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'-"'111 trzriUtiJ'' .
The counting ot tlie votes for, Presi
dent sud Vice President commenced
laet week. The States were taken al
phabetically, commencing with " Ala
Wma, and the voteot eacb announced
until Florida was reached, when- objec
tioca were made to counting the elec
toral vote ot tbai State for- Hayes and
Wlieeler,! when the Electoral Commis--i
mob retired to take the objections under
tdtisement. -So far as counted the vote
was announced as - follows : Alabama,
10 votes for Tilden and Hendricks Ar-
anas, 6 for Ttlden and 1 lend ricks; Col
orado and California, 9 votes for Hayes
ud Wheeler ; Delaware, 3 votes for
Tilden and Hendricks giving . the lat
ier sentlemeri 19 votes iu the electoral
eollejje, while iYatWs and Wheeler have
trat9. It is predicted that the commit
em will decide the Florida matter to
day, and Isepublicans are confident that
the decision will be in favor of the ma
jority of the .voters, of that State, which
will be in favor ot the Republican can
didates. Should this ' predict ion prove
true, then the only fight the Democracy
will make, we .think,, will .be oveia the
thirteenth State, Louisiana: bnt as the
facta are all in favor ot the Republicans
the fight wiITbe a short oue, and Hayes
and Wheeler will be awarded the elec
toral vote ot the State, which elects
.them to the positions for which they
! -were nominated.
The uew Democratic Congressman
Field, who has made himself so conspic
uous since lie became a member of that
body, in being ready to do any dirty
work required by Tilden, has at last
gone so far in his extremo dirtiues and
violation of all rules ot honor and de
cency, as to call forth the reprimands of
-even bis associate Democrat?. He is a
member of the House committee on
privileges, and he lias used his position
iu garbling the testimony taken before
the committee and getting the same
published, without the consent of any
-ot the committee, before tlie committee
"had finished its work or had authorized
any report whatever. It is pronounced
the dirtiest trick ever before performed
by any Congressman. Knott aud
Sarks united with Lawrence in de
inouncins; the' printing of the testimony
as described, disclaiming all knowledge
of bow or by whom done. Being thus
deserted by bis party, friend, Field be
came very much embarrassed, confessed
he was guilty of the dirty trick, said he
was sorry, and asked the forgiveness of
the members of the committee. And
he was not only forgiven, but Field was
allowed the privilege of having the evi
dence of the contemptible trick stricken
from the record 1" Had a Republican
'been guilty of tuch a disgraceful trans
action, he would have been kicked out
t Congress and justly, too ! But yon
are not to expect a very great amount
f decency fronv a Tildcn member of
-Congress! .
A petition, ia being circulated in all
j srU of the country, asking the General
Government to purchase the telegraph
-lines in the United States, and institute
a postal telegraph system by which
messages could be transmitted at a very
low rate. There are many advantages
which would accrue to the people
through such a purchase. Telegraph
ing would, then be a part ot the postal
system ot tho country, and messages
would he sent instead ot letters, by bus
iness men, because the price would be
reduced to a reasonable compensation
for such service,. aud because a message
would not only be much quicker but
more certain of reaching its destination,
A lt the possibilities and advantages ot
telegraphy eannot be reached under its
present status, as it is now simply au
overgrown monopoly, putting tho ad
vantage it 'bffara at such cxhorbitant
rates that tXM masses of the people can.
sot avail themselves of them. As we
sea it at present, we are in favor, decid.
Sly, of the) ' Government purchasing
and taainUininjr the telegraph lines.
r. VOLCANIC! ,'. '
Last Sunday night Mary's Peak, over
In Benton county, gave a grand illumi
nation. SJS, brilliant light was emitted
irca the highest point on the Peak,
plainly visible here, which burned prob
b!j all sight. JVether.H was, sig
nal light, or whether tl old mountain
wa on i grand bust, we leave our Bea
ton county friend to explain -we only
know that it was a brilliant light, illu
nuatin tb tops of the mountains all
afOSKsd-it-: '
Th Presidenk issued a message on
the Sd iust., favoring specie resumption.
