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    VdLtJME 11.
NO. 8.
airswjzss cards.
Qxl tMs Spaco Foutf dks
K. n. nUMniRET, AjJont."
, " vlln33
his friend" and the public generally, that
is now settled in his
dn the Hid stand net.doorto P. C. Harper A Co ,
where cart be found as grout an assortment and
As large a stock Of j
Stoves' and . Ranges
ean be fonnd In any one house tills side of
Portland, and at as
Also -
Custlron, Brass & Enameled -
in great variety. Also,
Sheet Iron,
Galvanized Iron,
always on hand, and nmdd to order, AT L1V
Oall oil
Albany. October ff!, 1S7.V5V8
Corner First and. EUs-wsrti, sts.,
1 Via agniti taken chaise of tiro
City Drug Store,
having ptlrcll8Kl the entire interest of C. W.
Shaw, inowoor to A. Carothers A Co., and is
How receiving a
Splendid ITa-w Stock,
wliWh, svi.ld trt Ibe former, render it very
complete t all tiw dltfcjront dpirtiiM;nta.
Feeling assured that all cart In,' s(mcd In both
Quality aal Pries,
7 O r-tferdlny invites his old friends and ctlbtoni-
rs to give nim a call.
Will recol-e Imrawltate anil careful attention
BtS mil hMn, x mbmI alctat.
' K?IU?n Wines and Liquors for medicina
fmryoM. K 8ALX3HARSII,
Oet.. TMvlo ? f
First street, doors west of rerry,, ' t ; - - KBMOS.
fe 6CTS, Prop's.
HAVIJtti purchased the Cityarfcct. I will
keen constantly on itand all kindsof Meats
-the very lest to be obtained in ibe market.
I will strive at all times to meet the wishes of
all who may favor rae witb their patronage.
The imbtle generally are invited to call t my
.. Y
New Goods t New Departure I
ClLtlSlEET AttjHffiESSM AKina.
Store lately owned by Mrs. X P. Iavls and
having just added thereto a new in voice Of late
Cioicg 7.Tmir.firy. Trimmings.
Bonnets, Rata, &, takes pleasure lit Inviting
the ladies of Albany and vicinity to call and
inspect for Ibemsetves. All goods will be sold
at priees that defy compel it Ion.
Having sectfred the services of a first class
Dressmaker !
I am prepared to cut, fit, and make dresses in
any style diircMl,at abort notice and in a satis,
factory manner.
, (N&MfikinK Clothing for children a specialty
Wore on north side of Klrt,enst of Ellsworth
street. Yon are invited to call.
. - JlliS. O. L. PARKS.
n, t8'9' . .
XafaUiWe ladLiaa Remedies.
A Sure Shot For
tbe Indian tribes of the coast and the Into. '
rtor, 1 hsve had the (food, form no to discover,
from ttm "Medicine" men of the several tribes, 1
and from CTther sources, a number of remedies
for diaewes Incident to this country, ooniiltrt
ing of roots, herbs and bark, and having been
solicited by many people of this valley, who
have tried and proved tbe efficacy of them in
diarase, to procure and offer the saute for sale,
I take this means of announefng to ail that,
during ftwjpawt season,! have made an extend
ed torrr tsWOiiwfr the mountain and valleys,
ttr.-d have secured oertaSs of these remedies
wbfen are a sure care for .-;
. Fever and Ague.
ThfmewntT?rtng from Xirr who desire to be
c-nred.can leave orders t Mr, Strong's store en
t rm sirrot, where I will furnish the remeliesr
wanrraatingradtcaletMtor I will demand no
, W. St. JWIIM. .
,3-i;entetll done op fl packages. li-i
p'tn, mnmti and oxpfitwus zuaranteed to At
Oil iMutA, (r65. SiMff CO., Aui-'itHiH, Maine
NEVER SAW a ilrirF.R. stock of Ariitlxiii
NEVER x'ebp to look any fArxiIer. ,
WHAT, N V R ! no, never ,
Tmm e.
"Bound to Pleaso" Clothier and Gents' Outfitter,
II. S BHEttER, m. !.,
lIenrrointble Pliyslrinn nnt Knrseon.
