The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, November 22, 1872, Page 3, Image 3

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"into Lvon
California has 800.83(5 foi-eifja-born
citizens to 335.303 natives.
Seattle cast SiW votes tit tlx' recent
election, being an increase of 134 over
two years ago.
About $4,000 changed hand at
Walla Walla on the election result.
The Oiv )(" speak- of a loan of
& it i ( uu i i ..... , 1 1 ;.. r,.i I in flint i ill-
. ,.H ... ... .. . . .... . - -
thcTottier (lav. on one years rime. r.-. ...
Hie Taylor Slroet M. 15. Church Stntoman ny the resignation
Sunday School, began to distribute ! " a.uier, inmnii Agent ar n-
from a new library ot 4-'i volume ro " V v; V'i ' ... ,
il. ,.1,11,1, l.Kt Unnil-u- savs t Hi i ciikiuciicoi, aim iimvarijui 10 tlilsil
The linked States DistrictConrt has
I seven inilictments before it tor selling
i liquor to Indians,
Put Smith, the owner ol "Pathfind
er." the celebrated trotter, has refused
$1,000 for him.
TlieCorvallis firemen are to liave a
ball on the 27th inst.
Dr. .1. 11. Havlev
John R. Bon has been appointed
his State.
bus bought the
City Hotel property iu Gprvaliis, and
i ington.
Coinnilssioner of Deeds for th
to reside at St. Louis. Missouri.
Micheal Donahue 'vho was sentenced
to tlie penitentiary iu Idaho for five
years by Judge Hollister for an assault
with intent to kill Joseph Atkinson,
last .fyll, has been pardoned by Gov.
Bennett on the recommendation of
numerous citizens.
is beyond itieat Ion more perfect for
AH Kinds of Work,
than any other machine in USB, It I" a
cnmhinuiion of
Week before last the little daughter
of Mrs. Jasper who resides at Union,
Union County, was so badly scalded,
as to cause death to supervene.
The colored citizens ot Portland
have determined to jubilate and have
a grand torch light procession over the
election of Grant.
Oysters are being raised from artifi
cial lieds at Tillamook Kay.
The Colored men of Portland are
intending to form a military
The deaf mute school in Salem has
i twenty pupils, says the Statesman.
MeFadden, in the Penitentiary front
is reported as
Hon. Mr. Lewis, the newly appoint
ed Associate District Judge iu Mon
tana, has arrived at his post and open
ed Court at Bozcinnu City on the 4th
Go?, Orover has re-annointed James
A. Smith and B. V. Goodwin, of Port-
A young lady iu Salem boasts that ! lai d as Notaries Public, and tolled a
Miupliclly, IliimMUf' A Economy,
very lcst imported
mnMnfa"'irc 1 of the
steel. The
Is uneqnaletl (brqnletneaaanii ease of run
nlii!, sotf-jotttnjj needle, perfect shuttle,
It operation lsposttive, enabling It to
Itnn Over S 'Hins nnil Turn Corners
nit lion t cli&aglnK (.he tension, length of
stitch, orstoppfnsj the motion of the ma
chine. Will sew any kin t of material cut
with straight and 'use u,e,
entirely oreventtna the fulness of either
side, fj has a more perfect fee than any
other machine. Takes all t he stretch from
the iroojs, oiwratinj? with equal faculty on
the. heaviest aswclfnstho lightest febrlc.
leaving n seam allien on si tes, beaut I
tally, s! ron ,-an '. elastic : is espec
ially adapted to the dhc willed wants of
dozen in
and Is so simple In Its const ruction Unit it
can be Used with alacrUy by the most Inex
perience 1.
1 tlii county for incest,
I likely to die.
Eggs were 00 cent
Portland last week.
Walla Walla count?
a special tax to build a new Court
House and Jail.
Father Harmon lias recently orgnu
i"d a Lodsre of (nod Templars at
Snmiiierville. and at the Cove, in lii
ion county.
