The state rights democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1865-1900, February 10, 1893, Image 4

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Attorney at Law vnd Solicitor In Chancery. Oellec
Uons made on all points. Loans negotiated on
rahls terras. Albany, Oregon
Attorney at law, and JJotarr Pub.ic. Will practice in
all the -onru of this itata Special attention siren to
rollec'.ions and matters in prehite O twee: Upstairs
Mason-Twodals Block Albany. OgB
t. 11 i ii if
:.ckw its
11 legal matters will reos In pro tap
r. Odd fellow's Temple, Albany, O
attsnli ti ftW
Attorneys at Law,
Albany, Oregon.
Attorney at Law, Albany, Or.
All lags) b j.insw .'attended .te
FLIXN-S Blosk, A'bany,
Collet Uoos a speeUltT regardless ef sine. Corree
denu in all IBs valley Un: OFFICE ever
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r. j. ii. iiill..
t"Bj silts and Burgeon, OFFICE Corner
Ferry streets, Albany, Oregon.
and B. c.i,
Surgeons. OFFICE Corner eoood
BicedaJbin streets. Albanr, Or, Calls pre.nplly
adsd i citv and country.
AtrSpecUlst In diseases of the Eye.
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vice rssaAnaas
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ACCOUNTS KEPT subject to shock.
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law York, Ban Francisco, Chicago and
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a-preatdact J at balhtoh
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,ii srll.r Oregon.
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S.YSSnWlT1 S.t Handbook writs to
all NN At OCX. asi Broadway, New York.
Oldeet bureau for securing patents In America.
H5MTSt?t SHf1 !? D" ' brotsrtat before
ta public byanoUoegtren tree of charge In tho
friewtific American
1 should be without It. Wi
eari SLOslx months. AddMi
Pcausavsaa, Ml Broad waj. New
Southern Pacific Go.
Trains leave Portland Daily.
raoa jcit 1. ltM,
T:Ur. su I Lt
10:r Lt
Kit A I Ar
San Francisco
Ar 7:i5 a a
Lv j 4:23 a a
Lv 7:00 r a
A bare trains stop only at (ol lowing stations n orfb
el Roaeburg. East Portland, Oregon Citv, St .ad
urn, Sal sea, Albany, Taagent, Shodd, Halsey rls
rtskarf , Junction City, Irving, Eugene.
aaaasvae sun., daily
fcSO An
Ar ' H5r
Lt I lBjlu a
8 00 r a 1 Lt
.oral Ar
Ar :)
Lt I 8:S0 s
8:10 A I Lt
:2Sr b
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1 SCf a
Dininsr Cars on Ogden Routes
Alto-bed ta all Thr.ngh Trail.
Tret aide SXrlelan.
trXE" PattTEta AB (flllllllt
Nail rssis daisy (Except Sanaay,
Mil I
11:10 P a I
Mir b
I rtAIS DAILY (ElCSp. SULdav .
Ar 1 r a w.
Lt I S.t a
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to all point in the Eastern States, Caaada and
Europe can be obtained at lowest from C K
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Portland, Oregon.
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Ot.., KceelTcr.
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Short Line U CavUfssralat,
Flrtst-olaaa through passenger and
frrjljcht line frarc Portland and all point!
te the Wlllamauo Valley to and from Ban
f rruiciaoo, Cal.
Boats make clous. oij oration at Alban
sr !th trains of the U i o.:ou Fv.lfi Railroad
TIME SCHEDTJ1 F.. except Snsdais.l
Usits Albany lXttX) r. v, ' t. Yaqulna, r:00A,B
'stTe Corrallis IMr.r . . Leave Corvallls,10:3f a, a
Arrl . c Yaqalna, t :S5 t. a Amra Albany, 1 1: 13 a
O. ck C. trains in, 'i"i at Albany aao
Oorvallia. The kbove trains ooanectai
Caanina with tin Oregon Devoiopruoin
Company's Line of Steamships beirao.
V as ulna and San Francisco,
raaa taqiiia.
itaatsavt fMr, Uniassr Uth , Bassl
ntoa sab rASCico
snibunetLs Tallsy, December g'.b i 18tb ; 27th
The CornparjT - -utyob tba ngnt ft,
Vance sailing dates v-'thout notice.
e7.B. Paaaengera from Portland an -FUlameUe
Valley ooinU can make cloas
: jruiection with the trains of the Vaqnln
r .uts at Albanv or Corvallis. and if de-
( nod to San Francisco should arraneetr.
rrive at Yastuina the evening before frats
f sailta?-.
3Tassnar an Freight rales always lb
1891, 1892.
Irst Teria Opened September ttl:
At 1 corps of Instructors, -
Courses ol stndy arranged to meut 11
all grades of students .
Sfrrial tnaHctmenls eftred to sudenn
from abroad.
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TRANSACTS general Banking business.
li RAW SIGHT DRAFTS' on New York, San Fr
sco and Portland, Oregon.
LOAN MONEY on approved security.
RF.CKIVK deposits subject to check.
COLLECTIONS made on favorable terms.
INTERESTlpald on time deposit.
kLi j DItiUING Ed Davidson Id
iusco;a-s ttyie, promptly, ana will guar
antes his work.
A ipecial dispatch from Omaha lays that
recent pronounced changes made by the Un
ion Pacific Railway Company in their pas
senger ticket sales and In reduction of their
operating expenses has appeared to some
persons ''on the inside" to mean nothing
more than a mere temporary movement, It
is believed by many men of influence and
railway acquaintance In this city that the
directors and officer of the company have
about got really to throw the road into the
hands of the'government and wish to get at
much revenue out of It as powlb'e before
that time comes. This conclusion la sup
ported bv the facta. It will be remembered
hat when the Union Pacific railway was
built United States bonds to the amount of
$50,000,000 were fsued during the period o'
il construction, from 18641 1869. Taese
bonds were in'.ended ta aid the road to ob
tain capital enough to undertake what teemed
to be a great burden They were run 30
years at a 6 per cent rate. In July, 1894'
the first of them will fall due, The company
is utterly unable to meet Its obligations in
his matter and bat again and r gain asked
congress to extend the time of these bonds.