OFFICE AND nES-lOEXCK-Secoiia. street,
two doors east of Mo. l's hall vllna
St A. DAVIS, in. .,
I?ltV Piclan, Stti-geon,
i and
over KcaiK-iq s store, Albany, or. lln;r.l
N. IIENTON, 51. 1M
tliecity oi Allmny, and entered upon the
THiKTY-FlusT year of hi practice, respectfully
lenders his professional servls to tbe citizens
of Albany ami snrroundingeoitntry. Okfice
at Fosbay Mason's drug store. Hesldcm on
First street, i n33v9
C. CI ttCLLT, M. !.,
phtsiciait & susasozT.
Residence-one door north of broom facto
ry, Lyon street. Ilvl3
I.. W. HALI.ARD) 3. D.
J. x. row kLl, x. D.
Pliysiciftlts & Surgeons,
Office At Lebanon Drug Store. . 12n2
. . dealer in
Heavy and Shelf Hardware,
. Iron, Stmt and Mechanics' Tools,
- First door east of B. E. Young,
Mrs. C. Honk, Proprietor.
THIS ItOtTSSS has been thoTo(rhly overhaul
ed and renovated, and piaeed in first class
condition for t! to nceommodatirm of its guests.
Good Sample ftoom for Commercial Travelers.
General Staire Office for (otvBllts. Independ
ence and Lebanon. Free VouutU to and froiir
the liouae. i
MwKturerB of
Carriages and Wagons.
LAUOE stockCarrtftjresaird Wagon s con stan t
ly oft hand, C-iT" Bepairinir and Job work
done at short nottoe and in the most skilfull
manner. j . iW-l -
SUFerryfttmt, jUbanr. Or.
J AfJlSO DAfiriALG ,
Dealer and Mannfactofer of
TlIVXtl?0OTl,!F?10 Khaa- AlsoOroffon Ash,
ij. MP'? " Pine Ruits. Pprina- Bels, Pure
?t- rlrifl?- lso. Wool, Pniu and
tL'SZ J?"iland "d made at Lowest Kates.
2liil'r-wl"-warran,1 renressnted.
Corner la Md Jfcrrjr st., Uboay.
l ' 00
IS A OLoTltlKll.
Attorney at La w ,
FFICK- In Foster's new brick block, first
door to tbe left, op Mhlrs.
vlln 15
J. O. POWKfcfc. W. B. nitYEU.
Attoriiej s ut Law Miirt Solicitors
In Chanccrr.
Albaxt, - Obioion.
COLLECTIONS promptlv made on all plhtts.
Loans negotiated on rearonable terms.
Office in Foster's new block. nlvll
Attorney at I-,aw,
courU of the State. Siieclal attention giv
en to collcetiohs and probate matter. Ornci
In BiiKSS' building. n47vl
0. m 3. KtxAt ltBL'KN,
business. 22v8
H, b. xcslPlfBXIr. c. K. WOtfVEBOjf.
Humphrey & Wolverton,
Attorneys atnt Cotinselora mt l
of tbismate. OrncB in Froman's brk-k
(upstairs) Albany, Oregon. 111140
Attorney at Law,
OFFICE Up stairs, over John Crfggs' store,
on First street. vllnio
C. 11. HEWITT,
Attorney and Counselor at Law.
Otfieet Old Ihtt Office Building, Albany, Oregotu
"1T7"II'L PRACTICE in the different Cortrts of
t Cortrt
T T tbo State. 1
OFFICE In Parrish block, north side First
street, Albany, Oregon. - , " ' .
Alt bnsincM promptly and carefully attended
to. vllnM
rreoca, Slnriif Scene,
motorial l?aintJfig
Rooms and 7, Parrish block, eWnef First
ana jerry sireeLs, aiwii;, vlijwu.
f J" week In your own town. $a outfit free.
Iiirivr.j.i. Aaam .m.m. warn, a ImmIam.
vmv all the time when they work, write for par.
ileal H. 1IAX.1.BTT Co., Portland, PMs. -
v The recent Cold ftlghts In Walla Walla
valley Is .believed to have frozen out the
grass-hopper eggs which caused such great
consternation there recently.
Grand preparations for the reception of
Gen. Grant are making at Washington
City. President Days has telegraphed
Grant inviting him to be hia gUest while
In Washington.
