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    rMllBUP ?fU$t? 4 HoilE?TEAD IjOTS. Judge Thornton
-J o S" 'O" " is laying; off some fine homestead lots just
across ine river in Bentoa county, which
he will sell at a low figure to those desir
ing residences within easy reach, of this
city. Each lot wiJl comprise six acres,
and axe located on a high bench back
from ihe river about half a mile a pleas
ant walk from the ferry landing, and a
beautiful spot for suburban residences.
J. C. Mendenhall is agent for their sale.
SATURDAY, JULY 16, 1870.
- Subscribers finding an Z after their name will
understand that their subscription expires with
that number, and they are invited to renew their
subscriptions. Terms $3 per annum, in advance;
aix months, $2 ; three months, $1.
A Noteworthy Invention. Under
this beading we notice a lengthy descrip
tion, ia the Pittsburg Review and Price
Current of June 9 th, of a valuable machine
recently invented by an old Albanian!
Mr.Wm. S. Pratt. It is called "Pratt's
Universal Patent Saw Gammer and Filer"
and is so simple in its construction and
operation as to be readily understood by
any practicaanjnechanic. It is described
as an application of a rotaryjemory wheel,
or cutter, which iaBJployed in lieu of a
file in"sharpSO,w plate3 of every de8.
wipUonjf;,h th-- i;tti mflPr,;ne - fio-
aaw can be filed in from ten to
reive minutes, being a saving of seventy-
five per cent, of time in keeping the saw.
in order. . The saw when thus filed will
retain an edge longer and will cut from
sixty to seventy per cent, more stuff than
if sharpened in the old way. These are,
in brief, a few of the virtues possessed by
this new invention, which will prove a
colossal fortune to the lucky genius,
Wm. S. Pratt. All old lesidents of this
city will remember Mr. Pratt as a former
townsman, and will be glad to hear of
his great prosperity.
Nearly a Fire. About six o'clock
on Sunday afternoon, three or four little
boys, between the ages of four and eight,
concluded to "play" camping out, and
getting some combustibles together, they
started a fire in a wood-shed in the rear
of Dr. Tate's office on First street. When
discovered the fire was burning right
merrily, and in all probability would soon
have communicated to the shed, then to
the dry goods boxes, wood and other
combustibles to be found in the rear of
the stores in -the block, and the result
might have been the destruction of the
most valuable portion of the city. Tho
timely discovery averted the calamity. A
. little carelessness might do an amount of
damage that it would take years of hard
toil to remedy.
Clothing Burned. A few nih
etnee, at the . residence of Mr. Allen
Parker of this city, through some mis
understanding, a candle was left burning
in the children's bed room, after the chil-r"-;
hi ! rrtired f.r the night. The can
. ii-! b'trneJ livwu au-i s';t iire to fhs pHs' .
dresses lying near, communicating to iLe
furniture of the room, when fortunately j
Mr. Parker was awakoned, and with some
Directors. On the 12th inst., the
Willamette Valley & Cascade Mt. Wagon-Road
Co. elected the following named
gentlemen as a Board of Directors to
serve the ensuing year: A. Hackleman,
John Settle, Wm. Hals ton, Milton Hale,
Andrew Cowan, M. Luper and Jason
Wheeler. '
Ice Cream. That prince of landlords
and clever fellows, Mr. II. Brenner, of
the St. Charles, dropped iu on us Wed
nesday with a present of ice cream, the
first we have received the present season.
It was palatable, you bet, and was enjoy
by the printshop. Mr. B. will make ice
cream for the public as long as his ice
holds out. Go for it, quick.
Cheaper than the CuEAPEST.-Mr.
John Conner hns a large and varied stock'
of dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, hats,
etc., as well as iron, steel, nails, screws,
and we don't know what all, any and all
of which he ia selling very low, some ar
ticles at less than cost, to close out busi-
ness. Now is the time, and there the
place, to get bargains. Now, every word
of the above is true.
