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    Bat rite
Official Oitv Paper.
. -- - - -
4 Vt;;,--..-.
Chester A. Axtlmr,
Th crop in tjerimuiy are KtHierally bud.
Film jUexmUeiv jjf JJuhjiria. wan
thrown rom hU carrj.rge on the 17ili, and
rived serious injuries.
- Miss Xeilson died very Wddeuly at Parts
last Saturday. Said to be dropsy ot the
I;art. ' :- -
Hon. Thos II. Brents, is likely to be re
nominated aud elected Delegate to Con
Kress from Washington Territory. Tom
has made it. splendid Delegate.
Henry Witzetigerode respired' by the
Governor until to-day. was condemned to
! bung on the (JtJi. He will probably be
j, ranted a new trial.
On tlie morniii;r.f the 17th a fire swept
ff the IiaJI of Kiut-U. California. Loss
otiniated at $1,000,000. It traveled over
he same ground as the fire of n year ago.
The WvrXa says that the -flrst gun from
.he South is double shotteci." meaning
Hint tfae ballot boxes weio etc fled twice in
Mabamit, when once was nil that was tiee-
-"arj-. . - . ..-
Geo. Walker how admits that some ot
he counties in South Carolina, since the
ensus returns have been received, show
"phencminal results." He admits it looks
We are told tlisit tle Scotch Company
offer to furnisli all Uie sacks farmers may
equire hi handling their grain, nud store
he same at reasonable ra;es. The Com
pany wUl also pay the hilMS price tor
grain and other produce.
Whatever tends to injure Albany will in
."urn injure the balance of the county. It
ii tnnch easier to tear down than to build
;p. Take the present capital out of . this
-it jr- and it "would make a material difler
jnce hi the volume of business done in the
A short time ogo a prominent Democrat
wh sitting in 'sjquire Lam:.n"s office, In
WalltwWalla, and speaking of the election,
said : , "I Lave always been a Democrat
and always voted the fctraijrht ticket, but I
gave ray two sons an education and the
d ittle cute went and voted the Re-
publicau ticket. .
William H. English, the complete type
ol the' northern dough face, who never had
any political views, except tltose of servile
subjection to the South, was one of the
twelve' northern congress nun who voted
against expellfng Preston S. lhooks from
the Honse for his'assault on Charles Sum
ner, oh the 22d of May, 1855.
We must have the road to Yaqnina Bay.
One way to get it is to throw a bridge
across-, the Willamette that will answer
for a ntilaoad and wagon bridge, and
invite the uarrow gauge, or any other, to
cross on it. If tho matter is dclayeil ton
long, to retain our present trade and con:
tDerce will com. the price of several bridges.
The cotton crops of tliis country for 1S7S
and 1S79 were'the largest ever raised. Tho
ten crops frot.i 152 to 1SGI. raised by
slave labor, numbered 3t.995.440 bales ;
the ten crops from 1870 to 1879. raised by
free labor, numbered 41.454,743 bales.
The1 - State Superintendent ot Public
Schools fia called a convention of County
Superintendents, at- Saleiu on Monday
next. 'On Wednesday at the nine lace
the State Teachers' Association convene.
Tliere will be a large gathering, and the
occasion will prove of unufual interest.
A railroad running slat or eight miles
north ot us. carrying- freight " either to
Portland and thence down the Columbia,
or to Yaquina Bay. aud not touching here
at all, would cut off a large! slice' of busi
ness that we otherwise Would get. A
bridge across the river. If built now, would
not only saye this, but would Increase the
lysines brought to our door four-fold.
Th narrow gang running through
Seta, Lebanon aud Brownsville, faking in
its course the richest of the grain-bearing
portion of' the county, will take from us a
large aiiiount of business heretofore done
here. Warehouses will be erected by tho
Scotch Company along the line of tho
road wherever demanded, and trading
points' will spring up here aial there, and
business wtH be divided and mib-divided. '
Two hundred thousand vMtor were in
Chicago in tlw frouiof the week to witness
tlie gallierlng o the KnlghU Templar.
On Tuesday there was a grand parade of
the Knights througt! the ci'tV. no less than
20,000 members of the ordetubelng in- tle
line of march. - Tlie houses and ftreets
were gaily and even exteuiveJy t!i!eo:ftted,
and the struggle to see the parade wag
Mvely." 'Exliorbltaiit prices were' ptdd by
tilght seers ta many Instances for available
pointH where the gra;.d pgaiit: coold be
ts4cus itu "
a .
IMuoeratle Economy.
The Democratic party is always strong
on Economy. It is surprising what an
amount of t hi virtue tho party possesses,
but it never umuifeAts itself practically ex
cept when tlie party is out of power, and
wishes to make political capital against it.,
opponents. When the Democrats have the
power ami control the purse string, their
economy is confined to their show in tho
platform. .
