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S. Official Paper for Oregon.
The Fifteenth Amendment. A
communication was read in the House of
Representatives eu the 13th of Decem
ber, from the Secretary of State, an
nouncing the list of States which had
given official notice of the ratification of
the fifteenth amendment, prio to De
cember 9th. The list thus presented
shows that twenty-one States had so
ratified. The ratifications by Missouri
and Kansas were defective, the second
section of the amendment having been
left out by the first, and the phraseology
of the second section having been chang
ed by the lat'er. Both of thesi States,
however, will correct errors and present
a " revised proof." The prospects now
are that more than the requisite two
thirds' majority of all the States will be
obtained, and the question of the adop
tion of the fifteenth, amendment will be
settled before the adjournment of the
present Congress.
. i
Railroad Progress. From Califor
nia exchanges we learn that the Califor
nia and Oregon Railroad is progressing
with great rapidity under the efficient
and energetic management of Vice Pres
ident Charles Crocker. There is now
fully completed and in daily use fifty-one
miles of road, from the junction with the
Central Pacific, at Roseville, to a point
in Butte county (Cal.), seventeen miles
north of Marysville. Two weeks since
the Company added two hundred and
fifty Chinese laborers to their large force
of operatives, and last week one hundred
Chinese were taken from the Western
Pacific, together with sixty teams and
scrapers," and added to the force. As a
sufficient amoant of iron and ties arc on
hand, the Company feel assured
that the road will be completed
and in full operation to Chico, forty
four , miles ' north of Marysville, by
the 15th of next month. Thus it will
be seen that the Company ownin
The Jacksonville Journal says the re
cent cold weather has frozen up the Ash
land factory. From the same paper,
that the snow in the Link river country
w-us six inches deep on Christmas, and
still falling. There were 175 Modocson
the reservation, and 75 more expected
soon. Capt. Jack, their chief, ran away,
but hud repented and was expected back
on the 2Gih.
It is expected that the report of the
Commissioners who examined the OVC.
Railroad (East Side) on Dec. 30th, will
be favorable.
Corvallis College has one hundred and
sixteen pupils, says the Mercury.
Japan and China .News.
The Yokohama Gazette, of December
2d says : ' ' 1
One American General takes his de
parture for San Francisco to-day Gen.
Van Valkenburg. Another arrived day
before yesterday in the America Gen.
Tom Thumb. The latter and his party
.. : . .i. ..: .!,.
their arrival. Yesterday they held a
levee at which Gen. Van Valkenburg
was present.
Our settlement has been singularly
devoid of any interesting incidents. The
only local matter that has come promin
ently forward is the old subject ot mun
icipal affairs.
The same journal, December 6, re
cords the arrival of Minister DeLong and
his wife and family, with his private
Union has received a turnin which 1 secretary Farrington. DcLong was pre-
weigus miriy-uve pouuuj;.
Good sleighing reported across the
Blue Mountains on the stage road.
The boats on the Upper ' Columbia
have ceased running, and passengers now
leave the Dalles for the upper country
by John Ilailey's daily line of stages,
says the Mountaineer.
A protracted meeting is being held by
the 31. E. Church South at Dallas, Polk
On Monday, B. G. Clark, an employee
in the saw mill of Hayden & Smith,
Portland, while working at a slab cutting
saw, a slab, caught in some portion of the
machinery, was hurled with great force,
striking him in the region of the stom
ach, producing a rupture of some of the
internal organs, causing his death on the
ner.t evening.
The fleet of the Mikado was out of
condition from the recent battle. "Even
the Stonewall, their much prized ram,
would bear the outlay of a large sum of
money on repairs."
The same paper, of November 19th,
has news of another attempt on the life
of the Tycoon, which failed, and he for
gave the men refusing even to inquire
who they were.
A notification has. been sent by the
Japanese Government to the foreigu rep
resentatives, to the effect that tney are
determined to put a stop to trading at
unopened ports. It appears that there
Telegraphic Summary.
Poughkeepsie, Jan. 1. A terrible
tragedy occured in Sleepy Hollow, near
Tarrytuwn, this P. M. A man named
V. W. Buckout, shot, his wife. Alfred
Han u all, a Newark merchant, and his
son, the latter named Charles Randall.