Since tho Senate comnaittee com-
menced investieratinsr the manner in
which the Presidential election was con
ducted iu Mississippi, the people begin
to see more clearly the reason why the
"Tilden reformers," ever since that elec
tion, have lied so wilfully and menda
ciously, threatened and put on such
war-like airs, and kept up so great a
howl generally, charging frauds, etc., in
regard to the electoral count in Florida,
South Carolina and Louisiana. There
was a cause, we say, for all this great
expenditure of money and breath on the
part of Tilden and his servants, which
was not so apparent to the masses at
the first blush, which the. testimony ta
ken before the Senate committee has de
veloped. The' testimony shows a sys
tem ot rascality- in Mississippi on the
part of tho Tilden Reformers"- that
outdoes the intimidation, bulldozing,
ballot-stuffing and murders ot the Til-
denites in any of the other States, and
the Democratic howls ot frauds in Lou
isiana and Florida and South Carolina
were raised and continued in the hope
of drawing from 'public attention, and
consequent investigation, tho "Re
form mode of carrying Presidential
elections in Mississippi.' The electoral
vote of Mississippi (eight electors) was
given to S. J. Tilden. We asserted then
that the vote ot the State, on a fair
count, without intimidation and fraud
oil .the part of Democrats would bo
given to Gov. Hayes, aud the evidence
before the committee is overwhelming
that this assertion was true ; and despite
intimidation, bulldozing and murder,
the State undoubtedly gavo a majority
for Hayes, and, as the evidence abund
antly proves, this majority was filched
from him and the Republican, .party by
a systematic robbing the ballot boxes !
The testimony shows that Democratic
judges were furnished duplicate keys to
the ballot-boxes, so that they might
take out Republican ballots and in their
stead place Democratic ballots ! The
testimony ot Congressman Lynch con
cerning the way in which the election in
Mississippi was carried by the Demo
crats, is abundantly corroborated by the
sworn evidence of a Democratic officer,
who was forced, however reluctantly, to
give his evidence. We call special at
tention to it as more work ot the "Re
former." Here is the evidence :
Washingtox, Feb. 3. Investiga
tion into tho conduct of the late elec
tion iu Mississippi was continued to-day
before tho Senate committee on privi
leges and elections. J. T. Lecoster pres.
ident of the 1 lines county board of reg
isters, who refused to testify before the
committee yesterday, testified there was
a conference of tho leading Democrats
Of Hines county a short time before the
election, at which it was proposed to
furnish one of the Democratic judges
of election at thq polling places with a
duplicate key to the ballot-boxes. Wit
ness furnished about 15 of these dupli
cate keys to different men, all ot whom
were while men, and he thinks Demo
crats. He slipped a small parcel into
the vest pocket of one ot tho judges, re
marking as he did so : " Here is some
thing which may be of use to yon."
Did not tell them what use was to be
made of them, but supposed tlicy were
all smart enough to find ont how and
tor what to use them. In answer to a
question from Senator Teller, witness
said : "I suppose my idea was that if
there wero too many Republican votes
in a ballot-box the key was to open the
nx that the Republican votes might be
taken out arf Democratic votes substi
tuted iu their stead.''
Witness admitted the Republican
judges ot election in Hinds county wero
generally ignorant negroes, and it was
easy to get them intoxicated. In the
election lie admitted duplicate keys to
the ballot-boxes were furnished to one
of the Democratic judges in every poll
ing precinct in the county.
The new law governing the marriage
contract in Idaho Territory is very lib
eral indeed. It allows the marriages ot
men at eighteen and women at sixteen,
and of a still more tender age it parents
concent. Anybody authorised to ad
minister an oath can solemnize the mar
riage ceremony, and for this purpose, or
for taking evidence concerning a pro
posed marriage, ministers,, are empow
ered to administer oaths. If the cere
mony is performed by any party claim
ing to have authority, and it is after
wards shown that the party had no such
authority, the fraud shall not prevail,
but the marriage stand good. The law
further enacts that "marriaigesmust be
solemnized, Authenticated and recorded,
but failure so to do shall not invalidate
any lawful marriage." This law makes
marriage in Idaho "just as easy the
Gretna Green of ardent lovers.
