The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, June 04, 1875, Image 1

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NO- 38.
! ' . j- T-
" " 1 1 ' B MiMWw.iiiiWPlBliiMiaCTHBMMMffHMfcMMJaMf n.... -wt r T ' ' BIT f
Wholesale ana RetsU Dealer tn
., ,. - f."w m nnn
& C.IOE,
k:lzz::$, flows,
Mawt, Albany, rcM.
Terrtx r
; ' Cash.
HZ. Glanclitozi
tSM rsneived d Is offering far sale well seleo-
Walokete determined to sell
C a t , or HercUalils Prcte !
Ph give ae a call, and examine
Goods and Prices.
m. H. fLAl'GHTOM.
Unme, Or. 15v7
o. s. s. oo.
JL .ther notice, freight fronm .
WILT. BR .i:-V.
All down freirht. will be delivered at FORT-
Cree of Dras-age mnd Wharfage,
At Reduced Rates.
L(C AtTXr Tor couv
prtKTi!arK,rT(ty to
, Xov. td, 1-I4 . Axeato.
if ott Elevator !
M. of ihmt and oats. We cull the attention of
Xarmt-r to trie fuct that wi have erected tbe fi
nest warvJionse in tbe8lte,ata tantc expense,
sutd axv In position- to handle satisfitctorlly an
lunnne iioamtlty of gnun. Our uoaae Uaa a
capacity Cor
Z2223 tefccis f Wheat!
mt mw lii located on tlte nranrln of the
WIHaiaette Uivcr.ud provided, witlta Hide track
rrom tbe & C. K. K mo tltut nhiHnent may
tie Um rtaMv hy mil, and a of len by water aa
Doatiniriacuiiuesoizfr. nave iw jairvTT mo-
lion mm, in aJtMe- to ot her EuM,attacaea
T tit mmd, rraa vy -wmier power, ana a
taa. aErepared as
alltheaWt reSBlveu. Oan tnke in and dean
. bnAela per day. Cleaned whtat In worik
nwh atnen in mil forcifit aa&rketa ttann foul
rtteat, and oa stmnld be .hipped vitlinnt
elanninir, OnretaarKeantnavecentftaanshel
mt riteai, miA four ccaMon wU. We hsvt
e fMrninh thone MnrMir wheat with nn, free to
ranee rams waueat we pnrenaMe, una at tne
Dnweat mail prw to thena who sell their wheat
a row tm.t hoaaa toother bnyers. Perwme etor
fcntr wit k are at iiiierrv io wll to whom thev
' Tw. Those w!m rmide en the wKt side of
ae nvcrwiHMrt rerrwuge trre. will ee in
the tnnrtcet a. bayers. and expeet to he aMe to
fv the hlifhe pntuuiHe price. Havina; pre-
iwito vnrauvee nwi atnce inmnow, we nope
Ms7atr9i i . i Albany, Oregon. ,
JL fnilv tiiHnk t!iti3eenaof Albany and vV
einity frw tite iiiierwl patroanKe hctowml on
t)int tor taw fM sren yearA, and hopes for the
fnterea ontinnaton of rheUr Swore For the
nKMimnuetkm ft tranaient easterners, and
Srtmuti in w xtyifmt part of town, he iMsenen
d neat h ,.ta bap next door to Taylor Bros.
- eknn, wtwweainiod werkatan wUi aiwsysbe
ta attendt ne to wait neon patrons.
dT "WJ1 vwwbJo terms
A has beenrtrononneed the
y tns not eemretent Jndires. ixw't bny
' nnnl yea naveaes and hnrd tltesa
Wi Uual iasrranieata. t W1LSOK.
. VSlSTOarrAST.vKndorsed'' fcy the. Hedkml
IBroAsseion. Zs.Tx. HALLOS BALBAM foe the
Bansrs enrea Congba, Cnids and Cmmimpthm,
.'BS a 4 disaMos of Tbe Throat and Chest. Da
'ToysiajBr ToaniAtrsiE axoutxk cures
3 One KSSUTE. . 7n4a
J.Jt. iciiiee from Aioanv, tun honseoni
i j' 5 i m rn , and t nai I orehArd of e inoioe trees.
wint imp-fi!ients. and tey anffieient
-iHr f.nri wise. . FiSIt'ij VttW ASD TERMS
')', !-?! indsenen tonut"ntse6c
I ,r tk 5o-- nntr this thrt"titr s-'-iy. jTmnrwnion
j:i;n uauf-ea lately, i'or nanii-iurtr enquire of
' - K. ft. MfeUtRILL,
- JVajJUugton A 2d wis., AUsuy Or.
St. Charles Hotel,
sr Waslitav am
Hirst Ma.,
HjlULts & Morrison,
" p.r - . "
Honaa nowiy fnmished thronjrhont. The
best tne market Affords always on the table.
Coawai aa and frasm Use Hoaae.