Mr. Dray claim- to have had his
pocket picked of $110, at La Grande,
week before last.
The St(it?AM;ii says: A famous
horse man of this State gives it as bis
opinion that the 'Epizootics'' will get
to Oregon after awhile. In that case
will it not be well for some of our Dem
ocratic war horses to have carer Only
think ot Helm. Gates. Nemiith, etc.,
witli the "Epizootics.-,
The Oreyonlnn says : An ohl gen
tleman named Wiusiow. who lives in
Oregon but was on a visit to Washing
ton Territory, walked sixty miles to
reach a voting place where he could
cast a ballot for Grant.
The foundaries of Portland tire j
doing a good business.
she has rejected feu neitrimonial otters
w ithin the past three .months, savsthe
j StihMU)i.
I Jacob II. Bmighmtm. of Howell's
j Prairie, while gMherliis; apples in his
: orchard last Mo, .day. ti-11 from a tree
I and sustained very serious injuries.
I fWfit S'om! ', n,n , U the name of
i a paper to Ik started at srcilaconm by
i Julius Dickens.
compa-; mock in tne taxinia section is re- ;
. jiortcd very fat, and the grass very ,
The Olytnpia ('nn-in says "so fat
are our cattle up here that ve use I
cow's tails for stri ct lamps and pur-
poses of illumination."
The old oil house at the lighthou e '
! at l ape l)SM))ointmeiit, in vt ailing-, under uac A
I ton Territory, is to lie torn away and I two stories hltrh.
commission to K. a. Strahan. of Cor
vallis, endowing him with the same
An Episcopal Church is to be built
at Deer Lodge, Montana, to be called
"St. . lames. r' after a church at Bata
via. New York, which has contributed
si .000 to build it. It is to be a memo
ri d ot Rev. Morelle Fowler, formerly
Rector 61 St. James. Batavia, more
latterly a missionary to Montana, who,
about two years since, together with
bis wife and three children, perished
on the Hndon Kiver Railroad.
Sa- the Olympla Cmtr4: "A
genticman jud up from the Cbebalis
fieerVafmn informs us that the late
Improvements instituted there by Cen
eral Milmv for the itidhins are well
large School hiaise.
o v ' 1 r....f i . i,..i
has voted for U new and larger one erected at once . ! hib- l,, .."1.,., i, ., . iq7(i
The (fraud jury at Olympla has in- j and two shops, each 1 ;". '. feel . (re:i-
iticteii i in. Kirlanil tor Hie crime or ( era 1 jiurov r. a practical man 11
Fifteen vessels are reported 01. their
Utpceiiili? iidiiitel o THiioHiiKHud ; way from forelgu parts to Oregon.
Lentiier Work! ! .las. II. Slater has gone to Wash-
,, ... , . , ., . inguni to draw his per diem and mile
It will hem. lei!, (nek, anther and sew ,
upon a pwid at 1 he same mo, wb cb ohvi-1 students one-half at whom are board-
uies the tedious 1 necessity ot Iwstlng. It Oretrnn Cltv ha employed a night
win 1111 any Kino 01 woi-k 1011c on ascw utj , ,..utl,i,' .....
Mi. mtttl l,aa,.l,iv.riiiir,iiiiliUi,sllnir 1 Wdtinm.lll.
murder, committed in the killing of a
1 man named Campbell, last .summer."
I A Frenchman, named Hilar, of
San Kr.iuci-co. atteuaiiMl suicide the
other day by shooting hlme!f through
the hand and cutting his throat. He
did not succeed.
Circuit OOlirt in Polk county, is in
session this neck.
lbedriiind Jury n Jackson county
recommend a new court house, jail,
sheriff and clerk's office.
II. M. Spencer is President of the
Young Men's Secret Debating Society
at Dallas.
About fifty buildings have been
erected in Baker City during the past
season. .