In .Mississippi, committed by the "Re
formers," as shown up by the Senate
committee, equal in atrocity and fiend
i ibness the operations ot their Demo
cratic brethren in Florida and' Louisi
ana, There ; isn't a lingering doubt
that Mississippi, without intimidation
and Democratic bulldozing, is largely
Tlie "Tilden Reformers," those Dem
ocrats, you know, who hare been charg
ing corruption and fraud 'npon the Re
publican party, and howling with every
breath for R-e-f-o-r-m (which simply,
means, turn Republicans out of office,
aud put Democrats in, and we'll show
you how to steal), are very anxious to
"explain what was done with the vast
sums of money sent to Oregon to enable
the Tilden "Reformers" to getaway
with one elector. Bit the more Demo
cratic journals explain the worse the
matter looks. Tlie N. Y. World ex
plains the use of $6,30Q but what be
came of the balance of the money ? In
addition to the $8,000 note, endorsed by
R. R. Thompson and others, $15,000
was sent to Oregon, all to get Cronin a
certificate. The cashier of Koountz Ss
Bro's. bank testified that $8,000 was
sent by draft, and Bellinger testified
that he got "$7,300 in a package,"
from the express office, which corrobo
rates Mr. Bush's statement. Now won't
some of these honest "Reformers" tell
us what become of the balance of the
mouey unaccounted for the $9,000 ?
A private letter just received from
Ochoco states that times were never
harder nor monev scarcer. The winter
has been a pleasant one, little snow and
no very cold weather. Stock look well
and there is plenty of good beef cattle.
The Granger store has been sold to
James Luckey. A party have gone in
to the "silver soap" mines, taking a
huge kettle probably going into the
soap business. Prineville reported as
prosperous, with two saloons, three
stores and blacksmith shops, one planer,
one grist mill, one boot and - shoe store,
two hotels, feed stable, etc. A dancing
school is in full blast. From two to
three fights per week are recorded
among the other pleasures. A good
school with over one hundred scholars
in attendance is one of the best features
reported. A daughter of Dave Prine,
aged thirteen, was buried on January
20th. Dick Miller's wife is dead died
of consumption. James Cottrell pro
poses to leave us in the spring lor old
Missouri. On the 27th ult., 20 ruiles
from Liukville, the snow was three
inches deep, and on the 24th the ther
mometer showed 17" below zero since
that time the weather has been pleasant
A gentleman from Oregon C-ity, a prac
tical assayer. has been at work at the
soap mines for some days, boring. He
had reached and bored into the rock
and was highly encouraged with the
prospect. Enough silver had been se
cured from the rock to make a small
brick. Some were ardent believers in
the richness of the soap, while others do
not go a cent on it.
The Gabble dispatch, which we pub
lished last week (the authorship of
which is now ascribed to Gov. Grover)
has been deciphered by the Detroit
Tribune. It reads as follows ;
"1 shall decide every point in the case
of the postoffice elector in favor ot the
highest Democratic elector ami wil
erant certificates accordingly. The rule
r?1 tor the morning of the sixth in con
sequence of confidential demonstration
? is absolutely perfect."
A few days ago a mammoth shark
came ashore a few miles south fif th
Umpqna river. This huge fish meas
ured thirty-five feet iu length, and all
who saw it pronounced it a monster.
A gentleman secured two wagon loads
of liver out ot his sharkship, from which
he expected to obtain at least five bar
rels of oil. Everything on the Pacific
coast seems to grow to enormous pro
portions. Gov. Wells was before the Louisiana
investigating ' committee on the 5th,
when Field undertook the cross-examination.
It was a warm occasion, and
for once Fields more than found his
match. Wells and Anderson have been
kept confined in the dungeon, a place,
according to James Wilson's statement,
not fit for beasts to live in. The walls
are damp and slimy, and water drips
from the ceiling. This reminds one of
Confederate times, when Anderson vllle
and other death-holes were used by
these same "Reformers." Ain't the
"Tilden Reformers" crowding things a
leetle to much.
A special from Tucson, Arizona, says
letters from Old Camp Crittenden,
dated February 4th, give an account ot
the killing ot ten men and the stealing
of fifteen head of cattle by tho Apaches.
A few days before a man had been
wounded and several bead ot stock
driven off, and that the whole neighbor
hood was filled with armed ' Indians.
The. -people . are . reported greatly dis
couraged over their repeated losses. .