The late Democratic National Conven
tion took this method of claiming their de
votion to economy, aud. after reciting the
various causes for which it deserves the
blessing of the country, gravely specifies
tlie saving ot $40,000,0(0, by tlie Congress
that has been controlled t)y the Confeder
ate brigadiers. Tlie bold faced arrogance
of the claim has challenged investigation
as to its truth, and the Washington corres
pondent of the Cleveland Herald furnishes
the following statk'tlcs which need no com
ment :
For the ti-cal vear ending Tune 30, 1871,
the expenditure was $292,177,183 25 ; for
1X72. $277.517.!S2 07 ; for 1873. $200,340.
245 33 : tor 1S71. $287,133,873 17 ; for 1875.
$274,623,302 84. mid for 187ft, $258.45'.).
797 33. Thus in five yea rs an annual re
duction in expenditures amounting to $33.
717.300 92 liave been accomplished under
liepnb'ican management, and this, at the
close of the war for whtch the Democratic
party owes thecomitrnver $0,000,000,000,
when there were iitt;Tly many expenses
directly incidental to it.
Now we reach the era ot the Brigadiers,
and what is the result ? Fiscal year end
ing June 30. 1 Hi 7. $238.0 10.008 03 : for
1873. $23i5.9'Ji.32; SO ; for 1879, $25.947,
8S3 53 ; for 1880, $297.8il0.237 17. and for
1881 the amount appropriated is 291.423.
888 90. For tlie present fiscal year the
sum of $0,424,012 was appropriated, and
next winter there is every indication that
it will be even greater for the expanses of
the year ending June 30, 1881. The
n mount in reason will then at least be, for
1881, $297.847.90090. Thus the Democrats,
after tive years" manipulation of tlin Gov
ernment Treasury. w;ll have reached a
figure $39,383,103 57 in government ex
pense in excess of tht ot the last year of
Republican rule. It is very near the
amount named in the platform, but. un
fortunately lor the Democrats, the figures
are on the other side of the page. It shows
they have increased the cost of government
to that amount instead ot diminishing it.
The IMrrri orsenn fttyle.
The following is lrom that sober, staid,
fair-minded and non-partisan paper, the
New York Eeenimj Pout :
What are the paramount questions of the
d:iy ? What are the opinions of the Demo
cri tic party on these 'questions? It the
Democratic party should get control of the
government what would it do about this,
that a'ld tlie other thing ? These are not
impertinent inquiries. They are entirely
relevant, and they must lie answered ih.
fore the 2d ot Xovemtier if the inte'-ligeut
and thinking voters are to be influenced.
But we get no answers to them through tiie
organs. Set never so mild an interroga
tion point bofore them and the reply comes
screaming. '"Credit Mobilier !" "DeG"l
yer !" The changes are rune. "Oredit
Slnhilier DeGoiyei." "DeGolyer Credit
Mobilier,"' article after article, column Jit
ter column. ri:iv after daj-. week after week
until the patience even of men who try
hanl to beiieve. the chaiges. is exhausted
and they turn with rising nuiisca trom the
monotonous repetition.
It has been and still is a prevalent opin
ion amoiijj scientists that-the denuding of
forests affects the amount of raiiitii!.
Prof. Daniel Draper ot the meteorological
service in New York does not subscribe to
this theory, and is likely to be widely crit
icised in consequence. He has drawn np
a chart showing the quantity of rainfall
each year since ls'55 in New "fork, Phila
delphia, Baltimore anl Washington. Ac
cording to Mils, the rainfall gradually in
creased from 1S35 to 1S30 and his since
shown a tendency to decrease. Prof.
Draper believes there are cycles of rainfall
as there art in sun-spots.
The time has come in the history of this
citi when every man interested in its
welfare mut put bis shoulder to the
wheel, and help with nil his might. The
world is moving around us and position,
natural advantages etc., are as nothing
when brought into active competition
with push, energy, resolution and brain
backed by capital. Get up and git," is
the solution ot all difficulties now-a-days.
Now is the time to work to-morrow il
may be too late."
The Meridian, Mis-issipid, Mr.-cwy ot
July 31st, says : We would like to engrave
a prophecy on stone to be read of genera
tions in the future. The negroes in these
States will be slaves again or cease to be.
I!is sole refuge from extinctiou will bo in
blavery to the white man.
And this is the programme of the solid
South : llrst get the reins of Government
Into their hands, and then overthrow the
amendments to the Constitution, declare
negroes slaves, and then parcel them out.
This is to be accomplished, or the negro is
to be exterminated. Is it any wonder that
the black man, knowing this feeling to
exist, is fleeing from the SouLh ?
It is given up on every hand the
Republicans will carry New York and
Indiana with case. Democrats are begin
ning to fear that the tat man will not be
able to carry the solid South. Even Mis
souri is doubtful and Georgia and Louisi
ana none too certain to cast their electoral
vote fur Hancock with a lair vote and an
honest count they certainly will give Gar
field from 10,000 to 20,000 majority.
