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    satuiu a y, octobkk 21 , 1 n .
lT. N. Oftirtnl Paper for ttrrson.
In digging a cellar in Portland,
recently, the bodies of three infant
were exhumed.
Picard has been appointed French
minister to Italy in place of fount
de Chosqui, removed.
Portland has already forwarded
10.000 to th.e Chicago sufferers,
and hopes to scud much more.
A new issue of greenbacks 1 as
lieen ordered, to replace those de
stroyed by tlie tire in Chicago.
At least 3.000 persons are report
ed as having perished in the recent
st im- ai d floods of v. hii-a.
Representative workingmeu of
England have issued an ahlress de
manding a separation of Ch.urch
and Mate. flrtOifiBMWi
Ttip Iwon Tnujtht.
The late disaster in Chicago has
developed the plcnsii g fact, that
while, our people are leaving no
stone unturned in their untiring ef
forts to accumulate wealth and intlu
ence, they have not lurt those
nobler and more exalted traits of
character, growing out of Christian
bene volet ce and sympathy. The
munificent sums being so promptly
raised and pent to the sui'ferii g, lire
scourged in!! aY.ta..tsof t hat devoted
e'ty, from every quarter of the
i.'nion, indicate that the great na
tional heart .bleeils in sympathy
with the suffering, the poor, the
distressed. The greed for gain, the
strife for honors, the struggle after
jositin ai.d influence characterize
u as a ?ple ; and though much
of sordid selfishness is exhibited, and
m cl aritablei :ess shown in the treat
ment of comjielitors in the race, yet
th.e avenues ofsympathy leading to
the great American heart are still
open to the flow of it christianizing
Ah Kan, a Chinaman, was bund
murdered, with head cut nearly
from his body, in a Chinese restau
rant, San Francisco, last Monday.
Boss Tweed and his Tammany
strikers controlled the. action and
nominations in the recent New York
Democratic Mate Convention.
Many Americans in Europe are
leaving for home, on -account of the
' hicago calamity, ('en. Lurnside
was to Kill la t Tuesday.
C old-bearing ipiartz was brought
into alt Lake on the 38th, from
Lrigham Caiyon, which assayed
81.000 to tie ton.
Charles Myers was shot by Chris
tian (iiindhoin, in a lager beer sa
loon kept by the latter, on Kearny
street, lau Francisco, last Wednes
day evening.
. -
English ad vices from Odessa state
that bOO buildings in the town of
l'agostoo have lieen burned bv in
cendiary tires, supposed to lie the
work of the fanatical oppression of
the Jews.
W. G. English, the wealthiest
man of Indianajioli, wvrth at least
$1,000,000, opened his' heart and
subscribed the sum of one dollar,
and that in cash, for the sufferers
by the great lire in Chicago. Fas.
him around.
"While the Radicals are demor
alized, the democratic party pre
sents an unbroken front." 'this is
the language of the Iloseburg
PlaiinUaler. Is it sarcasm? or
does it proceed from an innocent be-
fai that the Democratic party is
sweeping all before it? Portland
We think the Plaindealcr means
that, while the "front" is unbroken,
the "rear" is in a bad fix.
Isaac, the colored bootblack in
Portland, near the ferry landing,
gave ten dollars towards the Chi
cago fund. In proportion to his
ability, the Oregonian ranks Isaac
among the champion givers of that
city. He deserves an iixrease of
At a great 1 lermblican "meeting
held at Madrid, Spain, on the 36tb,
resolutions were adopted declaring
that the party would offer untiring
opposition to every form of govern
ment for Spain which was not purely
Republican. Some of the speakers
were emphatic in their opposition
to the present Government.
On the night of the 16th, at
Warsaw, Kentucky, a party of ev-enty-five
men established pickets
and attacked the county jail, for the
ptfrpose of taking out Obijah Grid
ley, confined for killing a man a
few days ago. The raob was una
ble to get into the cell, and shot
him through the grates and killed
him. His wife and infant child
were in the cell at the time.