3Irs. Buckout was shot" through the
temple, Alfred Randall through the
heart and Charles Randall in the side.
Mrs. Buckout and Alfred Randall are
dead. Charles Randall lies in a danger
ous condition. Buekoiit gave himself
up immediately and was lodged in jail.
The cause of the tragedy is unknown.
Some persons ascribe it to jealousy on the
part of the husband ; others believe he
was insane.
New York, Jan. 1. An expedition
of a hundred men, in command of Col.
Ashby, Mosby's Lieutenant during the
rebellion, sailed tor Cuba on Monday.
They took twenty thosuand small arms
and some cannon and ammuniaion.
In a dispute at the Manhattan Club
last night, II. S. Bateman, a well known
theatrical manager, slapped the face of
Hiram Cranston, proprietor of the New
York hotel. Rumors are circulated that
a duel is in prospect, but it is probably
Colonel Van Brunt, Assistant Postmas
ter of New York, has resigned.
The total losses by fire iu the United
States during the year, amount to 40,
Washington. Jan. 1. The reception
has beeu a good deal of this kind of bus- at the White House to-day is described
iness going on, by which the government j as a verv grand affair, equalling in br'l
is defrauded of its dues. In future ships j liancy any ever held. The Diplomatic
engaged iu this traffic will run the risk j corpS) members of the Cabinet and the
of seizure. j Supreme Judges, with their ladies, were
The Austiian Envoy, Bayaon von , first received , after which a general re-
r'etz, naa lett on ovemoer -m, ior , ception took place.
Flriocs Storm. A fearful storm
prevailed in the East on the 2d and 3d
insts., doiug immense damage to rail
roads, bridjics, etc. At New York tele-
! graphic communication to all points was
suspended. In Brooklyn sixteen build
i ius were blown down, steeples, chim
j neys, aod even trees hurled to the ground,
i In places the track of the Baltimore &
i Ohio railroad was washed awa-. and in
j Philadelphia the waves washed entirely
over the bridges over Bush and Gun
' powder rivers.
I Contradicted. The press dispatches
the of the 2d, announcing that a circular had
South America, and the lintish Consul
had notified that Austrian subjects for
the present, were under his protection.
A slight sensatiou was lately experi
enced by a warning, sent by anonymous
Japanese, through an American Baptist
Missionary, to the British Minister, that
there exists a plot among a band of
br. Ltouis, Jan. 1. (Jbristinas even
ing Joseph II. Heidhainpf, a well kuown
German citizen, was poisoned. Since
then he has been pronounced dead by
physicaus. The body shows no signs of
decomposition, and the family refuse to
have it buried. Yesterday a man and
woman singularly attired, visited the
in the Nottingham mine, in the southern
end of the town, was discovered to be on
fire. There were fifty-five men in it.
The main trap was like the Avondale,
with but one outlet. Notwithstanding
this, no notice was given to the men be
low that the building above was on fire.
Fortunately it was soon discovered, and
with great exertion not only prevented
from spreading but extinguished. The
men below remained all the while in ig
norance of their danger. The fire was
the result of gross carelessness on the
part of the company working. It ap
pears that two stoves were kept in the
breaker to give heat to the boys employed
iu picking out the slate from the coal.
The pipes from these stoves ran directly
through the wood work of the building
without any protection. The wood work
became heated until it became of the
consistency of tinder and then ignited
At noon some men came to dinner. Al
though every exertion was made to keep
the tire from their knowledge, the fact
leaked out and they became aware, for
the first time, of the terrible fate they
had escaped. When they went down
again tbey informed the rest of the men
and they at once held an indignation
meeting and resolved to go up. When
they get up they assembled the rest of
the miners belonging to the mine, about
seventy-five, who held another meeting,
resolving that they would not again go
into the mine until it was built with two
chimneys from the stove pipes and a
watchman placed in charge of the build
ing night and day. and men at the bottom of
thejshaftto givesignals in case of daugerat
th; surface. Since that time the mine
has not been worked and the men still
remain firm. The proprietors not being
able to supply the places of the old bands,
have yielded to the demand for chimneys
in the concern ; their construction has
been commenced, but they think one
man in the night is sufficient, and decline
to put one there in the day time. The
men insist on two watchmen and an alarm
The Union Republican State Central
Committee of Oregon
Will meet at the office of Hon. J. H. lUtchell, in
the city of Portland, on Wednesday, the 19th day
of January, 1870, at 10 o'clock A. sr., to desig
nate the time and place for the holding of the
Union Republican State Convention of 1870.