The county court of Jackson comity,
Ir.s appointed J. S. Howard, survey
or ot Jackson countv. vice B. F.
Myer. who failed to qualify.
Wells. Fargo & Co., have closed
their office in Lafayette and opened an
office in St. Joe, appointing Judge
Watts their agent.
Pacific University lias about 130
Than liny oilier machine
I be public. It will
ever pre sen let to
untuu i'inw itiriLiN
or WUOLKN" GGDPS. Innnmnnor fiir su
IKirtor io any oilier machine.
Parties wishing to nnrchasc a machine
ere in vtie. 1 o call ul i be Register Building
on corner of first and Kerry streets, Alba
ny, Oregon, and examine the
r'or clrenlars, Sc., address,
J. FAU..UORl'II, AfftM
A loan v, Oregon.
04O OiXUdL $45.
Shuttle Sewing Machine,
Willi Table ami TreiMllP mi)ctc
si.iteli alike on both sides of t lie cloth, and
cannot IX) unraveled.
ir3,iKifl stitches a minute, without noise,
isjr sklnpinaot stitches, or breaking of
5" Hi rend.
I lri iiitrodueed Iu June, 1HTO.
Hon. H. (t. Struve has entered upon
his duties as Secretary of Washington
! Wood in Walla Walla sells at $.) to
$!! per cord.
i The ladies of Corvallls are preparing
a lieautilul nag to lie presented to Hie
firemen of that place.
The following is the official vote of
Jackson countv : Greeley, 570 ;
Grant, 520; OVonnrlb.
Josephine county gives Grant a ma
jority of 15.
The Eiitni'prhc says the had weather
of the last few days has seriously Inter
fered with the works on (lie Locks and
Canal at Oregon City.
Tlie settlers on San Juan Island are
preparing for a grand jubilee when
tlie Island is handed over to tlie Amer
icans. Among other thing an ox
will be roasted whole no reflection,
of course, upon John Bull.
According to the Dttptfs'i, Seattle
will take the premium for wickedness.
Sin, iu its most revolting forms, stalks
rampant through the streets in oieu j
day. ami decency and good order are i
apparently forgotten.
The comities of Jefferson, King, j
Kitsap and Thurston, hi our sister Ter-'
ritorv. are reporuii a uuvuig given n
i trs.
Snow on the mountains about Jack
sonville, causes the elk to visit the val
Wed qualified to umiiagn the Indian
Department, being Imtli firmer and
mechanic. He is said to have more
man mu parents tor luve in me
chanical Implements which arc of his
; own iiiveiition."
! Klickitat county gave Garfleide a
; majority of seventy-five.
An alti nsitiim between Ben. Davis
and Jim Combs at the polls in Silver
i City on election day, resulted in Davis
I receiving a bullet in the leg and Combs
I getting a blow over the head with a
j six-siiooter.
A wagon load of apples left on the
j street in Olympla while the owner
i went to "take suthin." was tasted
j din ing his absence to the extent of
! two bushels ami a half.
! In a saloon at Silver City. L T.. on
; the 8th lust.. Billy Btinis shot and
j severely wouuik'd a man mimed Dan
i Copeland.
Mr. Pilbean. of Vaqtlina Bay. dur
ing the season just closed, caught be
tween three and four thousand salmon.
He cauglit over lhree tons in one night.
The season is only of three weeks
The committee appointed tA exam
ine sites tor the State University have i
been tendered the tree donation of ten
leys for food, and wary huntsmen pop j acres of land bv Hon. J. H. 1). Hen
them over. j der.son, being a tract situated on tin
Mrs. Aitrelia Johnson, a colored wo-' extension of FJeyenth street, east of
man living near the stage road between I corporation limits oi ivngene. ami
Jacksonville and Yreka, blew down I will recommend to the stockholders
the chimney ot" a kemscue lamp last that that place be selected
Saturday; the lamp blew back again. I Snow was reported abotjt two feet
and Amelia passed in her checks. deep at Tillamook last week, and still
Near Elko. Nevada, E. Garnet a
few days ago blew his brains out with
a revolver.
