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The M key ui the Nat.
v-.' .... --.--.j- -:---,.:-
"Within a balcony of state,
At erne, and happy beyond measure, ' - . r
JL Monkey ut, wSo Lmd of late f
Become the toaster of a treasure.
'Though not, indeed, of cem or gold,
Mark (I translate it to the 'etter),
Bat freeh, sweet uuU, which I've been told ,
t Friend Pug esteemed SB something better.
"These in a sack he tied with care.
For other monkey, by the dozen,
-Came Socking roand, in hope to share
' The rich poaneriona of their cousin. . .
.'They thronged beneath, in greedy train,
The balcony whera he was seated;
But quickly foond 'twas all in vain
They reasoned, threatened, or entreated.
''For Prig, however rich in fruit,
Appeared in boanty somewhat lacking;
And Bong, in answer to their suit.
. Tue sheila of nuts which he'd been cracking.
"At this the suppliants, filled with rage.
Resolved to sue to him no longer;
But battle next prepared to wage,
As they in nomberp were the stronger.
" The Monkey, on this rode attack, - '
Although he deemed the means expensive,
Without ado untied the sack,
- And turned his nuts to arms offensive.
" Pug with these missives mimed his blows
So hard and fast, that in oonclasiou,
His smarting and bepeited foes
Fled off in cowardly confusion.
" And now he proudly stood alono, '
With feelings that of rapture savored,
Prepared to thank iu jo-rous toiie.
, Came Fortune, who his cause had favored;
" That he had, in the Tate attack,
Hia precious nuts so well defended.
But cast his eves upon his sack,
. t And eaw that they wore all expended !
" Through these he had maintained bis place
And now his foea bad ail retreated.
He stood precisely in the case
Ae if himself had been defeated.
" I Bailed from Philadelphia in' the
winter of 1859. After being at SUA
some ten days, I discovered that we
had on board a large n timber of ants
and cockroaches, doing through the
cabin one evening,, our colored stewart
t-.ir1 ta mA fVvn'n iea look hea h.
Ho m standing , in the rmntry-aoor,
with a lamp in bis hand. . On looking
into the pantry, I discovered on the
lower shelf a number of large discs.
ants in a huddle, and a half dozen by
themselves, and on the opposite siae oi
the shelf was some sugar which the
ants did not seem to notice, which caus
ed me to wonder; the reason, nowever,
osvnn KiwximA nnnarent. A COOkTOach
made his appearance and went 101 uie
I ants went for
him; and before he fairly get a taste of
the sugar they Had bun uown .r
him in less than a minute, mcu
o.V Kaf atrwiri nnnrt from the rest DOW
tha dead cockroach,
.ni hnm him off the ffcld. The others
Miia;nw1 nn fchA watch, ana as BOOH US
another approached they all pitcnea ux
or.,1 maAo nhnrt work, as before. In the
mMnimii th nail-bearers had returned,
- . . f, T , A.I
and took this one on tne noiu as iu
l,il tha other. I watched until I
Ko,i iVtSsAnantetlAhalf dozen times.
anil if. wfla Hr,nA Oft recularlv as it could
have been done by men. The ants kept
on killing the cockroaches until they
had ent relv cioareu mem uuv, ntuvu
took but a short time..
v " ' Sterlra far the Yean- Folks.
A gentleman walking with his little
hov cast the cottacre of a German labor
er, the boy's attention was attracted by
a lit tie dog. It was not a ivmg tuaries,
or a black. -and-tan. but a common cur.
Still the bov took a fancy to him, and
wanted bis father to buy him. . Just
then the master came home from his
labors, and was met by the dog with
everv demonstration of joy. The
gentleman said to the owner, My little
boy has taken a fancy to your dog, and
I will buy him. What do you ask for
him ?' I can't sell dat dog !' said the
German. Lcok here, said tho gentle
man, 'that is a poor dog anyway, but as
my boy wants him I will give you five
dollars for him. Yas,' says the Ger
man, 'I know he is a werry poor dog,
and he air t wort almost nuttm," but
ilere ish von lectle ding mit dat dog vot
I can't sell. I can't , sell de vag of his
t.ul ven I comes home at night." '
An elephant i in Calcutta had t a
disease in his eyes. For three days he
had been completely blind. His owner,
an engineer officer, asked the doctor if
he could do anything to relieve the poor
animal. . . The doctor said he would try
the nitrate of silver, which was a reme
dy commonly applied to similar diseases
in the human eye. The large animal
was ordered to lie down, and at first, on
the application of the remedy, raised a
most extraordinary roar at the acute pain
which it occasioned. . The effect, how
ever, was wonderfwL The eye was in a
manner , restored,' and the animal could
nartiallv see. Tl e next day, when he
was brought, and heard the doctor's
voice, he lay down of himself, placed
. his enormous head on one side, curled
tip hia trunk, drew in his I reath just
like a. man about to endure an operation,
gave a sigh of relief when . it was over,
and then, -by trunk and gesture, evi
dently "wished to express his gratitude.
Two fishermen, . out. for a day's
. sport were driving past a farm "house
when an old man came out and . hailed
them. .
" What is it ? " asked one as he drew
in the reins and came to a stop. " We
are in a hurry.
Instead of replying in words, the old
man simply waved his hand, and then
turning toward his fields, he shouted, at
tne tap of iua voice:
" Timothy, Timothy !
-"''The two wo-ntsmeu looked in that
direction, and saw, nearly a quarter of
a mile off, sv boy engaged in digging
Dotatoes. He evidently heard tbe old
man's n-nua tor XAanino' nmD liin hoe.
he faced the homes; and directly after
wcrds came the taint sound, ot .
" Hallo 1"
The old mta, seeing from the boy's
motion that be bad been hd, shouted
again, with stentorian power.
Where is the new ox yoke ?
A response: faint, but distinct, came
- " In the eon crib.'
" Sneak loader, will ye ? I'm foard o'
hearinV ".-".
Thew ahented the words into his ear.
"Aht thank ye. That's alL You
can driveou., . - " ? -
A French raerchant, having with him
a larce basr of srold. which, he tied to
his saddle, started for home after
loner iournev. accompanied by hia faith
f ul docv -t; Af tex riding some miles, he
, alighted to rest himself under shady
tree, and takinflr tive bag of money in
his hand be laid it down by his side.
uiftsntinflr afirain h forgot his bag.