M. P. BERRY, Chairman.
Salem, December 14, 1869.
On the 13th of December, Senator
Corbett, of Oregon, introduced in the
Senate a bill to establish a department of
Indian Affairs. On the same day Mr.
Smith introduced in the House bills
granting subsidies for a railroad from
the Columbia river to Salt Lake, and to
vacate and provide for the sale of the
Umatilla reservation.
Albant, January 8, 1870.
Wheat, white, p bushel 45(50
Oats, 'p bushel 30
Potatoes, bushel 2537i
Onions, jfi bushel 751 26
Flour, barrel $3 50&4 00
Butter, tb '.. , 25
Eesrs, dozen 30
Chickens, dozen..,. $2 50 3 00
rouins to take his life. l lie writer says corn.-e withithe announcement that thev
s that they have His Excellency's por- j wouij wori a miracle by raising the
! trait, by which ho is to be recognized ; j Jea(l. They proceeded to make various
and his offence is that he has aided the maDipulation3 and" handled the body
i present government in the overthrow of j quite roughly,' when the relations of the
trie oiu.
i From the Shanghai JTetcs Letter of
November 20th :
At Yokohama in political circles there
has been no new feature worthy of notice,
excepting that a pardon has been grant-
i deceased jravc the miracle woikers a se
vers beating.
Havana, Jan. 1. Intense excitement
California end of the C. & O. Railroad,
are making rapid advancement with the
work, the completion of the road to Chico
making sixty-eight miles, or nearly
twenty miles per month since the com
mencement of the enterprise. . There
seems to be no intention on the part of
the Company to "let up," and the proba
bility is that the work will be pushed,
winter and summer, until the line is com
pleted. - . .
The great cry of Democratic editors and
eponters on this coast of late has been
that the Republican party wanted to im
port a hundred million Chinese into the
United States, while the Democratic
party were opposed to it. The following
facts and figures, taken from the' Orego
nian, shows how rediculous and senseless
is all such clap-trap emanating from
'Democratic authority. "In twenty years
the population of the United States has
' been increased by 90,000 Chinese immi
grants, or at the rate of 4,500 a year, or
as one to seventy-four arrivals from Great
Britain and Germany, alone, in a single
-year. At this rate, the "one hundred
"millions" would arrive in the brief period
. of 22,222 years ! But we will suppose
that immigrants from China would come
more rapidly for a few years than during
the last twenty, though, really, we can see
no particular inducement greater than has
all along existed. Allow that each steam
ship from China will bring 500, and that
there will be arrivals by sail vessels suffi
cient to ' make twenty shipments of 500
each per year. A little arithmetic will
show that to land "one hundred millions,"
, there will be required only 200,000 voy
ages across the Pacific ocean, and that the
"one hundred millions" would be landed
here in just 10,000 years !" Just think
of it -these Democratic slingers of ink
.will have to wait ten thousand year to
their predictions fulfilled ; to see the
country overran with "one hundred mil
lions of leprous heathen." If the immi
gration from other countries and the nat
ural increase of oar own population in
the future approximates the past, our
'Caucasian population at the end of ten
thousand years would be about 5,000,000,
000, in which multitude the Chinaman
would scarcely be found." These figures
are given to show how absurd and non
sensical is all this Democratic twaddle
about "hundreds of millions of Chinese,"
or millions from any country, immigrat
ing into and overrunning America.
A "newspaper" published hereabouts,
, speaking of what it is pleased to term
"an attack against it," bas the following
paragraph : "The necessity for a refuta
tion is precisely 'proportionate to the cre
dence that -the falsehood gains, and,
Tiewed in this light, no refutation is nec
essary." "Well, nowy "putting it in that
light," thfl "attacking" certainly should
.stop. When a "newspaper" acknowl
edges that no one gives credence to its
falsehoods, where 'a the use of calling it
. to account? j '. -rr ' -. .