Reports say that Maine, where last year
the Democrats and Grccnbnckers had a
majority, is now going Republican by 7,-
600. The campaign is becoming very ac
tive all over the Sbite. Kcpublicans are
making the greatest effort they have ever
put forth. The election will take place
ou the 13th of September.
The beet of news comes from Pennsyl
vania. Democrats are coming In by tho
scores aiKkgyotting their determination to
vote tor Garfield and Arthur. Peunsyl
vaula will give an overwhelming majority
for tlie Republican ticket.
Six men, while eating a watermelon In
Palls ountv. Texas, suddenly died. Be
ware of Texas melons.
An Indiana woman gnvc birth to four
children tlie other day. if the little dar
lings liv, sh may have a ?panking good
time bciure long.
Some of the democratic organs are say
ing that southern men like Lamar and
Wade Ilamnton ought to make speeches
throughout the northern states. Suppose j
they make such speeches throughout the i
north as Hampton made the other day in
trying to reconcile the democratic factions
in Virginia ; that is, suppose they teli the !
' , .
country that the cause represented now by
the democratic party embodies - the same j
principles for which Lee and Jackson j
fought for four years." and that it is now
time to 'remember the men who pom etl j
out their blood for the success oi ihcse ,
principles. 1 n.u- wouin "iceiii me. tssiic
in the north just as these eminent demo
crats present it in the south. And it would
piobably be highly convincing.
C'olumbln River 91. E. Conference.
The seventh annual session of the Colum-J more. It is fm possible to induce peo- An exciting story conies from Xew
bia Annual Conference of the Methodist j ple to hold aud use the silver as cur- ; Mexico ot the elopement of a priest,
Episcopal Chmch closed at the Dalles on j reiicy jt returt.8 to the Treasury veiy j Father Todoro lioualls, with a beau
Sunday evening last. Bishop Wiley presid- . . ; . . , , ,
,, . ., . . . so'in after tit has been paid out in pay-I l'!ul mm who baa recently entered the
ins. Following are the appointments for 1 v J
tlie coming year :
D. G. Strong, Presiding Elder.
Walla Walla G. M. Irwin.
Walla Walla Circuit J. Le Cornu.
Waitshnrg W. G. Simpson.
Day ton f- D. Flegner.
Pataha D. E. Geome.
iH'wiston J. W.llighy. -Colfax
W. S. Turner.
Pulou-e V. J. White
Cieor d'Aleuc S. M. Driver.
Spokan Falls M. S. Anderson.
Steptoc To be supplied.
Grangeville W. A Hall.
Moscow E. C. Itigfiy.
I'nion Flats T. A. Touuer.
t'olviile To be inpplied.
J. O. Rayiior, Chaplain lr. S. Army.
G. W. Grannies. Presiding Elder.
La Grande Abraham Eads.
Summei vilie V. S. Kooutz.
Wallowa To lie supplied.
Colon .!- C. Kirkman.
Baker City li. W. Bland.
Bo'se Valley To be supplied.
Boise City A. J. Jolyn.
Silver Uity To be supplied.
Idaho ("ily K. Hayes.
Payette K. it. Jones.
G. E. Ackermnmi, president of Blue
Mountain I'niversity, member ot La
Grandb quarter!- conference.
S. J. Whitcomb PreMdiug Elder.
The Dalles H- K. Mines.
txoldendale G--'. Rowe.
Yakima Indian Mission I. II. Wilbur,
Thomas Pearne and Georsre Waters.
Yakima City llichard Bairctt.
Kittitas To be supplied.
Heppner Joseph i'etit.
Canyon City G. E. Wilcox.
Ochoco & Bridae Creek To be supplied
Klickitat Circuit To-be supi.lied.
Pendleton .;. W. Kennedy.
Ceiitervilie G- W. Itiihy.
Tygh Valley To le supiiliud.
Antelope To be supplied.
Alder Creek To lie supplied.
J. II. Wilbur, Conference educational
Gen. Hancock, utter giving tlie sutij -ct
tns iirotoiiiider stit.le. ittfoini 114 tlutr "tin!
bayonet is not a tit fust , ument for gather- ;
iitji oniiors. "i' UHillli-c em lor (iihi .
purpose much. 111 tact if we shouitl set all !
our bayonets to work Railiering'; ; ballots j
next fall, each bayonet ot oiy itttic army '
ot "25,01)0 would have to gather 5.000 in or- ;
iler lo 2't arottiMl. Hence. asme bayonet
hasu'tW.1 ,,t to that use wnhin "hii-
ctcks mcmoiv, why tliil he not think of a
problem just as protbuud. tiiaf. wouhl be
mor; appropriate t. the occasion ? Why
ilnl not our t it uuiitnry- friend n,ve us Ins
views ot the utiiilv of shotguns in planting j
ballots? ' 1 !