The' dog perceiving this,' ran to fetch
it; but it was too heavy for him to drag
Along. He then ran alter hie maater,
a4 by barking, tried to remind hiaa of
feCs niiBfAke-'" The merchant did not un
derstand thewe signs, bat the dog went
on with his ttBorts, ana alter trying .in
Gin Urinking Extraordinary.
An old resident of this city about
seventy years of age, who has long been
known as a irequnser oj oar-rooms ana
an excellent story teller, is said to have;
been a steady gin drinker for over sixty
years. ' The account of the quantity of
gin he has drank is drawn from his own
statements. What is quite xemarraDie
is that he has never been seen intoxi
cated during all the, time ha has been
addicted to alcoholic drink. He says,
however, that he believes giu will some
day prove to be the cause of his death.
At tnree years ot age ne nrst taetea tne
liquor." Gin and sugar, lie says, were
in those days given the children, and
were considered beneficial to them. He
estimates that after he had formed a
habit for the drink, he drank up to the
present time an average of two quarts of
gin, a week. For the information of
these who have no idea of the quantity
of gin a man can drink and yet continue
Bonnets Presses Cellars .Vests Etc.
f"-K i SBBXXta BOXHsra. r;sr"r:--Openings:
of . millinery at exclusive
honss settle all vexed questions and de
cide details about bonnets. The absence
of all ornaments such as jet or filigree
is remarked, and scarcely a yard of - iaoe
is used. Trimmings consist entirely of
Bowers gros grain, and the various new
ribbons. Of the last, serge ribbon, soft
and finely twilled, is the choice with
lanuioname mininera. .mere are no
more monotone bonnets. ..The chip is
of one color, the ribbon another, the
lace uiiuiuujjj i uuiu, ouu tuti nowers
are several aifferent ; colors. Cream
white, pale yellow, and poppy red pre
vail, and they are associated with other
colors in ways that form odd and new
contrasts. Of twelve hats designed by
Virot for a New York milliner, not one
was witnouo a touen oi scarlet some
The shape that promises to secure
favor is that with a white halo brim and
large crown. The brim' is turned no
broadly above the forehead, and slopes
narrower on the sides and back. - Chip
bonnets of this shape have a full face
trimming and a rouleau that extends
under the entire brim, even crossing the
bacK, and holding it out from the hair,
Much, of the style of the bonnet de
pends upon this roll under the brim.
and ' it also adds to the comfort Of the
wearer, as such bonnets, when nroDerlv
placed on the head, fit so, trimly, that
an elastic for holding them on is almost
superflous. . The hair must be dressed
close to the head, and very softlv. dis.
pensing with "topsies" and other hard
biling for braids. ILadies just returned
from Paris wear a long and wide Cato-
gan braid, tied by a bow above the nat
of the neck; their front hair ,is. fully
inzzea,' ami au anger, puns are aban
doned. The ' new bonnet is then set
snugly on the head, neither too far for
ward nor back, and? tho effect is excel
lent. Two long streamers of white tulle,
each a yard long and three-eighths of
van! wide, are trat on tbe bar-It of Mia
bonnet and tied Under the hin; these
are the only strings seen, 1 As we have
already said, the trimming is massed
high in front, and does not always sur
round the crown. A
Black Chantilly lace bonnets are made
over new frames that give the appear
ance of having , a very shallow crown
resting on a face trimming nearly three
inches deep. . xnia race trimming is a
The Inside of the Wiiite House.
" Olivia " writes to the Philadelphia
Times: . The house inside i fine, but is
kept w ith iale care. There are, tor ex
ample, large conservatories attached to
it, yet no plants or flowers can be seen
in the reception-room except a few
hyacinths scattered here and there on
the marble tables in ironi ox uw nr
rors. Tbe so-called blue, red and green
rooms, though their furniture is some-
shitvnm. and then uinsmmms no
very stately, are still fine rooms, while
the'large eaet room would have been
really a beautiful one had it had bronze
chandeliers instead oi common crys
tal ones, ; very little in harmony
with thA fine Oreek decoration or tne
ceiling and walls. But, on the other
hand, a kind of butler's pantry is used as
cloak room, and a crow a ox peopie
l ava to Tass their hats and coats
Himneh a window about tnree leet
square. Tne spacious TesBuuio
ntbrlv inosAR its effect at present. The
sash screen dividing the entrance hall
into two parts not being thrown open,
... - . -a A
mafenn thevestttmle loOKliae two ciuiosv
corridors, and the absence of any plants
at the entrance bail deprive is even ox
that air of comfort and nabitabiuty
which is to be seen in every well-kept
private house of well to-do people.
to live, we have made an estimate of the j wad8 of small white flowers, such as
Dishonest' Government Clerks.
Conclusive evidence has been obtain'
ed that four or five clerks in the Post
office Department and several, persons
outside have secured a number of con
tracts for mail service in the southwest
ern states by means of counterfeit
stamns containing the initials of the
first and second assistant. Postmaster
General, which is placed on tho bids
when onened. in order to show that-l
they have been received in time. The
counterfeit Btamp has been used. to give
apparent validity to strw bids made at
lower figures than the lowest of the bids
really opened at tne advertised time,
Amonx the contractors implicated is
Hvmes. recently appointed United
States Marshal for Alabama. The con
tracts thus secured will be annulled and
all clerks implicated immediately dis
missed.;:.- . . - - j ,
Theodobb Thomas, of 1 nomas or
chestra, than whom there is no higher
musictu authority in the world, says
there are no other cabinet or parlor or
gans equal to those made by the Mason
& Hamlin Organ Uo.. and that musicians
agree with him in tins opinion.
cost and quantity of the liquor imbibed
by tins old resident. ioubting, some
what, the length of time he states he
has been addicted to gin, and calling
the period only fifty years, it is found
that at . the rate,, of .two quarts a
week he has ' drank a very little
less than forty-eight aula half barrels
oi the liquor, ihe money expended tor
this, the gin , being reckoned at sixty
cents a quart, with simple interest for
half the . tune, amount i to 7,oUU; and
this does . not begin to reach the sum
which, the old man s estimate would
make The only indications of this life
long habit to be seen about the mr.n is
his very rubicund face. Undoubtedly
many men in this city would be greatly
surprised should they make an estimate
of the liquor they have drank. 2Tcw
Haven Journal and Courier.