U. S. Laws. We give a supplement
containing ten columns of the acts and
resolutions passed at the present session
of Congress. File them away, and if
jou get into a discussion with any of
your neighbors, who are so unfortunate
as not to be subscribers to the Register?
you can bring the discussion to a sudden
termination by drawing the law on them.
That's what you can. And their discom
fiture will be suddent and overwhelm
ing. We intend to issue more, soon.
Adjourned.-We learn that the camp
meeting near Brownsville, commenced
last week, under the auspice of the
M. E. Church South, came to a close
on Tuesday, and resulted in much good
heioir done '; n?i ineen persons pro-x'e&se-J
rclig'or. and vcrc tt:ke! to the
Business Man. We neglected, last
week, to call the attention of our read
ers in and about Brownsville to the new
special of Mr. Wheeler, one of the shrewd-
!-.!; ost --"'ui LusitK'ts inn in
the Wiiiainuttc teller. WhcaLr is bouud
to sell goods at such low figures that. all
... . . He Still Uveal
As the earth revolves around on its
axis once in twenty-four hours, the Sun
shines by day, the Moon and Stars by
night, and "the seasons' come iu their
turn, Spring, . Summer, Autumn and
Winter ; as we are running from the
cradle to the grave, reaching for some
hand in the distance; stepping to gain a
toothold on some vessel far out at sea,
swiftly flying still further from us, and
trying to live, so does the young man
from Wisconsin, M. PEARSON, still
live, and. still continue to do business in
Albany, Ogn.," and feels thankful for past
favors and patronage, which nerves his
heart on to a greater effort to accommo
date his many customers, and to sell them
which he has a very good stock on hand,
cheap for cosh or produce. . The young
man from Wisconsin, M. PEARSON,
still lives, and is always ready to ,buy,
sell, swap or dicker, at Cheadle's old
stand, corner of First and Broadalbin
streets, Albany. - 6w.
! Badly IIt;rt, On Friday morning,
Mr. Miller, while shoeing a horse at his
blacksmith shop on Broabalbin street,
received a bad wound in the calf of the
right leg. lie had started, and was on
the point of driving, a nail, when the
horse became restive, aud at length
jerked his foot from the grasp of Mr.
Miller in such a way that the partly
driven nail entered and tore open the
entire length of the calf of his right leg.
It made a bad wound,. and may prevent
Mr. M. from labor for some time.
Personal. Judge Thornton, of Port
land,' dropped in on us Wednesday. The
Judge is looking in splendid condition.
Judge Denny made his appearance on
Wednesday, en route for CorvalUs.
Our old friend, Mr. I. S. Waldrip, of
McMinnville, is at present in the city on a
Wc were glad to greet our old friend,
Mr. Henry W. Settleniire,on Thursday,
an old resident of Linn, who has been
absent on a visit to old Illinois since last
September. Henry brought one of Ill
inois' handsome productions, in the shape
of a wife, back with him. Us congrat
ulate him on his good taste, and wish both
every pleasure and happiness in all their
ingoings and outcomings.
Henry D. Godley and Mrs. Paxton,
both, from California, arrived ia this city
on Thursday's boat.
Mrs. Geo. ITays, to the recret of her
fiit-ads. Ic:; fr l.c.r borne- in Umatilla
City on Friday's boat.
difficulty extinguished the flames. If the and wiI1 Phasc. By all means try
fire had been given five minutes further
time, the whole upper part of the build
ing would have been wrapped in flames,
making it exseedifigly doubtful about
saving any of the children, some half doz
en or more, sleeping there. The extreme
coolness and presence of mind of Mr. P.
saved the building and the lives" of the
children. Some three or four girl's suits
were destroyed otherwise the loss was
trifling. .