If in 'his ret?ronce to the bayonet, the '
corseted kniprht ot Governor s Islann iiitco- I
did to ihrow a brick .11 Johnny I lavenpor:, !
b- would have hit (hat wiry little lru.l j
I Is. x a., n 1,..L I,. 1. 1 ,1,1, a,-.. ,r I... hn. I !
indicated his impression that a free bal
lot" according to tlie meaning implied in
the term as u-ed in the iJemncratic plat
form, cannot be had so long ns a satrap
was permitted to examine your naturaliza
tion papers, or to put haudcnil's 011 your
wrists and throw you into a bull pen"" it
yru were cangdil voting iimi than once or
twice ou the same day. There was an in
teresting field for the profound intellect of
Hancock to revel in. wiihout going abroad
fur instances where a bayonet" is u-ed in
"gathering bailors." and expressing his re
luctant disapproval thereof. .Vfutei'iu? j
Very U001I fnrrassn.
We venture to suggest to our esteem-,
ed contemporaries who may bo in want
of subjects of campaign investigation
the Mulligan case, reported in the fourth
volume of V.'allace's supreme court re
ports. Mulligan as a "traitor" who
was tried by n military commission ditr.
ing tho war, but within the limits of the
state ot Indiana' aud sentenced to be
hanged. That he was a had man and
richly deserved hanging there can be
little doubt, but there wa3 a question
whether a man could be legally senten
ced by a military commission within a
jurisdictiou m which there were civil
courts sitting for trial of crimes and fel
onies ot all' kinds. Tho matter was
brought before the supremo court at
Washington, and many able counsel ap
peared aud made arguments, among
others Gen. Garfield in favor of Mul
ligan, tho case attracted much attention
at tho lime, and the decision, which was
that habeas corpus ought to issue, was
generally regarded as a triumph tor
civil liberty. It brought to an end all
trials by military commissions, and
from that time (December, 1866) to this
no Democrat has been banged in the
United States except after trial accord
ing to all the forms ot law aud a verdict
by a jury. The wide-spread criminality
prevailing among the Democrats made
the decision of the utmost importance
to them, and it is singular to reflect
that, while it was through Gen, Han.
cock that Mrs. Surratt was hung, it
was partly through the efforts of Geu.
Garfield that the practice of hanging
democrats by military commission was
brought to an end.'
Jdajor General B. Grimes, of tho confed
erate army, was shot and killed by some
unknown person while riding war hi.-s
i home in fin county. North Carolina.
Accumulated Treasnre.
The accumulation of coined silver in
the Trranry and sub-TieasurieR ot the
XJ nitod States is so great that it is al-
ready very hard to find proper storage
room for k T,,e vaaUa Q, U4) Govern.
. .
mem now contain seventy million dol-
Ia,s in siIver in ot thls amount $45,-
500, 000, are in dollais, and thq-jemain-
der smaller pieces. The Government
,as also on hand five million dollars' 1
. - ., .... ,
of coin takes up a great deal ot room. Ou Monday at Mt. Joy, Penn., while
The bulk of the load is carried iu San j Miss Lilhe Meeler, aged 18, was walk
Francisco and New York. Xutiue has j g with a gentleman, a spark from bis
lias been pent from San Francisco that ! cigar set fire to her dress, and the girl
1 the overcrowded vaults will hold no i
meiiL ui uunes or in exensnge tor snver
j certificate, a great many of which are
j i;i ciiculation, and etill the work of coin -
j ing goes steadily on, in compliance with
law, at the rate ot $'2,324,000 month,
j This has been the average for the past
i t .vetity-seven months, the total for thesa ;
I months beiiij? nearly 03,000,000, three j
j quarters of which rcuiain iu the Treas-J
ury. ;
I w .,!. , i .i . t I
l We understand the boats are now carry- j
! 'S g'a'" to Portland at one dollar per :
ton. This is in favor ot Albany, as It is!
! believed the railroad will not haul it for j
June dollar.
VmitkQ S topers,
Huilding has been quite acMvo in j
Astoria during the past three months.
Pclknap Springs is a lively place,
with an average population of about 50.
Dean Ularchard fell overboard from !
a whart at St. Helens a few days ago, j and quickly notified her son who slept
bat all the damage done was repaired j ' a,! adjoining room. The hnglar.find
by a lew hours of sunshine. j "e u as yeved tried to make
j his escajMJ, bring one shot at Dr. VV alk
Kevs. an Horn and Raymond are j eFj nlissil,g llim ; and while retreating
expounding the scriptures according to i from ti e house, covering the Dr. with
the views of the Secoud Adventists in I tds pistol and knife, the son came upon
1.1- 1 .-T 1 l I 1 1 : 1 T
a font nn the river l,a.,V in P.-rvallia
The schooner Emily Stephens has
landed about 200 tons ot buiMing j
j materials Oil Tillamook rock. The j
j last cargo was lauded iu G3 hoars from !
j i
j Whart to Wharf.