On the. night of the 17th, at
Zanesville, Ohio, Charles Durbin, a
lawyer, shot himself through the
head at the bed-side of his sick
wife, after being told by the physi
cian she could not recover. - His
wife died in a few minutes afterward.
Washington, (,ct 6th, 1871.
oonouks-s vy. i.obyists.
liut two months remain before
this liody meets. 'Use Capitol build
ing las been 'put in order. Both
Chambers 'preset t a neat and tasty
ap ea mi ce. Some changes have
been made throughout t he building,
such as widening the passages, etc.
As the time draws near for the open
ing of this body, th.e bustle and
hum of bu-si i. ess throughout the De
partments is quite apparent. Al
'rcady a number of, familiar faces are
to be seen on our streets, and around
the different unices. The Capitol
mover, the inevitable office-seeker,
a: -d the lobyist,are putting in their
appearance. The first named is the
most uowelcome to our citizens ;
the second is a pest and a souico of
great annoyance to the government
officials; the tast is worse than all
the rest combined. Thev are not
only a, but a running sore
upon the body politic. He or she,
influe. ees. Such calamities as have j as the case may be, is 'despised bv
lately lie el Chicago, and swept J the honest portion of our country
over the Northern part of Wiseon- men, more than any living thing that
sin, as well as other sect ions of our j creeps on "God's given cart! ." i hey
country, are most terrible visita
tions ujku the parties immediately
concerned. They are greatly to be
are generally of tl at class of crea
tures who make their living by their
wus ni uispise iiouesi lauor. -oi
dreaded and deplored. The loss ; trickery is too low for them to re-!
and snrforii.g they create is most j resort to, to accomplish their purJ
lieart-re.:ln g. J ut without them j H)se. Women of . bad repute are
the ci.ani.cls of public sympathy , Verv often brought into reouisitio
and beoeVolence would cea.-e to ilow. ; by them to wry out their selfish
I he heart o: the nation would grow j OK1's- 'j.1-' eaj.ifcd buildingdurj
,.o?i ... t . i i i ti uigtl.e her"sivts of Congress is cr jwd
callous a!,.tl colli. chirln.ess would , , , , . . , i
. . I , ! el tl ce IaikN and their tooH
close thj. avenues to every kind- j wli0 at times 1 legislation toil
ly, humal iing emotion. An infidel j great extent. Women with prii ceL
reckle'nessj ig.K.ring the claims of ly attires, ai d ctly jewels, are
a Higher1 Power, atul a common h;:- m,tl.vt t!' m'tK-reants to
! , , , , .. : pave the r wav to stucess. It is afi
manitvaj.d tlesttnv, won d freeze;,,. i, ;i i c" i .i
i untei..a';le :lact, that there exists
the publac heart into an iceberg of j to-dav in our midst, a well or'an-
selhshi.css. Calamities and misfbi--tunes
come to us as individuals to
remind us of our origin, responsibil
ity and destiny. They teach us our
mortality and would have us pre
pare for a chai ge. National calam
ities inculcate a like lesson of frailty
Ized band of these unprincipled men,
! who make it their business to baf-
ter and :-l! Government positions,
.t vin a nn-s: e; gcrsiup ti a consu
late; they are so' !old as to even
offer thenf li.-r ale on our streets.
Tl e administration has Ikvu, and is
i doii g all in its power to check tins
,...:i i .. i . ... i.J i
,-!' .... . . . ; one n.tis iiu i us i.oi Miccceuei
and re,nsd,;hty. i he nation that ; t() y !lt extent. '1 he Civil
ogets(;,d f halljensh, is the lesson j Crv:c Commission was instituted
that conies thundering down throiigli fl-r this purjx4. bat the lobyht aj-
the corridors of t.ast a"-es from j lHar be -ual t ti e emergei.t
Iabyh-ii, and Xinevali, and Jeru
salem, and is intended to liei.d the
public knee in humble dependence
and trust in that Higher Power for
every mercy.