Gone to the Mountains. Dr. Alex
ander, Mart. Payne, A. Cowan, and a
host of others, with their families, have
gone to the mountains, where they will
enjoy life to the full during this splendid
weather. We wish them the "best in the
market" out there, and are only sorry
that want of time keeps us from angling
for the speckled trout or baggiag the ten
der groue in fact, seeing the mountain
Fro man Buildings. Mr. E. Cart
wright annouuees that he is now ready to
receive wheat and flax seed at the new
buildings recently erected on the bank of
the river in the eastern portion of the
city. Mr. Cartwriht has expended
large sums of money in improvements
since he purchased the buildings, and he
is now prepared to clean and store 10,000
bushels per day He is also paying the
highest cash price for wheat. See bis
card elsewhere. '' - iJ " ".
Wheeler on lie' H do to tic to, you'll
find. .
Returned. Jos. Hanon, Esq., Capt.
Monteith, Frank Redfield, Billy Twee
dale, and others, have returned from their
trip to the Yaquioa Bay. Fish abounds
at the Bay, there is plenty of game in the
rnountaios, and they had a splendid time.
They speak of the weather at the Bay as
being, for the most part, cold and chilly,
high winds prevailing during most of
their stay. They experienced none of
the deliciously hot weather felt here last
week. '-'... " :' ' - ;
No Owner. A small oilcloth carpet
sack, containing .clothing, a testament,
money, etc., was found some weeks ago
on tbe road, and left t this office to be
claimed by the owner. As, yet no claim
ant has appeared. Now, this is to gWe
fair warning that, if the proper owner
does not appear within fifteen or twenty
years from this date, and take said prop
erty, we shall be under the painful neces
sity of donning the new raiment, oxpend-
iugthe money, and giving the testamentto
me uedy family. Mind that. ,
Success. The steamer Success has
again taken her place in the line, visiting
this city on Wednesday:3', The Co'a new
steamer, Shoo Ply, will soon be complett
ed, and , wo may expect to hear her wbis
tle at our wharf before many days.
Bridge Over the Santiam. Ben.
Holladay's men have already commenced
operations on the bridge to be built over
the Santiam river for tbe passage of the
cars on the C. & O. Railroad. Our latest
information is thai Albany will connect
with Portia d about the 1st of January,
1871. Hurrah for the good time coming.
Blackberries. This healthy and pal
atable fruit never was more plentiful than
now. Dusky maidens of the forest per
ambulate our streets daily with gallon
buckets crammed with berries, which
they offer to part with for mox bit. We
don't buy a great many owing to their
want of confidence in tho strength
of our excequcr.
Unwellness. Unwellness has been
ouf principal ailment for the past few
days, so much so that our family physi
cian predicts ultimate sickness if our
health does -not remain good ; and we
honestly believe he is correct or otherwise.
Thus any shortcomings in the present
issue must be laid to the want of longer
comings. ' - -
Saw Logs. Quite an amount of saw
logs have been received at our mills with
in the last few days, and will soon be
sawed up into lumber. ,
Arm Broken. We learn that a small
boy accidently fell and broke bis arm, at
the campground on Sunday. We could
not learn his Dame.
Improvements Are being made in va
rious portions of our city. The new res
idence of Mr.- Godley, on Washington
street, is quite an addition to that part of
the city. ': '' " - ' - -
Brick. As there are no building
brick to bo had here, if persons wished
to erect brick habitations ever so bad they
couldn't do it. ".'-' -
- Bulletin Boards. Tbe new bulle
tin boards in front of Messrs. Carothers &
Co' b. drug store are neat and tastily got
ten up, and are a credit to the artist who
done the stork Mr. Clay' Kuhn.
Legal. See summons in another
column, wherein G. W. Phillips is plaintiff
and James Wile's et al., defendants. ' " :
Campmekting Is still progressing
There will undoubtedly be a large audi
ence on the ground to-day.
Ink. Messrs. A. Carothcrs&Co. manu
ufacture a splendid arfciolo of ink, as we
know from actual experiment.
Lard. Mr. Conner has some fine
lard,, in cans. i
- Weather Splendiferous, magnum
bonum, hiu closh, bully, etc., etc.