A lecently issued repart of the government
commissioner, Horace A' Taylor, recommen
ded the extension to 100 years and a redac
tion of the rate of interest to a per cent.
The death of Mr Gou'd and the generally In
terpreted vrtdlct against corporations aa
given in the recent election have led the dl
rectors to make 'eady for the Inevitable by
securing as mucn profit aa possible from the
remaining mon'hs of the contract
The feeling anainst ihe Union Pacific in
Nebraska is moat bi'ter een fanatical,
and the tame mat be iti 1 o other Western
states They claim t'at something about
the great road must be wioiig when it hat
cleared 1 20, 000,000 per 1 ear for the paet
decade and hat not pain off a penny of its
great government debt. The representatives
of these people will no- dare ta vote for any
sUwh extension In congress aa !s .ed for,
and it it Ibeir evident purpose to lorce the
railway in o the hands of a receiver and
close up its affairs as a private corporation,
or even to dissolve all government connection
with i: and treat it as any ol her creditor of
the government.
The Eiflel tower it right inches shorter
in winter than In summe.
The planet Neptune hss the longest year,
consisting of more than 00,000 of o! our days-
In Sotaold, Mats. , the rate of taxation it
on I4.67. The rate varies between $6.1$
and 9.90 in 32 towr.t iu the State.
A bkyc.e weighing only 11 poinds has
been mace and successfully tried In Eng
land. The materia! was aluminum.
Of the whole length of the Suez Canal, 66
miles arc cuttings, 14 were mtde by dredg
ing through the lakes, and 8 required no la
bor. A company with a ctpftal stock of f$o.-
000 has been formed In Fexas to convert the
bean of the metquit tree Into a subatitdte for
A raftcf logs ass brought dowm the Ska
git River and sold to Taceins recntly, which
scaled an average of 29,000 leet of lumber
to cacti log
The Treasury Department a, Washington
uauujcu curing tne jesr mure man i,wu,
000,000 revenue stamps, and not oce stamp
was mislaid or lost.
The increase in the world's production of
cotton since 1840 hat be-n 2,232,000.000
pounds, three-fourths of which was contribu
ted by the Called States.
The most costly peice of railroad line la
the world is that between the Mansion House
snd Aid gate stations In Indon, which re
qu red the expenditure of nearly
000 a mils.
A German official report suits that no
case has been reworded where a ship rigged
with wire rigging has sustained any damage
from lightning, except in a few i Balances
where continuous connection had not been
maJe with the hull.
Since Smith has been chosen United
States senator from New Jertey, it appears
that be is the first man ol that name to be
elected by a state lesruiature to the senate
since early in the century. This is indeed
odd-, cons.dering the fact that the name is so
common. - I tit gram.
The TtUzram is in error. Detazoi Smith
was one of Oregon's hirst senators elected In
1S57 and took his teal in March 1800. In
the ciiier and belter days, Connecticut was
represented by Naihan Smith, then later
Perry Smith and then Trneman Smith. In
diana once had Oliver H Smith. Maryland
in the early days bad Samuel Smith. New
York many t ears ago had ihe well-known
plain John Smith. South Carolina once
chose William Smith, Tennessee Daniel
Smith, and Vermont, Israel Smith, So tba
it whl be teen that the Smiths have cut no
mean figure iu the United States senate.
The adjutant general ef the state militia
made application 10 Governor Pennoyer
lor permission to use two brass cannon
belonging o the state to fire a salute on
inauguration day. The governor replied
"No permission will be given to use
state cannon lor firing a salute over the
inaugunfion of a Wall street plutocrat at
president of the United Si ales. '
A d. zen men in Albany about half re
publicans and half democrats, discussing
the governors' coarse conduct, agreed
unanimously tint no man In the state could
be found who could to successfully and
completely ilte himself do n as a dolt as
the governor did himself in this matter.
Ciothrd with t little brief authority , the
governer shows himself an autocrat more
dangerous than the czai of Russia had he
not an intelligent public to keep an eye
on him. Few people in Oregon that will
endorse the couduct of the governor in
venting his spleen jgalnat a man whom the
governor foolishly im.tgln .s stood between
him and the presidency.
One pleasant feature of the democratic
meeting at Salem was that nobody wat
boomed ar.d nobody wat sat upon. It wat
declared a free race for the candidates, anil a
God-speed to the lucky ones. There it
nothing that will disrupt party organization
quicker than to attempt to use the party ma
chinery in the interest of individuals or
cliques. 1 he centra rommittecmen had the
good sense to provide against this. Now
the fel'ow win, wants office can get out and
hustle for it with the assurance that he wi'l
not be clogged by the improper manipulation
ot party bosses. Ttdgram.
The pnpulia'. In Kansas arr showing all
the bru'alitiesol the most reddest politicians.
The experience and skill which these Kar.-
sas populists use so effectively on the repub
lican party in that state were acquired by
them while they were members In good
standing In the g.o. p. cf that state. The
A siorian should never complain when pupils
imbibe all the skill, learning and experience
of their teachers.
In 36 years South Australia bus had 45
Important Ula
Salem, Feb 1. The session in the house
today waa one of supreme interest. Law
ton's bill repealing both the mortgage tax
law and the deduction-for-indeblediiess
clause was reported back, considered in
committee of the who'e, and returned 'o
the house with amendments and a favorable
recommendation by a vote which leaves no
doubt of the ultimate passage of the meas
ure. A poll of the bouse whs made today
and it showed that out of 56 seen 35 favor
the repeal of both measures and 40 the
abolishment of the deductions.
Forged a Cheek
Roskchro, Or, Feb 1. Walter Dever
son, who claims to represent the Manufac
turers' Accident Indemnity Company, of
f Oneida, N Y, while in this place Friday,
forget! L C Beardaley name to a check for
145, which he prevailed upon J B Canon
to cash, and then left town. He was caught
by s deputy sheriff at Sisson Deputy
Dillard went there and returned this morn
ing with his prisoner. Deveraon was given
an examination before Justice Hamlin to
day, who bound him over to the grand
A Trasnendosr. Strop
Kansas City, Fob I. The blizzard
which swooped down from the north yes
terday evening continued just 24 hours.