Exchange Hotel,
Oorner First and Washington streets,
J. EL Citlicnsto Froprieior.
rwder. as nwuiaymont, this pomfer
Hotel ta been refitted and lerurnfcthed, and
now oners. the rrmTelinir public the best acom
modatnmson the most reasonable terms.
tsFroe eoacri to and from tle Hooae. --T
Lebaaoa; Mall and Stage Line,
F. B. DONAGA, Prop'r.Vl
MAO, AV-Monday, Wednesday and Fri
dHy. ' 7033
0. P. S. P1IM51ER, M. D.
I. .
A foil stock of Treses and Surgical appliance.
CsfBenaesaoer PMUIXEH. m
7 Tn
Ralsiatc and Bloving Building.
tv announce to the citizens of Albany and
snrroendtng coon try that, having supplied onr
aelveswith the necesanry machinery for rais
ing and remoying bnildings, we are ready at all
times to receive orders for such work, which
we will do in short order at lowest rates. We
guarantee entire satisfaction in all work under
taken by no. .
Orders left at the Rbowtkb office promptly
Albany, Or., AprU is. 1875. S2v7
Manufacturers of
gtntraateed. - J ..-
- Leave OTutr onlera .fc irwiw t.n i. .v.-
KTirer ''nlJ',lni " 'irst street, below A. Oa-
vvs s 4Vj
P. C. HARPER tc CO.,
. -Dtlers In
dotntaa-, Boo to and Kboea, Hata, Chrweo
mH7Nn, asuow, Nfaotc-nna
mm Plstota, Nails, Bope, Xlrrors,
Wallpaper, Wood nod Willow
Wsure, TranJka sod Valines,
Pocket Cutlerr. Art- Arm
Sold very low either Tor cash, or to prompt nav-
1133 1V ...u n a 1 - "
IT. w UIIKt v
'-" card. ,'
A R. TtlTT .1. a- Vllirill n
. oesr leave to Inform llta, nnhlU. lh.
have purchased the entire stock ot drugs, nied-
wanes. formerly ownedbv R. C. Hill A Son.
and .that they deslsrn continntng the business
t. tIM nil, .tMnfl ).,. .1. ' . . .
S. famT. A. i ""J inirpuw Keeping in
Drugs, r
Patent Ifadieines,
Toilet Articles,
and everything usually found In a first-class
slPHT aUcs
J - r"rj iinviuiupomiDpaeQ to me
' aassp, Miiu JHr;i.l1I HtltTnUOTJ TO 11 IO
wan u of customerH, to merit the esteem of any
- " v mm laTin u. wum lueir or-
l'artfcnlar artenHon will be given to tbeeom
pounding of physician's prescript ionn and liitn.
uy recipes, at au noers of the davor nisrht.
A. H. RVI I. Jr U'. BBIfs
U Snocseiwors to R. C HUL A Bok
Albany, October a, 74-nf
rrom this date until farther notice, I will sell a
: ' ciEEOffCB SEaVBTTSOX r, . -
Stoves . & ilaiiges !
Allmny, Dee. 10, 17HJ
AXP ' "
Otd Reaneav, wr aas! Threshers
Repaired and' made almost as good as new
fisv"r.iACsiirjE chop
' Umw prepared to do all kinds of
Wsiaai TsrctsIsiik, Bawjag na Oresetnar.
Also, any Ironwork and general Blseksmith.
inar the trade mv dctnapd. BiacitsjuitD.
mcws keu wiH V kept on hand at all
Home Juterests,
UHT OC W.rT-rT-ana I
8, 1875. Persons culling for those letters mixt
. hm, wh. vu wumu iney were auvertiseU-
itaxter.ldas Smith. Soffle
R.TtAi una n.... t.
Krvll., Emma Til ton. E. G.
Kenaajl,j. H. A anghn.W C. C.
Halsnne, Chas. Vinlng, O. T
Msrton, David . Wisher, Chas.
Uorria. A. S. Wrvui...u
P. H, Bayxoko, P. Jkt
J M Chance, city J Evans, iSoleiu j
W H Madigan, Spring J J Comatock. city
Hill ; jiay 29 I
A Bartsoh, Portland W O Thompson, Cnl
K L Ferguson. P'tland W II west. Portland
H D Randall A wife J A Ripperton. Ptbind
11 - Mrs Fisher A dau Cor-
E L IHxon, CorvalllB vallls "
C H McLain. Corvallis Mrs Bay. Corvallls f
8 A Logan, Corvallls J W L RuselL Peortv
M Foster. Scio Ol Brattin. Shedd i
C H Ritimoe.Xebanon S3 B levins. Tangent
nwialtaAWawi, a J Blevws. Tangent
w nangmey, i-angent
L Huston. Tanoent'
B l Arnold, CorvlH
''- Wafkin, Tangent,
W r Hitchcock, s r
Elliott, connty I '
. 1 ti Rinlth' Eane en ,
M Conlev. Portland -)
W A Phllllns, P'tlnnd
T K Bently, Portland
A J Spencer, W Wj
v n ueran, connty .