Items. On the 23d. next Saturday,
there will be a half-mile race over tho
Fair Ground track, for a purse of 850
and gate fees.
Jack Crousc is furnishing iced drinks.
W. II. Kuhn & Co. have received
"dead leads" of hardware daring the
Jas. Riley, of Harrisburg, has been ;
appointed Deputy County Clerk.
Healthy. As bur Doctors have
mostly gone to the mountains, the health
of our village is good, and must of ne-
"cessity remain, so until our people can -get
a chance at the doctors. But won't they
make them make up for lost time when
they do get back!
Salem Oil. Messrs. A. Carothers &
Co., druggists of this city, have the pure
Salem oil, which they are offering at
81 30 per gallon.
- Groceries Ih good supply, art fair
rates, can be obtained of Mr. Pearson,
the youth from Wisconsin. Tiy him.
Financial. For tho financial con
dition of Linn county, 6ee statement else
where. Fact. Sanded sugar and painted
faces, look much better than they tastes!
Sich is so. ' '
Wistar's Wild Cherry Balsam.
This Balsamic , compound has become a
home fixture. Let all who suffer, and
have in vain attempted to cure the
coughs, colds, bronchial or pulmonaiy
complaints, make' use of this unequaled
remedy. : .-".; 2w
- ,
"Oil Up." Pure linseed oil, manu
factured at Salem Mill, can bo procured
of Geo. F. Settlemier, druggist, First
street, Albany, at $1 30 per gallon tf.
Financial and Commercial.
Legal tenders 8889
' The war excitement in Europe, caused
by the threatening attitude assumed by
the French Emperor, has caused a slight
advance in gold and a consequent depre
ciation of currency. Government securi
ties of all.kinds have declined, including
those of the United States. : Should
"grim visaged" war actually follow these
pertentious signs, gold will go up, up, and
currency down, down, it may be to a pretty
low figure; but should all signs, fail, and
peace continue in tho ascendant, gold will
recede again, and. legal tenders go on ad
vancing towards par. ; A war i n E urope
would prove. beneficial to Oregon iu this, it
would advance tho price of wheat to good
figures. - The wheat - prospect all over
Oregon is of the most flattering character,
and in all probability it will rule at much
higher prices than for some time past, in
in any event. " .
San Francisco-markets have not mate
rially advanced since our last.
We have heard of no change iu our
home markets except in the' matter of
hen fruit eggs are quoted at 20 centi
per dozen. i . -,
Of Linn County for the Year ending Jnly 1, I8T0.
151 00
. 42 25
07 83
22 00
75 0C
650 00
224 00
1,189 00
681 81
Tn ftmnnnt of old notes On
. hand .....-$
To am't Cowan note on hand
To am 't cash on hand-settlement
Jnly 6, 1869 2,27 63
To am't ree'd on peddlers'
license ...... ......--....
To am't reo'd on ferry license
billiard "
,i ,t u a liquor "
" " eoll'ctd on delinquent
list, tax 1866 and 1867..
To am't collected on delin
; quent list, tax 186S......
To am't collected on delin
auent list, tax 186S
To am't collected on assess- '
' raents by Sheriff. 100 43
To am't collected on delin- "
quent tax, 1866 & 1867. 121 16
To ain't col. on tax, 1869....12.25S 65
To am't col. on assessments
- made by Sheriff ....... 442 66
To 'am't col. on delinquent .
list, tax 1868 165 82
To am't eol. on tax roll, 1869 4,917 53
" " " " " 1869 5,130 48
i w 1869 3,297 63
.. . 1869 e,894 66
" " " " delinquent
Jist, 1868
To am't col. on assessments
by Sheriff, 1S69...
To am't col. on delinquent
' list, tax 1866 and 1867..
To am't col. on delinquent
list, tax 1869......
To am't col. on delinquent
list, tax 1S69
To am't col. on assessments
made by Sheriff.. . ........