I'nder thesec rcumstai.ces the Com
mission concluded to take a recess.
Feforc the adjournment, these gen
tlemen eomprisii g the same, failing
to comprehend the nature of their
dut:es, addressed through their pres
ident to the Attorney General, ask-
1. r li-n-k t.. .toii rk fl'.A. iu..itii.i:
From San i-rauctsc-.ews dated j -flis ..fllcLnl wm to be as much
the 18th, we read that the vote of j .rpkxel as the Commission, aLd
the city was very light, some 9,000 j makes an evasive answer, and the
less than at the September . r tale j "yist lias a clear tield to ojrate
,.t,.;..,. iu :, j: : .1 . in. l am a "raid the v alone should
election. i lie indications are that , , ,
, , , , j not be censured ; othciK more puw-
the Taxpayers' and Kepublican j (.rinl j.rolibly wii .k at the evil,
ticket will have a handsome ma- General Jackon is said to have 're
jorit'. ! marked once upon a time, "every
j man has hisjrice; wme ask more
The Illinois House of Kepresent- ! than t! ers. Gut they are all for
atives passed the Canal l ien I. aw, ! sale." The words will suit the pres-
refunding to Chicago the three mil- ! e; t !'une wiwiout uamagmg t;.e re-
lion dollars paid by t'-at city for
deepening the Illinois and Michigan
Canal, with the provision that the
mark. It is no uncommon thing to
same be used for rebuilding the
bridges and public edifices.
The nine Hartford, Cont.ect'cut,
insurance Companies have between
seven and eight millions of fire in
surance in Chicago. They have
paid t.l y-n'n million dollar- losses
since organization.
j see in Washington paiiers, under
the heads of "Personals" j or
"Wants" such little feelers as the
.ollowii g:
"I will give to ai.y person $100,
who will procure me a position.' as
clerk or inesreuger in one of the
Government Departments. Address,, etc." j
It leaked out a iew days ago, that
the position of Consul to Perman
buco was sold for &500. It is to be
i i.. i t ' . . i , ,
nopeo wneu congress meeis, mat it
will put a stop to this evil, and rid
M- J 1
,,-' . ' our community of tlie presence of
The Manhattan Com- ; tjie lobyists; but if such positions
ar.-i to be-pi ddled about tor "filthy
pany has resjlved to suspend bust
ness. Its losses are a million and a
quarter. It is not expected the as
sured will lo-e anything, as it has a
large surplus Itesidss its capital.
The Chicago limes made its ap
pearance on a single sheet' last
Wednesday morning. It opposes
the passage by, the Legislature of
any stay law, as the ruin of what
is left of Chicago would be the re
sult. !
i - -
A! United States mail carrying
party were attacked on the 9th. be
tween Tucson and Camp Critten
donj Arizona, by Indians, within
four; miles of the post. Having
good animals, they escaped.
Virginia is returning to her early
civilization, and erecting whipping
posts all over the State.
Sacramento contributed $.20,000
for the Chicago relief fund.
lucre," "why not put up at auc
tion all positions under the govern
ment, not only clerkships and consu-
lates, but seats in the Senate j and
S House of Representatives? The rev-'
cmie derived from such a source,
would lie a benefit to the govern
ment, instead of going to defray the
expenses of debauchery and vice."
. f
The Secretary of this department
has returned from his recent visit to
Ohio, and is suffering from a severe
cold. He was at the department
but a short time yesterday. j
The Public Debt (the regular
monthly statement), has been issued
by order of the Secretary, and shows
that during the past month it has
decreased $13,458,620 51. The to
tal debt up to date is 2,368,202,
619 93. There is to-day 90,544,
897 87 iu coin in the vaults of the
Treasury, and $16,993,782 19, in
currency, making the total amount
of cash in vaults $107,538,680 06.