Horses are arriving on the fair grounds j
. . !
at Illllsboro, piepaiaf Oiy to the tall tair.
The chances are
tiiat asl.inljtln j
com,ly wilI ,,ave a U.Uer exhil.iliou this I
- .
year liian at any previous vear.
' Jopepll Hurue's steamer" Ouirks'ep,
sailed from Astoria tor Yaquii a Lay on
. . , -,, .1
trday will,, a party ot surveyors, ,
under chatter Ly the jroven.mont fori
, 4 , - , . '
'-''G purpose of completing wolk beaan j
that locality.
, ', - . ,. . ,
1 be bark Rival, Capt. Adams, now
,.. t.elving cargo at Knarpton, will take
" .
100, 0 J feci ot lumber tor Mexico. On
ariiviK at Fan Fiancco the California
portioti of the cargo will bo discharged
and new cargj added pievious to con
tinuing on the voyage.
The farmers in Washington county,
for the first lime in many years at this
season, have the most ot their grain cut
and threshed, and are waitirg for the
spring grain to ripen. Teams are pour
ing into Hillsboro 1 aded with wheat,
and already the station presents a busy
I'endieton people propose to got a
charter from tho L'gWature this fall.
The sherilfot Daker county oilers a
reward ot 3 ) for the captuie ofCharles
Irving, charged with horse stealing,
Sheep men in the region of : Ilcppner
are holding their wool for better prices.
Asa consequence, money is scarce and
times are dull.
As the high water recedes, the work
at the Cascade locks is pushed forward
with redoubled vigor by Lieutenant
Chas. F. Powell and his assistant, Lieu
tenant Cobell Breckinridge. They are
assisted in their wcrk by Messrs. Gilh-s-pie
and Lisle, in the respective capaci
ties ot draughtsman and paymaster.
There ate now six buildings in course
of construction at Walla WaUa.
Both mills are cutting all the lumber
they can during the twelve hours each
day put in.
There are now iu Gold end ale school
district 344 persons under 21 years ot
age ; 226 ot these are over 4 years old
aud entitled to draw school money.
Walla Walla IVtttcAman : At the
Republican primary last week, 399 votes
were cast in this city. Two years ago,
we only polled 123, but then no one
paid much interest to politics. This
year everybody feels interested aud
politics are red hot all arottud.
Messrs. Jacobs and Hane, the attorn
eys tor Mrs. Clark and her son, who
were convicted of manslaughter at La.
Conner, succeeded in getting a new trial
for tho boy. Judge Greene sentenced
tho woman to five years at hard labor
in tho penitentiary. While on her way
to Seat tie on the steamer Libby Satur
day she appeared insane and attempted
to jump overboard, but was prevented
from doing so by L. L. Andrews, the
oflioer iu charge ot her. This the second
attempt at suicide since her arrest ; the
first time being while in jail at Port
Townsend, when she cut her throat, but
Dot seriously before her intention was
thwarted, her kcejeis. ,
Miscci In neons .News.
August 15th there was frost in tlie
interior counties ot Sev York.
Maud S. and St. Julian were to trot
at Springfield, Mass., yesterday, the
former tor a purse of 83,000 against her
second ot 2:11 J.
Democrats are in tribulation in Con
necticut. The Republicans havo settled
all their difficulties, to the great coaster-
nation of tho Democracy, and will
certninlv carrv the State.
was fatally binned.
jPnocin hphk v-i nn 'ai-
' ents at the solicitation ot priests. The
j couple were overtaken in their flight,
j and the priest and girl finally were mar-
j ried.
Mine. De.Iesseps presented her hus-
band with a fine hoy ou the lGth, iu
I Jev. J. V. Anderson ot Satita Paula,
Ventura county, Calttornia, was Lit-
ten by a rattlesnake on the loth and
. J
3ied fa ew nous afterward,
A bai.quet was given Gen. Grant a
Denver on the night ol the 17th, 200
guests being present. The General
! spoke for pome time with great interest
! About 3 o'clock in the morning ct the
T-Cili at Indianapolis, a notorious burg-
lar named I5ill Kodifor, was killed by
J. C. Walker, a son ot Dr. Walkers'.
Mrs. Walker discoveied the burglar
under the bed where her Lusband slept,
1 " a :u I,reu l "uiiar, Kin-
ing him instantly.
Xotsee to Delinquent Tax Payers.
-vtotice is hkhkby i;iven ihat ihedeiin-
-i.'i qiwnt tax lists tor Li:in county, -Ijreson,
lor I he ears 1S79 l:uve leen placed In
inched thereto, uivfer tin? s.Vii oV the county
i'otiri ui uM count v, cimn:nidinii; iiie toeoliwt
kl taxes by levy ioict stile ot pioin rly, thcre-
kivcis:s by obJi vinir ihi- cotiot' p.ikI coininj;
"nd "' "SX&i
Sheriff and Tns Collee'or of Uinn C'c ., Or.