At 6 o'clock this evening it waa practically
over. The remarkable feature was the
extraordinary fall of temperature. At this
place the mercury dropped from 49 dest
above to 5 below zero, a fall of 54 degs. At
Dodge City, Kan, the fail was 82 degs.
during the same period. The blizzard has
caused a considerable delay to railroads.
Aa Angry Judge
Oaki.aj.-i, Cal, Feb 1 Judge Ellsworth,
of the superior court of Alemeda county,
and J M Baasett indulged in a pugilistic
encounter on Broadway today. Judge
Ellsworth asked Baasett if he bad written
letters to newspapers commenting on the
decision of the court in the water front
case, and when Baasett said he had. the
judge struck him in the face. Baasett
struck back and the men were parted by
A allreatl AeeMeat
Marshfieij). Or Feb 1. News was
received of an accident at the government
works on the Coos bay bar. whereby J G
Haynea was terribly injured. The news it
very meager. At the government steamer
General Wright started for a doctor ar toon
at the accident occurred, and had no par
ticulars. It U supposed that Haynea fell
while riding on the train, and several can
of rock passed over him.
Wants It Madly
Washington. Feb 1. Don M Dickinson
savs he is hardly in favor of the annexation
of the Hawaiian islands aid says that the
next war, if we have one, will be on the
ocean, and we must have the Hawaiian
islands. If there is an extra session certain
1 v it will consider the Hawaiian annexation
if it too is not settled by that time. These
remarks from Don Dickinson, who it just
from Cleveland, are taked as IVreUnJ's
own views on the Hawaiian situation.
A small nrrtrnae.
The Daixw. Or, Feb 2 At 6
p m
yesterday snow was failing very fast
evefTthlha? indicated a heavy stoim
At 9
the wind changed to the west and blew a
hurricane. The temperature, however, re
mained below the freezing point, and the
wind sweeping the snow with it. furnished
a biixzard without its deadly cold. Before
morning, there was a northwest wind and
the mercury again fell. At 8 p m the
tItAnioaieter registered 6 above zero, with
every prospect of aero before morn ine.
Two Htxteaa Kerala Iwtsals.
&ax Astosio. Tex, Feb 2. Two of the
most desperate men engaged in the recent
revolutionary bonier movements against
Mexico a ere brought here today and lodged
in jail. The prisoners are General Fran
Benaridea and Captain Cecil!!0
Ecbanarria. They were brought to 'Jhia
1 sj 1 01 : at .1 1. . f c. ....
lor the Qnern:
IVusitoim Feb 2 At one of the
T IT UVK V. ' I iwwis,
under the name of Cooper. His real name
it Gen William Armstrong. He says he
was the friend and adviser of the late king
of the Sandwich islands. He it here in
the interest of the deposed queen, and haa
been for some time gathering information
which will aid him in restoring the queen
to the throne. Armstrong was very par
ticular that Mott Smith, now representing:
the Sandwich islands here should not know
of his presence in the city.
4 lesjtsll al sail.
Salem. Or. Feb 2. Today in the circuit
court of Marion county, Mr Charles De
Leon instituted a damage suit for $10,600
against George T Downing, superintendent
of the Oregon state prison. The complaint
alleges that Downing made malicious and
scandalous utterances concerning the plain
tiff. Mr Downing said tonight the suit
was nothing bnt blackmail and that be
bad never spoken illy of the plaintiff,
reaaejrr Beared 1
Salem, Or. Feb 2. In response to the
call of Chairman D R Murphy, the state
H 1. ..( I . -S 1 1. 1 . .il. - Man .
democratic central committee men tms
rr. .. . : ,
afternoon in the vt iliamette hotel parlors i importance while orhert may be neces
at 2 o'clock. The meeting- was called to sary.
crder by Chairman Murphy and the roll-
call indicated it to be the best attended
meetintr of the committee tu many years.
There waa a general discussion as to the
best methods of harmonizing all factions of
tne democratic tarty. o names of can
didates were mentioned, in connection with
any federal appointments. The following
resolution was passed: "The state demo
cratic central committee of Oregon here
assembled regret the attitude of his
excellency. Governor Pennoyer, towards
the leader of our party. President elect
('rover Clevaland. The people for the
second time and by an overwhelming ma
joriry have shown their confidence in
President Cleveland, and it ill becomes
Governor Pennoyer, who has repeatedly
been honored by the democratic party, to
attempt to throw slurs on its greatest
leader. We hereby renew our allegiance
,o the chosen chief executive of this country
and consider Governor Pennoyer's utter
ances against bim as unwarranted and
- Far a sugar Stent factory
Ei:oEE. Feb 3. A special meeting o
the boad of trade of this city waa held last
evening, having under consideration the
question of the esUblishment of a tugar
beet factory at this point. An expert Lad
been secured to make an investigation as
to the soil, climate, and other conditions.
and the probable outlook for the success of
such an institution. He was present at the
meetintr and made a very favorable report.
based upon the facts as be found them, and
the result of the experiment of the agri
cultural department at Washington. He
said he hod found no place on the Pacific
coast where the conditions were so favor
able for the industry.
Boles Declined
Des Moines. Ia. Feb 3. Cleveland has
tendered Governor-elect Boies the. position
ofsecretary of agriculture. Boies today
sent to Cleveland a lotter declining the
position of secretary of agriculture. The
information comes from the governor's
friendt. The matter has been under con
tideration for several days. Governor
Boies gives as his reason that it is the gen
eral wish of the democrats of the state that
he should fight for United States ajnator
next fall.
A Horrible Harder
New Orleans, La, Feb 3. At Prof.
John H Duffy 't arena, at I o'clock thi
mornintr. Ed Williams, known as "Good
rich." was killed by John Green during a
sparring exhibition in the fourth round.
Both men were colored. Green was arrest
ed, along with the seconds, all colored.