The German i" Gazette says a re
newal of the Franco-Prussian war n
merely a question of time,
Gen. Miles' command met and fought
hostile tribes of the Cheyennea and
Ogallala Sioux, under Crazy Horse, in
tlie valley of Tongue river below Hang
ing Woman's creek, on the 1st, Sd, 7th
and 8th of January, giving the Indian"
good whipping, and succeeded in
driving-' 4hem through the canyons of
Wolf or Panther"' mountains. There
were some. six hundred lodges, well sup
plied with arms- and ammunition, but
otherwise were in a destitute condition.
Some of the Indians captured had their
limbs frozen, and were Jiving oo horse
meat. The command " were outnum
bered two or three to one, but their loss
was .but three killed and eight wound
ed. The Indians lost heavily. The
weather was severe, and the snow from
one to three feet deep.'
On the 1st inst, Harvey Kanoff shot
and killed !"eott Osburn in Lane coun
ty. Kanoff was living on a land claim
which both parties claimed. Osburn
came to the cabin which Kanoff had
erected and in which he was residing,
on the McKenzie above H inkle's fer.
ry,and ordered-. Kanoff to leave, threat-
euing to kill him if he did not go. Os
burn commenced cutting down a tree
standing near the cabin, avowed pur
pose of felling it upon the house, when
Kanoff shot Osburn, the shot taking ef
fect just below the - nipple, from the ef-
fect of which he died in four hours.
Kanoff went immediately to Eugene
City, gave himself up,' and upon pre
liminary examination was hound ever
in $2,500 to answer. -
David Dudley Field has overreached
himself again by, his "smartness." In
questioning Littlefield (his own wit
ness), he convicted him (Littlefield) of
deliberate ! W hen I is atten
tion was called to it he was greatly
chagrined. Even Democrats are get.
ting thoroughly disgusted with this
bulldozing Tildenite.
Official notice has been received that
about one hundred renegade Sioux have
crossed over into the British possessions.
The English officers have notified them
that nnless they intend to become per
manent settlers they will be driven ont
of tho country.
The electoral commission has decided
that it will not go behind, bnt will con
fine its inquires to the evidence furn
ished by the certificates of election, with
this exception, that it will inquire ;nto
the eligibility of electors. Republicans
ore still jubilant and confident of secur
ing Hayes, while Democrats are de
The gambling act passed by the !&t
Oregon Legislature, has been fully sus
tained by a recent decision of the State
Supreme Conrt, the opinion being de
livered by Judge Boise.
The Weaf ern Shore has arrived safely at
fori lown'eno,
A railroad from San Mateo to Santa Crnz
is being surveyed in California.
Hlckox. a banker, l said to have 2.700
name of men who voted illegally at tlie
late rrestoenuai election in an rancisco,
The scarlet fever is very bad at Corne
They trade bacon for whUky at Corne
lius. -
DiHey's great cry now is "Jlurrah for
the railroad I -
The Stevens troupe hare left Baker City
xor urant connty.
The ItsmUw sadly announces that "Dal
las has the munir?i " '
Wm. Shearer, ot Dil.'ey. has already sown
nts spring wheat.
Southern part of Cornelius Is being
drained; thanks to Mr. Clark.
Douglas county's State tax Is $13,323,
$3,000 of which is unpaid..
Mr. Williams of Forest Grove killed a
976 pound steer a few 'days ag.
Leonard LivermAre of Dallas killed nine
coons lst week near Boyle lake. ,
The Odd Fellows it Eugene City had a
very pleasant reunion xt the 31st ult.
Colea valley. Donglas county, will pro
duce 40.000 busbels of. wheat this season.
The Hoson family are advertised to give
an entertainment next week at Pendleton.
Smith's loggers have 1.000,000 feet high
and dry on the Luoklamutc near Buena
Vista. .
Wm. Pitcher of North Yaml)lll killed
two panthers last week which had attacked
his dogs. . . .; ...
T. E. Towell ot Union comes to the front
with a twenty months bog. weighing 69G
pounds. . - y -t ' -
Rev. Mr. Hnnsaker.baptised.slx persons
In the river at MtMinnviHe last Sunday.
One field In Northern Washington coun
ty contained 19 Iambs with their throats
cut by wolves, one ntgbt last week.
The Indians on the Columbia between
Celilo and White Bluffs are becoming very
troublesome as cattle thievDS.