', Prof. Emery, of the Corvallis College,
fell on the icy sidewalk of that city on
Tuesday, which so wrenched Ms back as
to incapacitate him for. his college duties
far a time. .. ..
been received in Cuba from the Junti
advising the Cubans to lay down their
arms, is denounced as utterly false by j
Don 31iguel Aldavia. He asserts that if j
such circular exists it is a base forgery ;
part of a deep laid scheme to pervert
public opinion respecting the progress of
the revolution ; that instead of failure,
the confidence of success, with or with
out the support of foreign nations, is
daily gaining strength.
- i
Nebraska. At .Ncbnka City on
the 1st inst., a large and- enthusiastic
mass meeting was held, at which
resolutions were adopted declaring it the
duty of Congress to recognize at once the
belligerent rights of Cuba. Gov. Gibbs,
Judge Kinney and Gov. Butler were ap
pointed a committee to proceed to Wash
ington and lay the resolutions before
Obitdary. The following pathetic
lines, copied from last week's Democrat,
are supposed to be an obituary notice of
the editor of that sheet :
"The man recovered from the bite,
It was the dog that died."
Meacham Heard From. The fol
lowing communication, dated Link Riv
er, Ogn., Dec. 25, 18G9, appears in last
j week's Jacksonville Journal :
! As time is more precious than money
with me just uow, it is impossible to send
you such a letter as I would like to. I
feel that 1 ought to state a lew lacts,
prevails herein consequence of the an- J"st to let our people kuow wiiat is go-
Is this i on out here in the cold, lou have al-
th!it tl-i rovnlntinn lm.l tormi. 1 readv learned that near
ed to the leader of the late rebellion by nated- According to the published
: m:i l. . . i .. l i.: .. . i st:itfmfnt editors or lournaM hava seen
. .Mitvauu uvciuuicui. turn oioisuasui ua j J . i , ...
! well as Aidzv return aain under the ! the copy of a circular signed by mem- ! Ave log houses and near twenty tempo
! Imperial clemency t, their former sta- i rs of the Cuban Junta at New York, i rary camp, were erected ; the new town
; . . ! i .i. : .1 wjis Pil i:i na
tions in lite. i U1UUI1U- luc lusurjjuuis iu luy uowu mat i
The Austrians have concluded their s for the present, giving as reasons ; " days were spent at the Agency,
tnr th nh.'iniliinment ot thfi insurrection, i lc ui iium was muicu iu
the failure ot recent filibustering exnedi- I talking to the Klamath Indians, whose
Peaches, dried, J lb...
coap, $i To
Salt, Los Angelos, ji lb ,
Syrup, 9 keg
Tea, Young Hyson lb
" Japan, " ... .
" Black, " ,
Sugar, crushed, ft) ,
" Sea "
" Island, "
Coffee, ft.
Candles, tb
Rice, China.
Salcratus, $
Dried plums, 'ft lb
Dried apples, lb
Dried currants, lb
Bacon, hams, tb ,
" sides, "
" shoulders, th .
Lard, in cans, lb...
Beans, lb
Devoes' Kerosene oil, gallon..