Great reduotion in Aermotor wind mills
for December. Soe the agent, VY W Craw
ford. The hnat line of pocket
ity at Stewsrt A Sox's.
knives in the
Steward Si Sox soil thelvery bast patau
he m and scissors.
A log cabin made of gum attracts onn-
tiileiablo attention at Manlier'. Sec it.
Remember that P L Do moot doe guar
antee Id, and sews possible coming rips in
clothing bought of his store. Overcoat told
at coal until Chritmaa.
Will & Stark, ft, jeweler.
It Ii reported that the mercury went down
to ss degrest below zero at Helena. A
very cold fact il irue.
The Corvaillt Timet and Vaaulna Post
Lare embracing each other. The Timet
tsys: Never was there a tarrier that
would not scratch gravel and gro.,1 at a
mastiff; and so that mingy little pug, the
faqulna Pest, bristles Its mane and snarles
at the Timet. The mattlfl wagt Iu tall In
clammy Indifference.
The friends of t lie state fair and their
name is legion will be surprised tbie
morning tolearn that Mr Elmore.s bouse
bill No 210 repeali the appropriation of
$5,000 for the state fair. This repeal
crept slyly into the bill and came very
near being overlooked Salem States
man. The Salem Journal taw Governor Pen
noyer, In reference to hit refusal to allow
the states cannon to be used at the Inaug
uration, and here it the cranky retult,
and n- It necessary: The
governor was aeen by a Journal writer to
day and sayt he will court-marthal any
officer of hit stall who would do such a
thing. It Is asking loo much of him as
commander-in-cnlef to have a salute fired
at the expense of this state in honor of
such a man as Cleveland. He sayt the
barbarians bow down to stocks and stones,
but Oregon snail not contribute ta the
idolatry of the stuffed prophet of Wall
ttreet while he it governor of thlt state.
The East Oregonian had a missing
word contest: The following sentence
from Henry George was used :
"Men's souls, encompassed here with
'-Todies and passions, have no communi
cation with God, except what they can
reach to In conception only ; by meant of
, at by a kind of an obscure
dream But when they are looted from
the bodv and removed into the unteen,
invisible, impassable, and pure region,
thlt God la then their leader and King;
they there at It were, hanging on Him
wholly, and beholding without weaiineaa
and passionately affecting that beauty
which can not be cxpjeaaed or uttered by
The missing word was Philosophy and
only one out of 42, a man in Virginia,
guttsed It.
Pennojer's name will be changed to
Dennis if he doesn't stop his extreme
Some of oar exchanges are bothering
themselves over the question of whether
Cleveland will ha) known in history aa
the 22nd or 24 tit president of the U. S.
Try figuring 00 it.
Ford's big four. Allow no deduction
for indebtedness. Retain the mortgage
tax law. Give poor people a liberal
amount exempt from taxation. Make
j the individual and the property pay the
taxes. .
Tbie week the Santiam Lumberman
refers to the Mill City Gazette man aa
the wind baa. Sheener. trarrilous. de
ceitful old jay, putrid carcass and ends by
challenging him to mortal combat with
rotten pumkins at filly yards range, but
no nearer, nnlees he washes his feet.
The matter ia getting too "rocky"' for a
family journal 1 ke the DcaforaAT, and
we piomisesot to refer to it again. except
something serious happens.
The Lebanon Express does not even
give Albanv credit for nine electric light-,
and says: "We tee that Albany has
shut off her electric lighu, aa she is not
able to stand the ex pente. Would it not
be well for oar city to -orrespond with
Hodavtlle, Monroe and Albany, with a
view to selling our street oil tamps as we
have no use for them
Hera's the way it was settled in Mc
Minnville : Tuesday J M Lynch was ar
rested for boisterous conduct in a public
place. The complaint was made by W m
Kuos. Before the recorder he was fined
f5 and costs Judging from the testi
mony of witnesses the boisterous conduct
eontittrd ot snow nailing and the ac
cidental breaking of a door knob. All
lb is it seems could have been better
eetCed outside the city court
One of the boy ol the Rotcburg public
school got into s hgbt with the ; rjnripal, R
M Cockling, and knocked bia out . The
principal icsigned aad has gone to Wash
ing:, n,
One of the SUte legislators la a speech
the other day referred 10 the country editor
as 'that poor man." Sere enough. 3u: a
community is a poor place without him, aad
the livlfer a place the better be la supported.
Tanoktv, Feb. 3.
Aa usual there tea vast number of bills
presented at the prewent session of the
lM,.lalt,M Man. al 1. I !:..;
a " w. aiv v utsiv
The road bill pretested bveSenator
Myers in many respects j, good, bat the
idea of a supervisor working over a much
territory as iniscaiia loynd only allowed
work is altogether out of the oueation. it
V -. "V auvbs in aoina tne
cannot be done, for no man will accept of
such office at the figure named .
The appropriation of money to aid
schools which are under the care of a
church, is unjust; tor if one church (is
favored why not all.
I understand the college at Monmotk
will ask for a $30,000 appropriation to
build more room for the school. This
thou d not be allowed, for they are
teaching primary and preparatory classes
mere, tt no ever neard of a college
. 1 : 1. -. . it . . . . ,v
scni-uiDg such stuuies sno men asking
the eute to furnish means to run the
school with. Such a bill shonld be con
signed to immediate death.
The raising of the salaries of the school
tuperintcndanu is another which should
not pass, for they now get all they earn.
Where there are one bill favoring the
farmers, there is ten which are in the in
terest of some one who does not deserve
what the law now allows them.
The ttionied powers call for tba reneal
of tne mortgage Ux law. Thev would
like the usury law also deet roved, so
they could satisfy their insatiable thirst
for greed.
lt seems that those who have plentv,
are striving to crash the working man to
the very lowest extreme, and just ss long
as they will stand the pressure just o
long will the uanrtier stst in his work.