.i i . . "i -i
Tlje Cincinnati Enquirer (Democratic)
says : There is a happy land, far, far
away." Too fer, we apprehend, to be
reached by the Democratic Presidential
aspirants. ;
The roaring ttemagoguea found no dep
uty marshals or "military intimidation"
at the polls In the recent electitth, but tbe
party whicli bowled ail through the canvass
about theso : things : was-' beaten all the
Edward Kerrigan has commenced pro
ceedings to test the right ot Kalloch,
Mayor elect ot San Francisco, and of all
other, candidates ot his party, to their
seat, on the ground that they pledged
themselves to accept salaries less than
those now paid, which it is alleged is
something in the shape of a bribe.
The board ot managers of the Oregon
Slate Agricultural society will hold their
annual meeting at Salem, commencing
Tuesday, Dec. 2, 1S79. At this meeting
the time will be decided upon for holding
tne annnai iair oi issu. ana tne list or pre
miums for the same will be arranged. All
memlters and friends of the Society are in
vited to attend. -
The Irish I oca? government hrts made a
special report to the imperial government
. . " . 1 . . jt . r
repccuiig iim siaie ui a uk 1 13 in ireiaiH!.
The report says that the potato crop' is
everywhere inlerior, and thi. combined
with the absence of peat fuel owing: to
rain, is regarded as the leading cause of the
distress, which is expected to culminate
during the winter and spring. Pauperism
is greatly increasing, especially in Ulster.
"I would rather be. right (rich) than be
President," is Vanderbilts motto. The
President only gets $50,000 a year, and is
-worried nearly to death by ofiltv-seekers.
but by merely investing $5,000,000 in tour
per cent bonds, Yauderbilt receives $50,
000 from the national Treasury every
three mouths, and has nothing to do but
drop it in his strong box. Kiclies do not
confer happiness however. O, no!
A popular periodical for November sets
out to prove, and does prove, that from the
Revolutionary War to the present time
" State troop have never acquitted them
selves with credit on American battle
fields, by reason ot their wretched organi
zation and total lack of discipline. The
solid fighting has always lei tj doue by reg
ulars or by well drilled volunteers. The
argument deduced is lliat the country needs
a JSational tiuircl oi volunteer?, organized
on a unitorm and comprehensive scale.
The South American belligerents, in
their employment of foreigners to do their
hard figtlns'V resemble the Italian republics
which tit thedarsof their decadence, ttsed
Sir John flawkwood and other Free Com
panions to exchange the rough bloats cf
tlM-ff Internecine strifes. Jt is a pinu
which saves the nominal belligerents
many bruise, but costs much money, as
mercenaries are' ant to find it to their in
terests to prolong such contests.
This is a last country, this Is. It i not
so very long since the slaughter, of the in
trepid Custer and his band, out a corres
pondent writes to Iho llemlJ that if Sitting
Bull and his Warriors were to return to the
great valley of the Yellowstone. Irom
which they were expelled only a short
time ago, they would scarcely know their
old bunting grounds. Immigration has
not i fed in from all sections. The wigwam
of the Indian hns given place to churches
and schools and stores and newspaper
offices. At Tongtfe River where Ow.
Miles was encunned in 1876-7. there is a
town with a population of nearly 1,000 in
habitants. The battle-fields of the heroic
Custer are farms, and cattle graze on the
plains, and hillsides where the sauuesc ana
bloodiest of otir Indian tragedies was so
recently enacted.
Meal Estate In the West.
The Denver Land Co. offer in another
column alternate lots in their addition.