Thad. Stevens Retires.
The famous four-miler, Thad Stevens,
sold at auction in San Francisco
last week for the moderate sum of SI.
100. His history has been an eventful
one. in his younger days be was
broken to harness, was - used as a road
norse xor some time, and could trot in
azlO. . lie did not gam much fame until
he wasfive or six years old, since which
ume nis victories nave Deen numerous.
In a . race at Sacramento, mde heats
tnree in bve. witn Jell x iahertv. I horn-
hill, and others, he made the fastest
time ever recorded in a third heat-r-1:43.
At Oakland, in 1873, in a four-mile-and-repeat
race, his record of 730
is the fastest recond beat ever made.
His four-mile-and-repeat race, when he
deieated Joe. Uanieia and True Blue,
snowed him to be a horse of remarks
ble po wer and endurance, as he had to
run sixteen miles before victory perched
on his banner. At one time Thad
ooiua nave - Deen sola lor S1Z.OOU or
$15,000, but since his defeat by Katie
Jr'ease last year it was plain to be seen
his running days were over, 'and conse
quently his value has decreased. He
will probably now be kept exclusively
. . - - -
lOTDreeaing purposes.
Boiler Explosions In England
The Pall Mall Gazette savs: "The
list of persons killed by accident in
1874 is very heavy, and under one head
alone, namely that of boiler explosions,
tue cgures are startling. Mr. E, R
Marten, C ., chief engineer to the
Midland Steam Boiler Inspection and
Assurance Company, in his ann'ial re
port for 1874, says that dnrhsg the year
recoros were oorajnea oi t boiler
i - - it , , .
dwarfed daises or button-roses; a brown
bird nestles on the lace crown. $
White chip bonnets to wear with
black or with dark colored suits have
two or three colors in the trimming.
and much black velvet. ! Pale blue and
buff serge ribbon, ' the deepest green
with cream-oolor, and pearl, or French
gray with poppy red, are seen together.
Picturesque hats for the country are
very large. The broad brim turns up
high m front, is dented in above the
ears, and droops on the braids behind.
Such a hat tor summer drives in low
phtetons is made of white' chip, and
trimmed to match gay Madras suits.
The inside is faced wifh black velvet,
and there is a roll partly velvet, partly
pale blue gros grain that supports
cluster of three pink roses and two
small ostrich tips of delicate cream-
color. Around the crown are loops of
cream and blue serge ribbon,and cream- j
colored feathexa. -.:..
The handsomest black silk dress sent
out by Worth is trimmed with ruches
of crimped tape, thread lace, and knife.
plaitings. ; There are three jtnife piait
ings acro-s the back breaths, -while the
plain front has merely a rucne and I ace
down the front, and a single plaiting at
the foot. The side breaths are trimmed
with rows of beaded fringe, forming a
square, and there are square breadths
and . black satin streamers behind to
givo fullness. The Marguerite basque
has two side forms, and the whaltbones
extend to the end of basque. .
A traveling suit of gray-limousine is
striped with threads of red and black.
The stiped basque has plain gray sleeves.
AA JiUiglisU c lax of the striped materi
al is faced with cardinal red silk, and
there is a neck-tie and bow made of this
silk, and laid in fine plaits, and fringed
by raveling. The double apron, shaped
in a deep point, is stnoed, and tne
stripes meet in a seam down the middle.
The back is two straight breaths, looped,
and the whole is edged with knife plait
ing. The plain gray skirt, has a gath
ered and a plaited . flounce, . one plain,
11 ' 1 A .
sue outer eupeu. .-; j, : .
Another sty lis it suit for morning.
shopping, traveling, etc., has a skirt of
navy blue silk, wiUt an apron and basque
of wool goods in wide blue and brown
stripes : : i.-i'v
A"novelty just introduced is the neck
tie of black or white tulle, with square
or pointed ends, embroidered with liose
and dotted with tiny white silk buttons;
priee 2.75. i- ;-.--
Jcru batiste necK-ties are new. ana
"muw TUSHER.
Saving, Time-Savisg ' THBESHER, H
unprecedented in the annals of yrm Uachlnerj.
In a brief period it has become wldel jr known
and WULV ' ESTATBUSHKSi, as the
"LIADia G THRTfiStnrate MACmig.
A $4.00 Book for $1.50.
The People's Common Sanaa Mntlinal
Adviser, in plain English, or Medicine Simpli
fied: By K. V. Piebck, M. D., Counselor-in-Chief
of the Board of Physicians and Sur
geons, at the World's Dispensary, Baffalo, N.
J- J" above work a book of about nine hun
ored large pages, profusely illustrated with wood
"gruuip sua coiarea plates, and well and
strongly bound will be sent, postpaid, to any
address, f er One Dollar and Fifty , Cents
making it Oie cheapest .book ever offered to the
-" ' w jM-fnv. ... uuer oooas creating ox ao
mestic medicine, of like size and style vf
uwuing, na not nearly as well illustrated,
with no colored plates, and some of them con
taining no prescriptions and making known no
tneaue of aijf-cnre for the diseases which they
autcuaa, sen for from three dollars and a half
to five dollars. Were Dr. Pierce's work not
published by the author, printed and bound
wua iua own machinery, and were it otd
through agents, as other like works are, the
pnoe of it would have to be not less than
four dollar. For when tho tmkK,k.i
tne author a fair price for his production, then j 5t,
.T;X . ; t, InTeent, large encmgti j GRAIN RAISEHS BSTV8H to submit
to satisfy iumself and compensate hun, not to the wasteful and imperfect work of other
only for ma labor but also for tbe risk of pe-! Threshers, when posted on the supariorttg
cuniary los which he asaumea in taking the , of this one, for asTing gain, saving time, and
chaucea of the enterprise nrovimr a sncoess i'oiBf faet thorourh and econontieal work. ;
and when the state? cmnFvd8 ,!vS tHRESHERHES ft.SO IT highly anvantawous to
aireut has riWl M.'nat. th, nJ " "",e" ":cte".