At Los Angeles. Cab, a young Ger
man woman attempted self murder
by jumping from a steamer; but u
boat was lowered and she was saved.
The Orefpmian has this : Mr. G. W.
Betts, who resides in Bcavcrtoii. seven
miles from Portland, has twin daugh
ters, 14 years of age in January, l.s2.
They were born within a half minute
of each other, and at birth there was
Just one half pound difference in their
weight, and has never been more since;
to use the expression Of their rather,, i
they always weigh iu the same notch. '
Thev have the same height, color ot i
Sunday More last the snow at Dal
las had fallen to a depth of from ten
to fifteen inches. Iu the Blue Moun
tains and Grand Ronde valley it was
reported to have fallen to a depth of
! from four to five feet
The late heavy rains occasioned sev-
i eral laud slides to occur, one near
! Jakiaud, another near Roseburg, on
the railroad.
The late M'.rmon Conference at
Official journals of Berlin, Germany,
continue .to iuUiuate that, the Kmperor
will secure a majority in theLpper
House of the Diet bv appointing a
sufficient number ot Lite Peers, if nec
essary, to carry the Reform Bill.
The Royal Geographical Society of
London, has sent a letter of thanks to
James Gordon Bennett for the part he
took in the discovery of Dr. Living
stone, and voted Stanley a Vtetora
medal of 183.
A severe raid and snowstorm visited
Hamburg. Ger.. for several days,
flooding the country.
King Amadeus, of Spain, was con
fined to the palate on the 14th by ill
ness. The Pensall coal mine in Stafford
shire, Eng.. ignited on tlie Hth inst.
Eleven miners were rescued, but
twenty-two were still in the inlnevanA
there was no hojie of theirbelngsaved.
Baring Brothers, Drcxel. Morgan &
Co.. London, Instructed their Ameri
can agents to contribute to tlie Boston
The Prussian Government intends
to use American paper for Its bank
notes hereafter.
Heavy gales on the British coast on
the 12tli inst. caused the wreck of many
vessels. Fifty lives were knowu to be
lost. The same gale on the Prussian,
coast caused twelve vessels to sink in
the harbor at Stralsaud. While the
storm was at its height, a fire broke
out among the ware houses and spread
rapidly, and was burning at the time
the dispatch was sent. Several lives
were reported lost, and many Injured.
The London Jewish Chronicle says :
A society of Atheists has been formed
at Venice. They recently sent an ad
dress of congratulation to King Victor
Emmanuel on the escape ot his son
and daughter inlaw from assassination.
Oddly enough, forgetting tliey were
Atheists, they "thanked Divine Provi
dence for the miraculous escape, Ac."
The following is from Mexico: Gen.
Cabcllos, Military Governor ot Sonora,
has announced the pacification of that
Stale without bloodshed. Gen. Diaz
has surrendered, given his parol, and
presented himself at the City of Mexi
co. President Lerdo congratulate
the country iion the complete restora
tion of peace. There is great rejoicing
at the capital.
Signor Srila, Minister of Finance, of
Rome, having addressed an official
communication to the Pope guarantee
ing payment to His Holiness ot the
annuity voted to him by the Italian
Parliament, Cardinal Antonelli sent a
reply to the Minister Informing him
that the Pope declines to receive any
The King of Spain has paralytic
The ship Semistiin was wrecked in
the North Sea during a terrible gale on
Wednesday of last week, audi of her
crew perisiied.