These alternate lots are in fact given away,
though ft nominal charge ot one dollar is
made for the deed. The company limit
the nnmber purchasable at this price to
five lots. 5 Many of the large "cities of the
West have been started in a similar man
ner, and those who secured lots then, find
themselves now In possession of valuable
property. The opportunity does not often
present itself of making an investment in
Real Estate at such prices. The reliabili
ty of the 'Company and : their title to the
property being well established, there could
bo no risk, with a fine prospect for a rapid
increase In valuo. Denver has had such a
wonderfully rapid growth, it la probablo
that the land offered will be speedily taken
As yet there is no diminution in tho vol
ume of the coin, principally gold, that has
for' several months been flowing into this
country from the other sidi of the Atlantic
Until the setting of the golden tide about
the middle of last iftmuier the largest
amount of specie ever Imported into the
United States during a single moutn was
$1J,2&2,700, in December, 1876. But
since July last that amount has been
greatly exceeded every month, and In Sep
tember It reached the sum of $27,432,179,
In the same month the exports of merch
andise from the city ot New York alone
reached the amount of $30,712,231, the
largest ever shipped from that port In a
similar period. A contemporary says that
the export of grain and breadstuffs for the
year wfll ' soon be over, ; and then the
influx of gold In large quantities will
cease. But it must be remembered that
when the export, of wheat and produce
shall have ceaed that ot cotton will begin,
amtln tbe existing condition of business
abroad and at home it would be premature
Co fix any date tor a etiange in tbe balance
of trade. ' - '
A river of petroleum is flowing through
Texas. It fs bo far undarjjronnd, however,
that there is little danger that any pnmp
will reach it. Texas U a great country.
Victoeia, Nov. 9 A carpenter and a
laborer, who were emploved to build a
warehouse near Stickeen river Jat summer,
were seized by about thirty Indians, who
foreed.iiem into one of their canoes- and,
without any explanation, toolc them to an
islancT not far from Fort Wrangel. The
men remonstrated, bnt In vain, and their
captors compelled them to" assist in clean
ing and drying fish, and rtiade theut per'
form the most menial duties. This kind
of treatment lasted several weeks, biit one
day the carpenter and his comrade, In com
pany with scteral Indians, went ont on a
fishing cruise. About noon the canoe was
loaded and ill went ashore. Some of the
Indians straggling away from the beach,
the carpenter saw that his time of .deliver
ance had come, and according ta hw state
ment, he picked up a huge , rock and
rather stunned or killed three of the In
dians who remained behind witb hinvand
his companion. Then he grasped a paddle
and. jumping lnto.ffce canoe ordered his
friend' to hurry up and come aboard. For
a time tlie man seemed dazed, not dream
ing that tlie cameuter would have resorted
to such desperate measures to ensure" their
escape. Jiventually, however, he got into
the canoe and both paddled off just as tlie
other Indians returned to find their three
tillicums lying senseless on the beach.
Paddling with all their might, the fnglrtves
soon got clear of the island, and after being
at sea tor several days, during which tune
they suffered great privations and subsist
ed only on a portion of a dried salmon
which had been left in the canoe, they for
tunately reached Fort Wrangel Thence
they took passage on board one of the
steamers and arrived in safety at this port.
The Seattle IntelJiyencor has the follow
ing particulars relative to the attempt at
infanticide at Seattle ; After having the
clothing and little llunnel skirt found in
the vault at the time washed and dried
Chief Thordike took them to Mrs. Post,
who immediately identified them as be
longing to her little boy. The revelation
fastened the guilt upon Mary Tucker, a
quadroon girl who had been working in
the family about four months,. At 'first
she stoutly denied all knowledge of the
affair, btit finally admitted that she was
the mother of the child, and the attempted
murderer of hef own offspring, She had
shown no signs of having become a motherl
and went right along doing her work as if
nothing iiafl happened, ana when asked
after acknowledging it. why she had not
said something about it beforehand, said
she was afraid of being discharged from
her situation and "ouM have no place to
go. She states that the child was born in
the privy at live o'clock the morning it
was found in the vault, and 6he, not wish
ing to be found out. had disposed of it as
heretofore stated. She, at tho request of
Sir. Thorndike, lunil-slied the water to
wasli the filth from the babe, and is said to
have acted as indifferent to it as if it had
been a cat or a dog instead of a child of her
own. She signified her willingness, after
being exposed, to take the child aiid rai-m
!.t, and is at present nursing the poor little
waif at the hospital, wlicro she is kindly
treated by the Sisters of Charity, who wiil
keep her until sho can procure work or, a
home elsewhere. She states that a well
known Skagit logger is tho father of the
child, a tid is very positive about it.
Cemetery robbers are operating with re
markable success In the vicinity of New
Orleans. They grind grave stones to pow
der to sell to soda watef manufacturers,
dispose of colli in in the shape of kindling
wood, and supply the trade with skeletons
at the lowest market ptiee. Cremation
could scarcely be more thorough.