added to the eznense of a book, that orisrinsllv
cu ooni i., so mneu tnat tne people nave
to pay not lees than 4.00 for it. The People's
Medical Adviser, on the contrary, is placed
witnin tbe pecuniary reach of au classes by
the author, who adopts the plan of the 1
Grangers, dispensing with middle men and
giving the benefit of their profits to the peo
pie, offering his book at a price little above
accuai cost ox punucation. lcat wose tie
siring the book may run no risk of losing their
money hi sending it through the rrWIa, the
author advises that money addressed to him at
Buffalo, New York, and enclosed in registered
letters, may be at his risk of loss, xhe au
thor's large correspondence with the people
upon medical matters, which we are credibly
informed, frequently exceeds tnree nunarea
letters a day, and requires several trained and
skillful medical assistants and short-hand, re
porters to enable him to entertain and answer
them, as well as Itis large daily dealings with
disease at the World's Dispensary, appear to
have peculiarly fitted hun for writing the
work, by rendering him very familiar with the
every day medicinal needs of tbe people. He
eudeavors in this work te answer all the
numerous questions relating to health and dis
ease that have been addressed to him by the
people from all parts of the land, and hence it
contains imporuuie wiuiiuuiuu ia h-o jvuu
and old, mala and female, single and married,
nowhere else to be found. All the most prev
alent diseases ot both sexes are also plainly
and fully considered and means of self -cure
made known. Unlike other works on Domes
tic Medicine, it includes the subjects of Biolo
gy, Cerebral Physiology, Hygiene. Tempera
ments, Maniage, Reproduction, etc.. all of
which are treated in an original aud interest
ing manner. It is a compendium of Anatom
ical, Physiological and Medicinal Science, and
embodies the latest discoveries in each de
partment. Com-
or - Armm." that bandies Damn Grain, jAmK
Slr.iw, HeaaiiBca. Flax. Timothy. !Ulett nivl all
sn'-h rtiBlrnU ,inin ami seed, with EBiXIllK
to perfection ; saves the farmer his threoh bill
by extra caving of grain ; makea no Litter
Injts;" requires LESS THAN ONE-HALF the usual
Belts, Boxes, Journals, ami Goars; easier man
aged ; less repairs ; one that jrrnin raiecr-t prefer
to employ and watt Tor, even at advanced
prices, while other mar-iiines nre "out. of
Four lifimado with C, 8, lOand 13
horse " flaunted Pnten, also a pe
ciauroi separators "alone," exprily
lor STEAM POWEB, and to BlaUu
otUer Horau Power.
If interested "m grain raialnp-.or threshlnc, write
for Illnstrutctl Circulars (tentfrlce) with full
partici.lara of size?, styles, priees, lerma, etc
- ; -' ' ISattU Creek, Michigan.
1 1 i U E CCK3 , ' ' r
G'lFl EI
Dr. 7. Walker's C&IIfomia
egar Bitters ar ftTnr6ly Vegetable
preparation, mad. nhieflf frra tlie na
tive herba found f. tbe loner ranges of
the Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor
nia, the medicinal properties of, which
are extracted therefrom without the use
of Alcohci. Tho question ia almost
dailv a3keL '.What w the. cause or ttia s
tinparallelod uect.f -f Vijtfoar ilrr.
TERSf lur answ-3V iPTu;it tney reirova ,
the cause of di8eafls ami the patient ro
eovera hi3 health They are tho great
Diooa pnnner ana a uie-givmg pnncipiw.
perfect. Kenovw., ana .lnyrfrdrnio
of tho pystero- Kayer le!oyj in the ,
history of the wf-fM has t meiacme heii
comaocndeA - poaww-'ing the n.nmrkabia
qualities of VisnoABiJiTTKBa sir lieaUajr th
sick of every . dtene man is Leir to- They
are a genua mrgative as won 6 a xtniia,
relievaia CuriKCjo!i J or ' Iuflamniatii'i til
the Liver,'--una fciceLal Orgaubj-in. tklious -
Di8aes. . '.-.:,,'".....-. .
The TsroDcrins of pp.; Wa lkee'
TftrBOARBirrsUa weAWiiob't, Diaphoretic, ,
Oarmin,iVii"XuiriJturt, Laxflt:-. i)iuretic
Sedative, Counter-irritant, Sua on .-i. Altera
rive, and ABli-Biiioa-- "
. it. 31rIKH AL.D i CO..
m prists ana Oea. Act, Ban Fnncibon. Olifornia1
fhe Only sellable Gift Distri'bution in tl-s
- oountry, . ,
Valuable Gifts to be Bittrib
ntea m
Parisian Statistics.
Some statistics "civiuff the sale of
meat, vegetables, poultry, came, fish
fruit &o.. in the Paris Central Markets
during the past year, have just been
compiled, and they show what the
French call "le commerce de boucho
has not been effected by the uncertain
ties of the political situation. At the
pavillion specially reserved for the sale
of meat more than 7,000,000 kilo
grammes of beef, 4,000,000 of mutton,
9,000,000 of veal, and 2,500,000 ef
p;rk. forming in all a total of nearly
25,000 tons -were disposed off; while for
poultry and game the flgurea are
chickens and capons, 3,226,775; rabbits,
1.-271.017; pigeons 1,5933,347; larks, 1,
774,028; hares, 461,103; partridges, 405,r
281; deer, 7,015. The number of eggs
sold reached the total of 213,500,000,
and the weight of fresh and salt butter
is estimated at 11.000 tons. The sale of
fish has increased immensely within
the last five and twenty years, for while
only 63,000 kilogrammes were brought
to the ( Central Market in 1850, the total
for 1874 is 23,000,000 kilogrammes, n
eight of which was : made up of fresh
water ; hah. The octroi duty upon
oysters has risen from-890 francs in 1848
to 12,000 francs, the tax paid upon the
12,000,0000 of oysters consumed by
Parkians in 1874. The vegetables and
fruit disposed of weighed more toan 6,
000 tons. "
172nd Regular Monthly
Monday, May. 3rd, 875.
ind our. of Wmdiliurton anil Charlton BU., Ji. Y.
Moid by all UrnglMf i
i aad Dealers.
Counterfeiting- Pennies.
London Letter.