Albany, Or., Auj,'. is, ISto-at
fi. 33. JOJ.ES,
rviIO).;At p.llmml.rt sto-e. In Odd
V7 Fallows" Temple. Kesiif.xce-Second and
Washington streets, one block sotuh of Auk.
Marshall's livery s'.abics. 10vl2
Sfofkfi;ldcrK' Saeelliisr.
"VTOTH'E is liereliy siven that the regular an
xl nual ineeiititr f '.lie stockholders ot the
Ali any & Samiuin Hu er Ditch or Canal Co.,
wi:i 5e held at Hie t.'onipnnv's ofiice in the city
if Allwiny, Linn county, Oregon, on the second
Tuesday i" Settein!er ISSO, that leins the 14th
day. at the hoar ol one. o'clock in tlie afternoon
of said dav. for the tmnwc of electing sven
! directors lo serve the ensuin year.
l. tLlviNS, President.
J. II. ICFKitAtT. Secret arv.
Albany, Or., Aug. 13. lStstd -
Xoiiee of S'iiml Proof.
Lakd Office at Koskbt ho, on., (
Aunust 7. ISSt'J. )
NOTICE is hereby jsiven that the following
nam oil stilor has tiled notice of his inten
tion to make Mnal proof in snmort of his claim
and secure final entry thereof on Saturday, Uie
llih day of .Seulem!e: l.sso. beiore the jndno
or Clerk of Linn countv, Orecron, vix : K. R.
Hughs' Homestead A radical ions Xiw. 2?3t and
:2'i-i, for the S X of SK k- SK of NW ij, and
K M of SVV A' , Sec. 22. X H S It I W, and names
the foilowinjr as his v.-itneses. viz: Harry
Hainilton, N. Kice. (.reiTilmry Sniatm and ln
vid MclJonel, nil of Ciav fordsville, Linn coun
ty. Oregon. W. F. 11KN JAMIS.
August 18, lS3C-tlvl2vri KoiMcr.
In the County Court of the State of Oreson for
I. inn coup.ty.
In (he mntter of the estate "of James A. Wil
son, a minor. G
To Thomas T. Wilson, Isaac S. Wilson, John
S. Wilson, Maria K. Wilson, John A. Piaster,
Margaret A. Wilson and Martha J. lialfour and
to ail othel !erson interested in the estate ol
ttud James V V'i!son. minor
Now. on this If h day of August, 1S30, comes
T. T. Wilson, irnflrdiaii of the iKrrson and estate
of James A. Wiim. a minor, and presents his
petition to the Court, duly veritiod by his own
oath, and tiled with the Clerk, of tliia
Court, showinrr that it would le for
the best Interests of said minor to ell the
real property of said minor deserlled in said
petition, that thn sime is mm productive, and
it appearing to tho ourt that the allegations
in sjiid letilion urc tme,
Iu tlie nnn.e of the S;ato of Oit-on: Pursu
ant to an order of the County Court of Linn
county, Oregon. mac Ausust ath, 1S80, you and
ca'.-h ot you are cited and required to uppcur in
said Court ou
Xattcrd-ig, Scj'temler Uth, tSSO,
at the ho:ir of one o'clock P. M. of said day.afid
show cause why a license shoulJ not. be grant
ed to T. T. Wilson, Unardian of said minor, to
sell the realestale in stndirtier described. which
said order is in words and liuures as follows, to
wn :
It is ordered by the Court thattho next of kin
of said minor, Jnmes A. Wilson, to-wlt : Thom
as T. Wilson. Isaac S. Wi'son, John S. Wilson,
Maria E. Wilson. John A. Plaster, Margaret A.
Wilson and Marlha J. Balfour, and all other
persons interested in the estate of said mill r,
be and appear before the Court on Saturday the
11th day of September, isso, at the hour of one
o'clock in the afternoon of said dav, at the
Court House in Linn county, Oregon, "to show
cause whv a license should not be irrnnted tnT
. T. Wilson, the Guardian of said minor, for the
saie oi me luiiowinu uescnoea rent property,
to-wit : The undivided one-seventh interest hi
foe simple in and lothe foilowinpr tractsof land
lo-wit : The east half or claim No. 44, in Tp 13,
S K 3 W, bejrimihiff at a ixiint 11.18 chs S and
24.W1 chains W of. corners of Sections 18, 14. 28
and 24 in said townshin, Ihcnce running north
58.12 chs. thence east 9-1.80 chs, thence south 84.