To am't col. on delinquent
tax list, 1866 and 1867-
To amount col. of Harvey
Smith, late Sheriff, on
delinquency on settlem't
To am't of poll tax col. by
A. P. Nye, Co. Assessor
To am't col. of W. L, Ken
dall, damages on ae't of
an estray animal, L. T.
To am't ree'd of Geo. K.
Helm, Cl'k, trial fees,l.t.
To am't ree'd of jeo.R.Helm.
att'ys fees in criminal
cases, L. T
To am't ree'd of A. N. Ar
nold, Justice, criminal
cases, L. T........
To am't ree'd of Geo. R.
Helm, trial lees, X. T.
To am't ree'd on office rent
To am't ree'd of Helm, Cl'k,
District Att'y fee, L. T.
To am't on band in Distrtat
School fund on settle
ment July 8, 1869, coin
To am't ree'd as fines, L. T.
- - on sale of es
trays, L. T. ........ ..
am't ree'd cn sale of
estrsys, L. T
am't ree'd on sale of
estrays, coin
To am't ree'd ou sale of
estrays, eoin ...
To am't reo'd on sale of
estrays, coin-
To am't ree'd on sale, of
estrays, coin
To am't collected oa delin-
2,470 93
306 34
360 96
145 93
516 50
1,489 56
124 00
11 19
38,378 21
600 00
731 28
100 00
71 00
40 00
20 00
54 00
20 00 1,636 28
10 00 10 00
53 00 63 00
460 00 460 00
235 00 .
5 00 240 00
27 77
49 00
81 00
10 40 138 17
337 50 337 50
Total receipts $44,568 92 44,568 92
To S. A. Johns, Co. Judge,
salary $ 900 00
To Supt. Crmmon Schools... 500 00
To Co. Treasurer, salary " 800 00
To per diem and milage of
Co. Commissioners 366 00
To Co. Assessor... 527 93
To conveying State revenue
to S'.nle Treasurer 50 00
Sheriff fees... 1,973 20
County Clerk and Auditor... 1,552 55
Criminal prosecutions before
magistrates 394 85
On ae't of roads and bridges 3,108 45 '
" " " paupers 864 00
" " " insane. 82 80
A term of the Circirtt Court,
Oct. term, 1SC9, items
ou record, total 1,161 60
A term of tho Circuit Court,
March, 1870, Hems ap
pear on record. 1,615 10
Dist Atty's fees, both terms 420 00
Bailiff's " " " 135 00
Painting court h'se. contract 1,140 00
Extra work by W. O. Riley, .
allowed 65 05
Work done on eourt bouse by
Cundiff .... 75 00
Writing contract for paint
ing court house...... . . 2 50
B.W. Cundiff, sup'nt paint's 100 00
Insurance of court house.... 279 85
Sawing and cording wood... - 15 00
Carpet, Ac, for court house 113 63
Publishing and printing 64 00
Paid to the city of Albany., 4 25
Stationary, lights A repairs 236 62
Miscellaneous orders.......... . 24 22
Allowed on ae't of election,
June 6, 1870.. 357 00
Interest paid on notes against
the county 636 07
Infest paid on Co. warrants 424 35
Partial paym't on Keea note 300 00
Judgment in favor of the
State and against Linn
eounty judgment paid
- in full am't judgment 1,498 12
Interest on do. 322 07
costs and per et. 299 62
Am't State revenue paid to
State Treasurer, as per re
ceipts ....17,964 28 .
Amount paid on District
School orders.. 4,744 44
Thus showing excess ef re
ceipts over amounts paid
out, and accounts allow
ed, for the year ending
July, 1870........
11.119 73
3,361 70
1,382 55
1,731 64
724 35
2.119 81
17,964 28
4,744 44
43,148 65
1,420 37
$44,508 92
Connty Clerk.
cocsitt rewn.
Jame Shield. County Tremturtr,
in account with Xinn County,
To am L "old notes" on hand
July 6, 1869 $ 151 00
Toamt. Cowan note on hand
July 6, 1869 42 25
To amt. cash on band July
6, 1869 2,277 68
To amt. rec d on peddlers
To amt. ferry license.........