It is reported that an unknown per
son recently wrote to the First Lord of
the Treasury saying that he had suc
ceeded in counterfeiting the pennies of
the realm, lie wa very iranu in ins
communication, telling the officer that
I,o lioH Tt-tila OfKI Bt.nrlmo hvthd on-
rtlnr. fnrthfirmnrfi described how TWO OFJ
the counterfeits might be detected. So $5,000 00 EACH IN CASH !
far as the public know, hia story is very Two Trixea$L 0001 , , . .
likely to be true According to the Fwo pri SgOEaCh 111 CaSh.
common be hef, all pennies having a BwUh OTwerHBOBe, Hara
capital "H under the date 1871 are - -worth .
twgus. 1 have seen nuudreas ana moa- T-;;5; "sCZf MaaoVu tvrnk.
sands Of them in Circulation Within the 1 Tnre Oold Watche and Cnlna, -worth 8.0 each.
past few months. Whether this name- Th GoW Amertc;Sta8 Watcu,, ,ortb
ie88 genius intends tO go on Tim IMS I Tet uaaie' sou wtcn, worm aim
rnnntawiairiTir hereafter leaving out the boo Ooif and saver irr jiunting Watches (in
tonr. 'H a t.rib vpn well known or is 1 vorxn j.-om ju to cacn.
lest tX A iriCK very weu Known or IB I 0( M chAiBtt siWer-ware. Jewelry. Ac, o.
Modebn MedicaIj Discovert. It is
claimed that disease, with a few excep
tk)D8, has been conquered by the re
search and intellect of enlightened men;
and yet a noted professor of New York
admits that "of all sciences, medicine
is the most uncertain," and that thou
sands are annually slaughtered in the
sick room." Certain " schools" of med
icine are - in existence, one of which
makes the patient ill, in order to
claim a cure; and another administers
sugar-coated bread puis, relying upon
nature to effect her own cures. Db, J.
Walkrk, of California, an old and
respected physician, tried both modes
of treatment and both failed. He then
appealed to nature's curative herbs;
and now enjoys ragged health, lie Has
given the benefit of his discovery to the
world, in tbe anape ot Yintgab -Bitters,
and since its introduction has sold a
quantity almost large enough to make a
small harbor, or to float the " Great
Eastern.". Its curative properties are
attested by grateful thousanda Com.
plosions, causing the death of 77 and favor for wearing with blacK and very
the injuring of 198 persons. These rec- dark suits. "The ends are wrought with
ords cannot be nresnmad ( nrmrajn all I Tngliah embroidery: price 1.75. There
the explosions in the United Kingdom, I are also white Swiss muslin ties, with
as many are not heard of' bevond their I ends of Enelish embroidery; Bold for
own neighborhood. Of tbe 275 per- the same price.
sons killed or injured 10 were owners.
masters, or managers, 32 were engine-1
men or toners, itw employed at works.
about, 20 of whom were, women, and
about 50 bystanders. . some dozen of
whom were "women and children. There
were inquests or inquiries in the 20 fatal
cases; ana, a oeing in ooouand, the le-
snlt was not make pablio. In nearly all
the other cases the verdict was accident
al death, and sometimes blame was al
txiDutea to xnose responsible, in 'one
vfa tolstoD t bo horse, at last began' to I case amounting to manslaughter. The
bite Ids heels. I explosions happened, 19 at mills of va-
The thought now struct tbe merchant I nous kinds,' 14 at ironworks, and 43 at
that the - f aith.xd ereatare Jaad gone mines and colic nea, with the result that I
mad; and so, in crossing a orooK, ne 16 persons are Kalled, and 160 injured.
turned back to k Vk the dog vrould
drink. The anim. U "was too' intent on
its ch.rtL to ihmk of itself; and it con
tinned to barfs ant: 3be with greater
wiolpneo than, before. ' '
Aiaai" erUA. the merchaat. it
most be so 1 1 My poor dog iir certainly
wrWt mrjut T dot I must kill him;
I may mvself become a victim if I spare
him.'?; With these words he drew a pis--si
r.nm i,;. TOvVbot. and trxk aim.- - The
poor dog fell weltering ms his blood;
T,;, .noof A. : nno.hlA at bear tne
mmt nT.fortnaate. raid he to Dirnseil.
I had almost rather hare lost - my
money tha my ,do.'; Saying this, he
stretched out hia hand to griWp his
txj-asnre. Hobag was to be found I p
an instant ha opened his eyes ttf his
He iuxned his horse and ro4e,back
4A tf.a r1M riA had stopped. i'
ffiiw the marks of blood as he proceed, i
but in vain did he look for boa dog; he
was not to be seen on the road. -.- At last
he reached the spot where be had rest
ed. The po dog had; crawled all
bieody an hm was, to the forgotten bag:
"Syhen he saw to master he staB showed
hia jij by tl w a,egmg of Ida tail. ... E
tripdr't !!. baft Hit streceth wa fise?
eehteg. m job-soaffae-w
i th8Jt;was now ; itm&ms
The other explosions are ranged under
the several heads of chemical, domestic,
marine, builders, railway, clay, brew
ery, farm, and; ' no information.'
New Bvron eollars and square cutis.
. , . . . .. - 1 1 a.1 : .
are oi sneer wmie uoeo, wu man
loped edges daintily wrought with navy
blue, ; Turkey red or oiacs. Accom
panying these, and sold as part of the
set, are thin white muslin neck-ties tied
in a bow in front and wrought to match
the collars' and under-sleeves... Price
84.50 for the set -
t All imported cOUars bow have T the
neck-tie to match. iThere are EiiRlish
collars of lintn, with a half inch border
of bias striped percale and a , small
flower- wrought in - color in the turned-
over corners. , ; These have sheer muslin
ties also, edged witn, percale and lent,
broidery, and likewise cuffs-Therthree
pieces cost $4.50.. !.- .';'. n-'-iis
New veils '-are of i black thread net
t r f-jjl 4r4l ItniAflf Knlfnna - m
A; Snake Extracted trom a Girl's 1 wront in Wilrma ami : vinea on ihe.
