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    V. S. Olllrln! Pt for Oregon.
FRIDAY. APRIL 19. 1871.
F nil I M the RHiupoKc.
The following local item, clipped
from tlic Portland Ortgonim, is a
graphic delineation of Democratic
harmony, logic and enthusiasm :
Tlie returning delegates from the
Dalle8.'i.nvention,ndasmany more
nf "imtarritiml" AS eould be Hot
HtectKjuiaiKJ luioue rr, ; , , . r.
.... hwrether. assomlutl ID trout ot the
i in spite ot the most imlnsuious ei-, ?Ito, Utlta, t ,.., ..
?1 "0 t i(1,ctiol,s ui vacillations. They
UUrtWy H,UU jave without a head, Uniterm pol
icy, or h xed principles, l nsanecieu
Republicans are influenced by- per
sonal animosity to President (hunt,
solely, and everybody sees it. They
saw it over in New Hampshire,
Connecticut and Rhode Island, and
a ill in' iid for
a mi the hiuiiest mauket phut.
it was no gonial we camuo.y con
tiws tliat weiare unable to tell
what kind of a meeting it finally re
solved itself into. The first man
called out was Xesmith, who made
not a Kixwh but a haraiiL'iie. in
Are Hie Mrii of 111 Tlmm Fucour
Kglng to tin- n'inorrnr) ?
, T'" ' ConmotioUUn bote!, ami mane an
A 1 leniocratie ootemporary says ( forts on the part of the Democracy altPmpt get up some enthusiasm
"llie signs of the times are eneoin- ! a,l Liberals, voted to stand by the j on the subject ot Democracy. Bu
... it. ... ..11 .i -1 I..,-, . I. ..-nu .... ,r. . A. ill lift I "X I it 1 It 1 . I'l ill"
in" to-Pemocrats. io woum , jkiIicv ot rresmcui v.r.uu. n m:r nc g..-u .
like to know from what particular ' Was the sign of encouragement hung
i r general SGUiceof political devel-, out by those States? We look
c pnieut they draw those professed arxnit u here iu Oregon. Where
mill mv
IniernaLorextra. : RepubHcaoa? We have yet the j which J-J-gJ
neons sources, or arotuey smipiy mr . nrst one 10 hv. uj nc.mui.ui...
aginative? Is there anything in De-1 party of Oregon will vote as a unit
mocraoy ol itself, in its individual for the nominee of the Philadelphia,
character and development, as il- Convention, whom we have not the
lttstrated by the words of Don- least doubt in concluding will be
oeratic leaders and journalists "unconditional" V. S. Grant, Prcsi
lliroughont the country, to inspire ,iellt of the United States,
confidence and cheer? Consistency I pnlArB.
of practice, stability of and j
hannony in action are component I Tlie late Democratic Convention
elements necessary to insure routi-' has enacted a very brief string of
.U nco. Do these exist in tlie prim general ideto they call a idatfonn. j jtaiuj) tbat the audience was a
ciples designs and nractices of the Asa whole the platform is very "dead drag." uieuawei muuiu
iv ftiwU, Has it ex., mild and sniritless. entirely desti- fort Geo. U. Helm, the Awn ol
, tute of the old, iKisitiv
O N- E Y.
0 0 L ,
rti llvcr. il ;il SHED1) anrtiiji "tli wwon."
Mitn-li tisSmiiJ
And Aceuiiiiiltttc
j ' .
allusions to two people m our cii)
who are not even known as poli-
.'.... ! 1,a .1,.,.,, ..1' t
IK I.llin 111 uto iiiw v. ,.
term. This allusion was made in i ZJ" 33 j Xj T 3EZ ,
Nesmith's t lassic (?) style, but a
sense of decency irevents us from'
nMtrlffWV nioii tin' kl ilMfauinnnl what! 11Y niMVi v.un
a T9 v . r . . :
KoiuidK, Woodcock & Co
Proprietors & M:imit'm'imvrs ot
Grain Separator,
junction cm.
Received the Diploma at the State
Tair of 1871.
A. C. Iayton,
Thew Miirhlnmnrn wnrninlrd Milwlan-
tliillr iimch'. nnil are nut In lw snvi-s.-.t
r -iv l, mid miv fitiui
ho said. He then went lack about j;' .;'!'XV'u.Ir'!viniH m Jus
tliree thousand years, awl declaimed lf J J vlillliJ ' 'imS'innrimlerisanaw
about the rights of trial by jury. M,l'KoWi!wiictv
But that kind ot talk ma not sun ,
the majority of the audience and lie IT i 1 TAW V 1? V
soon subsided, saying, as he left the HAUL H Alllr,
icwUlirwront nd complete ror-ply of
iioi s i s. wubncooK co.,
Jiuii'i inn ity. 01.
isted within the last decade of
years? It is well known to every ob
server that inharmony has been and
1 ow b the rule, and harmony the
eveeptioa. The shipof I 'emocweyi
rudderlew. has been tosseilalwlit by
, I , , ' I ' . ll V SI j ft A .