A company has been organised at Oak
land to prospect 1 in the vicinity of the
Lucky Queen and Esther mines tor "pay
Idgdirt." ;: :
Clarence White loot part of one of his
lingers in - the machinery of his lather's
quart mill on Connor creek. Baker connty,
Oregou. -h .r'-. '
A terrible rumor reaches us that the Cor
nelius Academy Is haunted, started prob
ably by the boys who love going anywhere
but to school.
A man named Welch, who keeps a saloon
at Buena VUta, has been complained of by.
some marrted -woman whose husbands'
gamble there;-.
There were no marriage licenses tatted
hi Polk county during January. These
mild Winters are playing the mischief with
matrimony. .
There were 159 deaths in San Francisco
last week. -
A petition Is being generally signed at
Bnena Vista, Polk county, for the pardon
of Sumner Smith, sent to the peolieutiary
for burglary.
John Day ot Tillamook" bad" his arm
broken lart week by a rolling log. "Log
rolling1' appears to be attended by as many
difficulties In Tillamook as iu political cir
cles. .- . -
There was a great bustle on the floor of
tlie skating rink at Baker City, but some
thing a great deal worse, a Cove corrvs
poudent writes, was left ou the floor of the
ball room there.
Judge Mason of Lake county was re
cently arreted charged with accepting a
bribe, but the accusation "couldn't hold
- Condensed Lightning.
Greeks in Turkey threaten an out
break. -
Montenegro and Serviawill probably
make slight territorial concessions.
Gen. Pera, who commanded the Lib
erals at Co!i, in Northern South. Amer.
ica, while diunk. gave his intoxicated
soldiers five hours fieedt ra, during
which they gave themselves up to the
most horrible excesses.
Iu the Louisiana examination Wells
denied iu tolo everything asserted by
. Hie locomotive house of the Pennsyl
vania railroad at Trenton was destroyed
by fire on the 4th.
Nicholas Owiugs lias been confirmed
Secretary of Washington Territory.!
The Dalles military reservation will
probably be sold. Both Oregon Sena
tors favor it.
Conines will not abandon the Texas
frontier. He opposes Diaz.
Tlie Russian army has received or
ders to cross the Prulh it the Porte con
centrates troops ou the Dalraation fron
Evidence thus far given in the Mis
sissippi election shows intimidation and
all kinds of rascality on the part of the
About 603 printers on public work
have been thrown oul of employment
on account of there being no appropria
Democrats are jubilant and Republi
cans depressed because ot the probabili
ty of the electoral tribunal going behind
the certificates.
Gen. John G. Corse was before the
Senate committee on privileges aud elee
tions on the 5th, when he admitted
sending the following dispatches :
Chicahov'Nov. 14.
W. T. Pelton, Everett Hotel, N. Y.
The general impression is that the
Republicans will not allow I ttden to
be connted out. We are prepared to
resist any fraud. J. M. COIibhi.
Chicago, Nov. 15.
Perrv IT. Smith, New Orleans Tf
the Louisiana electoral rote is rtolen
from ns, we will eet ra'ifomia and Ore
gon. We hare 160 000 ex-soldiers now
enrolled and vast numbers of Republi
cans with ns. btaud firm.
Chicago, (No Date )
Hon. J. M. Palmer, New Orleaiw
Two hundred thousand ex-Union sol
dier. embracine thousands who voted
for Haves, will sustain you it Ti den is
fraudulently counted out in Louisiana
The end is n t yet. You have it. be
hind you.
Witness received the following:
Nkw York, Nov. 21, 1876.
Gen. J. M . Corse, Chicasto, I II. -It
yon think it necessary yon can pay two
hundred ana araw on me at signi.
The above referred to the paying ot a
bill for printing in the JUational Z?em
ocrat, a German newspaper published
at t'hicsgo.
The following dispatches were ofiercd
in evidence :
W. T. Pelton, Everett House, New
York Gen. Corse, of WiroonHn. as
yon requested, desired me to say that
we have ascertained an apprehension'
that n effort wo"ld be made to defeat
fiovernor Ti'den in case ot a ?"e etec
tion, and that we are fuily prepared ivr
such an emergency ..Over 100.0UU ex
soldiers are enrolled in the North in hi
behalf, aud from present indications,
with that number, we can call to your
aid a halt million, North aiwi South,
provided the opposition undertake to
deprive him of hia seat as Chief Magis
Cameron is the private secretary of
MoCormack, chairman of the Irifh
Democratic committee.