J M Lynch, 8 F
W W Taylor, Ptland
A 8 Miller, Dayton
fi R tiilmore. DaytOK
W Creswell, Davton
W Johnson, connty
J Anderson, Yaqnina W King, Corvallis i
ST Armstrong, Polk oo A Olmrdorfier, Poland
H E Happeraett, Port- C B Williams, Iebanon
. "nd May SI u -
J Alexander, O CBR Mrs Baber, Harrlsburg
D H Lorlnson, do J McBride, St Helens
R U Williams, Plillo- O P Bolter. Montnth
nnb - B Morris. Portland
R R Winter. Pt:and J Babcock, Portland
J W Bradley, Salem B Simmons. Corv'I's
W R Moore. Junction T W Lengan A wife
M Pastrfleld, Junction Eugene i
A O Rtosterman, Ptd J ti Holbert. Ralem
K 8 Strong. Hillsboro C Wilson Tangent
JH Walker, OVnclty J M Davis, Portland
H B MUlbargs, Fa Ir Alexander, city
E Akin.N Y AN Combs. Halsey
C Crandell, NY J Orchard, Salem
T KkUTke. Minn J R Johnson, Tangent
nay zi
amy ou
S A enreiii d o nuiiama, oo
o a mine roniana
8 R Smith, conntv
W S McDonald. Marion
I. A Sumner, Ptiand
B Harris. Salem -
Jnne 1
TC H Hare, Matamoras W C Ward. Saleni
J O IvUisr. do . W P Anderson, co
May 28 L J Anderson, county
C D Snwj-er, Portland E Beard ft wife Ind
y naiiey, Wyoming J c Mills. R I
B C Mills, Kanxaa
G A Bali, Portland
A Taylor, city
M Madigan, Spring
Hill i
Mrs Mnlkey, Corvallis
L P Chandler, Corv'l's
Mrs Rockford, Salem
P Clover, Harrlsburg
G- Gerhart, Corvallis
J C Worth, Peoria
L Dielman. Salem
J Teal. Portland
D W Baldwin. Scio
T J Holmnn, Scio
J G Connell, Amity 5
J Brewer, Mo
O B Allen. Mo
S W Fetton, Ptland
T Kay, Brownsville
D P Johnson, Inde
pendence J Bales, Corvallis
8 Wingerd. Corvallis
R Casteel, Corvallis
W R Cornelius, Cor
A Rizeor, Corvallis -R
D Kennedy, Lebn
A W Kent. Pollc on
A Oberdorfa, P'tland
K J Hitman. Brown. W Van Busklrk. do
M James, Ont Mrs James, Portland
T McWebb, wife ft 4c J Lieruy. city
Canada J
. May S6 J Roberts, Eugene:
E Welter, Portland L Lnedln ft family
K W Strong, 8 F Sweden
W MrLaean. S F A J Spencer. WE W
J M Goldson ft family M E Monteith, city
MJs . r. ... K Bnnm, citv
H Goldson, Srtw NT Miller, S F
u r. jvwm, imi o-uhi a jiuier, w
"P Wall, Ohio
P Hmtth. Scio
1 M Jones, eltv
Mav 9
Chas Ford. Snlem
K 1 Crandall,
r. nuns.
M H Rose..MiHi4Stppi W Armstrong, "
J H Wortham, Mins A Bunnell.
J Johnson. Lebanon ' W Hawkins, "
W Hutchinson, county J Rigs. .
L Huston, county ; U A Reynolds,
n xiionrKomery, city M wtTOviiie,
imrpnen, citv
J M Lynch. S F
E E Cooper. Corvallis
T Jones, county
W Harris. Salem
B Chilton, ft family
t ' Bnlt,.
W Brlstow, i"
I Banra. city !
M n M;Co-, Tnngent
H E Woolev. Tangent
II C Brown. Dallas
C Harrison, Kausns
H ticntry, Portland J II Lnwton. Suleut
e wonmsm, rtmn'l t ' smith. Wis s
B L Hartlnian. connty
A Cleaver. Leanon
S S nigahiH. Polk co
T E lloblnson. :orv'ls
A W Thorough man,
P Pnrdy, county
J M Metxler, Jefferson
Y Hoddleston, Iowa
J Hutchinson, Hulsey
J f'oleman. elty
F Velarde, Corvallis
O Nelson, 8 F
B Worth, 8 F
W P Klrby, Texas
R Imm-au, 8 F
H G Webb, 8 F
A J Swift, ft family
Mav 27
P G Eddy.fcalem
Wm Puroines, ft flun
D J McPerk. Cal
Mrs Baler. Harrishunr
Mar SO
H R Parker, Browns- K Whltflcld. cltv
S Brlggs. Portland
F Peters, Portland
A S Morris. N Y
Mav 2S
A Taylor, citv
T Fro man. county
O Valun a V
,v invlor, city
F Peters, city
E Tlnn. city
8 Montgomery, city
J Claypool, connty
A L Murphy. P'tland G Evans) city
xr i-nrxiy, .county
v nneo, aeuerson
v It Is jnst possible that It may not be
deemed ont ot plane at tbis time to suggest
that, however much money may be wor
shiped in this spliere," it certainly can-
not be earned to either ot tbe other worlds
which are generally acknowledged to ex
ist. It is almost universally acknowledged
by mankind that express fiicUlties for
freight of this kind to either of these places
are at least extremely limited. f
Nrw Fikx. Sam Miller has bought the Wag.