" " billiard license
" " liquor license-.
To amt. ree'd on delinquent
tax list 1866 and 1867.
To amt. Jrec'd on delinauent
tax list 1868 1,189
To amt. ree'd on delinquent
tax list 1868. . .....
To amt on assessments by
To amt. on delinquent tax
' lists of 1866 and 1867.
To amt. reo'd on tax roll of
To amt. ree'd on assessm'ts
made by Sheriff-
To amt. ree'd on delinquent
list tax 1868 -
To amt. reo'd on tax roll '69
i " '69
i '69
tt to . . 6Q
To amt. ree'd on delinquent
list of 1868.......... ...
To amt.' reo'd on assessm'ts
by Sheriff, 1869 .
To amt. reo'd on delinquen t
'list, tax 1866 and 1867
To amt. reo'd on delinquent
list, tax 1869
To amt. ree'd on delinquent
list, tax 1S63..,.. ....... .
To amt ree'd on assessai'U
made by Sheriff.
To arat. reo'd on delinquent
- list, tax 1866 and 1867
To amt. collcctedof Harvey
SmUh, late sheriff, de
linquent on settlement
with County Court...
To amt. poll a property tax
- - eolo't'd by Co. Assessor
To amt, reo'd of Co. Clerk,
- -trial ffees, legal Under..
To amt. reo'd of Co. Clerk,
ally's fees, criminal ea-
2,470 93
97 83
22 00
75 00
650 00 844 83
224 00
68X 81 .
100 43
121 IS ;.
12,258 65 :
443 66
." 165 82 -4,917
53 -.
5,130 48
3,297 63
6,894 66
306 34 X ,
360 96- t
145 93
616 50
1,489 66
124 CO
'll 19 88,378 21
600 CO
781 28
71 00
cs, legal tender.. .......
To sou. ree'd of A. N. Ar
nold, Justice, criminal
cases, legal tender......
To amt. ree'd of Co. Clerk,
trial fees, legal tender.
To aanU ree'd as office rent, o
To amt. ree'd of Co. Clerk,
Dist. Atty's fees, 1. t...
To amt. collected of W. Iu
Kendall, damages for
using estray horse, 1. t.
To amt. collected ob delin
quent tax list, 1869....
40 00
20 00
64 00
20 00
10 00 1.546 28
100 00
337 50
100 00
"337 50
By 80 Co. warrants red'md,
Sept. 14, 18C9, prinep'l 2,027
interest 38
By 481 Co. warrants red'md -Apr.
26, 1870, princip'l 12,217
interest 302
By 51 Co. warrants red'm'd -
June 22, 1870, principl 2,030
interest 83
By amt. poll tax paid State ,
1 reasurer as per roc pt
of Dee. 13, 1869
By amt. paid State Treas.,
revenue as per receipt.
By amt. paid State Treas.,
revenue as per receipt.
By amt. paid on judgm't to
Btate Treas., rev n for
1867 judgment ..... 1,498
. interest upon it. 322
costs of suit...... .';"' 299
By eld notes cot collectable k- 161
By Cowan note........ ...... 42
By amt apportioned to die-
trict school fund 5,048
By loss on currency notes... 67
76 43,677 76
67 2,066 53
43 12,620 08
25 2,113 51
11,424 00
4,964 28 17 964 28
62 2,119 81
25 193 25
77 6.048 77
60 57 50
By bal. on hand in Connty
Fund 1,594
$42,083 73
02 1,594 02
Attest :
$43,677 75
GEO. It. HELM, ;
Co. Clerk.
school rcsD.
Jame Shield, Connty Treasurer,
in account with Dietrict School
fund, for year ending July 1, 1870, Dr.