If the pre ent legislature will make laws
to equalize the burdens of taxation, so
the rich will be compelled to pay what
they justly owe as taes as well as the
poor man does they will be thankfully
There should be a rate bill for the rait
roads, and they should be compelled to
recognise it. Also reduce the fare from
4 to 3 cts per mile. Those large corpor
ations have the protection of the laws,
nnu tney stiould be regulated uy such
laws as is right and proper, and not al
lowed to charge what they please for
hauling freight and passengers. This
kind of a law could not be made too
strict. Let us have laws which are just
.1 .1 ..... i.f .
auu men mere will oe no complaint.
Fnllece Isoiest
Coaching hat already begun for the extm
Inattont next week.
Prof lorbet ha just tent east for 16 new
geometries for the class beginning that stu
dy. The junior clatt have begun to prepare
their orations for next commencement.
The blackboard that appears in the assem
bly hall with the schedule of examination it
a fine specimen of penmtnthip tnd it a
ci edit to the artist Mr Riley Hulburt.
The A C L S have their regular election of
officeri and it being election day the lit
erary exercises vsil be omitted. The hoyt
are looking forward to the initiations of the
new members with much Interest.
Bill Svkks. Jr.
The Portland Collection Agenoyhas com
menced several saitt to oolUct accounts far
0 L Blackman. Parties owing him should
settle their asoount aad tar oottt.
In the Senate. At the Wednesday
afternoon session Cross' senate bill con
cerning roads was read a third time and
passed, Hlrtch Introduced a bill to estab
lish a uniform tyttem of weightt and
measures and to provide for a state sealer.
M vert introduced a bill in reference to a
certain school dlttrlctof Linn county ; Mc
Ginn introduced a bill to regulate the
ratet charged by telephone companies,
Dodson't bill for the relief of Baker coun
ty failed to past. Vanderburg, to amend
the code relating to feea of county assess
or, etc, laid on the table. Veach, to au
thorize county judges to bid In property
told for taxes,' passed; Myers, filing chat
tel mortgages, pasted; Denny, to enable
married women to convey real property,
passed; Denny, relative to Intermarriage
of certain races, failed ta pass.
In the House. Northup's assessment
bill was passed. The bill of Wright, of
Marlon, creating a commission to provide
for a display and appropriating $6o.coo
therefor, waa read the third time. The
bill brought on much discussion, and the
previous question being moved, the bill
patted 3s to 20.
Hpeclal to the Dbbocbati
Salim, Or., Feb 2nd. House: Special
committee on jute mill repwrted bill for
patsage to 3rd reading. .Sheriff's salary
bill referred lo committee on counties.
Under resolution all standing cominltteet
are reporting on tills in their hand.
Senate: New bills, Hlrtch to purchase
electric light plant used by ta'e; Cross, to
change Multncmah and Clackamas ; My
ers, liabilities of counties for defective
roads and bridges; Haves to incorporate
Clackamas city ; Alley, propagation food j
fish ; bills passed. Wcatherford,hometlead
law, passed. Oodson, cividing Baker.
tsi titb pv . TV
Third reading senate bills-Cross, to
authorize construction of bridge at Ore-
icon City; passed. Denny, to proUct inn j
keepers; passed; McAlitter, for extirpa
tion 0' thistles; passed. Gates, to ena
ble women to bold educational offices
pasted. Butler, reducing salary of dis
trict attorneys; laid on table. Black-
man, amending code pt ruining to edu
cation: passed,
Blackmail's bill winch passed the sen-
ate yesterday is calculated to secure to
cheaper school books. The bill invites
competive bids for furnishing the books
required to be taught fh the schools of
the state
Third reading of bills Miller, incor-
111c uwiuurawBu I'cuu.c w '-"i
i po rating city of Sweet Home; passed ,
and many other incorporation bilie.
Meyer s house bill asks tne election
biennially by the legislature of a fish
comroicaioner, whose duty it shall be to
devote his time and attention to the fish-
ink industries of the state. The salary
proposed for the com mtssionor $2,000 per
annum and traveling expenses.
taaUDa, Or., Feb 3 Hooas: Bills
wire reported by teverel committees
Joint memorial calling for government
ownership of telegraph and telephone
was defeated by rete of 20 to 36, Speaker
kerdy voting aye. Estimate for ex-
peases 01 legislature incrwasea to raiy
five thousand dollars. Proposition to
reduce poll tax to one dollar defeated -Second
reading of bills occupied several
hoars and still pending.
Senate : Morning was spent on Mon
mouth normal school Mil. Defeated
twelve to seventeen. Yeas; Beckley,
Blackman, Butler, Coggswell, Crosao,
Hirscb, Huston, Matlock, Myere, Raley.
Vender bare, Wealherford. Absent.'
Maxwell; others voting nay. Friends
will try to pass bill with smaller appro
priation. In the house Among the bill read
third lime were: Geer of Mar ton, for
electing a board of railroad commissioners
by the people. Upton, regulating the
salaries of judges, passed; Rcadv,
j est iblishlng a jute factor v al the ocnitrn
i liar, and appropriating $163,000 therefor,
j special meeting ncx'. Tuesday at 2 p ra.
1 Miller, amending the school law. making
an Importantchange in the grantfng of
i certiSctte. etc. An ea-nest debate fol
lowed. Atl'Ie'. Upton, Ormsby and Illahop
I . - - . , s will ..J IX. M a a a Da?
advocating the bill, and Paaton BeVnap,
Merritt snd Brown of Morrow opposing.
It failed to pass. 22 to 28.
Se.tate bill 21. the World s fair bUl was
i rc1 teconc time. A motion to suspend
the rules and read the third lime
Wl7lhVsene -TrTsrserie, committee
. . .
reported Miner's house hill, for s fish way
over the fall at Wilia.nette; engrossed.
Third reading bill: Huston, to punish
the pointing of firearm at human beings:
passed. Bancroft, to protect common
carrier; passed Matlock, to provide for
Special to PtasocBAT.
Sam si. Or., Feb 4th. 1S03. House
spent morning on reports of special com
milter The senate World's Ulr bid on
passage got thirty-two ayes twenty noes
Senate hat pasted Uil creating county cf
Lincoln. Vtquina bar county unanimous.