$5 25(o60 2
1 00
J 00
75$1 00
They offer a large and well selected, stock of
At Extraordinary Low Price
Turpentine, 3 gallon. $1 25(gil 50
learned that near four hundred
Snakes have been loc ted on Sprague
river, but it is left for mo to say that
ien signed recently by Sir II. Alcock, ; n permitting the gunboats to sail from
tin, foreign office contents, of course, ' New Yor''- The circular severely at-
Da. Livingston. All doubts as to
the safety of this adventurous African
explorer are ended. On the 22d of No
vember the Governor of Bombay sent to
the Indian Secretary of State in London
this brief telegram :
Later advices received fromJDr. Liv
ingstone, dated Ujiji, 13th of May, 1869
In April, 1865, Dr. Livingstone quit
ted England on his third exploring expe
dition in Africa, and it was believed un
til lately that he had fallen in a skirmish
with the natives near Lake Nyassa, which
indeed, he had discovered in 1861. It
is stated that, pursuing the line of dis
covery successfully "followed by recent
British explorers, he has found the true
couise of the Nile, a river flowing from
the South into the Lake Victoria N'yan
za. The researches of Sir Samuel Ba
ker have proven that the Nile, flowing
from the Victoria N'yanza into the Albert
N'yanza, whence it emerges finally to fall
into the Mediterranean, after pursuing
its course through Nubia, Abyssinia and
Egypt. It is proposed, and the sugges
tion has been so far well received by Eng
lish geographers, that the different Afri
can lakes should be .called after their
discoverers. Thus Lake Nyassa would
take the name of Livingstone ; the Tan
ganika that of Burton ; the Victoria
N'yanza (the latter word signifies water,)
that of Speke ; the Albert N'yanza that
of Baker ; and that which Baker christ
ened the Victoria Nile (the river between
the Victoria and Albert lakes) should be
called the Grant, from him who assisted
Speke in tracing it. The absurd system
of giving royal names to newly-discovered
places or things should be abolished
In 1781, when Herschel discovered a
new planet, with six satelites, he called
it "The Georgium Sidus," in compliment
of George III., bnt common sense has
refused to perpetuate the title, and as
tronomers know the planet now by the
name of Uranus. .
treaty with Japan ; Dr. Scherzer, of
the scientific department, has goue pas
senger by the I'acific mail steamship
Japan for San Francisco.
1 he new British treaty is said to have
.!;,! ii,a ! tacks the course ot 1'rcsident tiraut
The fall crops have come in very I The Jta advises the Cubans to submit
poorly over large portions of the north t0 the Spaniards in order to save further
specially in Chihili. ! bloodshed.
The Chinese predict an early and! T,1C obcJeCuha, sensationalist, an
severe whiter ; already the winds blow i nounces the surrender of 1500 insurgents
coj j at Tuuis. The Diariu says that the rebel
Baron Richtofen has latelv returned to ! Gen. Cocos offers to raise a body of guer-
Shanhai from a geological tour through
Linseed oil, boiled, 9 gallon...
W mte lead, keg
Tar P gallon
Powder, rifle, 'P tb
Tobacco, lb
Nails, cut, rb
Domestic, brown. J yard......
Hickory, striped, yard
Bed ticking, per yard
Blue drilling, 3! yard
Flannels, -. yard
Prints, falt colors, 3$ yard
Pork, r
Mutton, head
Beef, on foot, jj lb
$1 62K1 75
$3 75 23
$1 25
751 00
$1 00 1 25
bOi) 6
$1 75(02 60
several of the northern provinces ' of
Business is not very lively, notwith
standing the many vessels that have
come to this port during the year. The
market quotations for imports fluctuate
so much, first up and then down, that
correct quotations arc impossible. Ex
ports have been active, and tea settle
ments to the United States have been
extensive, with fair receipts but firmer
prices- The Plutton, for New York,
sailed on the 4th inst.
Pekin, Nov. 2. There having been
expressed in the papers conflicting opin
ions about the probable time of the young
Emperor's accession to power, it may be
well to state that precedent, not law, will
be likely to decide the question. Kang-hi
the great model Emperor of the reigning
dynasty, assumed the reins of govern
ment at sixteen, we may reasonably look
for his establishment on the throne some
time next year.
Mr. Brown, Chief Secretary of the
Burlingame mission, recently made his
appearance here to the astonishment of
everybody. His sudden flight from
Paris, and unexpected appearance at the
Foreign Office at Pekin, must have an
important significance exactly what,
we can only conjecture.
The English treaty has been signed,
and will probably be token home by Sir
Rutherford, who is about to return to
England. Some fears are expressed that
concessions have been made to the Chi
nese Government, in connection with the
article of toleration, but this will hardly
prove to be the case. , . -,
Rev. Bishop C. KIngsTey, of the, Amer
ican Methodist Episcopal Church, left
here on the 21st of October. He is
making an official visit to the Mission
Stations of his Church in China. He
will proceed from Hongkong about the
1st of December, on his way to India
and Europe. :
Here is another hit of Democratic
economy: The Democratic Legislature
proposes to raise the salary of the Police
Judge of Sacramento to $2,500 per
year. The old salary is $150 per month.