MomaeB.".sx lower dge.i They cost $3. 75 a yard,
Amenar the papers presented to the Plain taelle fnot dotted) edRed with i
Tennessee State Medical Society, at its vine is 02,75. . "White tnlla veils are
meeting,- waa one oy ir.- tsurger, giving I lasiuonaoio- r.vuii uxeutsy uunuiga - oi-
tbe history oi a case where he extracted lettes, -but are n uact --aste witii plain
ana siler e
Lckt'n 1
!,-L..i intf
eyes Li t. ,
a snake twenty-three inches ions and
three-fourths of an inch hi diameter
from the stomach of a young. lady Jiving
near Mixrfreesboro, Tenn. He exhibi-
eted the snake in a glass jar, yet the so-1 a roaak veil,
iety doubted his story and declined re-1
ceiving his-papers, but appointed- a ' Irish lace made oi pure linen thread
committee toj; one. naturalist and two is imported ' for" ' trimming summer
physicians to examine all the facts in the dresses of Unen, batiste, ete? It 'is in
case .and report at the next maeting p rich leaf-like designs, with feathery
street dress." These'arO lately imported
with pearl beads dotting them. ' The
tulle is a yard wide, and costs 81 a yard
three-eightha of a yard is sufficient for
LRI3H LACE. , ; .,
the society. Borger claims he can fur
nish any number of sworn affidavits for
the trnuj of '-hi story.
Ak International Scientiflo Congress,
in oonnectioa with an exposition of
archteologicai, r, anthropoiogical and
taiaerfcl cotlooioEB, will ; toke place in
the city of Kaaoy, Franeev July next, . A
numbesr of works oi - the highest valne
hax - already . been, tered," photo
grapLi representation" d- which -will
be forwarded, together " with " the
ciizmt&s of ihs Congress, to ' the flb-
edges, oords and buttons.. There are in.
sertions to match all tbe quaint antique
designs. The expense is from $2 to
53.50 a yard. Harper' a Baxar. r
sFstrrr Cakk. Two pounds of raiains
one and a half .rounds of currants
three-quarters of a pound of citron ; six
ounces of .butterj one-half pound of su
gar; three eggs; one-half pint of milk;
one half gill oi brandy J one -small cup
of molasses; large teaspoonful of soda;
one and a half pounds of flour. Spice
to please the taste. -1 -" ; "-
A Hint to tide Wokkxno Man.
man with a f amilv. however noor be may he,
owes it to hia wife to eave her health and
Btrensrtu in every way possible.- Be has : no
nent to aiiow tne rnotber ox his ebiioren to
wear ner lire out toilmtr with her needle to
clothe her family. Hia dutv is to trav the
Wilson enuttle sewing machine, the best ma
chine-for family sewing and xaannCaetming
purposes ever invented, and ha can buy the
Wilson mac time upon terms which enable nun
to pay for it in small monthly instalments, that
na can Bpare axu, ul nia wages Wltnout reeling
the drain. He will tret, therebv. a machine
capable of doing every variety of family work
in uw man oeauuitu manner : a macnine mi
even a child can operate, and which will prove
a cermanent famiiv MaKaio' ManninM will he
delivered at any railroad station in this country.
tree ox transportation charees. if ordered
through O. W. Robertson A. Co.. 413 Milwau
kee street, Milwaukee Wis. They send an ele
gant cataicgue ana enromo circular tree on
application. The -company - want a few more
agents. uom. . - , -
Coi.. J. E. Foster. & well known and
highly respeeted real estate mm of HooBton.
Texas, ia at present managing an enterprise of
p uiieresi to lauu men, oauea tne i exas
mumo tirtvoig. xne tickets are ema
i.w,ecn. xtse prizes are 6il,WU acrea oi
land eamzally located, it nooses. 2.325 gold
comprizes, among them one of 10.000 and
M W SS.W9. . loL Fmtn- i irentietaan
whom we personally know, and whose integrity
us uhj yuu i turn. Vhiavjo jabui Vtcner,
J. he Hcmah Haik.- How, many per
sons abuse this delioata and beautiful orna
ment, bv banumr it with aJmholin wnnfttt aud
plastering it with greaee, which, has no affiuity
for the Bkin, and is not, absorbed. , Boruett's
Cocoaine, a compound of coooautit U, etc., is
unrivaled ae a drearing for the hair is readily
absorbed, and w peculiarly adapted to its
various conditions, preventing its falling off
m jjrumeung its bealtby growth. : tsee aav t.
... '
abczsicjctx is j XiiFB. All nervous
disorders, chronic diseases of the chest, head.
liver, stomach, kidneya.and blood, aches sua
fwiB, , nervous and general aeouity. eto.,
quickly cured after drags fail by wearing Volt
JUectno Belts and Banda. Valuable book free,
uj votta jueit Co., tAociiuiaU, Oaio. uim.
AiiUBw'B .Iitrso" Bamak has proved
itself to be the greatest Medical Remedy for
healing the Lunge Purifying the Blood and
restoring the tone of the liver. It excites the
phlegm, which ia raised from tha Lungs,
thereby tbe Caneh, Pains, Oppression, Might
Sweats, and IJiracnlty of Breathing all the
above Symptoms will be eared, and the whole
Borneo, again ressorea so neaun. .
rat sale by all Hadiaine Dealers. Com.
: Tas best 11 actio Trusa, warranted the
best, ia Pomeroy's, lA Broadway, N. X. Get
it. Com.
, Taa tun says, with a lisp, "I thaw
lfc ....... -
really conscience-etneken, I do not pre- j
tend to say. It is only just to add.
however, that many people declare that
the pennies with the 'H" are perfectly
genuine after all. .
The Fountain of Knowledge.
. One fountain there is, whose deep
vein has only just begun to throw up its
silver drops among mankind a fount
ain which will allay the thirst of "mill
ions, and will give to those who drink
from it peace and joy. :
It is knowledge: the fountain of intel
lectual cultivation, which gives health
to mankind, makes clear the vision,
brings joy to his life, and breathes
over his soul's destiny a deep repose. .
(Jo, and drink therefrom, those
whom fortune has not favored, and thou
wilt soon find tbyBelf rich! Thou may-
est go forth into the world, and find
thyself everywhere at home; thou canst
cultivate in thine own little chamber;
thy friends are ever around thee, and
carry on wise conversations with thee!
Tne indnstnous Kingdoms ox the ant,
the woffea of man, and rainbow, and
music records, offer to thy soul , hospi
tality. jrredertka JBremer.
Many have withstood the frowns of
the world, but its smiles and curessess
have often hugged them to death.
The Black Hills Geld Region.
The publisher of the Cheyenne
CWvo.1 Leader will issue. Anril 17th. a twentv-
eight-colnmn extra, containing a fine map of
the tsiacs mils, incmoing an tne mountain
ranges known under that name; also a large
vaiietv of valuable information gathered from
official and private sources, relating to this all
absorbing topic. Price 10 cents. Bend your
orders to H. Gu.fcke, publianer, Cheyenne,
Wyoming. Com.