Our debt bearing interest in coin
amounts to $1,874,568,000,
The SeeKefcary ' has ordered the
Assistant TveWuver in New Vorlr
to buv eifldifi Million dollars worth
of bond, hiiinsf the present month,
two miiifoni dblkrrs worth on each
Wed no-day" ; and writhe same days
during the monlR, tofefl tro mill
ion dollars wort ?i-vf gold,
Renewed activity is displayed in
the Post Offlee and other ileyjart
ments, closing up theuua-rter.-.' wtii k,
anu clearing ineir ues-sss n.r Jon
gress. 31 r. Laws, wlio has the
name of the "watch dog. of the
TreasT.ry," is expected soon, and
will keei a Cv.rps of clerlts in each
department busymakii.g ont his es
timates fLr the ilitiereiit appvopria
tioi s.
I 'cports have to be made to Con
gress iVom all of the departments,
and everybody is getting" ready lor
the work. With the retur.i of the
I resident is cxjiected the vjgular
anny ooilice-seekers, wlso wish t
be on hand to jK.uuce on any unfor
tunate member f the Senate who
may be called here on business,
oullifni Or:KOii orrciniiIeMt.
. Oakland,- Oct. 3d, 1871.
Mi:. Knnon: Oakland, in the
midst of the Cmpqua hills, is at
present in "'a. prosjierous conditio'.!.
The hotel-keeX?rs and merchants arc
doing a good business. Contractors
on the railroad are working with
their forces near this place, and ere
long the snort of the great iron
hor.-e. will h; heard approaching.
Money and men are smeeptible of
removing-mountains, and' making
the rough places smooth. We
hear some men complaining in I.ane
county, who have given donations
to Mr. Iloliaday, leeaue of sta
tions being made lutvveen their re
spective towns. If they are partial
to their own interests, Mr. II. will
le to his, and the jieople to theirs.
We need more enterprise and com
jiction in our country. Here in
Cmjtfjua the resources ara i ot full v
develotied, thouirh we l ave a con
stant iutlux of 'enterprising jieople, j
who will ?.ll to our country s
wealth (with tiie exception of the
Mongolian, who will be' as well off
in China iu a few years).
Mr. Calhoun's predictions are
lieing vc riiied relative to this Pacific
coast. Towns and cities are being
built all along its shores, and there
will soon lie more and greater facili
ties fbr trai.sHrtation, and then the
interior tort ion of our country will
herald the glad day when she can
send her cereals to feed the tamper
ed few who will hold the surplus at
exorbitant prices from their sub
jects. ci;i noso.
Iii:rir.niCAN Gains. The recent
town elections in Connecticut indi
cate a general demoralization or
general apathy among the Pemo
crats. Kven the Democratic strong
holds of Xew Haven and II art ford
have been carried by the Uepubli
cansby majorities really astonishing.
In Xew Haven they have carried
six of the eight wards, and the city
government will Ik? strongly He
publican. It is Tammany that has
thus discouraged the Connecticut
SiNfivi. w: PRiioooiTY. The St.
Charles (Mo.) Ac? it-. says there is a
girl in that county, only four years
of age, who is as fully developed in
every way as: a full-grown woman.
The indications of womanlixx)d com
menced when she. was only fifteen
months old. r! his is one of the
most singular cases that has ever
come lK?tore the medical world, and
it is attracting considerable atten
tion from scientific men.
J. W. Sf IJrovrne, founder of the
Cincinnati Commercial, who shot
and killed hs daughter's seducer, at
Memphis; Tenu., not -.long ago, has
beeu placed under $6,000 bail, and
will, it is said, be aojuitted when
tried before the courts.
It is estimated that three and a
half millions of currency were
shipped to Chicago last Monday
and Tuesday.
1 11
Revenue officers made a raid on
illicit distillers in Brooklyn, Oct.
17, and seized five hundred barrels
of whisky,' thirteen stills, and two
large rectifying establisliments.