WHIls incorporating port of Portland :
Veatch gave notice of reconsid-
earstlon of Monmouth Normal school ap-
proprtitlon bill. Crotno's bill creating
Bar county passed. named Lincoln. Con-
aldersble debate on judiciary report salary
hill Roth houses adioutned at rieim
a m to meet next Monday at two p m.
KtatUTItls OF l 0ol Ti I
H tti. oy A. C. I S..
Albany, Or., Feb- 3rd, 183.
Whereas, God in His infinite wisdom
and justice has seen fit to call to his re
ward one of earth's model sons. Frank
Webster Propst, and
Whereat. The deceased way formerly
an active memtier of the Alhenv College
Literary Society; therefore, be it
Resolved. That we as a society feel
deeply the hand of affliction which has j
been laid upon as in the loss ot our i visiting members.
worthy honorary member, but thai we We have a large number of good work
hunibly bow to the rod that smites us. j ;ng members at llie present time, and we
believing that God ia just. j (ee much encouraged by the interest
Resolved. That the college loses an :; ! taken in the work before OS. There is
emplary and an influential member of its
Alumni association, ana me conimuni-.y
a respected and upright young man of
great promise.
Resolved, That we extend to the afflicf
ed friende and relatives our profound
sympathies in this lime of tneir bereave
Resolved, That these resolutions he
spread upon the minutes' of our society
and that copies be sent to the Albany
daily papers for publication.
A. Williams,
H G FmicK,
Removed. Attorney C E Wolvertea
has removed his law office from the Foster
block to up ttttrt ever the First Nttiontl
Btnk where he it prepared tu attend prompt
ly 'o all legal business entrusted lo him.
PERRV-Mc'NIEL At the residence o
the bride's parents near Peori Feb. I. by
Rev M M Marling, Mr W G Terry and Miss
1893, at the residence of and by Rev C R
Lamar, Mr II W Wallace and Miss Llllle
McBrlde-both ef Linn county.
GROSS-PUTMAN. Oa Feb, 1, 1893,
at the residence of Mr Andrew Gross, bv
Rev C C Spsrry, Mr Andrew Gross and
Miss Catherine Putman-both of Linn county.
ROSS-LOCKWOOD On Feb. t, 1803,
at the residence of the groom, by Rev. C C
Sperry, Mr 1 O Koss and Miss Ada Lock
wood. FOX. In this city, Feb. 3rd, ISD3,
Henry Fox, aged 68 years, 11 months.
Mr Fox was in the u . Army, joining in
October, 1862, was discharged in April.
1866, was Postmaster for 20 years, and
has held a number of other civil offices,
and before his death remarked that he
had never been reprimanded by a supe
rior. He was a member of the G A R in
good standing.
The ladies of the Y M C A auxiliary are
requested to meet at the roomt Friday, at 4
p m. full attendance is earnestly re
quested Will rtock, of Corvallis, tnd formerly a
resident of Albany for several months, bai
juet i ought an interest id the Laoe-Divit
Drn Co.. ef Portlsod.
Each lady attending the prformtDce o
Humbog in this city tomorrow evening wil
receive a beautiful aonvenir bottle of that
requisite peifurnery the Julia Marlow.
Fire almost wined out the toan if OUimttm
on tne Burlingtou load, in look ccontv
v yotntng, Sunday right Nearly all the
business houses were hainrd. The losses'
willrehtlOO.OOO. liillett waa built dnr-
Inglrailway boom days and all the tnildinga
wan or irsme.
The stora of M Svar7s.rud & Co of Eugene
was attached by Sheriff Noland Tuesday for
a claim of $1223 41 on complain 1 of R L
Ssbla, representing Portland creditors
Collections nave been poor Is the cause of tbf
temporary emharraaamsnt.
A meeting of the Democratic state ean'ra
committee was bei.1 in Salem today. The
Teiegrani ta..t: Tnere ia a very general lm
prasaion prevailing that the principal pur
lorc of the Jieeting is to coaaider the claima
of MitaiD applicants for federa' position
under Mr LleTelsnd s administration; that
certain names were to be
indorsed sn i pre-
tsuted by the committee.
Sneaking on this
point a prominent . centner of Ihe state cen
tral committee tsid that inch actim would
not be tal to.
Ratiiik Exciting. This noon an Ore
gon Pacific msn was standing on the O P
platform, when he was attacked by a woman
with a whip, and was cut over the head in a
lively manner. The whip had been furnished
i oy me woman's hutbaad tt was reported,
! because the man Sal talked about her. The
was a 'i.rivate'' one and will saiAw
I . .
; oiy not gn into the courts.
; FoR WlFE pi.4Tto.-On Nov 17 W
j rolirl Hammer and Marw k-.lll. .'
widow with two or three children, were
married in this city. Though the honev
moon ii hardly over there is said to have
been plenty of trouble, and Hammer ia
accused by his neighbors of treating his
wife in a manner not becoming a good
husband Last evening the neiohhrira
! were railed in, Hani oter was arrested. pat
I .... l. : f I : 1 i , -. . . .
1 op hu w.tcu ,or leaa ,u .
and $12.50 settled the matter. Mrs
rve ev sa said to a l.rd
christian woman.
Richard is himself again. It rain.
Motor makes five tripa daily'a
addition. Lot there 00 iosUE.neatt of $1
pat week.
The regular monthly meeting of the Board
of Directors of the Y M C A will .oeet this
evening at 7:30.
A dog beioifetr. g to Rev J A Haon.s, f ; I
years a iwsi&r.; of Corrallis, died in E-tgece
a: the advac; .1 age of about eighteen year a. 1
the parte: 1 tip of Dalrymple a Newport
naa been diaeoired. Mr Uairymele snli
I continue the boatness at the present office,
t while Mr N - port will he found ia the office
' of Judge Whitney.
j Howell E Jack. 00 bat been aptroinie 1 y
. the preilUl.. lti u Jm of the
I fcapr me court of the Coiled Statn. rice L ,
; y Llm4rt decced. He is a democrat ,
.o4 , rr. blent of Tennessee, where bit
; .un-iiazAA a lawyer is high.
j Tweaty-twa boy bapsls were recectly !