To amt. on hand on settle.
meat July 6, 1869 53 00 53 00
To amt. ree'd on fines, L t. .400 00
To amt. ree'd on sale of es
trays, 1. t 235 00
To amt ree'd on Bale of es
trays, 1. t 5 00 700 00
To amt. ree'd on sale of es-
trays, coin 27 77
To amt. reo'd on sale of es
trays, coin 49 00
To amt. ree'd on sale of es
trays, coin........ 51 00
To amt. ree'd on sale of es
trays, coin- 10 00 138 17
$5,048 77 5,048 77
$5,939 94
...' .-.."'. Cr.
By amt. paid on school dis
trict orders. $ 4,744 44 4,744 44
By balance on hand.. ... 1,195 50 1,195 60
Attest :
$ 6,939 94
Co. Clerk.
Shotcing financial condition of Linn county for
year ending July 1, 1870.
- Dr
To Baber note, J. A. Craw- .
ford, assignee princpl.$ 1,738 21
interest 173 82 1,912 03
To J P. Tate note princpl 600 00 .
interest 26 33 626 33
To Wm. Hale note, M. Hale
assignee principal.... 1,000 00
interest 30 00 1,030 00
To amt. Jacob Kees' note
principal 2,200 00
To amt. Edward Loat note,
ino:.:;y borrowed since
July o, iatiS principal 2,000 00
interest.. "S3 33 2,033 33
To amt. Co. warrants out
standing a unrcdeem'd 6,252 58 8,252 58
Total indebtedness of Co... $16,054 27
By delinquent tax list 1861 621 76
' " 1862 - 376 72
" " " 1883 767 76
' " " 1864 1,091 88
" .. .. 185 1,713 ji
" " " 1866-67 4,254 06
" " 1868 858 04
" returned into
Court, 1869 6,061 65"
By delinquent Cowan note, .
principal .. ......... 42 25
By delinquent Co. warrant on
Marion Co. in case State
vs. Montgomery ........ 360 00
$16,147 23 16,147 23
Cash on hand in Co. Fund. 1,594 02 1.594 02
$17,741 25 17,741 25
Excess of "resources to bal- -
' ance account 1,686 98
$17,741 25
Showing the iutlebtedness of County, over and
above cash absolutely on hand with which to pay,
$14,460 25. j -
Further showing the present indebtedness of
the County, including cash on hand, to be less
than stated indebtedness, Jnly 6, 1868, the sum
of $2,00 90.
: Respectfully submitted and attested,
July 1, 1870. Co. Clerk.
Resolutions of the Albany Fire
Co. We the undersign committee on
resolutions beg leave to submit the fol
lowing: '
1st Resolved, That the heartfelt thanks
of Albany Fire Co. No. 1 are extended to
the Mayor and Council of the city of A1-.
bany, for their permit to take tbe Fire
Engine on the excursion te Salem, J uly
4th 1870.
2nd Resolved, That the thanks of
Fire Co. No. 1 are extended to the offi
cers of the P. T- Co. for the free use of
their boat to carry the engine to Salem,
and more especially to the officers anor
men on board of the steamer Albany, for
their gentlemanly conduct and courtesy
to and from Salem to attend the celebra
tion. ' t- .-: .'
. 3rd Resolved,- That the thanks of
this Company are extended to the firo
department of tho city of Salem, for the
hearty greetings received on our arrival
and sumptuous fare with which we were
entertained whilo sojourning with them.
Long may they live : to entertain firemen
and all others ; and we congratulate onr
sister city of Salem for the efficiency of
her fire department and never tiring fire
men of which she is -possessed.1 ,
4th Resolved, That tho thanks of the
Company is extened to the ladies of
Albany for the flowers that were furnished
to decorate our fire apparatus on that oc
casion; may their smiles always be. as
sweet us the flowers are, and may their
presence always be ready to cheer the
tiresome firemen, whether at the brakes
or at the fireside. .
Resolved, That a copy of these - reso
lutions be furnished to the daily and
weekly papers of Salem and Albany for
' Serandin, a Parisian wit, ' regrettiog
the stay of Prince Fierce In France, eays
that "the Prince's pistols are the only
part of him which go off."