James Clark was found drowned
in the bay, at Long Bridge, Sau
Francisco, last Wednesday. Foul
play is susp'cioned.
Aaron Johnson, Mormon bishop
of Springville, was indicted Oct. 18,
at Salt Lake, as accessory to a mur
der four yeans ago.
A grateful rain fill in Chicago
last h aturday, laymg the dust which
filled the air from the streets and
burned district to the great discom
fort of every body, Heoorts of at-
tempted incendiarism in the West
Division kept up a lever of excite
neit. Arrests were being made.
A disjfateh of the 14th, says :
The eighty dead bodies lying in
the Morgue, the two long columns
ot names of missing in thi morn
ing's papers, the churches and
school houses crowded with
hah clothed Womeii and children,
are terrible reminders Of the great
alamity whose whole horror no
words can describe, 'ihe bod:esiii
the Morgue were mostly found on
the nortii tide, and it is certain they
were only a small portion of the
number caught in the flames and
consumed. .The coroner held an in
iiuest on sixty-tour oi the bodies in
th Morgue, only two of which were
recognizable, one of these, was li.
J, L himi.n, banker, and the other
man was named iiiehard OTirien.
the vault at the Custom House
was opened to-day. At contained
one million gold . and two million
in greenljacks. i he gold was melted
into an almost solid mass and iu the
shape of bullion, ihe greenbacks
were entirely consumed, i hey be
longed to tne Government and no
loss is incurred.
Secretary 1 ioutwell received a dis
patch fi.m Chicago, stating that the
safes in the .Depository had been
opei.ed and about 85,000 in muti
lated currency, in a small safe, was
ibund in good cond t on. 'ihe rest
of the currency and books and pa
pers were completely destroyed. All
of the Coin was incited.
While the conflagration was rag-
iug so terribly at C hicago on b un- j
day night, the 8th, the little city of
I eshtego, Wisconsin, numbering
two thousand souls, was reached by
the tire in that State, and one-third
of the people were suffocated, or
roasted alive in attempting to reach
a place of sa'ety.
Thousands of men are at work
in Chicago, clearing away the rub
bish, recovering safesr and putting
up temporary buildings. Wonder
ful activity prevails. All the pa
pers a re publisl ;ed except the Times.
A furious gale prevailed in Chi
cago last S'afur day night. Fire
brands were blown about in every
direction, creating as much excite
ment and alami among those resid
ing near the late fire, as during the
conflagration. Xothiug more seri
ous resulted, other than the blow
ing down of skeleton walls.
About 2,000 roughs from New
York arrived at Chicago on the
11th, the object being plunder.
Troops are co tmnally on guard.
All saloons are kept closed by the
The sum total of the obligations
of Kasteru insurance companies in
Chicago, as" far as they have been
ascertaiied now, is $35,000,000,
against reported assets of $75,000,
000. An approximate estimate of total
losses is about 200,000,000. The
area burned over is over 2,000
acres. The number of buildings
burned is r.ot below 20,000. This
Is from a dispatch of the 12th.
The third lire started at Twenty
second street, Iwtween Wabash ave
nue and State street, nearly a mile
south of the second great fire, It
was started by incendiaries, who
were caught in the act. Two of
them"were shot at the moment, and
four others Were hung immediately.
The fire extended toward the north
until it reached the other burnt dis
tricts, destroying everything on the
South Side between Wabash avenue
and State street, embracing twelve
full blocks of splendid private resi
The Lord Mayor of London, Eng
land, issued an appeal last week fbr
subscriptions to the Chicago relief
fund. Six finns in Birmingham, at
a meeting presided over by the
Mayor, gave 120 on the spot. At
a meeting presided over by Minister
Schenck, at Sangham Hotel, ten
thousand pounds sterling was raised
for their relief, and a committee ap
pointed to increase the subscrip
tions. At Vienna, October 12th
the leading merchants and hankers
opened a subscription for their re
lief. An effort was also being made
in Fraukfbrt.