, 1 I inn " uw lir.Mlrllt nut. who show- ,
rui" and ; '
!-l t ,nt ,0 w:rs not 111 a
amounts to but wry little, almost. ; 1 roaring' condition. His a m a nn .- j
iv ,.1 -.,. t!. In. iv.. and !... 1 ..tliiolumwln nil of the M II 1 1 II !l S
I . I 11 ' I 'i . ' i .!. ruiail i.w.,..iiuM... , - . w . mb W rrf
it - '
IlLAt.l'.ll IN -
Groceries & Provisions,
sanguinary air a
the stumpers in
unter waves of policy evei
A I 1.... l'l IL.I.,.. A.Mlll
.iiiii... iv v, ime ol , 141 iso oi ien iiohbubv. ..i."
this county, whom Mr. Helm holds a panoual
from the lofty pretensions ot .letter-1 14aKtaUnSon toany politk ul (pies-
sonian integrity and Jacksouian 1 1011) ijUt did pay that ho was a bct
(irranessfttid independence put on by ; ter man than lien Holladay any day.
the fraternity generally all over the ' After venting bis spleen the Lion
.1 ,, ,1. "lint. Iiowunn ine sav ne lost
naa o rewiiion sun w uom wie, unu u-.i """"r- ,...., .1,.. i laii, n,i ,,.,:, mi.
her mast head in the torm ot Ku brter, would be pohitivo tn us nee
.-i .!..-. c...,:it. i .: ,i;..;,...t .,1
IV 111 r:l I L ! ' I ,S. Hie null- .'i ar.HHHIS. ill'limi n,"i
the n
It is her pixjsc
iitheni 'it- tin
ion still wave-
si nee
it com
bl ick
eiinliiislmieHl on eonierof KINworili
I iniil Kir.: .mivIk, Willi n nvli stotl ol
iiroi wIm, Vnn ili.ns. i Jtmllex, I'tairn, To
lawiHi, Hi' , to wliteli he invitis the atten
tion hi our ell Uteris.
Tobacco &0igar3,
i lenly into the adjoining
saloon, do-
ana clear in lis .witrtl si dune on the counter, nil
it ni opinions, fa Oregouhar- issues, and dotiant, nay even more himself ouUide of the value tuereoi
. .v I .. i ... in wliiukv ami left the crowd. Jwo
II. in ti l.ll i IX- t ni. . n i.loT in :l lii'lii I I t'V''"'
.1 1. . .! i t .ill I 'I 1 1 hi 1 i lk'i .1 ' A lilnl in U' .....
racy, claiming loftily to be of the
"strictest sect," make broad their
; lactones" of pretension by rly
ii g a Jeffersouian llag, though their
,,vi ce is anything but consistent.
At thewhiirvesofthc"i'atherol
Waters " and along the numerous
seem to have been on dress parad
men then helped
lien llaydeii on
tin. istaiiil and be soon l nit the very
allot this time. They limire( WOrst kind of a danisT. on the lit
much corn, but have only produced j tie funny feeling which N'esmith's
the cob The general terms in ' jokes had excited, for Ken talkul
which tlicir platLn is laxJS
. , , Like Helm he didn't sav anything
leave them tiw to take advantage ot , , . , lit ,.,
, , , . . , . r .... , ,
any or ail ot the new issues or com- ,jjnt 0 afu.,. ;ol) Hollailav, but
rivers of the East, a passive d.-. plications which may l dex-elopea he went for Grover in regard to his
nothinsrism bom of "lKjssnm stmt. hn the future. In this they were! action vetoing the so-called Port-
oav, which, like McLwuner, only sl,arp. In the present com
" ., .. . .1... 11 ...