The bridge uniting Xew York and
Brooklyn is an Immense affair, particularly
a regards cost. Already nearly $11. 000,
000 have been expended in building it,
and a half a million more is asked for,
with a year and ft halt ot work yet unper
formed. Taxpayers are not enthusiastic
concerning it. .
Some good Snmnrltans at Chicago haVe
concluded that the only way to get along
peacefully with the red man is to give him
the right of suffrage. He would prize it
Very highly, iio doubt, but it will never
till the place in hh estimation that tbe
scalp of his enemy does.-
Ouray, head chief of tlie Utes, bus be
haved himself very well, and Is receiving
many compliments tit consequence, but it
is worth while to remember that he receives
$1500 a year from the Government for do
ing so; Mary white men behave well all
their lives without being paid a cent for it
by anybody. '
Statistics show that in France less than
one-fifth of the crimes officially brought to
notice are committed by women, and only
one third of them bypersons who have
been married. Simply as an institution ot
discipline, matrimony appears to be val
uable. An Ohio bank President visited Lend
ville, Colorado, recently, and paid $14,000
for a lead brick veneered wit'i gold. : lie is
not so much impressed with the mineral
wonders of Colorado as he,, was a few
weeks ago. - - ; .-,...,
It fa stated that Stephen At Douglas,
son of the Jate great Senator, in conse
quence of petty persecutions practiced by
Democrats towards Republicans, has de
cided to leave North Carolina, his native
State, and take up his residence in Illinois.
if,. !
TbeS recent immigration to the United
States of some of the most skilled opera-;
tives ot England will still further increase
the manufacturing competition existing
between the two countries. The quality
of American manufactures is steadily im
proving. A British war Vessel, it is announced",
will soon take possession of tbe Satnoan
Islands. As the United States owns a
naval station there, which it will not sur
render, a- breeze of excitement in that
quarter my possibly occur before long.
General Ilancock is becoming prominent
as a possible candidate lor the Presidency
op the Democratic ticket." He would cer
tainly awaken more popular enthusiasm in
his party than tlie great legal spider" of
new iorK. . - - . '.:
Agent Meeker appears a hate been a
warm friend of tlie Indian race. RU fate
illustrates the folly oi sentimental ideas In
dealing with ignorant savages. Force Is
tne only thing they respect or comprehend.
General Win field Scott wisely remarked
that the Indian respects the man who
wears a sword. For maudlin philanthro
pists pe entertains only merited contempt
A telegram from Valpariso announces
the capture ot Plsagua, Peru, by Chileans.
The Ameer has abdicated, and tbe Afgan-
istan elephant is now entirely on: Beacons
field s hands. What will he do -itb It?
The fetiloc?arift tinners, fit Tnlslnna fx-
tray serious apprebensiO'ifs that ti Repub
licans will carry that State at the next
election. ;
It is a Uttle singular that labor strikes in
the East increase about as fast as employ,
rrient is provided for thousands of men
wlio have long been idle heretofore.
One proposition before the .Spanish Gov
ernment is to emancipate fill Cnban slaves
under 65 years of age. . This would give to
every slave a taste of freedom just before
he died. How kind ! - . ,
''- "V
Baron nirsh of Paris la almost rich
enough to live in Albany. He is worth 20
million dollars, and recently won a hun
dred thau'and dollars in a lottery. "To
htm who hath shall be given.-
FeruhllJ !s the name given to the new
postofiice in the John Day river settlement,
Clatsop county. Mrs. Dennis has been
appointed postmaster. Tlie rriail leaves
Astoria every Wednesday and Saturday.
Ben Butler declares that lie intends to he
a candidate every year nntll he succeeds in
being elected Governor of Mase&chusetto.
In that case he may live fO be st very old
Lincoln's old home at Sangamon,- II1L-
nois, is deserted and gone to decay. HI
name, however, is beyond the mouldering
influences or time, it win De Drignt many
centuries hence.
New York City has sent all tfie" Way to
Egypt for an obelisk to complete thp resem
blance between the dwelling-places of
ruined taxpayers; Both are sinking out
oi signs in a Dog ot indebtedness.
p s
Houmania desires to be recognized by
civilized powers without complying with
the necessary conditions. Persecution on
account of race or creed ia not a suitable
A tribe iii India has the curious custom
of Tiermitting women to choose their hus
bands. That men alone should enjoy the
privilege ot making matrimonial proposals
in most Countries is a relic at barbarism.