The Common Council met
Guild Ilall, Oct; 13th,' nd; agreed'
that 10,000 guineas be sent- imme
diately to America to the credit of
the Mayor of Chicago. Private in
dividuals handed him 7,000 pounds
sterling, $1,000 each was sub
scribed by Paring",' Morgan, Roths---r.n:m
i - t:n:-T-. c. c
omiv.o, j..iunii uiiijk;j xi vu., alio
CJ. T. Western, fbr the Chicago suf
ferers. The Liverpool Chamber or4
Commerce yotsti $5Gt TIi Amer-'
Jean Chamber contributed $15,000r
October 14th, A mass meeting is
to be held to secure further aid-
The Municipal Council of Tor5"
rnento, Canada, instructed Layer tit
telegraph to the Mayor of Chicago
to draw on for $20,000
in irold.
At Newcastle, England, 10,00ft ,
pounds were subscribed on the night
of the 14th. WThile thii was trans
piring iu England, the citizens of
tlie L mted States in Paris, France
on the same evening', prewdied over
ry Minister Washburn, subscribed'
200,000 francs. The Empress of
Germany, in gratitude for the
American feeling for Germany hr
the last war, sends 1,000 t hale re,
Cn the evening of the lGth, in
London. 23,000 were subscribed;
at rradfbrd, 2,000; at Dublin,
1,200 ; at Wolverhamption and
Glasgow, 1,000 each. $23,000r
and a large quantity of clothing wa--subcribed
and donated at Manches
ter, England, on the same evening.
One thousand five hundred blauk
etss and a number tents were for
warded from Quebec, Canada, on
f ie 16th. Also 6,000 was contri
buted at St. Johns, N. B.
At a meeting at Liverpool, Eng
land, on the 16th, 3,500 sterling;
was subscribed on the spot. - A
meeting was also being held at Shef
field. PiioeNix Insurance: Co. The
general agent of this Company
writes to its agent in this city, L
T?m... it i . ,i
i mm, iLis.j., icai ine company
is fully able to meet the losses by
the Chicago fire and go on with the
business with its capital unimpaired.
The Hartford Companies have 18,
000,000 insured in Chicago, all 6f
wliich will be met. The Phoanix
loses least of all, only 6700,000,
which is being promptly paid up.
The Liverpool and London CottW
pauieslose 4,500,000. All ther
(Jlevelaud Companies are broken
and all the Chicago t -ompanies are
of course. 'J he San Francisco
Companies, some of them, lose their :,
entire assets. -
The following diplomatic appoint
ments have been made in England:
Sir Andrew Buchanan, Minister to
Vienna; Lord Lcfcus, Minister to
't, Petersburg; Odo Russell, Min
sUr to Berlin.
Destructive fires have been rag--ing
in Deer Creek and Harrison
Creek valleys, Nebraska. Several
houses, hay, etc., destroyed. $50,000
is the. estimated loss.
The assessed valuation of prop-
erty in Chicago was $270,000,000.
She was the fourth city in the Uni
ted States in point of wealth.
Security. Insurance Company, of.
New York, has suspended buftinefs.
The losses exceed a million and a .
half. '. ; '.
The amount of. United Hlatfe
currency now outstanding is 367 r-699,652.
A number of young girls have
started a paper at Brinton, Peon.
They do their own type-setting.'"
. Thirty thousand horses were eateii
at Metz during the siege of that
city. ..'
W. M. Tweed is reported to have
lost $4,000,000 recently, by bad
speculations in the West.
There were eighty-nine newspa
per establishments destroyed iu
Chicago. . '. :
Cholera has again made its ap
pearance in Constantinople, Sixty
persons died in two days.
Mass., claims the
moth cucumber, weighing, cavea
pounds. - . , .
Juarea has been re-elected Presi
dent of the Mexican Congress. '