The incoming J udge is a Democrat,
which is all the comment necessary.
An Eastern editor notifies correspond
ents that . " If we should desire stupid
articles we can write them oureelf."
Blind Staggers. The
cure for the blind staggers is said to be
infallible : Measure a stick from the
nostrils to the inner corner of the eVes,
so as not to have it too long, sharpen
well and run it np the nostril, twisting
around once or twice, so as to make the
nose bleed freely, and it will give instant
relief. This ' remedy is so simple the
material being always on hand that we
consider it invaluable to farmers and
horsemen. ' ' ' ;
A Good THiNG.-It is said that a
small piece of resin, dropped in the wa
ter which is placed in a vessel on the
stove will add a peculiar property to the
atmosphere of the room, which will give
great relief, to persons troubled j with
coughs. The heat of the water is suf
ficient to throw off the aroma of the re
Bin. ' ' 5 ; '
A Good Suggestion. It is said by
those who have practiced it, that pouring
boiling . water on fresh beef just before
salting it will prevent the juice from run
ning out, and improve its flavor.
rilas to fight against the insurgents. One
Spanish gunboat arrived to da, having
become separated from its companions off
the lights of Charleston The rest are
expected to arrive to-morrow. A fur
ther announcement is made from the in
terior that the insurgents are offering to
capitulate. If all the news is true the
revolution is to be regarded as expiring,
but confirmation is wanting.
Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 2. Many
members of the general assembly which
meets to-morrow are already in. the city.
A caucus of both the Democratic and
Republican members was held last night.
The latter nominated temporary officers.
The Democratic caucus made no nomina
tions, but adjourned till to-morrow. The
Reform members of Hamilton county,;
who hold the balance of" power, have re- :
fused to enter either caucus, and it is un
certain whether the Republicans or Dem
ocrats will obtain the organization.
Cincinnati, Jan. 2. Gen. Stephen
J. McGrorty, a gallant and efficient offi
cer of the late war, where he received a
number of severe wounds, aud who was
made collector of the second Ohio dis
trict under Johnson, and recently elected
county clerk, died suddenly at his resi
dence this morning, it is supposed from
the effects of his old wounds.
Petitions are circulating for the aboli
tion of the franking privilege.
Madison, Wis., Jan. 2. B. F. Hop
kins, member of Congress, died at his
residence in this place, yesterday after
noon after a long and painful illness.
Detroit, Jan. 2. A violent snow
storm commenced yesterday afternoon.
About ten inches has fallen.
New York, Jan. 1. The news from
Hayti is to the 20th of December.
The revolutionists' war steamer suc
ceeded in transporting troops to Petit
Grove and Grand Grove and turned the
blockade of Port au Prince. Acting in
concert with the land force, an attack
was made simultaneously by land and
sea,' on the night of the 18th. The land
forces entered the city, driving in the
different outposts before them. The en
emy retired in disastrous confusion, and
voluntarily the forces took unrestrained
possession. At every point the advan
tage was in their favor, and the entire
city was speedily in their hands. Mean
time the volunteer troops were doing
their part in the attack. Salnave's war
vessel, the Algonquin, while all the occu
pants were asleep, was taken without
bloodshed. The Algonquin and the city
were thus captured without even a shot
being fired- Salnave made his escape
from the city and took refuge iu Fort
Rationale, situated on the heights over
looking the city from the north side.
Salnave is in imminent peril, but he ex
pected the foreign consuls would inter
pose fur his protection and ultimate safe
ty. The entire population of the city is
rejoiced at the turn affairs have taken.
Saget and staff have left for Port au
Prince. :
' New York, Jan. 1. A special to the
World from Plymouth, ' Pa., says there
was nearly a repetition of the. Avondale
affair yesterday morning.. The breaker
tions; the inability ot the Junta to sena i "" ucu, uyaiw
more men, arid further, the dishearten- i wonderfully anxious to receive good talk.
ing action of the American Government j All appeared sorry when the talk was
euded, and rations shut on.