. expeLed from the M ilton school for smoking i
cigarettes. T'aey were lit en a chance to
j cm I hack on coodiUsa that they as bait tc '
j merited panisbroeol and premise to indulge !
! xaanta the remainder were nrgcUaUsg f w
f inn at.
Albany haa nine are lighu aal sU I
plains of darkness ta part of the dry. G.tna
cyer here, whets we Have g k1 mostlat.
O ie lay this week sthi'e shooUag a sua
Mr C E Hawkins was hit ia the eye ith
tie cap. isjonag it totnewra'..
Another insole of tbo genaiae jfsckron
W hi jast reesaiyed, which we will sell at
Hi cents octal farther notice. Ladie Baxsar.
Albaay is laeky for once. Yesterday we
tla,c..- forUaod retsnved mt. sad
- v
raiTwi a U:g .1 ,se t rs.a ait wer ta oar
! was sut.e : iaches oa lerel Vhat nett.
Instead of aa reported heretofore Judge ',
' Fa. let-too order-d the Oregon Pacific booVa j
I ptcdaeed and t a ft parts exarciaxd them to I
. tie arts content, an 1
: waa had The experts w
I look thrwngh the
n V nVS trauma
j D' "
Taasrwt Craaxe:
Editor 1 aOrmccr 1.'
We held a reisfijl-r niWlintr Jin 2ti.
atUndac. e, considering the
weainer, wtitcn was .uitecooi asm toe
ground covered with about ix inches of
soo The regular order of bnsinesa waa
taken np. Reports on four applications
i for membership were read, all oaing in
favor of the applicants.
A large number of bills from the legis
" latore were banded in bv Bro A Blevins
Manv of them were examined and dis
cusrd. We find that manv are of but
,w "Penance, oeing pet sciiemes 01
,ome 01 ;ne "emoers 01 mat ooay.
1 In the afternoon the first and second
j degrees were conferred upon a class of
three, me reports ot uie n nance cora-
mittee en the accounts of the sec.aUry
i and treasurer for the past year were read
i and accepted- The reports showed the
' finance of the grange to be in t noarish-
1 ing condition, also the condition of the
I grange lo be advancing. There was a
J gain of 24 by initiation and otherwise for
j the year.
Our insUl'ati an was held Ian ISth.
I Bro Leeper. of Fairmount. was the in- j
suliing officer, assisted ur nro jotm ,
Wallace, of No 10, and Dzie Spring, of j
Oak Plain.
Bro Ieper gave 11 some excellent re-
I marks on different subjects, which were :
I IISieurHl to oy a mrjre imiliwi oi me ur i
, der and others who were present. Other
suggestions were made by several of the i
mnch for us to do, for we find that there
are nuuerout cotutiinationt wor-ving
against the farmers, and thev are con
tinually taking advantage of us, so we
must be up and doing if we hold our own
w ith the scheming powers. The mono
polies are hsapi.'ig the burdens upon the
farmers all the time, and just so long as
we will bear it they will continue to add
to the load which we now carry. Why
not begin now to let them know that it
is time to stop,as forbearance has ceased
to be a virtue. S.
An Important Difference:
To make it apparent to thousands, who
think themselves ill, that they are not aflevt
ed with any disease, but that the tyttem
simply nerds cleansing, ia to briug c mfort
home to lhir hearts, aa a ecativ condition
is easily oared by using syrup of Fig.
Manufactured by the Califort.:a Fig Syrup
A Bio Stage.
"All the world's a stage
And all the men and women merely
players ;
They have their exits and their en
trances." One of -htir principal entrances lean.
into Parker Bros grocery and bakery .
The finest groceries and the freshest pro
duce are kept, and their baked good are
beyond comparison, consisting of a big
variety of breads and cakes, plain aud
fancy, skillfully and well made. An in
portant thing to consider.
Movixa Outfit. The undersigned it
prepared lo do all kinds of house raising
and house moving promptly and In firtt
clsss order. Call or leave orders at my
residence at cot of Third and Oak streets,
Albany. I B Tillotson.
All the Stylk to go to Mueller's par
lore with the ladies and treat them to
Coeoa and High T wafers. Served at all
One Small Bite Bean every night for a
frock arouse Tor uld Livers. XSc. per bottle.
January 30th, 1893.
The people at Tangent are still discus
sine about In cor jurat! ntr the citv and Hon
A Bievlnt hat Introduced a bill before the '
legislature to that effect, and before you
know it Tangent will have an election of i
city officers.
Our public school U still going on with
a goodly number in attendance. The !
school will be out In February.
Sharp & Douglas gave a dance at the
drug store bulldlnsr on last Wednesday
i nlght.and they could not find enwugl. girlt
j In Tangent to go so had to send to Albany
I to ect tneir crowd, and
then we heard
there were only 7 gins in all and about
iC or iS young men.
Mr C E Hill informs us that he is going
!o start back to Nebraska about tht first
week In February to stay.
Born, on January 9th, 1893, lo the trhV
of Mr Munn, the nurseryman, a 9 pour.d
Mrs 8 E Mills is visiting her son George.
at Aumsvllle, a few day this week . Mr
Mills is depot agent at Aumsville.
The btnign countenance of lames Casey
.. JL " . 1 iineisac),
o v oooourn, was seen here on last 7 lies.
i as v.. -t. .
ine M r. Church south revival has
closed and Bro Futrell has gone to Irving
to engage in a series of meetings
j Our Literary is stIU in nrooreaa. fnlln-.
j n
g are tome of the officers : President. G
WKuthe;vice president. Minnie Mc
Ghee; secretary, Claud Beard; treasurer. :
Benjamin S Mills; editor. Mist Clara!
Hudson ana Mrs Able Andrews; corre
sponding secretary, George Kuthe;
marshal, J J Beard. Question for last
Saturday night , Resolved That Targent
Should be Incorporated," affirmative Mac
Jenks, C E Hill. F M Mitchell: negative
1 i , . - --- a hi 1 1 b n ... 1 j I
, . ..c, ki., a- r omiin. juugca
decided in favor of the negative.