v .in,.' hi ir in u i i. p. .o i ii'iiiivnii'v r lev eui u ii"l im"
ilifUn nf lad Subsidy Bill and opposing the
Lock and Ham swindle, urn wan
wans tor Boineiuii'a w i..,i. , H-hiik-i.u- u j I evidently out of humor ana ne snr
holds itself in readinevl-seizo upou Jmie otherwise and been prudent I prised us by speaking so plainly of
i v h ver to lift iudl iiiL"usyer, is j who knows what the N ational J his Democratic '''''.'. He said
the Democratic ensign. In this, and , 'onventiou may do? It is beat to j he had voted for the subsidy bill j
, ', . .,....:.,.,' . .in . i which Mr. Helm had so vehemcnt-
mneh more, there is lacKo. nave a piauorm una u. a"y I . .l,.,,...,,.,.! INi i, rem v
M ,. T. 1 IT lllllUlll'IV'l ' " t
' . ' . II..
t,. t no same wav arain. in
i . . ..l ... .i. '.i r.
puqiosej there is no narmony, wiiere or e-erywnere, mej win .
jousiteucy, and hence, there can be 1 apeaks about the Constitution and
no substantial confolence. How j state Rights, of course, tliough in
such a state, such -signs," pm- a very lack-a-daisical sort of a w,ay.
a i it. ia nravMM to comiotioii. certain-
i " -I i
j !v ! everywhereas was illustrated
Rt : most clearly by the dishonesty, cor-
Am in the mind of Democracy
tbetinff of enconrasment ?
lint then is there anything
. . .1 ... r. T 1
live warrant ui me ,Tiint laws and the swamp
an indulgence m : swindles. It is m tavor ot a tariu
HlH A r-1 H w (Ml f'tf
II i l I I 211 B n H WWeh I win " for .... w low as l lie
R H II ? H t! Q I M a b -1 H In eimnee-I.m Willi tlioston-llowill kicn iowe-t, or uxihiuw for nil -kheU 01 iner-
riBPM I bin 1' P ns.-r.v. , I win i.nvays livy.... Hand a ,.tom..-,.
h 9 J ft R il N I" A EL L fun ippl 1 '1 1 ivi.ll iireii 1, cmctotH, .0.
WdVliynuuiiy L mm PRODICE !
I ji inn s,'iiMKi:l:.
CROCKER! , : '' '"' 5 .llecdveilanJ In store hinjo ,......,..
Si'. sti'Ki jriiH 'liter
T I" 4 rIV lI'lsllES TO IM-'dilM THE I.MUKS wliiell I will i ell Kt'Iliui ever ta'
lAlBi . nf Viin,vim.!v!e!;)ttj tlm'MlM. nsltntUlx narket.
v- 7 M. JilllNMIX lmtuWeneliillfenfier
Mllliner.v iiml Drim-MiikldK lore.
- ifcl ! Hivl 10 do all ktml ol work I , , . ., j,,, , .) ,oa -j
BOOTS i SilfiKS. f3s3f, Ngs'SS
HUUiU illK Sat llullilers, for'Smlths, 1 enuTimt'iii nivJW
, and for Fur soldliy .,',:",. "
PILLS, Si- "H:;'-T:r'-" -
j . gK
LINIMLNT, (:, juirr, U
Willnmctte Transportation ,
.i . (. . i.. 1 1 1 1 -
a Tvmo Jrsi-iL-53fi,n."V ! ! .
lr: hdA 1
cal.l that. Crnver couldn't near Ik
the next 1'. S. Senator from ( Iregon.
He, Hayden, would see that the i
thing was not perpetrated, at all almost axytiuxo you may hAvk
hazards. He also said that Polk oucasios TO vsn,
county was unanimous in the favor j
of the Portland Subsidy, but that j
two ol hia Democratic colleagues in UNDER ONE ROOF.
the Legislature who couldn't read ,
oppsod it because they were told it
.. llnlloilov ca.liomt What
. I 1 , I 'l 11 I, I '11 11 V Will
in AltioilV to l orvailis on
General Repair Shop.
Tuesday mill Flidny of Knell Week.
iu -mmt t iKt fram Alhanv T"K vM', ii. um. hi.
. ' . . . . I 1 n rn i 'i III I' ,:l 1 1
I Internieillate nlaii
vinu CoinstiK'k Co.1
for I'ortliin
mini, days,
Fare at Reduced Hates.