Kumber of Olfts, 6.5U0I Ticket limited to 60,0001
to whom Liberal Premiums will be paid.
Single Tickets, SI: Six Tickets, $5; Twelve Tick
ets, $10 ; Twenty-five, $30. 7
Ctreelars containing a tall list of prizes, a de
formation Ul reference to the nistri nation, will be
sent to any one ordering them. All letters must
be r.ddreaaed to
Office, Excelsior Bnflding, L. P. SINK, Box 433,
Cor. Race &- Longworth, f - Cincinnati. O.
Burnetts Cocoaine .
, Prevents t&s Hair from Falling.;
Burnett's Cocoaine
ProaMtestts Healthy Growth. '- .
Burnett's Cocoaine
. ... la no. Greasy not 8tfcky.
,v, , Lea-res no DlBagreeabla Odor. ,.
.Burhetfs Cocoaine
.' Behdoes Refractory Hair.
Burnett's Cocoaine
Sootbea ibe Irritated Scali-Skln, -
Burnett's Cocoaine
AftoMe the Idebest Lustre. r ' ' ' ;
Burnett's Cocoaine
, Isnotan AVcohoUe'Wasli. ;. ,
Burnett's Cocoaine
Kills Dandruu.
Burnett's Cocoaine'
Gives New Life to the Hair.
Burnett's Cocoaine
Eemalna Longest in Effect.
, Prepared only by
27 Central Street. Boston..
: And Sold Everywhere.
vvxiiawos; -
Dunham &. Sons, Manufacturers,
. Warerooms, 18 East 14th Street,
rEatabUshedlSSi. RCW VQMU
Sm&for Illustrated Cimdar and Prk List.
NO.BI9 Norrblftl Street, St. ijaakKKo., ra i
USHKD183?. Cmee all atom without tbe ate at.
No. 61 St Chartes St, St Louis, Mo.,
eotitlnw to ti eat sll rmr of elitvUefr to HMntoffc, Mmd Im
port, fast, vry a lmsx4 or Mbm whk-H rvMlta from !4JsV
YtitB) mr iantmiaeBC. wlih autMrtUkH-! Biservsa IV. W-
tufcd hm ixta dbllab4d to wecurm susfe, nrlitisi awl rlUi kt -
tt. lent a pMWte or ewrmi nrtktu mhro, bum mmwrntf
WM upeirnrs tn m tattjg Kmm tsccwaim iiiej ias nam wirsmtitvmmm
bsi pwicctrd MftedfcM thurt mrm IVcf tittS In sUl fw. Of
ptu rMtta a- bc'ic tretl Vr nmll or xyvmm etmrymherm K
saatar who fafleL cM or wrtca. From tu tprmt anwr .t ap
pHratlono tie la fMhM to ttp U cbswrM lorn M T-hOMA,
Civuac lau avstsiMonia, vot i siaaipa.
:M A n til ACE GUIDE:-
SMt-ajreo. pnealar hoo rihh utoont t hm rw her aryxvly-.
No morrft?tl aair. or Mfttnt mtlimistiiM aaiian, cao aarj
toAoaitliaul lt Iteontafna tlw cream oi vwtlral lltcrmtura a
thlsi rnmby-rt. tSo vaaa'Caaf Or. W.a kao mxrmrtmcm, aaao tho
ImS tibOTurhca rrorn lavta voru la Saropo om A nea, sens
eaiotl. poat poivl tor km coato.
Establish 185$.
- Cheap Homes fn Texas.
The great Texas Real Estate and
Gold Distribution takes place on the 13th ot
Har. when 64,000 acres of choice land in the
best portions of Texas, near the principal rail
roads, 15 houses in Houston (population 20,
000). and 2.325 prizes in gold coin will be (riven
ticket Holders, xne enterprise-is enaorsea oy
the City Council of Houston. Send 91-00 to
c jb ewter. trie manager, as Houston, xexas.
for a ticket. Circulars, descriptive pamphlets
and maps of Texas. uom.
rrtnee & Co Organs..
Five octaves, two fall sets of reeds.
Solid walnut cases, elegant bronze finish.
Frice with six stops, $125: eight stops, 9180.
Address Reed's Temple of Muaic, Chicago..
.-Com. ,-
Tf Johnson's Anodyne Liniment is
half as valuable as people say it is, no family
should ba without it. Certainly no person, be
he lawyer, doctor, minister, or ox any other
professi'n, should start, on a jOu.ney without
it. No tailor, fisherman, or woo isxnan should
be without it. li fact, it ia noeded, wherever
there is an ache, sprain, cut, bruise, cough or
coli. Com. - - - - -
Farhkbs and " Horse Men" are con
tinually inquiring what we know of the utility
of EHerxaan s Vaeairy vonauton romaer, ana
in. reply, we would say, through thecoluaansof
our rtapT. that we have beard from hundreds
who have used them with gratifying; results ;
that is also our experience. Com. .
HOW TO GET A HOME. S6 ftdvt. '
s., nun naaa. wuiau
Tne brst an 1 (-.irapc-t Paint ta the
Wni-M Tor Iron. Tin or Wiml,. For sale
bv rVmlera evrrrw lMffo riTTJCOI. MBTaXUTC
PAINT t O.. t'rmi'ft'TVTS, ee C?nrRt , Now Y.-rt
3BrCA.TJTX02i .urchasera wllileaM
see that onr run? e- d tnt'e mark are oa each aad
eoo.000 OimbImum Flanta, B 1 j
MaUintr Tlaata a Specialty. P
XUnetrateS Catalogue riw. atiVihe
JB.'T.XtSAJS &GOJkkmaoA, las
ntiaiiclai aDeeui.
briaa 8 UI.OOO. ttamd
23 cant for B00V cfrlnir the eret and- - xplalninx
h bmt. nmlns investment 01 tee aar.. aecnaa not
1VIPO8ATOE. Tbe best in
nee. so pe.- a ay
I most. SliBD'e, eeoaonl-
cak Xvanorator and Territorial Ribta tor cale.
Ao-RRii wanted. Sena fttimn Tor circular, jobs-
Tmvit KuioutUdOo.,149 LaSalle Su,CliicB,ia.