Mr John Anderson, our section fore-
j man. intends to move hta family to Shedd
; in a snort lime, his section being changed ;
A B Conrad and C F. Hill marie a flwino-
j trip to Kalem latt week.
Born, on January 27th, to wife of A W !
; Moses.a big bouncing baby boy.
. The M E f'hurch and Sunday school
; board elected their officers for the ensuing
j year: Supt, L B Luper; assistant supt, W
' W Hudson. Sec, David S Bridge-farmer;
' assistant, B S Mills; treasurer. Miss Cora
; Hudson : organists Mrs Moliie Luper and
Miss Dena Bridgefarmer ; libra: ians, Miss
Emma Johnson and Miss Florence Hud
' son. A revival meeting hat started up
at the M E Churcn on last Sunday night.
Wednesday evening four conversions were
made and more conversions are expected.
Born, on January irth, to the wnfe of
George Simpson, a nine pound daughter.
Mr Charles Howard, of Pendleton, but
formerly of Tangent, is here visiting bis
; titter, Mrs J E Jenks. Every one was
i glad to welcome him 'wit was sorry to
I hear of the death of his mother and father.
J His father was pastor o.' 'he M E Church
: South two years at this paace.
' A candy pul-ir.g party was had at the
. Grange Ha l on last Friday night week,
. and quite a crowd of young folks gathered
' rnd had a splendid lime pulling taffy and
playing In general. It was given by the
ilOOT lodge. Voitsg AatgsiCA.
A Tf a
Elbrsios. Wash. Jan. 30th, IrlaS.
One of the eeveratrt storms of the
son visited this section today. Part of
the lime it was a terrific blizzard The
oter the coantrr. and in many nlacee
j 'be roads are blocked with drifts so as to
; be impassable. Bat the fanners are
jubilant as they say "A bia- crop of snow
secures c a big crop of wheat
The town is steadily improving and
nearly every day there are tome new
' arrive If.
The winter seems to be a pretty bay
season with the people of this exrantry.
: Many are working getting in their veari'v
j supplies oi wood ar.d taking ice oat of the
, river and storing it away for the hoc days
1 in rammer-
The Rrs IV wee and Lcrrd have been I
carrying on spiritual revival meetings'
bere lor the past three weeks, and mocli j
good haa been accomplished. Every
night large sleigh loads come in from the
country and the church is always well
Tk. iln.a,l. sin. - t?j.
: v.vuuia .. tii.n . ieaj,u;i &k,eu.Au.e
i of from 23 to 30 couples whoenkvv them
I Arnn an, f K.m 1
selves dancing until 12 o'clock.
Mr T G Cooper is jast completing a
very pretty brick hotel, which will be a
nice ornament to the town and will tie
opened on Washington's Birthday.
The M E chcrch people are all ready
to build a new church here as soon as
the snow goes away.
Everybody is expecting a boom in the
! prsng and are making great preparations j
i According. y.
j " 1
Paaai anext Batxca Lai ndbt. A
; orasch office of the Salejs Steam la an
1 ldt7 -P0 etrtadsltshed in Albany. All
w"j colleciea and the lanndned
! r?eles delivered at Salem price. No
! ?Ulr errfjeaye All work guaranteed.
Ordera may be left with Osbora Parr,
permanent agent and eoiicisorior Albany
Mossy ro Las. I i:are money in
sums of $500 to $20..V to loan on im
proved farm lands in Linn and Rentes
conn ties, at lowest current rated,
delay in furnishing the money.
C (. Bi'ksh tar
Real estate agent. Albany, Oregon.
aroea Baby was siest, we tare her isaons
When :ie wasa Oh.M. : ne! for 'asi.-na
When sts brewrne Miss, slw clnan; tr r-.m.eaa.
Tssn she had Chi! Jrer . sbe jare tbern :--.!.
A needy toomam
the one who's overworked, nerv
ous, and debilitated. What she
needs is Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription. It's made exactly to fit
her case an in in?, restora
tive tonic, and a sootliing and
strengthening nervine, giving tone
and vigor to the whole system. Bat
it isn't a mere stimulant. It's a
legitimate medicine, that an expe
rienced physician has caref ally pre
pared, for woman's ailments. All
the functional derangements, chronio !
vreaknesscs, and painful disorders
peculiar to the sex, are corrected
and cured by it.
And because it's a certain remedy,
it can be made a guaranteed one.
If it fails to give satisfaction, in any
case, you have your money back.
The best pill costs less than any
.1 i a .
Aey m euuatier, tw, anu easier W ! J
take. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pelleta
are the best pills. They regulate
Lau t up say
the liver, stomach, and
wyiOuiiAsa aa aarsnV
OrBKgistsand Booksellers
Agents for John B, Aldan's publlctsteOtu,
which we sell at publisher's prieea wita
ALBAN T. ttKiOr.
How He Suffercrl from Eczema. Doe
tors Failed. Grew Worse. Deavtb
Only Belief R?: petted.
I hare been trmil.t.l ik -1
limbs. The ttcbm, wT-"rn,?.on "7
me unfit for work.
'' T 4 j"
. naa tned many remedies
and eor.r.itd good phy.
Btrlan, but received no per
sanest relief. A friend told
' " ' -Tif.raa Hm
tnt. I ibea sent for a copy
of your too, more than a
year shw, aad now I wish I
had r(.l lae boot and begun
to ue the Cvticcba BaaTB
orts once. But the
doctor said the tsnstaiat,
com! In some cases, wonM
be of so use to me, and eon.
0 B . M St mo
worse and worse. Death wcnW cave been a re
lief, and It waa the only rel.ef I expected. Juet
then my wife ' Hunk iod Cor a good one) fonad
the book yon sent In some oatf the-way
iuoi ine-way place
and read
Ine: nerrateLen and said we would trr the t
li inroTJCTi
m :
narzeo use i
Cuticura Remedies
J'1 T?' k
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