A dispatch to London from Stral
snnd on the Kith inst. reports that 80
vessels were totally wrecked by the
late gale. The towii was considerably
damaged by the inundation. The
fishermen on tlie islands of Clengst,
Daroaml Hlddenzol lost all their fish
ing smacks and apparatus, and their
houses and tents were greatly damag
ed. Nearly all the cattle on the is
lands were drowned. Wells were
flooded from the Sea, and the inhabi
tants are suffering for want of fresh
water, food and shelter. The Govern
ment has dispatched a steamer laden
with snpplies to their relief. The
island of Kirgen also felt the disaster
heavily. Many of its fishing boats
Salt Lake City, re-elected Brigiuini j were destroyed. Fields near the coast
Voting as Phrophet, and appointed
thirteen missionaries for Europe.
All houses iu Olympia have tenants.
John Burnett has been appointed
majority of 175 in favor of holding a
?sfiu" imiiiii't vtnut wt .t .., i' ,...;.
i - k I ,i " . U1. j VmV AUUI IIC V Kfl i iiOdlii'.
; iiiiir tiuu ;uhi ;uc uiin.ii uur; -
j as scarcely to be known apart in their I H. C. I'aige has been appointed
! own family. If either one is called or Kedstw of ti.e State Land Office at
spoken to by name the nearest one an- j La Grande, by Gov. Graver.
I swers, as names make no difference td ! Two hundred and fifty men are
j them or tlie family. ' wanted to subscribe flOO each to the
Tlie community residing near Van- j t of the State University. The
; couver are very much agitated over tin. ' committee are iu search of them,
sudden disappearance of an old man j An independent mass convention at
: bv the name of Murray. Efforts to Salem last Saturday nominated A. J.
The nurchasers are the Northern Pa
... .. .. . . , ....
...ill.. 1.1 U"ll' Hill 1.1 II' II TOO lire.
I'atenteilhl : he United States and aU the ' ' v . ,'.'' ,,,.,.... :,,
principal countrteii ofKurope. S"" htt'iU" -NimPatl(" Lom)iinv in-
tend tlie water carriage
of Puget Sound. 1 hey will also liuilil
tir.-t class steamers or tlie .ii'isippi
model, and run them between Kalania
convention to form a const itol ion
the future State of Washington.
The British Cuiimid of the Stli hist,
has the following: "We understand
... o tJ:.. i... ic......... i
thi'ir entire interest iu tlie steamboats i A tire at Salem last Sunday burned
liavleatlua the waters of Puget Sound. ' an old wooddied. and gave to the local
iind him have proven abortive.
M ACHINE Is Hold lor tii less tlnin any
other ilrst class sewhet mnehine, and is
imarantecdtobeboUtln a more, substan
tial manner, io have lcs worklns parts,
rim al a (fraa0r Stiwd, to make less noise,
to bo iuorBlntifnllyfltilhed,tomlss less
l Itches, and do a ui-enter nrle.ty and liet-
leninallty of work Mian any inncmne nwdi
and Wallula
on the Columbia riv-
of thuSWewmh Ircinendous diarrheal
of words.
Some thief stole all the coin proceeds
of several mouths business from the
pronrietor of the Tualitan Hotel at
Hillslairo, on last Sunday night.
C. W. Liudsev. brakesinau oil the
Monroe tor Mayor. Win. Crump for
Marshal, Mr. Johns for Treasurer and
John V. Booth for Recorder.
The IMlslih has this : A bottle of
arnica should la- iu everv family. It
is ri cniunieod' d bv physicians, and is i
. .... .... i. i .
utruiy iiscriu meiiicme. it is one in
I he few medicines that meet the re
quirements demanded of them you
may rely upon it. disused in cases
of bna-e.. swellings and deep sores.
line were flooded. The loss of life,
both ui the Islands cud mainland is
very great.
John Bright will resume his seat in
the Kuglish Parliament during the
coming session.
Advices front Denmark to the 18th
slum that the wreck and ruin caused
by the hurricanes are enormous. The
damage in the Island of Plaster, known
as the garden of Denmark, will exceed
one million rix dollars.