From here Meacham determined to
head another expedition ; this time to
the Modoc ccuntry. No time was lost,
and on the 17th ult. we were once more
on the march. Alter the usual amount
of tcaw-tcaw, marching and counter
marching, the eutiro Modoc tribe, en
masxe, are moving for the Klamath Res
ervation, where we expect to have them
permanently located in less than ten days.
Who says our Superintendent lacks tor
energy? Neither rain, snow, or combi
nations of bad men, have caused him to
stand back for a moment. Our State has
cause to be proud of her Superintendent
of Indian Affairs, and I hope his servi
ces will be duly appreciated.
In great haste, Yia-Nox.
Latest News. Thursday's Orego
nian contradicts the removal of Brooks
and the appointment of Jesse Applcgate
as Chief Engineer by Ben. HollaJay.
No such change has been made.
Maj. Geo. Williams has been relieved
from active duty on the staff of Gen.
Crook, at his own request, and intends
taking up a permanent residence at ba
le m, his old home.
. The Duke of Genoa refuses to accept
the "sit" offered him by Spain. The
news of this fact seems to have "let out"
Geu. Prim, as he and the balance of the
Ministry have resigned As it is now
stated that Republicanism is in the as
cendancy, Spain may become a Republic
The verdict of acquittal in the Bur
mester case in Idaho Territory was re
ceived with "astonisbmenc by the people
of Idaho City." The Statesman says :
"Burmester is acquitted by law, but he
has been and is being tried by another
tribunal the moral sense of the commu
nity, Which more lax than it ought to be,
is still tense enough and keen enough to
condemn not only the culminating act of
this sad tragedy, but all the glaring mis
conduct that led to it." The Boise
Chronicle uses language less delicate,
coupling the names of the various par
to the tragedy, in terms too offensive to
reprint. "
The United States Government has
been notified from a source that it is
bound to take notice of, that the Cana
dian adherents in the Red River country
have incited the Sioux Indians to raid
on Pembina and St. Joseph, in reta'ia
ation, it is alleged, for the aid and count
enance given to tie Red River rebellion
by Ameiican citizens. It is feared that
settlements on the American side of the
boundary will be wiped out by Sioux
marauders. .
f Leonard Crocker, well known as the
lessee of the New York Central Cattle
Yards, left New York city for his home
two miles distant, in a buggy with a
hired man, on bunday night, since when
he has not been heard from. It is feared
that he was caught in the blinding snow
storm which occurred on that night, and
drowned in the current which swept the
turnpike near the beach.
It seems to be settled that the traitor
ous government officials of Whushin'ton
Territory will soon be retired to private
life. Good. .
- The public debt was reduced last
month nearly 85,000,000, Coin balance
in the '.treasury, 1UU ,000,000 ; curren
cy, $12,500,000. '
In addition to a very large stock J covering
everything in the line of Cottons, we
have a complete assortment of
. i
Latest styles of Boys' and Men's
Carpet, Wall-Paper, Paper.; & Lines
Blinds, &c, &c.
Especial attention is directed to our stock of
Which is the largest and most complete this aide
of Portland. j
You are invited to call and examine our goods
and prices. j
The highest market price in cash paid for
Wool, Bacon and Lard !
by A. .COWAN 4 CO.
Oct. 30, 1S69-S j
OF -
For the Holidays of lSGy-70, has arrived.
Direct from New York,
And is now on Ehibition e.t
Where every purchaser will find
The Largest Stock
The Greatest Variety .
The Cheapest Prices !
This immense stock bavins; been pur
chased for currency in New York, will be acid to
dealers and others in coin, at i
Less Prices Than Ever Before !
Hare just received from
San Francisco,
a very large and well selected stock of
At Prices to Suit z Times ! !
Their stock consists, in part, as follows :
supply of
A large
Denims, Hickory Stripes, Checks,
Sheeting's Bleached and Unbleached !
French Cottonades,
Canton Flannels,
A Spcndid assortment of
Empress Clotlts,
t Mohair,
Fancy Patterns,
Salmorals and
Fancy Notions,
Trimmings, &c.
T.adies and Misses Hoods, Hats, Nubias, Ao.
A good Assortment of
A complete assortment of Men's and Boy's
Also the latest style and quality of
ladies, Misses and Children's Shoes.
A splendid assortment of
Croceriea, Qneensware and Glassware!