this dead issue had "to ao with the
present we couldn't see, unless Hay
den was trying to show that Helm
drna WTOIKT. lillt 0116 thill" ml'lU'll
work, outside of Democracy, among nlption and injustice practiced by
the opposing elements of the He- the last Legislature. It is down on
imhlfcan nartv. who characUT, ; m,,noiX)lies as seen in the Liti-
i iti
acts and sucees
Dtimiwrnev Ibr
cheerful of coming tri-1 but of that kind that discouraged
nmnhft? tan i Vim-erncy hoi.e to , home industry. Is m a UOTlDie . ,TatlAi,'a sneeeh
I - I , IMU ill! tlll.Mi-n . . ,
win through the Liberal Heptibli- j state ol alarm lest the t.eneral Uov-1 a(l tJat was tj,0 fact that he is to"
cau movement? I lie leading ernraent succeeds m putting down rilly sore over the doings oi tneiate
I beralsare "sore-heads," Their the Ku Klux true .to its old rebel Convention. After llayden, the
, , to the Uepublican party Umpathies. It thinks the
is inspired by hatred towards Gen. 0f the people are superior to the in-1 SmiU BlI1Tnester, If. J. Ln.ld and
pise. 1 hey terests of ineorjwratious a oaseiesi j q Work. All these iBrties re-
inslimafiiin intended to nreimlicc ! snonded. but thevall simed to lack
against enterprising men, especially the spirit necessary to excite
lice. i, i
Grant, and nothmg else, ibey
fully endorse the fundamental prin
n1 n nfi.lip nartv. but Oetl. I rMt
v.i-.v ,
S( i-Iii
Improrei Band ;
tr,.it"M 'i PlaiirrM i
MMIvg Mtrhiif t,
il ,rnT, rtinl even
ilesei'iplloti iifWoon
worlilu r MiiGUiilery
.t Pianiaa Mill mns
raBEiiiivs n.Ai'K,
f M..hl.,..-v Ihiiv.'
Ifdrnlii-St., sjn Kinicliico.'
I'iows, inul all klinU of Aurtrnlliiral
.Inerv.MiM hy Sliedil.
iii'.i-n lii ntil
i.r.i,...i Nimiir nt l ii-unrili anil Second
jitreulH, iiiinoiinee hi- raadlnciiB lo HtUmd
loall kinrtsof
Kolto'M., ETC.
ANo, has on luinel and for Kile. 1 1m;
Strayer Foroc-lood
anO otbor PLOWS.
Ulsellbii the inoal tttiaoualHe
M lliv'll lit
tit l -i .i , , i,,,, -lu,. (ux'ree oi ei i uiMiisin,iiii'i int .vi-
, ; j t0 Bppinnt every man to of- thos&engaged m railroad eiiterppfen. , JJJJL Wo' ,,avc Ht. a
v whom they recommended, j They fail to produce an instarice of mny )W:ti(1,j meetings in
Their defection from the party, j wIicre the rights of the people are Portland and elsewhere, but, ean-
a ig en pareonal ground, ami molested by tlie interests or exact- didly, we never, not in tlie days of
In this thev are self im 0f incorporations. U m lavor me reu-iuon, ..,,. Um
liltill'I HI LIU'
wn.i. rrsn, as iiebxtofouk.
r. S. MAIL !
Trl-Wcckly h".ij;e Line !
' 1 n i-ivi-el,!;, ?-'e
not nolitical
isli, nprincip1ed, r.ibiuaty and of oppropriatii
uie n'1"1 ,,.
ii .... . .!.... .i ... . .. w-. r.,.n - .
liievwiii nt.i uoaiusw, iruin me saie oi anio uomm ' ,
Will loll.
i i not raise a corporal
ll.ll'l iuisnii: - 1:4. i il.:,. ....
iMiintv. see a uonucai kwhibiuim nu
ntterlv destitute ofanrnment or log-
.. -i ...... Mi:. v,..i.i,j,iiv 1.1. ' ;,.in,.oi ;m..tT.vnmoiita niul eom- l.. !,rt nf tlin MN-akers. or.
t,J ani.t ; J.oOilie u on i '. .'-."'.',"-- j lliiA-iua. iiiipv.v-Mv mini uiv j - ' ,
cause they are willing to have the mon scliools-as this fund is not enthusiasm on the part ot the peo-j
tw.1 . ,.1 v e ovate them 10 , oi, hn-some ten vears. mis triisn in 1 r
power, Hence, tlie "passive" ywr sentiment will hardly atone
tcheme. It proposes the "wire-; for the wrong tliey committod in
bad-" to gel up a platform and taking two hundred thousand dol-
ticket for the Democraey to endorse Jars of tlie school fund to build
and vote. Will Democracy dothis? bx-ks. The remainder of tBe plat-
A portion says yes, another portion form approves the building of the
says no. Leading Democrats down locks at the Kails of the Willamette,
South pay We would rather vote for and then places its cunning fingers
1 hunt, than a '-sore-head." Oreg upon the head of Gov. Grover and
Democrats say, give us a clean says in substance, "Well done, good
ticket. Other Democrats protess and faithful servant" thereat the
to hold themselves iu readiness to whole State grins.
vote for Trumbull, orany other din-1
affected Republican. Now in all I "What shall I do to get warm?"