San FnANciaoo, Noy. IT.
Hon, A, S, Hewitt, New York Sen
ator Kelly ot Oregon is here. Tele,
graph him to return there immediately.
Nkw York, Nov. 17.
Hon. Jas. K. Kelly, San Franciso-
Circumitaiice require yonr immediate
return to Oregon to consult the Gover.
(Signed) A. S. HEWITT.
No more testimony will be taken in
connection with Oregon unless Senator
Kernan shall desire to recall some of
the witness? who; have previously" tes
tified. Bemalnlng in the Post Office, Albanv.
Linn county, . Oregou. Feb. 8th, -1877.
Persons vallfng fbr these letter most give
the date on which they were advertised,
Anderson, .Faroes McClure. A J
Berrigan, Michael Miller, Miss Maggie
Barclay. Henry V Miller, Miss Martha
Bryant, John Resor, EHsher S
Coulus, Georgia 3 Savegw; Frank
Forbes, L A 2 Voegt, August
Kellev, J
8 enjoying unusual "prosperity," as in
stead of one, she has several insurrec
tionary disturbances, and powder and
steel are doing their best to depopulate
and lay waste the country.
New To-Day.
, - FOR
All Important Farts made of XStClT,
ana Zmrahle as Iron can ho.
AdjustaUe to any reoclrea Septh
vhile lzx motion.
Never Clogs or Cno&es on Stuonlo or
"Traslxy" Ground.
A rrangwl for tvro. three or four borses abreast
l.ichreat Draft Machine In use.
Covers and cuts all the trronnd.
Broadc&rt Seeders will
a;ralu, wet or dry.
sow all avisula of
I Mb Kvi-rt farmer toexamdne-nw Seeder and
Cultivator before prehnlB(y an tCafttera Na
cbioo. ror limner particulars aaartws
llarrlsbarg, Oregon.
February 9, 18T7-2M 9
"ITTTLL Tiraetfce In all the Conrts In tbe State.
VV office In Froajau's brick, over Podd's
bajrdware store.
"VTOTICE is hi-reby (rlen toall persons whom.
soever, not to purrliae or on i. Hun a
Mrtaln ri niniiuAn' nAt ft of tt ftmonnt. Of f 77H
5(V exported Decemlwr I6tb, 1878, and due July
Jt. mi, nv tne unnen!?neu to wia xiiirfj. as
the rankers thereof hold vnild ciaims and set
offs against tbe lioWer. Jobn I. Httrd.
rebruaryl, 1877-nWv
or THE
"Wednesday Evening, Tot. 14, T7.
Gents (masked! -. f2 00
Ladit-s (masked) trea
Spectators 50
Specmtois wishlnjr to dance after tbe un-
nuukinK 1 50
Xw Prizes will lo Awarded,
Onp for tbe Lacliea and one for the Gentlemen.
to be given to the persona who beet sustain tbe
. Poors tmm at 7 o'clock.
Grand March of masks at 9 o'clock.
Un masking at 10:30 o'clock.
MjTif!TO!e tickets for sale only at the
Lect ieontitn Ciiir 8tore. Orders for hacks loft
at tbe name placi will be promptly attended to
Albany, Jan. 38, 1S77 n!8v9
."Valuable Xiuilding-
Dwellings or Business Houses,
SITUATED In lite business part of the city
two lots, in block No. 9, in the cltT of Alos
ny, Oregon, on the corner of Fcnr and Water
streets, near tbe City Blflls, steamboat landing
and o. ft u. K. H- Bize of lots :
;iO vtt on Ferry afreet I
132 H.; Ttnstr r,
Wtth buildings thereon. ' '
InciuU-0 oa tlie premises for particnlars.
'i'HUti. J. SAKFOKP.
Albany. Or., Jan. 6. 1877-18 v9
In the Circuit Court of the Slate of Oregon for
the connty of Linn.
Uartle E. Baker, plaintiff, vs. Greenberry Ba
ke t-, defomlunt.