ana nHirrnsuop uereioiore occupied ly
Peters ft SneideL toaether with the innterini
nd nnnnished work, and Is now nxnawii w.
fnmtoh anything in his line, eonsisting of
vTinje. imimm,- j,uioer wagons. Hacks,
etc., ura genonu .ion inn; neatly anil wit n Ol.
patch. I employ none but t he best of mechan
ics, and insure sattsfaetlon. All work wmk.
ranted. I think I can make it an object for
yon to boy of me, in price, style anil unmbilitv
n Hfll t . l.K li.. n0 ...U.AL1 1. ..1 1
and oak, from the Eastern States. Call and ex
amine for yourselves ; all I want Is a (nir trial.
1 have had several vears of exnerlenra on tlila
coast, and with tbe knowledge thus gnined, am
certain I can please you. I guarantee to sell for
cash as low as can be bought. In this cltv. A
large kit of lumber wagons, aide and end sitting
carriages and hacks on band. Patronize home
manufactory tlo not send your monev off ont
of the count ry. Act the purt of wise men. and
uuuu up your own Mate, ana you win pmspev
WOOI. WARTEDrvP. C. Harper ft Co. will
pay the highest cash price for all tbe wool tbey
can get, and would respectfully Inform every
body that tliey have a' fine stock of general
mercliandiae for sate very low tor cash, or to
prompt paying customers on time.
Mb. Jaxks MooBK-rWllt commence, on or
about tbe let u day of May, delivering fresh
Milk. Butter, Eggs and Vegetables to the citt
aens of Albany. Now Is tbe time to make your
arrangements, as Mr., Moore will run a team
dally, and do aa he agrees, j nsstf.
Casckr Can be CtJRES. We warrant a
rare on Cancers and "old sores." Have
also new vegetable remedies for diseases of
the eyi which have cured a great many
coses considered hopelessly blind. Office
at Geo. F. Settlemicr's, Second street, near
Democrat office. Albany, Oregon.
35-7 B. G. & Mrs. Pbeshaw.
Wool, Etc. Only 100,000 pounds good
wool wanted, for which 1 intend to pay tbe
highest market price in cash, j For' wool
sacks and twine. Inquire a X. BjuhuW
May U, 1875. - i , f.
ur Alexander, connty W Hcllree. Victorta.
WJ Johniwn CoVvTw J i Been, city i
J Wassoa. Lh.iyk W ir l-v
. . ORMEA9W XTESBi. :.,
Friekd Van Clkvk i t send yoa a few
items ot news from Orleans.
On Friday a very respectable audience
assembled at the school-house, to witness
the closing exercises of the school taught
by Francis Martin. The programme con
sisted of declamations, dialogues and read
ings, after which the relative standing of
the scholars was given, Nine of the pupils
came off with tbe highest average, add re
ceived the first prize. The distribution of
tbe prizes caused considerable merriment.
At early candlelighting of the same
evening, the old and young of tbe neigh
borhood gathered In, and had quite a
' spell," using the Pacific Coast Series.
Hie grain prospect Is flattering in thfe
section. A large acreage is in,, and If pri
ces are good, this "neck o' woods" will
feel well off financially. ORLEANS.
Corner Stoni? Ceremonies. At 4tS0
P. M. of Monday last,; Bishop. Morris,
assisted by Bert Jf H. Babcock. laid the
corner-stone of the Episcopal church, on
:iie corner of Ellsworth and Fifth streets.
in tills ckr. Mr. Thomas Meateith, at
the desire of the Bishop, made tbe deDosit
of tlie box, containing tbe articles for keep
ing, in tne corner-stone, said box contain
ing tne following articles: Holy bible.
book of common prayer, church almanac
for the present year, copies of tbe Church,
man, Begisteb, Democrat, list ot subscribers
to the lot, small silver and conDer coins,
business cards of persons dotne business In
tliis city, one being tlie card of the maker
ot the box ; an account of the doings of the
Episcopal Convocation of 1875, and tbe
constitution and by-laws of Albanv Engine
Co. Nol 1. The brickwork necessary lor
tne occasion was done by Mr. Jos. Clark.
who also plumbed tbe stone in position.
lue opening, address was made by Bev,
J. H. Babcock, who was followed by the
Bishop with an appropriate ending. There
was assembled quite a concourse ot people,
who were solicited to take part iu tbe cer
emonies, and all seemed to be pleased with
them. In the evening, tbe Bishop, assisted
Dy isev. i. ir. Babcock, held services iu
the Congregational church, after which
the Bishop delivered an able discourse, etn-
oractngthe causes why the Church was
established lie re, why the Church used
liturgical services, and the wide distance
Between tne .Episcopal and tlie Bomish
Church, allot which was well received by
an appreciative and numerous congreg
tlon. We understand that Messrs. XV. II
Dodd, Walter Turrell and Thomas Mon
telth have been appointed by the Bishop
as a committee on build in sr. and that, tiiev
will, nu the. arrival of the plans, solicit
was for tlie building of tlie church. Both
tlie Bishop and the Bev. Mr. Babcock left
for Salem on tlie early train Tuesday, higlv-
ly gratified by the result ot their labor. .