' . . , akl a fasbioiwlilv attirwl lady of a
tins conglomeration ot loose ends, Qlinker who was riding in a carriage
prompted by seltishncss,anu tricucy
Jk.t all "X'ixncis,
A i.ivii Assortment of 11m
IIOW ri JI 11 1 o ; ;l
hum 1111011 to Al
ii. S. JinlK hllvllIK
idiiy, We'lntmfnv and
inline, leave
I,-1 for i - any purl of loe
islioulittic left ;il tlie St.
Alhnuy, for iwtwtigdts or
uiVE nr. a am
ah work BtltWstral lo me will rocdvi'
nroinpl ntleation.iiud In1 executed In lite
hesi xwslnle iiiutiniir, irltll umi'l iui.n ii.l.
A llltirc Of Hililie mirtttlIliJIIj i solieil d.
I. M. ol
, Krlij
APmnvni -o,
i raweiifivnii
Icliv, AUorde
(liiirliM Hon :
t.... ,i.i r..., i
: PftekRied aiel ii.'lit frelfhl linnetnally
deltvOTeu Si low rates. All hnslness en-trn-teil
tODW will lieinoinwllvatlenili il lo.
W. Ii. DOXACt.
: Li niuioii, fell. Hi. 72-MV4
. i.n ii :1ml Siyiml
t, WIK)I.
BEST OOODS ( ' ' ',
N 1 TI
li.U.SIXS, ele.. fnisll
8v4 UllJOlK.
-al tlio
ti... (Nire. where is there a sensi-
ble man in either jarty but wliat
looks upon the whole thing with
suspicion and contempt ? The De
mocracy have weakened their own
strength by their numerous contra-
'l.Ui. In .Min-lnov.
with her. lit the same time shivering
.Ih 1 !.... 1 A I ......
in iiei i. u i- -ii. i w i .inn iiriiiusiuu in i.iw
elry. "I don't know, said tlie Qua
ker, solemnly, "unless thee puta on
another breast-ptu!"
An Irish inaUtran-, censuring some
boys lor loitering In the street, said :
"If everylsxly were to stand In the
street how could anybody get by f"
IJrigham Young and h is associates :
will certainly fail in their efforts to '
obtain admission for I' tali into the
Union as a State. The whole LOWEST PRICES !
scheme is too transparent tor any
one to lie mislead by it. Although
the effort has been made to create
the impression that the Constitution
recently enacted prohibits polygamy,
there is nothing in the instrument
to iustifv anv such interpretation.
Tlie plan is simply an effort of
Drigham and supporters to icgauze
hn Mnrmoh church, and perpetuate
hi. own Dower.andthe power ot
the Mormon leaders. Tlie woman
suffrage clause in tlie new Constitu
tion' will admit otno other interpre
tation. M then accepting all as
being unobjectionable, the popula
tion of Uteh is too small.
For Sal I
Merchantable Produce
Sbedd, Oregon, April 3, 187M1
iuuleiitrneil, six miles south of Alhtt
nv. 14 MAKTIN MJl'KE.
'Jan. n, J87S-1in3
est of (;. W. Youni,' In the
Delivery Hnslness,
1 1 am iweinninl toilonny ami nil kinds of
(Oils, oil SIHII'I Illlllin linn mill iiiiii'i. ui.
tmten. lerms ituwniiiiiue. i iu-khmi's ui-
fi 1. ,.(.,. tljmr 1 ....1.
ineieu oiioii iniii'n iiic.ii,.,i.
out for the BAY TEAM nnil Jull WAMiN.
auvl ... ... .lll.'-'lil.'.
(J W KET POTATOES, per last steamer, hy
j v DellOls.
Auoti on o x ,
Lard Oil & Soap
mDi i viii.-i!sii:m. I) ItAVlNG CXlM-
1 iitatedaud pul In good running order
tuelr new
Lard Oil ani Soap Manufactory,
in llieeitv of Altmnv. are proifwrml to ;ir
elmse. at Uw ltlglKl cash noes, all tilt)
llo;;, Ranctd Butter, Sup
resc, Ac'.,
lellvereillotlieni 111 IlllSottT. '
Tlievni'c now limmifiiolinlni; fttnl have
on hand
Fancy Toilet and Common Soaps,
In itreat variety, warranted eqnal to tlio
best In market, wliieh tliey offer tn tin
OrTJHMM of any kind, for sale, will do woU
rTwni! arr. westlake mm.
Jiov. 11. 187M0V4