The Government Is still trying to extract
from Samuel J. Tilden those lamoHS un
paid income taxes; He hopes to stave off
their collection till lie can introduce the
Presidential salary its an offset. Deluded
old man !
It requires a stont heart and a leather'
throat to elect a man Governor of Ohio.
The last successful candidate mad 111
speeches, besides talking privately witb
thousands ot stalwarts. He now longs for
repose. , ,; .. - , - ,
George Eliot says that women do' not
love men for their goodness. Of course
not. It's fof their beauty, and lor the
cheerful way in which tliey pay a dry
goods bill when it is presented. Everbody
knows that. tv v ;
During a third ot tlie year tlie sun is
never visible at Balmoral Castle. It Is not
eclipsed by the presence of Queen Victoria,
but the skies in that region are lamentably
cloudy; Her majesty forgets the tact, how
ever, in the Smiles ot her loyal subjects.
Plenty of land can be botfght in the" State
of Virginia fr $10 per acre. The Old
Dominion needs more people, and people
who are more industrious than most of the
present population. Its sacred soil will
then be more valuable. -'. .
For his share of tlie annual appropria
tions, the Postmaster-General wants ifO,-
000,000. Twenty years ago tlie entire ex
penses of the Government were only about
twice that sum per annum. Some changes
have occurred since, howevfcf.
A new revolatiouary party has been or
ganized in Russia, The members of- the
old revolutionary party have principally
taken up their residence in Siberia, except
ing, ot course, those who liave been hanged.
Agitating in Russia is no child's play.
The streets of Independence are being
Several persons are sick of typtiotd fever
at Dallas. '
The Polk county court fote" fia$been
insured lor $5,000. ,: V
Several robberies have recafitly been
committed at Buena Vista. '- 'y.
- Harness and tin shops have -recently
been established at Hubbard. ' . -
A man named Dodson Is in jail at Daft.
charged with stealing a norse.
The potato crop in the vicinity" of Hub.
bard is large and of excellent quality.
Tlie roads are so had since tbe late rains
that wheat hauling has about ceased.
Three Chinamen were immersed by tbe
Baptist pastor at Salem oil Sunday last.
Diphtheria lias appeared at Olympia.
Mr. Hildcrbrand lost three children last
week..- .;. f.' -v.i ;:.
A grand hunt, in which all hunters ot
Oregon and Washington are invited, will
take place iu Pierce cotfnty this month. -Monday
the city election came off at
McMinnville, with the following result:
R. 11. Todd. C. A. Wallace, J. J. Col lard,
II. Adams, W. J. Henderson, council men ;
Henry Warren, recorder; Frank Martin,
marshal.' ;
Tlie . Polk County Teachers' Institute
will be held in Dallas on the 14th and 15th
ot the present month. Every arrange
ment has been mat.e to make it a success
ful affair. All teachers ta the State are
Invited to be presrut.- .
ESghty-cfght was the highest number of
votes received by any single candidate st
the city election heWJ at Dallas., Polk
comity, on tbe 3d inst. As there was but
one ticket iu the field, this ia probably tbe
total number of votes cast
Hubbard correspondence i Our county
court, this spring, has aftrironrl.itwl nmriv
$20 to plank tlie road iu Pudding river
bottom, which is almost lm passable at this
time. But to the present time onr super
visor has 'not taken any means to use th
appropriation. , .
1 wist on Tetter : Archie lawyer nd
Kamia, Indian Billy's .son, returned On
Tuesday last from Joseph's people from
the Indian territory. They report that Ad.
Ciuipman was at Kansas City and would
soon return to Idaho. They also report
that Joseph and hi people are very much
d'ssatisfiecf with their new onsrters and
wish to sret hack to Idaho. Archie and
young Billy were equipped brths full rega
lia ot the American citizeu, watches,
etc , . - .,. '.-.
Why , elionld the Indians be &F;OWd
to retain better firearms than the United
States troops are supplied with ? .
i. timber contract was awarded last week.
is now pwspectmg for tfrrtber rrp the Clearwater.-
He will put gangs off toen td work
very soon. . . .. . .