Hardware, Pdblcet fc Tatle. Cutlery,
Window Shades, Lace and Muslin Cur
tains, . Carpeting.
In fact, almost everything usually kept in a re
tail store.
Having bought our goods on the best terms
the market will afford, and selected them with
great care, we feel warranted ia saying that we
can offer as great inducements to customers a
any house to the trade, and hope, by strict at
tention to business and the wants of customers,
to merit a liberal patronage from the public
Remember the plaee. The bouse for
merly oocupied by D. Mansfield A Bro.
Albany Oct. 30, 1S69.-8
ra, , and ulnons. will end HA .VTA
CLAUS' HEADQUARTERS a most interesting
place to rifit, as the gorgeous array Of new aov-
Itics. and the tuonsundconiicnl tovs therein, give
the store the appearance of an East.rn .
Some idea may be arrived at as to the
extent of the stork when it is known that of
Dolls alone there are rme hundred ttntti fifiti-lii e
Karintiet! Making that Department a perfect
Fnll Descriptive Catalogues now ready,
g. Call early to secure choice gifts.
8mfl Agent for Santa Clans. .
Waltham AValchcs.
Let every one who wants a Waten, read this
Especially if in some remote out-of-the-way place.
Now that the railroad is open, we propose to
give the residents of Oreuon the opportunity of
getting single genuine Waltham Watches at the
The Lowest Wholesale New York Price
We sell more Waltham Watches than any other
establishment in the country, either wholesale or
rotnil ; we send great numbers to every section of
the country by Mail aud Express, carefully pack
ed, and in perfect running order. Onr plan ia
this : You want a Watch, and see our advertise
ment ; now, we want you first to write ts us for
our Descriptive and Illustrated Price List ; we
will send it, post-paid, by return It ex
plains all the different kinds, tells the weight and
quality of the cases, with prices of each ; you
then make a selection of the kind you prefer, and
send us your order. We will then send you the
Watch by Express, with the bill to collect oa de
livery. We give instructions to the Express
company to allow you to open the package aod
examine the Watch ; if it suits, you can pay and
take it ; if not, you are under no obligations to
receive it ; and if it is taken, and afterward does
not prove satisfactory, we will exchange it, or
As an indication of the prices, we will quote
one Watch of our list. The P. 6. Baktlxtt,
Lever Movement, with Extra Jewels, Chronome
ter Balance, Patent Pinion, Patent Dust Cap.aod
all the other late improvements, in a Solid Coin
Silver ease, - ...
$28 in Greenbacks, or about $20 in Coin.
All the other kinds, both gold and silver, in the
same proportion. Do not order a Watch till you
have sent for a Price List, as it contains a great
deal of information regarding these Watches that
will enable you to make an intelligent selection.
Dont forget, when you write, to state that you
saw this advertisement in the Alb art Register,
and you need not put in stamps for return post
age. Address in full,
Jewelers and Silversmiths, 618 Broadway, N. Y.
We refer, by permission, to
Messrs. Wills, Fargo A co., N' X. and San
Francisco.- !
I. W. Ratmokd, Esq., T. R. Bctleb, Esq., B.
c. Howard, Esq., San Francisco, ,
W. S. Hobabm, Virginia city, Nevada. '.' " T
JiJiO Machine. A deuble-thread j50
lock-stitch Shuttle Machine ; stitch alike on both
sides. ! ' -'
(N(5lf Celebrated Common-Sense Ctt mt
fPs&xJ Family Machine. Both ma- TptaAj
chines fully Warranted for years. Machines
sent to any part of the eoast by express, C. O. D.
Agents wanted in every town on the Paoifla coast.
Liberal commission.
Home Shuttle Sewing Machine Co.,
2y O. O. TRAVER,
131, First St., Portland.
Executor's Notice.
THE undersigned has been appointed by the
County Court of Linn county, Oregon,
Executor of the last . will and testament of
SamcblH. Ritter, deeeased, late of said county.
Persons having claims against said estate, will
present them, duly verified, to the undersigned,
at his residence three miles northeast of Lebanon,
in said county, within six months from this date.
J. R. SMIIU. .
December 13th, 180-1 owl "