Leg Broken. One da v last week. Mr.
Mitchell, agent for tlie Howe sewing nia-
cnuie. xor some time a resident of this cltv.
while traversing Benton county selling ma-t
chines, met with an accident that resulted
in the breaking of his left leg. At the
time tlie accident occurred, his wife and
baby were with him in the hack. lie iiarl
left the malu traveled road, taking a 'near
cut' to save time and travel. Just before
coming into tlie main road again, he came
to a "sidling" place in tlie road, a place
wliere tins road had been, annarentlv. stood
up on its edge to rest, and in attempting to
pass over tins place his vehicle upset,
throwing the horse over as well. IVlfe.
baby, man and sewiug machines came to
tlie ground together iu a grand rush, re
gardless of taste or exrjeii.e. With the ex
eeption ot breaking Mr. Mitchell's leg, no
serious damage was done, liowever. Mr.
M. bad to be conveyed to Corvallis, some
twenty or twenty-five miles, before medi
cal attention could be secured and what
lie must liave suffered, joking over that
long roau before reachlm? assistance t I)r
Gamble, of tills city, was son for, and
dressed the wohikL when Mr. M. was
brought to his home here, where' he is now
siowiy recovering. "V: .
Pacific Hook akd Xadder Compawt.
At the meeting of the Hook and Lad
ders Monday evening, constitution and
by-laws were adopted, officers elected, new
inembers received, etc. The officers elect
are t President; JWt Bald win. Esq".
Secretary, Clalb tttewart Treasurer, Dr.
G. W Gray. A committee of three, con
sisting of Messrs. A. 1 B Morris, J. B.
Weatlierford and G. W, 'Gray, were ap
pointed to wait upon the City Council and
ascertain definitely the amount the city
will apnronrlate toward the purchase of
tne necessary apparatus to completely out-
nc tne iompany for. business. The com
mittee will first ascertain the cost of a full
outfit and report to the Council, enabling
tliat body to act anderstandinslr in the
juatter. Tlie roll of the Company now
contains fifty names, ail good and true
men. The next meeting of the Company
occurs on Monday night. : .
A lot of nice Ice areata was procured as
special treat for tbe boarders at
house, the other day; but when those boct-
lnms were offered the cream, they all de
clinedsaid they didn't like It, to the great
chagrin of the boss. Feed, 'em on beans
and dried apples straight, for a season.
with a dessert of cold codfish balls. -
Bev. I. D. Driver held his last quarterly
meetlug for the Conference year la this
city on Saturday- and Sunday; last. Al
though still feeble, having joat arisen fmn
a sick' bed,. lie delivered three most inter
esting discourses during th, meeting .
Yon can eet a tiD ton ctfrar at BbK A.
See them new stoves and tin flyings at
Pnxtonls all rh?ht at his trallerv on
Ferry and second streets.
Squire Montgomery has sent his fine
mare down to Sim Reed's farm.
Tbe Odd Fellows' excursh will probably
transpire in July. ,
Fuk has a magnificent display ot cfcre-
mos. .
May-day festivities belne over. 4th. o"
July is now in order. " "'
Roses in full bloom as well as some of
the boys, this week. .
s Mayor Froman is suffering from a severe
attack of erysipelas in the eyes.
Tlie spell at tbe Opera llouse Tuesday
night was a big thing.
Tbe Ladles' Aid Society met at Mrs.
Tliomas Montefth's last Thursday,- '
is progressing. , s
Bev. Mr. White will soon comraence
tlie erection of a neat dwelling. "
A horse's foot is made up of thin layers
or leaves of born, numbering about 4,000.
P. C. Harper & Co. have received .an
invoice of neat carpets. ;
; The rain fell on Monday it was a cold,
raw day. .
Miss Annie Bentiey is down from Wat
erloo on a visit. "
A party of forty-six went out to Soda-
vtneon Wednesday, picnicing. ,.
Grass is way up in some instances it got
too high and had to be cut.
For tbe first month of Summer tbe
weather is extremely cool.
Business on the river lively freight
clear down in price.
We might receive a few more cash sub
scriptions for tle Begisteb.
Aiay Z7ui tne wue of M. M. Hart pre
sented him with twins boy and girl.