On the 28th tilt, a hurricane visited
Chicago, blowing down several houses.
P r
m i
Pi : 5
0 1
Q 0
o -
. a
. m ',
z mm
et .
w . -
U ' . . -
s ,
2 S
- e
a .;
e ' ' Cs
m O
.5 :
.2 PS
ft -
2 -
5 .
mi u
9 o .-
w a
Front-st., Albany, Ogn. J 120 Olay-st., San Fran
f I Cisco, California. :
It. CHeadle . Co..
" ' Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Groceries and Menefal : Merchandise J
Care of .. . .
' - L. C,, Albany, Oregon; or
IrC. C? 9 San-Francisco CaJ.
Liberal advances made on consignments.
. . .. ' ' ' '
General Commission Business
: . IN .
for tho purpose of selling -
All Kinds of Produce
tbat may be consigned to me to sell. .
A.T "iocxjaiy, Oreson
Will receive and attend to all order on me to be
filled in San Francisco.
oct9-4tf It. CHEADLE.
Lebanon, Oregon.
Lebanon, Oregon.
Lebauon, Oregon.
Selection of -
Imported direct from New York via the
Pacific Railroad, and can, for Cash or Produce,
giro customers bargains equal to any firm in Al
bany. AU of oar stock is iKrnght at the
' - . ' ' - ''-
Buy of -
Hardware, Iron and Steel,
Every Steamer
frliieb will be told for
WHEAT wanted:
Sixly Cents per llushel
in trade, or on Book account,
For all that may be ottered
oct9-5 R. CIIEADLE.
A. Weekly Newspaper,
Oentaininr 28 columa ef matter,
tn the City of Albany,
' -At ' ... "
da Per ATinHTfi,,
.- Iff ADVAXCE, .
Six months.......... ........!... $2
Wkeleaale mad Ketalls
EGGS, BUTT ER, ' E T cl, ' ETC.
N. B. All persons Turing us will at once come
forward and pay ap, so as to begin new accounts.
Lebanon, April 1, "0. -6m30
. ;V .' y.-. c ;. - -V. - "
Any one vrbo wants to win can do ao by
.. calling on -
WHO, thankful for past patronage, still in
vite the attention of Linn eounty et al., to
their unequalled stock of , .
Agent for Dr. D. Jayne ft Son's preparations,
II. II. 11. Horse Medicines, etc.
vDo you like medicine for its bitter or nauseat
ing taste T We have that description. Do yon
want the effect with an aromatic taste f After
taking a few dosos of onr Elixir, 'twill be to very
pleasant that y onr prejudices
Must surely turn awry,
and the preparation
Will lose the same o' physic. .
(but not the effect.)
. Physicians and customers from the country
may rest assured that their order will be prompt
ly attended to. Prescription carefully nod eor
retly compounded. , ; :
Hare you the impolito guest called a eon t We
ell "Corn Slayer," which surely doe tbe work,
without pain. Do yon desire a book of any kins',
a 9 old Pen, an Album, Stationery, or sueaT W.
8. Drigg ia with us, for the accommodation of
all faroring ntm with a call.
Do yon want a line Watch, a set of Jewel rr.
cheap or dear? J. D. Titos sella the same, under
us stms root. 'v..
Come and see na. But a Book. But a Watch
Buy a Pill. Buy something or nothing, but come
ana see us, anyway.:- A weU sprinkled Boor ana
a cool drink of water in tbe and warm
tore surrounded by comfortable chairs in winter
constantly kept for tbe accommodation ef all.
Albany, May 14, '70-36
first street, (oppotite Parritk 4: Co. etore,
Albany t : Oregon.
HAVING a rery fair assortment of material
we a re -prepared to execute, with neatness
ana aispatan, au kinds ot
neb ae . s ' -.
Sand-bills, '-.-I
Programmes, -
ill-he&di, . ;
. '". - . Ctrds, ..
- Ball Tickets,
of all ltiile
at a low figure, as a due regard to taste nod good
work will allow. When you want Mythln in