To Greenberrv Baker, tbe above-named de
fendant : In the name of the elate of Oregon,
you are hereby required to appear and answer
tli complaint ot the tove plaintiff In the
above ent tiled Conrt, now on (lie with the Clerk
of said Conrt, within tea days front the date of
the Hervtce ot this summon upon you, if served
In Linn countv, Oregon ; bat if served in any
other county In the Statenf Orw;nn,then with
in twenty days from ' n date of the service of
this summons upon yon ; and If served by pub
lication, then eta or before tbe flrt. daj of the
next termof -aid Court, lo-wlt, March So 1877,
and you are hereby not tiled that if you fall to
appear and answer said complaint, aa hereby
required, the plaint Iff will apply to the Court
for the relief demanded and prayed for in the
complaint, to-wlt : a dissolution of the bonds
of matrimony existlne between yon and plain,
tiff, and the cnato ty of t he issue of "-Htd mani
Attornevs for PPff.
Pubhshed by order of R. P. BlJue. Judge of
the Circuit Conrt of the State pt Qrecnn for the
connty of Linn, on the 13ih day of Jan., 1S77.
In tne Circuit Court of the State of Oregon
for the county of Linn.
Jonathan A. Prine (husband), .plaintiff, vs.
Arizona M. Prlne (wife), defendant.
To Arizona M. Prine, the above named de
fendant: In the name of the 8tate of Oregon,
im mmnl&lnt nf I ha mlmva namad nlalntilf in f
the above entitled suit in the Court atove
named, now on file in the offloe of the Clerk of
said Court, on or before tla 1st day of the ne:
regular torm of said Court f.r Linn County, to-
wit. the second Unaduy of Hi-ch 1877, and yon
are hereby noHned that If yon fail to api
ana answer siwu compiKinr, aa nerein seqni
ltef demanded in bis complaint, which Is a dis
solution of tho. marriage contract heretofore
existing between you and plaintiff, and for a
divorce from and for costs and-dubnrwemnnte
of thlx suit, and that tliusnrntbono is published
by order of Hun. R." P. BfclSE,".Jndne of said
Court .made at Chambers In Salem this 39th day
of Jan.. 1377. L. H. ilOSTAK YE.
junS-'lTTnWvOvifi Attorney (or VIff.
t he piamtin: win anpiy to t ne tourt for tne re
Paints, OilsGiaS.
E3T Prescriptions a Specialty."' -
At tbe Old Stand, Flrot 8tl, near Waablastoa
Albany, Jan. 12, 18T7-nl6v9 .
on the corner of Seeand end WaAlilng-ro
streets, Albany. AJho, h.nj?ie. Boiler and &la
ohinerv, tone! her with a lot of fnmil ore, 1mA
dera, wheelbarrows, barrows, .Ac. Jte.. all to u
sold off chtmp for caal. In conamamics of re
moval on account, of aieknetix. fe.nqttlre on Um
premHesof FCTSAM CO..
Albany, Jan. 19, 1877-nlT r
THE CO-PAKTNEBSrnF betofowaarfslin'.'
between Conrad Meyer and J. fafcsnaw .
the firm name of Haver Fox, In the Grocery
pay all demand against said flm upon nrtsta
Jan. is, l877.-lm J. fox.
.Adjustable Spxisi 4 '
Luxurious X5cl t
Wtth Only m Strndt SfMirasiHfcr -
For tmrabimy, Cle&nltnass and Adjust:
It Is Econemfcal
TTe challenge cooat iii tsoit wfta any and every
Otber. sprlnc; -BeC
Adjustable Spring Ee&
on trial, tr desired, at tbe'iuajMtitotweevs risk,
to be retum.ed in one week if not entirely satU
faetory. -
t kUCE9.t
. oo l Two-lfalrnK
.. oo
Fall six.
Proprtetex Ru4 IHsiitnlsm
Comir ercuu-st SeJeaa, Ores;e
r. at. WlSXIJfe, ASst All
Latest and Moat KeHaMe In- .
lormatlon alxnit llie BLACK
niLLS. Northern Vyoulnr
and the R-reat Indian War
will alwat s be lewd In tbe .
yi . Oldest Lamest, (.'neanest
an tne mm ana ui rm.-
CflETEKKK rilftPsK, PER In Wje-
Establisnod In W6T. Dally, SI a WW 1TL
month-- ta j ear. Weetly, WW 1 lift
no. 1-0 mo. iliO 1 year. iJJMl 0 .
sin ale copy, 10 of . -II.