77 chs, thence west f7.U3ch. thence north 26.6S
chs, (hence west .14.87 chs to the place of bein
nlntr, lying and being in Linn county and State
of Oregon, and that a copy of Hits order be serv
ed on tho next of kin of said minor by publish
ing tht. same for three successive weeks in the
AL.HAHY Rkgisteb, a newspaper of general
circulation iiLLinu countv. Orcson.
- L. FLlS N, County Jndpe.
In witness whereof. I, N. Baura.t kunly Clerjk
anil exofflcio Clerk of sutd Counlv Court, have
hereunto net mv hand and affi-red the seal or
Court at my oUice thta aih day of Anitust, 18ao.
JTT7J "A?..M.
County Clerk.
Mrs. C. Honk, Proprietor.
THIS HOCRK has been thoi-ouprhly overhaul
ed and renovated, and placed in first class
condition for t ho accommodation of its guests.
GQod Sample Room for Commercial TraveJera.
tJeneral Stiure. OftliM tor Corvallis. Indenontl-
i and Lebanon, free Conch to nntl from
1 !h lint, vllul'J
Ballard, Xsom & Co.,
Will wy nrenilmn of FOCR C"EXT9 jor bush
el in Mill Feeil.over and uliovo the mftiket.
price, on all Kood nici'chuntable Wheat stored
Miili them tliteseacn.
Are iilvys prepared to pay cash down, and
irnm-Rii tee as poo j prices as can be obtained
clsewliere. A large supply of sacks always on
Ve have our Mill titled up with all the latest
improved machinery, and do custom work.
AHiHuy, August B. lSH:12ul ' -
No Prruilnm on IV It en t nt the Albany
I'linuerH' tompaiiy.
ASSURAJft'K, however, is triven loall desir
ini? to store Rrain, that the Allwny Fann
ers' Co. wit. store Wheat at the rate "of four
cents per bushel, and Oats at three cents per'
bushel. The Co. agrees lo faithfully strive to
secure the liisjhest prices possible for era in, free
of clnirxc. except storage. We promise not to
enter into any combination to keep down
prices. Arrangements have been made for iu
snritifr lain. and for securing advances on
rain delivered and insured.
1. J1A.NHFIELU, See. . M. H. Pies.
Phil. Cohen
Has removed his stock of foods to the brick
lately occupied by tho ;
G-rangG Union Store,
Corner Waslilugtou and Flrat Streets,
where he will be pleased to tneet old aud new
12 customers. ii
.Albany, July 30, IsssO.
ST02l.iE :
Albany City 2ills!
Four Cents Per Bushel,
In mill foei'-Unm or Shorts-over an l a'wvc
the market price, on jrood merchantable w heat
sold t us or stored at our mills
Call on us liefor' ina'Jint'VonniiTatiirKmrntK.
Albany, Or., July 30, ISiSU-vlinilml
THf: PROPHIETORS of the Magnolia Mills
otter a Premium ot
in Mill Feed, over and above the niRrltet price
for good, merchantable. WHEAT, cither sold to
or stored wiih iheru this -astn.
Albany, July 30, 1S80.
(Migrate gastitttte,
AllDtvuy, Oi-egon.
The Second Term will open on
Wednesday, Sept. 1st, ISSO.
For particulars concerning the courses of
study and the price of tuition, apply to
Kev. KI.BEKT . COXOIT, Prrs.
July 3(1, lSSOvlSnla
Broauf ay Restaurant & Confectionery,
No. 67 First St., between Pine and Ouk, ,
IPox'thvnci, Oit;gon,
MEALS AT ALL HOURS, including lieerand
acinar. 2-c. Balls and part ice supplied
with ice cream, cake, oysters, etc., on short
notice and liberal terras.
L Oat meal mush and.. Broil'd or trleii ham. 10
J0i do
Corn meal do..
Reef steak
Rib steak
Sirloin steak...
. . lo do do liver. . !0
..lo!tewc(l tripe.-- 10
..ViS;ewed kidney 10
.. !4 Broiled kidney 10
..'2s!2 earm. broiled. fried.
Tenderloin steak.
Porterliouse steak. ...Sl poached oromelette 10
ramilvdo do cin Kacti additional egg. a
tiish st'wd mushrins.lVMackerel, broiled ID
Mutton chop, plain or IMackerel, boiled "0
breaded lOiCodflsh. stewed 10
Veal cutlets...... lo Fresh tlsb. In season. 10
Pork chops tOiCollce. tea.chocolate.
Broiled or fi-tod tripe, 10j or (lass niilk, each.
Fried biuins 101 with cokes 10
Sausascs lOi Additional plate of
Livcrtnd tiactm loj bitad or butter S
Hot cakes W1
Beef steak, any style, with a sfcle dishea,
cofflc, tea, cfiocolHtc milk or iiecr cts.
Iloast meats, -wlih three side dlshes.and
coffee, tea, choeolate, miltor beer 25 cts.
Ham and rs, any style, with three side
dishes, and coffee, tea, chocolate, milk
or boer 23 cts
Veal cullcts, any style, with 8 side dishes
and coffee, tea, chocolate, milk or beer. 25 eta.
