty-three and one-third Cents Mr Rod.
This he guarantees or no charges. He hra
t" 1 mill-nines jiuw in operation, uoe eacn
in Linn, Benton and Lane counties.
Junction City, Oregon. Jan. 17, 1879.
liSi I H!, HAMILTON & 00.,
for. medicinal use.
And also the very best assortment of
ever brought to this place,
bug by one mouth's usage of Dr. Gou
lard's celebrated Infallible Fit Powders. To
convince sufferers that these powders will do
all we claim for them we will send them by
mail, post paid, a free Trial Box. As Dr.
Goulard is the only physian that has ever
made this disease a special study, and as to
our knowledge thousands have been perma
nently cured bv the use of these Powders,
we will guarantee a permanent cure in eve
ry case, or refund you all money expended.
All sufferers should give these Powders an.
early triaL and be canvinccd of their cura
tive powers. , . i ,
Price, for large box, S3. 00, or four boxes
for $10.00, sent by mail to any part of the
United States or Canada, on receipt of price,
or by express C. O. D. Address,
360 Fulton Street, Brooklyn N. Y.
City Trucks and Drays
Trucks, lately owned by Mr. Jamej Eglin,
we are prepare U do all kinds of
la city or country, at reasonable rates. Pat
ronage solicited, and satisfaction guaranteed in
all cases. ALUEKT r iuaLL,
Corvallis, Dee. 20, 1878. 6:Sltf.
signed, either for board or meat account, wilV
please come forward and settle immediately as T
need the money to enable me to meet mv obligations,
and must have it. ''A word to the wtae it sufficient.-
Corvallis, Dec. 24, 1878. lo:5l.