The Neatest Si icide Yet. The
latest novelty iu suicides comes from
C'cavelaiid, Ohio, where an individual
who had drawn a blank in a lottery,
went to his death after the following
unique and elaborate fashion : lie
Hist produced a loaded revolver and
connected it with clock-work so that
it should Ire tired off at a certain time
lie tlien got into bed. and. alter plac
ing the pistol behind hfe. ear, took a
dose M chloroform. Under the iiiflu-
O. & i '. Kaliroad was severely injured : Xothin" i's it. eiinil iu sprained joints j ence of the narcotic he then went to
I..... 'I1,,..,.-.!.,,- I... lbiiii.r l.-ii. ..-I.-. fi Otf till' , , "I . i. . I. . Lll I 1 . !.. t tl... .vlira.i tln.a ll.A ..luU'
last ruesdav by being knocked on rue i ; ,H1ken limbs. Sinntlv wash
The Corvallls f.'ce'e ha; the folhw- j car as the train was passing Canby. Lj 1(.u.tx aflfecteti, IKmiI ists ' highly
lug 1 A. H. McCoiiuell has mtit the j He, was taken tothe H, K. Hospital. ' leooiumend it ; it is applied for tlie
saloon business, and was last Monday j m anwt Invincibles." (colored. : r,Hithache outside on the tiice and on
in Hie uni il siatiw,eliher iukii or low I limy nisraiieu laimnini or iue iuv 110-, 0f Purl land, celebrated the recent tie-1 the nins; it will relieve tlie pain and
Si the h." 'rX.dsn'evcrvMr;'n;ade I te, , We !lre W? "W,1. "W- I publican victory last Tuesilayevening. mm the swelling. It will not cure
to ,anc am i i n i J V, i m . ;rtl do . ! t li ti' s I and have no uonb he w I make a pop- . t01vll MI I toothache ; the forceiw alone will
needles tbren I, silk ami linen of any size, ular and successful hotel keeper as lie , . ...,.,,,.,, sfln,,. ...n .tMinctlv ! do that where the case is a regular one
and works with ennal lacilit von the tiilci
ent woolens r thlnesi muslin. It will hem
fell, mek, braid, cord, raffle, bind, plnlt,
inilt, Mlteh, HQRin, wither, hem-sliteh and
embrnUnr fu the most, perfect and beauti
ful nmimner. No skill reijnlred to "set" a
needle, as every needle Is so mado that it
Is impossible to putone inand itet It wronjr.
Kvery machine Is warranted for Ave years.
( U at Keftlster BnlldhiK and see It.
4, f ARN8W0KTH, Agent,
'OV.tJ, Alfrwiy, OrtKon,
nl.Hl.res an cut re "chainre of luis...- : v 1 -''r"'"'- ,". """"-.V-'
SScSssto von Mac-thisis one bold WU various on iue
step towanl the Gmsl Templar Lixlgc. J h i,,st" h'1 m
ami a brighter, happierltte. Weshall The reported discovery ot diamonds
take great pleasure iu advertising for ! In Utah h pronoimied a hnnmug by
you now. and will prove by our acts, the Nut LakeyW".
ot exmrsure of the nerve, iuflamma-
lion and paiu.
j Tlie Seikttle Council has passed laws
I against gambling.
The MatemmtH says the daughter of
The- office of American Consul at
m. Lanirnc.f while playing around
not you. but your that we ' tons of coal to San Francisco diving me n.He .uonuu,. ... mm. yi fjverpooj. Eng., Is mm
have been Kwrrbig afiil; tlw ast. ' the llrst ten momjp of AH year.. aiibrokf bcr right arm. year. ' ...
sleep, At the given time the clock
work pressed the trigger, discharging
the pistoi aim landing cue, simnuerer
inio eternity. This device H an ac
cession to the plain self-shootiis and
hangings of ordinary suicide, and, on
iis mechanical merits, seems neater,
if not quieter, tlian the guillotine.
. : '
Eigldi en years ago, the place where
OmaVa now' stands was a piece ofnn
louchcsl prairie. 20,000 is now l$e