Mutton chops, with threestdudlshe,and
coiree, tea, chof ilate.. milk or beer 25 cts.
Fverv adUtloi:al dish will bo chatpred at Ihc
(above rules. nl 1 l-'iiil
Attorneys at Tn,-v,
iiuuxr, .- . ' OKJTaoy.
OFFICE-In Foster's now brick bloeb'. flrst'
door to the lett, up stairs. . . vllnia
1 ..
J. C. TOWKLL, '- , VT. E. BU.YKI'.
Attorneys at Law and Solicitor
in Cliancery.
Albany, - Okegos. v
OLLECTIOXS promptly made on all points.
Loans negotiated on reasonable terms.
Oftiee in Foster's new block. . nlivll
(xotakv Pfm.rc.1 .
Attorney at Law,
T courts of the Stato. - Special attention giv
en to collodions and probate uiattcrj. Okhce
1 u Otld Fellows' Temple. . Ii47vl0
f ' . ' 1 ,
Ilinnphrey & lVolvt rlon,
Attornoa anl Counselor nt lnir.
of thlsstate. Offick in Froiuun'a brick :'
(iipstuirs) Albany, Oregon. Ilnl9 '
L. M. MOXTAXIE. -Attoiney
at Law,
OFFICK Up stairs, oyer John BrWs' sloro.
on i irst st reel. vllnlo
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Office, Old JPb (0toc Building, Albnnj, Oregm.
WILL PRACTICE iu the dim-rent Courts ot
tneSUUo. Yl 11132
lloinceopatltiej Physician and Koreeou,
OFFICK-In MeIIwalns brick, Albany. Otrii.
Chronic diseoKs a Specialty. Can be loimd
at my office at all hours of the day or night,
w hen not professionally absent. vlinJS
JT. SURMAX, 3W. !.,
1src:EioK to de. kbbvkk.i
OFFICE AX'I) KF.51I1KXCK - On Second St.,
near Albany KiiKine Co. No. One's eiiKino
Albany, Or., Jan. 0, 1830-TlinI.-,
B. as. ;M. D.,
riiysiriau and Scirgcoii,
Fiomaiis's Urick, up stairs.
First Htrcet,
Albany, Oregon.
'. C Si.EIt.Y, 35. Oi,
Residence one door north oi broom lacto
ry, Lyo" street. llvU
Fresco, Sign. Scene,
XMotoi-ial Xaintiisg-.-
Rooiut, fi and 7. Parrish bliK'k. corner First
and Ferr streeis, Allmny, Oiv.
I- "(, 'LAKIC,'..;.
KCressot; TO J:; I. WT.VTT,'- ' ,
dealer1 . )nr- " ;
II cavy and Shelf II ard arc,
Iron. Jiilcel nnd M' cfiir.teM Toots,
-First door east of S. K. lonnar,
ALBAXY, . '" (ylln9: 4 OKKUOZf.
F. "WOOD & CO.,
MHiiufacturcrs of
Head Stones, "
'IablelM, :
Tilo for "Walks,
Basoa fo? Garden Fcuatsins,
and all kinds of work done in Rione.
As we srot our marble direct from the quar.
ries. and have it selected with earn, wt can
sure customers tho
Tiie Bsst Materials and Lowest Prices.
Orlcrsfrom any part of tbo State promptly
attended to. -
eyAU work warranted as represented.
liiir'hop and Works on coi ner of tSecoiid and
Kllsworth streets, Albany, Oreson.
HU,iD & 'o.
March 16. 18S0-vl2n56
f C a week in your own town. S5 Outfit
JSJjO fr-e. No risk. Render, if you want a
M business at which persona of either
Ha can make preat lay all the lime they work,
write fat particulars to II. & Co.,
Portland, Maine. - 4-2-13
Neatly executed at this office.
PontmlgtJtBat. The mS-t torn mtrardtd ttut
Ikinhrnt andmilrt medal pircn ruUxr platim, tU bath
tkeCentmmial end Part's Exmiilimu. Widely and
ptooraUp hicn ii amririft pkguicfant am a grrt tm
provemaUmtA ordinarf jxinmt plaMrr. Aik tmjf
iihynoian in ymtr nn lotytlitif alrmt it. Thevaltw "
lilo qnnlities of the common porons plnster are In
this article increased 10 fold by naa and sHrottfio
medication. It relieves abiKwt at once and cores
where other plasters fail even to relieve. It I
without donbt the beet remedy orer devised for
Lame nod Weak Bark, Rheumatism, Spinal and
KidorTComplaintsnnd all local achws andpaina.
A void imtntlf,i,.8old hr all Tnu:(rils,l,ric 6el
Sr aucev Jt Jon.Nso- ai I'iatt hi., H. Xn Propra
i -I
. 4