Atseofding to fiajnits ebfnfifei hf
tbo Alia, tbe population of the PociSd
slope has increased frord 1370 to date
from 831,058 to 1,269,000, .
A'n Jaetern journal attributes the
increase ot suicide to the civil tear, to
the" spread Cf Infidelity, and . to "an ex- .
cesmve influx ot European imtoiracts,''
It takes genrSato stadf4p lufcld ex
planation tike that; r ' " " "
Ethan Allen and Gen. Jackson have"
been "resurrected," and are now wriU
in tof the press of Oregon the former"
on tree trade and the latter on the' .
wrong done to Tilden .. The . vigor of
each is conspicuous in bis utterances.
Who would have believed, twenty
years ago, that wh?f,e soldiers ot tbe
reeOlar arfny, surrounded by hostile"
Indiana would be relieved by black .
soldiers of. the regular army? "But
bis soul goes marching oh'jf. it
3 fail: ;
Tilings are figured down ia a fane ,
point in LoDdofi. Every four minutes
somebody fs born, and every six min
utes ' somebody dies. - By this arrange
ment an increase of the city's popula
tion is secured every three tninuteSc
Nothing could be more ingenious. ' I
Tlie Christians ot Herzegovina refuse
to pay rent to Tudiifeh landlords, and '
threaten to shcttt them it they try to
collect. This method of adjusting tbe
land question appears te be growing in
popularity. Its simplicity is what fS
commends ft; , - . '
, Gov. Tliayer has commuted the sen
tence of Henry L. Hanson, to expire
October 3 1, 1879 Xovemher i; 1878,
Hanson was convicted of larceny, and
sentenced to five ycirs-in the peniten
tiary. Tbe sentence f 4Ienry Wilson
was ato rentHtedt to the' imoftnt of Alms
allowed bylaw.'" '"-5,i ;
A d ispatcb from New York announces
the death of Admiral John J Abern&
thy at the ageof 75. ... He was not aft
Admifsi, but a Medical Director in
the United States Navy. ,: tin entered
tbe service from ' Conneticnt in 183.
During the war with Mexico he Was a
Surgeon in the PaciGo Squadron. lie
was traced on the' retired ; list many
yeareaao;-., .
. ". . . tti .',r."V. " v.
Tbe Elmira Gazette gives this cbde '
of hat flirtation signals : Wearing tbe
bat squarely on head I love you mad
ly ; tipping it over the" t!gr.t ear my
little brother hs the measles ; wearing
it on the back of the bead ta, ta
awfully awful ;' taking it off and brush
ing it" the wrong way my heart is
busted ' holding it out in the rigbt
hand lend me a quarter; throwing
it at a policeman I love your, sister j
using it as a fan Come and play with
my aunt ; carrying a brictc in it yout
cruelty is killing me ; kicking ','t across
the street I am engaged putting il
on the ground and sitting on K fare
4 u ;
At the regblitr meetiog.qt the AcatSej
my ot Science in San FrSncifeco irj Myw
day evening, October ZMt Prof! J. Tf.
Cope, an eminent geologist and natural
ist from the East, who had just return
ed from a trip to Idaho .and : Oregon,
gave an interesting aCootfnt ot hieis
coveries reaaYdlnsf Lake" Klamath.
Some of 'the trout caught in tbe lake
weighed ten pounds. Many species
supposed to be extinct bad been found
in the lake The pliocene fbrraStiotf
found in Oregon 2nd Idaho ws not
known to exist on the American conti
nent until recently. Its disco vefy is of '
great importance, as its exploratioti is
expected' to thro sora" fignt oh the"
advent of man on this continent. It
abounds in tt e fossil remains of llamas,
fibb and an extinct race of horses which
greatly resembled the present species.
The 1 -PtoUmot visited . Crater Lake
eight by five miles in extent, which
had peTpeodfcuraf walls of soorira 1,800
to &,50tf feet bigK forfered by an ancient
crater. '
roBtin, NoV lS.f-U is report :J
from Augusta, Maine, . that the ststa'
autBorities have certificates prerarel
to send out SVWS m1 : 17 dasnccra.. ";
t"0 senators and. 3 reprrEODtativc?, cav
ing them a msjtrsty and
case the repeblks&A r:J-j.-