Mr. Jos. Clark lias the contract, we nn
derstand, for the brickwork on tbe Froman
MOCK. ' " ;i
Private parties are projectinir excursions
to Clear Lake, Yaqulna Bay and Tilla
The street sprinkler and the rain have
been having a tussle for precedence daring
tlie week. ; -.
Bead the excellent letter from "South
west" iu this issue it is in his most inter
est! ng vein. .
The Mlllerites propose to leave us about
tne loth of the present month a week
from next Tuesday.
Tin Marshall 1ms the thanks of every
body for his efforts in repairing the side
walks tiurliig tbe week. ' ' - t M
Messrs. Bell Parker's drug' store has
received a new coat of red paint, which
makes it prettier'n anytiiing.
Mr, laylor, ncoompanied by W. S.
Newbury's oldest daughter, ot Portland,
arc visiting friends In this city. .
The total receipts of the Ladies' Aid
Society sociable at the Opera House Tues
day night foot up $56 23.
Tlie Bosedale Troupe gave an entertain
ment at tlie Opera House Wednesday even
ing to a gooo nouse.
A. J. Arnold has purchased a pretty
pair or colts which be drives to his express
Mr. Robinson, of lower Corvallis saw
mill, contracted 50,000 feet of lumber In
tills city last week. He will raft It down.
Messrs. Altbouse & Co. and Chas. Simp
son nave received their new water wheels
and they are beauties. -
The Statistician, for May, has been re
ceived. Every business man should have
it. Published monthly at t3 a Year.
The Linn Connty Medical Association
meets in tills city next Monday at 1 o'dock
P. M. ...
James Thompson wOI take a trip Into
Washington and Polk to look at tbe "lay
oi tne country " over there. '
The Baptist congregation have sold tiehr
cnurcn and Intend erecting a new building
near ine new .Episcopal church. ;
1 Thomas Clemens takes next Monday's
train for Portlacd, en route for old Mis
souri, business Is to brins bis asred
parents to Oregon. f ;.?a-.v-
Everybody most has been out straw.
berrying during tbe week, and sallona niwm
gallons of tbe luscious frnit bss been se
cts red.
On Sunday afternoon Dr. IBB. of the
Baptist Church, baptised m yotmglady in
tne Willamette at the foot ot Ellsworth
street. 1 . .
The ditch down Ellsworth street Is ixoW
numea in tne most elegant and workman:
.. . j ..... . . . ...
nto manner. Its estimated cost is from
tl.000 to tl,200.
Frank Fish, late derk at the Exchamra
Hotel, started for bis old borne in Indiana,
yesterday. "May smiling breeses attend
him. - .
Thnrston Hackleman tetorned from
Ochoco last week. He came In answer to
a summons from the couch of a dear friend
who was then and still is very IB.
A sister of Mrs. Cocrtnev. whom aha
bad not seen for over twenty years, arrived
nere a.rew days ago, all the war from
Hllnois. . ;
Mr. James Comstock, of Comstock'a
Mnis, Pass creek, sent to friends in this
city during tbej week some Berkshire
mixed with Chester White ahnat. ht
were really the handsomest porcine speci
mens we have seen In " tAm Rtata. .!.
stock was imported, and bids fair to 3e as
elegantly portly and handsome In tnatnrii w
as their late genial owner. Wears pleased
to notice tlie general interest manifested
in the Improvement ef all kiuds ofstock hv
ovir people -
Markets dull.
Let us have peas
Cherries are ripefrfng fast
Col. JoeTealisirffiedtyr i'v'
No advance fn market prices.' ; "
The 4th of July wUl soon be here, and
the sooner we. commence preparations for
a good celebration, the better and more
successful will be the occasion.
Chas. Bourgardes had a well sunk I n the
fear of bis bouse on First street. It was
bored with an auger and cast!" or walled
with piping earthenware.
Nevrs was received a few days since that
John Gilliland, out at tlie toltgate on the
mountain wagon road was very HI and not
expected to recover, ijfi s
Tbe Board of Director of the Farmers'
Company, at a meeting In tins city held on
Wednesday, elected G.V Crawford, Presl
d&it, and D. MansfSeJdt Secretary, tor tbe
next ensaloiE vear i .- " '
Mr,' Bobinson, of Corvallis, on Saturday
test stsrMal with a arge cotlnlng, 1 3,TJw
feet of lansber. , The barge sank, butr by
careful management the lumber was safely
aocbored at this city. . r -We.
here tender our thanks to . . Mrs,
Backensto for a sweet bouquet presented
on oeitairor tbe Ladies' Aid Society, on
Wednesday. It fills our- sanctum with
the most delicate perfume as we write.