2-3 cantft for Book tirlnif tl
h boKt Bnvlna iaTestment
.3, New York.,
Charade reaaonAbae feea.
aymptonu, ana meane
V i. ( FT
nuiT upturn w """, --"r-T.ry : .
iir k)l forms Of HfiTBOTM IKlCUlt-T. IJWmrm
tv.ha -Knonol OUin. Bm '"i"."'" wt,." - -
other Seneate suBjeaea,
sent raas
In plau
1 War Pirclaal aid AnatciBi
1 lriBae, Hekewta, fSoeteWea, Mm
1 nalactarera, BSereitaBta, and vthtn a
lhaSSrlinariIlL 13.COO ! W.
,Tm ylo, rteo.rroni 6500 to vaou0
incaKi. o. woods a e.i
dnlmla aS Una of PrlntlnK MatertBlj
Bcnti Hump for Cmkuc. ) 4S federal St. Boston. .
Thin nswTraai t wera
-a-ltn perffiot eomfor
irisblsjidekT. Adaota
itself to ererymotlon ot -taesodr,retaijilne-rai.
under the hardeat)
eserclae er severeea-
train , until pernia
aently cured. SoM
eaeap by U
Elastie Trass Co No. 683 Brcadway, ft. V. CfSjT-
Sentay aalL Caller aend circular juid oe cured.
8.U ill.
aove, WeeBta dt O o . , Grocrrm,
Mttrford,Ct.aKttHm Foaaa'
taaea the lead of all Bread Prep
arations, wnr aalea are rou-Aild
what they were jm ago."
Danfettk, ssaddr db C.,
vrecArmJiostonav: 'llaTe aold
your Hea Faam for past three -
all who have bonsht It." "Ita
cMmr is wonderful; ens r'r'a -avinrawiU
oaj aoow.Bena be
a3lta Psaat St New York.
intereatlns II
luatrafced work ot
due natrea. coatatn-
iugr valaable Information far taoae who are jntr
rled, or oontemplate marriage. Price, SO ct. by
nail, a dra Br. Butt' tliapeasaxy, 13 Korth
Klghtb Street, St. tjouis, Mo. ?:- , ..- ;.
A book for every American. Bell everywhere at
sight. Farmer, Teaehei-s. Student Jjawyers.Btev .
chants. School OireetO', Manafactarera.Mechaia'
te. Shippers, -Sareajneri, men of learntnir, and mem
who can only read, old and young, au want It fur :
everyday reference and use. Show Brand remits
of ISO Veaurs Progress. A whale lAbranr. ,
Boston Globe Mot a inrf, but a necessity. irt-ter-
trenn- Heat Seliius Book PublUbd. Oooel -Pay.
rsWact Sen. A Ft. in every city of WjUO.
Addrei J. C. MeCVK ft Y db CQ- Putbltalieira.
Cincinnati, O Chicago, 111., or St. Loula. Mo.
MONEY IN IT filTHKt Just oafc.
Useful, Haudaome, Cheap. Sella j
evervwaere. A rare chance. Also. ?.
J?W -MAPS, OHA.BTS. Etcv ,
w new chart, 'C M 1 I 8 T 1 A M
tH CK., i a nludld sncoeas.
Ctncinnatk- nrfcea same - as Mew
York. Send for. terms to I, SV
BR1DOMAN, Bar.liv St., Now
York, aud IT) W. 4th St.. Cta
GMMt Foil. Climate. Water aa' 8cheIa.
We U tha Railroad land on the Iowa Division
ef the Milwaukee a St. Paul R. B. on si x Tear Mm.
atas to d)S par, acre. ,Xwe years? rent will bays'
farm. Write or call en
It. B JL, aud Agt n ta, Algona, Koesu th Co., lo jra. .
The only Preparation that give
perfect satisfaction to those
1 wtshtna to raise Beard or KM-
laehs. Ta LAGiBBt' kVijzoriaa.,t Drenared onlv In
Farl. Ijach package warranted aad cent by mail on
receipt or St. Binpnt matiea ror laeii. aanrev
J. P. FfiANKLIN, B ! Importer, Jersey City, M.J.
I Suffering from Falling of tbe Womb
unpreaasd or painful Menatrnatton.
' or other female weakness. willreceiTe
a circular of interest to them by sending addrest
to - bi, E, a, liouxx co rcefcort,iii.
SmithOrganCo. J
Of tbe prettiest Cartas, you ever saw,
with your name handsomely printed on
them, sent, post paid, upon receipt of 20 1
. cents.- rourTrteao win ail want them
.when they ee yours. Address, "w. C.
Casaox, a. O Knecland St., Boston, Maas,
Tttes Ktamiartl Kastrnanents
Sold by Music Dealers Everywliere.
kuim xikmta ta every town.
Bold throughout the United States oa the
; That is, on a System of Monthly Payments.' ,
Purchaser should ssk for the Sams AkxbIcas
Oaeaji. Cataiog-ues aud full particulars oa appU.
canon. .
HOHTB ASenta wanted snrera
where. Business honorable and flrat
ciaas. rarttcuiars sent tree. Address
wusiuicg,, DC boats, mo. . , ,
The best. All Colors. One Wafsr
fnaket 3 onnces.' Sample and Cireex
lar a mailed fov lu .Ant. . n . . .
y DBFtAHCB HBBDLB CO ; S5S Broadway 757
-rf W3 'afhs wap-a. - . .
T ioUHU. - JJ O UlitellllS-
Bhtpped Beady for trse.
Manufnctursd y tKlPHlK St CO.'.
-jv . MadleoB.lnd. , , . i
- taTSeod for a CaUiloffua. ' .
nPniT.Tfiimi? prseat day. 8tnl
SM& W sWw Al for paiier ouOplntie
Bating. Prot D. ISecker, P.O.Pox 478, l.aporte.Ind-
ehoieeatin the wnr Id 1 m nor tttra erires
Itrgeat Com rawv in America atanlc article
pleaaea -everybody trade locr Mpb t-vt in
ducement ssnd tor Circular to KOBEHT VVKltUS.
3- Vesay Street, Kew-Vork. P. O. Boa, lH7.
,., . ,,, ,, , , rrr
bam is nnnted- witn Tnv farnfhrl
JL Charles Koea Johnson A Co So. lath St..
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