Glafckcv Pnbltner, Cbeycime, Wyow
"Wo Have IT.
Mountain Balis,
Stlet'tctl and gathrrecl on t sp fd th
Sierra XeTinav jjotxilikvv Tlie Itrai faawMl
In the liortcr Kliinale. when dry. rait&te.
titty per oit. ofreMtt or gold 4oU gat
the properties of w hu-harr flinl:i;BiiJ
lte:tliii. nni epeviaHx mt4 to lln
wnnts oflh vrtrm in vase of X.nng dl.
tiisc and KlwtmiHti&tn. '
'Hie higli tfstiwafe whrrh the Spatifeh
plniwl upon it on a-wint of lt rhwllriiial
qiwlliie fc nwiiitest from tlie name they
gare to h. Many yer ajro YerlMMiiita.
r Herb trf the Sriiiit". The latlTe ot
Southern Oregon ntitl Xtrt!er California
tutve n.eJ it a Klieantalic
reinetlv. 'l"hi white popnln'fmi In tlia re
gion w here It grows Imve usd and prfa)!.
it n antl lng meilirine. 'For
time they called It Inng Weed; bnt gr
valtwble tstlntoi.lals as to IU Tlrtnea. ia
enrinf Rhenniat.fjm.
When von open one of or package,
keep it exclixktl IrotD tlie air a ninth .
poRie. '
I hare aed it in my family for four pr
five year, and regard it s one ot the best
family medicines we ever iwed. A tinct
ure U niaiiur:tctiiretl from it tu Cincinnati,
and sold at 75 cents per onure. A arjl
one of our ixck.-rres make efght omieea of
fmcinre. Thkh U vrortH $5. The afcrub.
from w hfi-h this Taltmhle medlcfne Is fcatfe
cred. I oniy fntiiMi in a narrow belt f
eonutrv hi Sonthem Oregou, and along fSm
Sierra 3f eratla MnfHttams. and is sappoaed
to have been gathered from Moiwit Gilead
tliotisaiitls of years agov and the gn:n
tnicted and sokf In Egypt and la Tirt be
fore tbe Uaxn of bwiomoo. . . . -..
Dr. NU-klio, ot Eugene City, .y t
Your Balm Is one of the beat preserved
herbs I ever aw, and is worthy of a hlglier
price than you put upon It."
Rev. S. K. Rarmond, of Oakland, Ore
gon, says : "I w ent to California to recov
er from Consumption. The Doctors tlie re
cave me no. and told me If I had mir
fi iiMiTV 1 wished to see I had better go ana
see them, as I could lve but a Huh while
longer. On mv way to Oregon I corc
nvtiued using Mou.Uln Blwl H helped
tne; I continued Us use un(U it IW4 me of
tlie dUcasc."' .
Mr. W. T. Cwborne, of iigfne City,
says "I know a young man wliaappeareti
to be in the last stare of pousviuiuttoa,
and by using Mountain Balm ar Yrrhns)n
ta he became a healthy young iu,"
Joseph P. Moore, of MIWllW, Cal
says 1 haye been acquainted wltl"
sluiih kiiow u as YerhaMial fcr 0 years,
and know it to be a very vsluuUle rnediciue, '
both for the J-nugs and Rticuuiatb-m.
Mr. Kimball, ot Kimball A TVlton,'B)
Bin ft h. ChI., says : "I have been acquaint?
rd w ith the shrnb known aa Yerbaasnta.
for many years aud know it to be a great
Lung iaoJicinc., .. , ,
-' utmiun witn I ivo conUCTip:qjf
Beached Rock Point, Jackson couuty, C)?.,
and wrh tiikeii down. took aoinotora fir
MiHintalii Bnlni. and cliewetl tlia leaf piftra
or less, and In four or five days it lean4
out my lungs handsomely, and 'I ff$wfla
my'- -lonrney ;" and. now. Alter . rYera.l
(uuuths, my lungs still sceni"wel. 'Y--
. . ... . A-BC. .
f-For a)e at tho drug etorcs of Pell &
rarTcr. and John I o?hay. ' 'v2