Mrs. L. C. Bond, who has been spend
ing the winter tn old Linn, started tor her
home In Waitsburg. .W.T-.'.on Monday,
She has tbe best wishes of many friends for
a safe and pleasant journey
Jacob 2Tye, an old Oregonian, died on
Monday niglit, at bis residence about twelve
miles above Lebanon, seed about 83, He
was a Mason, and was burled with Masonic
honors, j
The spelling mania In this city is about
played owet I On tbe last two occasions
on which and attempt' was made to get up
a spell, both attempts met with an igno
minious failure. Vale, orthozraohv
, We are obliged to tbe Committee on In
vitation for a card to tlie Excursion and
Picnic under the auspices of tlie Printers
ox Portland, which conies off to-morrow
We certainly wish (be boys tbe biggest
tune in the world. -
Strawberries, wild and tame, especially
the latter, are getting quite plentiful. , Six
Mts and one dollar per gallon was tlie
initiatory price. Wild strawberries are
more plentiful than for vears before, and in
some places literally cover the erouud,
Some samples of rye from the farm of
Mr. C. D. Burkhart, gatlwml last Sunday
by Mr. Matthews, of the St. Charles Hotel,
measured 1 feet from root to top, with
large,' nice heads. Tbey cah ba seen at the
notei. How's that for high t - r
Sixteen stalks from one grain ot wheat Is
what's tlie matter, and can be seen in a
fine field of spring wheat belonging to Mr.
G. W. Dawson, seven miles southeast ot
Harrlsburg. If George doesnt get a huge
crop from that field this season, we' miss
our guess. '
The Salem Junior Collese Base Ball
Club came to this city last Saturday, ex
pecting to meet tbe Corvallis club, when a
match gaane was to be played. The Cor
vallis boys not making their appearance, a
scrun nine was hastily got together here to
anrord tbe Salem boys a little amusement.
Of course tbe Salemitea got away with this
nine In good shape.
If yon want nails to hold and last for
ever, almost, pour hot grease over them
before using. The grease penetrates the
pores of tbe iron, causine them to last an
indefinite time, besides ne .difficulty will
be experienced in driving them into the
hardest wood. The coating- of grease pre
vents contact of air and consequent oxyda-
Those twin babes at Hart's excite the
admiration if not tbe envy of every" woman
Intbeefty. They are the tiniest, nated
somest babes anywhere. A lady friend
had the curiosity to weigh tbcm on Mon
day or Tuesday last, wiih the following
result : The boy Wei-died one pound and
a bait, while the girt weighed two pounds.
Dotb witb all their dothtng on. A good
sized bowl would cover either of them.
Tbe entire block ooTsosite the Alhanw
(ouegutte institute has been purchased by
the Catholic Church, on which a church
ana school building wUl be erected, v It has
not Deen aeteratoed, as yet, whether work
wtu be commenced tbe present season or
not.' The impression la that th KniMint
wm Be of brick. At this rate Albarrr win
soon be "tha dty of cfaurches" on th
Padflo slope.
Our dty is maklncf nokl strides In
growth and prosperity. New buildings
are Rome un in almost averv l!?wt!ri
Sivfng our mechanics the foilesf eraploy-
menc jsmtgranto are highly pi eased with
our' city and tuiroutidlngs, and tel) . w
Albany Is the only place tbey have see so
ar that gives evidence of life and energy
Our people are; dobis what thev can to
give employment to all new comers woo
sppiy, and In other ways aiding them to
obtain homes among us.
Mr. F. M. Wadsworth Toresented tbe at
taches of tliis offics with all the strawberries
and cream they eon Id get awav with yes
terday. It was tbe richest and most 1ns
ciooa lay out " ever gotten up for tals
ofTlce. and altbousrSr the boys were taken by
thmrilnMftBll'SntVnfiblV. '1 Wad.
has tin hearty thanks of all concerned for
bis thoughtful liberality. Jr. w. s piaca
tooolyhalfa'mllafrcHn the ferry landing.
over tn Benton county, jbss uengiaiui
walie.' whem nartlea will be Served whh
delkious berries and the sweetest of cream
at 25c a plate. - . ' '
31. M. Hart's (Swfc ioy dled'yesterday.
Ttnf otfier dky one of Our moon-eyed'
celestial while tktrjhrg A' heavy piece of'
timber; Was eeUxX and twitted by an
other' neathen Chtneer M to his powers ot
endurance and abfiffy fo perform tlie Job.
He threw the piece of tsnbei1; Upon the'
ground and produdn-f a in coin offered
tlntt attroont as a wager that ftie second1
aiinamnn eonldu lihuaelf peiYorm thev
labor. Tlie wage was at once ftccerrtrxL- -
and Clifnaman No. 3- started1 wMi fbe tlm-'
ber.-'Howere'Be had scarcely made a'
half block when lie ws compelled' try
weaken, to the great aihusemeut of tW
bystanders and the mortification of John,
who gave up his coin with an expressioir
on his countenance too wofnl lor anything.-
Jfortrt Never chide otliers for their Ina- ,
bllity to perform that Which 'you yourself
ran not accomplish! '-, J . ,
Messrs. Kurd A Co. have contracted
with ,Mr. G. G Smith. of SDrkitrfiekL-
j-Lans. county, for one of his S24uch turbine'
wate wbeehv to't used detr mllV
which will be put in as soon as possibkv
Sn the meantime, Snd while waiting tor tbe
wheel to be cast, Mr, S.. wl put in a simi
lar wheel for Messrs. Clement & Coram,
for their mill on the Santlanv the only
difference between tbe wheels feefti-j, tbe
first will be or Iron and the latter will be of
wood. Tbe increasing business of Hnrd &
Co. requiring more power than they now -liave,
has compelled1 the putting in of
another and larger wheel. Mr, Smith lias' "
had 30 years' experience iu water wlieels A
and guarantees a forty-five horse power, '
after an examination of Ute fall' of water.
He has several wheels fo Operation. One
in a saw-mill at SprfciglfelH, we are told,,
will start the saw Wherr dead i the- log,
without gtggmg baca
Well, tbe paftoscopfc spelling mania lias'
seen Its best days ; tlie logomachy lias pre--terlapsed,
arid We have only to- write,- In
words befitting the theme, its early demise.
When fi'ie ortliogrepB&al wnrf eriospHmf
contests were In sysj-ffyv fRsre arose spen
cataclysm of comment, Cftat inate modesty'
forbade ouf farther augmenting, tlie malm.
inctmyeMla of taass dessertationsi ut now
alas, as ft is but a dueritous lieap, as
'twere, wfch no synovlaf fluid lubricating:
Its joints, W spring- willlugf to the front,
scattering myrrli and arunaaome'atov its
ossuory, and bedew it with bdellium;- while'
we indite its eplcedittm and sing lb coron'
ach, engraving the while upon Its saroo
phagur all manner' of trepe and symbol .
and mytAi now and' then' fbqfllnating If
with a . eatachresis. It is- well while?
ladiryniation moistens our dliifbrm lashes'
at this gruesome catastrophe mtf nostalgus
makes hypochotnl'riacs ef As all while our
polyaoonstky ulteTations resoniid through tfte
drcnmambieiit atmosphere to recall antl
pyx tlie manifold blessings' it lias DeqUcatbed'
to us. Tadiygrspby an heliochromy
united can not begfa to serve; within our
limited space to-day, tlie nberous mentaf
bonanzas reltqnated at tlie demise of this
suspirated friend. It is not sinlstrous, in
deed, to asseverate' that we aw more in- -debted
to this logotnaetty for cerebral pol
lination, for linguistic symmetry, for
philological acquisition, for naoscopic tn
tumesceaee, and for ptieOntatofbglcal tur
gesceaetv than to any ridotto that ever de
lighted' percipient hntnanfty. And here ,'
we rest our cause "
One day last week. eX-Cfcy Treasurer
Titus was ont scouring tbe country with an
eye to business, driving that spanking tean
of his a spa of anfmals foil of lite, and '
nerve enough to go any where ' Out to
wards Boston Jin observed what he took
to be at (" near ettt," amrf &efng desirous of
saving time be headed (da team for the by
road. It wasn't long, however, before tbe
road narrowed down to "nothing," or
rather a long; narrow, (lack- and deep-looking'
mod-bole, between two hills, that had
a threatening' look, Jm had seen' rough
places before, and as be don't go Wk on
anything, he just determtaed to . haul .
through that hole anyhow,. A iew step
Into that abyss of mr, and the vehtele had
dropped to tlie axle, rkT tlie- tenia was
putting fn their best Ifcis, Stating aH.fhey
could do o saote ttm rate at ail, when
three of tke tg snapped and fe team
walked off wltbont the wagon, snatching:
Jim right over tint ttxeh-bosref neadfore
most fwto the mndf.snkf out of tliat mud
hols west the team and driver, looking as .
tbougli tby had come bp not of great tribw
ulatiou, to I sure speeWJy theTflWver-
but they went cut of that porJUhole, the
team first and Jim folio whia regartResa of
looks or style f Sawaedlateiy Opow reach- -lug
dry ground, Jfo resumed hfe ftprlght
position, sd ar?er orrefolly dfe vast
accumulation of mrnl oof of his 's sars,
neck, hair and modtiw and jremar&ing to
the Surrounding solitrKSes 0M a ma has
no Idea how pleasant said enftfs w matr
batlbti until be tries ft, be teTsr.cf3ou
foot Ur thv nearest hntffatlon, .w'jre her
seewed a good square meal. Afterfaying
liberally for irnvhig M wagon potfcs) out of
tbv atadV and KWU'.'Jr.j his bmuss, Jhg
eanw on Itooe f t"? he wfll Kct S.i-resftcr
bent nri2iert.J3iS'!J,6a8e IsJb tf.loi !'
that tbey are unrftuTtfU 1 ftatnir, -t ; 1
TrrS4s forest fes ers r Vsf lit thm '
nfounralns of pelnwat . 3 s'.'Jt - i roia
ties. 3?. Y- cn thm t ,V -'
d wel.,; J.-'Avber, fenes ? , ,
bchir. -' ' -
AfJrer at Vr
destroyed? C. V-
telegraph brrtt-U. r
Tlie THteo-r
ss Been Port
Ing nearly sis i.
- I
- i
: t- i